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BJ’s Mobile App

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 4.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: BJ's Restaurants Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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BJ’s Mobile App App

Welcome to BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse! The place to go when you're craving amazing handcrafted beer, delicious pizza, flavorful entrees, our famous Pizookie® desserts and good times. With our app you can: • Easily locate the BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse closest to you. • Find out what’s new and get special offers. • Dine-In Order Ahead! Place your order in advance to dine in. We’ll get your food and drinks started while you’re being seated. • Get on the list! You can put your name on the Preferred Waitlist to save time. • Order take out! Place your order in advance right from the app and pick up inside. In some locations, we’ll even bring it out to you with our curbside service. • Mobile Pay: You have the power to view your check and pay right from the app using Apple Pay, PayPal, and more. • Group Ordering: Organize lunch with your friends right from the app and don't worry about figuring out how to split the bill or pay for individual items. Our app gives you the tools to make it easy. • Get rewarded: Join BJ’s Premier Rewards to get rewarded for every visit (learn more about BJ’s Premier Rewards at

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BJ’s Mobile App app reviews

  • Payment Bug Charges without ordering 2/5

    By Sara-e fort hood
    It’s happened several times where it says “string error” when paying with Apple Pay, and the order doesn’t go through. However, the payment does go through in Apple Pay. The manager at the store can’t do anything about it either like they can a regular card payment. It either needs to be fixed or take Apple Pay out of the payment options. Also, the app is pretty slow going between actions. Otherwise it works alright
  • Pazookie 1/5

    By Zdog2732
    I got charged for pazookie and didn’t get pazookie. I called five times and got no pazookie. Unacceptable. I just want to celebrate pie day with my pazookie. Please give me a pazookie.
  • It works 5/5

    By Callanyvegatable
    Yes even a senior may figure it out.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Doug S62
    I would give zero stars if possible. I have spent more time Trying to get the App to work and enter receipts than it has taken me to order, drink and eat. Most frustrating rewards program around. Chilis, Applebees and many others do much better at rewards. Too many other places with comparable food , drink and service to deal with this frustration
  • App doesn’t work 4/5

    By davisbmw1
    When I tap the app, it just shows a picture of the front of the restaurant. Nowhere to go from there. The love this place and want to be able to use the app. Thanks
  • Finally the mobile app works on iOS 5/5

    By Eric1GT
    Previously I either had to call or to use my PC. Now the mobile app is working great and is obviously much more convenient for simple things like ordering lunch. BJ’s has always been great, the food has been fantastic and the prices aren’t bad especially when you join their frequent diner club and enjoy the rewards they offer. Now with an app that works and seemingly better service with take out orders that are correct 100% of the time they get five stars!
  • App often doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jesse Spano So Excited
    Good luck getting the app to load! About a 20% chance it will actually work
  • Best app yet 5/5

    By Funbaggs36
    Bjs app is perfect. Easy to navigate and great description of all food and beverages. Pictures of food and drinks is always a plus. Really like how there is a coupon code section in app and a deal’s section. Become a member and earn rewards
  • App keeps crashing! 1/5

    By Lucybo1967
    App keeps crashing. As soon as it opens, it crashes and disappears.
  • Doesn’t work in Framingham location 1/5

    By NPR00
    Seems like a neat system if it worked.
  • Pretty worthless 1/5

    By cmv60
    App rarely ever works when you need it to, especially the waitlist. Plus you call the restaurant, and they tell you waitlist is “crashing” over volume but they won’t add your name over the phone. Great customer service….
  • New Version 1/5

    By brk hse
    I give this version a zero stars. Can’t even open the app to see my rewards or Beer Club perks!!
  • Same App 2020-2023 at least consistent 4/5

    By Paradashisland
    “Good” or Bad, its consistent. I like to pay and leave with the app(table numbers are normally wrong). But I feel bad for the restaurant if people are still ghosting the check, the app, the waiters. I like to use the app, for priority seating on a busy night. That truely is the best part. I hate when people play, I’m a local(that’s how you treat visitors?) get the app and play your the entitlement roll if you have too. Make sure to get any specialty deep dish well done, to avoid soggy pizza.
  • Please fix waitlist 3/5

