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Bitmoji App

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!


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  • Needs a Search field! 5/5

    By Uniqueph
    The app is great and so are the bits. Needs a “search” option in the App! like has in the keyboard version
  • The best!👌🏻 4/5

    By Fernanda T.
    I love it! It was a great idea to create this!but i would love more outfits new clothes?it would be even better, plz create more clothes ! Thanks.
  • Tattoos 3/5

    By tattedpsychologist
    I think Bitmoji is awesome. However, it cannot really represents who I am completely because there is not a tattoo option. How can I use a Bitmoji of myself working at my professional career representing my awesomeness without my sleeve? That is the only reason I’m giving this 3 stars.
  • Awesome but add mask 5/5

    By SomeKid420
    This app is awesome because you can make your own person but can you put mask because that will be extremely awesome
  • Very creative app! 5/5

    By thejinzon
    I’ve been a fan of this since fan day one and each update keeps getting better and better! All I ask now is that you somehow let us wear a shirt with our Country colors or team jersey of country as the FIFA World Cup is about to begin and it would be very nice to represent even through Bitmoji! Other than that, keep making it better! Update: Alright thanks guys for that update! Rocking my country jersey now!! Back to 5 stars!! Let’s go Colombia!! 🇨🇴⚽️
  • Hair 4/5

    By please help this curly hear
    I like bitmoji, the updates are very good, the quality is very good too. But I have a problem none of the hairstyles are even a bit similar to mine. My hair is curly but is more wavy on the top and curly like springs on the end. The curly options are too curly or not enough. My hair is long no short. Every time I do my bitmoji people tell me its not like me because of the hair. Please do somethings similar to mine.
  • Luv it but one problem... 4/5

    By Anamalover!!24/7
    So I love Bitmoji but one day(long time ago) I decided to delete it for storage. Today I got it again, and when I was dressing up my avatar, I got to the "outfits" area and there was nothing there. It wasn't even loading or anything. All it did was say "outfits" on the top then the rest of it was a blank space!!!! Pizza fix this and you'll get a full 5 stars!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😄
  • I love it but 2/5

    By ayyyesme
    I love this app it’s super fun on Snapchat I just hate that you’ve made 4 skinny avatars as if everyone looks like that and only gave one option for fuller girls like the skinny people get more options than the curvier people 😒
  • tats & piercings 4/5

    By Bailee Adkins
    bitmoji with tattoo and piercing options for all of us rebels!😂
  • need better outfits 4/5

    By Loveyoujacobfromlex63
    this app is amazing... i love how it connects to snapchat and you can send it to anybody on imessages too. the only thing that i would like them to add is better outfits that people would actually wear on a regular basis. for example, bitmojisun outfits are ok but it needs outfits that people will actually wear that are cute. don’t get me wrong i love this app!!!
  • I love bitmoji 5/5

    By beccamison
    I truly do love bitmoji, I use it often with Snapchat and I love changing how mine looks. I think however more stuff needs to be added. More summer clothes, and more clothes all around. The same outfits get boring. Maybe customizable clothes?? That would be pretty cool. More makeup colors (eyeshadow, lipstick, etc), hairstyles and such. But other than that, I love this app and it’s fun to just mess around with!
  • Arm cast 4/5

    By drewkawi171
    Hi I love the bitmoji and it is very nice to have and I was wondering if y’all could add people with BROKEN ARM CAST IN THERE 🤙🏼🤙🏼💕
  • outfits! 5/5

    By kkaiitt
    i and many others think that the next best thing would be to add a feature where we can customize our own outfits! yes, pre-made outfits are decent but this app is all about replicating US and i think in order to do so, we should be able to mix and match our own clothes. other than that, this app is great.
  • Love but... 4/5

    By food lover22
    Ok so I love bitmoji and use it almost every day. But I wish that there were more hairstyle options! I have medium length hair and all the options don’t look good on my bitmoji except Hair down. It’s frustrating. Maybe there could be hairstyles like Dutch braids, or the braids that are on the side of your head( I don’t know what they are called). I’d appreciate this so much! But otherwise I love love love bitmoji!!!
  • Love Bitmoji 4/5

