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  • Current Version: 2.18.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Good Technology, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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BlackBerry Work App

*** Contact your IT administrator for any help with setting up BlackBerry Work *** Take care of business simply, elegantly and securely with BlackBerry Work. Stay on top of your business email, schedule and join meetings, and manage your contacts with an easy to use, all-in-one app. BlackBerry Work delivers a personalized business experience. See your colleagues’ photos in your email. View online availability to chat everywhere you work - in email, a calendar event and on their contact card – a capability unique to BlackBerry. Quickly navigate among your business apps using Launcher. Switch easily between composing an email, adding a contact, or scheduling a calendar event with quick action buttons. And always know that your personal privacy is protected without intrusive geo-location capabilities. Simple app navigation: • Launcher: Simplify multi-tasking and app navigation with easy switching between your email, calendar, contacts, app settings and other BlackBerry apps. • Quick actions: Work smarter with quick action buttons to compose an email, schedule a meeting or add a contact. • Contextual file actions: Choose the right actions for your documents – edit, annotate, save, print, sign, etc. based on the other BlackBerry-secured apps installed on your device Improve productivity: • Email: Manage your inbox on the go! Check and respond to email, move messages to a folder, and take and attach photos. • Calendar: Stay in touch with your colleagues, customers and partners wherever you are. Join meetings or schedule new ones. Even send a quick reply message if you are running late. • Contacts: See all of your Outlook contacts, personal and work. Add additional information to the contact card or get the caller ID by sync’ing the contacts to the device. Personalize your experience: • Directory Photos: Your inbox, calendar and contacts now displays photos from your global address list so you can now enjoy more effective social interactions • People centric collaboration: Choose the best way to reach your colleagues based on their online availability status. Initiate a call, an email, an IM or an SMS from within the app them based on their availability. Quick notifications: • Badges: See how many unread email you have right on your device home screen without opening the app. . • VIP notifications: Never miss an important message. Set VIP status for key contacts to be notified via custom alerts when they send you an email.

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BlackBerry Work app reviews

  • iPad unusable when this app is open 1/5

    By tb2112
    This app is functional and there is only one truly critical bug: when it is open on the ipad, the entire device slows down so badly as to become unusable. Every single app and the iOS system itself becomes crippled when this app is running in the background. I have never experienced another app-store app that has this devastating effect. NOT ONE. Apple is not supposed to approve apps that cause severe system-wide degradation. It must be hijacking the main CPU thread, which is expressly prohibited.
  • Good product, needs a few tweaks 4/5

    By GutzyPanda
    Keep up the good work. A few requested features for your backlog. 1. An UNDO button. Please! 2. When you go to file an email, if I already filed an email with the same subject in a certain folder, it would be great if the system just defaulted to that folder. This is how my beloved Blackberry (physical phone) used to work. 3. Full screen reading of email (for iPad).
  • Would benefit from a substantial clean-up 2/5

    By jam9999
    Crashes and restarts all the time. Calendar still needs a lot of work. Information is obfuscated when receiving a forwarded invite. Since this is for business users, being able to show tracked changes in Word attachments would be also very useful like on my old Blackberry.
  • No notifications anymore 1/5

    By Rohanhan
    The notification stopped working two weeks ago. I’ve reset app data etc. nothing. I NEED this app. Only way to check email on phone. I’m on iOS 12.3.1 HELP!!!
  • It works perfect for me 5/5

    By Halfrican Guy
    If you’re having problems, contact your IT department.
  • Constant password re-entry 1/5

    By Annoyingrandomname25447
    How many times a day do I need to re-enter my password after a “restart” that never actually happened? When the vast majority of users hate your application, maybe it’s time to fix it...
  • Terrible performance on the iPad Pro 1/5

    By Fangs404
    I’m giving this app 1 star only because it technically works and lets me check and send email and deal with my calendar, which is nice. But there are two big issues I consistently encounter and have literally encountered since I first got my iPad Pro about 2 years ago. 1) As many others have stated, performance on the iPad Pro is just god awful, and I have no idea why. It drains the battery, and it makes the device crawl unless it’s force-killed. I really don’t like to force-kill apps, but this one leaves me no choice. This is absolutely unacceptable because it means that either a) BlackBerry isn’t testing its apps on the iPad Pro, which is just programming negligence, or b) BlackBerry is testing its apps on the iPad Pro and simply doesn’t care about the terrible performance. Both options are completely unacceptable after so long. 2) For some reason, actions I take with this app are often not mirrored on the email server. For example, if I delete or move an email that’s in my inbox and then later check my email using an actual Outlook client, the email is often still sitting in my inbox. I can conjecture why this might happen, but I don’t really know.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By quen103&3$383
    The app was installed successfully however the notifications does not appear in the iPhone. Please verify and correct.
  • Pathetic App! 1/5

