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Bible by Olive Tree

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  • Current Version: 7.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bible by Olive Tree App

Studying the Bible shouldn’t be hard. Bible by Olive Tree equips you with easy-to-use Bible study tools and resources so you can stop skimming Scripture and get answers—for free. Here are 4 ways you’ll be set-up for studying God’s Word: 1) NO WIFI That’s right, you don’t need a WiFi connection to access your Bible, audio Bible, or any other Bible study tools. You could be in the middle of the Amazon or on top of Mt. Everest. If your phone is working, so is your offline Bible app. 2) MORE THAN JUST A BIBLE God has been speaking to His people, through His people, for thousands of years… and that takes some research to understand! This is why we provide 1000s of resources to help you go deeper into God’s Word—because studying the Holy Bible shouldn’t be hard. And when we say “resources,” we mean: -AUDIO BIBLES -DAILY READING PLANS -DEVOTIONALS -BIBLE MAPS -STUDY BIBLES -COMMENTARIES -EBOOKS -CHRISTIAN AUDIO BOOKS -GREEK & HEBREW TOOLS -AND SO MUCH MORE 3) TECH + DESIGN Not only do we implement unique features into our app, but we do it with style. Our favorite is the split-screen window: The Study Center. You can use the Resource Guide tab to access any of the resources available in our app and read them right alongside the Bible of your choice. It even does all the hard work of tracking with you, verse by verse. Studying the Bible just became the easiest it has ever been. 4) CUSTOMIZE YOUR BIBLE Want more highlighter options? That’s fine! Pick your own color, thickness, and change it to underline instead. Have trouble reading small print? Increase the font size! Reading at night? Change the theme to be easier on your eyes. Want to listen safely while you drive? Turn on drive mode! You can save your favorite passages, drop a book ribbon, create a note, add tags, and sign up to receive a daily Bible verse. Best part? Your highlights, notes, and resources sync between all your devices. BIBLE TRANSLATIONS If you’re wondering about our different English translations, this app comes with NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV and more. Speak a different language? No problem! We have Bibles in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and others. We also have other popular translations available for in-app purchase! Here are a few: -The Message (MSG) -New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) -New Living Translation (NLT) -The Passion Translation -Christian Standard Bible (CSB) -New American Standard Bible (NASB) FREE STUFF Our passion is inspiring you to connect with God and His Word through technology. Not only is this a free Bible app, but we also have 100s of free resources—all day, every day. INEXPENSIVE BIBLICAL RESOURCES YOU CAN TAKE WITH YOU There’s no need to spend lots of money on paper resources that sit on a shelf. By investing in digital resources, you will be able to get the answers you need wherever you are—even offline. Stop flipping pages aimlessly and get Bible study tools that do the hardest work for you! We have all your favorite Bible study tools and resources available for purchase. Here’s a few: AUDIO BIBLES -NIV Listener’s Audio Bible -KJV Listener’s Audio Bible -NKJV Word of Promise Audio Bible -ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible -Passion Translation Audio Bible STUDY BIBLES -ESV Study Bible -NLT Study Bible -NIV Study Bible -NKJV Study Bible -Life Application Study Bible WORD STUDY BIBLES WITH STRONG’S NUMBERS -Just tap to quickly read definitions of words in the Bible’s original languages COMMENTARIES & STUDY TOOLS -Vine’s Expository Dictionary -Olive Tree Bible Maps -Bible Knowledge Commentary -Zondervan Atlas of the Bible CHRISTIAN AUDIO BOOKS Listen to Christian Audio Books by bestselling Christian authors INTERLINEAR BIBLES -Easily compare the original languages of the Bible HARMONY OF THE GOSPELS -Read through the life of Jesus chronologically, available in several translations ORIGINAL LANGUAGE BIBLES -Greek New Testament: NA28, UBS-5 -Hebrew Old Testament: BHS -Greek Old Testament: Septuagint (LXX)

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Bible by Olive Tree app reviews

  • Perfect 5/5

    By MrQjErShaNn
    Perfect Bible App for me. Thank You!
  • Overall good bible app 4/5

