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BJs Wholesale Club App

The BJ’s App has everything you need to make the most of your Membership. Enter In-Club Mode when you visit a Club to access that location’s helpful mobile features. • Add-to-Card Coupons Browse and add coupons directly to your Membership Card (no scissors required). Your clipped savings will be applied automatically at checkout. • BJ's Gas® Check BJ's Gas regular and premium gas prices for any location -- so you can pump up the savings and fill up for less. • Find-a-Club Get directions, Club hours, Club features, BJ’s Tire Center hours and Optical Department information for the Club nearest you. • Deli Pre-Order Pre-order BJ’s deli items and platters straight from the app. (Available in select clubs only.) • Free In-Club Pickup Let us do the shopping for you. Place an order for pickup in just 2 hours.* • ExpressPay No need to wait in a checkout line. Easily shop, scan your item’s barcode, pay within the app, and go! (Available in select clubs only.) • BJ’s Stocked Get select items shipped to your home in 2 days with BJ’s Stocked. • Same-Day Delivery Get Same-Day Grocery Delivery on select items in as little as 2 hours. • Featured Recipes Browse recipes, view videos, shop ingredients and add them directly to your Same-Day Delivery cart. • Reload View the products you've recently purchased in-Club or via Same-Day Delivery and easily Reload them to your cart. • Access Membership Information One-click access to all your Membership details, My Rewards, order history, track challenges or scan your Membership card. *Orders placed 2 hours prior to Club closing or later will be available our next business day. Visit for details.

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BJs Wholesale Club app reviews

  • Bjs app 5/5

    By JR grear
    I love the fact that I had to use the app for BJS
  • Not current enough 2/5

    By Juju12756
    What I mean by not current enough is, for example today about 11:15 I checked the app to see if they had Lysol disinfectant spray or wipes in stock and it showed they did at the Coventry Rhode Island store which is the one I frequent. Within a half hour I was there and oh gee not in stock and I checked at the service desk and she said “we had it this morning but we sold out”.Now I can choose to believe her or I can think it’s a “bait and switch”- get customer in the store for something most places dont have in stock, say it’s sold out and they’ll probably buy some thing else. I have no way of knowing but if indeed they did have it and it was sold out the app should be updated frequently so this doesn’t happen. And until that happens I won’t be recommending it.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Balloons44
    Thank you
  • Unable to link app to Account for coupon retrieval 1/5

    By coog59
    Terrible experience - unable to link app to account for coupons. Store associate had same problem and could not fix. No way to be reimbursed for coupons associated to my order.
  • Love it so far 4/5

    By mdy*05
    There should be a way to “unclip” a coupon. Sometimes there are multiple coupons of varying saving for the same item and only one can be used.
  • Confusing 2/5

    By 67flowers
    During this difficult time I decided to order from BJ’s instead of going into the store. I’m not computer illiterate, but trying to successfully navigate and actually use my coupons appear useless. I clipped the appropriate coupons but only 2 out of 7 were actually applied to my purchase. I was instead charged full price for the others.
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By hate Bjs
    Been trying every which way to get this app to work and every time I try to sign up it keeps telling me something went wrong. How am I suppose to get my coupons if this stupid app won’t cooperate. I guess I will have to wait in line at the store and complain about their app and see if they can help me to fix the issue.
  • Say 5/5

    By Motivator1939
    Do you want a bang for your buck? Then BJ’s is the place to get it.
  • Clunky - and cheats the customer 1/5

    By sweezed not embraced
    Clunky to use. Difficult to install and if you don’t use this app you lose the coupon discounts ( I left the items at the register). They should follow the lead of Costco and go to clip-less coupons. They had me going in a circle trying to sign in.
  • Almost there... 4/5

    By ThomDeStefano
    Use the app all the time - adding digital coupons is easy enough with the robust product search features provided - never had a problem with my membership card being scanned on my iPhone (never even take my card shopping) - I just wish there were an Apple Watch app so I could leave my phone in my pocket or in my car while shopping - having the membership card on my watch would easily make this a 5 star app for me
  • Not customer-friendly app 1/5

