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BlazeTV: The Uncensored Truth

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BlazeTV: The Uncensored Truth App

BlazeTV is the best source for the most thought-provoking personalities and conservative ideas free from censorship by the coastal elites. BlazeTV breaks free from leftist censors and empowers content creators to be who they are, without filters. BlazeTV has the content you want, on-demand, when you want it. Download BlazeTV to watch the best in pro-America, pro-free speech content from conservative personalities you know and love. There are no PC advertisers controlling the content, no digital mobs calling the shots, and no big tech censors muzzling the message. Free speech is under attack. Get the uncensored TRUTH. The BlazeTV app plugs you in to on-demand video from the best talent in conservative media. Tune in to Live TV to stream live broadcasts from your favorite BlazeTV hosts. Watch Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder, Eric Bolling, Phil Robertson, and many more whenever you want, however you want. Don’t miss these exclusive BlazeTV shows: - Louder with Crowder: Late night is finally funny again. BlazeTV is the only place to watch Steven Crowder uncensored and on demand. Every Crowder video banned by YouTube is available just for BlazeTV subscribers. Hold on to your butt (or laugh it off)! - LevinTV: America’s nightly town hall meeting with the Great One, Mark Levin. Levin’s program leaps from radio to TV with in-depth episodes exploring the U.S. Constitution, explaining the meaning of liberty, and fighting progressive tyranny. - GlennTV: The truth lives here. As a staunch defender of the Constitution, individual liberties, and free markets, Glenn Beck breaks out the chalkboard to expose anti-American progressives and fight for conservative solutions every day. - America with Eric Bolling: Be bold, be brash, be America. Eric Bolling is back with the show they wouldn’t put on cable TV. Join Eric for exclusive interviews with movers and shakers in Washington, D.C., inside looks at Congress and the Trump White House, and good, old-fashioned American pride. - In the Woods with Phil: Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is back. Progressive TV executives wouldn’t let him speak his mind, so now he's coming straight to you from the woods with 70 years of unfiltered wisdom and uncensored biblical common sense. - The Steve Deace Show: Fear God, tell the truth, and make money. Steve Deace is here to deliver principled conservatism with a snarky twist served up daily. There’s just one rule: No B.S. - The White House Brief with Jon Miller: Jon Miller is BlazeTV’s man inside President Donald Trump’s White House. Miller’s trademark no-holds-barred style of covering not only the president but the White House press corps has turned him into an internet sensation. - Humor Me with Chad Prather: Nobody has a way with words quite like “The Political Cowboy” Chad Prather. Ride along and experience the comedy, craziness, and common sense in Chad's life firsthand — on the road, at home, and on the stage. Get ready, America — you’re in for quite a ride. - Pat Gray Unleashed: Unique analysis, insight and fun. Pat Gray pulls no punches with his biting analysis and signature wit, restoring common sense to a senseless world. - Pseudo-Intellectual with Lauren Chen: Lauren Chen dives into stories not covered anywhere else at the intersection of culture and politics. - Rant Nation: Someone has to say it ... and that someone is Graham Allen. Rants, high-profile interviews, skits, and journeys into Real America – watch a new episode of Rant Nation with Graham Allen every Tuesday and Thursday. - Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey: Upbeat and in depth, Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey breaks down the latest in culture, news, theology, and politics from a Christian, conservative perspective. -Wilkow: Dynamic truth-telling, rational political analysis, and arguments that cannot be broken. Andrew Wilkow tells it like it is every Friday.

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BlazeTV: The Uncensored Truth app reviews

  • Positive feedback 4/5

    By LoofaRigno
    I don’t know if I am missing a feature or there is some kind of a setting I can change, but can this app please continue to play while minimized or with the screen off. I like to listen while I also use my phone for other things or while driving. Having to keep the app open is a drain on my phone and on my productivity. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Proud member for 2 years... still no crowder mug. Maybe some day.
  • Coast to smart tv? 1/5

    By Shastymax
    I was able to cast to my tv in the past but not any more. Really lame.
  • Love hate 1/5

    By John-3:16
    The the videos, but try to cancel your subscription, you can’t on their web page...
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Good neighbor Jake
    Why would anyone ever watch cable? Love Pat Unleashed in the morning, Glenn ( of course ) and Mark Levin!! Everyone ought to subscribe to the Blaze!! 👏🏻👍🏻. Jason
  • A suggestion 5/5

