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Blackboard App

Welcome to Blackboard's mobile solution that helps students stay informed, up-to-date and connected. This app includes Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience - a synchronous web conferencing solution for high-quality virtual classes and meetings. With the Blackboard app, you can: • Quickly view updates to your courses and content • Take assignments and tests • View grades for courses, assignments and tests • Participate in Collaborate sessions on the go We love feedback! If you have any questions or comments use the in-app feedback to help improve the application. Note: This application functions as a collaborative tool between our app software and your institution's Blackboard Learn server. Blackboard cannot guarantee that the content created by instructors or other users will be compatible with this app. Access must be enabled by your institution. Features and functionality may at times be limited if your institution has not updated the appropriate software or experiences server outages. Downloading or using this app indicates consent to the terms and privacy information at

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Blackboard app reviews

  • App need work. 1/5

    By BeeDamness
    App stops working. The app is very useful but for it to stop working all the time is a downer.
  • Homework 5/5

    By Meshaboyer
    Keeps me up todate on everything
  • Constantly having to log in 1/5

    By Tapper777777
    Blackboard doesn’t keep me logged in like it used to, and this is very inconvenient. It’s so annoying having to log back in. On top of that, whenever I open a pdf, it doesn’t allow me to go back to the previous page. I have to log out and then log back in and find where I left off at.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Breawesomeness
    I’ve used this app for the last 2 semesters. Always have the issues with logging in. Always says “no internet connection,” even when I’m connected. Never have the issue with the desktop version, but definitely some tweaks that need to be made for this app.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Sonjika
    This is trash.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Mr. Bakes
    Needs to be able to access school work and assignments on iPad only good for checking my grade or when assignments are due or communicating with teacher
  • Can’t stay logged in 1/5

    By teeshaniceeeeeeeeee
    My campus requires a web-login and Blackboard logs the session out after a few hours. This is a huge inconvenience because sometimes I miss time sensitive alerts and assignments. Blackboard, please fix this as soon as possible.
  • !! 5/5

    By Fb gn
    Verrryyy convenient
  • Bring back login 1/5

    By Dapper Dingus
    What’s the point of this app if it doesn’t keep me logged in or send me notifications? Might have to delete if they don’t update it back to the way it was soon
  • Not getting phone notifications 2/5

    By kaneisha b
    With the update, I’m no longer getting notifications when a professor adds an announcement or grade an assignment.
  • Worked until the beginning of this year 1/5

    By Boristic
    The app worked well until blackboard updated the website into a cleaner website. Because of that whenever I log into the app, I don’t access the app. Basically I log in and the app becomes a bad web browser.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Maxgbb
    Horrible app. As a prof I cannot access the courses I teach. Run away from this app
  • Login 2/5

    By Chelsme
    Doesn’t keep me logged in like it used to. I have to log in every time I get on the app and that can be very irritating when I’m trying to do multiple things.
  • اختفاء المحتوى 3/5

    By د/حسين عبدالله
    عندما ادخل البرنامج في كل يوم يطلب اعادة التسجيل لماذا ياهاذا؟!
  • iPad 3/5

    By nobins1
    Waiting it to be compatible with iPads.
  • UPDATE UI FOR 2018 11-inch iPad Pro SUPPORT!!! 3/5

    By Sutter00
    This is a wonderful app to have as an undergraduate student and for the accessibility in checking my courses whenever I need to, instead of the blackboard on a web browser. Recently, I got a new 11-inch iPad Pro 2018, and I thought the app would have already rolled out an update to have the UI optimized for the new iPad Pros. However that isn’t the case. Please update support for the new iPad Pros!!!
  • Gets the job done 5/5

    By mikemee-x
    A convenient shortcut to commonly needed functions, if somewhat lacking in details sometimes (eg shows building of class but not room number). Nice to have one place to view everything from library books due to assignments coming up to lecture PDFs and videos.
  • The worst app for education 1/5

    By Omarious
    This used to be a good app but the chefs at Blackboard are about to set this whole thing on fire and burn what is left of what was once a good platform. The app is too slow and unresponsive on iPhone X, iPad, and the web interface has many problems. MacBook Pro warns that the website is consuming more energy than normal. The website is buggy and very heavy. I wish I did not have to use blackboard.
  • USED to be a great app 2/5

    By Domo_B
    I’ve been using the blackboard app for 3 years and I LOVED it, it was a great way to be able to do homework on the go, look at assignments, grades, etc when I don’t have access to a computer. Now this new update: doesn’t send me notifications if my professors post grades or assignments, logs me out every single time I leave the app, and if I click on a document like a syllabus I can’t go back to the homepage it makes me log back in. Please bring back the old update it was so useful and so much better, this update is garbage I might as well just carry my laptop around everywhere and just log into the website. Very unhelpful.
  • Can’t open anything 1/5

    By SEB104
    This app has been useless to me the last few semesters. As soon as I log in, all of my side tab options disappear. I cannot check grades, course content, the calendar, nothing. All of the course info, that’s usually to the left, appears for a second and then swipes over and disappears. There’s nothing I can do to access it. If I want to use Bb, I have to use a laptop, which makes this app pointless. The new updates never help. I wouldn’t download this app. Just use the desktop version on your computer. Canvas is so much better than Bb. Obviously, if your institution isn’t using Canvas, then that’s an issue (as in my case). If you’re an institution trying to make a decision between Blackboard and Canvas, pick Canvas.
  • Blackboard App 4/5

    By Ugwummadu
    Good App. It however does not allow one to view previous responses while typing and also does not allow one to mark read or unread.
  • Could 🐝 better !! 3/5

