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Bitdefender Virus Scanner

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  • Current Version: 3.15
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Bitdefender Virus Scanner App

Essential security for your Mac! Bitdefender Virus Scanner finds Mac malware as well as Windows viruses with ease. Virus Scanner will detect any infected files that you downloaded or got in your inbox, so your Mac will be safe and you won’t pass anything bad to your friends’ computer. Grant Bitdefender Virus Scanner access to the locations on your computer that you want to scan against malware. Choose ‘Deep System Scan’ or ‘Scan Critical Locations’ to scan. The award-winning Bitdefender engines will find that piece of malware. For free!
 Make sure your Mac is free of infected files. Don't put your friends and family at risk by unknowingly passing along malware. Features:  - Detects both OS X malware and Windows viruses; - Before a scan, it updates to detect the latest malware; - Searches for malware even in archives and inside various types of files such as pdf, pkg, zip, rar, etc.; - Critical locations scan - rapidly scans system areas that are prone to infections. - Award-winning Bitdefender antivirus engines; Also: - Quarantines dangerous files; - Deep system scan for all the locations the user has granted access to; - Drag-and-drop scan of files or folders; - Option to exclude files and folders from scan (i.e. Time Machine backups, etc.)  - Easy-to-use interface. Constraints:  - Due to sandboxing in the App Store, the app has access only to the locations that the user has explicitly granted access to. Grant access to the entire disk for increased protection; - Disinfection limited by the privileges of the user running the app; - Doesn’t scan programs stored in memory.

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Bitdefender Virus Scanner app reviews

  • Ligit 5/5

    By Learning Machine
    Bitdenfender is pretty ligit and works fine, used to terminate a trojan that is pretty sneaky and thought I would not notice it, lol
  • Can't uninstll in Catalina 1/5

    By AlexMania3000
    Thought I'd try the free version. Decided it wasn't for me (no biggie on that and not deserving a poor rating). There is no uninstaller for Catalina and the website is useless giving two options, neither of which work. I now have to go through a massive library / containers / everywhere search to find all the places where it inserted itself so I can get rif of it. That is certainly worth zero stars. Very poor form for a program to not allow itself to be removed. It's like getting a tattoo. Make sure you wanna keep it forever.
  • Has anyone actually read the terms of use? 2/5

    By alabemos
    Bit defender may be a great program. I guess I'll never find out. After attempting to read the extremely long terms of use, written in indecipherable legalese, I decided I wasn't able to agrree to it. You may be signing over rights to your firstborn without knowing it! I had my mac read the terms to me, and it took maybe twenty minutes or so. Really, Bit Defender? You can't do better than that?
  • Keeps trying to install after being cancelled and DOES NOT WORK 1/5

    By JazzStanford41
    Bitdefender did nothing but slow down my mac, and viruses still got through that I had to manually get rid of. It keeps trying to install after I deleted it, and I do not want it!
  • this thing never goes away, once they have thier foot prints… 1/5

    By Qbuserphil
    No removal option, still stuck with 2014/2015 install.. No way to remove it.. this product should be banned
  • Be carefull 2/5

    They used to be better. They are falling behaind. They are not giving the Mac as much attntion as they used to. They are not reaady for the new Mac OS Catalina. Thier is not Safari extention (trafic light) and even thier support web page for the instruction how to add the Safar extention is old (they are even still showing thier own App old interface!!!!!).
  • unsure 3/5

    By -Syre-
    I'm truthfully unsure if this actually helps or not. the raiting here is "meh" while some reviews are raving. I cant tell if its added lag or reduced it or helped clear files or just reads everything without me knowing..
  • Do not work 1/5

    By NiCosta92
    Error 1073741808 when started.
  • NOT working under Catalina 1/5

    By rodolfoprada
    Downloaded from App store and my Mac keeps saying "....blocked....because it is not from an identified developer"
  • Scam 1/5

    By Kiki tom
    I have been tryhing to delete it since the day it told me it was aprt of Apple official, even Apple techs can;t delete it. It's like an sea urching. Does not work, scans, says it found viruses, but i have to pay $20 to get them off my Mac, my Mac has no viruses according to teh Apple store techs's. This is the Virus
  • Malware- User Beware 1/5

    By Ben Kenon
    After installing this app on my late-2013 iMac 27", the system ran much more slowly. I had tried to delete it for two years(!) without success, as it somehow gave itself admin privileges that exceeded my own. I just bought a brand new iMac, and this app is going nowhere near it. I wish I could give negative stars.
  • Thought it was good 2/5

