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Welcome to Blackboard's mobile solution that helps students stay informed, up-to-date and connected. With the Blackboard app, you can: • Quickly view updates to your courses and content • Take assignments and tests • View grades for courses, assignments and tests We love feedback! If you have any questions or comments use the in-app feedback to help improve the application. Note: This application functions as a collaborative tool between our app software and your institution's Blackboard Learn server. Blackboard cannot guarantee that the content created by instructors or other users will be compatible with this app. Access must be enabled by your institution. Features and functionality may at times be limited if your institution has not updated the appropriate software or experiences server outages. Downloading or using this app indicates consent to the terms and privacy information at

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  • So Extremely Helpful 5/5

    By saiyanj
    I found out about this app this semester in a blackboard orientation session with the UALR Star Tech Team and it has help me keep my grades up and get assignments completed on time. I don’t know what I did with out this app in school. It’s a life changer for sure. JCE
  • Great App 5/5

    By Alexis.Lopez
    It’s a great app to use for classes in college.
  • Login 3/5

    By brakerlead
    Despite is saying “login after 30 days” it still makes me login quite frequently. Also it doesn’t save the password which makes it super inconvenient when trying to check my classes.
  • Use 1/5

    By mastermindbenton
    Works great on my laptop but not so well on my iPad.
  • Update for iPad users 3/5

    By idek22
    As a student, I am glad that I am able to have Blackboard as an app instead of having to log into the website, but it does not support many features of the new Apple software in the iPad. Nowadays people have decided to use an iPad instead of a laptop and personally it has performed great. Unfortunately my workflow tends to slow down when I am trying to take notes on my iPad while reading off from my textbook since Blackboard does not allow split view. So I have to keep swiping from one app to an other in order to take my notes. Please work on this since this is an education app and it will help a lot of students
  • Well done 5/5

    By Builtbyhonor
    Love this site
  • Does not show due dates 2/5

    By sdrawkcaB elppA
    Why doesn’t it show due dates? I shouldn’t have to open a web browser to access the due dates of assignments. To clarify: When you open an assignment under Coursework it won’t show the due date, and for most assignments, it doesn’t show it under the Due Dates tab either. Also, announcements page isn’t sorted by date, which makes it difficult to find the announcement you’re looking for.
  • Literally Just a Web Browser 2/5

    By awesomeresides
    Maybe it’s how WVU has implemented it, but this app just serves as a shell for an internet browser, and all you get is the vanilla mobile view of eCampus. It is ~literally~ just that. Not useful for viewing PDFs, uploading assignments, viewing comments on grades, or anything else, really. It’s only good for looking at your grade, and even that’s shaky sometimes. Horizontal scrolling? Never heard of her. Zooming in on images? Must be new here. I only use this app because I have to.
  • Needs to be debugged! 1/5

    By Scootaloo<3
    I’ve been using the Blackboard app for 3 years and started having issues this fall semester. The app won’t keep me logged in and takes a roundabout way to get logged in that can take 5-10 minutes. This issues makes it so that I can’t use my favorite features of the app- quickly checking grades and announcements from professors. If this issues can be fixed I definitely rate this app 5/5 as it’s a great way to keep myself organized and up to date.
  • App Update 1/5

    By Csawlani
    App needs to be updated to support IOS 14 because it’s not yet fully compatible. Marks etc don’t appear on the app.
  • I hate it. 1/5

    By Htj0115
    this app is way too confusing. everytime i search for homework i either have to click everything to check where the teacher is putting it, or can’t find it at all. i always have a difficult time locating things. why can’t there just be one link for everything? since i can only do online bc of corona, i’m thinking about dropping out of college bc of this annoying app.
  • Collaborate does not work at all 1/5

    By PassTheCurry
    Clicking on chat room does absolutely nothing. You’d think that having online classes would make collaborate a priority but it’s useless here
  • Defective and impractical. 1/5

