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Bing Search App

Bing makes searching the web fast, beautiful and rewarding. Earn points for searching, and redeem them towards free gift cards, purchases on Microsoft Store, and much more. • Your feed. Swipe up on the home page to catch up with what's happening in the world, from news articles to trending Reddit videos, to interesting and useful content from the web. • Discover what's nearby. Tap “Near me” for restaurants, attractions, gas stations, and more. Or go into “Deals” to browse offers, discounts, and coupons at retailers near you. • A more visual search. Ideas for your next outfit are easy to find using Bing's image search. And when you found that perfect dress, it's easy to find online retailers that carry it. You can also just snap a picture of anything and find visually similar images online. • Get entertained. Explore movies to watch, read reviews and tap to stream. Watch videos from search results from various sources (not just Youtube!). • Save money. Use the built-in barcode scanner to review products and compare prices at select major retailers (eg, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Target); tap to buy it online. One quick scan can save you both time and money. • Earn Rewards. If you like free gift cards, you'll love searching on Bing and earning Microsoft Rewards.  *Some features are not available in all countries.


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Bing Search app reviews

  • Better than Google! 5/5

    By mkhamil
    Bing is so much better than the goo!
  • Good 5/5

    By Kpjg1
  • Bing-it’s how quickly it works! 5/5

    By Backyard Panda
    Appreciate Bing over Google and Safari. Searches only need to be typed once to see several good websites. Like the new look as well.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Her Hi-nes
    I've used Bing for years and find this site the best for any type of graphics. It really came in handy for my lesson plans. Bing has yet to fail me in finding the appropriate meme. Thanks, Bing!
  • Great Rewards! 5/5

    By britsilver04
    I love using the search engine because it gives me points for every search that I do and I get to cash those points out for gift cards at places I shop often like Walmart and There are also other ways to earn points like taking fun quizzes and learning new things.
  • Bing is better everyday 5/5

    By Jco1101
    Thanks for the easy app to use no complicated just tipped and you find what you looking no crashes really fast
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Tunaaaaaaa
    Love it
  • Bing Home Page 1/5

    By That is my nicname
    First I hate Microsoft and Windows because it does not care who gets hurt by the software they give away or how they give step by step instructions to on how to exploit others computers with the software they write and how they dont tell you how to step by step rid your computer of it and the people who exploit it. That said I have always preferred Bing over Google but have had both on my iPhone. I just deleted both, bing because my settings would no longer stay as I liked them, would not even Save new settings. Google because their settings are to vague and too broad spread over too many apps that are part of the Google search engine but are really separate apps and require their own settings and thats impossible and too much to ask for just a search engine although you dont have to fight the news and videos and tons of crap on the home page like you do bing. I reloaded Bing and hate it even more and will spend my search points and delete it again. It is awful and has no setting for the home page and does not even go by the settings I just set but does what MS or W wrote it to do and that is be a news station which shares info and records every piece of data you look at or type in and now has a Gas app like your going to save money on gas or drive three blocks when your on empty when its against the law to drive and use your phone or taxi takes you to fill up . Who ever added the gas app is fooling themselves on that bad idea, LoL at that idiot idea. Its just another way for them to get more space on your phone or computer that has their logo on it and a way to sell more advertising like they dont have enough money. Blah blah! When does it stop with the greed and more greed, you already have enough bandwidth from the world running your apps using your software and making millions from advertisers, give us a break just one time give us a break and put a setting in the settings to allow just a search with no fear of being inundated with ads and/or fear of being tracked by something or someone or having a hacker jump on board due to software running in the background. Thank You for Your Time and Considerations and from taking you away from that all important new software that tells in real time the world where we are and what were doing. Sincerely, ns Our stop lights now can track our phones when we driving in the city telling anyone who can access that data where were going and if its by a red light where we are. Dont you think thats a little bit too much information for anyone entity to have. Police state police state police state thanks from all the people who liked their privacy but now have none.
  • It’s a scam 1/5

