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Bitmoji App

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!


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Bitmoji app reviews

  • Cancer 1/5

    By that ni
    Absolutely cringe
  • Hmm 2/5

    By Bitmoji Please Read
    Can you guys make the bitmoji’s interactive with other bitmoji’s outside of snapchat ? o
  • Bitmoji food for thought 5/5

    By k hoop
    I love Bitmoji, I do really wish there was a pet option! I would love to be able to have my dog in the Bitmoji too! I’m sure that would be a lot of work, but there’s got to be a way this could happen in the future! #BitmojiMyPet

    By Poopinpee
    A few more hairstyles! Their used to be one that was perfect for me and it’s gone now! Also would love to see piercings. PLEASE. Please :(
  • wish there was more options:/ 3/5

    By HayisCray
    I know that bitmoji is constantly expanding its i teams but I really wish there was more shoulder length hair styles to chose from, I can never find one that matches me even just a little bit. Other than that I love the app.
  • Love Bitmoji but ..... 5/5

    By Tiffani-Teay
    If you guys can put me and my friends bitmoji together in iMessage like you do with Snapchat bitmoji would be perfect.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By smol peter
    Maybe Hot Topic themed outfits? Don't know if this has to do with copyrights — band shirts/merch/etc. The iconic Nirvana smiley shirt, maybe some MCR, FOB. Or maybe even "gothic" outfits.
  • More stuff 4/5

    By Prince$$G
    Need better outfits Should be able to pick shoes Need more hair options (lemonade braids) Braces More body sizes (because im thick but its either skinny or fat)
  • . 4/5

    By green eyed monster🤑
    I wish that their were more options for hair or that you could style your own hair, My hair doesn’t match up to a lot of the choices, but other then that, this app is great!
  • Full Access? Oh no no noooooooo 5/5

    By Aram Bedeeyanyan
    Huh they want access to EVERYTHING I have EVER typed on this phone? Oh no no no. I don’t care what use this full access thing gives you. I did not even read why they need full access because it’s not an excuse for the fact that they have access to everything I have ever typed. Look in the “most critical” section in the reviews. They are all about this issue. What if I have typed my credit card number? My address? My password to every account I own? They would have access to ALL of that. Look at the big picture people. How can we trust this developer? He could use that information for his own personal gain$ All that for a “customize your own character type of thing”. Don’t get me wrong I love the app. Its a unique and creative idea which is why I’m giving this 4 stars. I use this app and it’s fun. But before you turn on full access remember this review.
  • Add accessories 4/5

    By Noahm.26
    it’s great but i want to put white earbuds on
  • Need another update 4/5

    By nsijeeh
    I love Bitmoji.....however I feel they should have a better variety of body shapes. 3 are pretty much the same then it’s a huge jump to the 4th one. If it’s suppose to be us in Bitmoji form we should have at least a few more body types to choose from
  • More clothes customization needed 4/5

    By jjnowak1980
    It’s a good app; adds a touch to Snapchat and wherever else you use it, but I think we’re LONG overdue for the ability to choose the clothing separately. One outfit has good shoes or pants, but a dopey shirt. The next has a good shirt but tight pants with dorky French rolls and silly shoes. I literally cannot find a single outfit that I completely like, and would wear in real life. Not everyone is a fashionista. I’d even be willing to pay a few bucks for a “premium” version that has this ability.
  • Suggestions 2/5

    By alesha3212
    We should be able to do piercings and gauges and tattoos and longer hair
  • Add people’s pets!! 4/5

    By atlas9999[
    Make it so that you can add your dog and customize it’s appearance! Would be so cool to have my dude with my dog!
  • Bad no good 1/5

    By cidhdgfhhfhfdudjgdhdjdbdh
    Bitmoji does not even work when I try it it does not work but on other people it works it is good but otherwise it is good but it doesn’t work if you forget your email address and your email password I wanna delete the app but I don’t what to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Amazing way better than any other one I tried 5/5