    By camdude1
    It seemed to pick stuff up on my Mac..then i decided to try antivirus zap..that software found like 28 more infected files
  • This is the best 5/5

    By longMichel
    I have bought around 10 ad-maiw,,,cleaner and antivirus apps,included cleanmy MacX.Only DiskZilla can find out the ad-malw..(4kinds....but cannot root them out.Only this app can clean all of them(cleanmymacX erase one of these 4).I not need to reinstall Mac with time machine i did thousand times before,Thanks 2 of you{Diskzilla and. Bitdefender app.THANKS
  • Nipped Adware in the Bud 5/5

    By Johnorsue
    I had picked up a pesky popup adware. It would pop up and want to delete my photo duplicates. I couldn't close it but I could drag the App from the App Folder to the trash. I was able to get rid of all the leftover bits this app put into many folders using Bitdefender. I'm a believer.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Carter2295
    Somethings was happening where Safari kept re-opening itself after i quit it. I downloaded Bitdefender and it cleared it right up. Thanks!
  • Found the malware 5/5

    By Mr. Latta's Class
    This free version helped me detect and cleanout dataquest malware that I couldn't locate on my own.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By gypsywind23
    I'm not happy about downloading it. The instructions for uninstalling it didn't work, either. I'm surprised this is on the app store. I know have to delete and reinstall my os...
  • You get what you pay for! 3/5

    By Rebeca
    Free Bitdefender did a pretty good job of cleaning up my mac, and found some spyware, but it didn't detect a pervasive Adware I couldn't get rid of. I had to use the upgraded paid version of Bitdefender to get that. This version is free and not bad, but it doesn't get everything. Buy the paid version.
  • Works Great For Me and Always Has 5/5

    By Cnut123
    Bitdefender is very good for being a free product. I have used this software for 3 years on two of my Macs and I have not felt the need to invest in any other protection. This protects my Mac adequetly fine. If malware is found it is put in a quarantine folder so you can delete the corrupt files. I usually run weekly or monthly scans depending on my usage. Works great.
  • Worked well until recently. 3/5

    By Argon_man
    I’ve used this scanner since my switch to Apple proucts with good results. Now, Bitdefender won’t update its virus definitions with an error message that there is no internet signal. This after updating for hours using line-of-sight WiFi @ 145Mbps. I’m sure I don’t know the reason but am curious if other users have run into this dilemna recently.
  • Seemed to finish too fast... 2/5

    By Wm.
    Downloaded an installer and scanned it. The installer was 2.2GB and this scanned it in roughly 2 seconds. I then used Virus Barrier Scanner and it opened and showed the count of files it scanned… over 3000 files and it took a bit longer than 2 seconds. Suspect BitDefender does not scan inside of “img” and “zip” files… nice. Easy place for malware to hide..
  • It works great and the one here is FREE! 5/5

    By “Bob” Dobbs
    Bitdefender has a paid version, yes, but this version is not the one that costs money, this version is 100% FREE! “Bitdefender Virus Scanner”, the thing you see here, is the free one. “Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac” (from their website) and “Bitdefender Virus Scanner Plus” (from the Mac App Store) both cost money. Oh and they also have something else free on their website called “Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool for Mac” but it can only remove TWO adware programs, “Genieo" and “Vsearch”, not a very long list, although to be fair, those are the most common ones. Anyway the point is, there are some other reviews here which are rather negative and complain about being ripped off out of money. Well none of those apply to this product because it is completely free, right here in the Mac App Store it is listed as free, sure there is a “Plus” version that costs money but if you get this free version you will NOT be charged anything. I am trying this along with the free version of Malwarebytes Antimalware, hopefully using both of them can clean up my Mac from an infection of some malware.
  • False positives and mishandles Time Machine's local snapshots 2/5

    By brian.mcgroarty
    The “deep system scan” doesn’t understand Time Machine local snapshots, and scans through the entire set of backups as if they were separate instances of a file. The result is that a scan takes *forever* and each false positive will show up literally dozens of times in a given scan. God save you if you’re running this on battery power. The scans also reported eBook files *about* malware as if they were malware. Presumably it was triggered by finding key text strings, but these were not in a context where they would execute. I’m glad I tried the eval before buying.
  • Meh 2/5

