BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts

BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts

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  • Current Version: 2.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Genesis Technology Partners
  • Compatibility: Android
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BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts App

BetterMe helps you achieve your personal wellness objectives by building and modifying your meal and workout plans. Thousands of satisfied customers have rated the app 5 stars and left their enthusiastic reviews on the App Store. BetterMe lets you have the expertise of fitness and diet specialists in the palm of your hand without ever having to hit the gym. Currently, BetterMe is available in four languages, Spanish, English, German and Chinese. Start off with BetterMe by answering these questions about your wellness: a) What are your goals? Do you want to lose weight, or gain muscle mass and get fit? b) What is your fitness level? c) What are your diet and meal preferences? All you have to do next is wait for the custom workout and free meal plans from BetterMe and check in with the app daily to achieve your dream health, weight loss and fitness results. BetterMe app offers a plethora of exercises and workout plans to choose from that vary in length and intensity. No special equipment needed, only your dedication and resolve. To build on the benefits of constant physical workouts, BetterMe offers a list of well-balanced and sensible meal plans compiled on the basis of your dietary habits and needs. Unlike most weight loss and fitness apps, we will accompany you on every step of your journey to a healthier, more fit you by: - offering tips and guides on proper diet; - helping you set your customized weekly meal plans; - offering you workouts to get rid of excessive fat; - offering you sprint interval workouts; - demonstrating every step in our instructive videos; - providing tips on proper exercise execution. This is how BetterMe fitness and app will help you follow the wellness and weight loss plans you’ve set: - We help you set a goal; - We help you build endurance; - We offer research and science-based workout routines; - We oversee your meals and diet. BetterMe will send you reminders and motivating messages to encourage your training and healthy diet. All BetterMe users can try the app for free by signing up to a free trial period. During the free 7-day trial, you’ll get the star treatment and will be able to try the fitness and diet features. BetterMe app users can choose the subscription plan that suits their needs best, by considering the workout, the diet, and the costs. Our Premium subscription plan offers unlimited access to every level of every imaginable workout routine in exchange for a single payment. For your convenience, BetterMe subscriptions are set to automatically renew within the 24-hour period prior to the subscription end date. You can cancel your subscription at any moment, too. BetterMe is integrated with the Health kit, so you can find your activities data in the Health App. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Our fitness, weight loss and diet specialists, as well as our developers, are working constantly to improve the user experience and cater to a wider range of our customers’ needs. Contact our client support via [email protected] Read more about our Terms and Conditions here - Privacy Policy -

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BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts app reviews

  • alexxaa28 1/5

    By alexxaa28
    i specifically send a review saying that i do not consent to being charged for this app and I still got charged. I would like to get my money back and I will like to know how that can happen.
  • Better me 3/5

    By jrip93
    The app was great, but I deleted it last month and it’s still charging me
  • We deserve better! 1/5

    By howtoalwaysshamewomenforprofit
    The first prompt categorizes female bodies into ‘problem areas’ and recommends kegels and facial ‘exercises’ to look younger. Sad to see an app so blatantly targeting female insecurity & encouraging and profiting from negative associations with the body. We deserve POSITIVE and INSPIRING help with nutrition and weight loss. No one should be shamed in order to hate themselves less. Instead, love yourself more! If you use this app, please know you are BEAUTIFUL & STRONG for making a change and deserve better treatment!
  • Help! 1/5

    By blah baldy duckluck
    I want to cancel my subscription but i can’t find where to go after the settings
  • Good App 4/5

    By mogowli
    This is a great app for women who want to get fit the only down side to it is that you have to pay for it other than that it's great😁
  • How do you cancel subscription? 1/5

    By Ashee0721
    Please tell me how to do this. I find it frustrating that you offer a free week and then the user can not figure out how to avoid renewal and a $50 charge.
  • Sets 5/5

    By thana h
    How many sets are we supposed to do in each excercize? One time seems too little?
  • Question 4/5

    By elihershy30
    Is it for boys?
  • Love the workouts 4/5

    By nickjoynew
    I love the workouts but I would love it if it showed you a total of calories burned each day. Also it would be nice to add cardio calories. I would love it if it would link with my fitness pal app.
  • come on 1/5

    By neriah45
    the workouts are good after day 1 u have to pay $9.99 a month and i thought it was be free.
  • Money 1/5