    By erbcat101
    This one is so good. You don’t have to pay for anything, so far I don’t see any ads. Nothing is locked and you don’t have to pay for anything. Outfits are super cute and so are looks and jewelry. I luv it. Way better than any other app I’ve ever used for avatars cause it does into more detail and I just luv it. Peeps, get it!!
  • Plz 5/5

    By Smshhamstr
    I would like more outfits every better for me I just can’t always be with Nike or Adidas so and send me a review on Snapchat when you’re done
  • It’s great but... 4/5

    By 💖TheDolphin💖
    I’m not looking down on this app. I text these to everyone literally ALL THE TIME. I even got my family on it. But one word....CLOTHES. I think I speak for everyone when I say please add a search bar!!! I like having a little crop top or a cute little dress but I have to SCROLL....DOWN.....FOREVER!!!! It takes SUPER long when I just want a little black dress. So....... PLEASE ADD A SEARCH BAR!!!!

    By Brain pop jr./ Aldine
    All I can say is add more clothes and more summer clothes plllzzzzz! Sent from my iPod
  • Read 5/5

    By Brennanapierala
    If you read this fortnite is gay
  • Will Not Save Changes 1/5

    By Kenho21
    Any changes I make to the avatar results in an error message saying change could not be saved. No reason is ever given and it never works.
  • Ghostbusters 5/5

    By Nikpopageorgio
    Can you get the ghostbusters skin back for a little I missed the pack and wanted to be stay puft
  • Discriminatory 1/5

    By Unibrow God
    No unibrow options for my unibrow bros out here we are very disappointed
  • Unibrow 1/5

    By unibrowboy
    There is no unibrow so I can’t express my true style
  • Very good 4/5

    By Rare Reviews😇
    I love the app Bitmoji. The updates have fixed many bugs and made the app more enjoyable. However I have one complaint. I love dresses and I love to put them on my character. I have to look through all the clothes just to find one dress. Maybe you could add a search bar so that nobody has to go through all of the options. Also maybe you could add more and better dresses.
  • Fun but no usable without search 2/5

    By Garneke
    Fun but search is only avail with keyboard so it’s useless to me. I can't use the keyboard
  • It won’t download 1/5

    By )hay/den
    Every time I try to download this app, it just says “waiting” and it stays like that. PLEASE HELP
  • Update Broke Friendmoji ?!? & Wardrobe updates please? 3/5

    By KevInPA84
    For whatever reason it seems that friendmoji became broken with this update... perhaps it’s somehow just me? For whatever reason since the update my friends aren’t showing up when I go to change who’s it my bitmoji responses or replies... Can we get some updates to wardrobes? There are a lot of lack luster wardrobes and accessories. How about we freshen things up a bit?
  • QUEEN 5/5

    By coolsickfue1
  • New hairstyles 4/5

    By allison_alyssa
    So I love the app I use it to text all! The! Time. It’s just I need more choices for haircuts, and hairstyles. And also it would be great to put more fashionable clothes on there rather than that the app is amazing and so useful to share thoughts.
  • More curly hair 3/5

    By Madmazuzan
    Bitmoji has been able to capture many of my features - even my bumpy nose! But it’s incredibly lacking in options for people with short and curly hair. There’s the kinky hair options, but no natural ringlets or curls. I’ve been waiting for more curly hair options for months and years, please add more!
  • Be-U-tifle! 5/5

    By Tttmaster488
    OMG so cute! I hope you can come with all kinds of new stickers (like, KAWAI?) awesome work people!
  • Hair 4/5

    By Tyrek_3
    There should be an option to put waves has a hairstyle because a lot of us have waves but it’s not an option. How can we make our avatar look like us without the correct hairstyle?
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By Hdmsnsmalapl
    They should add more ways to express yourself, like facial piercings, and be able to select a particular shirt and pants to wear rather than having the whole outfit already put together.
  • Hairstyle 5/5

