Bible for Catholics

Bible for Catholics

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  • Current Version: 20.1
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  • Developer: greg fairbrother
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Bible for Catholics App

This is the Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV) of the Holy Bible. It is not the New American Bible(NAB) and thus some parts will be slightly different than the NAB such as the Psalms numbering. The CPDV bible is available online at where you can compare the Psalms numbering. THIS TRANSLATION IS NOT APPROVED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. If you would like an approved version of a Catholic Bible please search on my other bible apps "Catholic New American Bible Revised Edition" or "Catholic All-In-1". The Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible is a translation of the Sacred Bible, Sixtus V and Clement VIII Latin Vulgate edition. The 1914 Hetzenauer edition of the Vulgate was the main source text. Several other Latin editions were consulted including the 1861 Vercellone edition, the 1822 - 1824 Leander van Ess edition (which compares the 1590, 1592, 1593, 1598 editions of the Sixtus V and Clement VIII editions), and the modern-day Tweedale Edition (London, 2005). The Challoner Douay-Rheims Version of the Bible was used as a guide in translating the Latin text into English. The original Rheims Douai Bible was also frequently consulted. The sole translator and editor of the Catholic Public Domain Version is Ronald L. Conte Jr. Ron relied on God's Providence and Grace in translating and editing the Sacred Bible. Ron also used various reference texts, in print and in electronic form. Since the Latin editions of the Bible used in this translation are in the public domain, as the sole translator and editor of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Sacred Bible, I(Ron)hereby place the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Sacred Bible in the public domain in perpetuity. Table of Contents Old Testament Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy Joshua Judges Ruth 1 Samuel 2 Samuel 1 Kings 2 Kings 1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles Ezra Nehemiah Tobit Judith Esther Job Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Songs Wisdom Sirach Isaiah Jeremiah Lamentations Baruch Ezekiel Daniel Hosea Joel Amos Obadiah Jonah Micah Nahum Habakkuk Zephaniah Haggai Zechariah Malachi 1 Maccabees 2 Maccabees New Testament Matthew Mark Luke John Acts of the Apostles Romans 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians 1 Thessalonians 2 Thessalonians 1 Timothy 2 Timothy Titus Philemon Hebrews James 1 Peter 2 Peter 1 John 2 John 3 John Jude Revelation

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Bible for Catholics app reviews

  • Revelations 3/5

    By Mary-Danse J.
    Cannot get to revelations to open It just bounce back up
  • Annoying ads 1/5

    By Me4ee5chY
    I am so disappointed that my peaceful prayer time is interrupted with banner ads for the Book of Mormon while I read my CATHOLIC Bible! :(
  • Not the best 3/5

    By TKNelms
    I don't like that I can't bookmark anything. It is a good read but you can't save anything to some back to later.
  • New Version with In-App Purchases 1/5

    By veedecot
    I really do not like the new version with the In App ads at the bottom as makes it irritating to read and derails me from reading the bible. Considering that it is the Bible surely we could have more respect than concentrate on the money aspect which seems to me a lack of respect for a Bible app to have ads running in it!
  • App Support 1/5

    By econigli
    I purchased the Catholic Bible for $9.99, and then later paid the .99 to have the adds removed; however I still get the adds. When I click on App Support, what I get is the developer's Site but no way to submit a request for support. Am I missing something? Would appreciate it if this issue is fixed before he goes fishing again. At this time, I am only giving it a one star and will revise it when & if my issue is fixed. This is the BIBLE.....geez!
  • Confused 1/5

    By Heymynameissam
    Why does it say Catholic Bible when it is not approved by the Catholic Church?
  • Good Stuff! 5/5

    By avianobelt
    Thanks Greg for this helpful app!
  • Great app for the modern world 5/5

    By Ras A Ghul
    Very well designed. This book is great not only for religious reasons, but for historical purposes. This app helps you understand the bible. Thank you.
  • Should be rated best bible 5/5

    By Mineblue248
    This is the best bible for catholics. It is easy to find the stories and the old and new testements
  • A new low, pimping God's Word 1/5

    By Dis Gruntled
    ADS!?! In the Bible... look up stupid things on Google. Come and join the gambling casino... at the bottom of the page OF THE WORD OF GOD!!! Charge people for the app, but DO NOT sell out The Word of God. I am Catholic and I will go read the King James Version without ads. You are the moneylenders in the Temple.
  • Ehh 2/5