    By Peña2002
    For taking college courses online, I have to confess that this app is not doing a great job, both on iOS and Android. It crashes too much. It’s almost always draining a lot of battery and the app itself sometimes freezes or if I minimize it and come back to it even after only 1 second, the app itself resets and I have to do everything all over again to get to what I was doing. I don’t get notifications from the app at all, instead I have to check my e-mail for assignments, which is impractical. When I have many assignments, I usually check due dates on the app, but all assignments that I turned in, still appear along with the ones I haven’t completed yet, as if I didn’t complete them. This makes the situation confusing. The Collab app is also very defective, the quality of video-conferences are horrid and it seems as if it can’t handle a class of 30+ people, and it makes my browser crash. The video conferences should be in the Collab app itself instead of my browser, it just drains more battery. Please fix this!
  • Good app. Very Functional 5/5

    By Abjkksu
    No complaints so far.

    By madisonirsc
    I go to irsc and the mobile app has not been working for WEEKS. I am unable to log in from the app or the mobile site. The only way I can access blackboard, inconveniently, is through My Pioneer Portal. Please fix the app so I can do assignments easily on the go and receive notifications about assignments and due dates!!!!!!!!!
  • won’t let me do what i need to do 1/5

    By NinjaToitle
    every time I open this app I want to go to the “courses” tab but when I open it the app just closes. not once have I ever been able to open the courses tab, it always shuts the whole app from my screen, and that’s the one thing I am trying to use this app for.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By panoptic
    Blackboard updated their site and apps about a year ago, giving them a fresh UI and some much needed changes. Since then, this program has seldom worked for me. I have to log in every time and use MFA every time, and I shouldn’t have to use MFA but once every 60 days. Previously I could kind of fix this, for a while at least, by uninstalling and reinstalling but that no longer seems to work. There are various other bugs as well. The improvements they made in the app are good but still not really where they should be for 2020.

    By morganf1020
    keeps taking me to my university home page...such a pain to upload!!
  • Login issue. Slow app. Worst app. 1/5

    By Sabahat96
    Blackboard is not working ;(
  • Logs out everyday 1/5

    By Reading with Benjamin
    This app is nice because it has a great layout, but it logs out of your account everyday, and the only way you can log back in is by typing your email and password. Everything else is great, but it isn’t that handy because it logs out everyday.
  • I can’t believe you’ve done this 1/5

    By Meriannna
    Whose idea design was it to change blackboard web UI to impact font? You are disgusting.
  • More hassle then help 2/5

    By ToshinW
    Having to log through web login takes too much time.
  • Needs updating!! 5/5

    By Amanda Megan
    The app signs me out constantly and requires me to sign in with a third party sign in, which is a huge hassle. Uploading documents can be a frustrating process and uploads so slow- my last upload took 8-12 hours, using 5g data at full bars. With how many virtual students there are, especially now, it would be wise to update the program to make it more user friendly for students and instructors alike!
  • Too confusing 1/5

    By Catsto284
    My child’s school is using blackboard. I find it very confusing. It would be helpful if there were more colors to separate the different courses. Why are there many courses for the same teacher? Why does it lock us out as private? Why can’t we permanently delete posts when we are finished assignments? I keep going over the same assignments we have finished. This is a daily struggle using this online platform.
  • System Problems 1/5

    By Lady LVG
    This system has given me more problems now then it has in the past. My post have been disappearing and my grades have suffered from these problems
  • Awful 1/5

    By JoeMilkShake
    One of the worst apps for school. Incredibly buggy at times. Sometimes I can’t even get in. Deletes entire submissions sometimes. If for whatever reason teachers have a choice for the website they use, DONT use this pathetic excuse for a tool
  • Question 5/5

    By Atosa Golshahian
    I downloaded from blackboard but I didn’t find them . Could you please help me?
  • Not the best. 3/5

    By Jareeve
    It freezes a lot and you can’t calculate grades like canvas. Canvas is more organized
  • WIDGETS? 4/5

    By 💜💙💚💗
    Love using this app for school, very easy! Could you possibly make a feature for the iOS 14 with widgets with due assignments?
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By bible thumper❤️
    I’m loving this app. It’s makes it so convenient to stay focused!
  • Blackboard 5/5

    By yessir get yours
    Very helpful and easy to use
  • Notifications delayed to the point of being completely useless 3/5

