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BlackBerry Access

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  • Current Version: 2.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Good Technology, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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BlackBerry Access App

BlackBerry Access™ enables enterprise mobile app users to securely access intranet and popular web-based productivity applications using their device of choice.    With BlackBerry Access secure mobile browser, you get: • The next generation of BlackBerry’s secure mobile browser built on the BlackBerry Dynamics® Secure Mobility Platform • Secure, intuitive and collaborative user experience – Interoperability with BlackBerry Collaboration Suite and other third party BlackBerry- secured applications for complete business workflows • Flexible deployment options such as Direct Connect for point-to-point communication bypassing the BlackBerry Secure Cloud This app uses the BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform to safely segregate corporate data from personal data on iOS devices, personally owned or corporate liable, without compromising user privacy. BlackBerry-secured apps protect business data on the device, over the air and when shared between apps. If you like BlackBerry Access, please take the time to give us a review.


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BlackBerry Access app reviews

  • Useless 1/5

    By Juan Bolona
    App is impossible to do anything productive
  • Unable to download app 1/5

    By Buddy's momma
    Although I have the cloud icon, when I click it, I cannot download it. I’ve been through every possible scenario with Apple Support to get this fixed and nothing works.
  • Update for iPhone X 5/5

    By Shea1989
    Thank you for the awesome update for the iPhone X UI. This makes us have an increased workspace, as well easier navigation. I may be jumping to ideas however I almost am willing to bet that the speed has improved as well, more to come on this one. Cannot wait to see the email Work marching this format for iPhone X. Great work!
  • Broken pages 2/5

    By Calla0
    Some of the web pages are distorted or links are broken/missing. It’s impossible to work with the upgrade, previous version worked fine.
  • Blackberry Access 1/5

    By Jhahn1
    Agree with previous review. While the ability to access intranet files and share point sites is powerful, the process to launch the browser application is PAINFUL!
  • The worse app ever 1/5

    By Tex_U.S.A
    This got to be the worst app ever and I can’t believe that Apple is actually approved such horrible app to be in the App Store. I wish I can show a demo on how l bad this app trying to Open a link from BlackBerry work and keeps flashing and flashing and flashing forever and after 10 minutes, maybe, if I’m lucky it’ll time out, comes back and ask me to open in Safari and then tells me can’t open in Safari!!! how bad is this? please!! My 6-year-old probably can build a better app!
  • Awful 1/5

    By ncchisl
    I hate my IT department for choosing this Blackberry trash. My goal in life is to get them to dump this worthless service for one of the many better options.
  • Mostly garbage 1/5

    By VicarPAC
    I'm not a huge fan of the blackberry work app, but at least it WORKS. This? Not so much. Constant need to get a new access key, restart, etc. If my work's IT department didn't require it I'd never install this.
  • Need improvements 1/5

    By GAKorb
    Since upgrading to iPhone 8 and iOS 11, I have not been able to have this app work consistently
  • Crashes every time I try to use it 1/5

    By Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkljj
    Please send an update. I have an iPhone 6 and it crashes every time I try to use it to open a link from Good Work email.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By 12345nn_bby
    There's nothing else to say. This app (the entire "Hood" suite, actually) is nearly worthless. It gets one full star only because I'm rounding up.
  • Not working! 2/5

    This app isn't working at all for me right now. Not sure what's going on. I'm logged in to BB Work and when I try to open BB Access it's asking for log on info again. Then once I enter it again, it flips back to my phone's Home screen. I've restarted and tried numerous times. Fix it please!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 1234rick4321
    Every bit as awful and annoying as Blackberry Work

    By javDieguez
    This is a "secure" browser, with many useless restrictions and limited features. Avoid it if you can.
  • Don't update 1/5

    By Babus21
    I can't use it after the update. Please fix this.
  • Recent update caused app to become unusable 1/5

    By dorothy08
    I have not been able to use this app with Good for Enterprise which defaults to use this app as the preferred browser.
  • Don't update!!! 1/5

    By Av8tor_Jim
    I made the mistake of updating the app, now it won't work, and as this is my company's choice for an app, now I can't work. Who beta tested this update? Fire them and hire competency!
  • Have to delete and re-install often :( 1/5

    By Awinger85
    This application causes major delays when using in the field. Sometimes multiple times per day it will lock you out completely and you can't access anything. I have to delete the app and re-install it to use it. It is very frustrating and slows down business. It has no reliability or consistent functionality.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By dyllly3423
    Slow and crashes. Plus why block control center access on the lock screen? That's not even relevant
  • Virtually unusable 1/5

