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BitLife - Life Simulator

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  • Current Version: 1.11
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Candywriter, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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BitLife - Life Simulator App

How will you live your BitLife? Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. It's all up to you...

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BitLife - Life Simulator app reviews

  • Not appropriate 1/5

    By ms puppy
  • Fun but can be repetitive 4/5

    By Foxypanda
    I play this durning my down time at work. I really enjoy the game and look forward to new improvements and updates like pets, sports and etc. However the game can get repetitive. I have 5 grandkids all named the same thing. Names seem to limited so think of you own. I have also noticed the longer you stay married, the harder it is to keep your wife or husband happy. The relationship will suddenly go down hill till you divorce. Why? And why don’t you have the choice to talk or spend time with them like with children? Its random. Please fix that. Events such as catching your kids doing something and promotion are random as well. Some events never happen at all it seems. Certain schools and jobs are hard to get into and its harder to advance. My character had been a judge for 30 years and no matter how many times I tried to move him up to a court judge, he was denied. Children’s gender seem to be random not sure. One character had nothing but girls. Even when I had him divorce and marry someone else, he had nothing but girls. Even love children were all girls. That couldn’t be random. Not one boy. Its hard to improve your intelligence. Documentaries appear random and even going to the library every day doesn’t help. All and all I do enjoy the game. I hope the devs make improvements to it.
  • great game 5/5

    By taehuyngsqt
    i love this game i always play it ! but some opinions on the new version and some updates :) , i think the game should have pets , get back with your ex , to take pregnancy test , that’s all my suggestions but in all the game is G R E A T ;) <3

    By hshsbshanbsjBxnakanxnska
    Love the game but there is a fortnite ad that you can’t click out of and I keep getting it so I can’t play
  • It’s yhuuuge 4/5

    By WeHungry8
    Wish it would let me pick between all of the college majors every time
  • Great Game 4/5

    By OrangePrez
    I enjoy playing this game a lot! It’s very time consuming and entertaining! However, I wish there was a lot more to do. It’s getting repetitive and as much as I enjoy the game I sometimes start to get and just start a new life because I instantly get bored again. There’s a get expelled out of school achievement and there is just no way possible that I can get expelled if I don’t have the option. I would also like to add that when I die a lot of my characters don’t necessarily have kids but they end up having a lot of nieces and nephews and I would like to have the option to leave extended family money behind as well. Maybe add some Aunts, uncles and grandparents to make the game more realistic as well. Also I was interested in the game maybe having a legacy going on. Like if I die then I can play with one of my children’s lives. I don’t just rambling on. The game is still great I would just like to see more options.
  • One more click needed 3/5

    By jodieberry
    You really, really, really need to add a button for people to delete unwanted life histories from the cemetery. I can’t stress this enough. It’s been the annoyance #1 issue among many users online. We appreciate this game but really can’t stand to see a ton of unwanted lives accumulating in the folder, and being unable to delete them or having to scroll through to find the few lives that are really important to the users.
  • You’ll get pulled in 5/5

    By bitlife addict
    This game is very addictive and I’ve spent way to many hours on it. The game is so out there and some of the things that happen leave you thinking what the heck just happened. I think some cool things for the game would be, be able to get a job as a teenager. Have a job in college to help pay for college so you’re less in debt, have features where you can get a new piercing or dye your hair and it actually show up on your person. Be able to own pets, more college degrees would be cool to :))
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! 1 Thing 5/5

    By Marbles Vanblaricom
    Hello! THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING!!!!!! The Only Thing I Want Is More Options To Do. I Also Wanna Get A Sergeant For Gay Couples(Sorry If I Spelt Anything Wrong)
  • I have bad grammar sorry 5/5

    By Maya poo
    It's a f***ed up game but it's fun i have lots of good life's and only 2 bad ones but I like the bad ones escaping jail is fun.
  • Fun 5/5

    By heyoimcool
    Love it and it’s really addicting❤️
  • Some feature suggestions 5/5

