Bible Memory: Scripture Typer

Bible Memory: Scripture Typer

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  • Current Version: 3.26
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Bible Memory: Scripture Typer App

Scripture Typer is the ONLY complete, all-inclusive Bible memory system that equips you to easily MEMORIZE, ORGANIZE, & REVIEW verses on your own, customizable review schedule. You can even memorize & review verses while READING your Bible, all in one app! (*In-app purchase required for the Bible reader.) Scripture Typer is also the only Bible memory system you can access across all mobile devices & online, at Your progress stays in sync between all of your devices, so you can memorize anytime, anywhere. Even without the Internet! MEMORIZE Bible verses fast by actively engaging 3 separate cognitive areas: kinesthetic (touch), visual, and auditory memory. • Kinesthetic: Type the first letter of each word in a verse to quickly memorize it in a proven, 3-step memorization process, Type It—Memorize It—Master It • Visual: Draw Pictures & use Flash Cards (*PRO features). Animated Word Emphasis feature accentuates each word to ingrain it into your memory. • Auditory: Record verse audio & playback for hands-free review (*PRO feature) Create & ORGANIZE your personal Verse Library. • Import verses from ANY of the following 10+ translations from the Internet: Amplified, ESV, HCSB, KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, NIV84, NLT, The Message, & in Spanish with Reina-Valera 1960. • Enter verses manually in ANY version. • Choose Bible verses by topic from 57 verse collections in our Verse Library. • Create & name your own verse collections with verses you choose yourself. • Join one of over 9,000 Bible memory groups to memorize verses together. • Start your own Bible memory group. It’s easy to invite others via text message, email, Facebook, & Twitter. Never forget another verse with our SMART REVIEW SYSTEM. • Our Smart Review System reminds you to review your verses on an automated schedule. • You can also customize your review schedule for any verse to review it on your own schedule (*PRO feature). • Receive optional emails &/or mobile Review Notifications to review verses at the time of your choice. READ, MEMORIZE, & REVIEW with the Scripture Memory Bible (*In-app purchase) • Read the Bible & memorize verses, all in one app! • Available in ESV, NIV, NASB, CSB & KJV • See your memory verses underlined and color coded by review status in the Bible. • Search for keywords across multiple translations (*includes all purchased translations). • Inline cross-reference links make it easy to explore related passages (ESV, CSB & NASB). More: • Scripture Typer will guide you through the 3-step memorization process, Type It—Memorize It—Master It. • Once a verse is memorized, you can easily review it by typing, using Flash Cards (*PRO), or with Audio playback (*PRO). • Save time. Only type the first letter of each word when using the app. (You can also type verses out completely on • Type without looking. Modified key zones give you credit for hitting any key adjacent to the correct letter. • Heat Maps automatically highlight trouble spots in your verses (*PRO feature). • Earn Badges & Advance in Rank with other members. • Track Your Progress with history charts (*PRO feature). • Easily share verses with friends via text message, email, Facebook, & Twitter. • Multi-User & Family Friendly. Easily use multiple accounts on the same device. About Scripture Typer’s Audio Bible Verse Recorder (*PRO feature): • Record yourself reading your verses. • Play back verses individually or by collection in a continuous loop. • Review hands-free, anytime, anywhere! • Select background music from your device & independently adjust the volume. • Turn off your screen & your recordings can continue to play. • Recordings sync between all of your mobile devices. • TIP: Speak along with your recordings for an extra retention boost. Engage your senses. Succeed at Bible memory with Scripture Typer today! *Scripture Typer PRO is available as an in-app purchase. *Scripture Memory Bible is available as an in-app purchase.


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Bible Memory: Scripture Typer app reviews

  • I find the Bible tab an annoyance 4/5

    By Silenceimpaired
    I don’t see the purpose of throwing in a tab for the Bible that is nothing more than an in app purchase advertisement
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Yellowjacket 43
    Love this app. The reminder function is so helpful to remember to review the verse. Highly recommend! Me encanta esta aplicación. Tiene una función para recordarle que necesita repasar el versículo Lo recomend
  • Best Bible Memory App 5/5

    By Shejusathyan
    Good Interface. Good support. I love this app. All the best to entire team. God bless you.
  • Back to Scripture Memorization 5/5

    By Wifelover1982
    I have enjoyed using this app and have learned or reviewed 75 verses in the past year I have had it.
  • Good App! 4/5

