BitLife - #1 Life Simulator

BitLife - #1 Life Simulator

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  • Current Version: 1.27
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Candywriter, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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BitLife - #1 Life Simulator App

How will you live your BitLife? Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. It's all up to you...

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  • Update idea 5/5

    By lil lunchbox68
    So bitlife is my favorite game and I had an idea what if you guys fid a gang update I know there are gangs in prison but I think it would be cool if you could join a gang out of prison also if you guys do decide to do this I think that it should be available for everyone not just people with bit citizenship also in this it would be cool if you could do gang related activities like take out other fang rivals or big drug deals you know stuff like that. Thanks for reading keep up the great work everyone 👍😀
  • New additions 5/5

    By death gun 69668
    You guys should should add sports like you could train to become a basketball player on an NBA team or any other sport and add an entrepreneur feature which allows you to be your own boss and Ceo of your company with every aspect of owning a business can be controlled by you like hiring🤓🤓🤪
  • Great game, but some suggestions! 5/5

    By 💎Emzie💎
    Add friends
  • Good app 5/5

    By whereisthesourcream
    It’s really fun. I just think you guys should add months so that we can live longer.
  • It's the best 5/5

    By anonymousbraaaa
    Omg I am like litteraly addicted like it's an amazing
  • good but... 5/5

    first, i think that you should be able to choose to sign up for a church and actually go to the church and choose like what religion, second, bitlife should have another ribbon for like, religious. second, it would super cool if you could get kind of like a job as like an social media person. or a youtuber. for example, like an Instagram model and you can like go on the “instagram” page and sell things kind of like the real instagram
  • It’s good but ... 4/5

    By jenthecorn dog :)
    It’s very good but there is to much adds I play this everyday but the adds
  • Awsome! 5/5

    By 😻😺😹
    Awsome game! Just if your adopted then you should be able to meet your birth parents! And also you should make competitive cheer a career!Actually really all sports should be a career! Also you should put clothes! It would be fun to customize cloths! And you should be able to die you hair different golors! And one more thing you should add not just the customizing names when you start a life but you should be able to choose eye color and skin and hair color and etc. but overall it’s AWSOME!!!!
  • Games Really Good Just one thing 5/5

    By IceNinja1029
    Games Great! I love it I love it I love it! However, I wish there was sports you could do when you go to college. So you could be a Football player, Basketball player, etc. I would love that to be added but overall great work on the game!
  • As a player 5/5

    By Ninjarlzxxx;14
    This game is great. You might have more fun when getting Bitizenship but it is totally worth it. There are a lot of things that can be added. I bought this game in the base stages and it was still captivating. I will try to give new things to add to in the game. One of my ideas was being able to run a country, work for the government, and working for government organizations like MI6, FBI, and the CIA. Going to space is another one of my ideas. Note to Devs: All I want is for you the devs to keep adding new things to the game. The hard work you do might go unnoticed but I thank all of you for getting new ideas and putting them into the game as well as fixing bugs and glitches in the game. Edit: I follow your reddit page and all of your ideas are straight fire.
  • Game 5/5

    By your bad game
    Great game!,but I wish you could date two people at once and not have to break up be a cheater!
  • So fun 5/5

    By JAAlberto
    Best mobile game I’ve ever played. Been playing for almost a year now, still haven’t gotten tired of it. One suggestion I have is allowing surrogates. I like being in same sex relationships but when it’s a woman, I can get a sperm donor. There should be an option for a surrogate for males. That’s it! Super fun game! Another suggestion: having best friends as relationship
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Sox_Markie_7
    This game is amazing with thousands of different choices! One thing you could change is the amount of pets allowed without the BitLife Membership. I would love to go to the exotic pet breeder without having to pay!
  • Court Idea 5/5

    I was just playing bitlife and i was attacked by a homeless. and i was wondering if you guys could add what happens in the court. like if you could be able to hype up your story or lie and the court can prove that o didn’t happen and stuff. Just feed back!
  • fun 5/5

    By yocelynari
    the game is really fun and i love it but like i feel they should add a career to be a soccer player if u play sports in school (or a career in anything like basketball)
  • How about making Bitizen cheaper? 5/5

    By Rip-off Scam
    Pls I only have 0.15 in my account and I want a bitizen so no more dumb ads
  • Wow 1/5

