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  • Current Version: 4.3.6
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BJ’s Mobile App App

Welcome to BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse! The place to go when you're craving amazing handcrafted beer, delicious pizza, flavorful entrees, our famous Pizookie® desserts and good times. With our app you can: • Easily locate the BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse closest to you. • Find out what’s new and get special offers. • Dine-In Order Ahead! Place your order in advance to dine in. We’ll get your food and drinks started while you’re being seated. • Get on the list! You can put your name on the Preferred Waitlist to save time. • Order take out! Place your order in advance right from the app and pick up inside. In some locations, we’ll even bring it out to you with our curbside service. • Mobile Pay: You have the power to view your check and pay right from the app using Apple Pay, PayPal, and more. • Group Ordering: Organize lunch with your friends right from the app and don't worry about figuring out how to split the bill or pay for individual items. Our app gives you the tools to make it easy. • Get rewarded: Join BJ’s Premier Rewards to get rewarded for every visit (learn more about BJ’s Premier Rewards at

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BJ’s Mobile App app reviews

  • App 👎 2/5

    By nonicknamenoname
    Bjs is great ! Janette is great at the round rock location but your app is the pits .
  • Cold food 1/5

    By Big Fredo123
    Steak & potatoes were ice cold, salad was both blah & warm
  • Paid but never got order 1/5

    By janiemsmith
    I used the app to order a pizza for pickup. The order was never placed when I got there and was told I would need to repay $17 for them to make the pizza. My receipt is on my phone but they still was unable to help. I was told it’s common when you use your rewards the orders don’t go through the system. I left the store without a refund or a pizza. An hour and a half later I get a call from a store 30 minutes away saying they had received my order which I could not figure out how they did. The girl said if one store is busy it goes to the next store. I told her I had already ate by that time and she said she would talk to her manager and then put me on hold and hung up. No one ever called me back. I was never refunded. Called corporate because now I’ve wasted a reward in addition to money. Was sent to voicemail of someone who should have been able to call and no returned call 3 days later. Super disappointed.
  • Always says “cannot reach, try later” when trying to sign up 1/5

    By tommys_girl2015
    We love bjs and go often but this app is driving me nuts. I have tried to sign up multiple times over the past month and no matter what I do, I get a message “cannot reach, try later”. Am I missing something?! How is this not fixed yet or am I the only one having an issue?
  • Like BJs food and the app! 5/5

    By EagleTRL57
    We really like the food and beer selections at BJs and the app is a great addition to the experience. BJs has one of the few restaurant apps that are actually useful from start to finish. Beng able to get on the waitlist from home before we head to the restaurant is great, they are always waiting when we get there and we usually head right to a table, even on busy days. Being able to pay through the app is standard, but they have a clean and easy way to pay and roll the purchase into the rewards program like no other.
  • Very nice to pay without waiting for server 4/5

    By cnewman
    I really like the ability to pay and leave without waiting for the server to run my card! Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a few tries before the app finds which BJ’s store I’m in and can take a few tries to find the check. I often have to close & reopen app to make it work. Hopefully that will improve over time.
  • BJ Mentor 5/5

    By Boblounsbury
    Great food, fantastic Service and great mobile app.
  • Loved it! 5/5

    By Cath Sv
    Food is great! Love the suggested beer/ cider blends. Only our second time here, but i think we will be regulars!
  • I heckin love this place / app 5/5

    By lilalygator
    App is so personalizable!!! we love that for her!!! go off queen!!!
  • Rewards program 1/5

    By Wolvy25
    The BJs app and adding receipts to get Rewards Points is awful. Never able to add points. Why have the program if cannot ever get rewards?
  • Love BJ’s Mesa, AZ 5/5

    By Blessedcog
    Both dine-in and takeout experiences are great. Food is awesome, easy to custom order on line. Prices are comparatively good especially compared to other restaurants serving burgers. App is easy to navigate
  • Above average for restaurant apps 5/5

    By sDsTash
    Extensive menu features and good payment design. Rare connection issues but it’s gotten much better in the last six months. Makes getting credit on your BJs card easy, especially if you’re using the bar.
  • Group ordering is the most convoluted process I've ever seen 1/5