    By CatRandy
    I have Remember Me, and Scripture Typer, and this one works better, however with Remember Me, there is no cost for the Bible versions, so this one loses a star for that.
  • Versions 1/5

    By sturgt
    There’s only one free bible version.... lame
  • Refreshed my love for the scripture 5/5

    By the everday man
    My bible reading became cold and inconsistent. I know the value of memorizing scripture and how much it would warm my heart. This app has brought scripture back to life for me and I find the Lord keeps bringing up verses throughout my day!
  • Love It! 5/5

    By belovedgeliebt
    Dear Manufacturer, I love the app! However, my iPod Touch is not allowing me to finish uploading the update version. :/ Since it is “stuck” (has been for a few days, now), O cannot use the app. 😭 Anyone else having this problem?
  • The best! 4/5

    By WonderBuono
    I love this app and use it almost every day. However lately I have had issues with it... every time I try to learn a new verse the app crashes. If this could be fixed I would go back to five stars because this app is the best for scripture memory :)
  • Simply incredible 5/5

    By GregoryVigilant
    And somehow keeps getting better!
  • Listen to 5/5

    By WhiteSheets
    Have you developed a way to listen to the verses I memorize? I would like to be able to hear them as I am eating or driving. The app is great! Such a blessing for me!!!!
  • My Experience With Scripture Tyler 5/5

    By psalmist7
    This is an excellent and helpful app. It is a great blessing to me.
  • Growing old better not bitter 5/5

    By Bullethead1
    As I watched my parents fade away and now my in-laws I see a pattern and it’s called the law of primacy - the things you learn early on are things you remember or do. As I grow old and more importantly as I grow I want to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word. I want God’s Word to be my primacy. This app is the tool I’m using to memorize new scripture. Discipline yourself and do it. You won’t, better yet God’s Word will not disappoint you.
  • Good App but Issues with Most Recent Update 3/5

    By Mjdiesel
    I enjoy using this app, however, I have issues with the most recent update. For one, it deleted all of my drawings for my verses, which is a time consuming process to reapply them. Secondly, it is a little buggy now.
  • Excellent system, lacking one input method 5/5

    By BenWx
    I have been using this system for a few months now along with some friends. It’s fantastic–even the free version. Nearly every type of input to memorize the verses is available, and all are very helpful. >> My one feature request to really bring this home to me, would be the ability to “type” by reciting the verse while using the Dictation microphone built into the iOS keyboard. I actually want this feature more than anything else. How about it, Millennial Solutions??? :)
  • Keeps me coming back 5/5

    By MaureenKim
    I have tried several different apps for scripture memory and this is by far the best. I have memorized over 500 verses in less than 2 years. I almost never miss a day. I really appreciate that when I get a word wrong, my phone vibrates and the correct word goes right in. On the other app I was using I had to keep guessing until I got it right. I also appreciate that the place where I got the word wrong stays shaded in for a few reviews to help me remember. I appreciate that the app gives grace for typos. The other app didn't and I would be so tense during review, worried about not hitting the key exactly. It became more about finger placement and less about learning verses. The other app made me feel like I was always being tested. This one makes me feel like I'm being instructed. Huge difference. I LOVE the review schedule. Every morning I wake up and my verses for the day are waiting. As I master them and recall them accurately, they are scheduled for review less and less frequently. That way I can concentrate on the ones I am learning. update: still love it but lately my longer passages (whole chapters) have started disappearing during review. The page goes blank and I have to start over. So I contacted support and they fixed it with their next update. These guys are amazing. And they added a lock button. I love the lock button!!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By apostlePD
    Updating my review!! This app is awesome and I use it everyday. It’s functional and extremely useful for what it’s designed to do - help you learn the word!! With all of the useless apps on the market, this one actually has true value. Jesus says, "if you abide in me and my word abides in you then you are truly my disciples."
  • Just WOW!!! 5/5

    By Zard1
    I can’t say enough good about Scripture Tyler. It REALLY works! I’ve always had trouble remembering more than a few verses until now. Thx for this AWESOME tool. It makes scripture memory automatic!
  • Oops 5/5

    By Gklipp
    Not sure what happened. I deleted the app and then was struck to give it another chance. Now it works fine. My apologies for my scathing review
  • Good App 4/5

    By Boooooletdown
    This is a good app. It makes memorizing the Bible very convenient.
  • Working 5/5

    By MaureenRT
    I am so glad that I came across this app! The older I get, the more I have trouble memorizing scripture. I like the process the app uses for memorizing. I really didn’t think it would work butI am memorizing so many verses. Love it!
  • Different KJV? 1/5