    By Warehouse store shopper
    I was very surprised as a first-time user of this app today to discover how poorly designed it is. Familiar with Wegman’s app which automatically applies a coupon credit, this app requires that you scroll through hundreds of coupons to find the relevant ones and then tag them. If you don't tag the coupons before starting self-checkout you’re sunk. Had to do our order twice today, and along with poorly trained unpleasant staff, not sure I’ll be back until this gets fixed. Plenty of good models available to designers whom apparently don’t understand the customer purchase experience.
  • Great time saver! 5/5

    By Iranger87
    I used to spend so much time looking though those coupon books and clipping coupons. I would always conveniently leave them on the kitchen counter instead of bringing them with me when I go to work, because I usually head right to the store after work... Anyways, now everything is in one app! It stores your BJ’s card information and barcode in case you forget your card, I can clip coupons from the automatically add the coupons at checkout, I can shop for delivery or store pick up and see daily deals all in one place! I usual don’t download these types of apps but this one is very convenient!!
  • Same day delivery update 1/5

    By Markie2245
    Please put the “same day delivery” back on the home screen. Having to go through the “reload” page to get to Instacart is cumbersome, and it lags greatly when you finally get there.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By RJM21012
    The app is terrible. It doesn’t recognize the login and won’t send a password reset message which means there is no way to use coupons. Waited 20 minutes on the phone to get a customer service rep and then got hung up on. The BJs website live chat just shows a pin wheel for 10 minutes and counting.
  • Bring Back Paper Coupons 1/5

    By BrujitaMala
    My local BJ’s is a dead zone. As a result, App does not work. Bring back paper coupons...
  • Useful, but...I have a suggestion 4/5

    By NicGeri
    I enjoy this app. It makes finding and clipping coupons so much easier. I just wish there was a spot somewhere to create a shopping list. If there is a coupon that’s one thing but it’s more for the items that I would to buy that don’t have a coupon.
  • Not All Digital Coupons Accepted 1/5

    By TWC2
    Happens too often! Not the first time this has happened. Had my digital coupons downloaded. The $3 Dove bar coupon did not register. I was told because the item has to be what is pictured, not what is described! This is ludicrous! I stopped using the app because of this, and went back to clipping the book problems at the register redeeming coupons. Now with COVID, I’m required to go digital...again, and we’re back to not all digital coupons being redeemed. How frustrating!!
  • Horribly balky 1/5

    By Makoman's Lady
    Spent two afternoons trying to place an order to pick up from my local store. The first time, it wouldn't show My Cart even though it “saved” each item I selected. After selecting all my items, I realized that NOTHING had gone into My Cart! Next time (today), I could see My Cart but many items that I wanted could not be placed in My Cart even though they’re available in my store. Worst, it takes forever for the scroll function to warm up on each item so that the price and details can be viewed. Very frustration. I ended up offloading the app and going with Walmart instead. I like shopping at BJs but I prefer not having to go inside during COVID-19. Very disappointed.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Worst Speler in the world
    App was working fine, I’ve had instacart delivery’s every week for the past 3 months- now all of a sudden that option is gone, the new “reload” delivery option is a complete joke, has almost no items to select, immediately deletes the few things I managed to put in the cart, I can’t access my past purchases, what hell did you do, way to ruin a good thing
  • Membership entry issues 1/5

    By jcronk23
    I’m a current member, it scans my card, i put my info in and it tells me it has issues... come on.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Kristal M
    I use my BJs app all the time. Placing orders online and picking up in store or having them delivered is a snap. I highly recommend using the app!
  • Efficient shopper 5/5

    By Jumdabear
    Love the new use of app to speed shop and check out!
  • Coupon Enhancement 3/5

    By Roadwarrior4
    I’d like to request a couple of enhancements for the coupon section of the app. In the paper savings book, the coupons that are ‘High Octane Items’ are augmented by a blue banner and a high octane item icon. In the app digital coupons, there is no way of differentiating those coupons with non-high octane coupons. I have to refer back to the book to see if one is. Please make the Detail link on a coupon more descriptive of what the coupon is for. Have the ability to resize the picture of the item to view more detail of that item.
  • Couponing upgrades 4/5

