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Bite Squad - Food Delivery

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Bite Squad - Food Delivery App

Get restaurant food delivered to your door in minutes with the Bite Squad app. KEY FEATURES Bite Squad provides a wide range of restaurants to choose from, along with handy filtering tools and a search bar to help you efficiently find the dishes you’re craving. We also offer low booking fees, speedy delivery and accurate orders—and we never demand an order minimum. HOW TO ORDER Ordering restaurant delivery with the Bite Squad app couldn’t be easier. Simply download the app, type in your address, choose your favorite restaurant dishes and quickly check out with your credit card. And if you create an account, we’ll securely save your address, order preferences and payment information for a speedier checkout the next time you order. THE BITE SQUAD DIFFERENCE After you’ve placed your order, you can watch its progress on our live tracking system so you know exactly when your food will arrive. If you have any order changes or questions, our Live Chat customer support team will be able to help you in real-time. Whether you need your food on-demand or would like to schedule an order in advance, the Bite Squad app will get restaurant food to you when you want it. ABOUT BITE SQUAD Bite Squad restaurant delivery service is consistently rated best in the category by our customers. Our dedicated delivery squad works hard to bring more choices to our customers who want a great meal from their favorite restaurant delivered to their home or office. Bite Squad was founded in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and today, operates in more than 30 cities and delivers from more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide.

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Bite Squad - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Tipping after 4/5

    By Greatness222
    I wish they would let us tip the driver after becaus I feel like they would actually do a better job. But all in all the apps pretty good
  • Wish I Could Give Zero Stars 1/5

    By hdidbsisvxnd
    Order says in queue for hours. No help. Keep giving same robotic response. Nothing is personalized to the customers question and they constantly lie about order status. They sure as hell take your money though!!!!
  • Slow and now charging extra 1/5

    By T0528
    Bite squad used to be great a couple years ago but recently the timeliness and customer service has been mediocre. The estimate is always 30 minutes late and whenever the order is messed up, customer service doesn’t assist much. Uber will come whatever off your bill immediately if something is missing or wrong, while with bite squad you have to message them and hope they even get back to you. Now I just saw on top of their extra taxes they charge, they also tack on and additional 15-20% on the restaurant items. This pretty much takes away from the convenience of delivery if you end up paying an extra $5-10 plus delivery and tip. Definitely will be cancelling my subscription and will no longer order through them.
  • Terrible unless there is a specific restaurant 1/5

    By hekdhfnwwifj
    This service is terrible. They consistently cancel orders for no reason, refuse to issue refunds, and it's nearly impossible to get someone from customer service. Often times their app does not correctly display restaurants that are closed. I've spoken to several of the restaurant owners that use this app and all of them have said that the app does not work properly on their end. Awful.

    By Angelm____
    this app will send your order before they even know if a bitesquad driver is available. Has happened to me three times, they refuse to refund and the customer service chat it’s snappy and rude. You are better off downloading DoorDash or Postmates!!!
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Pool-Hall
    I decided to sign up for the monthly subscription and give it a try. Literally, our first order was a disaster and a complete disappointment. So, I immediately cancelled my subscription. A customer service representative confirmed that my subscription was cancelled. However, they keep charging my account monthly. Despite several attempts to reach out to customer service, yet again, only to get no response. It’s suffice to say that I am not happy. Do not trust their word or even written recorded transcript for that matter. Do yourself a favor and just pick up your order yourself.
  • “$5.99 fee” is actually $15 1/5

    By GreenPrell
    I’m so sick and tired of these food delivery services hiding their extremely exorbitant fees. I just balked at a restaurant that’s advertised in the app as having a “$5.99 fee” when in actuality there are three separate fees that add up to $15. Bite Squad even has the gall to hide a fee inside “taxes.” Can’t be legal.
  • The unlimited is a rip off 1/5