    By pugswithapps
    Group ordering seems like a great idea, but it's literally the stupidest, most cumbersome and convoluted process I've ever experienced. 1. The app wants participants' private emails or phone numbers to send out invites. Uhh, no. It says you can send the invite yourself but you can't get to that screen until you've entered one person's information! 2. So enter fake information to get past this (use the restaurant phone number so an innocent bystander isn't bothered). Fine. Then you get the group code so others can join. 3. Everyone selects their items and it's time to finalize. You tap on Finalize Order but wait! Nobody has hit Submit on their order! Why? Because there's no Submit button until you back all the way out (after adding your items to the order) and then go back in. 4. Ok fine, go back out and back in, hit Submit. Then go back and finalize the group order. But wait! Remember that fake "person" you entered to get past the first screen? They haven't submitted their order, so you can't finalize! 5. Ugh, go back in to your own order and remove one item. Then tap on the fake person and hit Edit. Add the item to "their" order instead. At least the app lets you do this. 6. Remember to go out and back in on the fake person's order so you can hit Submit! 7. Go finalize the order. Hallelujah! It accepts it. But wait! By the time you've done all this, the selected pickup time (chosen at the very beginning) has passed. You can't place this order, and you know what else? YOU CAN'T EDIT THE PICKUP TIME! That's right, you have to start all over, create a new group order, and do it all again. Better be quicker this time or select a later pickup time to give yourself more cushion. 8. REPEAT STEPS 1-7. 9. Finalize the order. Finally no error. Is it done? Is it submitted to the restaurant? Who knows? Certainly not you, because the app doesn't indicate anything has happened, other than greying out some buttons. 10. Check your email (you do have an email address associated with your BJ's account, right) and hopefully you'll see a receipt. Guess it finally worked. What a terrible, horrific process! As someone who writes software for a living, I can tell that nobody with even the tiniest understanding of user interfaces and user experience was ever involved in the development of this rage-inducing process. It was clearly outsourced to the lowest bidder, who is not only very bad at writing code, but is even worse at designing user interfaces. Clearly this was hacked together until something "worked" - for very loose definitions of the word. Absolutely shameful!
  • App review 2/5

    By Jamal Law
    Mostly slow and choppy.
  • Okay App 3/5

    Service not always on par for certain. No happy hour on Sunday until 10pm! Staff likes to talk to each other more than guest.
  • Has flaws 2/5

    By Scottrjoh
    The default for “Order Ahead” is “Dine in” - which means that you place your order ahead of time and they don’t start the order until you sit down. I understand that innovative, but who really wants that? How is that value-added? And if you are ordering “to go” and miss the fact that it shows dine in, they don’t start your to go order until you get there. BJ’s - look at the data and see what the app is used most for and make that the default! As well, the rewards system automatically generates a $10 coupon after every 100 points. Then it expires randomly after that. The coupons are not automatically applied - even when you use the app, so the coupons just keep on expiring because they are not applied. The app just needs some user-intervention review to improve.
  • Preferred Waitlist? Preferred Waste of Time. 1/5

    By Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong?
    Does not work. Case closed. All the app does is require your cell number or email address. Would love to rate negative infinity if I could.
  • Be careful with Apple Pay 2/5

    By Fraenhawk
    I’ve used the app in the past to pay when dining in. It speeds things along applying discounts and paying and not waiting for the wait staff. However this last time I noticed that the amount on the app (and the corresponding emailed receipt) is not what the app transmitted to Apple Pay (too high) so I had dispute the charge with my credit card company. I have a feeling the app sent the pre-discount amount to Apple Pay. So be careful and compare your charges.
  • This is important 4/5

    By L.l.iv
    Although the food was pretty killer I spent an hour and a half in the restaurant and never received a BJ... this didn’t live up to my expectations and therefore I can’t give a five star review.
  • Flow 4/5

    By M2frankiez
    Paying bill could be a bit more fluid on the app.
  • Review 5/5

    By glendarox
    Nolan was a great server food was great love the atmosphere.
  • Unsure if we r rating app or experience 3/5

    By Gbfromgb
    If I am rating the app, it’s ok. But you could make it really slick by allowing people to rate their food and experience at your facility within the app by check number. I am not rating the experience this evening.
  • Very glitchy app 3/5

    By MommaJen5
    App always seem to have some type of problem.
  • Patron 1/5

    By Lunch Patron
    The app never adds my visits until I come in on another visit and complain, obviously bringing in my receipt from the missed visit. If you don’t want to add the points, then don’t advertise that you have a point system! I think this is all a gimmick!
  • Okay but second time I’m double charged 3/5

    By CowboysAlday
    App overall is okay but I had an issue before where I got double charged when I paid with Apple Pay. Happened again today.
  • Love BJs - Excellent Rewards 5/5

    By AlohaLvk
    Easy app. Rack up rewards quickly. Great food and excellent service. They make mistakes just like you and me but they fix things quickly and everyone’s happy! I keep coming back.
  • Points 1/5

    By clean the mess
    Since revamping point system, I have not been accurately getting them. When I put in the information from my receipt it replies points already added 😑😡Don’t say app will do something it won’t. If it’s not the app then there are dishonest wait staff. Either way extremely disappointing.
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By hshdhgdhsjsjjs
    You guys should get this app it is very helpful and I have gotten ahead of many crowds using this app I also have gotten many discounts using this app
  • Awesome Food! 5/5

