Bite Squad - Food Delivery

Bite Squad - Food Delivery

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Bite Squad - Food Delivery App

Get restaurant food delivered to your door in minutes with the Bite Squad app. KEY FEATURES Bite Squad provides a wide range of restaurants to choose from, along with handy filtering tools and a search bar to help you efficiently find the dishes you’re craving. We also offer low booking fees, speedy delivery and accurate orders—and we never demand an order minimum or charge menu markups. HOW TO ORDER Ordering restaurant delivery with the Bite Squad app couldn’t be easier. Simply download the app, type in your address, choose your favorite restaurant dishes and quickly check out with your credit card. And if you create an account, we’ll securely save your address, order preferences and payment information for a speedier checkout the next time you order. THE BITE SQUAD DIFFERENCE After you’ve placed your order, you can watch its progress on our live tracking system so you know exactly when your food will arrive. If you have any order changes or questions, our Live Chat customer support team will be able to help you in real-time. Whether you need your food on-demand or would like to schedule an order in advance, the Bite Squad app will get restaurant food to you when you want it. ABOUT BITE SQUAD Bite Squad restaurant delivery service is consistently rated best in the category by our customers. Our dedicated delivery squad works hard to bring more choices to our customers who want a great meal from their favorite restaurant delivered to their home or office. Bite Squad was founded in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and today, operates in more than 30 cities and delivers from more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide.

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Bite Squad - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Charged me twice!! 1/5

    By Bsprings
    We ordered a meal for our family. The amount was $88.12. The delivery and food was five stars. My issue is with the customer service individuals I encountered. We were charged twice. I shared my banking statement to illustrate the double charge. One rep said, “We are only showing one charge and there’s nothing we can do.” When I followed up three days later when the double charge was still debited to my account, the next person said, “I see we charged you twice but refunded the additional one.” Nope. Charges still there. No one seemed interested in my claim. While I can understand, they can’t believe every person who states a double charge, I find it rather unsettling there wasn’t anyone else who could’ve helped me investigate this further. The lack of concern was disappointing. My bank did their own investigation and refunded the extra charge to my account. Sadly, I won’t use this service any longer.
  • Never any drivers available 2/5

    By Mrcavn
    I have given this app a second chance and again, my order never made it to the restaurant because there weren’t any drivers available. The biggest issue is that neither the app or the company notify you. So here you are, 30 minutes later, checking the status of your order only to find out it hasn’t even made its way to the restaurant. Stick to Grubhub or Ubereats!
  • Horrible service in Tampa 1/5

    By Tampa Review G
    The driver couldn’t find my apartment so the closed the order. I have no order and no food. I’ll continue to use Door Dash
  • Got charged double 1/5

    By Bigshaned
    I get the charges associated with the app, but, I was charged double to have something delivered. My order was $50 through the app, and $27 for take out. No amount of convenience worth that. The items on the menu were more expensive too.
  • Unsatisfying first experience 3/5

    By abm0513
    The customer service is what’s terrible! I got an item wrong and the person trying to help me is telling me I ordered it wrong instead of listening to what I’m trying to explain.
  • Membership impossible to cancel.! 2/5

    By niknak567
    I downloaded this app when I worked in town and couldn’t leave for lunch so the service was super great at the time. I subscribed for the unlimited because I ordered food everyday. But when I changed jobs I couldn’t figure out how to cancel the subscription.! There is no option for it in app, there is no option for it via the mobile website. You literally have to view the desktop version of the website to cancel your subscription.! Not to mention I could never get ahold of anyone in the customer service department to fix it either. The service itself is okay, but you need to fix your app and website to make it more user friendly to cancel your unlimited membership when needed.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Lvngwell
    The prices listed in their app for food at the restaurant you are purchasing from a higher than the actual restaurant! And by several dollars an item!! They are making money off your order as well as the delivery fee! Just order directly and pick it up yourself you will save a ton of money!!
  • Great convenience 5/5

    By TrueAF
    People complaining do not understand that this is a convenience to them. You can always leave the comfort of your own home to pick up your food if you’d like. If not then order from Bitesquad, most of the fees that are charged are fair and usually less than competitors like Uber Eats. If you can’t afford a $4 fee you shouldn’t be eating out in the first place.
  • Incompetent delivery drivers, use another established app 1/5

    By Bigwhite40
    Incapable of delivering what is ordered
  • Expensive fees / orders don't go through / bad service 1/5

