Bird Buddy: Tap Into Nature

Bird Buddy: Tap Into Nature

By Buddy Bird Inc

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  • Category Education
  • Release Date 2022-09-28
  • Current Version 3.0.0
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Bird Buddy is the world’s most recognized app for photographing and learning about birds - whether they’re in your own backyard or around the world.You can pair your own Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder to capture stunning up-close photos and videos of your neighborhood birds, or download the app for free to see real-time content shared from our community of 150k feeders across 120 countries.Equipped with artificial intelligence, Bird Buddy recognizes species and keeps you learning with in-app educational content. Tap into BB Explore to connect with our dedicated feeders in exotic locations, or BB TV to see an endless stream of birds from our community.With Bird Buddy, nature and conservation come first. Every bird captured contributes extremely important information to the database of bird migrations and populations that will help experts better understand and protect them. KEY FEATURES • Discover birds around the world • Pair with your own smart bird feeder • Get real-time notifications of bird visits • Identify birds using AI recognition • Unlock different bird species • Create photo collections • Learn about birds (food, traits, size, etc.) • Share access to your smart bird feeder with family & friends • Help contribute important information about bird migrations and population