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BlackBerry Work

  • Category: Business
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  • Current Version: 2.12.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Good Technology, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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BlackBerry Work App

*** Contact your IT administrator for any help with setting up BlackBerry Work *** Take care of business simply, elegantly and securely with BlackBerry Work. Stay on top of your business email, schedule and join meetings, and manage your contacts with an easy to use, all-in-one app. BlackBerry Work delivers a personalized business experience. See your colleagues’ photos in your email. View online availability to chat everywhere you work - in email, a calendar event and on their contact card – a capability unique to BlackBerry. Quickly navigate among your business apps using Launcher. Switch easily between composing an email, adding a contact, or scheduling a calendar event with quick action buttons. And always know that your personal privacy is protected without intrusive geo-location capabilities. Simple app navigation: • Launcher: Simplify multi-tasking and app navigation with easy switching between your email, calendar, contacts, app settings and other BlackBerry apps. • Quick actions: Work smarter with quick action buttons to compose an email, schedule a meeting or add a contact. • Contextual file actions: Choose the right actions for your documents – edit, annotate, save, print, sign, etc. based on the other BlackBerry-secured apps installed on your device Improve productivity: • Email: Manage your inbox on the go! Check and respond to email, move messages to a folder, and take and attach photos. • Calendar: Stay in touch with your colleagues, customers and partners wherever you are. Join meetings or schedule new ones. Even send a quick reply message if you are running late. • Contacts: See all of your Outlook contacts, personal and work. Add additional information to the contact card or get the caller ID by sync’ing the contacts to the device. Personalize your experience: • Directory Photos: Your inbox, calendar and contacts now displays photos from your global address list so you can now enjoy more effective social interactions • People centric collaboration: Choose the best way to reach your colleagues based on their online availability status. Initiate a call, an email, an IM or an SMS from within the app them based on their availability. Quick notifications: • Badges: See how many unread email you have right on your device home screen without opening the app. . • VIP notifications: Never miss an important message. Set VIP status for key contacts to be notified via custom alerts when they send you an email.


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BlackBerry Work app reviews

  • Not working 3/5

    By ksm123445
    It’s not working properly keep on crashing . I have re installed still not working
  • Inaccurate badges, FaceID issues 2/5

    By irockxl
    The badges for unread emails is consistently inaccurate, and what’s the point of allowing faceid integration when it never works. I always need to enter my password How a sophisticated business app like Blackberry work cannot correctly utilize apple’s FaceID is mind boggling to me.
  • Nobody would use this garbage if not forced by their company 1/5

    By Annoyingrandomname25447
    How many times per day will you force me to renter a lengthy password for a “restarted” application that hasn’t been restarted in weeks? Complete failure and horrible customer experience.
  • Wack!! 1/5

    By allyal82
    It never works. Everyone I work with is unable to use it. They need to do better.
  • Often Offline 1/5

    By Crodriguez1a
    This app had been somewhat stable until recently. At the moment, I can receive notifications but the moment I launch the app, it displays an offline message. Separately, the interface is quite unintuitive. Switching between mail and calendar is wonky and too dissimilar from the more ubiquitous UI patterns.
  • Update causes crash 1/5

    By A55TASTIC
    I updated the app and now it will not open at all.
  • Took away feature to view more than 30 days on calendar! 3/5

    By Wacky Fool
    Calendar view can only go back 30 days?!
  • More context in bug fix 1/5

    By Richbrink
    Can you provide more context in what bug was fixed in your iOS releases?
  • Pure garbage 1/5

    By Roryap1122
    This app and its sibling "Blackberry Access" are pure garbage. They're so buggy and full of inadequacies, eg simple conveniences and features that one would normally expect but are missing. For instance, in the calendar, you would think you could just click on an hour row in the day view and create an appointment on that time. Instead, it just does nothing at all. You have to click the create button, and the appointment time is defaulted to today's date and the current time, so even though you scrolled to the date you want to make the appointment on, it's started out at today's date and if it's 11 PM, you have to be careful to scroll back to the right time in the AM. So ridiculous and would be so easy to implement little things like that. Pure laziness or lack of care for quality.
  • Good work should be called ‘Bad’ 1/5

    By SSN2012
    This application is not reliable at all. It crashes early and often. I wish my employer would give us other options. True story.
  • No sub folder notifications 1/5

    By !Fatkid12.
    Can’t believe an email client in 2018 does not support sub folder notifications.
  • Notifications for emails and badges no longer appear 1/5