    By JonnySoTerrible
    This is just a basic scanner, no live scanning, no other features that are in most advance antivurus software that is free. strange.
  • Scanning no longer works 3/5

    By gman-one
    Scanning no longer works (neither Critical, Deep nor Custom). They all appear to initiate, then immediately report that they completed. The Deep Scan for sure used to take at least 30 minutes on my Mac…now it’s immediate??? Safe to say it’s not working an longer.
  • Mac OS 10.13.2 Update 5/5

    By MacremSolutions
    it appears this update bit defender no londer does deep system scan. Critical Locations and Custom Locations still work. For now I am using Custom Locations and selecting full drive to accomplish deep system scan.
  • doesn’t work well, extremely difficult to remove 1/5

    By roger roundly
    i would like to strongly caution anyone who wants to install this. Bitdefender slowed down my mac and then it’s extremely difficult to remove once it’s installed. If you want a slow computer and then later spend a lot of time trying to get this thing off your machine…then go ahead…but don’t say you weren’t warned.
  • Why Windows malware signatures? 2/5

    By MikeWi...
    I’ve always wondered at the size of the malware signature download. Looks like this scans Mac OS for Windows malware. My last scan found a ##.exe file that it didn’t like. Might be a lot faster if if focused on the OS that it is built for.
  • Works Perfectly 5/5

    By Michael Jonas, Scottsdale AZ
    I’m always amazed at negative reviews of products/apps that I find extremely effective. Bit Defender (paid version) is outstanding. Updates smoothly, uses very little resources to run, and most importantly, detects and removes “bad stuff.” It just detected the Elmedia Proton Trojan and deleted it. Several major on-line publications said that the only way to clean out the trojan was to reinstall the OSX. Not correct — BD cleaned my Mac Mini completely and only required a simple reboot.
  • Really needs a pause button BIG TIME! 3/5

    By SW1O1
    I can’t pause it to work on something, resume it later ??? — to save CPU/mem resources? I don’t understand that lack of a basic feature. I’m giving it 3 stars because of that and because I’ve only been using it for 24 hours. I’m meh at this point, may revise later. It seems to be finding android and windoze related pups/trojans/viruses in emails and android backups (in contrast to Malwarebytes which finds nothing while BitDefender does) — but it doesn’t seem to be quarantining them — not sure the controls are exactly customizable (like being able leave where it is, go back later and quarantine or delete?) I just know at this point that it needs a pause button and does not have one.
  • Buy A New Hard Drive, Instead 1/5

    By b#
    The Bit Defender app found more than one virus on my external drive, where I stored Time Machine Backups. However, it wouldn’t remove them. So, I contacted customer service for help. I submitted a request on their website. 3 Days later BD requested scan logs. I returned them immediately. 3 Days later I wrote BD requesting an update. 15 days later I asked BD again for an update. 4 days after that BD sent an email requesting my scan logs (which I submitted 3 weeks earlier). I wrote back and explained I had already sent them. This time, I re-submitted my original request directly on the BD website (since I thought they might not be able to retrieve my emails) explaining my previous efforts to get help. BD wrote back, REQUESTING MY SCAN LOGS AGAIN. A week later BD wrote to me saying my Time Machine Backup contained infected files (which I already knew), but they weren’t a threat (since they were Time Machine backups) and said to just exclude Time Machine Backups from my regular scans. They said, just ignore the Time Machine files and they would eventually be deleted by Time Machine. The problem was, they would still be connected to my computer. I wrote back asking how to remove these specific infected files from Time Machine Backups. BD replied the next day giving me a link to an Apple Article about how to remove files from Time Machine Backups. But, THEY DID NOT TELL ME WHICH FILES TO REMOVE (which ones were infected)! I asked which files I should remove and BD finally sent me a list of the names of the infected Time Machine Backup files. About a week later, BD wrote again saying I needed to provide further information and that they were closing my ticket. Since I couldn’t get an answer back in the first 2 weeks, I threw away the infected drive and just bought a different one. I’m doing the same with the Bit Defender software.
  • Was hard to update, now impossible. 1/5

    By Art2Matters
    Sometime ago with this version one had to start the definition update, get an error (60), then start the update again and it would work. Now it will not update at all (error 1008). No information on their website for this product for any issues. Time to look for an alternative.
  • virus definitions update 3/5

    By Ricksternbigd
    Whats the deal? Seems the free version has a dial up modem attached.

