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BitLife - Life Simulator App

How will you live your BitLife? Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. It's all up to you... === The "Bitizenship" subscription includes all current and future VIP features, an ad-free experience, unlimited generations, and dark mode. The subscription is a monthly auto-renewable subscription with a free trial period. The subscription price will be charged to your Apple ID account upon confirmation of purchase and in the 24 hours prior to the end of each subscription period. Cancel your subscription at any time in your iTunes Account Settings. If you do not cancel the subscription at least 24 hours prior to the expiry of the trial period, the subscription will automatically convert into a paid auto-renewing subscription

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BitLife - Life Simulator app reviews

  • More stuff 5/5

    By Belle111113
    I think that you should have the parents when your born or later in your BitLife life they should tell you your adopted.And they should have an agency were you could pick your parents. You should be able to pick what they look like, and the kids should have different styles. And when you go to a hair salon it will change your hair on the profile. You should be able to be adopted or abandoned and be able to be in an orphanage.
  • Not fair 4/5

    By min yunji
    I love the new update but I feel like the only problem Is I can’t disrespect teachers because it’s bitcitizen which I don’t think is fair not all of us have the money you know
  • Amazing game few ideas I have 🤷🏾‍♂️ 5/5

    By Dayy_
    Man I love this game In the upcoming updates Could you add a Stock market As well make a career on sports like being a famous player or boxer etc etc Or like if you owe debt Make it to where u can actually die or get beaten if you don’t pay it back?
  • Love this game 5/5

    By 123456779011149
    This game is so much fun to play you know
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By little_kd_lover
    First, you should be able to have relationships with step parents, grandparents, and other distant family. Second, you should also be able to have relationships with your friends as well, like hanging out or pulling pranks together. Also a relationship with your crush. Third, you should able to be born royal (it should be rare), but if you are then you should automatically make you famous. Also you should have a relationship with maids, butlers, etc. As well as arranged marriages. When you get older you can take over and be able to execute people and make laws. Fourth, you should be able to be born in different time eras. Like you could be born in the ice age and you should be able to hunt wooly Mammoths, cave loins, and saber tooth tigers. Or you could be born in medieval times and have like the plague or discover new land. Fifth, if your parents are famous than so should you. Lastly, when you make a custom life you should be able to decide what the amount of looks or smarts should be. Thanks for reading! Keep the updates coming!
  • Crime 5/5

    By Brandon9612
    Enjoy the game, but would enjoy it much more with more options in crime.
  • Weird request 5/5

    By now195
    Can we hook up with family? Like siblings and parents, maybe friends. Also, what about choosing what kind of school your child would be in, and how much it will cost. First dates. But I really love this game, my favorite!
  • nice 5/5

    By Ashleyfalk
    it'd be cool if you could do more stuff with your career, like what you've added with school by talking to people. and also military benefits for when you retire/get injured
  • Sports career 5/5

    By theoneandonlygraham
    This game would be way funnier if it had an option to go down a pro sports career like national or international leagues, making the extracurricular school options have a good use
  • Cool game 5/5

    By Extras at the end
    I think this is a great game you should have a child friendly version as well, my kids would love this in a kid friendly game they love simulators and I think it would be great for them to learn about choices and consequences in a child friendly game like this Also, I have a question can you pourpousely get pregnant and how
  • Its cool 4/5

    By Matemia
    I like it but has a lot of ads
  • The best game I ever played but.. 5/5

    By BigDickDom45
    If you could please update faster
  • This app is ok 2/5

    By its polly
    The game is cool but after a while you get bored
  • It’s amazing’ 5/5

    By Dark Slayer2000
    It’s a good game and I play it every day. But every time I play I have to watch a ad every 6 choices. And you always have to pay on all the apps just to get yes ads I feel like it’s NOT FAIR😔. but everything other then that I love this app a lot especially choose your own scenario! I have a couple ideas for the game too! I think you should make a option to flirt with your family members and or get into a baby relationship. Another thing I think you should add is you should be able to make your own business and get to name it and be able to choose who works there. A thing you should add to being famous is like you should be able to have the option to be a youtuber! Thanks for reading this if you could!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By @#catintheflame
    It’s super weird and makes you feel bad about yourself! It should be removed from the App Store -Parker
  • Amazing. I have ideas 5/5

    By Lagomorph10029
    I love this game. I did pay for bitizenship, and I do not regret it. However what if you were able to change your religion. Change you actual characters appearance be royalty. This game is so cool I hope I hear from the developers. EDIT: Some one fix this. Sometimes my goal becomes to get a ribbon. MAKE IT EASIER TO GET ADDICTED. I have been trying for 15 lives straight and I am never able to get enough addictions to get that ribbon. Make it easier please
  • My Suggestion To Make It Better 5/5