    By Mike Ippolito
    Getting a notification that says “assignment due today at 9:40am” 2 hours after the fact at noon could not be more useless and annoying. Either deliver the notifications in a timely manner or get rid of them.
  • BAD 1/5

    By anitareyna15
    This app literally never works and it’s so frustrating!!!! Every time i try to check my announcements it says “sorry something went wrong on our side”. It’s literally useless and a waste of storage. Once in awhile it’ll let me check my grades or course content. That’s the only reason I keep it on my phone. Please, developers, I beg of you, fix it
  • Needs better improvement 1/5

    By blupjm
    I cannot see any discussions or threads even through the official website lets users interact with discussions.
  • horrible 1/5

    By @Jerry❤️
    very laggy and signs me out everyday for no reason. I can’t even see this text that i am typing right now bc of how dissapioting this app runs.
  • Meh 1/5

    By Honey Jay
    There needs to be a redesign ASAP! I am using an iPad Pro and there is now way for me to split screen in order to work more efficiently. Having to login every time I want to do homework is inconvenient. The overall design and execution of this app is sloppy and thrown together. Very frustrating to use.

    By cheech #2
    App is good and all, but split screen ability on iPad would make it 5 stars. ITS A MUST. PLEASE

    By Dimassiii
    Please fix that logging in issue where you have to log in every time you enter the app also the pdfs sometimes mix up and the text become blurry and not visible . Moreover, some uploaded files by the professor don’t show up if they’re in specific extensions that for some reason are not visible in the course contents
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Black board needs to do better
    Doesn’t let me sign in half the time on my phone and I’ve had atleast two important assignments that I did on my phone that told me I turned it in only for it to have not actually went through resulting in an F
  • Limited app 2/5

    By jevesuna
    Fills very basic functions easily, but anything such as trying to access documents, submit work is sorry. Missed assignments trying to upload work from my phone to the servers. Website is fine but app needs work
  • Error 1/5

    By rivera Fany
    Cuando entras del celular al collab. Entra y sale entra y sale.Arreglen eso
  • Review 1/5

    By Adriix
    Has not been updating properly!! I can’t see my updated grades always flashes red at the bottom and says there seems to be an issue on our side, please try again later!! So annoying!! I have to log in to the browser. What’s the point of the app?? Would like to have this fixed if possible.

    By Survival z freak
    It’s hard to navigate and find what assignments are due. I only get notifications when they are past due. If there’s any way, please have notifications before they’re about to be due. I’ve lost so many points because of this.
  • Works amazing BUT... 4/5

    By Fat Hispanic 2000
    I would love to see some added features One of them being able to receive a notification exactly when a grade has been added as well as an assignment. Second I would really like to see a feature where we can ( on the pc version of blackboard ) automatically sign in and allow is to turn off the auto sign out. Nothing worse than being in blackboard than doing work on another site for like 10 minutes. Then going back to blackboard only to be signed out. Other than that this app is easy to navigate and great to use.
  • Assignments 1/5

    By mak748295
    Can’t view assignments on here. It just says “there seems to be an issue on our side. Try again later.” It has said that for a week.
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Jaygirl_
    As someone who’s currently taking classes at two college at a time. This app is so helpful and convenient! The notifications are always coming in as things are posted. And now i can stay organized in between schools and classes!
  • Several issues with this app need to be corrected 1/5

    By Collegestudent0712
    This app works very poorly, as a college student I like to do my discussion boards on my phone but since the blackboard update it no longer works on my phone and I am forced to do it on my laptop which is inconvenient. I dislike how the app forces you to sign in every time without giving you a stay signed in option which it should have. The new update does not work properly I’ve had blackboard for a year now and six months ago I was not having these issues. On the app half the screen is cut off which is a huge issue when I am reading announcements and assignments posted by my professors. The app does not allow me to use external links so I was not even able to see my syllabus on my phone I had to go on my laptop and I’m often on the go so it would be very helpful if these issues were corrected. Very inconvenient.
  • اا 1/5

    By hbcty6690
    برنامج فاشل ومشاكلة كثيره
  • Convenient 5/5

    By luroc

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