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BiP - Messenger, Video Call

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BiP - Messenger, Video Call App

BiP is a secure, easy-to-use and free of charge communication and living platform. You can experience a flawless communication with BiP. With BiP, you can instantly translate & text in 106 different languages, make audio and video calls, make group video calls up to 10 people, share photos, videos and location. Moreover, you can use BiP both from mobile and from the web. From weather to exchange rate inquiry, there are many new features you can use in your daily life at BiP. FREE CALL You can make uninterrupted & HD quality voice calls or live video calls (conferences) with up to 10 people all over the world. For voice and live video calls, you can make international calls for free! WIN AS YOU USE As you message or talk to your friends in BiP, you may earn gifts such as internet packages, tickets etc. You can also send your messages safely and make them disappear in the time you set. You can express your emotions more easily with the help of emojis and stickers. The campaign is only available for registrations from Turkcell. MESSAGE WITH NO LANGUAGE BARRIER Thanks to BiP's instant translation feature, you can instantly translate in 106 languages such as Turkish - English translation, English to Turkish translation, as well as in German, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish. Thus, while you are writing in your own language, the person you are chatting sees what you write in their own language through an automatic translation. BiP EMERGENCY BUTTON With the help of emergency button; in natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires, you can report your location up to 10 people you have previously determined with a single button, and text "I am safe" or "Report Emergency". In addition, with the BiP Emergency feature, you can access emergency phones (such as AKUT, AFAD, UMKE, 112 Emergency, 155 Police Emergency and 110 Fire Brigade) with a single click. The feature is only available for registrations from Turkey. CUSTOMIZE You can add and remove the feature from main menu. You can customize BiP with special themes icons in flag or fan colors of your team. COLORFUL BiP THEMES With the Night, Night Blue, Purple, Orange and Dark Orange Mode, you can change your BiP theme in order to save your phone's battery and use BiP colorfully. HIGH QUALITY PHOTO AND VIDEO You can send HD quality photos to your loved ones from BiP and share your pictures in real quality. GROUP CHAT With BiP, you can meet your loved ones in group chats and you can create work groups and determine how long after your group will be deleted! You can easily organize your meetings with HD audio and video quality. FOLLOW ME You can follow each other with the Follow Me (navigation) feature in BiP. You can see where your loved ones are with the option of sending an instant location, and follow them also live as long as they are allowed. DISCOVER BiP Discover allows you to follow hundreds of services in different categories, from weather to exchange rates, live soccer reviews to award-winning contests. And now download BiP to discover more !

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BiP - Messenger, Video Call app reviews

  • This app is really amazing 😍 5/5

    By rawfu
    Loved it 💕💕
  • blocking me. 5/5

    By nassar 909
    When you failed to activate the service for me, you blocked me. thank you for your faild.
  • Really impressed 5/5

    By Noakhali white gold ltd.
    It’s very user friendly and well organised apps. Wish a better success for future.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Alvira10101
    This is a complete easy to use everyday chatting app. I would highly recommend because of its simplicity and speed. No more whatsapp!
  • Useless 1/5

    By grudics
    I downloaded apps but for some reason my telephone number temporarily blocked I don’t know why
  • Leave on Microsoft store 3/5

    By fuadnafim
    This app is very good but it would have been better to leave this app in Microsoft store
  • Strongly recommended 5/5

    By Adam van Brussel
    I’m very happy to have BIP. Thank you and good luck for your future updates.
  • USA 1/5

    By Cagoof
    I can’t used in States phone number
  • Good 5/5

    By numan909
    Very good
  • This app really wonderful...... 5/5

    By Mahid Hasan
    i can’t believe that this app can make my phone more useful, so much better then Whatsapp & imo(if imo give me money i will never use imo, i just hate imo). this a really good, From bangladesh it’s try this app guys....... uninstall whatsapp & imo let’s install 😍bip😍 please try to add bangli language as soon a as possible, we are lots users using bangli language form India & Bangladesh.
  • Best App 5/5

    By Kazaldhar
    It’s awesome day by day. It’s high time to kick out the monsters ...
  • Request for add ‘BENGALI’ language. 5/5

    By Muhammad Ali(Alif)
    Please add Bengali language in your app. So that many Bengali Muslims will very benefit by this. Specially Bangladesh & India(Kolkata,Asam and etc.)
  • Abubaker Abushofa 5/5

    By ابوبكر ابوشوفه
    An excellent alternative to WhatsApp the violates privacy. Good in both call and messaging.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Zahid111
    Thousands time better than whatsapp who wanna steal your personal info
  • Love this 5/5

    By Amjhuu
    i fell in love with this App really it's so nice
  • Nice 5/5

    By al bundy 2345
    Easy and much better than what’s up and signal that sells information to nsa and dictatorships around the world . This app is much safer
  • Best app 5/5

    By Dj01675949664
    Best app for audio and video calling
  • Not getting the verification code 1/5