    By lokdjd
    My only addition is to add a sports career.I know you guys are awesome and you can expand.But I wanna see more options with sports
  • This Bitizen Loves It! 5/5

    By Durrelldawg
    Huge fan of the game. I got it a long time ago and I can’t believe how much has been added to it. I do have an idea. Perhaps you could add a mini game for the murder and grand theft auto crimes. I like the mini games you have implemented so far and I like playing a game over just chance. Also, maybe add some white collar crimes like embezzlement. Maybe you could add a vigilante option so I can be like Batman too. If none of those make the cut I’m still super happy with the game. You guys are awesome! Keep it up!
  • I love this Game.But I have a few suggestions 5/5

    By Tommygordo
    This game is great and I have had so much fun playing it.One feature I especially like is the sports mechanic in school.I think that could be developed more into a job.I think it could be in a similar situation with the social media mechanic and if you have more fans or followers you get more money and become famous.You could also make a small mine game to see how good your character is.One more thing I would like to suggest is a better money management system.You could make it a bit more in depth and add a stock market.
  • I love this game 5/5

    By funktronbon
    But for the affer school thing there sports and I wanted to know if u could add like a football player or like we could not go to school and do videos but that it
  • Crime before 18 5/5

    By sheuxbeb
    Let me rob houses and steal cars before I am 18!!!
  • Love to see more 5/5

    By Ashfeather4
    Personally, I love this game very much! It has a very steady gameplay and very active producers working on it! One thing I would love to see are more features relating family life and such. As an example, I would love to see you born to adopted parents, and not knowing until they tell you, giving you the choice of either yelling at them, or thanking them for telling you. Another thing I would like to see are family businesses and what house you live in as a child. It would be amazing to see generations passed down as you age and such. I’d also love to see an update on the profile of the character. I’d love to see more features added, liking dying hair, wearing glasses, either being ugly or pretty, and stuff along those lines. The BitLife producing team does wonderful work, and I can’t wait to see more in the future!!
  • Awesome game, few things needed. 4/5

    By Ambiverts
    I believe this game should have more stuff added, however, it is an amazing fun game. I think there should be more explanation with the jobs and University because sometimes it doesn’t let me go to University to further explore my subjects. I do not know why, in school it says I’m doing well. I also think there should be more options that are newer especially more stuff to do as a child because it’s mostly being bullied. I also think that there should be more pet availability and kid options to decide who you want to adopt. I wish there was also more self things and addiction/crimes to have. There could be a lot more stuff to add but here is a few, love the game!
  • Please add mobster 5/5

    By Frenchflacco
    Please make a mobster career. Allow players build relationships with their mob affiliates and get promotions up to Don. Also allow players to choose their capos and hit member and wage wars with a statistic mechanics based on gang strength. Chance of r.i.c.o imprisonments, death by rival hits, or backstabbing. Can relocate to get out of a life of crime. Or enter witness protection which will give you a new identity. Please add this
  • 😬 5/5

    By twiser321
    Me and my brother have the same apple account so when he downloaded this app I got it to I started playing it but than realized this was not for kids I looked at the app agin and it said 17+ I am not 17+🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By Liss2244
    Love the game but you could add so many more features. Suggestion: People you date some should have kids Able to be in contact with significant other baby mama baby daddy if together Go back to school after receiving a degree to receive a different degree should be an option All studies should be available when you try to go to college you only have a few options to study... all should be available Child support and custody battles All I can think of now overall great game keep updating it to keep people interested
  • ADS 2/5

    By Lathird1738
    There are so many ads in this game, the stupid Tetris gram ad is stuck in my head and will never leave. You can’t go 1 minute without an ad popping up. Absolute sell out game. Even with cel off the ads come. Cool game though
  • A Few Ideas 5/5

    By krapplegate
    The game is really fun but in my honest opinion, I think you could make a few changes. I have a few ideas and those are: 1. Be able to date and kiss at any age 2. Be able to make love, use the dating app, and hookup any age, it would be more realistic that way 3.Be able to start drinking and smoking at any time 4. You should be able to start a business and be able to hire and fire people 5. You should be able to move to different cities whenever you feel like it 6. Have other jobs like a child care provider, pet store owner, pet groomer Those are just ideas I believe would make the game a little more interesting.
  • Love It!!! 5/5

    By NicNotNick
    Love the game, but a suggestion of mine would be to allow players to donate to charity while living instead of only in their will. This game is amazing and I hope for more updates to come soon!!
  • Love this game but... 5/5

    By David6302
    I think it needs some more stuff. Like, when the character dies you show a little movie clip kind of like episode but bitlife. Or show options on the bottom and you guys animate it or something? Please. That Would be so AWESOME! Thank you!
  • Epic 5/5