    By PhillyPh1l
    Sometimes you order and it just doesn't ever send it to the restaurant. Sometimes the delivery says it came and it never did. The fees have gone up and up. Don't waste your time and go hungry.
  • App problems 3/5

    By 1Fattymeeks
    There’s always some issue with the app. It’s annoying and off putting.
  • Customer Service has Declined 1/5

    By FarmerLA
    I used Zipit which then became Bite squad here in St Augustine but will not use it again. When I used it for my elderly mother in Winter Park Fl a few weeks ago the first time, the order was cold and 30 minutes late. The second time I placed the order at 3:30 for a 6pm delivery. At 5:45 Bite called to say I would not get my 6pm order because the restaurant didn’t answer the phone. Remarkable. I called the restaurant directly, they answered and I picked the order up myself. No point in bothering with Bite Squad.
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By hungey & frustrated
    I have multiple addresses for delivery listed in my app (work, home, etc.) and accidentally selected the wrong address to deliver too. There is no way to contact bite squad to immediately fix the mistake other than a chat feature that puts you in a queue of 15 people. But when your driver is 4 minutes from the wrong location, you need more than just a chat feature to contact someone. No 800 number or anything. Very disappointed in their customer service and so called “chat” feature. There was nothing I could do to fix this. Luckily the driver was very understanding. Will not be using this app again.
  • Wasted my time 2/5

    By angelbbg808
    I ordered from two different restaurants, and they both got canceled. Even if the app says it was open, it was not. I gotta wait 3-5 business days for my money, because they can’t communicate with the restaurants.
  • BS Unlimited is a SCAM! 2/5

    By Capt Jackie
    Delivery app works well enough but now they are offering a program called Bite Squad Unlimited where you pay $5.99 a month for “unlimited free” deliveries from restaurants in a 4 mile radius. Sounds great until you notice that you are not being charged a “delivery” fee, but they are still charging you other fees (the driver fee and a fee for “small” orders under $15). With tip and my supposedly “free” delivery, a simple $10 order turns into a $17 charge before you know it. WHAT A SCAM!
  • Not Sure What’s Wrong 3/5

    By LankM6782
    So I signed up on the BiteSquad mailing list because I saw that they were coming to my town. They even have me a $15 off coupon when they launched. I sent a code to all my friends to sign up. Now a couple weeks later they say they aren’t available in my area. What gives?
  • Tip option 4/5

    By Webejams
    I’d like to suggest that the tip should be given after the delivery. I don’t like pre-tipping for service I did not receive yet. Shipt is a good example. After the delivery is made, the app automatically texts me and asks if I’d like to tip.
  • 2nd chance 1/5

    By darkendlives
    The first time I ordered from our new bite squad, it took forever to get my order. I chalked it up to them being new and all new employees. The second time wasn’t that bad, somewhat warm food, reasonable time, and over priced. Got the food as ordered. The third time was the final straw. The food was “out for delivery”, 45 minutes later still no food and the gps showed them 5 minutes from my house then they drove all the way back to the restaurant. At that point I cancelled the order. Don’t know what’s the problem with this bite squad but they need to fix their mess. The one at my office (other city) doesn’t have this problem but I will never use the one where I live again.
  • Allow refunds to card used 1/5

    By NikkiAmber09
    I ordered from them and their driver picked up the wrong sandwich. I didn’t trust to order again if they wanted me to use the credit they put to my account. After I use the credit I am deleting the app and not using the service again.
  • Charge dispute 1/5

    By Tim Tofu
    Be aware, they are only able to refund/make adjustment to order on the day of delivery. My order was missing item, shrugged it off at the time as I was starving and figure I can contact customer service to refund the difference at a later time. Chatted with customer reps through the app few days later and provided order number, was told they can’t do anything with order that had been delivered days ago. Deleting the app and going to call CC to dispute the charge.
  • Couldn’t deliver to my house and processed my order anyway 1/5

    By Aj.ohnson
    Apparently bite squad can’t come on military bases but won’t tell you and will still process your order. When I contacted customer service they credited me a whole $5 for “my inconvenience “ and terminated the chat. The app should notify you once you type in your address that they can’t deliver to your address. It was such a frustrating first and LAST experience!
  • No notice 1/5

    By KFoster964
    Twice our order was cancelled with no notice. It is upsetting when you are waiting on a delivery and nothing comes. Check the app and it says “Order cancelled” with no notice or explanation. I have been very happy with Bite Squad, so this issue needs to be fixed.
  • Just needs some QoL features 4/5

