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Bitmoji App

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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  • Newest update is the bees KNEES 5/5

    By Kambaby93
    With the addition of new outfits, ANDDDDD being able to change/add items. I.e the shoes... the top... THE PANTS.....ADDD A JACKET! stepped it up, good job! Now.. let’s bring on adding/editing our pets 🐶😘
  • New update :/ 2/5

    By Some person's cat
    Really the only time I go into the app is to update the outfit or hair so I didn’t see this update until 2 weeks after it was implemented. Can’t edit anything, the only thing I can do is go into settings and/or look at stickers. The support doesn’t say anything about how to fix this. At least the character is still there so 2/5 stars
  • Love it but needs some fixing 4/5

    By Hello- My-Dudes
    I love this app it just needs some fixing. The new update is interesting. I love it because you can make a custom outfit (like changing the clothes color or picking your own shoes)but also it doesn’t let me click on the avatar button or the outfit button. Also it freezes all the time. One more thing, I really recommend a braces button, a half shaved ponytail hair style, and a sweater crop top without buttons or a collar. I love that you added vans though. Thanks!
  • Love it but it could be better! 4/5

    By sambamsam411911
    Love using my Bitmoji all the time but I’m hoping there will be more customization options more hair styles and clothes and just more ways to make it look more like you!
  • Great! 5/5

    By MJ😻
    I love Bitmoji! But I believe there could be an update, that like you change the length of a hairstyle. And whoever has piercings you could add those to your character!
  • Can’t edit my avatar - button not working 1/5

    By Jamie Jamz
    I try to tap on the Avatar button on the bottom but it’s not working. Therefore, I can’t edit my avatar which renders the app fairly useless.
  • Customization 4/5

    By Savageslayer130
    I like how you can customize your character but it would be great if we could customize what they have on them
  • I had in Idea! 1/5

    By MKRM1977NY
    I always used Bitmoji then I got a new phone and when I went to turn on the Keyboard there was that disclaimer notice. while using the Bitmoji Keyboard we will see and record everything ur typing. No thanks I’m done!
  • PLEASE ADD 2/5

    By ItsBojack...Horseman
    Everything seemed to be great while creating my bitmoji EXCEPT when it came to beauty marks, there wasn’t options for that. I had to cancel it because I felt insecure about NOT having my beauty mark on my face. I would feel weird without it. PLEASE ADD THOSE OPTIONS.
  • branching out from christmas 3/5

    By Please fix the loading
    hello bitmoji. I am sad to say that I am deeply offended because there are only Christmas bitmojis no Hanukkah or Kwanza or any other holiday celebrated at this time. i want to customize my avatar’s outfit to be hanukkah themed but unfortunately i cannot since the only winter costumes are christmas trees, santa, or a snowman. if you can make a christmas tree hat, you can make a menorah hat. please be #inclusive.
  • Great..but 4/5

    By comajuice
    I love using bitmoji when on Snapchat, my boyfriend and I will usually send something cute. However, it doesn’t look too much like me because there aren’t enough curly hair options (by this, I mean curl pattern and bangs). I also have tons of facial piercings! Maybe if you could add some earrings (I have stretched lobes), eyebrow, nose, lip, and cheek, that would be fantastic!

    By SnowLeopardLover!
    a girl wanna wear a sweatshirt sometimes, other times a girl wants to wear something edgy. it would be cool if we had trendy instagram clothing options as well as some big sweatshirts with leggings and tennis shoes or something. or if we can get a mix and match style option. that’d also be cool. thank ya 😘
  • Missing things 4/5

    By Anonymous🇧🇿
    I Can’t access all of the headwear styles on my app for some reason and I don’t see all the hairstyles that are on the pictures.

    By Laurenaue
    I love the app but the clothes are so outdated and all you guys keep doing is putting the outfits into different categories rather than giving us new outfits. WE WANT MORE CLOTHES!

    By OTown1973
    Love this app, but just updated and it put a top hat on me that I never selected and won’t go away no matter what I do. 😒
  • love it but i have a question... 4/5

    By player1126262627
    say u make a outfit and save it to ur closet, how do u delete the outfit after...? say if u dont want it
  • Earnings? 5/5

    By DJuiceBoi
    Couldn’t ask for more other then earnings 😂
  • rate 1/5

    By Borg Family
    didn’t have the hat i wanted
  • Bitmoji 5/5

    By treeeoots
    It is great I love it. I love being able to pick my expression. But I would like it if you could maybe let us design our own clothes.
  • Nose piercing! 3/5

    By bhferguson
    I love Bitmoji, but the outfits are a little dated and above all I don’t understand why they won’t add a facial piercing feature!!
  • No piercing or tattoo options??? 4/5