    By Emerry of Tarth
    Neither the app or website are functional for joining the waitlist - please fix this, or hangrier people will give even less stars.
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By gardolf1
    Alright so I have a mobile development background and this app is not good. The UI on the app is ugly and outdated. The UX is confusing for adding yourself to the waitlist and usually doesn’t work (API failures all the time but no error messages on the Ui?). Navigating through the whole app appears to call a new API on every page, which takes an incredibly long time to load. Such a long time that I lose interest. Scanning the QR code in the receipt doesn’t work either. I’d expect scanning the QR code would prompt my payment information but instead there was no action in the app.
  • App 3/5

    By Captain1wiggles
    The app is very nice and easy to use except when you want to change the side! This is impossible to do I kept going back and forth with the app and no chance to change the sides to what I wanted
  • Easy navigation 5/5

    By Bowchickiebowbow
    This APP was so easy to use and place a delivery order on. We have also used it in the restaurant to apply our rewards and pay for our meal. They really did a great job with it and love how convenient it makes things for us and our servers.
  • Success with the app! 😁 5/5

    By Idgjy
    Hadn't used the app for a long time, but decided to order ahead for the game. It worked seamlessly. Improved! Thanks, BJ's!
  • You ruined your app 3/5

    By Javier rover
    I always liked best that I could check calories for what I’m ordering on your app. You took that away or it’s not easy to find both are not in the customer’s interest. I really wanna see that return.
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Jennie Gale
    I can’t get anyone to help me. I used to use the app all time but now every time I try to order it says I need to add a valid phone number. I put my phone number in (even though you can see in my profile screen that you already have my number). Then it says it can’t update my address info. Therefore, I am unable to order through the app now and have to use Door Dash which doesn’t accept your coupon codes.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By RNrenee
    Not sure if BJ’s bothers to keep up with the app but it has never worked for me!
  • Incredibly slow 1/5

    By lef2744785
    Took 20 minutes to order and I had full cell signal. The pizza just kept loading and loading and loading…I lost my curbside pickup time twice in the amount of time it took to order. Then it kept suggesting to add cheese sticks which took another 5 minutes to load and click off of. I also got the ‘interrupted’ message 5 different times and my account is locked a couple times. Miserable app experience.
  • Paid for delivery and took 2 hours 1/5

    By makegip
    DO NOT ORDER ON APP! Gives an estimated delivery time not even close to when actually delivered. I can understand 10-20 min late but this is ridiculous. Never again
  • App 5/5

    By Joy Saf
    Love the app. So easy to use. Am able to leave special instructions. Food on time!
  • Mary Burkard 5/5

    By [email protected]
    Wide, varied menu and every meal we have ever gotten is great! Staff friendly.
  • Bad Update! 1/5

    By HadenL
    Every since I updated the B Js app, it will not open and every time I try to open it, it shuts down! The B Js restaurant has look up my account by phone number! Please fix it! Then you will get five stars! Thanks Oh, by the way, great service and great food! Love Strawberry Cheese Cake PIZOOKIE!!
  • App charged payment order failed 1/5

    By Kreiger Blitz
    Twice on attempting to order curbside charged payment method and failed to create order.
  • New app 4.2.0 keeps crashing 2/5

    By Jeffhobart
    So much for eating here.
  • App working? 2/5

    By Skiball57
    All I see when I open the app is the first screen. This hasn’t opened further in weeks. What’s going on? Thankfully you can give your phone number in the restaurant and they can check if you have any rewards due you.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By nutzler
    What’s happening? App crashes every time you try to open it.
  • The just stopped adding points to my base total 1/5

    By Fantasically amazing
    The app out of nowhere stopped adding points to my base total points and there is no customer service number you can call. The email they listed is not responsive.
  • App is laggy + 1/5

    By Treezybeats602
    I did a mobile order and it took them 30 min to just to bag my order even though it was already cooked
  • Love the app but…. 4/5

    By RoDawg7
    Always an issue with the points!
  • All Minds Here Go Get a BJ! 1/5