    By New version keeps crashing
    Since Friday I only get calendar notifications
  • A notable recent improvement 4/5

    By Thatguyrightoverthere
    My beef with this app in the past was always its touch id’s issues with object permanence, forcing manual password entry at least once every 24 hrs. Well, whatever critical bugs they recently fixed, the Touch ID is now actually working as it should. Well done on that! Much less annoying to use now.
  • Please Add Touch ID!!!! 1/5

    By Emryan0
    The app can be very unreliable, but has gotten better over the last few months. PLEASE add TouchID!!!!!
  • What happened to notifications? 3/5

    By RLJ82
    I have an iPhone and the badges, notifications and sounds all stopped working recently.
  • Cannot install 1/5

    By Danielle KT
    After having 5+ access keys generated I still am getting an access denied error message after the authentication process looks like it about to complete. Is this app incompatible with iPhone 7?
  • High battery consumption 1/5

    By jgreenert
    Typical battery consumption, after adjusting settings to lower consumption, is 15 - 25%. Since installing, my iPad battery will be drained in 2 days without use.
  • functional battery hog 2/5

    By tb2112
    the App is functional. .. ...but it eats up my battery on iphone X — and that’s even with the battery saver feature turned ON. The only way to stop the drain is to kill it from the app switcher — which clears it from memory completely but the downside is you have to login with your password instead of face ID next time. It really shouldn’t have any background processing to do at all when sync is turned off within the battery saver feature. But it’s still doing something. The device crash logs suggest there are cpu hog bugs in play here. My phone is full of entries like “work_cpu_fatal” where the system had to shut it down for misbehaving by hogging background cpu. hopefully blackberry is working on squashing these bugs as a matter of priority.
  • Do not update above iOS 11.2!!! 1/5

    By starbellie21
    Warning if you update above iOS 11.2, this app crashes. Looks like it’s launching but then it doesn’t. Before my phone automatically updated, it worked okay. Now it just crashes with the occasional email notification. Shame on Blackberry!
  • Crap 1/5

    By mrasjr9184
    Email notifications do not come through error messages on mobility server and network diagnostics. They need to update the app. My office IT has said this is a blackberry issue. Fix this!!!!
  • The app has become too slow 2/5

    By Rameezbadri
    So far I was enjoying the capability of going through my work emails on phone with this app, however now it has become too slow. Login takes ages. The mail loads very slow. It is as if the app is stuck and then things start moving and then get stuck again. It is becoming very inconvenient.
  • Awful. 1/5

    By Tatooz1974
    Just today notifications stopped. Nothing. This is the worst app ever.
  • No Face ID 2/5

    By TFrankJr
    What happened to the Face ID on my iPhone X? Generally, I find the app pretty reliable but having to enter my password multiple times a day is a big hassle.
  • Killing battery 1/5

    By concered442
    App is killing the battery; good app had flaws but didn’t kill my battery. One day with this app and my battery is depleted wining hours instead of days.

    By mpzozulia
    GOOD definitely took 10 steps backwards with the Blackberry app suite. This is the worst app I have ever downloaded to my iPhone. My enterprise is currently testing this app and it is UNUSABLE. It takes an average of 2-3 minutes for email to update, with a maximum of 6 minutes one time; that is if you don’t have to close the app because it froze. I dread having to switch between my calendar and mail - more times than not it freezes and again I have to close out. I have told my enterprise that because this app has so many performance issues and usability issues that we should not be moving forward with this and I have opted to switch back to GOOD messaging. I honestly cannot believe this app suite was ever release.
  • This app. is terrible 1/5

    By Joes430
    The Good app was great then Blackberry Work takes over and on several occasions the email doesn’t come through. I’m notified of the email but it won’t open. It has done this too many times. Only option is to uninstall and reinstall the app?
  • Worst email app ever! 1/5

    By dixka
    Positively the worst email enterprise app ever used. Only works 10% of the time with continuous outages.
  • Terrible and prone to fail 1/5

    By wcoastryan
    I've had to delete and reload this app so many times I feel like I work in the IT department. My company uses this software unfortunately.
  • Absolute Garbage 1/5

    By Aquahound
    Once again, the app is “offline.” My agency switched from Good to Blackberry and its one of the worst decisions made. This app is garbage and is offline just as often as it works. What’s more frustrating is, somehow, the banner and app notifications still work.
  • FaceID 2/5

    By TarHeelsRDaBest
    What is the point of having FaceID if it only prompts for it 1 out of 10 times? Very annoying. I have to log in almost EVERYTIME! Please fix this and it would be so much more useful. Thanks!
  • If I had a choice... 1/5