    By Key jay jay
    I appreciate the value of having bite squad but if you plan on going with the subscription don’t it’s a rip off unless you order from the same place within 4 miles more then 3 time a month. If it’s more than 4 miles they will charge 5$ with no discount to the booking fee
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By gjs93
    I ordered delivery through Bite Squad for the first time today and after this experience I will never again do it. The first issue that occurred was my fault as I put in the wrong address (it was literally the house next door). They called and told me the driver went to this address but no one claimed the order. However, they still marked it as delivered. I was told to contact the customer service number and at first the guy told me he wasn’t going to do anything because the order had been delivered. After 30 minutes of being put on hold multiple times, he finally tells me he would contact the driver, who still had my food, and get him to redeliver. I got the confirmation text that they would be delivering in 15 minutes. At this point it’s already been an hour and a half since I first placed the order and I’m getting hangry. I tried not to be mad as I did put in the wrong address. BUT, 15 minutes pass, then 30 and soon it’s an hour. I check the app and it says the driver delivered my food, at the correct address this time, 50 minutes ago. I contact customer service through the live chat and the woman claims the driver is on their way and it’ll be 15 minutes max. I ask them for a refund after having to wait 3 hours and for not delivering my food. She says they’ll refund me and still send my food. It’s been 40 minutes since that encounter and I have still not received my food yet they still charged me the delivery fee and the tip. Update: It’s been 3 days since this encounter and they still haven’t actually refunded me anything. On the app it shows the receipt of them comping my meal but still charging me for the delivery fee and tip. On my bank statement, however, I was still charged full price for everything. So I paid for food I never received after being told by two of their customer service reps I would get a full refund. I did get $5 towards my next order, which seems to be the go to way for them deal with unsatisfied customers.
  • App doesn’t work and Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Maddy31998
    I simply can’t place any order through the app. After contacting customer support service several times I was told to order through the website. I was simply told that “ the app sometimes doesn’t work”. I was then told to call the customer service but then no one picked up the phone after calling 3 times. Never using it again and don’t bother contacting me now.
  • So disappointed 1/5

    By AudreyG.001
    When I first started using the app I had no issues getting food delivered and now I can’t even order without my address suddenly being “out of delivery range” which is pretty crappy when you live in a military community.
  • Love it. 5/5

    By CountryDoe88
    I absolutely love this app. I work in an area that doesn’t have a lot of options for lunch and I only get 30 minutes. I use bitesquad to have food delivered that I otherwise wouldn’t have has an option. I’ve also used it for nights where I don’t feel like cooking or going out and dealing with other people. Makes having a movie night in much more interesting because I’m not limited to pizza or Chinese food. I’ve never had any issues with my order being wrong or the driver being late. Food has always been hot and delicious.
  • Terrible experience 1/5

    By Bearcomet2
    Ordered food @ 5 pm and as we are tracking the vehicle @ 5:57 when he left the arrival time kept changing to later and later. Talked to reps and tried to message the driver. Rep said it wouldn’t happen again and offered nothing and the driver didn’t answer. 60 dollars later and well past 7:30 we received our food. Trash service and communication...over 2.5 hours to get our food.
  • No issues here 5/5

    By Servantoftheking
    I started using Bite Squad because I heard about their $5.99 monthly delivery fee instead of paying every single time for delivery. I have had no issues and after reading the reviews I felt compelled to write a review. The issues people are complaining about have to do with the restaurants not Bite Squad. I love Bite Squad and love to use this service when I don’t feel like going out of my house to pick up food.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By annoyed and where is my money?
    I never write reviews, but I’m extremely annoyed. I ordered some food from bitesquad, the restaurant ended up not being opening so, they cancelled my order and refunded me my money, but I informed them that I did not have anymore money on my account, so I wasn’t going to be able to order any food, so all they did was credited me $5 which would only cover a tip. They didn’t even attempt to give me at least $15 or $20, because it was their fault not mine that they didn’t list the restaurant as closed. Then they lied and said they are only able to give $5 and nothing else, when one time they gave me $10 because they lied about why my order wasn’t picked up from a restaurant. They honestly give bad customer service. I’m always ordering food for my coworkers and I but those days are over. It’s annoying that any time there is an issue they lies and they are rude. It’s outsourced outside the country and they don’t give customer service that one is used to in the US.
  • Terrible customer service. Take pictures of your food! 1/5

