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Bitmoji App

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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Bitmoji app reviews

  • Not the best 1/5

    By Ryanmh200
    I can’t connect to their network... I had made one before but I couldn’t ever change it and the app always saids “no network connectivity” ultimately rejecting my use of bitmoji.
  • User linking 5/5

    By Bl4kM4rk
    Only if there was a way to link Bitmojis with other users... 🤔. Just a thought.
  • Bossmandudebromancool 5/5

    By Boiocugdffg
    The only problem I had was when it says "can not connect to server". Pls help and tell me what to do with this. :(
  • I also agree with you and we would like more outfits!! Lol hats and earrings nice boots and bags! 5/5

    By Ms MPimentel
    I love you
  • Pretty cool 2/5

    By Lane221
    But can we get more maternity wear for us pregnant ladies?? These 6 outfits we have aren’t cute for one and aren’t flattering
  • Outfits 3/5

    By Mekate14
    Please add more stylish maternity outfits, the current ones aren’t that great....
  • Step your game up 5/5

    By Compa20_
    You guys need to come up with a way of letting us to Snapchat users dress our own emoji‘s with whatever clothes we like not outfits you guys choose
  • Tomorrow’s daily blog 5/5

    By dufdgbhfcb
    I LOVE Bitmoji but I think you should add some REALLY CUTE fall clothes and some not hair styles -sincerely Bella
  • Yasmeen’s Review 5/5

    By The Chrismas lover
    I LOVE Bitmoji!!But the only thing we need is more winter outfits!And I would like more hair styles!But I always love to text my friends and family with Bitmoji!!!!Me and my friends always wait for updates for new adventures! -Sincerely Yasmeen
  • Clothes 2/5

    By me myself and die
    I would like to mix and match my tops, pants and accessories. So my bitmoji could match my style more.
  • It won’t loadddd 3/5

    By Luna_Travlynshipper15
    Ok, I love Bitmoji, but when I try to send them, they just don’t load!! I tried cellular, shutting off my phone, WiFi, but nothing works!! Maybe it’s because I don’t have snap chat or whatever. I need this fixed ASAP!!
  • love the new update but craving more 5/5

    By evictoriao
    i love how bitemoji keeps adding new outfits! keep it up. it’s fun!
  • Search 5/5

    I really like the bitmoji. The only thing I wish you would do differently on your app is have a search on it without having to look through every one of them. Like the bitmoji does in my text message. Thanks.
  • Nice but... 4/5

    By .:Paige:.
    Needs more customization options!! And more hairstyles. Especially for clothes!!!!! Like options where you could pick what top you want, what pants, what shoes etc.
  • Hairstyles 4/5

    The only reason this is a four and not a five is cause of the hair. Like if someone with waves chooses the hair the hairline isn’t even straight. I would just like to see more diversity and accurate hairstyles 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Merry Christmas 1/5

    By christain 546
    I wish I New how to delete this sight. Since they only have Happy Hanukkah , no Merry Christmas. So very unhappy.
  • broken!!! help! 1/5

    By grace deglandon
    bitmoji wont let me edit my bitmoji when i login in from my snap itll say “oops there was a problem connecting to your server” or something like that. pls fix, id like to play around with my bitmoji!
  • Cowboy hats 4/5

    By booger brown
    There should be cowboy hats that look realistic
  • I miss the original bit strips 5/5

    By TrainSounds
    This is great too, but it would be nice if they brought back the one where you can do comics with your friends.
  • Love my Bitmoji, but... 4/5

    By Jkayq21
    As an older Christian woman who dresses modestly in real life, I’d really appreciate a dress option that was below the knee. It doesn’t have to be boring, just longer. Not all of us are into mini skirts. Other than that, I’d give Bitmoji a 5 star rating. I love how inclusive all of the other options are. Would really love to have a more modest option for us “old fashion” types. Thanks!
  • 👌 4/5

    By novelflower
    my one and only complaint is that the clothes are straight garbage and theres only like 3 things i actually like. needs more style variety especially
  • Outfits 3/5

    By The hobbit eman
    Basically, I don’t really use this app very frequently, however I have it linked to my snap and have snapmaps turned on so essentially all of my friends see what my bitmoji looks like. the actual way my bitmoji looks is fine but the outfits that are available aren’t super great. my biggest complaint of you will is there are literally no outfits for males that have shorts and a long sleeve shirt. being someone who doesn’t really wear long pants very much but I do wear long sleeves in the colder months, it would be super great if you could put out some simple but nice long sleeve shirt with shorts outfits. if you do, i’ll increase my rating. I honestly don’t care that much but it’d just be nice.
  • Missing features 3/5

    By AznGangsta
    I love using bitmoji to communicate with friends and family! However, I wish there was an option to add beauty marks to your bitmoji. If Cindy Crawford was able to break the modeling world by making people with beauty marks more confident about their appearance, why can’t an app do the same thing? I think it’s vital that people have the option to create an avatar that represent their true identity and not what is considered the norm. Once this is fixed, I’d give the app a 5 star review!
  • Outfits 3/5

    By Fallybug44
    Need better outfits
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By AwesomenessC3
    Bitmoji is amazing and it lets you send a mini animated person to your friends. It's a really cool app and there's all kinds of features.
  • Not very inclusive 2/5

    By Nshsndjsnednkshdsnjsuwnsbsk
    As a person who wears hijab, I don’t think it’s considerate enough. When outfits with hats are put on, they remove the hijab. There are only like 4 colors and one style of hijab. They should expand more.
  • Hairline options 5/5