    By Dave Rocky
    Virtually unusable product.
  • Just awful 1/5

    By MRW516
  • Never works. Waste of an app. 1/5

    By Navid89
    Constantly asks for credentials and crashes. Awful app.
  • Rename "Bad Access" 1/5

    By photographer45
    Won't work. Crashes systems.
  • Different name same sh... 1/5

    By Rwsan
    If you are looking for tools that make you completely unproductive, go ahead and download any of the Good apps. If the company you work for requires you to download Good apps, consider changing jobs! Yes, it's that bad!
  • Better than they'd have you believe 4/5

    By The SWGS
    I've got a few small personal preference type gripes with this app's interface. But honestly, I only need it for the softtoken functionality so whatever.
  • Another bomb of a product..... 1/5

    By GregNY
    If I had the hours back that I've spent loading and reloading and reloading this app because it crashes with such intensity I could retire a couple years early. What a headache of an app....Jesus Christ!
  • Slow 1/5

    By Amebeth
    It's taking me 20 minutes to bring up a timecard page. Several time outs. Several logins. Several restarts. I give up. There is no gained convenience using this app over pulling out my fast computer.
  • Best app for secure browsing 5/5

    By IhorN95
    This is the best app for browsing my favorites web sites. I am sure that all my data are in safe.
  • Unable To Access Access 1/5

    By Sekoujabez
    I have only been able to access the app since I downloaded it a week ago. Since the it gets stuck in authenticating.
  • Proud 4/5

    By Percylee
    This appears to be a great tool
  • Terrible App! 1/5

    By Cat66045
    Kept crashing even after many deleted and reinstalled effort. Will avoid using this app as much as possible.
  • Won't download 1/5

    By 737Donkey
    Unable to download.
  • Reinstall 4/5

    By Steve185321
    This app works much better after I deleted and reinstalled it. I'm able to approve transfers, view message centers, and access ABS information now. Much improved from previous versions.
  • Terrible usability 2/5

    By Dingoboss
    Incredibly overcomplicated setup and terrible usability. Multiple difficult to type keys just to install an app, bizarre and unintuitive app store in an app. Haven't met anyone yet at my company who has successfully even got the whole process to fully work at all.
  • Worst service and very unstable 1/5

    By Gaurav_J
    I am not sure how this product even gets tested before putting moving it to realtime. Every time the app updates it self all the setup breaks and I have no idea how to fix it nor my company's IT department.
  • Does not work with Good For Enterprise 1/5

    By curtfell
    This app no longer allows the User to authenticate thru the Food For Enterprise app. This is useless for Enterprise users! Keeps asking for an email and access key when it should be delegating the auth thru the Good For Enterprise app!
  • Very limited capabilities!!! :-( 1/5

    By Buckeyes Baby!
    The only option our Company has provided for us. No pilot, no chance to evaluate alternatives, etc. Security is good but can't attach a file from any other app, can't attach a photo unless you take it within the app, an other limitations. Good for simple text email. That is all!
  • Something is NOT better than nothing 1/5

    By Tanya Susie
    I thought hey, it's better than nothing. Nope it's about as effective as having nothing. Hate that my only option is GOOD (whether it be for email or web), because overall the products stink.
  • Activation 1/5

    By CTaz21
    Cannot use the app because my phone was jailbroken previously. GFE never had this problem. You could still use the program. You just couldn't use it if your device was currently jailbroken which makes sense. Please enable the same for both good access and good work!!!!
  • Annoying 1/5

    By MartinHK
    I find it very annoying that I can't copy-paste my activation code in the application. I got an email with an activation code of 25 characters: I can't paste it in Good Access, I can't type it little by little as every application switch (with my email app) will reset what I typed. Ultimately need to write it on a paper to then type it in good access, welcome to 21st century technology...
  • An improvement on the old Enterprise browser 4/5

    By MrFrobozz
    It's better than the old Enterprise browser, but it need a "find in page" feature.
  • Talk about Speed. Lightning fast browser. 5/5

    By debber1212
    Security we get it, going to lose some usability people. But come on, access to intranet without having to log into some App Tunel or VPN makes this thing amazing. Could be a little faster but I give it 2 thumbs up. **** love the launcher integration like Good Work. Plus the App Store feature is cool. Our It just put out 2 new apps and they showed up there for me to download.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Sfagt
    Poor app
  • Crashing 1/5

    By mn consumer
    Crashes on opening and now the good email crashes too. Please fix asap
  • A real browser within the Good security container! 5/5

    By JustinS71
    Much better than the built in browser in the Good app.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Blakbart0864
    Nice work. Keep Em coming!
  • I have the need. The need for speed 5/5

    By Cynistersix
    And this browser delivered!

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