    By Betrayed by you
    I just downloaded this app, chose the King James Version, and was starting to read Exodus 20, when I immediately noticed that it is not the old English KJV I am familiar with. Indeed, here are some examples of the differences (in parentheses): App KJV: 1. And God (spoke) all these words, saying, 2. I am the LORD (your) God, (who _____) brought (you) out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of (slavery). Traditional KJV: 1. And God (spake) all these words, saying, 2. I am the LORD (thy) God, (which have) brought (thee) out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of (bondage). While I think the concept of this app is good, I am highly disappointed about being told that I had downloaded the KJV, but, in fact, was given an approximation of it. This breaking of trust is a huge fundamental flaw in the actual use of the app. Having been a professional translator in my career, this is completely unacceptable and is not a minor issue. As the reader of God’s word in English, I know that the KJV is already a translation, which necessarily is merely an approximation of that which was written in the original languages. So, I do not want a single modification beyond the translation, which at times could result in another change in nuance beyond the original. While, in my head, I may change “thee” to “you” I want to be the one that decides that, not have it done for me, bypassing my right to choose for myself the meaning I derive from what I am reading. Theoretically, a nuance could make a world of difference in understanding: it could be a matter of my believing in an error over a truth — with potential eternal consequences.
  • Truly transformative 5/5

    By arielers
    I am using this App as a core component to a discipling class called FAST. It has been such an empowering blessing!!! Keep up the great work in helping us memorize God’s Word!
  • Great help 5/5

    By OHBuckeye
    For most of my life I’ve tried to memorize scripture. The biggest problem was the review. Over 6 years ago I found scripture typed, and I’ve used it nearly everyday since! I love they way it allows me to keep adding new verses while having a systematic way to not loose the ones I’ve already mastered! 💕
  • Several glitches 1/5

    By Grace3:16
    We upgraded and purchase CSB Pro, and it will not import verses. Several glitches.
  • Greatest App Ever 5/5

    By Lambchops 1
    I love this app, I’ve been praying asking God to help me learn scriptures and I don’t even remember how I found this app but I’m glad I did and I told my family about it and they love it. We’ve created a group and are in competition with our learning to challenge one another for discussions. My daughter put in a prayer request and the prayers flooded in. Thanks so much for this app I recommend anyone having problems remembering scripture to download this app you will not be disappointed.
  • An Key Part Of My Devotional Life 5/5

    By Grandpaparazzi
    If we, as Christians, believe the Bible is God's Word, how valuable would it be to memorize it? This app has helped me memorize 117 scriptures AND helps me review and meditate on them daily! The Pro version is worth every penny and I pray God's blessing on the originators! Charlie W.
  • I like it! 5/5

    By SisTru
    I had it downloaded for a while but I just started using it recently and so far so good. It's working for me!
  • Best Bible Memory App Available 5/5

    By CStars4me
    Everything I was looking for in a Scripture memory app is in this one. I have over 500 verses plus 4 books I'm loading in here. I can organize, sort, search any verse in the most popular versions. The methods of review and accountability are AWSOME. Try it out even if you only have 5 verses you want to learn.
  • What a great app! 5/5

    By Raybugger
    This is a great app! It’s helping me to increase my scripture memorization and it’s fun and easy to use. I love that it has several versions of the Bible that you can choose from to use for your memorization challenges. I’m personally a KJV reader and so many apps today only feature the newer translations. It’s great that there are so many options so most people will be able to use this app regardless of which translation you prefer. Kudos to the developer!
  • Where did the versions go? 5/5

    By Bensalem busy family
    Originally I wrote : ‘The recent update that removed NASB NLT AND MSG versions is very disappointing. Different versions helps believers understand Gods word better and makes it easier to see how it applies personally’ Thanks for your response. Ironically right before I read your response I did notice the red plus sign and discovered all of the versions were still there. Therefore this app is still the best app on the planet. Thank you for developing it.
  • Daily fix 5/5

    By PowerNapper
    Now a part of my morning routine don’t leave home without it!
  • Need a Catholic version! 5/5

    By auntielynee
    I love this! Scripture memory is so important...any chance you could add a new American Bible or revised standard catholic edition to your app for us Catholics who want to memorize passages from the other seven books?
  • Awesome !!! 5/5

    By RickMaga
    Totally awesome program, love it !!!
  • Used to be a great app but 3/5