    By barbiie.teresa
    The app is cool but a hairline feature would be a nice addition!
  • update it to be cuter 2/5

    By Why can't I follow people?
    You sould add nails to it and nail polish also to make it more fun and cute
  • Fun but more diversity??? 3/5

    By bubblestee
    I feel like my Bitmoji looks nothing like me due to the fact that I have certain features that aren’t represented. Can you add bigger lips and more hairstyles? Specifically, different lengths of Afro hair and bigger lips. Everything else is SUPPPEEER FUN AND CUTE! Love the outfits!!!
  • Won’t let me login with the correct email 1/5

    By cccramer88
    Says my email is invalid when it is and won’t let me sign up under different emails either
  • Variety 3/5

    By 😐❤️
    Honestly, this is a good app but it just needs more clothing and more hairstyles. Especially more curly hair styles. 😩😩

    By Spidergirl5728
    This app works so well! My bitmoji looks like me which other apps like this cannot do really. My only complaint is that there is no option for a WHEELCHAIR, CRUTCHES, CASTS, and other equipment many people use daily. There’s also no option for BRACES or VITILIGO. But otherwise, the app is great!
  • I just love this App 5/5

    By Rozie Babie 48
    I love this app it just makes my text messages that much more interesting and I loved the cartoons skits they use to do I wish they would bring that back to 😆
  • Not as good on new iPhone 3/5

    By Not as good on XS
    I loved the bitmoji app on my iPhone 7, but since upgrading to the new XS, the bitmoji prompted me for a “better” bitmoji .... NOT. I like the old one better, but you can’t “go back”. New one is supposed to look more like me, but doesn’t. It looks strange.
  • Needs more variety of makeup and hairstyles! 4/5

    By Zchatna
    My hair is a specific look. I hate having to choose one or the other.
  • curly hair 3/5

    By Junebuf
    i like bitmoji in general but i wish the bitmoji deluxe style had more curly hair options. i have long curly hair and none of the options look like my hair. when i took the selfie the best it could give me was a texture that looked like mine but over half the length
  • Why my image is too small on iphone7?? 1/5

    By 1180p
    I’m frustrating when others are bigger than mine? My Bitmoji image is like smallest as thumbnail!!! Something wrong with your app. I want the image size back normal!
  • outfits🤧 5/5

    By kai.031
    i love bitmoji but it would be awesome if we could have customizable outfits:)
  • BRACES! 4/5

    By lionesslover🦁👱🏻‍♀️
    Plz add braces! Different colors would be nice, and I think I thought more ppl would be happy! Thx for reading. Good app nice work keep it up
  • Add more types of facial hair. 4/5

    By IDontWriteReviewsOftenBut
    I think this speaks for a lot of people. There needs to be more styles for facial hair added. I have a beard myself, and I have to use the beard with the goatee/mustache because it resembles my beard the most; however, I don’t have a goatee and it really throws off the look of my Bitmoji. It would be very useful and simple if you could add this soon. Thank you.
  • Almost 5 stars 4/5

    By B.s11
    I absolutely love my Bitmoji. I hate having to scroll through every page to see which one I want to use though. The actual app needs a search button. I know I can search when I open it up from my messages, but sometimes I need to get one from my app and I can never find what I need.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By mimidhshahdbd
    You guys are doing an amazing job but you guys should add more outfits for example add more soccer team outfits like Mexican teams
  • Very Offended 2/5

    By jomac4612
    I was very pleased and happy with Bitmoji up until today when I looked up the word “partar.” Which I hope doesn’t become popular because it’s very offensive! It means, and I quote, “partially retarded.” Why would anyone want to make this a trend!?! I work in Special Education with mild to severe cases of children who are handicapped. There are enough offensive words and people in the world do we really need to come up with a new one!?! Children use this app and cyber bullying goes on, let’s not help that along by giving them more hurtful words to use towards others. Please take this word “partar” out of Bitmoji. I will be sharing this with ALL of my teacher friends who use SnapChat & Bitmoji. And they will share it with their friends, and their families. That’s a LOT of people.
  • Love it 5⭐️ 5/5

    By blue and white💙
    It is a fun way to express your self in chats in a creative way instead of just regular emojis love
  • Love Bitmoji 4/5

    By Qwerty123331
    Overall I LOVE Bitmoji. But I do wish we can customize our outfits, because sometimes I love the shirt, not the pants or the other way around. Also, It would be lovely to have a muscular body type.I also think that you could and accessories to any outfit. Lastly, braces would be a very nice touch. Other than that, I am obsessed with Bitmoji!
  • More Outfits? 4/5

    By Jihn Mem
    I love Bitmoji. I have been using it for a very long time. However, there is one issue that I’ve had with it. It’s that I want there to be a more diverse outfit. Maybe do some outfits with a trench coat? Because that’s more my type.
  • Fun app 4/5

    By craftinista
    I love this app, and I use my Bitmoji often, because it amuses me to see a little cartoon me responding to texts. My only wish is for a search function in the actual app.
  • More hair types 4/5

    By Rad blook
    I wish that there were more hairstyles for curly hair!! I have always wanted more options as the current ones are limited and do not represent me very well.
  • It’s great but needs more fashion choices 4/5

    By Michaela-Famous
    I love bitemoji but I wish they would let people customize their fashion choices. Other than that love for the most part especially since the latest update

Bitmoji app comments

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