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Bitmoji App

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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  • Bitmoji 🥳🥰 5/5

    By lil redd ❤️💋
    I love the app but the outfits need new style 🤦‍♀️
  • Search 2/5

    By Teacher Bush
    Why is there no search function in the app!?!?! It’s the most basic of functions!
  • No longer works 3/5

    By F73:-)
    Ever since the upgrade I can not get the app to open - I can still send Bitmoji a in texts but when I try to open the app to change clothes or hairstyle I get the home screen and then the app shuts down - I have restarted my phone several times but nothing - I thought about deleting and reinstalling but it says it will delete my info and I don’t want it to delete the bitmojis I have created... HELP!!!
  • .. 1/5

    By Bigladymama
    I think the concept of the app is great but it has no detail for example they could have an option for you to mix and match your own outfit for your bitmoji.
  • More sport options 4/5

    By Neko~Tan
    For many people you didn’t include some other sports like lacrosse, baseball, softball, etc... But other than that it’s really fun. It’s better than regular emojis and it adds a little fun to your conversations
  • Make some clothes for metal heads/gothic style 5/5

    By sadmetalhead
    You guys should make some clothes that resemble what a metal head wears. And clothes that fit in that category for people that don’t dress like basic fuckboys.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Nialler's fan
    Only needs a easier way to find the image you need on the messenger and some more clothes.
  • bitmoji 4/5

    By @soksylis
    we. need. new. outfits.
  • Can we get some Hockey stuff?? 4/5

    By Hk09816
    I love bitmojis. I use it daily. However I do get frustrated when I’m a hockey fan, Stanley Cup Playoffs wrap up and there is no hockey playoff anything. However my bitmoji can change into a raptors uniform and I have so many soccer emojis. How about HOCKEY? Especially holding the cup?!? Highly recommend the app. Hate that you have to have it connected to Snapchat, I dislike that app something fierce, but I have it just to have the bitmoji! Been a fan since the beginning.
  • review 4/5

    By 👻👻🅿️
    i liked this app a lot, the only suggestion i would like to see added to this app would be where you can customize your smile. An example of the would be adding braces, gaps, etc. I think this would add more characteristics into the characters/bitmojis :)
  • Beauty 5/5

    By irialoshi
    Yall make me look better than i look irl ngl tanks men!
  • Perfect but 3/5

    By olive9838
    Just wish they’d have more hairstyle options!
  • AWESOME but one small thing 4/5

    By mbb.27
    Hi so this apps the best I use it for snap and texting all the time. One problem is the hair. I’d like some more options because my hair kinda isn’t covered. I’ve noticed few short/shoulder length options, and some of my friends have the same issue. So I just chose the ponytail because I couldn’t find anything similar
  • Maybeee? 4/5

    By tip.e.tapper
    Hey! Literally the best app ever! But maybe can you put in some pride outfits in the outfit part of the app please? Thaaaanksss! But loving this app!
  • More options 4/5

    By JusSayinIsAll
    I love bitmoji. I've been a fan since BitStrips. As a stylist that has funky hair color, I was just wondering if there's a way that you could add actual multi colored hair rainbow, galaxy & oil slick...not just two tone. Thanks!!
  • 👁❤️Bitmoji 5/5

    By It's Prrsonal
    Bitmoji is a great app! They have so many diverse character design options, so your character can look just like you! I always use Bitmoji when talking with my friends, because there is a bitmoji for everything! The outfits that Bitmoji offers are adorable, and have every style of clothing. The only thing that I have to say is that there are some inappropriate Bitmojis, but the app is rated 12+, so it’s not meant for little kids. I think that this app is a good way for teens to get their parents into texting! So, that is pretty much why I love Bitmoji. Keep it up Bitmoji, you rock! Thanks to anyone who actually read this. (Sorry for rambling!)
  • Search? 3/5

    By mikemcd41
    Gets downgraded with no search feature.
  • More options 4/5

    By hskqkbdy
    I feel like there should be options for piercings and tattoos
  • Time for a change? (Hairstyles & clothing) 4/5

    By #ILuvHawaii🐬🌺
    I LOVE Bitmoji! The Avatars are so much more realistic and beyond adorable. I even love how you guys added mini games! Great job! These are all great changes, but maybe can we spice up the wardrobe for 2019? Can you guys add more hairstyles? Especially curly hairstyles for females please! Also clothing too ❤️💓
  • More outfits 5/5

    By kitura22
    Amazing game but could use more outfits
  • Very fun but... 5/5

    By ;)
    I really like this app! My cousins introduced it to me and lots of my friends have it. My only problem with it is the curse words. Lots of people do not curse and it hurts them when they see them. I myself don’t cuss and I don’t like seeing curse words while I’m scrolling through them. I would be laughing at one thing and then my laughter dies because of it. Otherwise, the app is really fun and great!
  • Braces 4/5

    By Mrs cove lover12345
    Can you Please add braces mouths!!
  • Lost my avatar... 😭 2/5

    By EyesofblueICU
    For many days I was enjoying my avatar in most of my daily texts and then the next day someone else showed up. An avatar that looks similar to me(actually looks pathetic) but not like my last avatar that included my hair color change to blond over a year ago. I panicked when I saw this imposter. Is this what you call a walk in avatar? Lol... I have contacted customer support through two messages but still no reply as to where my avatar disappeared to. And for the life of me I have not been able to re-create it exactly. What is up with that? Maybe a recent update has taken away features that I had? I don’t know. I wish someone would just respond to me and tell me what to do. I do love the has been so much fun and I have gotten friends to get on board too but I just can’t get myself to use it if it doesn’t look like me.
  • Good but a have a recommendation 5/5