    By alicat044
    Love this so far but really sad to see no options for facial jewelry or tattoos. There’s so many of us out here that that’s a big part of our style. My Avatar doesn’t really look like me with out my nose or vertical lip ring. Please someone updated the options 🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • More Options Needed 4/5

    By Mady K.
    There needs to be a lot more outfit choices and hairstyles!! They haven't been updated in a year, I'm starting to wonder if there is no one updating BitMoji anymore
  • More clothing options 4/5

    By stop reasing my username
    I have been a Bitmoji user for years and I love the app. I just wish there were more clothing options, maybe one section for tops and one for bottoms instead of one for outfits. Other than that, I love the app!💞
  • Needs Fixes 4/5

    By Shadow Pacific
    I always use Bitmoji when texting someone. It’s really funny and fun to use. But, I wished there could be Christmas dresses and ugly sweaters. Something to get hyped up for the Christmas season. They could also make Hanukkah sweaters for those who celebrate that holiday. We all know Christmas is on the 24 and 25, but that doesn’t mean no one celebrates it before then. During Advent people do lots of Christmas activities and celebrate Christmas. It’s a season many look forward too. Now, let’s be honest, the winter clothes on Bitmoji are pretty ugly. Seriously. I wish they had more modern and cute clothes. Another problem, the awkward collar bones. Why do they look so weird and awkward? Barely anyone has a collar bone that looks so...misplaced. I don’t wan5 to use some of the winter clothes because it shows that weird collar bone. And, the body sizes. My friend who is a little overweight (which is okay and should be okay) won’t download the app because she doesn’t get to pick a body size that actually fits her. All the sizes are skinny and average but the only big size is too big (and sometimes too small) for many people. There are many sizes for all the features except for the body.
  • Great app to make your own avatar, but a couple suggestions 5/5

    By Katlin12345678910
    This app is designed with ease and has plenty of options to choose from, but can there be a height option and can there be an option where you can combine different clothes together?
  • New things 4/5

    By llllesllll
    Bitmoji is good and all but we should create are own clothes and hair and a shave eyebrow, and some earrings and pulled back hair

    By Bobby Basher
    PLEASE DESIGN ALL NEW STYLES AND ACCESSORIES!!!! I was so excited when I saw SUMMER outfits! Then I saw that there was only ugly outfits that were moved and are VERY OLD! Why can’t you design something STYLISH and NEW❕Please change all the clothes to cute, stylish designer clothes! THIS IS LONG OVER DUE❕❕❕❕❕❕❕ STILL WAITING FOR ALL NEW CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES❕❕❕❕❕❕❕ IT IS ALMOST FALL AND NO NEW CLOTHES!!!! This needs to be done NOW!! IT IS FALL❕❕STILL NO NEW OUTFITS⁉️ SERIOUSLY YOU NEED TO START OVER WITH A NEW DESIGNER❕❕GET ALL NEW CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES❕❕ I saw you fixed a few CRASHES! How about fixing the horrible clothing and accessories!!! It’s been FOREVER since there have been any new, cute outfits. WHY WONT YOU CHANGE THEM⁉️. So very disappointing :( FORGET THE BUGS AND COBWEBS AND DESIGN SOME NEW CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES!!!!!!!!! GET THE MOTHS OUT OF ALL YOUR OLD, UGLY OUTFITS!!!!! PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE!!!!!!! Now it is Christmas and you still have all the same UGLY, OLD outfuts⁉️⁉️⁉️ Why won’t you get all new designer clothes and accessories⁉️⁉️⁉️ THIS IS INEXCUSABLE⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️
  • I love it but you should add this 5/5

    By nsjcid
    I love this app a lot I use it all the time with text Iv and snapchat but I really think you should be able to make ur own clothes like pick out different shirts and different colors maybe shoes ? Or pants ? It would make people with different styles actually like there bitmoji?!
  • Bitmoji Customization 3/5

    By FendiBeltAssWhoppin
    Why do the female bitmoji has more customizable options than the male bitmoji. I want to change the color of my clothes and save my outfits too.
  • And add six more STARS... 5/5

    By 1stCeye
    I have always loved emojis. But these take the cake....I have been continually amazed at the variety of emoji that I have available to me. They are cute, well crafted emoji with all sorts of emotions ...They can be used for little emoji for personal posts or the themselves enlarge for big posts! I just discovered the Christmas emoji...I’m in heaven...I have gone thru a bunch of emoji apps and have kept only one other because I added the likeness of my best friend! We can be in emoji together in that one, but there is not the variety of this app. It’s way easy to use and is a total delight to use.It is very easy to copy your face into a emoji/face! And there is an exchange of outfits from season to season....or daily, if you want... You even get a keyboard for just this app. (Look for the global symbol to the bottom left of your writing keyboard.. if you don’t try this, you will be missing something spectacular....and I mean that! Thank for letting me indulge in a whole new way, my addiction to picturing my emotions...
  • You have a great app 5/5