    By Thraxus314
    The first time I used this app, it worked perfectly - ordering was easy, our food came quickly, our order was correct, and the food was warm. The second time I used this again, the food was easy to order and came quickly. The food was like warm, but still tolerable. However, my husband ordered a burger and some of the toppings were missing. Not a huge deal but when you pay as much as you do for an order, you want it to be correct. He ended up eating it anyways, and I contacted the support people through the chat feature of the app to see if they could refund part of my order. The person I chatted with was really rude during I the whole conversation. He asked for a picture of the food for “evidence” and when I told him that my husband ate it, he told me that it is policy to have evidence of the order (a policy that I can’t find anywhere of the Bite Squad site, by the way) and told me he would put $5 towards a future order. He also said that he was making an exception for me, acting like he was doing me this huge favor. Sorry - it’s not like I want my order to be incorrect. Even if he would have approached the chat in a more pleasant way, I think I would have been fine with the $5 off toward a future order, but he was so unpleasant that I am just upset about the whole order experience at this point. If you do use this app, I would warn you to take pictures of your food for “evidence.”
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By sdil88
    If you want your order messed up 75% of the time with zero accountability and customer service and no phone number in the app this is the way to go. The fees are more than any other like app and they honestly don’t seem to care when your order is completely wrong. If you call the restaurant they’ll say the issue is with Bitesquad. When you reach out to Bitesquad they’ll say it’s the restaurant. And they’ll offer to credit you and you will never get the credit. It’s a great way for them to get the fee for doing absolutely nothing. Here is the number: 612-500-4313
  • Ridiculous wait times 1/5

    By andrew_j914
    I can’t think of a single time I didn’t wait over an hour to for my delivery. Sometimes it takes so long that my food is cold by the time it gets here.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Martin6987
    We use this service multiple times a week great service and the’ Drivers are Great Steve L is our Favorite driver !!!
  • Absolute Worst Delivery Service 1/5

    By DreC100
    Worst Delivery Service To Use, Takes Them Over A Hour Sometimes To Even Send In The Order To The Restaurant. Ordered From Bitesquad Several Times Before, But Their Service Diminishes Day By Day, And Then They Try To Offer You A Little $5 Credit On Your Account After They’ve ****** Up Honestly Will Never Order Through Them Again
  • Consistently messing up 1/5

    By Yoyoyoyoembryo
    There have been several times that bite squad has either delayed my order, or the other just never came. This app isn’t worth it. I’ve been very patient, but I’ve had my last straw. When my food order already was estimated 60+ minutes to arrive and THEN I get a text message 40 mins in that it’ll be delayed 40 mins? What’s the point? I’m going to try a better app. I’ve heard nothing but good things about postmates and sticking with bitesquad just because it’s what’s I’m used to, isn’t doing me any good.
  • Falsified estimates, bad customer service 2/5

    By BrChU85
    Food delivery when you have a young child sounds great! Pay a premium so you don’t have to pick up the food yourself...fine. But seriously, if the ETA is 40 minutes but the food takes 98 minutes, the entire purpose is moot. And when you try to chat with support and get no response, and then promises that I will arrive in 7 minutes, then no food for another 28 minutes. Yeah I should have just picked it up myself...for free. Then my child wouldn’t be hungry and angry. Saturday night treat RUINED.
  • Info was not timely 2/5

    By RC in SC
    I tried to order through Chick-fil-A and I know time was pressing but it had listed a number of things on the menu for me to order. When I finally placed my order it then told me that everything I listed was not available. That was frustrating! It would’ve been much better know ahead of time than to find out when it was too late.
  • Alright app 3/5

    By ch ch ch aaaa
    Got “free” delivery for a year, but it just marks the price of every item up by $2. False advertising.
  • pretty good 4/5

    By mjalred
    it’s pretty decent if you live out in yee yee country and ubereats won’t deliver to your house, the delivery fee is more worth it if you’re making a large order, though. came even a little early when my girlfriends and i got zaxby’s.
  • It literally took forever to get my food 1/5

    By 12aniy
    The time is always messed up when I am a literally takes almost an hour to receive food Will never use this app again
  • I wish I could give them 5 stars 3/5

