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  • Current Version: 3.3.1
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Blackboard Instructor App

Blackboard Instructor is Blackboard's newest mobile solution that helps instructors and those in teaching roles manage courses, mark assignments, communicate with learners and quickly complete administrative tasks. With Blackboard Instructor, you can: - Preview course content and assessments - Mark assignments - Send course announcements - Create discussion boards threads and reply to comments We love feedback! If you have any questions or comments, use the in-app feedback tool to help us improve Blackboard Instructor. Note: Blackboard Instructor functions as a collaborative tool between our app software and your institution's Blackboard Learn server. Access must be enabled by your institution. Features and functionality may be limited at times if your institution hasn’t updated the appropriate software or experiences server outages. Downloading or using this app indicates consent to the terms and privacy information at

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  • Catastrophic Bug 1/5

    By DawnFather
    Grading interface fairly nice. Grading on multiple attempts is confusing. Now crashes every time I click Post Grades, making it unusable.
  • This app doesn’t deserve a star! 1/5

    By paraclete1
    This app is so limited and unreliable that it doesn’t deserve any stars. It’s a piece of crap... don’t waste your time using it. The frustration isn’t worth it. You’d think the amount of money that is spent on this LMS in the university that they could figure out some way to provide instructors with a reliable way to grade on a mobile device.

    By ARV_Argonaut
    GARBAGE. HOT GARBAGE. BLACKBOARD, WHY ARE YOU STILL USING THE SAME SOFTWARE THAT WAS IMPLEMENTED IN MYSPACE’S WINDOW PAGING SYSTEM? YOU HONESTLY THINK THAT’S A GOOD IDEA?! Folks, this is abysmal. I’ve asked my university to decline to renew the contract with BlackBoard and BlackBoard Ultra. This system is RIFE with catastrophic issues. You’d think during a time when the entire world is locked down and reliant upon distance learning systems, a heavy hitter like BlackBoard would capitalize and shine. YOU’D BE WRONG! DEAD WRONG! Window in window paging is broken, app support is nonexistent, timing on pages is clumsily implemented and breaks often, controls are contradictory and vague, DATABASE STRUCTURES FOR TRACKING PROBLEMS ON EXAMS DON’T CORRELATE...HOW IS THAT EVEN A THING IN 2020?! You guys are a failure. You’re product is bad and you should feel bad.
  • Needs the ability for multiple school accounts 3/5

    By daveyb1239999
    Like many, I adjunct at more than one campus. I was hoping you could implement a system to allow for multiple accounts to switch between. Also, there seems to be an issue when editing a document. Once I start to make a ‘written’ comment I am am unable to scroll and need to reload the document entirely.
  • Can’t grade 1/5

    By nickname 125436
    What is the point of this if I can’t grade using my iPad? What a waste of time!
  • embarrassing and disappointing year after year 1/5

    By Changewemust
    I have been waiting for years now for an app that actually works from Blackboard, an app that would allow instructors to grade and use the features of an iPad. Blackboard is simply a pain to use with iOS devices - very frustrating. The app crushes, in Safari there is no way to scroll in grade view. I started teaching in 2008, 12 years later this app is as poor as it ever was. If the people at Blackboard wonder where they might have completely failed to meet instructors needs - it is this embarrassing iOS app. Maybe Android versions work better, I don’t know. Please remove this from the app store until you are able to produce something that will not simply waste our time, especially now in the context of Covid 19 and teaching from home.
  • Frustrating and disappointing 2/5

    By nilkgiver
    This app is making my life during remote instruction more stressful. It randomly shuts down and erases my comments on student work after I struggle to write it down in the first place. I’ll be shifting to a different platform if the next semester is also remote.
  • Junky App 1/5

    By Photosbycmdotcom
    This app got my hopes up for nothing. I thought I could grade assignments from my iPad and be able to stay more on top of my grading. I can only grade certain things but then it never lets me post the grade. App keeps crashing every time I try to do something. And what’s with this “I have to be in the web browser” to grade quizzes and stuff? This is nuts considering I have yet to be able to effectively grade anything on the web browser for the iPad. It doens’t matter if I use safari or google chrome. Blackboard Ultra does not let me grade assignments. It doesn’t show the whole screen and doesn’t scroll for me. So I thought the app would be a better alternative. Man was I wrong. Blackboard is a joke of a system. Please update the software so that it doesn’t crash and I can actually do my job. Thanks. :-)
  • Only if a bug could be fixed 3/5

    By avalanchep
    Very good and handy app to grade on ipad. The problem is, sometimes when I grade a couple of papers then I go to post the grades, tapping the “post grades” button crashes the app, the app closes and the grades are not posted. No matter how many times I try, reset the app, reset the ipad; when it goes in the crash mode, there is no way to fix the issue for the rest of the assignments. That was the serious problem. Then a boost can make the app rock: if the app could recognize the stylus and could discriminate it with hands (when stylus is in use). Like The functionality in GoodNotes or OneNote for example.
  • Weak offering, in need of updating. 2/5