    By Poopbuttheadface
    Slow and you need to pay to use it
  • Fake 1/5

    By 123258
    If you do make the mistake of downloading this make sure you read the info on its producer. This translation is not approved by the Vatican and can be changed by whoever thinks it should be changed. I can't believe I actually read this!! Do yourself a favor and find an approved translation not written in some whack job's basement
  • mo 2/5

    By mobi1131
    many sentences (lines) are not complete - leave you hanging
  • Perfect bible 4/5

    By Theoneandonlypoli
    This helps me a lot in my church class
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Jrgwv
    Nice useful app for daily readings and bookmarks for favorite versus .
  • iAds. Really? 1/5

    This Bible now features iAds that relentlessly cycle at the bottom of pages. Besides being incredibly distracting, the mere concept of inserting ads into a Bible created for contemplative introspection and communicating with God is offensive and intrusive beyond belief. I find it in extremely poor taste, and I'm not even THAT religious. I will not do business with these advertisers, have found a $1.99 alternative Bible App and purged this App from my iPhone and iPad. Sheesh.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Cisester
    Very quick and useful
  • I liked it! 4/5

    By Rachelhickman15
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By Neil Doherty
    Get the real Bible app. It has the ridiculous Catholic Public Domain Version, plus a bunch of other translations that are more readable. Just because you're Catholic doesn't mean you have to settle for shoddy Catholic media.
  • Thank you, highlighting? 5/5

    By JustMe963
    Thank you very much, it is a lovely app. Is there any way you can add highlighting, bookmarking, or marking in any way? To save favorite lines within the app?
  • Best Free Bible App 4/5

    By Ishikawa Kuri
    This is the best free Bible app out there. Hands down! It's not as perfect as it could be, the ads do not have a right to be there (yes, I understand it's your way of making money, but like everyone else is saying, they made a market place out of the temple, and Jesus was angry, as He may be with you, putting ads in the Lord's book). I advise you take them down, you will earn five stars from me! :)
  • Amasing 5/5

    By Ethan Wever
    Love the Bible!! :)
  • Catholic? Really? 1/5

    By Bunluv
    I've started to use other Bible apps that actually are more accurate. Face it, I use a Bible to learn the Word. Yet the verses do not match, and if you are going to use ads, why not make them spiritual related. I am awe struck at seeing sites for "Girls, etc" on a Bible app. Yes, I can pay to have them removed, but when does your responsibility come in to play to review these ads on YOUR app? Can you hear the Jesus turning the change tables over in His father's temple?
  • 73 books of goodness 4/5

    By $€OTT¥
    First, here are the drawbacks: 1: Not Vatican approved (head-scratcher) 2: Numbering in Psalms is off 3: Advertisements? (can be disabled if you cough up a buck, but still...) Now here's the payoff: 1: It's FREE! 2: It's accurate (you won't be missing out) 3: User interface is PHENOMENAL. Best I've ever seen. That's why, after jumping from app to app, I'm sticking with this one.
  • Flawed 1/5

    By HippoLover04
    Not all of the verses are labeled correctly. For example, what is labeled as Psalm 21is really Psalm 22, what's labeled Psalm 22 is 23.... I'm not sure where the mis-numbering starts or ends, but it made me wonder what else is labelled incorrectly
  • G 3/5

    By Craparo
    Good app, just wish the ads were taken out. If Jesus didn't want Pharisees selling things in the temple, I doubt he wants people selling apps in his holy book.
  • Psalms!! 1/5

    By Tefgcc
    Its missing 23. Its not right
  • :) 5/5

    By Avengers hugest fan
    It's the only good catholic bible on i tunes
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Sbonventure
  • Excellent!!! 5/5

    By panda on nabre
    I use it everyday.
  • This app is ONLY for profit...Delete! 1/5

    By WordWarrior777
    This FREE app is only an advertisement for a paid app by the same developer... this is an unknown version... and poor quality... full of unrelated ads... Please don't waste your time!
  • Bible 5/5

    By AmberRoseDonald
    This is the only bible that I trust to deliver the word of God and I recommend it to all in search of the good news. The best part is its free!
  • Great Can read off line 5/5