    This is great app, especially if you use Snapchat. I personally just wish you could make a Railroader bitmoji; hardhat, safety vest, boots, overalls, etc. since you support vets, firefighters, doctors, policeman, chefs, etc. on this app. But keep up the work and hope you add more “WORK IT” bitmojis.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Ccbug05
    It’s an amazing app. You can connect with friends with the app and create your own character. My only problem is that I’m connected to the internet and WiFi, it just won’t let me edit my Bitmoji. And every time I want to use it on iMessage it says to check my internet connection. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • I love it!!! 5/5

    By everlanders
    It is so much fun i got my phone on my birthday and I loved it ever since and when I’m bored I look at new clothes on it
  • Just one suggestion 5/5

    By pineAppleEXPRESS07
    I love this app. It is fun and exciting. One way I think u could make this better is if you could make a setting for the character to have one arm or leg. My mom lost her arm and we would greatly appreciate it if you could at least try for everyone else who has one leg or arm. I think more people would like this and would please people. Please take this into consideration thank you very much.
  • Email 1/5

    I downloaded the app and I choose to go with sign up with email. Once I put my name First and Last. I put my email which is valid because that’s what I am using. Once I fill in the password. I press sign up, it says my email in invalid!! What do I do?
  • No jerseys for the Women’s Soccer World Cup?!? 1/5

    Seriously?! No jerseys for the women’s soccer World Cup?!? The USA women have won it THREE times! You had jerseys for the men, who have never won! Oy. C’mon Bitmoji....fair is fair.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Travelt1
    It would be nice to store previous versions of my Avatars, rather than having to recreate. Also, jewelry and shoes for the avatar would be nice to accentuate and personalize.
  • Bitmoji 5/5

    By hehe daddy
    Bruh put all of the hair styles together for bit strips and bitmoji deluxe.
  • great 5/5

    By KCDesigns05
    i love this app and everything in it but i wish there were more outfits coming out regularly

    By @ChelseaCheerleaderCamp!🏆
    This app is AMAZING! I love being able 2 customize your character, and all the different choices for things. When you are texting, and there isn’t an emoji to really express yourself or get your point across, then there is usually a few Bitmojis that you can use. I don’t know about Snapchat, since I don’t have it, but from the way my friends talk about it, it’s sounds pretty cool. Now, I know you’re probably wondering why there are only four stars instead five since I supposedly love ❤️ this app so much. The only thing is the cussing. I know it’s not a big deal to many people, but it is to me because I hate cussing and all that jazz. I know whoever reads this isn’t going to take them off or anything, because some people use them. Hope whoever reads this has a safe, happy, and healthy day!
  • Really Good App But... 5/5

    By someone💜🤦🏻‍♀️
    I really love this app, but the only thing is that there is very limited options for if you have medical appliances such as braces, hearing aids, etc.

    By Brain pop jr./ Aldine
    All I can say is add more clothes and more summer clothes plllzzzzz! Sent from my iPhone
  • good, but i would add this 3/5

    By CorgiCrazy13
    bitmoji is amazing, for texting and snapchat. it works well and has many varieties although i wish they would add the choice of highlights for hair and also make it to where you can choose any top and put it with any pants/shorts/skirts and shoes you choose instead of having the outfit built for you. please change this bitmoji !!
  • Braces????? 4/5

    By The Girl You Know 2006
    Hi I love Bitmoji but I feel like there are things they should add. A lot of people have braces and you can’t put braces on your Bitmoji. I would like the app a lot more if they added braces so your avatar can look more like you.
  • Bitmoji 4/5

    By AllieBug09
    Need to add a search bar. I don’t like to just scroll bc that takes too long. Also need to add braces and earrings. Please add more of everything! (Avatar and Bitmojis)
  • Great, but needs more! 4/5

    By aya.2362
    It’s really great and can be used for a lot of apps associated with Snapchat such as YOLO, Sendit, etc. But it needs more. In the next update we’re hoping to see outfit customization with colors and highlights in hair. We also want to see trends in your hair like scrunchies. Other than that, it’s amazing!
  • Earrings 5/5

    By EnchantedAngel314
    Can you please have earrings as an accessory for ALL the Bitmoji styles? The only styles it’s available for is Bitstrip and I NEVER use that style.
  • Needs more Bitmoji cards 5/5

    By Ryan Lane 579
    If you can add and I (love you 3000 card) that would be great
  • My review 4/5

    By 85bboy
    I would give it five stars but when I downloaded it and started playing around with my avatar and texting my friends with it it was fun but for some reason on my texting stickers it wasn’t there. So I tried downloading it’s again and again but it’s won’t work, maybe next time :(
  • Add more things 2/5

    By Cameron Sam
    Add clothes Add piercings Add tattoos Add more clothes Add more hairstyles Add more makeup Add more bodies types Like cmon Bitmoji you’re better than that smh
  • iMessage 3/5

    By jekadial
    No longer an app to use in iMessage?
  • Bitmoji 3/5

    By Do you bitmojie?
    I had Bitmoji now for only a few months and absolutely love this app. This app can make you feel good about your self and make you look way differently then you really are! But most importantly it shows your style!! Style from sports were, Dresses,sweats,Cozy were & much more. I love this app for many reasons but I just can’t think of all! I definitely recommend this app you will find many styles of clothing options and hair products, makeup & facial expression. Please try and download Bitmoji today!
  • Bitmoji 3/5

    By gang123gang
    This app has very limited items for example on headwear I have very little to choose from
  • No fun at all 1/5

    By like the gome
    So fun not
  • More options, where’s the mullet!? 3/5

    By HamerTime1993
    I need a mullet for my bitmoji. Bring it in!
  • Nice but... 4/5

    By Meena Demesim
    This app is great but there some glitches

Bitmoji app comments

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