    By Azalle
    Would like to see the option to start a business. Thanks.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Duck-man213383
    I love this game it’s free with barely any in app purchases and no gem purchases like most games now
  • Lottery update idea 5/5

    By Nick .D
    A update on the lottery in this game would seem quite necessary to the developments of this game. The way the lottery should/could be updated are limitless, your team of developers could add in different types of lottery tickets such as scratch offs or something like that, but mostly you should make the update to where you can get money from the lottery if you don’t have the jackpot but not to much.
  • Absolutely adore this game 5/5

    By Raegirl987
    By fair the best game I have ever played. It is my most used app according to my phone haha. But I would more with it. More options with the beginning stages of life. Maybe after school activities, best friends, and possibly in the older stages of ones life. Great-grand children, cause when you’re 100 and your grandkid of 36, married and no child is a bit odd. But otherwise adding those few small details in the life would make this more enjoyable
  • ?? 5/5

    By 123456789102113212132134501
    It would be great if you add a bar for the crime
  • Amazing! I love this game so much! 🌟🔥 5/5

    By honeyblueface
    This is the first review i’ve ever written and it’s for a reason. If you are considering getting this app, PLEASE DO. I love it so much and it’s probably the best game I have. It’s super addicting and an amazing game overall. I don’t have any problems with them AT ALL and there aren’t many ads. Maybe like 1 every 2 lives. Although I do have one suggestion: maybe have 2 modes, one have random and the other, let the person playing the game have full control over the person. Pick character traits (something you should add in), have control of all of the friends you make (another thing you should add in), and what kind of traits you want your Boyfriend/ Fiancé/ Husband should have (another thing you should add in). Thank you for making this wonderful, amazing game! I hope you consider my ideas!
  • Paw-pular Request 5/5

    By hfsvhjfdv
    I really hope you can breed the pets to make money and I hope there are small animals, not just dogs and cats.
  • It’s good but... 4/5

    By usufsvsbxtctc
    I feel it needs more activities and choices with interaction with other people. For example, if you have an ex lover I feel there should be a chance for you to reconnect with them. Plus more activities for you to do and when you speaking to people can you choose what type of conversation you want to be. And when you take the vacation can it be longer like you can experience what is it like. You can explore and get more choices and more different types of crime. I feel maybe there can be a choice where you can see the whole family tree like in the cemetery you can the family tree of that person. And that you can communicate with outer family members like grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. And even more people
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By Tinkjamin
    Would totally recommend if you’re curious how your life choices would affect your life!
  • I love it 4/5

    By memelife101
    I love the game it’s addicting and all but there could be things about starting businesses and more assets and crime families the person that you are playing as can be abandoned and you can have a part-time job while in school
  • Grate game suggestion tho 5/5

    By lion beast...💛💛
    I know this is a taboo subject but I think you should as puberty and periods ik it’s taboo but in a game like this it should be in it
  • I want more 4/5

    By Jayjayjaybhadd1212
    I would like the aging to be more authentic like with the aging maybe instead of aging with one tap maybe with so we get the year effect close to how it is in the real life so we can do more with our children too. There should be way to make our sons junior and we should have be able to a have a baby shower and gender reveals.With college we should have school titles and be able to pick which college we want to attend like different state colleges or in stay in our hometown.We should be able move within the United States as well.Grandparents who give money in addition to parents. More for pregnancy like being to experience things in the pregnancy and having choice of what kind of birth we wanna have.Birthdays yearly for kids and us with parties or and better execution of our wills.We should get cars from our parents for our sixteenth birthday as a starter car and also starter homes like after we get married it should automatically say buy a home and when we get pregnant we should have the option to get a larger house if needed.with our partners we able to have dates,then an a engagement party,Bachelorette or Bachelor party.When we graduate,get married or having a baby we should get gifts in celebration
  • War never changes 5/5

    By Johnńj
    It doesn’t change. It is a good game, but he military careers are bland. Please add something in the military careers.
  • Love 5/5

