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BJs Wholesale Club

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  • Current Version: 10.1.9
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  • Compatibility: Android
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BJs Wholesale Club App

The BJ’s App has everything you need to make the most of your Membership. Enter In-Club Mode when you visit a Club to access that location’s helpful mobile features. • Add-to-Card Coupons Browse and add coupons directly to your Membership Card (no scissors required). Your clipped savings will be applied automatically at checkout. • BJ's Gas® Check BJ's Gas regular and premium gas prices for any location -- so you can pump up the savings and fill up for less. • Find-a-Club Get directions, Club hours, Club features, BJ’s Tire Center hours and Optical Department information for the Club nearest you. • Deli Pre-Order Pre-order BJ’s Wholesale Club deli items and platters straight from the app. (Available in select Clubs only.) • Free Curbside and In-Club Pickup Let us do the shopping for you. Place an online order and schedule your Curbside Pickup when you need it. • ExpressPay No need to wait in a checkout line. Easily shop, scan your item’s barcode, pay within the app, and go! (Available in select clubs only.) • BJ’s Buy Now, Pay Later Now your favorite items & household essentials are more affordable with split payments brought to you by CitizensPay™. Available in select Club locations only. • Same-Day Delivery Get Same-Day Grocery Delivery to your doorstep in as little as 2 hours. (Select items only. (Availability vary by Club location.) • Featured Recipes Browse recipes, view videos, shop ingredients and add them directly to your Same-Day Delivery cart. • Reload View the products you've recently purchased in-Club or via Same-Day Delivery and quickly Reload them to your Same-Day Delivery cart. • Access Membership Information Membership Account details can be accessed on-the-go from the home screen. View My Rewards, order history, track challenges or scan your Membership card from anywhere. *Orders placed 2 hours prior to Club closing or later will be available our next business day. Visit for details.

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BJs Wholesale Club app reviews

  • Clipped coupons disappearing 3/5

    By J Dog H
    I love BJ’s and clipping coupons is fast and easy. But lately I’ve started noticing that I’ll clip coupons, go into the store and only “some” of them show under “clipped”. Then I’ll try to find the coupons again under “available” and they’re gone. Then those coupons will show up the next day under “clipped” This is very frustrating. I have not been purchasing those items because I have no proof I have a coupon for it if it doesn’t come off at the register.
  • Shopping 1/5

    By mary anne coffin
    I thought I had a code for an outdoor chair which was not available I. Store it only came in so I ordered online did everything correct for free shopping. Couldn’t get it to work. Tried and tried. So disappointed
  • The Best! 5/5

    By bralex1
    Great customer service
  • Basketball Hoop 5/5

    By hanoveragent
    Excellent app to send it for my grandson birthday ! Jacks Very good application to order things and pickup later
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Nalamarley24
    The delivery checkout didn’t work right. Could not leave instructions.
  • Fairlife chocolate protein shake 4/5

    By Mrs mommamc
    I’m very disappointed that I cannot find the fair life protein shakes in my BJ’s store in Chesterfield Michigan. I had to order them from Madison Heights.I am requesting that chesterfield order more in the future so when people come in they can get them
  • Scanning products 2/5

    By VE62122
    Not able to scan Frito Pick N Pack, nobody in the store could help.
  • Easy online ordering 5/5

    By best discovery
    Easy go find items, coupons and checkout.
  • Efficient service 5/5

    By Sanantonio0109
    Worked well through the pandemic.
  • New member 5/5

    By Gustavo , hijo de Dios
    Good start shopping in this store
  • Curbside pickup is terrible in most stores 1/5

    By mad shopper 345
    Curbside pickup is absolutely terrible. Waited as long as 45 minutes for them to bring order out and I was only one at curbside. Today I waited and waited and had to go into crowded store even though I’m immuno compromised and that is why I do curbside pickup. This was after I got a text saying the order was already picked up. No one in store ever picks up phone. When I got in no one would help. Finally I see person with my items. They said that they knew I was waiting outside but superior told him to let me come inside store for the pickup.
  • Coupons 1/5

    By Cotto85
    They have coupons but when you make the order the coupons don’t work please check this and fix it
  • Good overall, has some drawbacks 3/5