    By dhxuf
  • Great but one problem 5/5

    By Neonxgirl
    I had a lot of fun playing BitLife for a long time now but when I got the new update it kept kicking me out of the app so I couldn’t get on and I really want to play the new update and find out what the new things that were added I’m not sure if it’s just me that it’s happening too and it may just be a problem on my part but I hope this problem gets fixed soon
  • Annoyed 3/5

    By pxpiSG
    Sometimes It doesn’t let me click on a certain choice and freezes the whole game which causes me to restart it and it still freezes if i click a choice , might delete the game if it keeps doing that
  • Babies 5/5

    By Renelovetingz
    Can we have a thing where with the craziness level of a person that you’re with, whenever they are pregnant it can show that the baby is either yours or someone else’s and if you want to keep the baby or not and if they insist you can break it off? I know the keep it or not and break it off is in the game already but more involved in with if the child is yours or not kind of thing.
  • Years 5/5

    By lazy_bones 123
    I have an idea for making a character you can pick the year your born like 1999 or 99 bc
  • The honor bar 5/5

    By 123 peppermint tea
    The game is great but I only have 1 idea I think there should be a honor bar. Like in one of the choices like help a friend cheat on a test you’re honor goes down but if you choose to help him or her study instead then you’re honor goes up. I think there should be 3 colors for the honor bar which is red, gray, and green. Red for 49 and under. Gray just 50. Then green for 51 and up. Thank you for the wonderful game
  • Jacobi 5/5

    By OBJ031409
    It’s great because
  • More with politics 5/5

    By JmoDaKid92!!!
    More political options would be great
  • More crime 5/5

    By AveryKK
    I think more crime should happen like start gangs make lots of money etc
  • Love❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Kollir
    I absolutely love this game 100%. I can play this game no matter where I am no matter where I go and I love it. I told my friends all about this game and they absolutely without a doubt love this game.
  • It is good 5/5

    By bossladiequeen Montana
    I love your game
  • Option to run for office and buy stocks 5/5

    By R'Fahay
    Hi there. I would love the option to run for office (mayor, city council, Congress, President!) and run a campaign with the chance of losing or winning. I think a stock market would also be a solid addition.
  • Sports 5/5

    We should be able to become a professional athletes or be superstar athletes as a job
  • This game really needs an LGBT update 4/5

    By Prepare you diddly hole
    I’ve been a bitizen for a while and I’ve enjoyed every update that the developers have produced, but they need to stop ignoring the request of their LGBT bitizens and add more realistic LGBT options to the game. Some things that could be added are: -Having LGBT parents -Pride Parades -Gender dysphoria being added instead of the player simply choosing to be transgender -More trans related surgeries/medical things such as, Top surgery, HRT, facial femininization/masculation -More scenarios related to being LGBT such as parents not accepting you/accepting you, disownment, bullying, or just other things related to being LGBT -Having your characters happiness go down slowly if you choose for them to be a sexuality that they aren’t. -a GSA club at school This is just a small things that could be added to make the LGBT experience on BitLife feel more realistic. The developers seem to just brush any requests towards an LGBT update under the rug and it’s very disheartening.
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By SerpentKing1015
    BitLife is an amazing game but I also have a suggestion that you should be able to become president
  • Bit life is awesome 5/5

    By Arden Heimbach
    I love BitLife so much it’s so much fun I’m so attached to it! I’m in love with it, it rlly teaches u how to live a life it’s so much fun I would 100% play BitLife!!!
  • Better criminals/ army 3/5

    By ⛏❤️🥰
    So most people are talking about crushes and that stuff but but life needs a better army like there’s a war or something , same for the criminals yes we got a jail update but like make their crime sneaker eg. you steal something replace the D.N.A stuff like that this is a. Great game tho!♡
  • One idea 5/5

    By Haysjshoxhg
    This game is literally the best... I play it like all the time. But I kind of wish that instead of a fling you should be able to actually date two people (I know it’s cheating) but I feel like that would be kinda fun tbh but idk.
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By mbb.27
    Really fun, age should be 13+ not 17+, as long as you are responsible. I want more ribbon options, and more choices. Also a way you can customize by name, and hair color, etc. Also can there be an option for bitzens to edit beauty/stupidity? THAT WOULD HELP A LOT THANKS
  • ADS 5/5

