Bird - Enjoy The Ride

Bird - Enjoy The Ride

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  • Current Version: 4.27.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bird Rides, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bird - Enjoy The Ride App

Bird gives you access to shared personal electric vehicles (scooters) that can be picked up and dropped off anywhere. Use Bird for your work commute, across college campuses, with friends, or simply just to spread your wings and get some fresh air! How it works: * Download the Bird App * Create your Account * Find and scan a Bird * Ride safely to your destination * Lock your bird and End Ride Bird is currently available in: * Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood, UCLA) * San Diego (Pacific Beach, Downtown) * Washington DC, Arlington * Bay Area (Oakland, San Jose) * Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Dallas) * Memphis * Atlanta * Arizona (Scottsdale, Tempe) * Charlotte * Denver * Salt Lake City * Milwaukee * Baltimore * Minneapolis, St. Paul * Columbus * Kansas City * Raleigh * Providence, RI * Cambridge / Somerville * Portland * Cincinnati * Detroit * Paris If you would like to see Bird in your area, please send a note to [email protected] For more information, visit

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Bird - Enjoy The Ride app reviews

  • Could not get it to power ride. 1/5

    By XxbobxX 3000
    This was a waste. I could not get the scooter to give me an electric ride. Only could push with old fashion push power. Want my money back....
  • Terrible.... 1/5

    By Lovemycoffee....
    I don’t like that I can’t access more than one bike with my phone. Terrible that everyone in my family has to have the app and a phone to ride. Eliminates my kids being able to ride them safely with me. What a waste.
  • Took my info and scammed me on $20. 1/5

    By suckmysick69187
    Took my info and scammed me on $20.
  • Loose 1/5

    By wjk1903
    Everything was loose
  • Dead birds at SXSW 1/5

    By Islandivy
    My first ride was great! Sadly, over the course of six days I encountered over 20 bird scooters with “low battery” or “damaged scooter” messages. I had to switch to their competitor. It’s hard to like bird scooters when you can’t use them.
  • No throttle 1/5

    By mubdog
    Wouldn’t go I’ll try another if I see one
  • Love 5/5

    By Savannah99872
    Love all-around
  • Not working 1/5

    By 1Kingking303
    You charge me money for product is not working it would not work I push the button I pushed it with my feet it would not work as you can see I was in the same area trying to get it to work
  • Over charged my credit card ... App didn't work, didn't let me end ride 1/5

    By Doug300
    Their app didn't let me end the ride, and they kept on charging my credit card in $10 increments. I parked the scooter at the same area everyone else did ... But they wouldn't end my ride. Spent over an hour on the phone trying to resolve ... Their employees don't respond. Great app when it works ... Horrible when it doesn't work ... I'll never use Bird again!!! Use anther scooter service
  • Enjoyed my ride 4/5

    By bob B 23
    They were great but not get economical in my opinion
  • Nice ride 5/5

    By jason21$
    Key is not to be a jerk to others. I can see these poor things get abused big time.
  • Autodraft is a Scam 1/5

    By Yikyakfan
    I do prefer Limes for their speed but the thing that bothers me the most is how they push and force on you the auto deposit feature that pulls $10 whenever your account has $0. Why not just charge per ride? You can turn it off but only after they have hit you with the first charge. It also seems to pop up in the most inconvenient times when you are in a rush. I now have money sitting on my non preferred scooter app going to waste.
  • 20$ charge? trash 1/5

    By aj 10483
    ivd used this app for a year plus with no issues. It was always pay as you go (per ride) check my account today to see a 20 dollar charge from bird. guess they operate on a pre pay model now? woulda been nice to know. HELLO LIME SCOOTERS!!!!!
  • Handy and reliable. Easy to use app and quick learning tutorial for newbies. 5/5

    By Dakineofduce
    Easy to use app and quick learning tutorial for newbies.
  • Inconsistent & Unreliable 1/5

    By zakyre
    Every time I use the service on ASU campus it slows down; even after leaving campus it doesn't allow any speed. Wasted my money and prevented me from getting where I needed to go. Save yourself the headache and buy a skateboard. UPDATE : They quickly refunded my cost, ONLY after reviewing them, not simply because the service didn't work. I also didn't get my $10 sunk back, only credit. Getting credit towards a service that's unreliable is ultimately unhelpful, because I still can't get where I need to go when I need to, and i'm still out $10.
  • Did not work 1/5

    By jessestayontop
    Bird did not work and still charged me
  • Dead battert 1/5

    By Hailey walkowicz
    My first attempt to ride and the battery was dead? I’d like my dollar back!

