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  • Current Version: 7.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Blackboard Learn App

Welcome to Blackboard's mobile solution. An app that helps you stay up-to-date with everything in your course. Students can: • View updates to your courses and content • Get notifications on course events and changes • Take assignments and tests • View grades for courses, assignments and tests • and more Instructors can: • Manage course content and assessments • Get alerts on submissions ready for grading • Mark assignments • Send course announcements • Create discussion boards threads and reply to comments • and more We love feedback! If you have any questions or comments use the in-app feedback to help improve the application. Note: This application functions as a collaborative tool between our app software and your institution's Blackboard Learn server. Blackboard cannot guarantee that the content created by instructors or other users will be compatible with this app. Access must be enabled by your institution. Features and functionality may at times be limited if your institution has not updated the appropriate software or experiences server outages. Downloading or using this app indicates consent to the terms and privacy information at

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Blackboard Learn app reviews

  • Log in 15 times a day is not it 3/5

    By Dr.rotero
    This used to be a pretty fine app a few months ago. Sure it took too long to load and sometimes it even failed at it, but everything else was fine. Then they update it and now I have to log in every single time that I have to enter. I’m in graduated school with 8 classes, I have to log in multiple times a day to check things and is ridiculous to have to do that all the time. What happened?? Please fix this.
  • Blackboard 5/5

    By blocks of infinty
    I like the app

    By AlmightyBriah
    This app needs to be updated or examined. I can never open my notifications on this app and it takes me to it. NEVER. I will get a notification click on it, and literally allow my phone to TIME OUT and the application never opens. It’s on the same grey screen the entire time. Then when I go into the app to see what the notification was for I can never find it because I don’t know what it was referring to in the first place!
  • Horrible Interface - glitchy and unreliable 1/5

    The app consistently logs you out of your account and its rare that its contents will properly load if at all. I find the direct website much more reliable. Sad.
  • Update is suboptimal 1/5

    By Lauren Ashley RN
    Ever since blackboard updated, I am unable to login from the app. It always says I have the wrong username and password but I am able to logon with the same username and password from Blackboard‘s actual website.
  • why cant i just stay logged in on the app?? its so annoying to log in everytime 3/5

    By xoxoktr
    hy cant i just stay logged in on the app?? its so annoying to log in everytime
  • Unfortunate 1/5

    By Benjamin Andrew
    I am forced to log into the app every single day because it automatically times you out and forces you to log out and log back in manually. I can’t believe my college uses this app. It is so terrible. Also if I post a reading response online through the web browser, somehow it does not show on the mobile app.
  • Works Well 5/5

    By buffalo1904
    Just doing the job it suppose to. Satisfied with it
  • Major issues affect usability 1/5

    By Augustbp
    Used to work well, three major issues affecting me recently: 1. It logs me out constantly and when I try to log in it won’t let me autofill so I have to enter username and password by hand. Happens every 4-6 hours. 2. The new ultra courses mesh terribly with the UI. Downloading pdfs is impossible with the new ultra courses, I’m yet to figure out how to do it. Also the back button closes the course out entirely which is annoying. 3. Doesn’t work with split screen and when to swipe out briefly it takes a second or two to come back (I’m on an iPad Pro with M1 so it shouldn’t be a lack of resources issue). Makes it hard to use with other apps. If they’d fix these issues it would be a great app but until then I have to use a weird combo of blackboard in safari and on the app because neither work well enough alone.
  • I like it 4/5

    By Kim Mili
    It’s pretty organized and all but the search button is almost useless. I can only search what’s in the opened folder, which is a bit frustrating when I want to search something because I don’t know which folders they’re in!
  • Good app but… 3/5

    By Hoonah24
    I think it is a good app overall but no matter what internet I use, it takes forever to open messages or even courses. Sometimes it won’t open at all any section. When I use Blackboard on my computer and I receive a message or a calification, I open mu app just to verify and it won’t receive anything at the moment. It takes 20 or 30 minutes later to reflect the new info.
  • Can’t access my school with the regular IPad 1/5

    By Smurftastical peace
    I can’t access the app with my not so fancy regular iPad. Even my school IT dept cannot do it. That is so sad
  • Update is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By MakeBlackboardGreatAgain
    Blackboard worked perfectly fine last semester, they updated it a few months ago and now it is AWFUL. It went from being so intuitive and user friendly to taking forever to get to the pages you want. Complicated the app for no reason. So annoying, might as well just use my laptop.
  • Bad app 2/5

