BioLife Plasma Services

BioLife Plasma Services

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Shire U.S. Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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BioLife Plasma Services App

BioLife Plasma Services is part of Shire (SHPG: NASDAQ), the leading global biotechnology company focused on serving people affected by rare diseases and highly specialized conditions. These diseases are often misunderstood, undiagnosed and life-threatening. Key Features: Scheduling • Scheduling appointments is even easier now with one click scheduling on-the-go Check Reward Payments • Reward payment balance is easily accessible on the home screen • Quick reference to payment history Promotional Offers • Receive notifications for exclusive offers • Track your donation progress towards promotional rewards • Refer-a-friend via text, email or social and qualify to receive a Buddy Bonus

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BioLife Plasma Services app reviews

  • App Crashes way too much 1/5

    By Addicted-24/7
    App does not work 99% of the time. Can’t even schedule an appointment without having to log in and out at least 10 or more times. Super annoying.
  • Doesn’t always work! 2/5

    By ShelleB.
    Logging in is a constant problem, I’ve deleted and reinstalled this app multiple times and the problem remains.
  • App barely works 1/5

    By ~rawrimmakatelyn~
    Everytime I sign in (sometimes it won't even let me) an immediate error button pops up repeatedly tells me there was an error and I need to sign out or retry. This happens every single time without fail and it pops up repeatedly at random times amking the app nearly impossible to use. Might as well just use the website.
  • Always Crashing. 2/5

    By Jmky528
    This app is the worst; it’s always crashing. I have to attempt to login multiple times every time I open the app before it semi works, and it moves very slow.
  • Absolutely terrible app 1/5

    By kannie1976
    With every app update, it only gets worse. It’s very frustrating. I contacted the center and was told they couldn’t do anything and that I needed to leave a reply. So here goes...when I login, it tells me to sign out. I sign out and sign back in and it tells me to logout again and sign in, it tells me to logout again. This continues again and again. The app is unpredictable. I am not able to consistently login when I need to. I can’t reschedule or schedule appointments. I’ve been having to call the center to make or change appointments. That has also been frustrating because about 8 of 10 times, the center doesn’t answer and I’m forwarded to a voicemail. So I have to call and call again. This app either needs to be fixed or your 1960 center needs to consistently answer the phone. If you’re interested in maintaining customer relationships, you really need to fix this.
  • Great idea, bad app 1/5

    By Star toe
    Seldom works correctly. Make appointments via app & when checking in at center computer says no appointment. Then need to wait for someone to help & manually do appointment. Also more than half the time the app says “retry” & doesn’t work at all.
  • Works Sometimes 2/5

    By SouthernCTpsych
    This app needs updates to fix the bugs. Most of the time when I use it I get an error message (“something went wrong...”). I have tried logging out and back in as well as uninstalling and reinstalling but the issues continue. This app would be great if it was reliable.
  • Sometimes 1/5

    By Thealycat24
    Sometimes it works, and most of the time it doesn’t. I end up having to call to make an apt. I can’t check my balance after a donation there’s always something wrong every time I use this app. Now I can’t log in, but I was logged in 2 hours ago when I tried to make an apt. Apparently my credentials are wrong. Even though I didn’t change anything.
  • Poor functioning app 1/5

    By KAK45
    Although the convenience of the app is nice it often doesn’t work and gives a “something went wrong” error message making it useless and frustrating to use.
  • This app never works 1/5

    By Saarraahhhh
    Any time I try to use it it says there was an error and the same error notification pops up when I tap “retry.” I close out the application and open it again with no luck. I’ve had this app for a couple weeks and have been able use it successfully maybe one time.
  • Inconsistent App 1/5

    By aCraig VD
    This app only works sufficiently half of the time. Using this app is very frustrating and the developers should be ashamed of the underdeveloped app.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Genevieve620
    This app NEVER works. I’ll restart my phone three times back to back and all I get it the error screen. ‘Retry or sign-out’... fix your app ASAP
  • Retry 1/5

    By ArlieMudd
    I’m really struggling with this app. It constantly reports an error and asks me to retry or log out. I’m so frustrated. I just finished logging out for the 10th time. I finally deleted the app and hoping the app developer sees this. My husband struggles with the same error, so I know this isn’t just me.
  • Made for cavemen 1/5

    By Alexxtheegreat
    This app is ok when it works, but most of the time, it has an error when you try to login.
  • App doesn’t work!! There’s to many errors! 1/5

    By Brooke&Brandon96
    Every time I open the app.. it says it logged me out due to an error. If I try to schedule an appointment on the app it says there’s no centers. It keeps ERASING all my info out my profile & when I try to re-type everything and save it.. it’s says error sorry something went wrong. I’m honestly thinking about deleting the app and not even going there to donate because their website doesn’t work half the time either.
  • Constant error message 3/5

