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  • Current Version: 6.24
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Bing Search App

Bing makes searching the web fast, beautiful and rewarding. Earn points for searching, and redeem them towards free gift cards, purchases on Microsoft Store, and much more. • Your feed. Swipe up on the home page to catch up with what's happening in the world, from news articles to trending Reddit videos, to interesting and useful content from the web. • Discover what's nearby. Tap “Near me” for restaurants, attractions, gas stations, and more. Or go into “Deals” to browse offers, discounts, and coupons at retailers near you. • A more visual search. Ideas for your next outfit are easy to find using Bing's image search. And when you found that perfect dress, it's easy to find online retailers that carry it. You can also just snap a picture of anything and find visually similar images online. • Get entertained. Explore movies to watch, read reviews and tap to stream. Watch videos from search results from various sources (not just Youtube!). • Save money. Use the built-in barcode scanner to review products and compare prices at select major retailers (eg, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Target); tap to buy it online. One quick scan can save you both time and money. • Earn Rewards. If you like free gift cards, you'll love searching on Bing and earning Microsoft Rewards.  *Some features are not available in all countries.


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Bing Search app reviews

  • Bing news! 2/5

    By falltodeep
    I dislike bing news! It’s crap, all of it!
  • Maga987 5/5

    By maga987
    Way better than google or other browsers
  • Why bing is better than google 5/5

    By Ndkdjejskdbd
    If you are a right winged conservative that you need to use this instead of google! If you look something up political on google the sits shown will be filtered to be liberal but on bing they’re no filtering!
  • Great App Like It Better Then Google! 5/5

    By CRAZY/SEED/666!
    Trusted app I will recommend it it’s a lot better than searching through google then having to worry about hacks and scams! Not only If your a Gamer Like Me It Useful for rewards just visit Microsoft rewards and get your latest update..
  • Translation 2/5

    By ##**Andrea**##
    I use this app especially for the translation function. It never works. It works 1 time over 30. The other times in which it doesn’t work, it blocks at a certain percentage and doesn’t translate the page. Fix.
  • Better than the rest 5/5

    By Josph90
    The other search sites it seems as though they a behind in technology after using Bing. Also it is hard to trust the most popular web site. They have no consideration to our privacy
  • Degrading performance and UX deficits 3/5

    By Jojo Chunkee
    The changes you are making are creating issues. My news feeds are rife with issues, content not showing up, repeating the same content. I never miss the bing rewards questions, yet it states that I have and goes back to Day 1 streak repeatedly. This used to be my go to app for search, now I may revert back to google
  • Love this app💙 5/5

    By ElleElizabeth
    This app is faster, and I like the interface so much more than at other search engine. The designers have really made it futuristic and new. It is the opposite of the standard google search page and yahoo as well. The graphics are more clear and the fonts and colors are more vivid. Great app!!!
  • Love bing home page 5/5

    By Caroleena1953
    Really enjoy the news feed. The beautiful photos are also what keeps me coming back.
  • Easy to use and simple 4/5

    By Krs107
    I like bing. I have been using the google app for a very long time and like some of the personalization options. But I did have some privacy concerns since the recent issues with data theft, and am looking for a simple interface with good search capabilities. Bing fits the bill.
  • The lie about newsfeed settings 1/5

    By Bocatiki
    I went thru the newsfeed and selected “Don’t show news from ___” for all the ones I don’t want to see. Next time I opened the app it still shows the same garbage news from the same tabloid news sources. I don’t need this crap forced on me. No thanks, deleted the app.
  • Bing definitely a top contender now 5/5

    By Jean DeJardon
    Bing has been my default search engine for all of 2018 because I’ve been getting better results and far less spam as supposed to google searches. The rewards are also great. I use most of the app features from voice search to news, to locations locally to find whats around me. No need to use Yelp anymore so I’m happy yet again thanks to Bing. What I found very useful today was using the camera to search. I saw the new Sonic commercial and was wondering who the hot blonde lady was in the commercial and where I’ve seen her before. I thought about using the camera to search with Bing and it found her Jane Krakowski. Finally a search app that makes you feel like technology has made it to 2018 with us and isn’t stuck in the past.
  • Better 5/5

    By Hannah090a
    Your the best! Better then Google
  • Great website 5/5

    By Debmarney
    Great wonderful, good information
  • Politics 5/5

    By Country Valissa
    So nice to be able to utilize a search engine that doesn’t block conservative views! I deleted Google, thanks Bing!!!
  • Bing is the best search engine. 5/5

    By Got There First
    Bing has always given me what I am looking for within the first three results. Over the years, as I moved from an android to Windows to Iphone I have stayed with Bing because I get better faster results than other engines.
  • Update issue 4/5

    By zbyaxc
    Since the most recent update, I don’t see a link to access bing rewards info in the app.
  • Bing is great! 5/5

    By Monk spank
    Since google has decided that it won’t show results for guns for sale then they can kiss my grits!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By cv taken
    Awesome app easy to use
  • Image search 5/5

    By badkitty_
    I love Bing, but I want an option to search images by file type, please! Four example, I would like to search for all GIF files.
  • "SFSG: The Early Stages" 5/5

    By Jonathan Appleseed
    I downloaded Bing to have an alternative to the Orwellian-perverts @ Google (I already have two encrypted email addresses under Them). So far I'm impressed by your flexibility. However, as with every other corporation offering a web browser: "Only time will tell (if this pleasant trend will last)."
  • Excellent Search 5/5

    By KBingUser
    Search results are clear. Homepage photos are amazing.