    By mffhmxmzfh
    Why do you have to pay to get in the app or a 7 day trial why can’t it be free??? I’m just wondering because what if people don’t wanna spend that money but still wanna go on the app because their friends say it is great and have lost a lot of weight?
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Ryshawn Robertson
    This app won’t allow me to log into my account to unsubscribe and it is continuing to take my money. This app is no longer installed on my phone but yet it continues to take my money.
  • Contact me 1/5

    By Wonerwoman71
    I would like to discontinue this app. I cannot do this everyday program and want to cancel this but you have no option to do so. Please cancel my subscription today
  • Wow this app is amazing 5/5

    By The French O
    So I don’t like to exercise but I need to get in shape. The workouts are custom fit to your problem areas and nothing is intimidating at all. I’ve tried other apps and beach body but this fits where I’m at more than anything else. I had considered joining a gym but when your first starting to exercise you can only do a few minutes at a time. For me it was a waste of money to go up to a gym to work out for 15 minutes (at the most) and then go home. When I’m able to work out at home for an 1hr or more then I might join a gym until Better Me is perfect.
  • Awesome to have exercises at your disposal! 4/5

    By Tennisgirl02
  • Do Not Download!! 1/5

    By PhillyFrizz86
    They steal your money! Do not download!!!!! Worst company ever!!
  • Have to pay for subscription 3/5

    By Rorasmusic
    This app is a free trial. Let customers know before hand so they don’t download to their phones to find out they have to remember to cancel in 7 days
  • Grate app but let us pick some food 2/5

    By abby theriault
    Grate app but u can change ur food plan to foods u like wish u vould imput the foods u dont like
  • How do I cancel subscription? 2/5

    By cgc8888
    I’m not sure how to cancel my subscription
  • i cant unsubscribe 1/5

    By fruela08
    why wont it give me the option to cancel?
  • Great app but wish it had a little more features 3/5

    By mrsmeier
    I know the app links up to my Apple health and why not but I really wish there was tracking within the app as well. For example track weight loss,track body measurements, steps, ect....I feel like now adays I have to have an app for every part of my health. Would really love for those type of things to be added. Also I love love love that is has tasty meal options my only complaint is I wish there was a way to get a grocery list for he meal options so that I don’t have to go through each day and tally up the ingredients for my weekly shopping trip.
  • You have to pay 1/5

    By rafxoxox93
    They make you do a profile and then boom! Credit card time! 😐 no thanks.
  • Food portion unrealistic for many 4/5

    By maximuminfiniti
    Great to use for workouts but the meal planning portion isn't realistic. There's no customization and the way th meals are set it up isn't realistic for anyone who normally grocery shops, is on a budget, or wants to meal prep. A weekly grocery list feature would be helpful.
  • Help! 1/5

    By missg0509
    I would like to know if I’m getting charged by this app? Please.
  • Took my money 1/5

    By mimosa_gal
    I downloaded this app a week ago and realized I wasn’t in the position to fully use this app at this time so I canceled the subscription 2 days ago yet it still charged me as if I hadn’t. I would’ve used this app later on when school and work died down and paid for the subscription then but this experience may have swayed me away from that. I just want my money back is all.
  • New customer 5/5

    By Cocolattah
    It a excellent app I feel the work out
  • Fix the Volume!!! 4/5

    By MaddyPelzy
    I love the workouts and target areas but as someone who loves to listen to music while working out, it’s annoying when my volume drops when workouts start.
  • Información 4/5

    By Stephanie bhullar
    Hola, necesito saber como puedo eliminar mi subscripcion, por que desde la app no me da la opción
  • Good starting place for beginners 4/5

    By Allybear15
    I just finished all 28 days (only doing Slim Legs And Butt, Flat Stomach, Fit in 7 Minutes, and Toned Arms and Breasts). It was a great starting place for me because I wasn’t used to exercising whatsoever. The exercises are simple enough and the pictures really help out with how to maintain your form. Overall, I ended up losing about 7lbs over the 28 days (paired with dieting). My only concern is what I’m supposed to do after the 28 days. I’m not sure if the exercises reset at all because they look the same. I tried starting at Day 1 again and returned the next day expecting to start Day 2, but I guess it doesn’t keep track of where you are since they’re all still marked as completed. Please help. What do I do after Day 28???
  • Subscription Cancellation 1/5

    By zeynabula
    I accidentally purchased the program. I thought it would allow me to go the seven day free trial to see if I’ll like the programs first, but it will basically charge my account after the trial is up. How do I cancel my subscription? I don’t have the budget to start utilizing the app yet. I went to the settings but there is no option to cancel subscription.
  • Great Exercises 4/5