    By LosDaGoat346
    The app isn't that great. The only upside is that you can get notifications directly to your phone but opening stuff is buggy, It doesn't tell you how many items there are In a folder until after you open it, collaborate ultra doesn't work and a bunch of other stuff. Just open it on an internet browser and leave this app alone
  • Problem with recent update 1/5

    By danifailed
    With the recent update there was a change to the brand for Blackboard… However, with the brand change also came stability issues with the interface when I am trying to save assignments onto my OneDrive. That has never been an issue before until now. Please fix.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By NicknameNotTaken999
    No university should use this garbage. I attend Savanah College of Art and Design and the following problems have been consistent across versions of Blackboard: You cannot view the course syllabus. You cannot save drafts. You cannot embed images into discussion posts. Course videos do not display; instead there’s a message that says you must allow third party tracking. And for a solid week, I haven’t been able to get into the app at all; efforts to log in only bring a message that the server cannot be reached. This company is the epitome of incompetence. And good luck trying to reach someone in customer service there.
  • For an app that most colleges and universities use. It is terrible. 1/5

    By Fart funkleson
    Throughout all my years of university I hated blackboard but the mobile app is especially bad. Not only is it poorly formatted but it has many glitches. For example it randomly brings you back to your course home page for seemingly no reason. Additionally, it’s reminders do not work. It will not remind you of upcoming assignments until they are past due. Also it keeps all your old courses and lists them as currently courses and continues to remind you to check up on those courses. Overall black board is a necessary evil. You need it for school but its poorly optimized and is a headache.
  • New update 2/5

    By GirlPlease01
    I see what y’all tried to do but now it is super hard to get to see your regular grades right off the bat like with the colors all on one page. I literally still haven’t found my grades.
  • Will not allow me to log in 1/5

    By Malachi.Steward
    This app has had problems since I first downloaded it 2 years ago for school. At least two years ago it would let me log in half the time but with this new update it won’t let me log in at all. I’ve even tried to change my password and log in so I can have a mobile view of my grades with the new app update and nothing. It won’t work at all.
  • Update should have worked on fixing bugs 1/5

    By Karen20203
    I can’t log in with my credentials. They work find on safari, just not on the app.
  • Fix sign in issue 3/5

    By Liz_27
    Please fix the sign in issue that requires you to enter your email and password every time you open the app. It used to stay signed in. Having to enter all that is so annoying.
  • Update has made things more difficult 2/5

    By Echo944123
    I like what seems to be the improved speed and and streamlined appearance of the app but it has, but this update has created far worse issues. The new update takes away all the taskbar functions and assigns only the ones that it believes are most important. This has made getting to the grades screen very cumbersome. There is no way to rearrange what is shown on the bottom task bar, as I would love to get rid of calendar and put grades there instead. In the grades screen there is also no way to favorite current classes to keep them up top. This is a problem because the current courses include any courses that professors have not closed to students view so they remain in the section forever. If you manually click the current semester you are enrolled it such as fall 2022 it always defaults back to current courses every time the screen is changes. The courses screen avoids this by allowing favorites.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Donna Richardss
    I have no idea what is going on with Blackboard but I am in my Senior year of college and cannot get it to work anymore. There is no number or email I can find to get help and the app will not let me log in. Everytime it just tells me that my login is incorrect when I know it is not. We’re 2 months into school and it’s extreme difficult to check grades, this is ridiculous. I’ve called my school twice and they say Blackboard just isn’t working right now. Why is this not fixed??? This should be priority #1. This should have been fixed weeks ago but it seems as if no one is trying to fix it.
  • Fix things please 2/5

    By bb202044
    The app doesn’t stay logged in and the interface is wonky. Certain things don’t load well or at all on the app. I can’t even make a YouTube video full screen.
  • ye 5/5

    By SpyroSiul
  • It won’t even let me log in 1/5

    By t_webb22
    Everytime I try to log in and out in the code to log in it never works it’s worked maybe one or two times and I’ve the app for a month now please fix it
  • Videos do not play 1/5

    By RobertAD4631
    Videos do not play
  • cant even download content ??? 1/5

    By NiyaLove2003
    whatever this new update is, i’m not liking it. i cant download powerpoints now. nothing works.
  • My school doesn’t exist on blackboard?? 1/5

    By mckennabenna22
    I cannot use this app because my school is not listed in the app. This makes accessing things from anywhere other than a computer difficult, since there are times where a computer is not available to me
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By sarnackp
    Very hard to navigate. Limited functionality. Constantly crashes.
  • Update needs fixing 1/5

    By McGowan9IX9
    I like that I can login easier, but now when I select a class in the app it loads for a second then displays a white screen. No error message, just a white screen like it finished loading.
  • Seems worse than before 2/5