    By Lmjchase
    When I first started using bitesquad they were amazing. Lately, especially my last few orders, there’s a recurring problem. The order doesn’t send I order my food and it puts it “in queue”. My current order was placed at 8:38 PM on a Thursday. It is 8:53 PM as I write this review and they haven’t submitted my order to the restaurant yet. This has become a chronic issue and is now the norm instead of the exception. Because of this I cannot even dream of ordering food during the day to have delivered to my place of work because who knows when it’ll get there. It gets worse when they hold your order and don’t send it until the restaurant is closed and then take forever to let you know. I have to be constantly aware of ordering from a restaurant that is at least an hour away from closing and ordering at a time where it isn’t an inconvenience to wait at least an hour for my food. I’m not sure how BiteSquad finds this acceptable but clearly they do since it happens nearly every order lately. It may be time to give up.
  • First try 3/5

    By Annie41977
    I decided to try out Bite Squad. I ordered and it took a while. Then, the driver called to let me know an item I ordered want available. That's good communication, great! I didn't realize at delivery that we didn't get our sides. I immediately reported it via chat and I received a few bucks credit but they don't come and deliver sides, only main dishes. Huh, yay. Think I may just stick with the old fashioned way of doing it myself. The app is super easy to use though. The driver was polite and did a good job.
  • Worst delivery experience ever! 1/5

    By A.V24
    Using the “help” is a joke. You mention something and wait for a response then suddenly after waiting a while your next message is back in the “queue” and you get a new person. You then have to repeat yourself again. I attempted to use this app twice and it happened both times. The second time my estimated deliver was 5:34pm. The restaurant made the food but no driver was assigned. I kept my eye on the order. The steps to make the food kept processing but my delivery time kept adding up. 5:40, 5:50, 5:55, 5:59. So I asked if the quality of the food will still be good. I was told yes because the restaurants have “quality check points”. I asked repeatedly if my food would be ok. To me, this means that by this point the restaurant should have remade my order. So, then I tried to contact the driver and got a stupid message saying something to the effect of “you can only contact the driver during the delivery process”... the option to text the driver is only available once you have an assigned driver!! The people working in support don’t seem to understand anything! My food arrived and was soggy! When I reported the issue to the app they kept giving me automated responses like “your order arrived on time at 5:59pm” and “I’m sorry for the inconvenience I’ll add $5 credit to your account.” I had to point out that the delivery time was not compatible with the food sitting time! That doesn’t fix the fact that my food is cold and inedible!! I’ve never had this issue with DoorDash or any other app. Clearly I won’t be using this one in the future. I ask all others to stay away.
  • Used to be good 2/5

    By vghytrew
    I used to liked it. Now they charged for “unlimited” every month ! even though you never sign for it.
  • Costumer Service 1/5

    By AidanAX
    I had a terrible experience with costumer service, and the situation as a whole was highly inappropriate. I would recommend never to use this service if you plan on receiving your food. In the past I’ve used Grubhub and Postmates and highly regret ever downloading this app. Save yourself the your time and money, and don’t use this service.
  • Who's responsible for the correct order getting to me? 1/5

    By Gpd111
    B.S. Then who's responsible for the correct order getting to my house. One order two entrees missing. W.T.F. So now since I've already paid my only choices are to let my thirty bucks sit on the counter at the restaurant , or let the other food get cold while I spend thirty minutes getting the rest of my order. Who's refunding my money?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Skaterdaddy1993
    They charge you way more than what the food actually costs
  • Use any other delivery app 1/5

    By SDhawkeymom
    I placed an order. 35 minutes later I’m still being told it’s in the “Que” and will be placed as soon as the restaurant can accept it. The status of the order is sketchy at best. I’ve never had this much trouble tracking a food order with grub hub. I won’t use this service again!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Eli Corum
    It’s about every third time that I have made an order through this service the driver will “ be outside my door waiting to meet to deliver” And in reality they’re not there and then they claim that they deliver the food and then just take it. The app itself apparently does not have a feature for the driver to call you if that is true that they are “waiting” and the bite squad “support” staff is unresponsive and only works through email which in my opinion is a really stupid set up considering the time sensitivity that is the nature of the food delivery business. You need to be able to call people! Nice uniforms though! ✊🏼😬
  • Misleading charges and poor customer service. 1/5