    By Dävïs
    Love it but I kinda wish it would be a little more realistic and if only getting out of jail could be easier but otherwise I’m kinda addicted 👍
  • Great game! Please add more! 5/5

    By Pirates112
    I think you should add friends in the game. People that you can meet in kindergarten and stay friends or fight and break the friendship. Also, I think that instead or two boys or two girls being twins, there should also be a chance to be/have girl boy twins. Additionally, I think there should also be more scenarios in general like the way you were conceived, and a way to pick how you convince your own child. There should also be an option to do specific things on a vacation or be able to visit family if you moved away. I hope you considering adding some of these! Thanks!
  • This app is too great 5/5

    By Leeniaae
    This app is the best I pain only 3 dollars to become a blitzen. And this is the best game I can play and I love it keep up the good work!!!! 😄😋😛😎😉😉😉🧐🧐🙃🙃😛🙃
  • Duck 1/5

    By Dinnzallkinnz
    I want to buy a duck
  • Pretty Fun 4/5

    By Dtmac2754
    I’m kinda late to this, but it’s fun.

    By Alyssa Hale
    AMAZING GAME but I have a few complaints. When you add someone to he game the costume character, you should make it where when you add them in they're the same age as your character and when you age up they age up too.Also that the costa mom Cheracters only come up in the love section. Lastly when you have a one night stand with somebody or when you do anything with anyone those people should show up in you relation ship section.
  • Maybe animals 4/5

    By TheLazyBear101
    I really like this game. I like how it has a lot of things to do and choices to make but I just think there should be more. Like I would like it if we could have pets and do things with them. Idk. Walk em feed them maybe become breeders
  • Fun 5/5

    By TheSunBoy2468
    This game is so awesome! You guys should add something where you can become famous like an actor or professional Athlete.
  • SUGGESTIONS!!!! Secret Affairs!! Fooling Around & More!!! 5/5

    By Laicynn
    I would like to see secret affairs, a website where you can pay for a secret affair, and your spouse doesn’t find out (unless... options below) anyways you should also have the option of having a steady fling with one person from the website or just multiple flings over a lifetime. Steady fling Steady flings (side chicks/ side dude should show up as someone to spend time with. Also if you choose to have a steady fling with one person, they should have personality types, one type should be able to extort you for money to keep the secret, another would want to break up you and your spouse out of jealousy or give you an ultimatum if you don’t choose them they tell your wife about the affair, the last type will be completely devoted and will keep the affair a secret until you die. *You shouldn’t know which type of sidechick/man you get until you agree to a relationship or ask for relationship.* Love child Also a secret love child could be a thing for men like a love children page for multiple love children to spend time with, just like grandchildren and nieces and nephews. A jealous side chick should refuse to keep the baby a secret making your wife knowledgeable about the affair, for the extorter they will keep the baby a secret for a price. The devoted lover will keep the secret forever. Fool Around Option Also a fool around/ make love option should be available for random pregnancies (we can then know where or how the baby was conceived like how he know for ourselves in the beginning of the game) the standard have a baby option will be for planned pregnancies obv. Fool around should be available with boyfriends/girlfriends, spouses and side chicks/men. So unplanned pregnancies can happen this way instead. DNA tests For women: DNA tests should be a thing as well. If you fool around with your husband and side guy around the same time and get pregnant, you should pay $500 to know it it’s your husbands child or the side guys kid. There should be a pretend the baby is my husbands option if it’s the side guys kid. The jealous side man will tell your husband, the extorter will extort you, and the devoted type will agree. If you don’t want a DNA test or don’t have the money the father will be unknown and the child's relationship with you should be extremely hard to develop. For men: If your wife has cheated you can get a DNA test, if it isn’t yours you should have two options the you can divorce your wife which should should take away the baby, or adopting the kid and working it out option. Even if the baby is yours you should still be able to divorce her. Break it off If you break off the affair, the jealous type will tell your spouse, and the extorter will make you pay them. You could murder them but jail time is a risk obviously. The devoted lover will respect your decision. You should also be able to abandon your love children if you choice to do so. Multiple flings With the multiple flings the website could have a leak making your spouse knowledgeable, also keeping the baby a secret aka love child option should be here too, if you get a fling pregnant from the one night stand. (if the don’t get an abortion obv.) Child support Also child support payments could be a thing that way you can support the love child/children until they are 18. I don’t think you should pay for tuition. Women should also receive child support from ex boyfriends, ex husbands, and one night stands. Also if your wife outlives you she can find out about the love children at your funeral there should be a sentence about her reaction. Maybe she doesn’t care because she was cheating as well idk. P.s if you have to pay for the full game for some of these options I get it. I bought it because I really like this game and I think other will pay too.
  • BitLife 5/5