    By Übergeek
    When the “Add to Cart button works, it’s great. Otherwise your items get shipped instead of free pickup!
  • Excelente 4/5

    By soyyyyyyyy ❤️
  • Much easier now 5/5

    By Joanna11111181
    Much easier when it referenced prior items I bought
  • Rotten, moldy produce 1/5

    By Jtmerid
    Too many instances of receiving rotten and moldy fresh produce when I use curbside pickup and don’t get to choose the items myself. I’m done buying produce at BJ’s
  • Friendly 5/5

    By castagrande2021
    App is so easy to use
  • Locked out 1/5

    By jeff gazetti
    Was working great for months. Then all of a sudden, locked out and password no longer works. Called 800-BJS-CLUB and could not understand foreign accent. (Way to outsource jobs you morons). Reset password didn’t work. Bottom line: leave it alone. It wasn’t broken, stop screwing with it.
  • Unable to submit order on website 2/5

    By mjm7505
    Website was fine until I tried to submit order. Tried on chrome and edge. Cleared cookies, cache, etc. no good. Worked on phone app but was sluggish. Now I am writing a review where I can see the title but can’t reD my comments.
  • Glad to try for 1st Time 5/5

    By Gr8c3fu1
    First time trying this so hope to always enjoy using this method
  • Buy It Again 5/5

    By B. Shep
    I really like this feature, especially when you buy something frequently. You can go to a previous order and purchase again without searching for it.
  • Good store 5/5

    By chelewin
    I love to shop in this store , because they have a great prices
  • A few bugs but great & convenient when it works 3/5

    By Neilly123
    Great concept & I love it when it’s working properly but when it’s not it’s annoying to have to go inside when you only intended todo a car pickup
  • Useless 1/5

    By RickeyBobby412
    Every time I try to use a coupon they are sold out. I dont think they want you to save any money.
  • Easy ordering 5/5

    By bhibjrbsfbiu
    This coffee maker is the best. We’ve had it for years but it’s starting to leak & needs to be replaced. The price is the lowest we’ve ever seen.
  • Poor app!!! 1/5

    By GrammaCajun
    Another update: the developers either can’t or don’t want to fix the problem listed below about accessing the app in their store. Also it’s extremely difficult to find out how to review a product both on the app and on their website. I guess BJ’s doesn’t want you to review anything. Update: I communicated with the developers because I can’t open the app in the store. According to them, you have to use BJ’s Internet to use it in the store. Since I don’t use public Wifi EVER!!!, I downgraded my rating to 1 star. Not everyone is comfortable using public Wifi. What good is an app you can’t use while shopping in the store. I used to be able to access it so it must have been part of an update changing it. You can’t access your lists or coupons. Original response: If I don’t open the app before I get in the store, it won’t do anything in the building. I can’t see what’s in my list and the coupons I clipped. It will open but the location is Akron, and I live in Florida and it won’t let me sign in. What’s the problem with the app?
  • Expresspay 2/5

    By Dlm007266
    Be prepared to have your items rescanned at the door! I was pretty happy with the whole process until I reached the door. All my items (but 1) scanned and I paid with ease with my credit card. I get to the door and the greeter was required to scan 10 of the 15 items on my receipt. He lost track of what he did and did not scan. I had to unload half my groceries onto the floor in order to make all the barcodes accessible. I got to skip the line at checkout but created a huge line behind me at the door while this process occurred. I use a similar scan and go feature at a different store locally and you just walk out the door when you’re done.
  • It works about 10 % of the time 1/5

    By darkjames83
    It works about 10 % of the time.
  • Chaotic mess 2/5

    By Glaneon
    There’s no order to anything and you can’t search your cart! Can’t even see the text I’m typing here. Buggy app.
  • Make chip options 3/5

    By sinclaird09
    I don't like that you can't pick which chips you want in your 2 pack
  • Getting better! 4/5

    By PGgal
    Too bad you can’t scan wine, you must go to check out.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By GalgoMB
    App is worthless; tried to scan items for express pay, still had to make the long register line because one food item would not scan. The employee in the meat department who very kindly tried to help tells me it’s been a problem and he doesn’t know how to solve it.
  • Bjs Furniture 5/5