    By Sazzie09
    We frequent the Burbank BJ’s whenever we are in town and sit at the bar. We always receive excellent Service and the food is outstanding. The App is great as well. Self explaining, pictures of the yummy food and on Special Days they already have the prices set. Like on Wednesday’s, the Special is $10 Burgers and when you use the App to see what burger you may order, the price is already set. Good stuff!
  • Supercalifragiliscious App 5/5

    By sheilaws
    This App is great. It goes above and beyond. It is super easy to use and the payment option is the best I’ve found so far. Swift, fluid, easy and all inclusive
  • The food is great. The app is trash. 1/5

    By NHFF13
    Order food for delivery and it takes an hour for the restaurant to get it. Not to make or deliver the food, to get the order. Don’t bother.
  • Very convenient 5/5

    By IronWmn
    I love the mobile pay feature. It includes Apple Pay, 1-2-3 done.
  • Mobile Pay is too slow 1/5

    By dalancia
    I selected to mobile pay, but it would have been quicker to pay by card. The system doesn’t reflect the payment but my checking account sure does. BJ’s please fix mobile pay as the user experience is less than acceptable.
  • Looove it 5/5

    By Elsie G.
    Love this app makes it so easy to pay for the bill 😎
  • Good service 5/5

    By ChudsM&P
    Cerritos ... sit in the bar area & ask for Iyana ... she’s the best!
  • Best Server EVER 5/5

    By 3 Holes N1
    We are at the BJ’s in town East this is the second time we’ve been here and we have had Taylor both times and she is without a doubt the best server ever !!!!
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By snmiedo
    Intuitive, efficient, and always works!
  • Good App 4/5

    By leahcason
    I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the BJ’s APP. I use it all the time to pay my check.
  • No Nutritional information listed 4/5

    By Techie 99
    The feature to view nutritional information does not work. Nothing is listed.
  • App is solid! 5/5

    By ravenelje
    Pay in store with options! Well done!
  • Pre-Ordering Issues 3/5

    By Baylorbred
    Got some technical issues. App used to work great, but past 3 times we've come when doing order ahead it hasn't gone through and have had to reorder, wait for food, and then have issues getting it tied to rewards account. Old app used to work great, major growing pains however so we don't come to BJs as often because of that. Help out, let us know when the system is fixed, and we'll be back. Thanks for listening and hope it makes a difference. Glad to update this review when all is back in order.
  • Unusable. 1/5

    By coyotenegra
    Unusable app. Will not allow me to sign back in using number, email or Rewards account to log-in, instead returns with a message stating account cannot be found.
  • Check your bill 3/5

    By Jomama1243546576
    Downloaded the app, got a free pizzooki- cool. Bill came, added the offer to my bill to deduct the $7.50, looked like it took, but didn’t. Charged for the free pizzooki-not cool. Probably better to pay with the waiter....
  • Menu ideas 3/5

    By DocKeystone
    Wish there was a way to see things like peanut allergies or gluten free options
  • The app needs refinement 2/5

    By Blak One
    Just about every time I’ve used the app, there are some kind of issues. At the restaurant. At home. It doesn’t matter. Did it get my card? Is it charging me twice??? Fix this please. The idea is good but the execution leaves much to be desired.
  • Excellent Service! 5/5

    By B,s Sister
    I frequent Bjs & try to get Lanie for a waitress, she is the Best waitress I have ever seen in any restraunt!! The food is pretty good just wish they would add to menu . Lanie is always on the ball!! Pleasant & knows the menu!!! She Rocks!!!! Short Sue
  • Plug in my points 1/5

    By Energy customer
    After enjoying a great meal, I attempted to plug into the system to log in my rewards. The app defaulted to 3/7/2019. Today was 5/8/2019. No one at your restaurant seems to know how to fix this...
  • Southern fried chicken breast? 3/5

    By bbbbbbbbbbbbxxxxxx
    I got the southern fried chicken breast lunch only to find out that it was just one big chicken nugget not a chicken breast at all. I felt there was more breading then chicken. Will not order that again!
  • Worse than useless 1/5

    By Play Steam instead
    The amount of “lost” or useless orders here is mind boggling. Staff is either not trained or this app is just a gimmick to make you think they will have your order ready when you get there... actually probably both. Seems like the San Mateo chain is the most poorly run chain in the country... so YMMV. Staff turnover is off the charts. But the amount of times I leave this restaurant saying “I will never go back there again” makes me think I’m a glutton for punishment every time I return.

BJ’s Mobile App app comments

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