    By dockfjxjc
  • Need to add to game 5/5

    By shruegshc
    OK don’t me wrong BitLife it is a great game but I have had twins boys and girls but I was wondering if you could add one boy and one girl for twins but it would be rare and when you get married and your partner is working I think that it should add to your money.
  • This is my favorite!! 5/5

    By everything is taken so this !
    The game is an amazing game! Each and every round is so fun and addicting! There is hardly ever adds, and this game is free. I would rate it an 5. There is nothing I dislike about it. You never know what’s going to happen! I would 1000000% recommend!!!!!!!!!!
  • Amazing!! + suggestions 5/5

    By AngeLevi
    I LOVE BitLife! To make it more interesting, though, it’d be cool if we can be born into a royal family and have royal duties, fight for the crown with our siblings, have arranged marriages, etc. Or be born as a famous person’s child (both the royal and famous parents can be rare options since that’s more realistic). Also! I seen someone else’s review and they had the same idea as me. The different time periods would be AMAZING! Like, each country has their traditional/medieval times where you can be born as a maid/manservant, prince/princess, noble, peasant, merchant, etc. Also, sports careers would be awesome, too! And can we have more scholarship choices? Like, depending on the actives you take up in high school, you can apply for a music, sports, or academic scholarship.
  • Great Game -LISTEN TO MY IDEAS 5/5

    By prlrev
    PLZ LISTEN TO MY IDEAS Some suggestions that I would like to make that I feel like people aren’t saying. Interactions within fame -supermodel can walk shows -pop singer can tour and do albums -porn star can post on a site : like a bithub -awards and award shows Religion -can convert to anything or be agnostic or atheist -show parents religious affiliation (if they have one) Assests -move in together -when you get married, will you share your finances? Or keep it separated? Will you move in together? To whose house? Will you share cars? -accounts, and investments -If you’re getting married to a single parent you can adopt their child/children -blended families stepmother, stepfathers, and step siblings should appear in family relationships -if divorce: custody agreements -if kid moves out, tell us where they moved, (also if they get a car) and make it appear if you play as the child -if the child stays in the house for too long, kick them out! Politics -politician career -in the states, president, Secretary of State, etc. -have a banner, running for president, be able to pick running mate,etc -in other countries the systems are different so the political jobs should be according to the system -dictators, oligarchs, etc. -CIA/intelligence officers -options to make laws, bribe, etc -with each bitizen the political affiliation should be shown Also the option to be adopted from a parent, or a gay couple of its legal in that country
  • Many Ideas 5/5

    By ransom555
    Such a great game!!! I have a many suggestions though. 1. Interaction with extended family. Being about to talk to in-laws, grandparents, and aunts. 2. Interaction with friends. Maybe you talk to people outside school, and in school. Once you get to a certain % they pop up in the relationship bar. 3. Punishments- your parents can ground you. Say, they’re really religious and you get pregnant young. They could yell and convince an abortion. 4. Step parents/ siblings- when a parent gets re-married, you can see your step parents and siblings. Maybe even half siblings. 5. Pro-sports. 6. Royalty. You can be born into it, or marry into it. Thank you for the best game ever! No need to respond, but think about it!!! Just waiting for the next update
  • Some Suggestions. (I love the game!!) 4/5

