BetterMen: Workout Trainer

BetterMen: Workout Trainer

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  • Current Version: 1.1.21
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Genesis Technology Partners
  • Compatibility: Android
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BetterMen: Workout Trainer App

Build muscle, lose fat and Stay motivated with BetterMen App!!! - Hundreds of gym & home workouts - Clear instructions and videos for all exercises - Meal plans and recipes - Training plans created by top personal trainers It’s like having the best personal trainer in the palm of your hand, available 24/7/365. BetterMen app includes well rounded workout routine designed specifically for your goals. Our workouts have the best combination of exercises, frequency, number of reps, number of sets and rest time to help reach your desired goal. Every exercise explained with video of the correct execution. Make your body a fat-burning, muscle-building machine with this high-intensity routine! BetterMen will offer you a list of well-balanced and sensible meal plans compiled on the basis of your dietary habits and needs. It will also accompany you every step of the way on the hard journey to achieving the best version of yourself. It will do that by: - giving tips and guides on the proper diet; - helping you set your customized weekly meal plans; - offering you workouts to get rid of excess fat; - offering you sprint interval workouts; - demonstrating every step of the workouts by instructive high-quality videos; - providing tips on proper exercise execution. You can try the BetterMen app out for free by signing up to a free trial period. During the free 7-day trial, you’ll get the star treatment and will be able to try all fitness and diet features. As a BetterMen app user, you can choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs, by considering the workout, the diet, and the costs. Our Premium 1-year subscription plan offers unlimited access to every level of every imaginable workout routine in exchange for a single payment. In addition, 1-week subscription and 1-month are available for users. For your convenience, BetterMen subscriptions are set to automatically renew within the 24-hour period prior to the subscription end date. You can cancel your subscription at any moment in your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the terms. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. BetterMen is integrated with the Health kit, so you can find your activities data in the Health App. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Our fitness, weight loss and diet specialists, as well as our developers, are constantly working on improving the BetterMen user experience and cater to a wider range of our customers’ needs. Read more about our Terms and Conditions here - Contact our client support via [email protected]

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BetterMen: Workout Trainer app reviews


    By Adnan101
    Hi, I saw the app and looked good , I wanted to start as a beginner and work my way to get a basic guide about workout and everyday meals etc and it was mentioned in the Free section ! BUT WHEN U START THE APP IT DOESN’T LET U PROCEED UNLESS U PAY FOR A WEEKLY OR YEARLY PLAN ! the app maybe good but this is Pure Intent to falsely advertise as FREE APP ! Since there is nothing free about it .... ITunes should check apps if they actually provide anything for free or simply let u download and ask to pay inside app or else won’t let u proceed .....
  • Fitness is a lifestyle 5/5

    By GrindandStacc
  • 🤣😩🙏👋👌👎🏿 3/5

    By Flooberdoober poop
    Number 13, the last thing you want in your exercise schedule app, is somebody else’s monthly charges, as it turns out that may be what you pay. Unfortunately a team bettermen employee posted, on the App Store, a exercise app that doesn’t have simple dishes, accurate price, and worst of all............ effective exercises without equipment. Plz reply to this review I want to see a reaction 🙏
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Jackson_heflin on insta
    I think that the whole fitness aspect of the app is great, but I would suggest that you guys have an online shopping place for all of the food, in the exact quantities that is needed for the week. That would make ordering food much quicker and easier.
  • Don’t download this app. 1/5

    By King Creole Perci
    They force you to agree for them to share your personal information with third parties. Even if you don’t check the box to agree, the next button will be changed to an “agree to all” option that gives them the right to share your information. Nice try, but it ain’t happening.
  • I need help 1/5

    By nightjungle
    I accidentally bought your membership and for some reason I was charged twice please can you help return my money ....
  • It good 5/5

    By nvjxbd
    I like it
  • Great for most people 4/5

    By Dmmekdkekle
    I think it’s a really fantastic app although the diet part is great you definitely need lots of time and materials to do everything you need to do with the food so if your a kid or don’t have much time/money than the diet part might not be very good for you although for everybody else it’s great and the rest of the app is fantastic!
  • May be a great app but..... 1/5

    By Maarteninla
    If you’re always busy and on the go, decide to download this to give it a try later, accept the conditions, set up your profile, and then only realize you’re being charged $ 9.99 a WEEK after 2 weeks of inactivity, this may leave a sour taste in your mouth. I just canceled this purely because of the bait and charge model. (They also have $ 41.99 subscription models for 6 MONTHS btw). Again, if you’re dedicated to improving your life, this app may be the way to go. I don’t know (or at this moment care) about the quality.
  • Privacy alert 1/5