    By 7dwarfs
    Love the app. It’d be great if TheBlaze news stories were available here like the old app. Can’t watch shows at work but I’d still like to read the news on my phone and going to the website isn’t as user friendly on my mobile.
  • Great Content 5/5

    By Amanda1181
    Great content!
  • App works 2/5

    By Whiteguy75
    Okay I dislike Glenn Beck with a passion and was highly disappointed when they merged with CRTV. Had to get rid of one of the people I liked on CRTV because Glenn Beck bows down to advertising and doesn’t want to be controversial. Only 2 decent programs on the app and after my subscription time for renewal I will be stopping my service. I haven’t watched or listened to anything on the app in months all because of my dislike for Glenn Beck and his propaganda stunts.
  • Great content all around 5/5

    By Yoda829
    I came to BlazeTV for Phil Robertson. I love the Robertson clan and have since they first broke out on TV. They feel like family and I haven’t even met them. Due to some interviews with Phil, I’ve now grown to enjoy Eric Bolling, Glenn Beck (liked him before too) and even Allie B Stuckey (although she seems a bit judgy at times). I plan to watch two other shows that Laura in customer service recommenced. On that note, she was amazing and so far the customer service is amazing!
  • Excellent customer service 5/5

    By kagezay
    App is easy to use, and the customer service is outstanding.
  • Good content terrible app 2/5

    By Th3_Hulls
    Content is fantastic but the app is lacking the basic feature of looking at all content a creator has made. When going to a shows page i can only find recent uploads and not their whole catalogue, and on top of that when ever i try to type into the search bar for a show only its most popular videos show and not any others.
  • App will not let me subscribe 1/5

    By Anna617
    Just keeps “whirling” on my ipad when I try to join. VERY frustrating. Please fix or I’ll have to dump the app.
  • I enjoy me some Phil Robertson ! 5/5

    By X-Gi joe
    I’m a combat veteran unfortunately living in the leftist state of Washington. Well anyway, I absolutely enjoys reading your latest book “ the Theft of America’s soul”. I have read it twice, I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss anything the first time through. Also, most evenings and ever Sunday prior to church I watch your pod cast “ in the woods with Phil”. Sir, your words of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ keeps my soul fulfilled. Lastly, Phil, one of my bucket items is to meet you and your beautiful family one day. So keep preaching Gods word, podcasting and most of all duck hunt’in and I’ll keep watching! God bless you and yours, Phil. J.W. Griffiths
  • Great app with great content 5/5

    By BKU2STLCardinal
    It’s awesome to have so much content with so many great personalities in one place, BlazeTV is a pioneer in how we intake content and this app just continues to add to that legacy.
  • If you love AMERICA 5/5

    By swooplv
    There is so much content available here. They do such a great job on giving you the FACTS!!! after that it’s up to you to decide on what you’ve learned!
  • Blaze TV is great 5/5

    By BrianB_
    Love watching Louder with Crowder. Been a fan the last two years, and I've learned so much about the basics of conservative concepts and i learn something new each episode. There is at least one more conservative that is sharing these principles with everyone I know in Jacksonville Florida because of this channel.
  • This app is a huge disappointment 2/5

    By Jim2339
    You are unable to customize your home screen to make navigation to the content you regularly watch easier. I have to open the show list and scroll through 50 channels to get to the one show I watch each and every time I open the app. Additionally when you open up your watchlist or previously wat he’d list you are then trapped on this screen as there is no back button to take you back to the home menu. It feels like a 50/50 chance whether or not the app will track the fact that I have already wat he’d a video. When I switch between video versions and audio only versions of the content the app will lose my spot in the content. Their are more issues but I’m tired of typing. This app gets two stars simply because I like some of the content but the app itself is pretty terrible. Thanks for reading.