    By gaygirlnexteoor
    This restaurant ordering is horrible,25-30 minutes pick up time,line was harder to access the beer fish and pasta burgers combined than the American Duff.
  • Deleted and it redownloads itself 1/5

    By hawtt potato
    Not sure why or how it happens but I’ve deleted this app at least five times in the last week and it somehow redownloads itself onto my Home Screen. No other apps have ever done this.
  • Dine in order??? 1/5

    By Juliemelton
    The app once it’s updated defaults to placing a dine in order which I didn’t even know was a thing and the manager confirms that very few do this. So I think I’m ordering carry out and wait in the car until it’s time only to find out that my order “won’t begin being prepared until I am seated”??? I didn’t want to be seated!! So massive delay because some genius that developed this app decided to default to dine in order which apparently Nobody ever actually does. Attention BJs people! Pay attention to details!
  • 5 stars for functionality, 3 stars for UX 5/5

    By speedfoot
    I’d give this a 4 star but in reality the BJs app ecosystem is quite nice. The fact that you can check in online and have your check on your device without having to put in any extra work is fantastic. This app could go through another UX pass, but overall it does a fantastic job in its core purpose. Also the BJs beer club is a fantastic value. Love this place, the quality food, and the value is great if you seek it out!
  • App 1/5

    By ssta1986
    Always having trouble opening the app. At home and at the restaurant.
  • Avoid Delivery 1/5

    By moonwatcherATX
    Every delivery I’ve ever made with this app has been a pretty bad experience. Smaller portions, missing sides, missing minor add ons… just terrible. Don’t bother with the app and just go to the restaurant itself.
  • Crashing App 1/5

    By MtnManDad
    Don’t know what is up. App keeps crashing as of Jan 13, 2023. Trying to order and pay at Cupertino location.
  • Apple Pay issue 3/5

    By Cmd1118
    If you use Apple Pay it will charge you but not put the order through. If you then use another payment method you are charged twice.
  • Improving 4/5

    By Mark4IT
    I’ve struggled with this app for YEARS - clearly a lower priority. Tonight, I was able to have my ID in the app scanned at the take out order desk, and successfully pay my tab while waiting. None of that has worked before- encouraging!
  • Small booths 4/5

    By jannydusty
    Love the food visit often but always jam us in a booth so small our dinner plates hardly fit on table snd we always have to wear our coats it’s so cold In restaurant
  • Points Reward 5/5

    By 68wiggins
    I would love to get my Reward. I am a member. Have been for a few years.
  • Buggy 3/5

    By Bodacious Betty
    I always have issues adding my points. Today wee wee on a single check, and it said the aacount was linked with another check or something. Then when I went to pay through the app, it wouldn’t let me select the right date, and I’ve had that issue before. Clearly, they don’t care about updating the app to make it better. It should be easy and painless to use. I spend plenty of money here and I’d like my loyalty points without having to jump through hoops.
  • Paying in the app at the time of order doesn’t mean you paid 3/5

    By Nchaa
    I ordered ahead and thought that I had paid for lunch when I ordered. On the day, I sent someone to pick up. As I was monitoring their progress, I noticed that the app was asking me to pay the bill. WTH? I paid three days before with a gift card and now I was being asked to pay again?? I am deleting the app as soon as I finish this review. The take out service in Menifee has always been horrible anyway but I will miss the pizza.
  • Charge for Adding Payment Info 5/5

    By MsFortune85
    Hi! Just confirming that a $1 charge should be expected after adding/saving payment info to the app, as I see the charge pending in my bank account.
  • Once good, but really buggy now. 3/5

    By vividimp
    Link from home page to waitlist doesn’t respond. Had to go through the hamburger menu. Same issue with redeeming rewards. Then when I finally got the reward to go through, the payment process returned an error, but my bank shows it went through. Now I have a message from the restaurant saying that I didn’t pay. This is way too buggy to have been released.
  • Before the Hockey Game!! 5/5

    By hockey chix
    Needed a couple quick beer's and Manuel. S hooked me up!! As a single lady Hockey fan it can be uncomfortable in the bars sitting alone, but Manuel hooked this fan up!! And Happy Hour Food was GOOD!

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