    By SmoothTiggerLove
    Use this constantly with friends and family. Need more updated clothes and more things to say. Also I would like to see where I can copy & past in Instagram since that what I use a lot.
  • Best free app for avitar 5/5

    By Polybushing
    Everyone’s complaining about the limited wardrobe options but really it’s all free so ....... Cute , fun , free, what’s not to like? Thanks for everything!
  • Great app 4/5

    By NoaRose
    It’s a good app I just wish there were better clothing opinions, or customizable clothing
  • Vans 5/5

    By just for the fast
    I like how you can customize yourself with many options. And I also think that they should have a vans/converse section too 😂
  • Good but more customization pleaseeee 4/5

    By Ahsmnjs
    It’s about time we have piercings, more ear jewelry, the option to add treatments to any hair, more glasses types, and more curly/unique hair styles. can’t wait to see bitmoji grow more and more :)
  • Outfits 5/5

    By I am Hamiltrash 😝
    I know I know, there is a large variety of outfits BUT I do wish that you can mix and match outfits.Besides that the only problem that annoys me is it freezes often.It is a amazing app.
  • Bitmoji 5/5

    By bsibatkv
    I love this app! But can you please make a cowgirl outfit!!!!
  • Stylish 5/5

    By rougecity
    Love the app, would like a more realistic body figures to select from, my avatar has a boyish body type, and more selection of dresses something stylish and sexy😁
  • Clothes 3/5

    By Civey33
    I wish we had the option to pick what tops, bottoms and shoes we wanted instead of the one outfit. Please!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!
  • Omg 5/5

    By 💎😛😝😜
    This is sooo fun love it it’s a way to express your feelings
  • Piercings! 4/5

    By leotheegrate
    Ugh i need bitmoji to get more intersex clothes or at least allow the “boy” clothes for “girls” and vice versa. Where is the inclusion in this application 💁🏽‍♀️😒🙏🏽
  • My Bitmoj is gone!! 1/5

    By lsbones
    The app locked me out and asked for a login ID and password even though I've been using Bitmoji for a year and when I accessed the app my previous Bitmoji was lost!! I'm Soo disappointed.
  • bitmoji 5/5

    By gatirgirl
    Love bitmoji but needs more outfits pleas !!!!
  • Search feature 1/5

    By JulioMost
    The new update got rid of the search feature in the app and it’s impossible to use now. I’m not about to add the app to my keyboard and let Bitmoji have access to all that I type on my phone. Please change the app back :(
  • Needs more. 5/5

    By Mr.Isaiahking
    Some people have tattoos if you catch my drift that would be a cool and fun touch to add on and if you could make it wear you can make up your own outfits and change the colors of certain things like shoes, and you could also add different body sizes because the body ratios on here are off but still work.
  • 5 Star 5 Ways of how Bitmoji the best 5/5

    By FortniteQueen123
    1best way to live life. That doesn’t make sense. 2new ways to text with friends 3pick Bitmoji or Snapchat style 4love to pick designs 5best outfits to get and admire
  • Love the app but... 4/5

    By Girlygirl256
    Can you add a search feature within the app, like we can do in Messenger?
  • Save outfits 4/5

    By wjbdidne
    There should be a way were you can save an bitmoji
  • Outfits 4/5

    I’m not one to say but I am pretty sure that the people who use this app worldwide would most likely be more satisfied and appreciative if in the app you could customize your clothing and colors of the clothing that we would like to wear instead of it having be chosen already and putting everything together we would like to chose what type of shoes and pant also shirt sweaters jackets and so on and forth please put that into the app overall it is amazing thank you.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Tay_Tay86
    Bitmoji is so cool. I love using it on my text messages. Some of them make me laugh. They always have a Bitmoji for my emotions. I love this app.
  • No longer lookalike 2/5