    By gth711
    Great and easy to use. Can read off line
  • Church member 5/5

    By Kyle Doise
    I like how easy this version is to read and to navigate through. It's makes my daily reading easy and convenient.
  • Catholic in spirt if not dogma 5/5

    By Eron reese
    Folks hit on this for not being "offically" Catholic and I would counter that its the only decent FREE bible on the app store. IMO Jesus would place more importance for a bible that was distributed freely to his flock then a seal of approval.... Editing issues are pretty small, heck I have seen printed bibles with as many or more typos and misprints. My kids love that I can pop this out and read to them at night. And the older two probably relate more to reading in on the ipod then busting out my ancient family Bible.
  • Great app especially for reference 5/5

    By IslandLady82
    Keeping in mind it is not officially approved by the Church, this is a still a great app for a quick reference and written in plain text. I've used it for my Walking With Purpose group. It would be better if there were a search function for key words and phrases. Extremely easy to scroll through and switch back from NT to OT.
  • Good intentions, but... 2/5

    By Very73
    A Bible translation should not be called "Catholic" without an Impramatur or Nihil Obstat. If not required by Canon Law, at least getting the local Bishop (or his designee) to review it is just the right thing to do. It shows that such hard work it's being revised for errors that could unintentionally mislead the faithful and also shows that the person is in good standing with the Church.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By ant537
    I agree that u should get it approved bc it's a fabulous app, very easy to use. Following along in mass was easy using this app
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Oochiewallie
    Quick and easy to use especially wen I'm always with my phone. I love it
  • Good effort but... 1/5

    By AcuteWatcher
    Minus four stars... Why? 1. This is not an officially accepted bible of the Roman Catholic church until it receives its Nihil Obstat from your diocese. That will eliminate the many errors in your e-tome. 2. This bible is not officially approved by the Roman Catholic church for publication in any format until it receives an Imprimatur from your diocese recognizing that this bible is free from errors. Once you receive the two aforementioned approvals, post reference of both near the beginning of the Bible Info section of your app. Then, Catholics can use this bible without consternation. 3. Spiritual threats have no place in the Bible Info section, or any other section of this app. That applies to any bible. 4. An app with ads is NOT a true free app. IMO, ads in The Bible are disturbing and annoying. I will delete this app and find an app that contains an officially sanctioned version of the Catholic Bible.
  • Thank You! 5/5

    By Wes Horn
    Finally a free Bible translation that includes the Deuterocanonical books. Very well done. This is a great app.
  • Pelase get the Churchs' approval. 1/5

    By Constructive Critic : )
    No approval from the catholic church=not really a Catholic Bible. I really appreciate this app, but just please get the approval. Also, please understand that the approval is important due to many things that can go wrong. it could be unintentionally misleading. you could get in trouble for saying it's Catholic both by law and/or with the catholic church/ people. other people could claim Catholicism of their products "which is not good" and it would be so much nice to go without all the trouble previously mentioned. But otherwise, thank you. Good intention/great app. : )
  • No Approval From the Holy See 1/5

    By smokey177
    This version was published without the approval of the Catholic Church. Be very wary of using this translation with it lacking ecclesiastical approval.
  • Catholic Bible vs. Bible 4/5

    By McPanis
    There is a difference between a Bible & a Catholic Bible...there are additional books to a Catholic Bible that are not found in other Bibles.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Alonzojos
    Finally a Catholic Bible for free, a Complete Bible, God Bless you....
  • Psalm 115 4/5

    By maykat
    Though I am using this as I study the Catechism and truly appreciating it... thankful for it, Psalm 115 needs to be corrected. Thank you.
  • Very awesome 5/5

    By ken-diesel
    Thank you for making it free. Thank you for spreading the Good News!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Parky190
    This app is just as it describes and I love the font adjusting feature.
  • A Great Idea, But...... 1/5

    By Catholic Homemaker
    The Book of Psalms is way off. I was looking for a particular verse and couldn't find it anywhere within the chapter (I thought maybe the verses were mis-numbered). I also looked for the verse in previous and subsequent chapters, thinking the chapters were mis-numbered--I couldn't find the well-known verse anywhere (Psalm 56:8). I am concerned that there might be other errors like this throughout the app. PLEASE FIX!!! More stars when this is without error!

Bible for Catholics app comments

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