    By Metalheaddev
    This app really needs to let us know how many drivers are working in the area, I don’t want to submit an order when only one driver is available and wait 1.5hrs and end up with cold food. Otherwise I really enjoy using bitesquad, it’s a great way to get my favorite food !
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By Jessica1882
    There is no reason for my total to be near $20 for a meal that is usually $8. It’s a ripoff and not worth it.
  • This Squad Bites!!! 1/5

    By StillHangry
    Have I ordered a pizza or not??? After jumping through all the hoops; creating the profile, building the order, entering my CREDIT CARD INFO (!!!) and placing the order, I immediately get a “no upcoming orders” page on this app...yet there is a pending charge on my credit card!! The receipt process has left a lot to be desired...wondering if I will get to eat tonight (update: they did not get the order). As a first timer using this service, I cannot recommend it. They’re not engendering a lot of confidence. I suspect I’ll have to go thru the trouble of disputing this charge...This Squad Bites!!
  • Terrible service. 2/5

    By mandrewmadness
    Firehouse Subs Order -Hot sub = cold and soggy - Hot chili = ice cold -40 min estimated delivery = over an hour delivery time. -Food cooked for more than a half hour before pickup made. -15 dollar credit was given on a 28 dollar order. -As of today, you cannot see the credit in the app so I had no clue it had actually been issued. Customer rep had no explanation for this. By far my worst service experienced with a food delivery service. Good luck.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mad in mn 456
    App crashed in the middle of placing an order. Recreated order and it ended up being ordered twice. Also restaurant selection is very poor.
  • Good concept, bad app 1/5

    By GandalfOfVarda
    I tried placing my order through the app and did not get any confirmation that the order had actually been placed. I contacted their support and was told to order through explorer because the app was “failing.” If your own customer support is willing to admit to that, something needs to be done. If the app gets better, I’ll be sure to update my opinion, but right now, just make sure you get a confirmation when you place your order.
  • The worst! 1/5

    By Lobos_sd
    This app is horrible! Ordering is easy, it’s when bite squad gets involved that everything falls apart. Orders are missing stuff i.e. ordered a salad with grilled chicken, got a bowl of lettuce. Ordered a pizza from CPK, didn’t get the toppings or dressing(Chipotle Chicken Pizza). Ordered food tonight, driver was no where near the location after 40 minutes. (Blame the app maps for getting him lost even though drivers have never had a hard time finding place.) Then apologized and still wanted to deliver cold food. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Customer service is ridiculous at best.
  • DoorDash is Better!! 1/5

    By miss_daniellee
    They take your money out of your account without you knowing!!
  • Service behind the app is disappointing 1/5

    By A Pokemon trainer
    While the app is fine, it ain’t much when the service behind the app is terrible. Of the three orders I’ve made through here, none have arrived on time. Estimates are generally 20-40 minutes off. Even when the food arrives 40 minutes later, the app tells me it has arrived. Better off using Uber Eats.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By big gorrilla face
    Almost half the order was missing. 32$ order and the offer me 5 bucks back. Wouldn’t even give back 1/3 of the cost, but that was how much was missing
  • They will take ur money 1/5

    By greenlin00
    I placed my order over an hour ago and still haven’t received my food!!! DO NOT USE THIS APP
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Sarahjayy44
    Deleting this app today. If you want cold food and terrible customer service, you should totally use this service. I even tried to reason with them and offered to pay for the food but for the delivery and service up charge to be covered as they couldn’t complete their end of the deal. They declined and offered me a $10 credit to use them again. I have had a similar experience with Uber Eats and they took care of me and issued me a refund immediately. I learned my lesson, just stick with Uber Eats. They actually care about retaining their customers and the restaurant’s customer experience.
  • The worst 1/5

    By mac&cheezpls
    I don’t usually do reviews but this was the worst delivery service I used. Orders took almost 3 hours to fulfill. Support was not helpful. First there was an issue with placing order then the restaurant had to remake order. Tried to cancel and was told I couldn’t. Extremely unhelpful. Will be the last time I use this service. Delete.
  • Gave 5 stars because service was Unbelievably fast 5/5

