Bird - Enjoy The Ride

Bird - Enjoy The Ride

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  • Current Version: 4.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bird Rides, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bird - Enjoy The Ride App

Bird gives you access to shared personal electric vehicles (scooters) that can be picked up and dropped off anywhere. Use Bird for your work commute, across college campuses, with friends, or simply just to spread your wings and get some fresh air! How it works: * Download the Bird App * Create your Account * Find and scan a Bird * Ride safely to your destination * Lock your bird and End Ride Bird is currently available in: * Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood, UCLA) * San Diego (Pacific Beach, Downtown) * Washington DC, Arlington * Bay Area (Oakland, San Jose) * Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Dallas) * Memphis * Atlanta * Arizona (Scottsdale, Tempe) * Charlotte * Denver * Salt Lake City * Milwaukee * Baltimore * Minneapolis, St. Paul * Columbus * Kansas City * Raleigh * Providence, RI * Cambridge / Somerville * Portland * Cincinnati * Detroit * Paris If you would like to see Bird in your area, please send a note to [email protected] For more information, visit

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Bird - Enjoy The Ride app reviews

  • Lame machine & weak app 1/5

    By weqew
    I went through the set up process and stupid app couldn’t read the barcode on my drivers license. So after I typed it all In, I was able to start the scooter. The scooter was lame. The throttle was sticky and kept going even when I let off. A couple days later, I tried again with a different scooter. The app denied me because it couldn’t read my license’s barcode. I’m out.
  • pointer 5/5

    By JDjabs
    I love birds except when Im looking for one. It would be easier if the bird GPS had the pointer
  • Bird 5/5

    By Burdmaster
    All around a great time
  • Great 5/5

    By dr.doom45
  • License Scan 2/5

    By Ace no face
    Can’t get the license bar code to scan. Also, email verify goes into an App Store death loop.
  • Very inconsistent 1/5

    By Bassoon master
    The map is extremely laggy so there may or may not even be a scooter there by the time you arrive. I have also had scooters on my map in the same spot for days when in actuality there is no scooter there. Thank a app is a good idea that has been executed horribly. Limebike and scooter systems are much more efficient.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Adan Monte
    Fantastic idea and beautiful execution! More birds around UTSA please!
  • Rules but it convenient 3/5

    By CherryMisfit
    So I have my learners permit and I work at the mall I see these things everywhere I wanted to ride one to work but I can’t because you to have a license 🙄 plus I like to follow the rules. bad enough all the elementary-high school kids be riding them with no helmet or license so honestly I see there is no one enforcing the rules 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • 1st Ride 4/5

    By leerjet1
    A little unstable at first but overall a fun ride. A few design suggestions. Make wheels a little bigger, this will give more stability. handlebars a little wider and slightly raked back (a little bit like a schwinn). The bigger turn radius will reduce oversteer and minimize shopping cart effect. Overall pretty cool and convenient. Looking forward to my next ride. James
  • Can't find scooter 3/5

    I'm a charger in Richmond VA. It's so hard to find birds. And when I get close to a yellow or green bird it looks like they are in someone's house. Bird needs to find away to get those people that do that. The need to band those that do that. Chargers and riders.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Paul Hanona
    Genius. You deserve to be a billionaire.
  • First Ride 5/5

    By Tysonlee68
    Was a blast‼️
  • Bad vehicle management 1/5

    By phoebewashu
    I never ever can ride a bird!!! I tried several times to look for them, but they’re always missing or having technical problems! Imagine after you walked for 15 minutes to find a vehicle and then you can’t use it at all! I was it that situation several times and I really hate it!
  • User friendly! 5/5

    By kBells80
    Awesome user friendly app, easy to set up, easy to unlock, and away you go! Super fun!
  • New update Not working 1/5

    By 1usaLoRd
    New update is not working
  • Ótima opção para conhecer a cidade 5/5

    By rodbigdog
    Muito divertido, vale muito a pena!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Robo man25
    So much fun!!
  • Drivers license needed. 1/5

    By Mr.Khrushchev
    Too bad. I don't have one. You lost my service.
  • Transportation of the future 5/5

    I thought we’d have flying cars, instead we have scooters call birds. So much fun and cheap to get where you need to be!!!
  • College Student Approved 5/5

    By Sierra Milan
    I didn’t feel like driving to class today, and happened to see the bird scooter.
  • Took my money. 1/5

    By mufasagetsatb
    It charged me for a ride I never took. Contacted support 3 different times/days and still haven't gotten a response
  • לא זמין 1/5

    By ofirgg
    האפליקציה לא מאפשרת לשמור קורקינטים אפילו לא למספר דק. מצאתי את עצמי הולך לעבר קורקינט במשך 10 דק, עד שהגעתי הקורקינט כבר נלקח, אז הלכתי לאחד אחר שנמצא כ7 דק הליכה מהמיקום שלי אך גם הוא נעלם. סתם מוליכים אותך לעבר נקודה מסויימת אך אין הבטחה שכשתגיע הוא עדיין יהיה שם.
  • Bird deleted my Free Ride Credits 1/5

    By mrjerryho
    After collecting up to 55 free ride credits on bird by recommending friends and family, Bird removed my credits without notice and have not responded in the help section. I am confused as to why they would do this since I've helped them get 55 more customers.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Your mama has no swag
    Went all the way into the city, wanted to ride it but was told I couldn’t because I’m under 18? How can I drive a car at 17 but not use a scooter?
  • I love it 5/5

    By popbrie18
    I love this scooter this app is amazing
  • So much fun!!! 5/5

    By they call me deedee
    10/10 highly recommend!!! Let me know when you come to Vegas!!!
  • App needs major focus 1/5