    By HILLBILLY1914
  • Works great 5/5

    By squash4dave
    I downloaded Bitdefender a couple of days ago. I also downloaded Antivirus Zap at the same time. Both seem to work great. I wanted to be able to use both, to see if they both pick up any infected files. They both did, after doing a scan earlier today. Not sure if they were all the same files that they found, though. Next time, I’ll check to compare them both. In any case, they both are picing up adware and trogjans, as well as malware, so I’m happy with the results.
  • Having enormous trouble getting updates to download! 2/5

    By Fiber Artist 1
    Having enormous trouble getting updates to download! Tried all sorts of trick when getting error messages. Sometimes able to passby the error messages and succeed in downloading the updates. All the tricks failed at my last attempt which has prompted me to say something here! We need help! It really is not working properly anymore. And just tried to get through to Support and yes the site came up on ;my browser but I could not find the product that I have listed and therefore the site would not allow me to go forward and report my problems and get help. This is NOT good at all!
  • Nothing found? 3/5

    By Uncertain1
    After an hour plus to download v3.8, no virus or malware found. How can this be that my computer has escaped all the antivirus and malware programs that everyone else gets? Not sure if Bitdefender is working, or if just a pretty icon, after deep system scan, and nothing found.
  • Customer Service is HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Quirkyme
    Purchased the product last year. Renewed this year on their website. Big mistake! They stopped my subscription, stating that I had disputed the charge with my bank (which I had not). Been going around and around with Bitdefender for over a month and they are unable to resolve the situation, so now I have disputed the charge. To add insult to injury I can’t uninstall this bleeping program from my laptop…. and am concerned it will interfere with another antivirus program.
  • Database updates are not fast enough 2/5

    By QuiveringFungus
    A new piece of macOS malware called Proton.B was discovered on Saturday, May 6, 2017. WIthin hours Apple had released an update to the macOS builtin XProtect database to block infection to Mac's. Pretty good for a weekend! However, as of May 9, 2017 at 7pm ET, BitDefender Virus Scanner with the latest virus definitions fails to detect this virus sample.
  • Easy to install, use and VERY effective 5/5

    By Dfom
    I have used Bitdefender for years (Mac only). I am very impressed how Bitdefender has continually improved the ease of installation, updating and use. Very impressive how Bitdefender has reduced the virus deep scan time over the years. If you keep your OS updates current, regularly back ups using Time Machine, run adware and popup blockers in Safari, only download approved software from the App Store, and frequently update and run Bitdefender deep scans, you will significantly decrease your risk of malware exposure. There are no 100% full-proof security solutions, but conscientious and committed user security practices including Bitdefender come close.
  • STOP stay away can’t be removed with apple help 1/5

    By Golf gnip
    2017 can’t remove old copies when you upgrade. Gets in your launch Daemons and launch Agents. Spent hours with apple online people. They can not remove. New program cant be installed until old removed.
  • Great deal !!! 5/5

    By stolendreams
    This app works very smooth and quick , perfect for a Mac which probably only needs on demand scanning . Update’s are very substantial and Bitdefender has the reputation and strong database . You just can’t beat it !!! Highly recommended !!!!
  • Works Well, is non invasive, Quarantines infected files as well. 5/5

    By Kona17
    I am impressed as Bit Defender caught several malicious programs and even malicious windows executable files lurking on transferred usb drives. The Deep system scan can run in the background. It also has a quick scan feature and ability to scan user selected files, disks, or folders. It is non invasive and doesn’t cause disk permission problems. It’s very easy to use. Get it you’ll be glad you did.
  • Keeps filling my SSD with temp files in ~/Library/Containers/com.bitdefender.BitdefenderVirusScanner 1/5

    By Zurbo
    When scanning the app will randomly start writing MASSIVE amounts of data to /Library/Containers/com.bitdefender.BitdefenderVirusScanner in my user directory and eventually fill up my SSD. Obvoiusly I'm pretty upset about this and have tried to open a case with Bitdefender about it but ther website is malfunctioning and cannot get the form to submit. I have never had this isssue with the Windows product and even thier rescue CD which runs Knoppix does not have this issue. Apple needs to seriously pressue Bitdefender to fix this version of thier scanner to work as well as the full product.
  • Missed 12 viruses 2/5

