Binaural (β)

Binaural (β)

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 1.8.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Giorgio Calderolla
  • Compatibility: Android
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Binaural (β) App

*** Featured by Apple in 120 countries *** Binaural beats can help you relax, meditate, sleep, or even concentrate. Binaural is the simplest, easiest to use binaural beats generator. Just pick a frequency, hit play, and it'll do the rest. Set a timer to have Binaural gently stop playback at a time of your choosing. Match Binaural's Colors to your taste, environment, and mood. Binaural can also generate rain – mix it in with the beats to soften them and block out environmental noise, or use it by itself as a noise machine. You can control Binaural from Apple Watch, Control Center, the Lock Screen, and with the buttons on compatible headsets. Headphones are highly recommended! This app was built with love and patience. I hope you'll enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed designing and building it. Please don't use Binaural while driving or operating heavy machinery. Binaural is also available for your Mac, look for it in the Mac App Store!


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Binaural (β) app reviews

  • Best App for this 5/5

    By Super support
    This app is very easy to use and is very straight forward. You can pick whatever frequencies you want and there’s no adds or anything. Would recommend 100%
  • Better, deeper, more restful sleep 5/5

    By mukamedia
    I’d been having some interrupted sleep difficulties. I downloaded this app hoping it might help. It did. From the first night, the soundness and depth of sleep improved. Now I’m thinking of trying it for meditation.
  • Simple, clean, effectice 5/5

    By Wsdom
    I don’t write reviews often but I like supporting smaller apps. This developer clearly understands the purpose of binaural’s and executed on it well. Just bought the paid app so I can set it to fall asleep to. Wish it was just a little loader on speaker mode.
  • Great Start 3/5

    By NunUther
    I've been using Tesla Software's AmbiScience apps for years, and I simply tried this for the AppleWatch features. I'm generally impressed, and I like the simplicity. I bought it in hopes that it gets new auditory features like saving presets, more noise generators (e.g. white, brown, pink, assorted fan modulation, etc.), faders, or ramps and transitions. I could care less about colors/themes. Nevertheless, I'd recommend it.
  • Update: It works! 5/5

    By keeeeenya
    A year ago this app had some technical issues causing me not to use the app. I’ve decided to come back to it a year later and I think you guys figured out what the issue was. I’ve been using it for about a month now and it helps me relax and even fall asleep on nights when I have a lot on my mind. Thank you!
  • Exactly Binural 5/5

    By Krishna Blue
    This app is simple; rock solid so far; easy to use; intuitive and provides desired binural functions in a simple and straightforward manner, with elegant modern user interface. Perfect and exactly what I was looking for as a Sleep and Mediation aid. Thank you.
  • Life changing 5/5

    By Mickey Bones
    I use this to focus. I set it to induce Alpha activity and go from scattered and distracted to clear and focused. I use it up to 6 hours a day, taking breaks every 90 minutes. Also sometimes use the same frequency during meditation, and for similar effects. It can run very quietly, and even under music, but I personally prefer just to use it at moderate volume as white noise. Big thanks to the developer.
  • Quite pleased 5/5

    By ardualabs
    This app is clean, unobtrusive, and simple. It does what it needs to do and lets you get on with the business of tuning in the state you want. I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Schnazzy 4/5

    By Feral Vermonter
    Only complaint: can’t seem to unlock pro features, iPhone 7 iOS 11
  • Beautiful UI, Simple 5/5

    By JSantiago13
    This app is really simple, the main screen acts as a slider for the frequency. There is an option to add "rain" and a separate slider for that as well. Each mode is very obvious in what it does. Works well. Adding more features such as change of frequency over time or preset routines would be great. I'd definitely go premium for those features.
  • Divine 5/5

    By zenpop
    This is what you want if you're looking for audio brain input that works. Especially for sleeping. Too the interface is seamless, elegant and just really f_ing cool. Love this.
  • Helped me sleep 5/5

    By JaliPants
    So I have a tough time sleeping. I put this on deep sleep and 6 hours later, woke up from dreamless sleep. I just bought some sleep headphones so I can listen to it every night.
  • Suppressing the madness 5/5

    By Me503
    As we all descend into the depths of the new hell wrought through our collected sins there is little to soothe the unraveling consciousness. As the old ones approach and the veil thins their gaze only grows stronger. Save what little sanity you can so you may submit the last threads of your will, that they might spare you from the ageless eternal void.
  • Best Binaural Beats by Far 5/5