    By Cjrey1995
    Gave 5 stars because service was Unbelievably fast I got my food 20 minutes before the estimated time I see a few bad reviews but I guess it just depends on who’s delivering the food, also make sure to call the restaurants to see if your order went through.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Deserves 5*****
    Can't order from the app. When I select a restaurant a blank screen takes over and I can't do anything but close out of the app. Fix it.
  • Unlimited nobody wants 1/5

    By iwantmyhuluback
    Couldn't get delivered without signing up for monthly plan, then hit with hidden surcharge unless u cancel, I expect to be sent some cds I will have to pay full price for unless I return them. Feels like I've been scammed...couldn't cancel without a serious hunt for the hidden cancelation
  • Worst delivery app I ever used! 1/5

    By whattsyss
    Staff are super slow and unhelpful 3hours later and my food is still not here and the email the developer is messaging everyone is a waste of time
  • Order I’m mad and hungry! 1/5

    By SuperK55
    All week, i get emails saying it’s starting in my area. Here’s a coupon! Get it free for a year! Just order! I order, they give me a wait time of 34 mins and approx arrival time. He even calls to ask for temp of the steak. After waiting 30 mins, they call back to say the restaurant can’t fulfill. You didn’t know that when you first called?? Ugh. Not going to bother again...
  • Useless App, pass 1/5

    I’ve tried to order twice, not only did they take forever to send my order, after an hour of consistently pushing back my delivery time (which was the whole time 40 minutes out from whenever I checked) they canceled my order. I waited another half an hour on an explanation and finally gave up.
  • Literally the worst 1/5

    By mike112m
    two times I’ve ordered from them and both times the orders have taken upwards of 1 1/2 hours to two hours, the food is cold, Customer Service is extremely slow and unhelpful, their interface for chat duplicates all of the messages and you can’t see what you’re typing, this company is totally awful. Stay away
  • Better off using Ubereats 1/5

    By Animal luver!!
    You’re better off using another delivery app. They’re allowed to combine orders “if it makes sense”. Aka if an order is placed 45 mins after yours they can wait for it. While your food gets cold. They’re customer service takes forever. And they won’t reimburse you for getting something wrong. The delivery drivers are friendly however. Just don’t trust the system. Uber eats, Postmates, Doordash, anything are all better establishments.
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By I'm not cool lol
    Tracking system doesn’t work. Sub par service. Overdue delivery. Hidden fees. DONT USE. Also heads up bite squad just bought chow cab and has become trash as well
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By *Sn00pfrog6010*
    A slew of delivery fees and a faulty tracking system left me hungry and broke.
  • Worst experience ever 1/5

    By Schlo152
    I would start by saying use Uber eats or a different food delivery service. The staff is unhelpful and if you have an error and don’t catch it with in the first few minutes hey will say there is nothing they can do for you. They have forgotten things in my orders 3 times and would not refund me or only gave me “credit On the bitesquad app”. I have never had worse customer service that would not assist me and kept saying the same thing over and over. I am not just saying this because of a one time thing but every time I have gone back to use this app I have regretted it and something from my order is wrong. I would highly highly suggest using another food delivery service. Grub hub, Uber eats, food dash, i have tried all of those and never once had an error or missing food.
  • Hidden Fees & Taxes 1/5

    By Eli420420
    Poor selection of places to get food. Also include random “service fees” and also a “booking fee” making a simple entree double the price ordering it through this app. Use Uber Eats instead!!
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By 😒unhappy mom
    I was over charged $8 to start off with. When god arrived items were burnt and missing items that went with another sandwich. I spoke to customer service he told me to send pictures as I did. I asked him to come take the food back and refund my money. He said they can not come get food but send pictures of full order then throw it away and he will issue a full refund. Next day out of $49 was refunded $18 of that. I then called back and they were rude and refused me a full refund. Saying that there was no conversation regarding this full refund. I advised her that it was recorded as stated in the beginning but she refused to listen to me. I recommend not using them as they over charge and do not listen to the customer. Mind you I had to order elsewhere to feed my kids so they could eat as I had not planned on preparing food that day. So $41 meal for my family turned into $100 meal. Thank you bite squad for making a single mom spend extra money I don’t have. I recommend food dudes they stand by their word to make your experience amazing 🙌🏼
  • Terribly Customer Support 1/5

    By TravelinB
    Contacted sue toner support twice and got two completely different answers as to why it can’t understand my address. Was told to call them and they still couldn’t fix it. They said they’d have to call me back in 5 mins to place my order. Sounds too sketchy for me

Bite Squad - Food Delivery app comments

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