    By Lipsmckr
    I love this, very functional App. I use the scan card feature so I don’t have to keep an actual card in my wallet. It also helps me know what’s in stock at my store before I venture out. This is great when it’s a special item, like that cast iron skillet I keep thinking about! My main complaints are with the couponing functionality. I share my membership with my mother in law, but I’m the primary. She’s not able to use coupons now that they are only digital. I tried to upload every coupon, but it takes a long time. A select all feature would fix this! Also, coupons should reset after a short time so we can use them again before expiration. If my mother in law needs the same coupon as me, only one of us can use it?? Not good! Target app keeps the discounts on items locked in for unlimited use until expiration. That seems to be the way to go, not limiting it to one usage per coupon cycle. That’s ridiculous.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By W0rking Mama
    I use BJs to stock up on most of our family’s needs, and the app does mostly what I need it to do. The in-store pick up option is nice. There have been some helpful improvements recently like being able to click into a product detail from the cart. My only complaints are regarding efficiency. (1) The available coupons tab refreshes every time you select a coupon and then rearranges all of the remaining coupons since it removes the selected coupon from the screen. It’s extremely annoying as I have “re-find” the next coupon I want to select, and if I try to click on two coupons in a row I end up clicking on the wrong coupon on my second click. I feel like I’m playing “Where is Waldo.” Previously it showed that you already selected a coupon with a “check mark” vs. the “plus sign” without rearranging the page on every click. PRETTY PLEASE go back to the original design. :) (2) With the current environment where items are in/out of stock I would love to have an option to alert me by mail/text if an item I want comes back in stock. (3) I would like a Favorites option on each product so I don’t have to search for the same items all the time. Thanks!
  • Catastrophic Failure 1/5

    By joeBogart
    Not all people want to use your horribly slow and archaic app. Not all of us shop from a cell phone. Without coupons your prices are simply too high. Forcing coupons to the app , alienated your 50+ demographic. Another poor decision made by a poorly run and executed business. If I could leave 0 stars I would.
  • Annoyed to my highest!! 1/5

    By Diimpled_smiile23
    App has been giving me trouble for MONTHS! Contact the call centers and your on hold for up to an hour, call the store they tell you to call the 1800 number and if you go in the store they can’t help with the app. Decided to chat live with an agent and was able to use the desktop to update my account. I go back to the app to put in my new password and of course my credentials don’t match. Mind you, I deleted the app, restarted my phone and downloaded again just to make sure. This app is trash and needs to be wiped clean and started over. All I wanted was to place an online order for water and sanitary napkins to be picked up.
  • App features are half baked 2/5

    By surfman49
    This app appears to have good features that actually don’t exist. When I checked in for an online order, I had to wait in the same customer service line, and the rep still had to scan my order printout and go and find the item. You still have to go inside and the item is not ready after “check-in”. So, what is the point? Also, sometimes the checkout line in my club goes all the way to the back of the store. This app has the ability to do self check-out, but not in my store. Why can’t this be done in every store. Other warehouse clubs do this really well and BJs should do the same.
  • Good but could use one improvement 4/5

    By GotGirls
    Overall easy to use, but would be greatly improved if you could sort coupons by expiration date.
  • Coupon system needs major improvements 2/5

    By joe spulcachuun
    The electric coupon system needs attention or be eliminated all together and transferred to automatically being deducted. I’ve had a few issues the past couple Times where I’ve had to go to the customer service counter to get money for a coupon that didn’t get deducted that I had electronically clipped. Example cottonelle wipes, Gillette razors. This was because the coupon was for a pack of 448 not the pack of 504 that the bjs I went to offers. You can’t even zoom in to read the print on the coupon. Plus it takes forever to scroll through all the coupons. Check your orders closely. If I had a Costco close to me I wouldn’t even bother with BJ’s. I’m very suspicious of these business practices
  • Bjs app 5/5

    By Debimacd
    Love it! Coupons go straight to card. So easy.
  • Coupon fail 1/5