    By U. Oulds
    The exercises that they give me are great, but the food is ughhhh....
  • Refund 1/5

    By Liviroxyo
    How do I get a refund I downloaded the wrong app .. and charged me 41 dollars
  • Unsatisfied definitely not worth it 1/5

    By Secarrie
    I’ve been trying to delete this app for sometime no luck I deleted the app off my phone but still pay subscription which is pretty high. I deleted the app because it kept glitching & found out I’m still paying for it. Definitely not worth it highly annoyed I still can’t take it off my iPhone subscriptions & paying for the app. At this point I’m stuck but definitely not worth it
  • How do I cancel my subscription??? 1/5

    By Naanyy18
    I didn’t know this app was going to charge me $41!!! I would like to cancel my subscription... how do I do that???
  • No 1/5

    By KittenSneezesSn
    This is not a 40 dollar a month or whatever app. At best it’s 2 dollars. It’s not some magical thing. The price is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Love, but needs work 3/5

    By Katlovesketo
    Love that the workouts show you how to do each exercise. Would like to be able to do more than 1 set though, we should have the option to replay it or select how many sets we want to do. Also, for the diet portion there should be a low carb or Keto option.
  • Needs to Have Lower Numbers. 3/5

    By KinkyFunSize
    I’m 85-86 pounds and I gained 3 pounds from steroids when I was sick. Wish it went lower than 88 pounds I’m still gonna try it, but worries me if it will still even work for me.
  • Ok 2/5

    By Momoe.K
    This app says its for ages 4 and up. But the lowest amount is 88.0 lbs. I’m in 5th grade and I weigh only 82 lbs. please change it soon.

    By Roni152827
    I canceled this game over 6 months ago and they are still charging me and I want my money back or I sue.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Tammy F. B
    It’s a huge scam to take your money, does not give option to cancel subscription
  • BetterMe Application 4/5

    By AAA100%
    This app is really good and has great exercise choices.
  • I can’t eat certain foods 4/5

    By SirinaHeart
    I have a medical diet and can’t follow the diet you want me too, how can I lose weight if I can’t pick through foods I know I can eat? Most of them I can do some I can’t
  • Help 4/5

    By Syd_pesnec
    How do I cancel this I just started the free trial and i didn’t mean to please someone help! It doesn’t say cancel anywhere in the settings!!
  • Charged my card without asking 1/5

    By cuddlefish2468
    I was curious so I downloaded the app. First - you can not see what the app is or look around until you get the free trial. So I got the free 7 days just to see what it was and then immediately went to my subscriptions and canceled so it would not bill me. VERY next day I was charged $50. Not after the “7 days” but the very next day. Thank god I was refunded when I spoke with apple support. I do not trust this app.
  • Be Careful! 2/5

    By Rvcqvel
    I downloaded the app and after exploring it, I wasn’t too fond of it, so I deleted it right away. Well, about 2 weeks later this app charged me $41.99. I called Apple and it turns you have to make sure you cancel a subscription before deleting the app... I’ve downloaded apps where I have been under a subscription, but once I deleted the app the payments would stop. Overall, just make sure you thoroughly read what you agree /submit to.

    By LeeAnna714
    There’s no way to cancel your subscription and no contact information in the app or found online for this company. Scam!
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By faltera
    I like the workouts and the food in the meal plans but it’s difficult to go through each meal each day to make a grocery list. I wish there were a list for the week and a weekly view of the meals all together. This would make planning for meals much easier.
  • Canceling subscription is not intuitive 1/5

    By combatRN71
    The exercises are ok and will continue to use them-since I had to purchase it. My gripe is with the design and usability. No where in the app does it make it easy to cancel-instructions says in the account setting you would be able to turn off auto renewal but it does not have any option to do so. If you have to wait until 24 hrs to not renew-then you would be forced to pay for a subscription you didn’t intend to keep. It’s frustrating to say the least. Perhaps it is a good app but the fact that I can’t cancel in a better way-makes me think this is a worthless app.
  • Improvements: Self Progress Photo Gallery 4/5

    By Mrs. Meral Mysterious
    I just downloaded this app and I think it is something that I am going to be able to do! Something that I think would be a cool addition to this app would be a personal progress photo gallery. Like every time you start a new program, take a before picture, then take another picture at the end of every week, then take a final picture. It may not be exactly what you want, so just do the corse again!
  • Cancelation Policy inadequate 1/5

    By fitalready
    The policy shows you are able to cancel at anytime. It does not show how to cancel.

BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts app comments

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