    By TBSB192
    This app requires you to accept their access to, and sharing of personal information to third parties. I cannot comprehend why they would need my private information at all! Also, if you read the responses to reviews there is a definite pattern of generic cut/paste reviews that don’t address the concerns, but rather promotes the app and the technical loopholes they have exploited.
  • Really good setup! 5/5

    By kai pow
    This app is honestly one of the best workout apps I could find. It has a wide variety of workouts to choose from and has a meal plan that changes every day!
  • Careful with the trial. 1/5

    By ccolonxo
    Lost my phone for a couple weeks and the charged me 10$ a week. Milked me for over 80$ and their year is like 120. Also they charge 10$ a month but I was being charge $10 a week because of the trial. Feel scammed.
  • Most definitely don’t have a 7 day trial 1/5

    By riquewize
    So I signed up using the 7 day free trail and the still charged me for the app. It didn’t even give me time to see if I liked it or not. I most definitely want my $8.65 back. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone.
  • Great app! A little costly 5/5

    By amooretwo
    Love the app just wish it was a bit cheaper. Maybe some sort of yearly membership discount
  • You have to pay to get it 1/5

    By carismaa
    This app is a scam , to try and get money off you .
  • Deceitful 1/5

    By Landon Ray
    Their ad says no subscription, but after they ask for all your personal stats they prompt you to subscribe to the app for $10 a month. Downloaded and immediately deleted. Be honest with your customers
  • Pretty good but could be better with simple upgrades 3/5

    By Mignonmec02
    App is pretty good but could be drastically improved with a few simple upgrades - ability to listen to my music at full volume while the app is open - log sheet of workouts without having Facebook or social media - actual timing of workouts at the end instead of regurgitating the estimated time - several of the workout videos are not demonstrating the correct exercise. For example, the video for the lateral raises under the shoulder workouts are actually skull crushers
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By owo_opp
    DO NOT DOwNLOAD. They sneakily Try to get you to pay ansubcription. FRAUD
  • Bookmark your workouts with out having to swipe through them all 2/5

    By SpiffyLyric
    I see 1 or 2 I want to try, I’d like there to be a bookmark or favorite button so I can get quicker and easier access to it without swiping through them all
  • Nothing on macros & exercises not accurate 2/5

    By Pb&j111611
    I have been studying health and wellness for a long time . This app has so much potential , but I want to see a list of macros being satisfied by the food recommendations . Some people don’t have the ingredients being listed, so to have the macro value would be beneficial so I know what I need for the meal/day and/or what is being fulfilled. Furthermore, the exercises I’ve been doing are great, but unbalanced. For instance “one arm exercises” literally have 3 sets on one arm and then move to a completely different exercise . This needs to be fixed . I’ve ran into 5 routines that contained a one-sided set of repetitions .
  • S**tty Billing Design 1/5

    By Diamond locator
    In the ad that I was introduced to this app I was offered a free trial however immediately upon downloading this app it forced me to pay $13 a month but it billed me for a year worth before I used the app and now I have paid $120+ that I can’t refund.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Ed1778
    Not sure how it got so many reviews. It cost more then my gym membership a month 40$ a month is crazy. I know apps that do the same but free. It’s very hard to unsubscribe also don’t download
  • Price gouge 3/5

    By Tyaga66
    Today’s app developers think they can ask top dollar for anything they put out. While the content is good I would never pay an overpriced recurring fee for something that I can find similar to for free or a one time cost online. Lower your prices and you may be able to cast a wider net. Stop insulting your potential customers
  • Deceiving Payment Terms 1/5

    By Garybighouse
    The $9.99 a month button actually charges your card almost $130 and the language in the terms of service is purposely written to confuse the reader to thinking it is a monthly subscription.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Silentrage2008
    Paid for a full membership but never used it. Interface looks alright I think the just made a couple of upgrades to the app. Wish I could get reimbursed.
  • Scam 1/5

    By kevinromanp
    Don’t put instagram ads saying that there’s no subscription when the app is a subscription base app. Stop misleading and click baiting. Not good for the image of the company anyway.
  • Sad 1/5

    By Elijah brady
    Do not pay $10 a week for these people to get paid to do nothing these info on how to diet and train is all over the internet these people are trying to make you pay for something that is completely free because they are lazy and selfish. Let alone the slap in the face making people think it’s free at first and then surprising them with the most ridiculous price deal on the App Store.
  • LuvApp HateDataCollect 2/5