    By cfrjrjlsrmjrgcripr
    Many of the resources that an instructor might want, such as viewing the full grade center are only available online. When writing comments on student work the documents need to be reloaded in order to get the document to scroll again. Each time I post grades the app shuts down. At this point they should also have made the commenting on student work compatible with Apple Pencil style styluses, that is no longer new technology. In short they need to fix, expand, and catch up.
  • worse than the android version 1/5

    By KleinWang...
    I grade all the PDF HWs through the app. I meet three problems so far. 1, the pen for grading is only black, there should be a red one. 2, once I post the grade, touch the button, the app shut down. 3, unable to scroll down or up after attach a comment or drawing.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Ventri1o
    Title says it all, utter garbage can’t load pdf files, when I start grading the app closes and worst all of there are no options to change pen color or Line width
  • No actual grade book? 1/5

    By Hamlet3145
    What on earth is the point of this app if I can’t access the class grade book? That is the most basic need of an instructor.
  • *sigh* 2/5

    By Murasama23
    I only used this app to send announcements. The browser version always had terrible formatting, but somehow the app version stripped most of the formatting out and made things look good. It was honestly the only good thing about the app. I would type the email for the class in a different program because of how incredibly slow this app is. And then I could copy/paste the email into the app to make it look nice before sending it out. But with the recent update, it now only strips out spacing between paragraphs. The fonts are no longer uniform. The bolding/underlining is still there. It just removes the spacing. And it does it AFTER the email goes out, so I didn’t know until my class got a huge brick of text. I wish I could say I was surprised. But this is what I’ve come to expect from Blackboard.
  • Broken, insulting 1/5

    By chrisbrodymt
    I have a humanities PhD and still can’t find the words to describe what a broken, useless app this is. The home screen has a kind of nice design and momentarily makes you think it’s going to be a decent app. As soon as you try to do anything, though, you realize that it’s the worst of all worlds—it’s basically a non-mobile-friendly resizing of the desktop site yet with crucial desktop functionality removed. Blackboard should be ashamed, as should any university that uses Blackboard as its LMS. Using this mess is the worst part of my job. I’m not sure what’s the more pathetic scenario, if they released this without testing it all or if they tested it and still released it in this condition.
  • Actually ZERO stars 1/5

    By Ladybug 1.0
    After grading and leaving detailed feedback on my students’ assignments, the app will not post the grades. Every time I select “post grades”, the app crashes. The grading feature is the reason why I downloaded the app and it doesn’t work. My iPad is update with respect to its iOS. This app is worthless to me.
  • Bug prevents grading 1/5

    By Ariel J. Transparentpseudonym
    If I open a student's uploaded paper, I see it for a few seconds, and then Box finishes "loading" and the student's work vanishes. Reading and grading student work is the only reason I use a tablet rather than a computer; this bug renders the app useless.
  • Broken Assignment Grading 1/5

    By Blehblehbleh4773
    Using the pen tool to mark up an assignment with comments and notation prevents you from scrolling to other pages. Will be using Google Classroom for assignment submission until this is fixed.
  • Total disaster 1/5

    By alexeiUAF
    I installed this app on my iPad but could not access the full grade book. I call our OIT help desk and spent over an hour with no result. I would give 0 star for this product but no such option.
  • I know BB won’t read this but....... zero stars! 1/5

    By RereW
    There’s something wrong when individuals give a review indicating what the app CAN’T do but still rate the app with more than a star. As instructors, we’re forced to use this antiquated tool. BB knows this and understands they don’t have to provide a tool that is truly useful to instructors. There used to be a BB app that allowed you to grade assignments. Now that functionality is reserved for “ultra” subscribers. So if your school doesn’t pay the additional fees, you’re stuck with a useless piece of sh** BB calls an instructor app. Use Google classroom or Canvas, BB doesn’t have a tool for non-ultra users.
  • App stalls out on the opening page 2/5

    By Mandarin Sour Grapes
    Upon opening the app, the page remains black for several minutes. Closing and reopening the app has no effect. Please fix or patch this app as soon as possible.
  • Great in Theory, Mediocre in Execution 4/5

    By 2galooQT
    I am a Chemistry professor. I have my students submit labs electronically. It is very convenient to be able grade without using my Mac. The app struggles to keep up with my editing/grading a student’s submission using my  Pencil. I would like to have access to the grade center—-especially when I have to manually input/override a grade. Finally, every so often, the app itself gets stuck or is really slow. If these were addressed, I really think you may created something worthwhile.
  • Very limited functionality 1/5