    By Al-Salaf
    I tried a couple of times to get the verification code but I’m not getting it. Even though I tried the resend option that didn’t work out either. I hope the developers will see my review and get the resolution of that defect and fix it. Thanks in advance.
  • Add (Bengali) Bangladesh Language 3/5

    By joy0189
    Bangladesh is the biggest user of this app as a Muslim country. But, unfortunately this app does not have Bangladeshi language translation facility. Please add Bangladeshi (Bengali) language as early as possible
  • It’s very baaaad 1/5

    By هييلالا
  • Reviews 5/5

    By Xaan Mughal
    This is best alternative for WhatsApp.
  • code error 1/5

    By nabil 2017
    you know what is really bad application i been blocked from registration over 24 hours and i been contact the developer for the problem but no answer i try to register over 1 week i really don't know what wrong with the app
  • I’m happy with BiP 2/5

    By G.D BBQ
    this app is very useful specially sounds quality and video quality very good
  • Verification code 4/5

    By Rali khan
    Didn’t get verification code tried Twice
  • Amazing Apps😘😘 5/5

    By Shamim Shaimon
    Really Great apps😍! What really fascinated me! "We may be different in terms of rivers and seas, but we live under the same sky, sun and moonlight".Let the world be filled with love, let the world fight together...💜🖤❤️💙
  • Tnx 5/5

    By amir345556
    Very gooood
  • So god 5/5

    By ahmad.taouz
    It is so useful , I felt that I use WhatsApp .
  • Great app 4/5

    By Eyassen
    Great app for social networking
  • Fantastic!!! 5/5

    By seelliimm
    Great app; amazing call quality!
  • Ok 5/5

    By meargai
  • Contacts list add problems 2/5

    By Afsan islam
    Hi dear bip , i am usein bip apps . My country Bangladesh . This much popular now in my country. But this contacts list add problems. Please fix this problem
  • Good Apps 5/5

    By Nabil Chy
    I'm using it too.
  • Unable to get the confirmation code. 1/5

    By MrNaassir
    I tried several times more than 10 times but I never get code to confirm my phone number. I send the information to the app support but no response? I don’t understand how I can start my “bip”? Their business is running so they don’t care about the customers. This is very sad and shameful.
  • Very happy 🌹🌹🌹 5/5

    By yuyu🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
    Very happy
  • Thanks 5/5

    By HasibThirdman
    Thanks for protecting everyone's privacy. The world loves Turkey 🇹🇷 #Allahu_Akbar 💕
  • Wow great app 5/5

    By joseph1440
    I was not accepting this app can be like this . I used to use WhatsApp but recently I started using bip and I’m glad I found this app. It is a lot better than Zuckerberg’s Facebook/WhatsApp app. I think it is time to run away from big tech monsters. I have noticed this app is getting better day by day.
  • Just awesome service 5/5

    By Muhammad Jishan
    From UAE to Bangladesh it’s totally clear without any disconnect like Whatsapp. And also in weak network 🥰 Just loved it❤️
  • dosen't work in palestine! 1/5

    By shaltaf ab
    we can't use it with palestinian carriars!!! +972 for israely oprators +970 for the palestineians! why we can't reach the verfication code!!! do what its need so we can use it.. ASAP plz
  • Availability in the USA 5/5

    By masud 2205
    Hi there, I am strongly want to use the application. But it’s not working in the USA. When the application needs verification code . It’s never sent to my phone. Please let us know when it’s fixed?
  • Just awesome 5/5

    By Hassan washfi
    It’s a better safety than WhatsApp and imo. It’s best for muslim
  • Verification code never reached 1/5

    By Fahad82
    This is the main problem with the app I face that I can’t even open the app. Because verification code never reach me.
  • not working this apps in USA 5/5

    By rubel054
    Try to work on it in USA
  • App is okay 1/5

    By marzan ahmed
    App is great but try to add number didn’t give me verify code what’s wrong with it ...
  • Excellent app 4/5

    By Omran79
    This is really excellent app from initial startup , ad time passes will be refined further. An other useful feature I want to see the translate recorded (audio clip) to set language instantly like now on chat. It will be great help for people who can’t type or hate typing .
  • Best for Privacy 5/5

    By Mri Islam
    So far this is best messaging and video calling Apps.
  • Log in problem 1/5

    By faraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I am from New York. I try too many time they are not sending any code . Now they block my number.
  • Can’t use in USA ??? 1/5

    By Sani Ge
    In the USA we are not getting five digits verification codes,however I have many friends in New York having similar issues. Bip is useless because they have to fix this issue. I am still hoping and waiting so I can enjoy this app even I send a message to them about this issue and I am still waiting for a response to resolve this issue.
  • Great App but need some improvements in design 5/5

    By nuddin368
    I have downloaded the app today and started using it. I feel like I am using WhatsApp. If you guys can bring some differences that will make this app unique would be great.
  • This Apps doesn’t work USA 1/5

    By Colourpencil
    I downloaded but I couldn’t get confirmation text. I am not sure it’s working in USA or not.