    By Cussaskue
    The way to get around the error message of “sorry please sign out and back in” is as soon as you hit “retry” just tap on the screen profusely.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By A. How
    Every time I open the app it crashes. The app continues to crash about 20 times before I finally get in successfully. Once I’m in, it’s the luck of the draw weather it crashes or not while I’m trying to check card balance or make an appointment. Extremely frustrating and irritating since the app is how you see all the appointment availability. Really really stupid if Bio Life actually want me to donate. FIX THESE ISSUES!
  • First Time at BioLife 5/5

    By Rugbypuff
    I went for my first time, and everyone was so friendly and nice, i felt like they really wanted me there and i wasn’t a pain or chore as other establishments sometimes make you feel. Obviously, being my first time, i had to wait a little bit because it was kind of busy, but i didn’t mind, because they checked on me and made sure i didn’t “get lost”, as some places make you feel. Afterwards they several people asked how i was and were genuinely concerned with my well being.
  • Eh 2/5

    By shame3257
    The app helps me make appointments and works half the time. I just don’t like that every time I try to use the app, it tells me to retry for it to work. I have to logout for it to work again.
  • Works OK at best 2/5

    By Gadawg23
    Each time I go to login it shows error message and states I reset app or sign out. I have to restart app each time I go to login and even then it still does not work on 3 out of 4 times.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Gomomom
    I’m amazed this app is rated a 2.5, I’m actually mad that I had to give it 1 star. Hands down the worst app I’ve ever dealt with. Straight up garbage.
  • App never opens 1/5

    By Sassysista
    Takes sooooo many tries to get app to open without an error message.
  • Something went wrong error 1/5

    By Chiro260
    One of the worst apps as far as development goes. 70 percent of the time I’m prompted with an error that says “something went wrong.” This is very vague and the developers need to fix this. Most of the time I have great phone service. I don’t know “what is wrong.”
  • One Star 1/5

    By Blckjac
    Not worth even one star. This app works great, WHEN IT WORKS. It too frequently does not. In reading other reviews this problem has been going on quite some time. Ridiculous.
  • “Something went wrong” 3/5

    By shorterdc
    Constantly and repeatedly getting the “something went wrong” when logging in or even just navigating to another part of the app. It is up to date and I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times.
  • Something went wrong 1/5

    By James_l_M
    Everytime I open this app I get the something went wrong message.
  • Fix the bugs! 3/5

    By mox93
    It works, and I can schedule appointments and see how much is in my card easily. HOWEVER, it is constantly kicking me off, making me sign out and resign in- sometimes numerous times in a row before it finally lets me in. Super annoying for an app that is pretty much only for scheduling appointments.

    By CRobCarlson
    I actually really love this app. The speed at which it updates your card balance is particularly impressive. The only drawback is that, due to the stipulation of one day in between donations, you cannot schedule two appointments per week. I personally have to donate on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I have no problem selecting a Wednesday donation that fits my schedule, however this means I have to wait until I have finished my Wednesday donation to even schedule my Saturday donation. This has resulted in me being unable to donate at times due to lack of availability from the center. Allowing two donations to be scheduled at once per week with the same stipulations of one day in between would make this app perfect.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By bsjsixysbneic
    This app crashes frequently and it hard to navigate.
  • Broken app 1/5

    By Rs1074
    It’s always saying “error” and to “retry or logout” which neither work. So I always have to delete the app and re download it. Sometimes that doesn’t even fix it. Your app is terrible and really needs to be fixed.
  • How did this app get released? 1/5

    By Dblair23
    This is the worst app I’ve ever used. Not once have I been able to login and have no problems. Every single time I’m brought to an error screen where I’m given the option to retry or log out. Retrying never works and I always have to try logging in at least a few times. Sometimes it will log me in finally but then once I tap something I will get the error message again. I’ve deleted and reinstalled and that does nothing. Honestly don’t even waste your time doing anything with this app. Just use the website. This app should be removed until they can get it to function properly.
  • Why this app is crap 1/5

    By Don't get this game!!!!!
    Every time you try to navigate it says “sorry we have encountered a problem sign out and try again” no matter what I have done the app continues to crash. It Needs some serious work before it’s useable.
  • “Something went wrong” 1/5