    By BruceWayneWins
    I had to restart my phone midway through because the app stopping letting me use the camera despite having permission to use it (verified in the settings). Also why bother asking for a drivers license at the end of a transaction? You should have asked for that during profile set up or when I tried to secure the scooter/begin transaction. I’d rather walk than use this.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By DDDDGuend
    I lived it! Thanks for the ride!
  • Convenient and fun 5/5

    By Itsmeshandi
    I went to watch the falcons play. I didn’t want to pay 80 to park so I found a spot about a mile away from the stadium charging 20. Jumped on scooter and rode to the stadium. Easy and saved me 60 bucks! Love it.
  • Lili Leary 1/5

    By kamau555
    The scooter didn’t even work me Waste of money
  • No GPS location capability 1/5

    By SoHo
  • Ride 5/5

    By agenera
  • Reliable ride 5/5

    By Hoojj
    Successful first trip
  • Charging issues 4/5

    By fryPad3
    I'm writing this as a charger: The charging portion of the app can be finicky, sometimes the option to switch to charge mode does not appear at all. Strangely when I turn off my Wi-Fi and restart the app it seems to fix the issue. The mythical red bird seems to only exist inside buildings or other private property. I suspect fowl play as it seems to encourage incubating these scooters so they will be worth more when captured. I’m disappointed with the bait and switch of the minimum value charges (now $3 instead of $5). My costs of finding, charging and releasing haven’t decreased but my remuneration per bird did. This has little to do with the app though. Otherwise the process of charging is generally smooth as long as the bird is in good condition. It was a nice way to earn some cash on the side, although at the $3 price point, being a charger is much less appealing.
  • Good but needs changes. 2/5

    By my Mustang
    Never really needed to use any of the scooters yet, so no review on them yet. But one thing that needs to be implemented is cracking down on people who keep the Birds in their homes, garages and places like that. If a person kept one in their place (as an example and if they didn’t sign up for the charging option) is the company to charge them each hour roughly $30-50 ($20 fo less than an hour) so they won’t have angry people at themselves. Also if someone leaves a scooter in a middle of a sidewalk, wheelchair ramp, door, driveway or any place that blocks an access way is charge the $100-500 (depending on where the person leaves it). It’s an annoyance when every few feet I have to zigzag around all of those birds or have to move them into the grass because they are completely blocking a sidewalk and people in wheelchairs or blind people can’t get around. Also add facial recognition to the app and the bird(if possible). So underage people or people without licenses can’t use them. If the scooter starts going on the sidewalk, an underage rider try's to use it or goes to a restricted area then the wheels should lock or come to a stop and they can’t use it.
  • Great idea, horrible follow through 1/5

    By LiftinLuke
    Got charged for trying to use a scooter that didn't work for no apparent reason, then tried to connect to another that showed up fine on the map but then said didn't have connectivity. Tried contacting help with no response. You're company really needs more support and customer service... Badly!
  • Hated it ! 1/5

    By dagodriver
    Never got to ride it AND got CHARGED . Every other one I found was BROKEN or on a ride ... what a terrible experience. I drive for UBER and will tell everyone I pick up to go with the other company
  • Love 4/5

    By MadelineYau
    Visiting San Diego and enjoying the ride.
  • do it 5/5

    By 11arapp28
    littt af
  • 60% success rate 1/5

    By jack47901
    I’ve ridden a bird 5 times now. 3 of the times were great. 2 of the times the bird wouldn’t even start and the app still charged me for it. Not good enough
  • Couldn’t find Bird scooter at 3 separate locations. No app help. 1/5

    By WtfHowisDoperisttaken
    They said a bird was located at this location, it wasn’t, I hit the chirp alarm, no sound. Walked to a second location about a half mile away, same problem, bird was not located where it said it was on the GPS. Tried it a third time, same problem. Reported 3 missing birds. No help on app, or customer service. I hope you fix it , I will no longer use it until I feel confident in your app location system.
  • So many kinks to work out with the app 1/5

    By shmuelle
    Absolute trash. Shouldn’t be on the market as it is not complete & kinks are not worked out. So many issues and many people take advantage of the app. Makes it so hard for everyone to use. Map is NEVER correct

    It was BOOOOOMB!!! I had a BLAST!!! YAY-YAY!!! Thanks Team!!!
  • Bull 1/5

    By jdunner6511
    Scooter didn’t work
  • Best side hustle ever. Better than sliced bread! 5/5

    By Will Neher
    I'm doing bird in DC. I'm also doing lime and I was doing Skip until a butthurt snowflake mechanic suspended my account. There are many days when I will singlehandedly charge more than 40 scooters myself. I've figured out how to fit 24 birds in my Prius, I have 40 chargers, and I've earned over $17,000 just from scooters since I started on June 20, in three months. AMAZING
  • Never available 2/5

    By carl0000000s
    The app doesn’t prevent people from taking the scooters into their homes and apartment complexes which negates the user’s ability to find a scooter. Last three scooters I attempted to ride were on private property.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By Courtney2510
    Most fun I have ever had!!!
  • He he 5/5

    By Ronibalogna
    Hoooo haaaaa heeeee. Yayyyyyyy
  • Once I found a working bike it was really fun! 3/5

    By tamaracas
    Great fun. But had to find and attempt activating at least 6 times. Finally found one and my son and I had a great time.
  • Most fun of my life... 3/5

    By Yinzer44555
    But... my friend referred me and we we’re supposed to get FREE rides that never happened! So that was disappointing! Good quality scooter, fast, too expensive, but really fun!

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