    By Spaceman41
    There’s a $4.99 booking fee, ok normal. There’s “taxes and fees” which is normal sales tax and then a little extra for bitesquad. The final is the “service (no tip required) fee.” After my order took 2x as long as it should, customer service told me the driver got lost. I said ok, don’t tip him then. They then informed me that this additional service fee doesn’t even go to the driver! They are deliberately inhibiting customers from tipping and pocketing it. They say it’s bc their employees are not sub contractors so they get benefits, etc. seems like a scam. Either way, $9-10 for food delivery? Why would I do that when I can use Uber eats, door dash, grub hub and pay $3 and then tip the driver and he gets 100% of it? Deleted app, will not be using ever again.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Feffer0101
    Lately crashing all the time
  • When it works it’s great! 2/5

    By blissful1153
    I love the customer service. The only issue is the app is telling me services are not available in my area. A shame because I find this to be a more quality service than others.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By MsMmmy
    Does not serve in my area
  • Total trash 1/5

    By JCompt1968
    I’ve literally never had a drive deliver to the correct address. Tonight, the drive literally left my food on a neighbors doorstep. I had to walk around the block to find it. The jackass never called or texted. I contacted customer service via chat, and the kid chatted like a 12 year old. No resolution, he just said, oh man, that’s rough! And dropped off the chat. This is a garbage app, avoid it at all costs.
  • Straight Trash! 1/5

    By MadFrank956
    Over an hour and a half to deliver a simple order a couple blocks away! Don’t waste your time and money on this horrible service!
  • App says order went through but they’re not 1/5

    By 1Fattymeeks
    After waiting over an hour for two measly appetizers I call the restaurant to find out the manager isn’t accepting bite squad orders yet this app has told me for the last forty minutes the food is cooking. I will never use bite squad again.
  • Use Uber Eats. Not this garbage. 1/5

    By second brain
    I know that this service seems appealing. I used this service, singularly, for months. It took a while for me to see that Uber eats is SIGNIFICANTLY faster, cheaper, and has better customer service. I recently placed an order. It took 1 hour. The driver called me three times after I left very specific instructions with how to get into the building. He was very rude in person and over the phone. The order was wrong. I messaged them on the app to get refunded or a new order. No reply. Called the customer service number. On hold for 30 minutes, no answer. I am now walking to the restaurant myself to get the right order with no hope of being refunded. ADVICE: Use Uber eats. Do not download or use this “service.” Bitesquad is going to fail, as it should. It is a TERRIBLE company.

    By jajsakloxmr
    This company is trash and their customer service is terrible. I got a rude delivery driver, the wrong order and couldn’t even get a hold of anyone to get the right order. Save your breath and use a different service.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Ameliah47
    First time using this app. They delayed twice and now supposedly food is coming over an hour late. Tried to cancel and they refused to refund my money. Never again. Deleted.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Izzyam00004
    The drivers are friendly but untrained. They serve a wide range of menus, but the menus aren’t updated when items aren’t available. They customer support is unfriendly and unwilling to work with you. My order was incorrect and short an order of food The driver told me to keep the food since t would be thrown out anyway and they would bring me the two correct orders, but customer service refused to send me two. Since I kept the food I was only brought one correct order and given 5$ for the trouble. I spent 1 hour with customer service and then waited an additional 45 minutes for partial order. It was the second time my order was incorrect through this service and took over 45 minutes to be delivered. I suggest using another delivery service so you can enjoy your meal.
  • Multiple wrong orders - no support from company 1/5

    By dc in stp
    Two wrong orders in one weekend. No way to contact staff other than a chat service that is unresponsive. No way to rate the food. Stick to grubhub or Uber eats.
  • Terrible Customer support 1/5

    By Chrisjh7471
    We placed an order and after a half hour of no status updates we reached out to bite squad to find out what the status was on our order. Took almost another 30 min to get in touch with anyone only to find out that the restaurant we had ordered from no longer had what we ordered. No excuse was given for why we were had to go asking our order. If there was a problem that should have been communicated back as soon as possible to make changes. The best the customer service manager could do was to refund our money but that was only after a fight with them as they only wanted to give us a credit back for what our order was worth. At time of writing the refund still hasn’t processed. We were told it would take 3 to 5 business days for the money to be credited back to us. They sure can take the money in a hurry but are dragging there heels refunding it. This is very likely my last order with bite squad. App deleted.
  • Awesome service! 5/5

    By reneeee23
    Great service! Super easy! Very punctual & fast!! Amazing! Will definitely continue using it!

Bite Squad - Food Delivery app comments

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