    By fffftgsthcx
    Death to google
  • How Amazing Bing Is! 5/5

    By Kmac0910
    I absolutely love Bing hands-down Dyngus who I would choose over everyone every time!!
  • At first I didn't like this app but then 5/5

    By LaLaLiiiz
    I decided to really give it a try and I just replaced my Google search with this app. Then one night.. Since I was occupying my lap top I handed my friend my ohms to search and both ended up becoming pretty familiar with it that night. I love the pictures behind the search bar. I looove how it doesn't take FOR ever to start up. Not to mention you get points every time you search! I like every thing down to the sounds it makes when I use the voice search. Keep up the good work!
  • Cool 5/5

    By unklpaulie
    Exceeds expectations.
  • Was good updates destroyed it 2/5

    By WizardXRay
    I used to love this app but with the new updates it runs slower and acts like it infected with a virus.
  • Bing happy! 5/5

    By Samsiam
    I have always reverted to Bing as my search engine. Having the app makes it so much easier.
  • Bing is a better search than Google 3/5

    By Tim5700
    Love the format of this app. Love Bing for search. Hate the ads I get inside the app.
  • Fantastic - Thanks for listening to feedback 5/5

    By Heysndnsnai
    This app has been a staple in daily life, but I uninstalled because there was no way to hide news from the app upon opening. Thankfully, the developers have taken suggestions into consideration and gave an option to hide it. Such an amazing app! Use it all the time!
  • Updates maker it so much better 5/5

    By Tazberry07
    I think I’ll be using this app more now! So glad for the update, very thankful.
  • Missing widget 2/5

    By Sboat
    I was hoping this update would return the widget - sadly not. 👎 The latest update lost the “on this day” widget. Bummer. 😠
  • Widgets?? 4/5

    By Atl404
    I prefer Bing for a lot of reasons. The daily photo/video change. The difference in search results compared to alphabet city. But what happened to the widgets? I miss my ‘On this Day’. Anyone?
  • Voice Search 4/5

    By G-Kraken
    Voice search doesn’t work. It simply can’t recognize anything
  • The one difference 5/5

    By burajin
    What’s it got over Google? Turn safesearch off ;)
  • Liked the older bing 3/5

    By OpX Rampage
    I liked back when it gave you the drop down arrows when searching for something instead of it giving you a whole new result
  • Rotate or Not 2/5

    By Lenovo Famoso
    I like that Bing is working to be a better source for the information and news from around the world but when I wish t search from my iPad it does not rotate on my screen. If this can be fixed I would use your search engine more if not allows. Thank you.
  • Great Improvement on UI 5/5

    By Great voice clarity.
    I love the way they changed from slow interfaces to really fasta and good interfaces. And now good results too.
  • Bing (Great App) 5/5

    By Junior Gallegos
    I’m one of the people that always preferred google than any other web browser, but I downloaded the Bing app and I’m actually enjoying this web browser. Now I’ve been using bing more than google. 👍🏽👍🏽
  • Great 5/5

    By antya2785
    Love the app It is awesome for discovery
  • Yahoo! 2/5

    By GenuineMario
    All “Yahoo!” links are dead. I have to open the link on “Safari” on my iPhone.
  • Start page doesn’t let you customize newsfeed 3/5

    By highjinxxx
    I like the layout and category tabs, e.g. images, videos, local, news, search, etc. But the default news feed on the start up page only allows me to select “share”, “dislike story”, “don’t show stories from xyz “ there is no “like” option or “undo don’t show” if one accidentally selects it. Users should be able to customize their bing app start page within the app without having to leave it. I want to give bing full five stars but can’t because of this flaw.
  • Way better than google 5/5

    By TazPlumbing
    Love it. And they are not spying on me like google. F google!
  • Latest update ruined speed & aesthetics 2/5

    By Thx1190
    The interface takes a moment to load, & the navigation has a clunky poorly designed feel making usage almost stressful. Wish there were a revert option. The irony is while I’m sure it was designed to be more distracting (informative) & “monetize-able”, it may have shot itself in the foot sending traffic elsewhere.
  • Excellent. But.... 4/5

    By hissingfauna22
    Please bring back the weather!
  • News Feed Too Biased 2/5

    By Lalcat10000
    I had to delete Bing when their news feed became wat too skewed. I am a moderate, but it became way too left biased. I deleted the whole app because of that. Nonsense.
  • Coming from behind 5/5

    By RAB59
    Microsoft has created the richest conversational visual experience of the web I turn here more and more frequently
  • Better than Google! 5/5

    By mkhamil
    Bing is so much better than the goo!
  • Good 5/5

    By Kpjg1
  • Bing-it’s how quickly it works! 5/5

    By Backyard Panda
    Appreciate Bing over Google and Safari. Searches only need to be typed once to see several good websites. Like the new look as well.

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