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  • Current Version: 11.79
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Bitstrips
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bitmoji App

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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Bitmoji app reviews

  • *dramatic sigh* 4/5

    By texasturquoise
    Bitmoji. Sure it’s a great app. Very informative I know 😂 I don’t know what else to say. 😶So I probably shouldn’t be writing a review. 🥴But I am anyways cuz I’m bored. 😑Though… It doesn’t have my hairstyle 😫Actually… I don’t know why I’m writing a review. 🤔 I’m not even supposed to be on my phone right now. 🤫 I’m at theater rehearsal… 😊We’re doing Shrek the musical. 😮‍💨 I’m ensemble so I’m not doing much and I’m bored. 🥱So I’m writing a pointless review! 🤗 But I get to hold a pitchfork in the play! 😮No that has nothing to do with Bitmoji, 😝But you needed to know. 🙄 But I just got my hair cut and was sad that I couldn’t find anything that looked like it. 😭 It’s just below my shoulders and soft and wavy with a middle part.🙂 I hope this entertained you readers 🤪
  • Needs more options 3/5

    By Porcelain corpse111
    Love Bitmoji but to make my Bitmoji look more like me I need more piercing and hair options.
  • Lost the classic look. 1/5

    By Football fun
    Bring back the classic look.
  • Skin color racist 1/5

    By honestbutterfly3
    Why do you guys make lighter skinned black people extra dark? Please fix that, skin tone shouldn’t be based on features but actual complexion. All black people are not dark brown.
  • Awesome app! 4/5

    By qwisy dissy
    This app is so fun for sending funny emojis to my friends and family! I really recommend this app if you want your own emoji! You can fix anything about your emoji!
  • Clothes 4/5

    By Wheely god
    I think Kilts would be an interesting pants option , my gf gave me this thought a few weeks ago so I thought I’d ask if it could be possible, I’m a huge fan and love Bitmoji a ton.
  • Malik wants big heads back 2/5

    By i hate your nasty game
    I feel like you guys should bring back the heads to the app so our Bitmoji can be looking better thanks
  • the incredible shrinking bitmoji 3/5

    By WeWynts
    using ios, app&iphone13 updated, after the new&improved bitmoji update 1month ago, bitmojis appear standard size until sent and then shrink to android size. what happened???
  • Suggestions 3/5

    By Clvkv
    What I’ll say is more of a suggestion, then a review.. I would like if Bitmoji will add beauty marks as an option (we could choose the placement and size) I would like if i could really represent myself with the bitmoji
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By FennecTheSandwing
    I absolutely love this app! One thing though: I have braces and I don’t like it when I can’t show myself with braces. Could you add braces to the app? Thank you!
  • Bad 1/5

    By YourLocalModel
    Won’t let me log in or creta account
  • Kevin coley 4/5

    By Change my avatar option
    Can y'all bring back back the option to use bitmoji classic and bitstrips I never knew y'all had that option until yall deleted it but or I seen how people got to change their avatar style
  • Love it 😍 5/5

    By tocabocalover❤️
    Bitmoji is so fun and creative I like it because I get to dress up how I want to dress up when I’m older and my friends love it too.
  • Great app but… 3/5

    By Luke Agre
    I love being able to customize my Bitmoji but I wish people were able to pick certain sports teams shirts and hats to wear so people can keep there usual clothes while supporting a team.
  • The only app that doesn’t have feelings 4/5

    By C Middlemis
    I have two different colored eyes but bitmoji won’t let me do two different colored eyes on my avatar. So I’m mad at them because they don’t recognize that some people have two different colored eyes and that makes me mad and sad and frustrated. The rest of the app is just fine.
  • Are you kidding me 5/5

    By 🧐 ummm
    I only gave it a 5 star review because then it would go to the front….. when I was trying to sign up I did then I took a photo and picked the thing but when I it took me to the next thing and it said connection error your server is down or a server error occurred please check your connection and try again but I’m at full bars I have Wi-Fi and I have data but it’s just not working I’ve tried everything and nothing works I’ve been trying for the past few days and in different places to but nothing works 😭😩😢
  • Broken since last iPhone update. 1/5

    By Star ice skater
    Since last iPhone update Bitmoji’s went from being large to being small. Please fix this. They are too small now. Strangely, the older Bitmoji’s are large but the newer ones are small. Can you please fix this??
  • meh… 4/5

    By ⭐️emm⭐️
    i am sad that i cannot delete an outfit from my closet, i trued looking it up and i still can’t do it! but otherwise its fine:)
  • Missing promised features 2/5

    By Moimoi17
    There are multiple features that other people I know have in their Bitmoji app that don’t exist in my app. It’s current on updates, but doesn’t even have some features that are listed in the app description like taking a photo to create the Bitmoji, or having newer types of eyebrows/clothes etc available. Very disappointing.
  • They got rid of the ushanka 1/5

    By yeeterskeeter6969
    Not cool
  • No good mens hairstyles 2/5

    By Tucker Vogel
    Bitmoji has been updating so much, but not one update has contained any new hairstyles for men who don't have short hair. The only long hair options are extremely feminine and make my bitmoji look like a girl even though it has a beard.
  • no custom text 3/5

    By aPerson23432
    I have iPhone 8 iOS 16.3.1 but the custom text doesn’t work. I have turned on the bitmoji keyboard with full access. Even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Love the app just would love it more is the custom text worked.
  • Change it back! 1/5

