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Bitmoji App

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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  • Can add some more stuff to your app though. I LOVE YOUR APP!! 5/5

    By Triggered Syed
    The things I want in your app is some Ariana Grande hairstyles because I love Ariana Grande like really. I do. And I wish to have something else too, Overalls because I love overalls , jeans and high heels. The app is really amazing and hope you really make these wishes come true for me. Hope your fans love my wishes too
  • good app overall 4/5

    By GiraffeDrummer
    would love some more customizable hair options (instead of giving us presets,allow us to choose the length of hair we want along with what kind of bangs if any) also a piercing feature would be cool!
  • This is good but... 2/5

    By Noahmichael360
    I think you should maybe a more selection for clothing or even have a make your own or design your own clothes , as a gay man, i feel as if i have to look like a mad which is very stupid. There should be more selection
  • wish we could print friends on zazzle merch without snapchat 4/5

    By Jeff.......
    my friends and i will never get snapchat, but we really want zazzle merch on the same item together. wish we could do Friendmojis and buy merch together without snapchat.
  • Security/Privacy NIGHTMARE!! 1/5

    By Mr. Ike
    Sorry, I don’t want the developer of this app having access to all of my data, information, history, card ##’s, etc. but if you use this app, that’s exactly what you are doing. Creepy.
  • Great app 4/5

    By AveryEatsTacos
    Love this app, but could u add more crop top outfits, buns (for girls), and earrings such as hoops
  • Idea 5/5

    By Jess Waldron <3
    Such amazing app. But I think there should be facial piercings sections. And maybe tattoo section. Just an idea. Thanks
  • Bitmoji app 4/5

    By hvoeun
    Love these graphics app, Like to use to create scenes, comments, but if it possible I want to use my words text?..
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By Freckle 7
    All I have to say is it’s awesome you should download it
  • Cool except the potential privacy invasion 3/5

    By A Jeane
    Hey Bitmoji developers, your app is really cool but I miss the days when it came out and it didn’t need access to all my text messages. I would use it more often (or just in general) if you got rid of that and just let us hook it up to our Apple or android keyboards without us having to compromise our privacy to you. I don’t understand how more people aren’t upset by this. I’m a busy worker bee and don’t have time to be going to the app to copy and paste a bitmoji every time I want to use one. But you also don’t need access to my private conversations. So from a concerned person who’d love to use your app more, please fix this. Thanks!
  • Bring Back Forever 21 outfits 3/5

    By Snapchat Usxr
    can you guys please bring forever 21 outfits back? I changed my outfit and now I can never get it back :( Please Snapchat respond if you see this!
  • Cute app 3/5

    By YourJeepGirl
    Overall, it’s a fun app. It works well with my iOS and is a fun addition to my texts. But I do feel the clothing options need a huge overhaul. They are horrible and I don’t know anyone who would wear 99% of these.
  • Bitmoji 3/5

    By Madi5on_
    At first I loved this game and would recommend it to anyone. But now I can’t text because the emojis from Bitmoji are blocking the letters. So now I have to delete the app. That is why I rated it 3 stars
  • Love it, however, needs many changes. 3/5

    By •~lunα~•
    I’ve loved bitmoji since day one😅but they need more body types, eyebrow shapes, more realistic skin tones, hairstyles, and lip shapes and colors; other than that however Bitmoji is pretty cool if I do say so myself. :D
  • App doesn’t allow use to chose from all of Facebook Messenger friends to send a bitmoji greeting. 2/5

    By Ultan3
    When choosing to send a bitmoji to a friend on Messenger, the app only allows you t chose from a limited list of friends to chose from.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By {Beauty#
    Bitmoji is amazing and I very much recommend it.But one thing you guys should do, is we can pick an outfit for each bitmoji picture we do.Like if its an athletic picture, we should be able to pick an outfit for each subject.Just like create a sim in sims 4.THANK YOU!!
  • Need more New Arrival outfits! 3/5

    By Emilie Knecht
    I love this app, everything is great but the lack of clothes! A new comer would find the current amount to be awesome, but I, being apart of this since this app used to be “Bitstrips”, see little variety. I have used all the ones I have liked multiple times. Please come out with new outfits more often! Update: Its been pretty much 4 months since a new outfit arrived. The last arrival (4months ago) wasn’t exactly.. good anyway. Nobody wears what they have presented. Maybe Queens and snobby girls in movies.
  • Everyone who has this app delete it now because their watching you 🔪 1/5

    By XxgamingvaltxX
    I give this app one star
  • Great App But Some Suggestions 4/5

    By M goodness 22
    I really love Bitmoji. It’s fun to be able to customize a cartoon character that looks like me. But I wish there was more options for hair, freckles, and body size. I think your Bitmoji should be more customizable. I have a lot of freckles and the app really only has the option to put a few on your face. I also think the hair section of the app should have a feature were you can customize length, waviness, and wether or not you have bangs. Also there are only like 5 different body shapes. I feel as if there should be more. The last thing I want to suggest would be the best change in my opinion. I think people should be able to customize clothes. You could pick a plain item of clothing and then you could pick out patterns and colors and things like that. If that isn’t possible I still think the app should have more clothes. All in all this is a great app. If you read this I really suggest downloading it. 💜
  • Personalization Complaint 5/5

    By T-Manley02
    The only thing negative about this app that i can think of is that you can’t add ice (Chains, and Watches) to your bitmoji
  • Oh no. 1/5

    By tr66nigga
    My dik leakin
  • it’s okkk... 3/5

    By pigggyyyy
    i think it’s a very awesome app, but i’ve seen the difference between the guy and girl clothes...i would appreciate if they made an update with much better choices for clothes girls don’t only dress with dresses and skirts...
  • Blahhhhh 😸😺😪👽🤮👽😺🤮🤮😸 1/5