    By Cassieeeee561
    Removed 1 potential threat on the first scan. But 12 additional viruses were found using a different free program!
  • Bitdender Price Bait and Switch 1/5

    By worldtripper1
    I paid for Bitdefender, the one year is coming up to renew. So I was going to upgrade to another Bitdefender Total 2017 . The price on the web page was 36 dollars, then I went to check out and the price changed to 50 dollars. I logged out flushed my browser , logged back to the bitdefender site and the price for Bitdefender Total Protection 2017 jumped to over 67 dollars. This is called bait and switch. It is against the law to do that. The company has a Florida telephone number , but they are located in Romania. So if you intend to buy from them be careful . To bad I was obliged to even give one star on this. I was on the phone and emails with this company many many times. Anything you say to them , they reply “ I see , I see , I see” I have version 4.1.3 at the moment, but will delete it and all files related to it.
  • As far as I can tell it’s good 4/5

    By rjdeible
    I will admit that I am a little curious that it never finds anything wrong on my system. I am careful around the internet and email but still it seems like it should find something. However, I am not noticig any issues so I have to assume that it is working properly. App works incredibly fast especially after the first scan. I do wish it had a auto update ferature becuase it is a little slow getting updates and before I can scan anything it has to get updates. Obviously I want it to do that anyway. The ability to do live scanning of the system or atleast to be able to watch certain folders would be nice also then I wouldn;t have to run full scans to find out of something is going on. Overall though I am happy with Bitdefender. It does seem to be the best virus protection on the app store especially for free. I do check once in a while for something better but never find anything. I have not had any crashes or system hangs caused by this app as far as I can tell. One last thing. A lot of people get upset with virus protection for not being able to fix their system when they get antivirus after an infection. Most infections these days are smart enough that they can mask themselves to a new antivirus app. To be fully safe you should have an antivirus program before getting a virus. I am not an expert but I read online that they will ake themselves appear to be a systme file t hat belongs there. When antivirus is installed before the infection it knows if the file is the right one or not. In fact before I install a new anti virus app I always run a check before I uninstall the last one just to make sure that there is nothing. Just my thoughts though.
  • Working but I have questions... 3/5

    By SnowLeopardAdvocate
    I have used it from 10.11 El Capitan and 10.9.5 Mavericks now and it appears to work. It doesn’t appear to take full advantage of hyperthreading available on the i7, but it does appear to take avantage of the 4 CPU Cores. It found a few Trojans in Mail files. It only allows one scan at a time (some products will allow multiple simultaneous scans). When I went to the support page to gather info on its requirements, I could find nothing more than exists here on the App Store. It runs as a 64-bit sandboxed app according to the Activity Monitor. The peak i7 CPU utilizaiton I saw on Activity Monitor was 105% and 25 threads. There is no comparison or review of this compared to other offerings that I could find so the most I can say about it is that it appears to work. Without third party industry reviews and with the many different marketing offerings from a vendor one just isn’t sure what they are purchasing. The reviews on Virus protection software are very important as users don’t want to infect their machines. AV-TEST, AV-Comparatives, Tom’s Hardware, Simon Edwards Labs, Virus Bulletin, PC Mag, MacWorld, and MRG-Effitas all are sources of reviews, but I couldn’t find, for example, a review comparing all the products offered by BitDefender. Additonally some of these only focus on the PC Windows platform. My star rating is based on my experience alone. The ability to run on older systems (e.g. 10.7) is a plus, as is having Bitdefender as the vendor since Bitdefender has product that is very highly rated and thoroughly reviewed. This may not be relevant if this product isn’t using the same virus software and and technologies and virus lists. The fact that it runs as a 64-bit sandboxed app is a plus. Another plus is that I had zero problems running it. A lack of a dedicated support page for this product is a negative. The lack of reputable third party reviews on that page is a negative too. The best I can do is a 3 Star review with the info I was able to roundup.
  • Never completes. Just crashes half way through 1/5

    By Bellsebub
    Sadly, it is completely unusable… I have a terabyte drive from my windows machine that I know is infected with something, so I want to scan it on my mac so that I have no cross contamination… it starts scanning just fine, and fined hundreds of things to delete or quarantine… but instead of finishing it crashes… and all of those items are now still on the harddrive. There is not ‘quarantine folder’ or anything for me to just delete, etc. The drive is still infected. I would really like this to work! Arg.

Bitdefender Virus Scanner app comments

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