    By bashir the clown
    The Bing search app is a scam and I will tell you why. When I reached 25 points, the app stopped giving me five points for the things that I search for. So don’t believe these five stars reviews. These are the app developers changing the nickname that they use for ratings and reviews on the Apple App Store and lie to us that these are real people leaving five Stars reviews. If you would like a Microsoft gift card, Xbox gift card, or other gift cards walk a neighbors dog because you will make money by walking your neighbors dog. This app just want to track you and the things that you search for. Therefore this company is no better than Apple or Google in this respect
  • New to Bing 5/5

    By Fujimaster
    Pretty good so far.
  • Let me disable the news feed 3/5

    By iOSUser001
    The app is ok, but I uninstalled it because it doesn't let me disable the 'feed'.
  • Widget gone after update 1/5

    By Jelosamkr
    After this latest update, I noticed that the widget is gone. Please bring it back.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Vyqueen1
    I became sick of all the things that Google didn’t provide, especially newswise. They were very particular about what they wanted you to see. Bing has been AWESOME! As good as google. Better, in MANY ways actually. Much smoother in access, because it doesn’t have to spend so much time censoring what they don’t want you to see! I recommend it to everyone! Especially if you’re tired of googles hypocrisy and division. Bing should take google over as the number one search engine!
  • Latest update is a dud 1/5

    By mopav108
    bring back the news tabs! and search no longer gives local results, even with location set. very disappointed.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By apriljo37
    I like it so far haven't had any problems thank you
  • Needs Work. Biased News. 2/5

    By NolesQueen
    Left google to avoid the barrage of fake news. Bing is just as bad. And searches find completely irrelevant content from odd sources.
  • I would rate this much higher except 1/5

    By Matthew2442
    There’s no way to push the content off to safari browser or any other for that matter. 2-finger swipe down does not read the article but instead reads everything else that’s hidden on the screen - so you cannot use text to speech feature. All these are available on google search app and are standard functions. That puts this app in a very very limited use category.
  • Step your game up 2/5

    By Royals33
    I’m really trying to dump google but bing is not as user friendly. At least make it easier to get to images, shopping, etc and search by timeframes (24 hours to 1 year). I cuss this app a lot. Still trying to stick it out though because I still hate the libtards at google more. Not sure how long I can hold out before I try something else.
  • Where’s the “on this day” widget??? 1/5

    By whitecls
    They took away the on this day widget. I love that thing. Why???
  • Missing widget 3/5

    By Sboat
    The latest update lost the “on this day” widget. Bummer. 😠
  • What happened? 4/5

    By dirocker
    Where is the news link on the home page? I used to like being able to look at news categories of my choosing, now that’s gone? I have to look at news of your choosing? I don’t think so, I’ll find another app.
  • Love funny gif 5/5

    By Mitty final
    I love funny gif in bing app, wish to see more of it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By AJCoolo
    Since I am still in school it is good that this app does not need service, because in school I don't get service.
  • Hate propaganda 1/5

    By Alikhalid72
    I tried Bing lately after few years of deciding to use only Google; I wanted to see if there are any benefits to use Bing now. Most of news and articles are hate propaganda and very narrow view that Bing staff wants us to see the world through. The world has changed, and Bing will be the next failure. Never use Bing again.
  • ZSuperior 5/5

    By van Amerongen, Nederland
    Microsoft has finally regained its ZSuperior foothold in digital search: + these advantages: NO spying; NO excessive and annoying ads, NO invisible interlopers and photography OUT OF WORLD. Forget GOOGLE, they.have become the hawk-hounds of aggravation and intrusive delays and “bad press” behavior! Go BING! Ole!
  • Love the app, but want control over my news 5/5

    By NEOBart
    Every time I open the app, the top 3 headlines refresh and disappear before I can click on them... They refresh and something new appears. Is there a way to get back to the last 3 headlines that I had interest in? Is there a way to turn off the auto refresh so I can control the rotation to new info when I'm ready? Is there a way to control 'where' my news comes from? I keep getting pop culture articles from the UK, I've never signed up for that... And don't even know who the majority of the folks are in the articles, so why is it showing on 'my feed'?
  • Issue 2/5