    By afronaut7
    I almost downloaded the app but changed my mind when I read that, there’s even more parties to collect your private info. THIS LOOKS LIKE A PERFECT APP unfortunately I have to delete it, due to privacy concerns. I’ve been a victim of identity theft thus, red flags are way too impactful on my decision making when it comes to my desires. Hope this will change and we will get to use the app as we’d like. 😢 I’m sad that I had to delete it
  • Good 5/5

    By Darien-l
    The reps will work you out
  • Rating 5/5

    By Fitness boy
    Thanks a lot
  • App 5/5

    By Envy_Wilsonyt-yt
    In not a bot this is real. Download this app it help me loose a lot of weight. It’s free DOWNLOAD IT
  • Too many bugs to even start to use 1/5

    By johnutah666
    Tried to use the app but there are so many bugs at every step. I rebuilt a profile 5 times before I finally gave up. Never could even get the workout function to load. The food function loaded once. When I went away from the app it asked me to build a profile again. Advice: spend less on ads and more on engineers.
  • Better then expected 4/5

    By honsetabe
    I wish there was a way to get a list of all the foods I need for the week. So I get a list together with out having to click on every little thing or maybe have a section for meal order services like hello fresh, blue apron ext... that’s the only bad thing so far and the price is a little high for the subscription
  • Music volume decreases while app is on use 2/5

    By edgar1221
    I hate the way this app works. We could all agree that most of us listen to music while working out and when the app is running the volume of the music decreases. Very annoying! On top of that, when you are working out you better keep the phone on because I you lock it, the workout process gets paused and you have to either resume it or quit. Needs a lot of improvement! Not worth the price
  • Accessibility 4/5

    By Mateus DosAnjos
    I love the app and it has helped me a lot over the past weeks, just wish it were compatible with the Apple Watch, other than that it is great to help you with workouts and diet plan!
  • Fantastic program 5/5

    By saeed kalantari
    Im bigginer and wow This is a fantastic program
  • I have the app but... 5/5

    By rrance
    I have the app but it doesn’t say if I’m supposed to do all of one body part then move to the next, or switch it up from day to day. I emailed them but no reply. Is it supposed to give me a “work out of the day” or what
  • This App is so garbage 1/5

    By nicktaylor100
    It will renew its 20.00 fee regardless if you cancel it or not with its auto renewal feature and you will not be able to receive any type of a refund or reimbursement for it either DO NOT GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Awful don’t buy 1/5

    By DemetriG
    I canceled my subscription and still got charged the next month and they won’t give a refund. Do not buy! You’ll lose money
  • Too expensive. 3/5

    By username9893726282622
    I like the concept of the app and how it is. However 10 dollars a week is just too much. If it was 10 dollars a month or even maybe 20 a month I would probably do it. But a per week payment is insane in my opinion. It’s more expensive than just going to the gym where I am. Sad I had to uninstall but other than that I don’t have a problem with the app.
  • It’s good but 5/5

    By beushejsdjiwididjeusfud
    So it’s a good app but you have to a membership which is really bad
  • Over Priced...! $120 a year $10 a week???? 1/5

    By $TAC7
    I would recommend something else to fit someone that is just starting. For someone to go all in $40 a month that is starting a workout plan is little much. Where planet fitness or LA fitness is just $25 a month. Make some limitations on what someone paying maybe $15 a month could do compared to a more extreme work out at home person that might be willing to pay $40 a month. I will not be signing up. Thanks. I’ll be watching free work out plans on YouTube! Your biggest competitor.... Good luck! Travis
  • End my subscription now! 1/5

    By wrestler.ofatnightmare
    After I delete the app how do I cancel the pre trail.. I’m not paying for a subscription as this. This is amateur and false advertisement. Professional what? This is little league compared to what I do. This app is bull.
  • Lovin it 5/5

    By Fugitive did
    Really great app really helping me get my summer body back
  • I can’t use this app 1/5

    By Mostafamahmoudiberam
    When exercises are started, photos and videos about the practice are not displayed!
  • Trash workouts and overpriced. 1/5

    By Chrisanity2305
    Literally any other workout program app is better than this.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Darjeeling77
    I wanted to try this app. Opened it and was told there was a subscription charge. Free to download pay to use. F you. I’m sure there’s a trial period but I don’t care. I hate apps that are “free” in the App Store but try and charge you later just to use it.
  • Accept “Terms & Conditions” WITHOUT telling me how much it costs? 1/5

    By YoBuddha662
    Sorry Charlie, any app that goes to the length you have to hide the cost can’t possibly be in the best interest of the consumer...Have a nice day!
  • Cool 5/5

    By sergiu deac
    Very nice app

BetterMen: Workout Trainer app comments

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