    By lowkey903
    Bitmoji is a great app that you can express your style and feelings through texting and snap chatting. I just wish they put more hairstyles on here. How you put every dread head hairstyle on here and put the 360 waves for the wavers? But besides all that the app is really great and fun to use. Keep up the great work on the updates.
  • LOVE IT!! 5/5

    By C.C Rhoades
    I’m being honest.....I love Bitmoji. It’s the best app ever and has gotten my best rating! All I ask for is.... 1. You can create more than one character 2. You can create your own expressions 3. MORE STYLES Examples: Anime, Cartoon, realistic Besides those three... this is by far the best app ever! I definitely think everyone should get this! I promise it won’t let you down!!
  • Bitmoji Please 5/5

    By S.Moure
    Hey! Me like sole other have been using bitmoji since facebook but I would love to mix & match outfits on my own it would be awesome to create my own style. Thank you!
  • I need to Add some Tats 3/5

    By fuckyuuuuuu
    Where’s the tattoo options?
  • Friendmoji 3/5

    By kokale
    Linking Friendmoji to text message was an awesome idea. The problem is it worked for 2 weeks then all of a sudden all my friends I’m connected to on Snapchat disappeared from my keyboard & now only 2 are available. Where did everyone disappear to?! They need to fix it so it can work properly. No sense of have the option & can’t use it 😒
  • Beauty marks 4/5

    By Dunbness
    Ok hi , can y’all add a feature of like beauty marks or scars or sum on the face Bc I have two beauty marks on my cheek and on top of my lip (not on my lip) , and my person doesn’t look like me without those , soooo pls add some thank you, I’ll give ya five stars when you add the beauty marks :)
  • Cloths🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ 4/5

    By seirra👌🏼
    I think they should give us more hair options the ones they have are good but idk and I really think they should let us put our own outfits together not everyone likes the styles they have I kind of hate all of the outfits and idk I just feel like if they gave us the choice of what pants shirts shoes ect we wanted and put them together ourselves it would make it better and easier👌🏼👌🏼
  • Pretty Cool App! 4/5

    By Deee lovely
    The App Seems Perfectly Fine And Works Pretty Well But I Would Love To See More Hairstyles And Other Things That Haven’t Had New Styles Added To It Such As New Glasses, Makeup, And Hats.
  • lacking in body types. 3/5

    By Lyndsey Willis
    this app is severely lacking in body types. there needs to be more in betweens, especially for heavier weight people. it goes from the second biggest option to the biggest option which isn’t reasonable. i don’t fall into one of those categories. i’m close to the second largest option, but we still need representation for more body types. like the skinny options literally have two that look exactly the same. i had to go back and forth like 5 times to spot the difference in two of them. please add more body size options. thanks.
  • Pets! 5/5

    By Meganslove
    Bitmoji is the cutest thing and I love it..but I would love a bitmoji pets so I can make my little dog one since he’s ALWAYS with me
  • Love it, but... 3/5

    By mealyssa1308
    I LOVE bitmoji especially through Snapchat, but I wish there were more skin tones!! Especially for us tanner girls and guys out there who aren’t fair nor have darker complexions.
  • Suggestions for next update 5/5

    By Acerensi
    Hello! I really love Bitmoji and using it with my Snapchat! However, I have facial piercings and I’ve noticed that there are no options to add facial piercings to my little character. It would be great for the next update to include this so that my character can look even more like me! Thank you and I hope you take my request into consideration!
  • You guys are great 5/5

    By ayelxsto
    I remember some time ago I asked you to add more ethnic hairstyles and wether it’s was by my suggestion or something you guys had Already been planning to do. You guys did it great job...
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By The_NerdiCorn
    I LOVE bitmoji it’s just that bitmoji needs some more hair colors and styles
  • Lame that you can’t search in the app 2/5

    By KrisR_1974
    No, I’d rather not give the developers access to my every keystroke that I’ve ever done or will do... so I’d rather not install the keyboard. Which means I can’t search the bitmoji and have to scroll and scroll and scroll . I hear Android can search the app, though.

Bitmoji app comments


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