    By James.Schipper
    In this crowded app space, I haven't found anything as simple or as clean as this great app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By E.N.O.dfgghj
    Perfect, minimal design.
  • True Binaural Beats 5/5

    By Dactajones
    I was expecting very little from this app. It's impossible to find audio that is is truly binaural. Usually they will just simulate it. But using headphones, you can hear a steady tone in one ear, and another steady tone in the other ear plug. When you listen to them together you can hear the binaural beat. This is the app you were searching for when you typed in Binaural Beats!!!!!
  • Tune Your Mind 5/5

    By liquidavalon
    I use this app before I go to sleep at night. I also use it while floating in an isolation sensory deprivation tank with waterproof headphones and it works magically! Such an excellent app!
  • Simple and Sophisticated 5/5

    By #stranger28#
    Essentially a metronome to put you in different wavelengths ( meditation, sleep, relaxation.) Very easy to use with sleek design.
  • Helps with focus/confidence at work 5/5

    By DaveThiggy
    This app helps me get my thoughts together and stay focused. Love it!
  • Wrong frequencies 1/5

    By smittyjr2
    I'm not sure what frequencies are playing however these are not the ones it states I use binaural for sleep regularly with great success this does not work.
  • Volume 4/5

    By Eliza_Hess
    Would love to be able to control volume of the beats without adjusting total phone volume
  • Great App 4/5

    By Awakefulsleep
    Easy to install. Easy to use. Does what it says it does!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Hockeyman231
    Great job - excellent app!
  • Best binaural generator I've used 4/5

    By Statdev
    The design is beautiful, intuitive, and functional. Definitely miles ahead any of the other apps available on iPad. I would like a feature added: Step through the frequencies. Have a start and end frequency set and step through them. This can be very useful if you need to transition your mind from its current state.
  • Good - but need fundamental tone control 3/5

    By Evan customer
    If this app enabled you to control the fundamental tone it would be perfect.
  • Better free apps 2/5

    By Wolke888
    No recording function. Stops playing when switching to another app.
  • Lifeline 5/5

    By Kittykitty8372
    Literally the best thing ever
  • Helps me sleep 5/5

    By spendthiscash
    I downloaded this app thinking that it would help me with meditating and on a whim I tried the "deep sleep" mode. I've never been lulled to sleep so easily before in my life, and I struggle with ADD with some insomnia. It's fantastic. I only wish the volume for "deep sleep" was louder, but maybe it isn't supposed to be
  • Good, but 3/5

    By Lolatux
    The app idea is great and works fantastic! The only problem is, when you fall asleep. I woke up at 3:00 AM and touched my phone to find it burning hot! I would not consider using this app if you plan to sleep for a long time!
  • Should have additional timer settings. $3 is not worth it. 2/5

    By Zombiesmusher
    This app should have a more in depth timer, so that I can set it up for a variable sleep cycle. $3 gets you a simple timer, and a color changing option. Get brainwaves if you want an in depth binaural beat program
  • Nice 5/5

    By Staboogie031
    I could relax to this 😁😁
  • Yet ANOTHER 5 STAR review! 5/5

    By NanzeM
    This app is so awesome! A little tricky at first. But your finger on the symbol on the screen and move it right or left to change the frequencies. On the top it shows you what category it falls in (i.e. Dream, sleep.....) The best part is under the "settings" toggle. So you can use with other apps and Yes! You now can even play it with your own music! I found that out thru the wonderful Developer. He was quick to reply and very informative. Thank you Developer for truly a wonderful five star app!
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Tbaebaetay
    Helps me sleep/ meditate
  • Great app! 5/5

    By tatezi
    really cool, ive never heard this kind of white noise before and i really like it
  • Not the best 1/5

    By Sophiacana
    I tried this app. I didn't like it because you have to pay for a timer and the rain sounds really bad. We have an app called Rain Rain and it has sounds of nature, water, rain, and sounds of home. It's great! I recommend getting that one instead of this
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By LVAce
    I don't often review, but I wanted to thank you for this app! I'm very impressed with it's interactive, clean design. So far it's been very useful! Thank you, once again.
  • 4-5 star app. 5/5