    By reveiw god 123
    Dear creators, I love your game! Absolutely amazing!💯 I wanted to thank you for your hard work and dedication, the game has many Interesting and fun things to do, but their is one small problem.. the ads..maybe you guys could make it ad free?¿
  • Ok I guise 5/5

    By jshsbdbdh
    Poopie this game is awsome
  • This game is amazing and if I could rate it from 1 to 100 it would be 100,000 5/5

    By jake💯😀
    To be honest bitlife is my favorite game on my phone. So I want to have shoe/clothes stores because it will be able to increase your popularity on social media or at school.and I want to be able to have sports jobs as a grown up.
  • Love it and there’s a few more things you could add 5/5

    By Berby Banks
    Love this game!! I think there’s so many cool things and there’s also cool things you can add. First, politics and presidency. You could have a special category in activities for voting and politics. You can run for president if you want!! Next, an online button. It would be cool if you could connect your friends to your bitlife and have them play as your parents or siblings or kids!! Speaking of kids, can you make it so you can take your kids and husbands/wives/kids etc to the doctor? It would really help! I think it would also be cool if you could add a middle name section when you name a baby. And also can you add birth certificates? Also, can you add stores and restaurants? You could buy things and access them in your finances category! I hope you consider my ideas!
  • Time Machine 3/5

    By Anti time machine money
    It’s a bit ridiculous that paid players still have to pay for a time machine, lets be honest here no one is going to pay just to go back in time in this game, especially the people who already paid to get the ad’s and etc taken out
  • The game is OK 1/5

    By wwroemer
    On my “iPhone 11 Pro Max”. It wont WORK. So I can’t play at all. I played once on the iPad, I got a bitcidizon or what ever they are called. And it won’t work at all! I WANT A REFUND, btw!
  • Great game , full of humor 5/5

    By Elusnary
    I love all the slang seems you use even though I don’t know any of them . I like the system how it is and the game seems pretty customizable for the player . Every life has the potential to be unique because how much work you put into the game and I play the game for that reason . B. The only thing I want to be seen added is a political career , I could imagine it like you just get a small town politcan job when you decide such as a local councilwoman/man of your city and you have as a local political a meter of popularity which allows you to do certain things that will either get you better work performance or more popularity or set you up with a faction like the majority voters or the minority voters ideas are all different and you decide what to do for them and then when you get to the national level of government like prime minister or president your popularity bar is still there but you have a power bar which is representing you nation power and like with the other this allows you to do certain things . I could also see a politican have certain agendas like military to economy or personal ambitions agenda which might effect what type of scenarios occur . I could go on and on as I play this game to much and always like the updates .
  • Not number 1 life sim, 3/5

    By The bob cox
    It’s number two >:( I’m mad as chandler when he loses the challenge
  • Love 5/5

    By bobshdka
    Needs more crime selling drugs and beable to do gang jobs in prison and more underground crime like bank robberies stores and gang wars
  • Love this game!!! 5/5

    By Brandifaye91
    Download it you won’t regret it!
  • STROKES 2/5

    By GatoradeFACE
    I really like this game a lot alright, but after I bought the $5 premium edition my people started randomly dying from strokes when they entered they’re early twenties. This game would easily be 4/5 but I can’t accept that my BitLife people that are perfectly heathy just randomly die especially since the only way to replay a character is to go back in time. Unfortunately the only way to go back in time is to pay real money :(
  • I love this game I played it when I had an Android 5/5

    By missbhadie97
    Now I gotta iPhone 6s Plus n I downloaded this game on it last week n it's a good game to play when u are bored 😘
  • Become a professional sports player 5/5

    By Nate Robinnson
    I love Bitlife! Its a terribly wonderful. I just wish that we could become a professional football, soccer, baseball, hockey, or basketball player.
  • Developers 5/5

    By queerfear
    You guys are awesome! You all work so hard and I am so proud of how far you guys have come. I’ve been supporting y’all pretty much since BitLife launched! Every update is amazing and I know it’s gonna keep getting better. BitLife has really helped me. Games that you control a characters life in are my favorite, and this is the only mobile app that has done that right. Keep doing what you’re doing guys. I love you all ❤️🥺

BitLife - #1 Life Simulator app comments

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