    By FFman816
    This app is so inconsistent. One minute it’s fine and the next it’s having you press retry or sign out. It’s not my phone, I don’t have any issues with any other apps or my phone in general. Seems to be an ongoing issue with this app, per the reviews.
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By dr._evil99
    I’ve had this app for about a year now and from the first time I used it till now every time I’d get in the app it would kick me out and say error. I would click the retry button over and over and error every time. I have restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app and still nothing worked. I can see I’m not the only one with this problem so the problem is definitely not on us users end but yours. Fix it.
  • Bug fixes please! 3/5

    By Fatboy's Wifey
    Every couple of days when I click on app, instead of logging me right in (I have it set to log in automatically) it says unsuccessful log in attempt and it continues to say that for hours without letting me log in to make appointments or check anything. Not sure what is the issue but the app definitely needs to be looked into to fix this issue. Very irritating and a huge inconvenience.
  • Needs huuuuge improvements 1/5

    By tbone torrez
    At first I thought the app was going to be great, I can check my balance & make appointments right from my phone but it NEVER works. I’m constantly being logged out, when I enter the correct password it doesn’t log me on (same thing happens on the web), it’s terribly frustrating. Especially when I’m going to use the card and need to check the balance & can’t even do that. Something needs to be fixed.
  • Was nice at first 1/5

    By ciciluvsyews
    The app was nice at first, I could schedule my appointments and review my spending history but now it won’t even let me in. I tried to use my regular password and it said it was incorrect then it told me every variation was wrong as well. I went to do a password recovery and it said my email didn’t exist in their system, even though it’s the same email I’ve been getting appointment reminders on.
  • Something went wrong 2/5

    By kc2053
    So sick of seeing something went wrong every time I try to log in. The layout is easy to use but there is clearly a bug because I (and clearly many other people) always have that issue.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By puzzlelover27
    The app frequently does not work. Will not show your account balance, promotions or scheduled appointments. I have made several appointments only to have them erased the next time I log in and no record that I ever made an appointment. These problems have persisted ever since I downloaded the app. You would think they would update and fix the issues but they have not. Very frustrating.
  • Has issues 2/5

    By Elshachloe
    I’ve been using this app for about 3 weeks now and I usually have to long out and back in at least twice before I can get it to show me my appointments or debit card balance. I actually made an appointment using the app and when I went to donate I was told I was scheduled for a different time than what my app said! This app is set up well and has great potential if it could just have several bugs worked out!
  • Liars 1/5

    By p99mone
    I keep getting emails about bonuses and promo codes then when I get up there they say oh that’s for next time or this and that there full of lies and keep your money they don’t pay near as good as csl plasma DONT GO HERE I REPEAT DONT GO HERE They have 1 nice staff memeber a black lady with her hair cut and a lil flap thing on it
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Xdjpearsonx
    The app is incredibly buggy and needs reworked, as a software developer I can’t believe this was pushed live. The something went wrong messages are a nuisance and fails to even go to the main screen more often than not.
  • “Something Went Wrong” messages 2/5

    By Pastor_Hughes
    When this app works, it works great. But it often does not work well. Lately especially, but since having the app, I get something went wrong with a frowny face. I can retry but usually it doesn’t help, even when it looks like it does. In other words, it doesn’t sign me out, but it doesn't function at all. I can’t make appointments, can’t check my balance, etc. I then close out the app, and hope that when I open it back up all the glitches will be fixed. Usually that isn’t the case. Usually it will automatically sign me out, and I have to sign back in. Half the time, it doesn’t accept my signing in and I have to wait. Usually after a couple of hours, I am signed back in and everything seems to be functioning. My issue right now is that the calendar is not working and cannot make an appointment.
  • Works ok, not great. 3/5

    By Master overlord
    The app works fine to schedule appointments, but coupon codes cannot be entered, and my app has a notification badge that continues to increase, but no notifications are shown in the app and there’s no way to clear them
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Fronzgirl2017
    Keeps crashing. Won’t let me check my balance.
  • Hardly works 2/5

    By CamperToker
    EVERY single time I try to login,, it doesn’t respond. I need to log out and log back in. Never shows card balance but luckily I can call and see. Basically, this is the worst app ever. iPhone 6s
  • Can’t even get in??? 1/5

    By ZzzPo0pzzZ
    I just downloaded the app because I thought it could be helpful but saw the bad reviews. I remained hopeful but it won’t even let me log into my account. It doesn’t have enough room for my password and when I type in as much as I can (which it recommended doing if it was longer) it says it doesn’t fit the requirements of having a password. Fun times...
  • Very poor app 1/5

    By Sniper23453369
    Very poor app. I am constantly being logged out and cannot log back in. This app has potential to be an incredibly helpful tool but is bogged down by constant bugs.
  • App glitches non-stop 2/5

    By MrChipsin
    I can only use the app maybe half the time. It’s terribly glitchy

BioLife Plasma Services app comments

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