    By NickBishop47
    Okay so I love this game it’s one of the few games I bought the full version and still have on my phone! And I love that y’all are constantly updating and making it better!! But I wanted to throw a few ideas at y’all if you read and add I love that!! • So like my first thing and BIGGEST thing is could y’all make it a bit more interactive, like for example I was playing as a guy in Mexico had a solid relationship going she just dumped me no like pre-existing problems. If she’s going to do this have her pull away acked up make comments. Also like it’s always me ask for vacations and this and that I feel it would be spectacular for them to kinda be involved in these things. Instead of the character you use making every decision. Next still on this interactive topic, if you get married why aren’t the incomes mixed? Like main character and significant other should share an income. Just a thought, that would make divorces more scary. Still I really enjoy that they have a say kinda. Like when my wife in a game I played got pregnant she decided to keep it. That’s awesome, but tbh that completely took away our say as players of the game. So maybe a happy medium, (I say this cause it happened 4 times out of 4). Basically just want my life to have effects based on the out side world. •Also my kids, I can’t influence them teach them or raise them, so they just are like kids I know taking away from the parenting. I also have no idea what goes on in there lives which would be cool! •Following the kid idea, I would LOVE if instead of picking up the life of your offspring that instead you followed the life of your offsprings offspring. So like if I’m Tony and I have a kid Grace, and I raise grace to be a ___________ (gay,straight,bi or hard-worker,slacker or band,sports) then she’d have kids or adopt and then as the player Tony I’d start up as Graces kid, instead of being a 40 or 50 year old woman who’s life is almost over. •Another small idea is maybe do half a year at a time or by seasons, I feel time might pass a little fast, like you see your mother once in 365 days and she’s on great terms is wild. (I understand if this one is hard because people’s attention span is small, but it could be a (difficult version)) •Not lastly but lastly I got, we need the ability to be in or start gangs/cartels/drug dealers outside of jail. I’d never smoke or do drugs but everyone would love to be the bad guy sometimes, and since there is porn in murder I feel this could be something we had or could do. And like if in school you start the life of selling drugs or stealing from convenience stores you could start some crazy cartel. Also (I haven’t tested this but becoming a professional athlete like Olympics, MLB, NBA, etc would be an awesome awesome feat!!!! (I have now tested it a bit later and I’ll vouch it might need a bit more of an athletic profession built in, and maybe a mini game when you do the practice harder! I just think it would be really cool also if you could pic your college. That might make it feel a bit more interactive)), but if you do this you need an athletic ability. (Which I haven’t found one that’s visible, which in short if you opened up your personal info and it was there that be cool!) but back to the also, entrepreneurs, owning ur own business, growing it, working hard for it could be cool but understandably complicating to code or develop. Anyway I love the updates you have added to the jail and schooling I think it’s been a GREAT touch and i hope they keep coming rapidly! *new up date have you guys as developers heard of Simulife, I’d say maybe look at it they have a ton of details that might add to your guys game, tho I don’t think they give the player any freedom where bit life gives almost only freedom no life happening upon you. All I’m saying is they have a few good ideas that if y’all implemented it could be a nice touch. (They also have a large spread of jobs and schools, but they lack a lot off the gameplay details BitLife has) (basically all I’m saying is though there game lacks a lot and isn’t very fun a few of there ideas might be useful. Like pro sports, more degrees etc.) I don’t know if I have helped with any of my suggestions but I enjoy the game and hope to get tons of updates soon!
  • Adore the game! 5/5

    By Madyison Polk
    This is the most fun game I’ve ever downloaded. Here is a list of things I wish for a new update! 1. Step parents! 2. Get adopted if your parents die before adulthood 3. More Sexuality choices (Pansexual etc) 4. More activity choices ! Thanks so much BitLife creators for making this game!♡
  • Really good 5/5

    By jajajajaejwjwowoqmqnwjw
    Yesss I really like and hopefully you guys a sprit as a job😁!
  • Add more careers 5/5

    By Tabwab819
    I love this game but can you make it wear you can make a sport a career and also for college add all the choices instead of just a couple of degrees per life, I also think you guys should add stuff to be able to change on your person and what he/she looks like other then that I LOVE IT
  • It’s good but... 3/5

    By Aürōa
    You always have high blood pressure in every life and then have a massive heart attack and die .. I don’t like that because I want to go on to age 99. Which I never get to see . It’s kind of annoying but the game is awesome it self . :)
  • Dogs 5/5

    By cookie swirl crunch
    Then next update should be were u can have sx with ur dog or your dog can make u pregnant
  • Awesome app will recommend 5/5

    By le oof doof
    I love this app but if only bitzitizen wasn’t money I love this ap either way! was free! Keep updating
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Rashad35
    This game is so fun :) the devs are always replying and updating like omg this is the best game ever i have on thing to ask I WANT TO BE A DRUG DEALER IN BITLIFE ANDDD THATS IT
  • Amazing but some Suggestions 5/5

    By Debalia
    I love this game. I play it EVERYDAY!! I do have some suggestions, too. I did see how someone said about the adopt thing and I think that’s a great idea. And I also think when you make a custom life, maybe can you customize what they look like? Amazing game too! 10/10 recommend!!!
  • Pro sports 5/5

    By funniestlace
    Now that the game has basketball, baseball, etc. the developers should add a way to be a professional sport player and possibly get famous from it.
  • some suggestions !! 5/5

    By qwertttttya
    i love this app so much, i’m seriously so addicted!! it would be cool to add a few things tho, such as: -interacting with the character’s friends more! it shows you have friends but only in select situations. it would be cool to see them in the relationship parts. and have like a find a friend button. and like have it where u can spend time with them, ask for money, etc. and maybe even have some friendships turn into something more. -the ability to go to court and change your name! -ability to run away from home or be adopted if your parents die -sometimes when i’m married and i adopt a child the other parent doesn’t show up as the kid’s parent, so maybe could you fix that? overall, again, i love this app so much and you guys have done an amazing job.
  • Bitlife 5/5

    By keelikylie19
    This game is so awesome and so releastic and it kinda see what you cans do in the future so thanks for this app !!!
  • More ideas 5/5

    By ainsleydog
    I love this game but the addition of friends would be so much fun also kids should be allowed to be abandoned leaving when your character is a kid and you sould be able to have gay or lesbian parents and for crush you should have them as a relationship along with the friends I think having Christmas thanksgiving birthdays would be fun to overall great game

BitLife - Life Simulator app comments

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