    By CapnCatt<3
    This app is really helpful, but I’m frustrated with a few features/lack of features. 1.) I wish there was a way to view/send messages within the app instead of only being accessible on the website. 2.) I also wish that you could delete the announcements that you’ve already seen or that aren’t important. I have to scroll through old announcements to find the new announcements, and for a while I just thought they weren’t actually on there LOL
  • Blackboard is the worst!!! 1/5

    By Tashad7
    I do not understand how Blackboard has such a high rating!! They must have never used any other program! The app doesn’t even have the same functionalities as the website!! The website is annoying. You have to go through so many steps just to view stuff. It’s not user friendly at all. I almost didn’t apply to the grad school I am in because they use Blackboard and I wish I would have stuck with my original plan. Canvas is just way better all the way around. I wish the developers would study Canvas’ platform and copy them!!!
  • Logging in 3/5

    By Naty1218
    This app is great the only drawback is logging in every single time I click on the app. I can leave the app for 5-10 minutes go back and I have to log in again. I don’t have to keep on logging into all of my other accounts. I don’t know why the blackboard app is this way. It gets Very tiring. PLEASE fix.
  • New update removed all user friendliness from the app 1/5

    By Max5555555555555555555
    This app used to be a helpful tool, but now it would honestly be just as easy to login to my computer to access blackboard. Please bring back the user friendliness.
  • WAS a great app. 1/5

    By fmi001
    The app logs me out every single time and then after signing it it takes me to the web page instead of the app. What’s the use in even having the app??
  • Getting there... 4/5

    By Diorio10
    So I have been using this application for approximately a year now. When I first downloaded I was very distrustful as I was a firm believer that navigating through their website is not very user-friendly and cluttered/messy. But the application was more accessible. I currently see that they are trying to improve that on both the website and app constantly. The application is pretty close to perfect, other than not having the ability to email instructors through other applications other than the regular iPhone mail application, or to rename the courses you are enrolled in to name them a more concise name. The website still has a way to go but for the most part: it’s worth it.
  • Not Working Properly 3/5

    By Coolboy431
    When I login through the web login it takes me to the desktop website through my phone and does not let me use the app.
  • Logs out 1/5

    By Nebrrets
    It logs me out every time when it used to keep me logged in
  • Stop signing us out. 1/5

    By wottpreston23
    ****Unhelpful review**** (App is decent otherwise) 4 stars if not for signing out crap. Change it or your mom’s a hoe.
  • Fix this 1/5

    By abe1048(8482
    This app won’t even let me look up my school
  • Not intuitive 2/5

    By IsmCruz
    For the app there needs to remember login option and the app is glitchy
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Anoudx 0417
    It doesn’t work! Instead of username (student) it shows “BlackboardAdmin” and I cannot log in to my account! I tried contacting you but no has replied to me yet ....
  • Blackboard 3/5

    By Kendraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    The app is very useful but it’s annoying to have to log in every time you want to use the app.
  • Can’t read private messages 3/5

    By aGoalDigger
    Can’t read any messages in the app. Can’t look at videos. And like other reviewers stated, the weeks are all jumbled up with wrong due dates and such. It’s awful!
  • Don’t recommend if you only have access to a mobile device 1/5

    By Bennettchick
    You would think that if blackboard has an app available that its main features would work. It stands to reason that an online would need to watch Online instructional video for that class, and it does NOT work on the blackboard app. For this reason I feel like they are failing their customers. It should be assumed that you could watch simple video footage, if they offer an app. Many other apps are able to provide video footage, why doesn’t blackboard?
  • Review 3/5

    By reynolds student17
    I can’t click on pdf files, but it’s quick access.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By swgoh is broken
    Many of the functions do not work correctly or even load. Hopefully in the future they will work out some the problems and have a fully functioning app.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By R_Z_2_0
    This app is very easy to use and simple. I like using it. It makes keeping track of your materials is more comfortable. Thanks for this app.
  • Classes weeks/assignments 2/5

    By New Platform
    Hi - seems like the issue is being fixed in the computer based viewing but on the phone, we are still seeing class weeks and assignments all jumbled and out of order.
  • More Side Tabs should be available. 2/5

    By Woogus
    i stamp
  • Can’t find University of Houston 5/5

    By NoName2012
    I always used the app, instead of having to log into my laptop, to check for quick assignment due dates or be notified of a new announcement from my professor. Now when I’m trying to log back in, after break, my school doesn’t even show up so I looked up the help link and Blb suggests to contact your university IT desk. Well it turns out my university doesn’t even know about the mobile app, not even knowing it existed, so looks like this is another disappointment. I can’t use the app and I don’t know who could help. The downtown and Clearlake campus show up but not main campus. Please fix the glitch!!!! UPDATE: It’s finally working:) This app is so helpful in notifying me for updates on assignments or announcements I rely on it a lot.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Priincekd
  • Not good 2/5

    By Xmasissooooooofun
    This app was a life saver at first but for some reason it logs me out after every time I use it which makes it useless
  • Perfect app for school 5/5

    By Tiffany vn
    I love this app for school. It keeps me updated with assignments due dates and most importantly my grades!
  • Missing University 2/5

    By tealsealrealdeal
    I used to use this app for undergrad, deleted it when I graduated. Now that I’m returning for my masters, the University of Houston- Main is not an option anymore.. making the app pointless for UH-Main students..
  • Can’t find my school 2/5

    By Avi728
    I used this app my entire first year and last semester. It now won’t let me find the University of Houston - Main Campus
  • Missing calendar 1/5

    By Qurty111
    The app would be more useful if students could see the schedule via the course calendar.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By wanna be scholar
    Can never get past entering my school. My school is even promoting the App yet it’s not listed? Stupid.

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