    By riot87
    Hate the new style looks ugly. It automatically updated my look. Very annoyed.
  • Not letting me in 4/5

    By Paige🫶🏻❤️‍🔥
    Hey so I was trying to make a Bitmoji account (I turned 12 a few days ago) but it is not letting me make one. It says it is for 12+, right?
  • Grr (DO NOT GET) 1/5

    By CD dtstodyldyp
    I would give it to your stars but unfortunately, you can’t. My problem is every time you put in the username it always says it’s wrong. Do you not suggest
  • Allow me to change hat colors for 5 stars. 1/5

    That’s all I ask
  • More hair styles 4/5

    By chloerez
    Need more hair styles for long straight layered hair. My hair slightly sweeps across my forehead so the current ones makes my bitmoji not look like me at all. Also more small nose types would help.
  • It’s great 4/5

    By didjdjajjsla
    I love bitmoji it’s really great but there’s just one thing, for some reason it won’t show my friends anymore when I connect it to Snapchat which is really weird
  • This is for me 5/5

    By Novella1019
    So for some reason BitMoji won’t let me log in nor sign up with any account. Bitmoji please See this and help me out here!
  • Ugly 1/5

    By NeeNee2018
    I got on Snapchat and I went to my Bitmoji and they wanted to change it and I kept touching “Not now” and they still changed her and now she’s ugly! I miss my old Bitmoji with the big eyes! I have deleted the app and unless you get the big eyes back I will not be redownloading. Thanks for nothing!
  • Air pods 3/5

    By Cheese it173
    They should add air pods or stuff besides hearing aids
  • Mean app 1/5

    By unspeakablemerch
    I got signed out and I can’t Even sign in
  • Maybe add a few things 4/5

    By Sadel Lynn
    I love this app so much. There is nothing wrong with it as it is now, but there are some things that could be added to the app like being able to like or save the stickers. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen a cute sticker, but don’t have anywhere to send it because it won’t make any sense in any of my conversations that I have.Being able to save the stickers would help so much with this issue. Another thing that could be added is a make your own stickers like just be able to put the Bitmoji in different scenarios. And you can see what other people’s stickers are and you could like those to.
  • Save Failed 👎🏻 1/5

    By mohsaleh94
    This app has changed my avatar automatically, and it made it so ugly 🤦🏻‍♂️ i’m trying to fix the problem since last month, but one message is showing up and it says ((save failed)) and I can’t change anything about my avatar 😡 If this problem couldn’t be solved soon enough , then I wouldn’t care and I will delete this app forever. ⭐️ and one star is too much
  • An add in to the app 5/5

    By karly2kool
    I like the app a lot it has always been easy to use I just think it needs more accessories, like hats and more stuff to choose from. Aside from that this app is very fun!
  • 😡 do not download 1/5

    By Blakemarriott
    This app is horrible if you’re under 12 also it makes you log in it is totally not worth it 😠

    By Sadie Chandler
    Bitmoji is not inclusive to the emo/goth people. There’s no split dye for hair colors and there’s certainly no goth outfits. Every bitmoji outfit/makeup and hair is for preppy blondes. BITMOJI NEEDS TO FIX THIS
  • Want 5/5

    By Kelsaroo1994
    I really love the bitmojis! I would love if we could put tattoos on them though!
  • Boring 1/5

    By BeaCookie09
    You don’t really do anything at first it’s AMAZING! And then it get sooo boring. I wish you could like gain followers on it and chat with friends On BitMoji
  • Big fan 4/5

    By Boss 4G shawty
    I love the new clothes selection I was wondering if can get some mens jewelry on here too
  • loveee it but…. 4/5

    By cucumber 🥒🥒
    there should be more volleyball and some softball bitmojis!!!
  • Update 3/5

    By clareeXx
    I hate the new Bitmojis. I wish they’d still let us pic an avatar style. I never use Bitmoji anymore because I can’t get my avatar how I want it.
  • Best app so far 4/5

    By yo boi a
    I love this app but I think we can do better like I really like the outfits etc but I think we can make this app skyrocket So my idea was to add some more jewelry options and even add an option to where you can create a barcode without having to use social media . Like if a friend wanted to know how’d you got all these outfits you could just send them a QR code and they can copy your outfit. Just an idea
  • Cool and all but I hate the new look 2/5

    By Rainana00
    I used to hear all the time “Omg your bitmoji looks just like you” and it was true 😁 but with the new update i cant make it look like me anymore 😠 Its HiDEOUS!!😡 Go back to how they always been 😥
  • Bru 3/5

    By ItsMeSyd🤪
    This weird glitch i cant even do it it just says no connection retry quit and so on
  • Need more coffee options 4/5

    By All about coffee
    Would like to see a LOT more coffee options for those of us and our friends who drink coffee, get together or gather for coffee and love and collect coffee mugs.😍 Thanks so much ~
  • bitmoji 5/5

    By losermc
    I personally think that bitmoji needs more hairstyles for side parts.
  • Different kinds of headbands 5/5

    By priness annie
    I love this app I have had this for along time and I am obsessed with it I just think it needs more holiday outfits like Saint Patrick day clothes and Easter clothes like Saint Patrick headbands Easter headbands
  • 4stars but great 4/5

    By BrodyTre6
    Would give 5 stars but can’t connect with all my friends who uses bitmoji even tho they are in my contacts and they have a created bitmoji

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