    By jamvm21
    This app allows me to pull in different bible translations. It is easy to switch between them. The search function works quickly and can be narrowed down to search different parts of the Bible such as Old Testament vs New Testament, or even just a search in a specific book. The only complaint is that one of the Bible’s I use is a study bible, and I am not able to view the reference information that is in the margins or linked to a passage.
  • Outstanding!! 5/5

    By MariG777
    I got connected with this app several years back not realizing how useful and often I would refer to it; I probably use it everyday and research through the many commentaries I have purchased throughout the years and rely on to understand the bible. One of the great features I really like is that it is available off-line and that’s a big plus when just is not available.
  • Landscape Mode Removed? 5/5

    By Fire ninja 14017
    I don’t understand WHY they would remove this? It’s a step backwards. Apart from this everything else seems great. Please bring landscape mode back and make not just me, but many other users happy again! Now Apple Watch support removed too!? What’s next? Thank you for bringing it back. It’s now complete! This is the standard that all other bible apps should be measured by.
  • Reading 5/5

    By pink pisces
    I read this with my girl friend who we are the same age and same birthdays together and born the same year. I have also watched the movie gospel of Mark and followed along as i read Marks gospel i love this app so much. Thank you for sharing for free i am 58 years old now and will have this app on my phone until the good lord takes me home thank you again and pray for me to reach others.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Opabruce
    Good all purpose Bible study app that is able incorporate my Elbefelder German translation as well!
  • Truly in the top 3 best Bible app in the world 5/5

    By The Persian777
    Thank you for improving the Bible app. If you could add more bible languages it’d be wonderful. I like to use Persian Bible. Thanks
  • Amazing Bible Study App 5/5

    By luv2readinMS
    I absolutely love this Bible study app. I have always wanted to read the entire Bible but, never really knew how to start but, this app offers different ways to read through the Bible and, it offers 2 different Bible versions for you to select from for FREE. If you want to take notes, you can. If you want a word defined, it offers that by simply holding your finger over the word and a menu pops up. This app is my daily “go to” for my Bible reading and, it also gives me a verse of the day, every day and, I really like that. I cannot say enough good things about this Bible study app and I will continue to use it daily. Absolutely amazing app❤️❤️❤️
  • Won’t load on iPad 4th gen. 4/5

    By Cwtech
    Crashes on startup on iOS 10.3.3 - the last available update for the iPad 4th gen. Disappointing. Love it on my iPhone with the latest iOS version.
  • Sandi Zahar 5/5

    By sandi zahar
    Wonderful. I love having a portable bible Love I can change to white on black.
  • Latest Update 5/5

    By bgabbert
    The latest update changed the format of the reading plans. I’m not sure why this was changed, the other way was great. The new version does not appear to allow you to see the dates like the previous version did: For example, if you get behind in reading you can’t see how far you need to go to catch up, I’m referring to the “Projected End Date”. Please make it more like it used to be. Otherwise, it’s a great app. I use it all the time and I love it.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Asia from Hendersonville
    This app is such a great tool for studying God's word. It makes it so easy to compare translations or search for a scripture based on key words. I wish there were more free reading plans offered but I'm thankful to have this resource.
  • Great App 4/5

    By Mattryan82
    This is a great app. A little more bells and whistles than the YouVersion. Only thing I wish they would change is the app icon - it’s pretty ugly. Please update it to something a little more modern! Maybe a cool icon of the Bible!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Iikethisapp
    This is a brilliant app! Helps me so much!
  • Read the entire bible 5/5

    By jlb3d
    For whatever reason I was having trouble finding an app that would allow me to read the Bible freely. I downloaded several apps that only provided daily verses instead or wanted $$ for any versions except the most archaic ones. This app delivers beautifully offering NIV for free download! And when you put it down and close the app it will remember exactly where you were for next time you want to read. I haven’t even tried all the special tools but they look like more than I could ever use.
  • Robust, Flexible, Details that Make a Difference 5/5