    By RA1B0W55
    I thought the app before was good and useable but now “current” courses don’t really show my current course and classes are sorted where the spring from last is more recent than fall of this year which doesn’t make sense. And it’s so difficult to see a grade and every time you exit it goes back to selecting which year which doesn’t make sense Bring back to old app
  • They decided to make the app worse in update. 2/5

    By Robo-booty
    Instead of improving an app that needed improvements. Blackboard has come out with a total redesign that has limited functionality.
  • Awful 1/5

    By kes.eliza
    The last version wasn’t that bad, what happened? Can’t see my current courses whatsoever. I can only see them on the desktop version. Neither the app or the desktop version are very user friendly at all…
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By madhducjs
    Open browser tabs on the system browser. This is garbage. So many problems are because of the in app browser.
  • It’s good now 4/5

    By nolies123
    Finally fixed the bugs. Omg this makes life 10 times easier now. Can just upload my homework to the computer
  • Not 1/5

    By hadeelB
    Not good
  • Opening the app 1/5

    By 1048fh2947fhu0
    Whenever I open the app on my tablet, I have to completely log in all over again (username and password). This only happens on my iPad and not on any of my other Apple devices.
  • Nothing changed 1/5

    By Mj4live
    The update is supposed to solve the problems, but the login problem is still not solved! I am sure of the university number and password, but unfortunately the same problem, knowing that the user on the university website is working
  • No Courses Shown 1/5

    By ange638
    I really hate this new update. Before, I was able to easily access my classes and grades through the app but now it doesn't even show what my current classes are. This is really frustrating since the only way for me to now access my grades and classes are through a computer. Please fix this ASAP. I know I am not the only one with this problem.
  • Logging out 1/5

    By deejayrex
    It keeps logging out by itself whenever I close the app.
  • Bring Back the Pencil Icon! 3/5

    By HolaJenJen
    The big pencil icon for the app home look was so perfect for this app. I am really bummed you changed it. The pencil elicited a positive and fun vibe, which is perfect for school! To just say “learn” now is so boring, and doesn’t spark any positivity. Please, I beg of you to change it back to the chubby, happy pencil!!!!
  • Fix the Grades back & current courses 2/5

    By MsCE1848
    I along with every classmate HATE the new grades section. Why add the extra clicks? It was much better to just go look at grades for all courses in one screen… Also, the “current” courses doesn’t seem to know what courses are current. Please fix these.
  • Open book error message 1/5

    By K9coda
    The app will not allow me to open my text book. I receive an authentication encryption message. I reached out to my school’s IT, that was useless, the guy told me it was my phone. WTAF I have an IPhone 13. More than half the people I know have this phone… On a side note, my last semester I used the app on the same phone with no issues opening and viewing my text books.
  • App is trash 1/5

    By RageJello
    The UI/UX of this app is abysmal, unpleasant to look at, extremely difficult to navigate. Previous school used Canvas which was amazing compared to BB. Fixing the user interface would be a great start. The courses tab always loads my “current” courses, but it’s actually a list of every course I’ve ever taken. If I accidentally tap on a course that has ended I have to wait forever for the app to tell me it can’t load the course. Menu items are buried in cumbersome sidebar that is easy to miss. Grades and assignments take way too many clicks and are stored in very different locations. Nothing is linked - I should be able to easily navigate to different course components without backing up to the main screen. There is no way to select any preferences, for instance, whenever I open the app I am dropped in the announcements page rather than courses - this should be a choice. The interface is absolutely hideous - it reminds me of a geocities webpage from the 90’s. Finally, many components of the app are cumbersome. It’s very difficult to access pdfs and some portions of the app open an in app browser without the open to open in a local browser. I find it exceedingly frustrating that BB hasn’t made a single attempt to improve this app in many years - hopefully major Universities will start taking their business to better platforms because this app shows a company that has no incentive to improve their product.
  • It’s not always working 1/5

    By Elymslie
    It keeps on breaking down, sometimes you log in and it just brings back to log in page.
  • App, just like website is awful 1/5

    By BigAl512
    If I could give zero stars, I would. The app constantly breaks just like the website. It is not mobile friendly to give you information AT ALL. I can see classes on the app that I took 7 years ago and there’s no way to remove them. They spend more time on fancy battery killing animations then giving people what they want. Don’t waste your time.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By DianaGo809
    I have to sign in each time I go into the app, a complete down grade from what Blackboard once was.
  • What on earth?! 1/5

    By Jennhunt83
    This app never loads, the screen just flashes, nothing on it.