    By Sprite1888
    I was charged $.29 a minute plus tax instead of the publicly advertised $.15 a minute. They charged it without warning me of the change! I will not use them again.
  • Birds are dangerous given their constant disrepair 1/5

    By KD78
    Used to love bird. Now I would say at least half the birds I ride in Arlington either don't start or have a major disfunction (brakes don't work, accelerator gets stuck, motor cuts on and off, etc). Very dangerous and not reliable at all.
  • Auto payment has got to go 1/5

    By SirShup
    I didn't want to pay $20 This is the second time I've used the service and the second time it's done this Stop trying to take money out of my wallet
  • Went maybe 1kph 1/5

    By joeyisrael
    Really really slow
  • Sad ride 1/5

    By lololo7777
    I’ve done bird for a while and was so disappointed with this ride. It wouldn’t go past 3.5 without having to slow down to that speed. I spent most of the time pushing it like a skate board while my friends enjoyed their ride way in front of me.
  • Didn’t work! 1/5

    By Kro4philly
    Unlocked the scooter and it didn’t work.
  • Couldn’t find a drop off area 1/5

    By Zaydog94
    Could not park near my home, advertised as can park anywhere.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Ijustwantmyrebirths
    Terrible as hell. I will never again waste my money.
  • No Go 1/5

    By sthgil
    Is the fourth time I have tried to make a bird scooter girl, and again, it will not go. This one had a broken throttle.
  • Install without my permission again... 1/5

    By Hoopersx
    I’ve NEVER installed any scooter apps on my phone and I never will. But after a night in downtown San Diego near dozens if not hundreds of Bird scooters, suddenly the app is installed on my iPhone. Lawsuit!!
  • Doesn’t unlock when you buy it 1/5

    By madrihen
    Does not unlock. Ridiculous then still charges you. Not using again. Lime and skip are 10 times better
  • Wouldn’t work 1/5

    By Lez_________
    My scooter wouldn’t work after paying $10 for a ride. WOMP :(
  • Darn thing wouldn’t 1/5

    By Zaddy sugar sax
    The darn thing wouldn’t go
  • Sick bike ride home 1/5

    By njsksjddjdjfj
    Battery was dead
  • Not work 1/5

    By 2012rick
    Motor was not working right
  • Charges you to push the scooter all around town 1/5

    By Ripped off by Bird
    This thing worked for about 1 minute, then we just pushed the stupid thing around for 20 minutes trying to get it to work. Nothing. It stopped working, doesn’t tell you why. It’s just a waste of money! We had 3 of these & none of them worked after the first minute or two. Someone else in our group got a Lime Scooter & it worked great! Don’t waste your money on these, they are a rip off!!!!
  • Awful Parking experience 1/5

    By Denys Nevozhai
    I ended up in the area prohibited for riding, when I realized that, i pulled over at the area ok for parking Lime scooter. Bird was beeping saying I can’t park in that area but didn’t give me any hint where I can park. Bird, what?! The map didn’t show the prohibited area until I parked outside of the area. I’ve wasted 15 minutes walking with the scooter until I found where to park and only then the app showed the map. You guys should refund my ride.
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By Wannie33
    Didn’t work
  • Where to park? 4/5

    By Beach bound in az
    Tough to find a place to park!
  • Old useless bikes.. 1/5

    By Varinder Bhasin
    Old useless bikes... never use them to waste your money
  • Did not work 1/5

    By HeBrMc
    Did not work
  • Motor issues!!! 1/5

    By Tisysdbfbfnfbfvf
    Everytime I try to ride one I waste a dollar cuz the motor be broke!!!!
  • No park zone 1/5

    By birdsucksGabe
    Scooter shut down because apparently I entered a do not park zone which the app did not warn me of. I had to drag a scooter 3 blocks to my home, put it in my car and transport it. Very poor experience. This is my 3rd time using and my first experience sucked too. I expect a reimbursement!
  • Expensive 1/5

    By austinabrew
    My friend got a lime scooter for the same amount of time and his ride was $9 compared to $22 with my bird scooter
  • Priciest 2/5

    By grtshann
    Convenient, but of the three scooters used on our ride today, Bird was the most expensive. $8 for the least amount of time, while my daughter’s lime was $5.95 for almost 10 minutes longer.
  • Scooter was broken handle bar loose 1/5

    By Pammyshll
    Scooter handlebars were loose did not ride
  • Ran out of power 1/5

    By kquoos
    Didn’t get very far and couldn’t transfer to another scooter
  • Miserable rip off 1/5

    By sm rip1
    As a long time rider to be ripped off like this is appalling. I’ll never use their product again
  • Motor didn’t work 1/5

    By aoreilly69
    Motor didn’t work waste of $2 for 5 minutes
  • Best idea!! 5/5

    By BritZeke17
    Thank you for helping us get around with elderly family in a fun way!!
  • Loading issues 3/5

    By kkaev
    Loading takes so long and so many bird bikes had no battery by the Venice pier
  • Awful sexist company! 1/5

    By Danerstupdiffff
    This company is sexist beware. Took a ride with my wife through the exact same route and had the exact same time with our birds. I was charged $3.10. You’d think she’d be charged the same thing. NOPE! she was charge over $6 for the same trip. And when she emailed customer support she got a generic email giving her a random amount of credit. We thought this would be the end of it surely. Again we were taken by surprise when we birded home and my ride was a mere $3.20 and her ride was OVER $8! Do yourself a favor and do NOT use this sexist company that will nickle and dime every user. Awful awful business practices by surprising people. I will not be using this service again.

Bird - Enjoy The Ride app comments

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