    By Marshal P
    I did a lot of research and landed on Olive Tree’s app years ago and was very happy with the choice. As I’ve seen other Bible apps offer new features, I’ve tried them, but I keep coming back to this app as my ‘go-to’ app. It sounds minor, but I love the fact that I can highlight portions (or even individual words) of a verse rather than being forces to highlight the entire verse. That makes a difference to me, when I want to capture a moment of insight or inspiration. I also appreciate that Olive Tree keeps evolving and adding new features. Their recent update to the Plans section is visually more engaging and I look forward to using it more. Food for Thought for Olive Tree: One thing I’d love to see explored/expanded is more community/sharing aspects to allow users to more easily share their study insights to a more focused audience/community (ie, not social media) and even jointly do a reading plan together. But the many strengths of the app outweigh this ‘nice to have’ in my view.
  • Very Useful 4/5

    By Boowee13
    Great for doing quick word studies.
  • Long time user 5/5

    By Justvela
    I have grown to really love this app. It has been a wonderful resource in my teaching and writing ministry. I love the fact that I can acquire resources that are easy to use and much less expensive than the competition.
  • Great App 4/5

    By reccos098
    Easy to use, highlight, add notes during my bible studies.
  • Keeps improving! 5/5

    By iron bridge
    Been using Olive Tree Bible since before smart phones and tablets: the old Palm handheld devices. Through all the changes Olive Tree kept my purchases, notes, tags, etc, intact for downloading to each phone and tablet I’ve had, and the upgrades on my iPad are like an exciting birthday gift every time they give us one.
  • Exceptional App 5/5

    By Sharpop3378
    I enjoy the app because for one it’s attractive layout makes it appealing to view. Secondly I find it easy to navigate and because of those two things I’m using it more than other bible apps that I’ve had in the past. I would recommend this app to others.
  • The word 5/5

    By Godsman4life
    The word is what is it is . And I find that there have been no errors . In the KJV .
  • No way to export lists, notes or highlights. 1/5

    By jmarquez90
    This app is fairly good. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on various Bibles, Lexicons , dictionaries, etc. At some point they were gobbled up by some huge company and since then it’s become more difficult to use. I have hundreds of saved scriptures, highlights, and notes on various topics compiled over literally hundreds of hours of study and there is no way to export them. If Olivetree decides to update its software in a way which might result in the loss some of this work I will never even know what has been lost and yet there’s is no way to export this material. If I wish to share a list of scriptures on a topic I have too export them individually using copy and paste, some of these lists have 40-50 different entries. My feeling having used this app for years is that they don’t want you taking your information easily they want you stuck on their platform. I’m pretty unhappy with it right now and have begun individually downloading items, a huge task, to protect myself. Greg Marquez
  • Rob 5/5

    By cantevenchooseanickname
    Great Bible app!!
  • Wish it had more versions 4/5

    By iballroomd
    Only reason I’m not giving it 5 Stars is because I wish it had NASB
  • Easy navigation 5/5

    By gsraggio
    I much prefer the tables/grids of books, chapters, verses over the pop-up scrolling wheel method found in other apps. I also like the page by page swipe left/right for reading, rather than continuous vertical scrolling.
  • Superb App for studying the scriptures!! 5/5

    By MarlinP55
    I really appreciate the work that has been put into this app to make it such a great tool for studying!
  • Love my Olive Tree App 5/5

    By Brent Giesler
    Absolutely indispensable. Works so easily and makes studying so much more enjoyable.
  • Everything I need 5/5

    By Mikes001133
    This app is perfect. I can easily search names, highlight what I have read. And take notes to work through difficult writings.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By nikonograph
    This Bible Study app makes Greek and Hebrew studies a delight.
  • Best bible app 4/5

    By Lilley1
    Absolutely love this app- would like to highlight and underline in notes
  • I’m old 66 4/5

    By Pedro lobo
    So I don’t like all the ads and to me it’s somewhat difficult to navigate and figure out where and what I’m looking for. I appreciate the effort on your part to bring the Word and commentaries to all the earth.
  • Excellent app for bible reader 5/5

    By Idigfan
    I like the app very much. If Chinese bible can be free, that will be great
  • Wow! I’m very excited about this app! 5/5