    By katt331
    My avatar doesn’t look like me anymore 😞
  • Hope for better 1/5

    By Localhoney
    I’ve been using this app for over a year. I’ve lost my avatar twice, without warning. Just now I opened the app and was asked to log in or sign up. I tried every email address and no luck. So I sign up and have no history - at all. Not good. This is a luxury app and is not necessary so users have the power.
  • Mullet 4/5

    By Stlrampage
    Add a Mullet to all the type of avatar types please thanks It would make it better
  • Bitmoji is great 5/5

    By SumGirl100
    Bitmoji is the best! And you can link it to your Snapchat! Say rude things in funny pictures without upsetting people.
  • Almost 5-stars, but not yet.... 2/5

    By 107??
    Latest update just messed up the entire app. It kicked me off and now I can’t log in!
  • Hi 5/5

    By deez nutzz hahaha
  • Clothing 4/5

    By Jaylynn Hillery
    I feel that the female bitmoji deserves more clothing choices. Not all of us dress like “girly girls”. Some of us like the tomboy styles like black jeans and a shirt or something like that. We should have WAY more options like the male bitmoji does.🙃
  • More clothing choices please?! 4/5

    By TaylorTho
    I’ve been using bitmoji for awhile with no complaints but this one and it’s kinda huge....we need more clothes! Like, separate categories for tops, bottoms, one pieces(dresses/rompers/costumes), shoes, different accessories(maybe a category for hair, neck, arms, legs)! It would be so much better than the awful premade outfits you offer now! Anyways, that’s me. Other than that, you’ve got a great thing going here!
  • No piercings & its 2018 2/5

    By mdrtFU~
    Pretty solid app, can create a somewhat decent likeness, but there aren’t ANY piercing options & it’s 2018. I have 5 distinct facial piercings though, so it always looks like a weirdly vanilla version of myself. Please just add a labret, nostril studs, & septum rings. More uncommon piercings like bridge piercings & cheek piercings would be a great bonus. But seriously, so many people have them these days that it’s def time to add it in.
  • Can’t see hair treatment 3/5

    By Katiepartida
    How can I see it??? I can’t change my hair color
  • Add more!! 3/5

    By abidaum
    Hey great app, but it’s definitely missing a few things. You should add facial piercings, and earrings!! And more medium length hair options, and more hair options in general!! There isn’t a lot to choose from and I struggle personally trying to find the right hair style. None of them really fit. I know a lot of people with the same problem. You should also be able to add vitiligo to your character!! I have vitiligo, and it would be really cool to see an app recognize the condition and add it as a skin option. Everything else is good, you’re doing great sweetie!!

    By Kylajb1219
  • We need more! 4/5

    By stand!
    I love the hairs and outfits that we already have for the iPhone but for the Samsung there is more hair then in the iPhone that is a down side they really need to fix that 😁. MORE MORE MORE.
  • Marine 4/5

    By norski leader
    Can you please get marine clothing? I’d really appreciate it because I’m planning on going into the marines and seeing marine clothes would really make me happy, and this goes out to all the marine kids. Thank you for your time.
  • LOVE it, but needs some improvements! 5/5

    By I_Love_Horses101
    I have been on bitmoji for quite some time now and I’ve always loved it. I think it adds tons of character to any of my snaps and I love sending them to people, however customizing my bitmoji is always a pain. I like to change up my outfit every now and again but I feel like there isn’t much to choose from. I feel as though there should be an option to make your own outfit because most of the stuff on there, I would never actually wear. I think another improvement would be to allow people to choose their outfit anytime they want even within an app like Snapchat or in imessage. However I really do loveee my bitmoji! Just wish it had the same fashion sense as me
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By Glitter_War_Yo.Its.Kota
    I love Bitmoji so much! I find myself almost always using my little character on my Snapchats. I just have one suggestion. Could you make a type of closet type of thing? We could make a different character and then save them to that closet (or whatever it should be called) and then create different ones! It could be cool because you could make your friends who don’t have Bitmoji and also you could make your avatar saved with a different outfit on in case we are unable to find an outfit that was taken off and hard to search for. Thanks!

Bitmoji app comments


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