    By fllnstr18
    When the app tells you that you must use the web to do anything, then the app serves to purpose but to redirect users to the web. I can't even send a reminder for students to complete work. I can't submit multiple choice grades which were late and require me to individually submit them. Seriously, what purpose does this app fill? What functions are available beyond saying go to the web?
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Drdot73
    I am afraid this app is useless. I would like to know what has happened to this app? I am not seeing the greeting list of students or the ability to see the different parts of the blackboard. I also do not see the quarter calendar as it was before delineating each week of the quarter. You have not created a user-friendly app nor is it functional for me to grade my students or to even take my iPad with me.
  • Not a lot you can do here 2/5

    By hehrifkehwgwuri
    It would be incredibly helpful to have a reliable Blackboard app to grade discussion board post, assignments, hold online office hours, etc. this app is not it. In addition the fact that you have to login every single time in not very practical.
  • What is the purpose of this app? 1/5

    By -J-u-s-t-i-n-
    Our school relies heavily on Blackboard, but this app does very little to support the platform. It’s impossible to grade my assignments using this app, as it keeps telling me that they can only be graded on the web. If I’m forced to use a browser, why even have this app?
  • Grading Word Documents is Impossible 2/5

    By composeyourself
    I really wanted to love this app. I got my first smart phone in March 2019 and one reason was so I could work while out and about, waiting in lines, or sitting outside with my kids. Unfortunately, when grading items that contain Word documents, the entire document does not load. Instead, the documents will show only parts of the words with a lot of white spaces in between. If I can’t read the entire essay, I can’t submit a grade. On a positive note, I do really like that I can grade shorter documents or items with rubrics and leave feedback for students on my phone or iPad. It’s a good start. Blackboard, please, please continue to work on these bugs. I really hope to be able to grade on my mobile devices someday!
  • Useless and Battery drainage 1/5

    By Majeedlol
    Despite the fact that the app is completely useless, my phone gets insanely hot and the battery drains very fast.
  • What’s the point of this? 1/5

    By sphincter89
    Nothing that an instructor would want to do is supported: take attendance, view submissions, add & modify content, issue grades...are examples of things any Instructor app must necessarily support and yet are absent from this app. Schoology’s app supported all of these things. I wish my school would go back to that.
  • Review of App 3/5

    By Professor Roth
    I use both Blackboard and Canvas between four universities and colleges. I was excited when one school provided me with an iPad. I went 95% digital for my on ground courses. I am already teaching and have been for years. The issues I am shaving with this app is mostly grading. Once I open an assignment and use my Apple pen, I have to close and reopen the assignment to get to the next page. This is irritating being an English teacher. I can do this at least once before the assignment does not fully load. Even after rebooting my iPad, it still will not fully load in the box. I did not want to go back to hard copies as being able to grade on my iPad is convenient and less wear and tear on me for not having to carry all those papers. It would be great if someone can check into this and fix it.
  • Limited to online classes 2/5

    By RFelectromania
    Cannot access full grade page. Cannot work unless a full online class and all assignments, assessments must be automated. Not possible to add grading columns. Consider this mobile app a poor alternative to working online.
  • Massively mediocre 2/5

    By windstrider
    Using the Blackboard Instructor app is an exercise in frustration because it’s a barely functional mess. I recommend that the developers employ actual teachers to test the app first. I can see that students have submitted their assignments. I can even sometimes see what my students have submitted if the app decides to display the document correctly. There’s seemingly no rhyme or reason why the app won’t display a Microsoft Word file. Using the marking tools — the pen and textbox — is a buggy mess. If I’m using the pen to mark something, then I can’t scroll to see the rest of the essay. Instead, it draws on the screen. Even something as simple as grading the assignment requires switching between screens. I can’t read the assignment and grade it or offer a comment at the same time. That’s ridiculous. So I can kinda use the app to manage my class, but the barriers to doing so are immensely frustrating. Instead of making the class easier to access, the app creates obstacles to overcome. That’s unacceptable.
  • Grading/Feedback Issues 2/5

    By MCconnellM
    I would love to rate this app higher; however, I am unable to provide feedback to students for DQ posts. Additionally, I am unable to interact with students in the DQ board through the app.
  • Update has caused problems with Box 1/5

    A recent update has rendered this app useless for grading. When I try to open Word files that students have submitted for grading, it shows the document for one second and it disappears and it only shows highlighted areas (not even the text - just the highlight). I’m assuming it has to do with a compatibility issue with Box. Regardless, this needs attention immediately if the app is going to be worthwhile. (I tried to access support through the website but there is nowhere to do so. Hopefully, Blackboard checks its reviews)
  • Rubric doesn’t still doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Mig190
    The ability to grade using a rubric still doesn’t work even after the upgrade. What bugs are you fixing? Nothing has been improved! App is a complete waste!
  • Course messages 2/5