    By LopyA
    I can’t understand how are Corporate Admin approving this app for use? Junk! Notifications never work, you have to login to refresh emails every time? Shame!
  • Email alerts don’t work on iPhone X 2/5

    By Good George
    Since I purchased the iPhone X I have been having problems getting email alerts. At first it works then it stops working without changing any setting. The only way I can make it work again is to reinstall the app, and it works for 2-3 weeks then Stops again. I still get alerts for calendar events but not for emails. This is half of what this app is good for (to alert me of emails) so half dysfunctional (or functional).

    By Coffeemann
    You’ve known about this for years, pretend in your patch notes like its fixed, and continue to IGNORE USERS. I’ve emailed my institution about this problem and will be advocating that we move to another product until you FIX THIS. This app CRIPPLES >$1000 dollar brand new iPads and is unacceptable.
  • Draining battery 1/5

    By rajeshkv1
    If I open this app it drains the battery by 10% immediately and 10 minute usage kills the phone
  • Terrible bug has persisted for YEARS 1/5

    By thethriller
    When Work is open, my entire iPad slows down, especially when it comes to vertical scrolling. The app itself also slows down. The only way to get the iPad back to normal is to force “close” the app in the background; otherwise every app runs slowly including the core UX of the OS. It makes the app really hard to use.
  • No More Notifications??? 1/5

    By A.Hank
    Now when I get an email, this app doesn’t notify me whatsoever.
  • Slow 1/5

    By TJG2098
    Please update app is dragging very slow to no response
  • Crashes 1/5

    By amygdala12
    Crashes about half the time I open it. Messages fail to send often. Just seemingly a poor app. I’m not asking it to do much other than send and receive emails and open when I want it to. Still fails often.
  • TERRIBLE!!! 1/5

    By ImSooCHI
    While the Good app was basic, it got the job done! I miss it a LOT! With my iPhone 8plus, the BW app had just recognized my finger print so i didn’t have to enter my pw EVERYTIME i opened it. Now i have an iPhone XR... it doesn’t have Face ID, so I’m back to entering my password all day! With Good, i could see new emails received in all my folders (where rules were created in outlook). This app!!!! No! I have to manually click all folders and wait for them to update!!!! If this was not mandatory for my position, I’d delete this trash app!
  • Windows 1995 is better than this! 1/5

    By Los Angeles Night
    I have to use it, it is very slow and basic no updates for years I guess.
  • Several issues, biggest one is access 1/5

    By LSMDC
    This app is very, very poor. Access via Face ID is inconsistent at best, and the manual password does not update correctly. I am now locked out despite using my own face and entering the correct password multiple times. If I could, I would invoice blackberry for the time I’ve wasted. There is no clear way to reset my password so while the app was frustrating before, it is now actually useless. Thanks blackberry!
  • Great, secure ENTERPRISE email app 5/5

    By Poopoocacapeepeeeeee
    Works great. I manage the app for my users. Most of the complaints in the reviews are training and user issues, or settings chosen by these user’s IT department. The app does have bugs at times and sometimes it can cause crashes or undesired issues/glitches, but in general it works well and has all of your content in one location, while protecting your company data both inside and out.
  • Always updating 1/5

    By vmjosh
    It seems like my mailbox is never current, always trying to update. It only seems to download the emails on the phone that have already been read in Outlook. Due to it never being current, Im. It able to actually use it. But it is what the company chose at the time and was probably the only DFARS compliant mail app available.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By randyharrison
    Never get push notifications, have to go into inbox to find new emails.
  • Utter garbage 1/5