    By Operator 5150
    The app was delivered as advertised simple and easy interface along with small explanations. The fact the developer took the time to enable the "beats" to play in the foreground along with app, shows that they know the purpose and how theses tools are intended to be used. As for the "beats" themselves I do notice slight mood improvements post session but improvements are so slight any noticeable difference could be attributed to a placebo affect. That's not to say they are not working i'm trying hard to be patient and give them a chance to work but feel that honesty is the best policy when my evaluation will affect others decision to download and one thing I am certain of is the app and the design team did an excellent job delivering the product as advertised and in a way that is simple and easy to immediately implementing beats and and the theory behind them. Matt C.
  • Great to help me focus 5/5

    By Mike7497
    I love the ability to mix in rain sounds and love that there are no ads!!
  • Clean app! 5/5

    By Lord Ogilby 
    I hate flat design, BUT for this app it makes sense. I'm impressed that the sounds come from a code and not audio tracks. Very clean code indeed. Best suggestion from users is to have the option to gradually decrease (or increase) the Hz over time; for example, starting at 10Hz and decreasing to 5Hz over 5 minutes, then holding at 5Hz. Another suggestion would be that the description and Hz level did NOT disappear after it is set. Or at least be a way to reappear of the top region is tapped. But even without any improvements, this app is awesome because it's stripped down to the essential and is the best BWE app in the App Store by far. Thank you for making this!
  • This is silly 1/5

    By CraigDaKing90
    The concept has potential and the idea could be a fruitful one but the way it is done in this app is silly. What use if any has this app got? You can make a wider variety of relaxing/pleasant sounds with almost any free synthesizer from AppStore. And the rain option doesn't make a big difference. In my opinion the app has a long way to go before it could really be useful.
  • Solid update 5/5

    By _hauk
    The ability to generate binaural sounds is great and unique. Unfortunately, beats can only be selected in preset steps of 0.5 Hz. If you want to listen to the earth's vibration binaural beat which is 7.83 Hz, i.e. the Schumann resonance, then you're out of luck. I believe this is an artificial limitation given by how you select Hz in the UI. The IAP timer has been updated and improved. The important noise sound to lay over the binaural track can finally be set higher in this version. If we get tired of listening to rain we can now mix in sound from iTunes and other apps which is very useful. All in all, a great update to a fine app.
  • Enjoyable 5/5

    Just downloaded this. Enjoying it. Suggestion: Allow saving of certain combinations of beats and rain level. I'd like to instantly tune into a particular combination which was very beneficial to my meditation. Would purchase full version if this were available.
  • Looks interesting but.. 3/5

    By Luda Pie
    Why when launching the app it crashes?
  • Great 5/5

    By Jl467
  • phenomenal 5/5

    By jackjackiebleh
    If you have trouble falling asleep, stressed, or cannot concentrate while reading a book for class, then this is it. download it asap.
  • Great for flying coach 5/5

    By UK2TX2CA
    Been flying a lot over the pass couple of months (27,000 miles a month) and found this app to be the best for masking airplane engine noise, passenger noise and aiding in getting some rest in a coach seat. Also quite handy in the hotel too, highly recommended.
  • The Sound By Itself Is Offputting 5/5

    By HannahBaileyAnderson
    I would love to layer this with isochronic tones and my own music.
  • Not for those sensitive to noise 1/5

    By Not glad
    Oh my. Listening to that was pure torture! My eardrums are literally pounding still. And pounding heart. I listed for not even a minute and without headphones. That had a strong effect!!! I guess it works for some- but not me. I have some auditory avoidance- I hate fans.
  • Just get it already 5/5

    By Ploppdaddy4
    Top rated app. I love everything about this app. Binaural Beats are scientifically shown to help you sleep/meditate. This app does just that in a simplistic and aesthetically pleasing way. My only hope is that in the future updates, we'll be able to set timers to ascend/descend into different frequencies to follow our sleep pattern. (Specifically for dreaming) thanks for the time and energy put into this app. It doesn't go unnoticed! Update: After using this app for about a year.. I still love it. Still waiting on advanced controls in regard to ascending and descending frequencies. An alarm clock would be a cool feature for people trying to experiment with lucid dreaming. Still a great app.
  • Binaural review 5/5

    By Jacksniter
    Just used it for meditation works great

Binaural (β) app comments


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