    By vpnsmsgshe
    A great find! I was looking to purchase a new bible when I ran across this app. First you get free downloads of great bibles. Being able to purchase other bibles and use the very cool parallel feature is fantastic. Having other resources, notes, highlight. Sincerely love this app!!! Thankful to have found it and sharing the news with my friends.
  • Update Idea 5/5

    By beLIVE in your FAITH
    As glorious as the app has be evolving, I think this idea will continue the purification of the application. Have the ability of circling just a word in the highlight menu of the app; enabling the user to attract extra attention to a particular word. It could later be made to encircle with different colors as well. This update would amplify the user experience of this application. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Missing whole sections in NKJV 2/5

    By Johnsgirl92
    Please fix it. I have so many verses highlighted and with you last update huge sections are now missing.
  • Wonderful scriptural reference 5/5

    By CSI wanna bee
    So many ways to highlight, take notes, references ,related passages. So many other references available for parallel views and historical info that brings Gods word with relevance to who I am and where I live in this current world environment.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Trivia Butt Crack
    Helpful resources and easy to use.
  • Love It 5/5

    By JoeMacMac
    Absolutely AMAZING !!
  • Studying the Bible 5/5

    By kbwfew
    While doing my BSF lesson there are multiple passages that are referenced to read. This makes it so easy to go throughout the Bible and read those passages while leaving your Bible open to the book & chapter being studied. Also while on the road you have the Bible at your fingertips at all times.
  • GREAT!! 5/5

    By GEM 7
    I love the fact that TWO kinds of Highlights are allowed. Verse highlight and portion highlight. It gives us “detail conscious” people some extra tools! I also appreciate the free resources that have been made available. I have many of them and have also bought many reasonably priced ones.
  • Recent update now works! 5/5

    By iPhone News Junkie
    The app was stuck loading after the recent update (version 7.3.1). When I opened the app it was staying stuck with a spinning loading icon. Olive Tree support directed me to the resolution - working correctly now.
  • Everything you need in one fantastic package 5/5

    By ontherock137
    This app has everything you need, whether you’re it’s something for a daily devotional or for sermon and Bible lesson preparation. You can dig as deep as you want to when studying the Bible. There is a tremendous wealth of resources to choose from. And the most amazing thing is how seamlessly everything is interconnected. This is the best and most economical way to build a library of Bible study tools and so much more. Highly recommended for anyone who is serious about growing their faith and knowledge.
  • Best Bible app that I know! 5/5

    By fillip84
    Best Bible app that I know! You can also see helpful resources to help further understand GOD’s word.
  • Review 4/5

    By FL Coaching
    I thought there would be more explanation of the scripture
  • Retired 5/5

    Used for years. Great responsiveness & Study aides.
  • It’s with me all the time! 5/5

    By Angelshock
    I love having God’s word with me all the time. This is the best app I have on my phone. Love having the ability to read when I have extra time. Thank you for developing this app.
  • Amazing Resource to learn the Word of God 5/5

    By Rooks.Family
    Update: 11/02/2018 Would it be possible to have more versions to choose from for the Verse of the Day? This is an awesome resource to go deeper in my knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. The split window is priceless and an added bonus that separates this Bible app from the others. Parallel allows you to read two versions at the same time to compare and understand words or phrases that are sometimes difficult to grasp. Resource Guide provides insight and context behind the Word, bringing to life the mindset of that time and generation. Would it be possible to have the Verse of the Day in your own preferred version of the Bible versus only four versions to choose from? God Bless You!
  • GLITCH: RV1960 Strong’s Bible 4/5

    By Jonchile
    Today I noticed an error in the Spanish Bible that I purchased several months ago (RV1960 Strong’s Bible): In Judges 5.15, the word “resoluciones”, when tapped on for the Strong’s definition, opens no window, gives no definition, even though in the English KJV Strong’s that I bought and have used for years, it DOES open a window and DOES give the definition for that word. The words on either side of it do have definitions given but are not tied to this word....A BUG??.... This is on an iPhone X. The same thing happens on the iPad Pro. I haven’t noticed any other such errors. Hope there aren’t any. Enjoying constantly the use of this great app.

Bible by Olive Tree app comments

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