    By Mxymaster
    I got the app to electronically access the coupons. I signed in with my membership number. But the coupon section won’t acknowledge that and says I must be a member to access coupons. So I go to the sign-in section and see I am signed in. My membership is valid for months. Why is this happening?
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By Charter blows 22
    Would give zero Stars if it was an option.
  • App Horrible 2/5

    By Elma1231
    This app is absolutely worthless s it will not let you set your store location. An extremely important feature it would only allow me to pick up in AKRON OHIO which is 10 HOURS AWAY
  • Top of the food distribution list 5/5

    By Dr.Kendro
    Great stores, Greater App!!
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By MK645300
    The BJ’s mobile app needs work. It’s very difficult to find coupons that you need using the app. No misspellings and must fully type out the entire name of the product. Coupons are difficult to find using filters. If you purchase something at a previous shopping trip that now has a new coupon, the app does not allow you to load the current coupon. This has happened to me several times. BJ’s is the only store NOT accepting paper coupons so you can no longer use a BJ’s coupon and a manufacturer coupon to stack savings. This was one of the selling points of a BJ’s membership over Costco or Sam’s. Now many grocery stores have their own apps with manufacturer coupons and you can still use a paper coupon. My suggestion to make this app more user friendly is to either load all coupons to every membership card or place a code on each item in the monthly coupon booklet that can be used to scan the coupon to a membership card. This would save the time it currently takes to add a coupon to the app.
  • Mommy# 5/5

    By Mommy#
  • Bj app 1/5

    By bjs castumer
    Uhh.. terrible!! Terrible!!!!no star needed!!
  • Love BJS but not the app 1/5

    By Lee2125
    It has been over a month and I have not been able to login to my account and clip coupons. I have tried calling and I am unable to get anyone. I have been emailing with them and they keep telling me someone will get back to me they are trying to resolve the issue. It has been over a month. It is very frustrating especially since I shop there weekly and now I am unable to save by using coupons.
  • Can’t Set Up Account 1/5

    By swerdnase
    It scans my membership card and gets the membership number. I put in Firstname,Lastname,Zip code and it pulls up my email address and home address. I fill in the password fields and press Continue and it says “Something went wrong while checking membership”. Really? You found my email address and home address ok so you know I have a membership, what else can go wrong?? This app is stupid and a waste of my time!
  • Cardholder 5/5

    By grocery prince
    Great service.... always have what I need
  • A good start .... 4/5

    By Suzie-Q-P
    Easy to use but there should be a notice that coupons will be good for subsequent visits since they are not put in the redeemed area.
  • Kaliyah @MallofLouisiana Baton Rouge, LA 5/5

    By Lola_Jai88
    Sooo sweet! From the moment we were seated, she greeted us and was ready to serve us! She is extremely knowledgeable about yalls entire menu and she had some great recommendations for us to choose from. We love her energy. She laughed with us as she took our orders. She just has a great energy. A whole Vibe fr😍She’s a great server and she was workin fast y’all. She needs a promotion if you haven’t seen that in her yet. We’ve been here from California and with all this Corona and Covid-19 going on, this was such a great experience for us and our boys. We will definitely be coming back. We honestly didn’t even know y’all were open. Glad we came. Thanks Kaliyah😘 and the entire staff at BJs in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Just for being open for us. We were Starving!!
  • Helpful App 4/5

    By DNP9273
    I like the BJs app because it helps me with my “pre” shopping and I can also find a history of my previous purchases! Neat!
  • Love the coupons 3/5

    By lindavidira
    Wish things were grouped together better
  • Mike 5/5

    By Savageis#1
    AwesomeSavageis #1
  • Bjs app 5/5

    By AJMCY12
    Very convenient. Discounts appear automatically at the end of check out. No cutting. Thank you
  • BJ’s coupon app 4/5

    By JeepMom/nursing
    It’s nice not to have to cut out the paper coupons but I think you should be able to use more than one coupon if you have more than 1 of the product. It currently requires you to have a paper coupon also if you want to use more than 1 coupon. That defeats the person of paperless!
  • Luis A. Rivera 5/5

    By luus A. Rivera
    I’m Happy with you!!’

BJs Wholesale Club app comments

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