    By Mayro60
    The latest update ... not so good. My score doesn’t display correctly unless I look up my standing in stats, which has now been renamed to “progress.” The bigger type font, and jumpy movement from word to word. Sad update. I’m hoping the developers are working on fixing this ridiculous update.
  • Great Business Model 5/5

    By Howdydg
    Not only is this one of the most useful apps I own, but I have been so impressed with the company’s personal response when I have a problem with the Scripture Typer app. After a recent update there was a problem that I brought to their attention. I got a personal reply to my message on the same day, and early the following morning there was a new update/fix in time for my scripture review. Ive been using this app daily since 2015. Keep up the good work.
  • Makes memorizing an effective tool, and fun! 4/5

    By Milt Reynolds
    I despised the drudgery and tedium of memorizing stuff, whether Scripture, math or grammar...until I found Scripture Typer and Memory Typer! It works! And it's fun! App is easy to use. Free version is effective, paid version has features I value. I especially appreciate the ability to record myself reading aloud, playing it back on an endless loop with background music of my choice. Customer service is excellent. I've had a few questions, a few feature requests, and a reply came back same day by email. App does lack a help page, but the developer assured me that they soon will have that up and running. In the meantime they supplied a link to their desktop website help page. I've purchased both apps, and I use them daily!
  • Great until... 1/5

    By Dingo422
    This app said all the right things until I started using is and it makes you pay for different versions. Knowing that only the KJV is free would have been good to know before downloading.
  • Paying for other versions 1/5

    By hall warrior
    The KJV, the most inaccurate version of the Bible is the only one that’s free. You have to pay $10 for any other version. Not sure why... I’d rather pay a fee for the app and have access to all versions.
  • THE ONE! 5/5

    By Joe2008
    If you’re serious about committing the Bible to memory, look no further! They thought of everything! Stuff I didn’t even think about until I had the need for, was already there! It’s an app I use every single app for life and life-changing! So thankful for the folks who designed ST!!!!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Lwellman
    God has spoken to me many times as I have worked to memorize my verses. Now I hide that they come to me all day long and give me god wisdom.
  • Brain wrinkles 5/5

    By Treesa2015
    Absolutely LOVE this app!!! Feel like as I’m learning scripture I’m truly using more of my brain than I ever have! I do believe it’s true that memorizing God’s word makes learning other things easier.
  • I really love this app 5/5

    By JackDotter
    I like to know Bible verses, but I always jumble up words and forget the references. This program has helped me learn many verses completely.
  • Can’t delete 3/5

    By jnscarruth
    Was attempting to try this app so I imported a chapter that I already knew, now I cannot delete it so that I can add something new. Cannot figure out a way to delete learned verses. Also the app says that I already have 28 verses and that 17 more would put me over the “50” limit. When is 28+17>50?
  • This is a MUST if you care about memorizing scripture! 5/5

    By Nalez
    I've been using Scripture Typer for a number of years, and it's a wonderful tool for memorizing, and retaining the verses already memorized. I love being able to choose different translations for different verses. I love that one of the translations offered is NIV84 edition!
  • Learning curve 4/5

    By Kgglor
    I love this app. It did take me a little while to work through it, though. I do have a question that I haven’t resolved regarding quotation marks. I’m still trying to find that answer. Thank you for your help.
  • But the Truth and sell it not..... 5/5

    By OakTab2012
    I absolutely love Scripture Typer!!! I love the fact that I can set up a group with my family and friends, it holds us accountable and we have fun!!
  • New Bible added, yeah maybe 2/5

    By pstrgglass
    I just received an email telling me I can now do both my devotions and bible memory in the same place, right on the app. Just update to the newest version and go to Bible and choose your Bible. Should have said choose your Bible for a price. So, now not only have I bought the app, now if I want the Bible I have to buy that as well. An in app purchase to a purchased app. Very disappointed.
  • Love app - but... 5/5

    By Pls fx
    I LOVE this app. It's very helpful. Extremely helpful!!! Great tool. BUT with update, why do I have to purchase the version of the whole Bible I want. Why is only KJV available for free? I already have other free versions of the ESV, I won't be purchasing it here. I can still download ESV verses individually without paying. Still love the app, but won't be using the new feature.
  • Recommend ST 4/5

    By grammalou42
    This is a great app for memorizing Scripture. I have been able to memorize far more Scriptures than I would have ever dreamed I could.

Bible Memory: Scripture Typer app comments


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