    By jakush
    Despite having Touch ID turned on, the app still will prompt you to enter your password almost every time you open it. Basic usability issues left and right, including no mark unread button inside a message (you must return to the inbox and use a hidden swipe gesture). Search is slow and doesn’t work well. Calendar takes a while to sync and doesn’t update in the background so if you open it for a quick glance at what your next meeting is, be warned it may not be right for the first ~30 sec. The only people who are giving this app a good rating are the IT administrators who selected it for their companies, in an effort to save face.
  • Unable to get any notifications! 1/5

    By Rmahesh
    I’m being forced to use this for my work. I’m not able to get any notifications (email or calendar). After missing some events/emails, I have to manually check for emails. Unacceptable!
  • Terrible email experience 1/5

    By W Turnbull
    This app is just terrible. Frequent crashes. No ability to search calendar. Unlike the iPhone version, the iPad version has no setting to turn-off auto-advance to the next message when you file/delete a message. This totally breaks workflow if you don’t want to read emails in sequential order. Why would the developer have completely different behaviors on iPhone/iPad version? Also, while you can specify how many days worth of email to download, the app NEVER cleans up used memory meaning that if you get a lot of email, the app eventually expands to fill your entire device. You’d think that setting the app to download only 2 weeks of email would keep only 2 weeks of email on the device and recycle the memory...but you’d be wrong. Unless you have to use this app for work (like I do), run as fast as you can.
  • Worse app ever 1/5

    By Scpo378!!
    I have to use this because I work for the government and this is what they have supplied us with. Basically it works intermittently, never sending notifications when I get email and will only “push” when I open the app and ‘refresh’. Even then, I get the dreaded “offline”, even when connected LTE with 4 bars or on 5G WiFi.
  • Severely slows iOS on iPad 1/5

    By Ryan.m.a
    When this app is open in the background, my iPad stutter when scrolling and navigating - performance screeches to a halt. When the app is force-closed, iOS performance returns to normal. Have tried re-installing app and full-restoring ipad multiple times. This has been an issue for months and is a big problem. Need to force-quit the app each time in order for the iPad to function. A quick Google search shows many many other complaints about this same issue.
  • Need unlock key 1/5

    By w m f t
    After the iOS update yesterday I need a Blackberry unlock key.
  • Connection offline 1/5

    By Dashon99
    What did you do? I cannot get connected since 9:11am today. Throw bug fixed causes issues😡
  • Still broken, 6 months later 1/5

    By Pd2Ni81
    This app STILL stays resident in the background, doing who knows what, and KILLS performance on all my devices. As many others have reported, this app negatively impacts all UI gestures as long as it’s in the background. You must kill the app to regain functionality of the device.
  • Constantly crashes on iOS 12.2 1/5

    By brendan6q66
    This app is terrible when it works properly, but since upgrading to iOS 12.2 recently, BB Work constantly crashes on both my iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro. Worthless. FIX THE CRASHES!
  • Breaks every time there is a software update 1/5

    By Mattgappreviews
    Might be a different story depending on your company, but every single time I upgrade my iPhone software, I have to go through the maze of calling my company’s IT just to get this app working again. Setting it up the very first time was among the more painful things I’ve had to do
  • Can't get anything done 1/5

    By Cardarelli
    I login, open an email, and the app closes out/shuts down. I sign back in, open a different email, the app lets me read it. Go to next email, the app closes. Frequent occurrence. True story- no exaggeration.
  • Clunky interface, slow and not even secure 1/5

    By Bigmango123
    The slowness really creates anxiety when you see an email notification but it takes a whole minute to loan one email in the app. Always needs authentication from user. Security is important to this app but it has to rely on external browsers for links. The connection between apps has a high probability of losing the link. Hope my company sees this and switch software.
  • Replying to email cursor doesn’t appear in body of email 3/5

    By Phoenix
    Something changed with the latest version - the cursor doesn’t appear in body of the message when you are replying to an email and thus the keyboard doesn’t automatically pop up. Just inefficient.
  • worst app I have ever used 1/5

    By Evan Shang
    Extremely hard to use. If it is not required by employer, I would have uninstalled this app a thousand times.
  • cumbersome not user friendly 1/5

    By tennisnutz100
    took five hours to get set up to even connect due to so many steps involving calling purebred agent and inability to connect device to network. Once connected lasted for 6 hours, draining battery (which lasted days using Good for Enterprise app) Stopped retrieving email and connecting to server to allow new email to be read. Waste of time in name of security.
  • Crashes every time I tap 1/5