    By MikeP421
    When you click on the photo of the day “i” to tell you where the photo has been taken a lot of the times the app doesn’t realize you pushed it. Aka the button doesn’t work a lot of the time
  • A Must Have... 5/5

    By Im Totally Not a Robot
  • Tabloid newsfeed terrible 1/5

    By jonc2013
    Please allow me to disable the salacious newsfeed, I don’t care to read it.
  • Translation no longer works 1/5

    By Just Jc
    As the title said, the translation portion of bing no longer works. It will either never finish the translation, or it will say it’s finished when it has not indeed translated anything
  • Impressed with Bing changes 5/5

    By Mj444
    I used bing in the past and wasn’t impressed so I started using Safari and Google. With the recent negative news about Google and positive things about Microsoft , I decided to give bing another try. I love it and have been using it since Dec. Can’t wait to see how else they will improve
  • Better Than Google! 5/5

    By Berkey99
    I used to prefer Google but Bing is now my Search Engine choice for locating just about anything. I have privacy concerns with Google.
  • Really loving Bing search! 5/5

    By melawson77
    I have been a constant Google search addict for years and only just recently downloaded the Bing search app for my iPhone and got to say I really am starting to use it more & more over Google search. Great search page results and options on page for sharing and other search result interactions. I have no complaints and do recommend, in addition, to Google search.
  • Good 3/5

    By Wasteland25
    Overall a good app and search engine. The rewards section is incredibly spotty and doesn’t load a lot of the reward offers such as quizzes.
  • Bing is amazing 5/5

    By YoDavid27
    Bing is the best search engine- way better than google, yahoo, or anything else!
  • Good but 3/5

    By BAR112
    Lose the stupid ads!! Someone mentioned “Reader view”. What reader view?
  • Love Bing 5/5

    By Broadontheloose
    I've used bing and found stuff when Google failed miserably. I love it. It's my top search engine.
  • Feels redundant now 2/5

    By StarCross6
    Now that Edge has been released to iOS, I don’t see any reason for installing this. Tab organization is clunky, and it was even more atrocious on iPads.
  • Can’t do quizzes for rewards 1/5

    By Maggiestrd
    The rewards are glitchy I can’t even take a quiz from this or click on the 10 point rewards
  • Newest bing rewards doesn’t work 1/5

    By Gavii
    The app doesn’t update, you can’t take the quizzes or get any points.
  • Quiz taking is broken 1/5

    By muenchuwe
    In the app, quiz taking is broken. I finished the quiz in Safari, and the app has the audacity to claim that my streak is broken. When you come up with new things, I would make sure that there are no bugs.
  • Great 5/5

    By iPod guy878
    I use it to find porn; and it’s the best browser by far for this purpose.
  • Fed up the news feed 1/5

    By Jcoll159999
    Had this app for about two years. I have disliked every Logan Paul and kardasian story on here at least 5 times a day.
  • Was good. Updates have broken it. 2/5

    By Hmt90a
    I use the Bing app to earn Microsoft Rewards points. Or, I used to. This newest version has made it such that I can’t earn all the points I used to through the app. Support says they are working on it, but it is still very frustrating.
  • Hot App! Literally... 1/5

    By mhpdfp
    Overheating and fast battery drain on my iPhone 7.
  • Almost not worth it 2/5

    By Bri's 6
    If it wasn't for the Starbucks gift cards I would delete this app. It keeps getting worse and half the time doesn't work. Won't load anything.
  • Cool App! 2/5

    By Wood Woody
    Two stars because the app always log me out. I guess if you’re not using the app on a daily basis it will log you out..
  • Bing 5/5

    By DrickaHoneyLove
    The very best
  • Best Search Engine App 5/5

    By KPBaudoin
    Bing quickly surpassed Google as my search engine years ago and continues to be my search engine of choice! So when I discovered it as an app for my iPhone I immediately downloaded it! I use it everyday. The graphics and results I came to appreciate on my desktop are now available on my iPhone with me wherever I go. I highly recommend it!!
  • Thanks for... you know... 5/5

    By 放 iv 就是句 u 的很少发火
    Gotta give this a five star for SafeSearch off mode.

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