    By bry662
    This is the best game ever
  • More Things!! 5/5

    By carmennmiller
    We need to have jobs while in college, and more things to do!!
  • YouTube video!, 5/5

    By jamie oxoxo 123554
    Thank you for the great game I posted it on YouTube I got so many likes!It was so funny I just want to thank you again
  • Hey 5/5

    By kitty sophie
    I love this game soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch🤪😛😻
  • Amazing but.. 5/5

    By SissaLove
    I love this game! I often procrastinate while playing it, and end up wasting 3-5 hours of my life on it. Although, there’s one thing I wish you could include: dogs and cats. I personally think this would be great for when your kids move out in the game or you’re just really lonely, you could get a dog or a cat to keep you company. I’ve thought about this idea for a while and I’m totally all for it if you think about including it. Anyway, it’s a great game, I have recommended it to so many people. It’s fun, exciting, and has surprises around every corner! In love! ❤️
  • Wow. 5/5

    By lil lady Mia
  • More features 5/5

    By GiselleGO
    So I definitely think some of the best things to add - put more varieties of jobs More options of what to major in And you should be able to do more activities MAKE IT TO WHERE IF YOU GET YOUR ONE NIGHT STAND PREGNANT YOU HAVE THE OPTION OF BEING WITH THEM.
  • Add sports careers 5/5

    By Benbam8
    Make it so players can be professional athletes. Another cool idea would be to add a fit or fat bar at the bottom
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By AMusicalNote
    This game has saved me from boredom, gave me a few laughs and has triggered me (sometimes) This game could have more things in it though. Examples being, more genders, job options, more things to do, and maybe more options in the love department. Other than that it’s a really good game!!
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Mehnamjaff
    You should have the ability to be in a crime organization and work your way to crime boss. While you’re in a crime organization you can bribe a judge to lessen your sentence or get you out altogether and as a crime boss you can still work while in prison that would be cool
  • Good but could be great 4/5

    By raul montero1
    Good and addictive fun game, which they add more with sports
  • BitLife 5/5

    By bitlife sniped wolf fan lol
    It’s soo good I’m addicted to it it may be boring but it’s good once you get used to it
  • Great game but... 4/5

    By Xterre7307
    I love this game and all of the new features but the police officer is like right in front of the exit and I can’t barley even can escape can you make it a little bit more easier?
  • Addicted! 5/5

    By theresarae
    Obsessed with this game, more than I’d like to admit actually. As much as I love it, I would love to see more features like dropping out of school (regardless of what parents say), jobs for teenagers so they can realistically buy assets, more job options (why can I never get a job as a psychiatrist?), option to buy a pet could be entertaining, other options of transportation (i.e. buy a bike, pay for public transportation, etc). Again, though, I read/play through multiple life stories each day so it’s already great the way it is. Thanks for being what I never knew I needed, BitLife!
  • This game is awesome 5/5

    By ckeeney93
    This game is the best been addicted since the min a I downloaded it. Can’t stop playing
  • Tips 4/5

    By Albavelez
    You should put companies that can be created by you, also that you could win more being sportsmen and mira things like that

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