    By Kma1220
    The app crashes every time I try to open it and the support link in the App Store goes to a page that no longer exists.
  • Good was better 1/5

    By chejos535
    Worst app interface. Why do I need to click on BB sign to get menu option? Just keep them at the bottom.
  • Crappy tool but stuck with using it do to a stupid decision by my IT group 1/5

    By HelpMeImDrowning8406
    Impossible to work with and when I updated my corporate password this application went sideways and now get log in with the new password I reset via my laptop!! What a piece of crap and at least I can tell my boss that, “Sorry, won’t be responding to emails once I log off my laptop because the crappy mobile app you are forcing me to use is worthless”!!!!!
  • Latest update doesn’t fix anything 2/5

    By Green05
    I use this app because at most times during my work day, I am away from my computer. However, the latest update claims to fix problems, but I feel it has created much more. I need to write a review because the “App Support” link in the Apple store goes to page that no longer works. That’s a big fail! Here are some bugs that I hope you actually fix in your next update: 1. I have a rogue email in my inbox. It has no sender and no content. But when I go to delete it, it stays in my inbox. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but there it is. I do not have any hidden items on my corporate email so it appears it is a bug in the software. 2. When my phone goes to attempt to correct a word, the app will not let me click the “x” on the screen to cancel the auto change. Instead I have to backspace and continue typing the word. 3. There is no way to hide the cc and bcc lined when replying to an email. So if my email has a couple hundred recipients, I need to scroll down half the page to actually view where I am typing. 4. The sent items folder should be at the top of the screen for easy access.
  • Worst app I've ever used. 1/5

    By Arvind1613
    I haven't come across an app that has so many issues as this does.
  • Working similar to Good, except for attachments 4/5

    By BB Work New User
    After transition, all contacts were there still and seemed to work very similarly to the Good app I was using the previous couple years. The biggest drawback is I can no longer attach pictures taken with my phone to an email. The folder containing photos on my phone is not available within BB Work. A loss of functionality is not what I anticipated when moving from Good to Work. I had no choice in the matter, so what can I do... If you don’t try to attach photos to an email, this app seems to work just as well as Good if you have experience with that.
  • Refresh not working for sub folders 1/5

    By Rabbaniapp
    Refresh not working for sub folders. Need to reinstall the app for the refresh to work
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By VAlj1350
    This app is the worst I have ever had to use.. it has to be reinstalled nearly EVERY day, requiring multiple requests to my IT guy for a new activation code. Seriously frustrating and worthless app that actually inhibits my ability to access email from home, which is the entire reason I have a government iPhone!
  • Very not friendly 1/5

    By verysadiris
    I have set it up twice and every time it complains that my pswd is incorrect, which i double checked every time I set it up. I can’t believe I have to rely on the access key and reset every time I want to login. This is really dumb. Also can’t open the internal App Store even after I log in. Completely defeat the purpose of this app. Not convenient at all. Since I can’t log in, I can’t submit a feedback either.
  • App from early ages 1/5

    By Veda99
    Enable touch-id option when you don't support it. Notifications are vague “email received”. Enter password every time when opened. Shows total number of email notifications received since the app installed as badge on new notification instead of unread messages.
  • I Wish I Could Give 0 Stars 1/5

    By Starkman_78
    Whose back did Blackberry scratch to worm their way back into the corporate realm with a product like this? My phone has not been right ever since the transition from Good. It took two days just to load, then hours to complete the clunky setup. Since then, the battery life on my phone is abysmal, the sync with Outlook is inconsistent, and it demands my password all the live long day. And it’s quite a coincidence that after having this phone for three years, just a couple of weeks after getting Blackberry I have an OS glitch resulting in my phone becoming disabled. Since this isn’t my personal phone, I couldn’t just plug it into iTunes for a reset, so I had to wait a week for Apple to “verify my identity” before I could get back in. And I’m off to contact the help desk because after everything I did just to get my phone back to baseline, Blackberry got wiped AGAIN, and I need an unlock key. This is total bull. If Blackberry wants to stay in business, why can’t they just stop sucking??!!
  • Worst app I’ve had in 12 years 1/5

    By Mcauld
    This app is constantly locking me out and I have to delete and reload it after getting new passwords and/or unlock codes from work. It is horrible. I am sick of it. I can’t count on it working when I need access to time sensitive work emails.

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