    By uuuhhjhgkkkigfc
    Do you have a great app your app is good for texting and I like that you have different emoji’s and they’re not like regular emoji’s
  • More! 3/5

    By is bad is good
    I love the app and use it a lot for snapchat or me and my mom send them back. The only thing is it is hard for my bitmoji to look like me. First of all I have braces so it would be cool so we could color them different. also the eyes are very basic like i have two different colored eyes so i’d like to change it.
  • UwU 3/5

    By Awesome Jaida
    Mow optiowns pwease fow cwofs 👁👄👁
  • Clothing search option?? 3/5

    By K-ridda
    I love changing my Bitmoji’s clothes but since the last update the search option in clothing is gone...what’s up with that and can you bring it back please!?!? I hate doing all that scrolling when I want a certain color or skirt, etc.
  • Why?! 1/5

    By 101010010107739011010
    I liked when we could search for specific outfits, like we could type pink and everything pink would come up. Why did you remove it?! Please add it back
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Ever V.
    Love this app! Use it all the time. I think you should add a feature where you can easily make your own bitmoji, so you can customize and edit what your bitmoji says if you can't find a bitmoji to express yourself. However, I can't seem to search anymore. Am I missing something?
  • Ok 3/5

    By annna888888
    So my friend got there really cool bitmoji shirts and pants and she could create her own outfit but me and my other friends don’t have that update?
  • Love the app! 3/5

    By Lindsayyy Ann
    Just wish there’d be some updates with more outfit selections
  • The best app EVER!!!👍🏼💗⭐️ 5/5

    By Brooklyn🥰🤩💗
    This app is AMAZING! It’s so much fun to use and, best of all, no major problems with it! It’s very cool to use it with friends and family when you’re using Snapchat and messages, especially when you can use Friendmoji on Snapchat. I just have one TINY suggestion. Would it be possible to have some more hair options? I mean, all the hair you can currently choose from is great, but I think some people would prefer more hairstyles also. Anyways, that’s all I wanted to say and thanks soooooo much for recently updating the app!! The new clothes are awesome and MANY THANKS for giving the option of customizing our own clothes, like what shirt we want with want pants, shoes, etc! This app is so much fun and I’ve already convinced the rest of my family members to get this app! I love y’all and the app and keep up the great updates! 😚💖👊🏼🔥
  • A absolute need 😂 5/5

    By mullet gang😂
    I have a very long mullet and I am very proud of it and it would be very nice to see a haircut for guys that is in the form of a mullet thank you very much
  • outfits 3/5

    By BitchWitch124
    I love the bitmoji app but it’s really disappointing that there is such a limited selection of clothing. Being able to customize my appearance in depth is nice but there are no clothes to match. Please update and add new outfits and this will be 5 stars!
  • Update Problems 4/5

    By hubbub13
    Some of my friends and family all ready got the new update of customizing there clothes and I haven’t got it yet. I don’t know if you can control that but I will like for it to not be one person be jealous of what one person wears and tries to find it for hours and doesn’t find it because it’s custom and they can’t make it because they don’t have the update. I would say over all the app is really good and I really like it besides the update problem.
  • I love Bitmoji but... 4/5

    By Gamedaysoftball
    Bitmoji is great and all but I wish it didn’t use WiFi. I love the clothes, but really I really wish there was Flannel around your wast. Also I wish that we could pick out are shirts and jeans separately. I think there should be more short hair because I have hair that goes to my shoulders but none of the hair looks close to mine. But other than that I’m in love with Bitmoji, my friend and I have contest to see who looks better and we go back and forth.😁

    By UserB.Rod
    WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE STICKERS FOR WHATSAPP? I love this app but having to copy and paste the images in this era of STICKERS! Is so annoying! Im about to delete it
  • Needs more guy hoodies 4/5

    By Bowbrother14
    We really need more hoodies for guys like the ones we have are ok but I don’t like them that much please add more or add a option to change the color of the hoodie
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Jacob Klassen
    This app is phenomenal! I told all my teachers about it and now they use it to. I use this app to text ALL the time. It’s perfect to show your emotions. I love it!
  • pretty good 4/5

    By Da Weirdest Person
    i like bitmoji but with the new update i can’t search for certain outfits :(
  • Outfits 2/5

    By zvjjexbkixn
    The outfits are ok but you guys need to get the holiday outfits out sooner like Now! Because All of us want those outfits
  • Christmas 3/5

    By Suzyqt24
    Where are the Christmas bitmoji outfits ? And why aren’t there more body types? Not everyone is skinny or plus. There are people in the middle as well

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