    By <*{
    Couldn’t messages be more accessible on the app??
  • Great but the grading section needs work 5/5

    By DeQuana
    The grade book area is lagging.
  • Great App 5/5

    By APRN09
    Makes teaching online courses very convenient as I always have the course at my fingertips.
  • No grading options. 1/5

    By RScannix
    I echo the other one-star reviews. There really needs to be a way to grade student assignments with this app, otherwise it is mostly pointless for instructors.
  • Not worth the download. 1/5

    By eLearningChris
    Either needs to make their part of the app work especially with the Apple Pencil or Blackboard needs a new solution. Until then this app is still just an embarrassment. I’ll try again in six months to a year.
  • Not very usable with iPad 2/5

    By mmx49
    I’m trying to grade student assignments using my iPad and Apple Pencil which is proving nigh impossible. Every time I try to draw on a PDF I get asked to confirm each time I lift the Pencil off of the PDF. This makes it extremely tedious to write an actual sentence. If I try to leave the drawing mode, I’m then unable to scroll through the PDF without actually reloading it. Finally, it appears that the option to open a PDF in external apps (such as GoodNotes) is broken.
  • Useless for most needs 1/5

    By no nickname, all taken
    This app is almost completely useless. You can’t see what assignments students have turned in, much less grade them. Without a grade center equivalent, there’s not much point in an instructor app. I’m deleting the app because it’s a literal waste of space.
  • Send copy of Announcement 2/5

    By Profdavis
    There was a new release of this app and (wait for it) the Email Announcement feature STILL does not work. WHY? I beg you, someone tell me why?
  • 3 stars: borked password manager login, limited grade views 3/5

    By Paul, just Paul ...
    Logging in with a password manager is buggy (won't work the first time you try to use iCloud Keychain) and doesn't work at all with Lastpass (even when you manually search for the matching item) -1 star. Otherwise this would have been 4 stars. For me as this app has very little utility. The primary thing I check Blackboard for with any frequency is to find out whether any students are badly behind and notify those students. For this the app is pretty useless. For autograde items and items which I have already graded, I can see the average, and for assignments I can see the grades for individual students. There's no way to see individual student grades on quizzes. I can see individual student grades on assignments, but I have to remember which students missed each assignment to see if it was the same students who missed other assignments. Needless to say that doesn't work very well. Please please give us a version of Grade Center that works on mobile, even if it is read-only. Or a Predict app, or a version of Predict that doesn't take 30 seconds to start up.
  • Doesn’t Deserve Name Instructor App 1/5

    By juelmay
    Previous reviews called the app embarrassing and useless. I agree.
  • Wish my school used Canvas! 1/5

    By ProfDCT67
    I’m not a fan of Blackboard as a grad student and I’m less of fan now that I’m also using it as an instructor. I expected it to be more streamlined and user friendly than the main site, but it’s just as clunky and non-user friendly. At the very least I was looking to be able to take attendance in the app. Only to discover that the app leads me to the main site and the menu where I would find the attendance option doesn’t show on my phone. Very frustrating! And so disappointing compared to the experience I’ve had with Canvas. Their app was exactly what I needed as an instructor. Very quick to learn and easy to use! I could take attendance and record grades using my phone or iPad. So helpful to me! I strongly encourage the Blackboard developers to rethink the design of the app.
  • Still useless 1/5

    By Solomischicharronestruenan
    How can you design an app for instructors and not add a messaging option? Coming from a Canvas university, and now being forced to use BB is completely depressing.
  • Still useless 1/5

    By Daddy bear 02
    I am not Blackboard’s biggest fan in general, but this app frustrates me enough to leave a review. Professors need to grade assignments. So how about you make an app that can do that? Start small - build an app that lets you open assignments. When I try to at least grade an essay, you can open but don’t try to scroll, leave comments, highlight, draw, or not actually read it. Fix that and then maybe we can talk about building courses, slides, polls, discussion boards, attendance, etc etc etc
  • Can’t Grade Quizzes or Discussions? Seriously? 1/5

    By Ypsilanti C
    I really need something that allows me to grade quizzes, exam essays, and discussion board postings on an iPad. This app does none of those things. How a company that is raking in millions of dollars in profits each year can release an app without any of the functionality that instructors demand is unimaginable. On top of that, there is still no way to access a course grade book and (thanks to how Blackboard is set up) incredibly difficult to do from the web browser on a mobile platform. If Blackboard spent 1/10 of the money that they do on promotions (such as the free lunch they provided for the faculty at my institution) actually developing their products, they might have something that is both functional and pleasant to work with. Instead what we get is a ineloquent product and a half-baked app.

Blackboard Instructor app comments

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