    By bsnsbbdjsn
  • Braces 4/5

    By Danielle london
    Can you please add a mouth that has braces
  • HELP! 1/5

    By Dhispanic1
    Can someone tell me why I can’t use Bitmoji without internet but I have unlimited data on my phone?? I can only use the app while I’m connected to WiFi
  • Amazing app but needs earrings 5/5

    By Karl38292
    I love this app and use it frequently on Snapchat. There are a lot of options but there’s not an option for earrings and I feel like that’s a part of my look ya heard.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ipad1Only
    I have tried time and time again but I just can’t copy and paste it I’ve tried multiple times on multiple different apps but it just has not been working if they can fix this and try to figure out what the problem is I would greatly appreciate that and I would change the rating to a five stars but if they don’t fix it then they won’t get a five stars from me
  • Awesome 5/5

    By addy/aa
    I think to so fun to create characters and have them doing stuff this's app is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Soooooooooooooo fun!!!!
  • It's great 5/5

    By Kneedeeplover
    It's fun and customizable nothing bad has happened with me and it yettttt
  • New Clothes 5/5

    By Janiya726
    Great app. I love it! Btw can you guys add in some new clothes? My Bitmoji has been looking very basic! Lol.
  • please add ushanka hat 4/5

    By therealloodle
    please add ushanka hat
  • I love it but... 4/5

    By malika finesss
    Bitmoji is a great app but there is one thing I wish can be an update. I would appreciate if there was an option for shoes. This would make this app a better app if you guys can update it. thanks for reading
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By ihatecats🐱❌
    Needs more!! More hairstyles, like a hairstyle with 2 French braids? And more outfits. I like the Hollister section, and there are only a few outfits there. It would be nice if you could do hoodies and sweatshirts. Things should be more customizable, like when you choose a shirt, we should be able to choose from a spectrum of many different colors. You guys should keep adding! It makes the app so much more interesting!
  • Three suggestions 5/5

    By 💜 Ki Ki 🦄
    So I love the app but I have three quick suggestions. 1. For a new hairstyle could we have a fishtail braid? 2.It would be really cool if we could have more customizable outfits. Like you could mix and match stuff to have it be more your style. 3.I thought it would cool if we could have scrunches around our Bitmoji’s wrist as an accessory. That’s it! Please add these if you have time😊
  • Bitmoji 5/5

    By ##cutie09##
    Its a amazing app that you can use for a profile pic and you are able to be you and create something your style
  • Not on it yet 5/5

    By Ruthi922
    It is still loading
  • Pretty good app 5/5

    By Bravo.2k
    It’s an pretty good app just I wish they had anime characters outfits like dragons ball z and etc.
  • Dude this app is amazing 5/5

    By tat\3
    This app is amazing I can youse some of the bits for emojis and it looks just like me but sometimes it’s kinda slow and I wish there was more stiles but it’s really cool
  • Love this app to death 5/5

    By cexfbucrvjhtcfxsdfg
    I have one idea to help the app. You could have your pets in the menu where you make your characters to add how many pets you have and what they look like
  • Body shape 4/5

    By jennamaemcafee
    I love bitmoji- I not only use it pretty much everyday in text or Snapchat, but in my classroom. I just have one request- can you please make one more body shape size between the 4th and 5th one? Not all people are either thing or have a Huge belly.... pretty please? Some people are just a little wider, but not just a huge belly. Think about it? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!
  • Leaves You Wanting 4/5

    By tor.tilla
    I truly love having a bitmoji, I feel like Lizzie McGuire. HOWEVER, I would like my bitmoji to be able to have facial piercings, they are one of my defining features. Other than that, I love my lil mini me.
  • I don’t know what’s going on 3/5

    By Hi b :)
    I have updated my Bitmoji up to date and I still can’t get a fade away type of thing on my hair, noses have different styles, and lip sizes. I don’t know what’s going on
  • Piercings 5/5

    By Pleasehelpmeimsoupset
    Can we add piercings? Or facial piercings? I have a septum piercing and think it would be cool to add
  • 5/5

    By tacogirl_999
    this app is honestly great! only thing is..i think you should add more clothing that people actually HAVE like maybe a kids spot mens know like CASUAL normal thinks i mean whose really gonna wear a cupcake/unicorn suit? andd! maybe give a option for Shoes? but other then THATT..... this app is honestly GOLD ..GOLLDDDDDEN!
  • HARD HATS 1/5

    By slime205134
    I think I should have more than one hard hat I don’t like the yellow
  • Wish we could make our on outfits 3/5

    By cheesecake to a fat man
    I would like if we could make our own outfits the outfits are great but they aren’t me I would like if we could chose and make our own outfit that fits us how we like ... bc almost all the time I’m wearing jeans and a hoodie and it doesn’t show that in it or I wear leggings and a hoodie but it doesn’t show that and most of them are to dressy and for the hair I wish there was a ponytail bc that’s how I wear my hair most of the time and it would be great if we could chose our own outfits
  • Clothes 1/5

    By Symone From Instagram
    Can you please update the clothes to some like Odd future or thrasher and some hollister I'm sick of picking out the same clothes
  • Does anyone know how to add friends? (Friendmoji) 5/5

    By good but few bad things
    I love it Totally looks like me Only thing is I wish I could change the shoes I really wanted vans lol That and I love the idea of friendmoji but how??? Very much recommend
  • Great app 4/5

    By Girl party
    I like the app it has many options for a bunch of different hair but i would like it better if there were more options for straight shoulder length hair and there be more "trendy" clothing styles

Bitmoji app comments

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