    By very-simple
    I would not use this application. It is a necessary evil of my job. I have not gotten a notification for over a month, except for a random one five days after a message. Our IT department has been attempting to fix the issue and has no idea what is wrong. And now, I have just discovered that the Apple Watch application has disappeared from my watch. Zero explanation. As bad as it *was*, I didn’t actually think it was possible to make this application have even worse functionality. Apparently I was wrong.
  • New email no bueno 3/5

    By OhitsEmily
    Had to reset my entire blackberry suite account in order to change my email.
  • Ohh blackberry 1/5

    By Cvogel033
    With this latest update I receive no notifications for new email and meetings and I’ve made sure they are turned on. Please fix this, for this is the one reason I have this app.
  • Keeps shutting down 1/5

    By Luckydomer
    iOS 11.3. App keeps closing after login rendering it useless since I can’t see any emails if the app will not open.
  • Face ID not working after upgrade 1/5

    By YJP65
    Face ID is no longer working after the update.
  • Apple Watch app removed 1/5

    By Qeternity
    Why??? iPhone app is also terrible. Extremely slow push, miss my blackberry work phone terribly
  • Not working!! 1/5

    By Fitbit pro
    Continues to say I’m offline. Fix it!
  • Why do I “have to” turn on notifications? 1/5

    By Red in U.S
    Would not work unless you turn notifications on. Some of us are not married to our phones and we would like to also get some break from work. The app now does not open my email because it wants me to turn notifications on.
  • Badges stuck - Issue in latest update 1/5

    By Rohanhan
    Ever since latest app update the badge count won’t reset. I have NO unread emails but it says I do. FIX THIS. It causes me great pain! iOS 11.3.
  • Everything requires a workaround 1/5

    By RealEstateZealot
    Update 3/30/18 ... App description says SIMPLE + ELEGANT! ... Interesting because I doubt ANYONE forced by their employer to use it agrees! *Syncing takes a lifetime IF notification comes. Open app. “Connectinggggggggg” * “144 unread emails” even tho ALL read * Badges + notification sounds DONT always work. Frequently have to manually open to see UNREAD email * Sadly, reset = going back to IT, request re-licensure, wait for approval, LABORIOUS + time consuming set up AGAIN Cannot wait until my IT completes their search for NEW email client. Like FORD did!
  • Formatting Tools 3/5

    By B007Cyber
    The App generally does what is required and permitted by Admins. A few formatting tools when writing emails would be very useful (bold, underline, bullets etc).
  • Mostly ok 3/5

    By Vara1608
    The app is functional. The only thing that concerns me is that my custom folders are not receiving emails automatically. These custom folders get emails based on certain rules. Only when i go to each and every folder, the corresponding folder gets synced. Otherwise I miss important emails. This is a serious bug.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By NYCGirl212
    At least once a week, the app stops working and I have to delete it and reinstall.
  • Useless 1/5

    Hate, hate, hate this. Painful experience each time I attempt to use. Wish my employer would publish something else for us. I recommend it to them each time I have to contact them when I attempt to log in.
  • Crashes and crashes and crashes 2/5

    By Iowa5770
    I can’t open the app
  • Finally 5/5

    By Fredman1365
    Been using the app for awhile now. I must say it’s finally at my expectations. iPhone X Face ID is perfect. I don’t get the sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t anymore. It always works and it’s fast. The rest of the notifications works well as well. Overall it’s great for keeping me in touch and the speed keeps me from having any downtime.
  • Calendar and tasks are not good 2/5

    By NH011
    This app is ok, but lacks some important features. Tasks do not link with Outlook so are no longer a usable feature for pairing with your mobile device. This is a very negative aspect. Monthly view on calendar does not show appointments, it is just a calendar. Many in my agency have been disappointed by this, we would like to see a monthly view with appointments. My agency had the GOOD app in the past and are disappointed with the loss of function we now have with this app.
  • Crashes, and i still dont know why i have 6 apps insead of previously one... 1/5

    By mikedan75
    First they went bankrupt with their devices and now with their software...
  • Push notification fail 1/5

    By Id1415
    Forced to download this app and I did not get any email notification. Missed out on some really important emails bc of this. For a company with this level of resources, it’s almost embarrassing to not be able to get push notification out, especially considering how their customers are mostly business oriented with time sensitive requests.
  • No option to auto advance to older message 1/5

    By Zpad2
    Workflow is normally that you start at the newest message. This is mildly infuriating.

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