    By bdare21
    I have been purchasing BJs furniture for years. The products are durable, the quality is good and all of my family members are surprised when I tell them where I purchased the products from. My children are grown now and they buy from BJs as well. I’ve never been disappointed.
  • Worst UX ever 1/5

    By dee see eff
    This app makes getting out of the store a nightmare. If you use it to check out, the person at the exit has to scan Everything. In. Your. Cart. Again! Uninstalled.
  • Express pay 4/5

    By 70xseven
    I’ve used express pay a few times since it was available. While it saves time in line, it takes more time than it saves when I exit bc the person checking me out has to first scan they QR code, then scan every item I am buying, so it takes much longer. THEN if I need to return an item, it is a a challenge bc customer service is not sure how to do it. I’ve been told the receipt is supposed to come up with scanning the membership card but each time that has been unsuccessful. And they Have to return as if there is no receipt. Frustrating for all. I won’t be using it again till it is a handier process.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By krustygatito
    I like the fact that you can add the coupons to your account and they apply automatically at check out. You can browse the specials at home, add coupons, check gas price, order online etc. Express pay was the best of all features IMO when I was in the club and wanted to skip the line and touchless pay now in covid times and I love the fact that Freeport was one of the selected clubs that offer this feature. I take one star since I found out that the last two times that I used express pay I was charged $3.50 fee (wth?) and I stopped using it. The only think that I don’t like about the express pay is the limit of 15 items that it is too low when you are shopping at bjs. I can’t find a reasonable rationale why bjs will be interested in charging you for making yours and their life easier in decongesting the lines at the register? No sense. My 2 cents, use the app but stay away of express pay. Peace
  • Quick checkout 5/5

    By Rfanthony
    I love the fade check out and coupons were loaded in the app already
  • Organize and put things together 3/5

    By halliganbear
    Put all of one thing together. Like paper plates. Don’t spend them Out on your app
  • Coupons don’t work on iPhone SE 1/5

    By MommaBatt
    Coupons do not load when using an iPhone SE. however on my old Samsung, it works flawlessly.
  • Thankful 5/5

    By Marvelous Future
    I am so thankful for BJ’s Curbside Pick-Up, because sometimes I just cannot make it to the store. This location gets a lot of business and the parking lot be packed. I am so happy when I can order my items and drive up to Curbside get my gas when needed. Thank you, BJ’s for being my family favorite Club Warehouse Store.
  • BJ’s Rewards 1/5

    By Didychou
    Please add the ability to see progress to the BJ’s rewards again! It was very helpful before!
  • Alimentos frescos 5/5

    By jolynica
  • Shipping is a problem 3/5

    By Katydv
    I love the app and how easy it is to use for online order for store pickup. The only problem is how often something is out of stock and I don’t notice it will be shipped. I’ve paid for shipping on ridiculous items like a bag of chips (total cost $14) too many times. Not to mention it’s a huge waste to ship something like that. I should slow down and review my 40 items more carefully but I’m a busy working mom, hence why I order my groceries online.
  • Shopping in store 4/5

    By Jojo-Jojo2121
    Prices are higher in the app vs the sign in the store.
  • Quick and caring delivery service 5/5

    By Fussy Food Fan
    Wonderful wonderful
  • Jay Steinberger 5/5

    By crazy jay stein
    Excellent place to shop for value and service
  • More items 5/5

    By Jessie0429
    Should be able to scan more than 299
  • The app needs a lot of work 1/5

    By gamer_35_0227
    The app is terrible it freezes all the time and it moves very slowly. I add things to the cart and BJ’s never has it definitely needs some work
  • The pros & Cons 5/5

    By Moore2itthanthat
    The ordering system works pretty well. The delivery system could use a bit of work. The last worker brought my items out on some kind of bakery looking tray & dropped some stuff into the ground. It was a very warm day & I was not going to wait for them to go get another item. I took the damaged items. I get home to find I had 2 of an item I only ordered one of & items I ordered were missing. That requires calling to reconcile the discrepancies. Which requires going over the list & insuring you have what you paid for. But, it beats going through the store yourself when you are disabled. And, you get to keep whatever you get that you didn’t order. So, I feel o.k. with the process overall & would recommend it, all things considered.