    By Mazzy-2
    God, the Constitution, truth, integrity, character, generosity, courage, honor, fairness, humility, sacrifice, freedom of speech and religion—these are the timeless virtues that have made our country distinct from any other in history. Sadly, they have become out-of-vogue for many which, if not addressed, will cause us to devolve into chaos. Blaze TV, initiated by Glenn Beck, gives voice to all those who are willing to stand firm against the onslaught, to be a voice crying out in the desert and suffer the slings and arrows gathered against them as they courageously sound the alarm! No fake news or partisanship here—JUST THE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! This is our wake-up call, America! Carol Tebo, Oregon
  • Content is unmatched! But app leaves a lot to be desired 2/5

    By YOO-NIX
    As a long-time listener to Steve Deace and crew, I cannot stress how amazing their content is here at BlazeTV. The content available on this app is unmatched by anyone. I am continually frustrated by number of things with the app however. First, the continue watching feature is unreliable. At times it works perfectly, at other times it doesn’t work at all. My biggest frustration, I am constantly being told this content as for “premium subscribers” of which I am. I get the locked icon when I login to watch Steve Deace at times. In order to correct as I have the force close the application and then re-open it on my iPhone. Finally, the overall polish of the app needs to be worked on. I don’t like that I’m forced to view everything and dark mode. The layout could you some work. I would like to ability to be able to add a specific show as a favorite and not have to scroll to it all the time. A notification feature where a new show is available to watch would also be nice. For any developers reading this, I am utilizing an iPhone XR running iOS version 12.3.1.
  • Really solid app 3/5

    By gotinx
    Just renewed my subscription thanks to vox! I will admit this app is way better than the blaze app I was used to a couple years ago. That said there is some quality issues with play back. Doesn’t seem to matter if I’m lte or WiFi the audio and video quality goes in and out which is annoying. The other issue is you have to leave the app open to listen, if you push the app to the background it pauses what you were doing. So far if those items can be addressed I will gladly change this to 5 star! The content is 100% there just needs some technical fixes.
  • Truth 5/5

    By TLMatlock
    Glenn it is so great to have you back on my radio station in East Texas, KTBB. Thank you for realizing the truth about Trump and admitting that you misjudged him. Keep on Preachin’!!!
  • Audio/Video not in sync 3/5

    By Cm3_psx
    I thought I was going crazy, but the video is slightly ahead of the audio for louder with crowder. I switched to the YouTube app and that is fine... hopefully this is fixed in the future...
  • Needs work 3/5

    By KC+5
    Great content, you now need to put the videos/breakdowns you put on YouTube here. The app feels ver clunky
  • I want to download episodes 4/5

    By N/a. N/a. N/a. N/a. N/a.
    Decent app however the point of watching it on my phone/ device and not on a computer or TV is the portability. Please add a way for us to download shows to our devices similar to Amazon video or Netflix!
  • Great vids 5/5

    By the_raven314
    Great content from CRTV and the Blaze
  • Great!!!! 5/5

    By juleswps
    I listen to this all the time!!!
  • Blaze TV 5/5

    By Thank G-d
    Thank you for giving amazing support for our USA and for keeping us all informed author “Child Moving”
  • BLAZE TV 5/5

    I’m so pleased with my 3 year subscription for myself and gifted a 3 year to my sister too. There so many outstanding shows. I’ll list just a few because there just too many wonderful talents and authentic shows. I’m very devoted and have told others about the shows. Glenn’s latest special on Socialism was very powerful and I enjoy his guest and learn so much from the podcast. Additionally, very fond of the following shows but continue to recover new one all the time. — Levin (Huge supporter wonderful man!!) — News and Why It Matters — The White House Brief - Jon Miller very sharp and talented (So great he packs in a lot in a few mins.) — AmERICA (Enjoyed Eric for many years. — Glenn TV- Outstanding — Here’s the Deal (LOVE HER!!) — In The Woods with Phil (very authentic and good message) — Kibbe (Wonderful I’ve learned so much from his show) — News Done Right (Very funny/love it) — Something’s Off (I have to be alert to get his quick humor - just great) — Just started listening to Crowder Louder I really want to support his freedom of speech...stay tough! Just a few of my regular ones. God Bless America!!
  • The Best 5/5

    By JL$&)(;4:3/
    Fantastic content! If you want the TRUTH and not fake news, this is where you need to be! Thankyou BlazeTV! Jennyann77
  • Won’t play in the background. 3/5

    By Dinkhome
    This app is Ok, but since it’s for a paid subscription service, I would expect it could run in the background!
  • Phenomenal Platform! 5/5

    By sondelaz
    UPDATE: BlazeTV is more important than ever since YouTube has taken the step of fully demonetizing “Lowder With Crowder”. If you are looking for smart, informative, conservative entertainment, then BlazeTV with “Lowder With Crowder” is THE platform you want to embrace. Download and sign up for Lowder With Crowder and BlazeTV NOW! I have been a BlazeTV patron since it’s inception. I am a MugClub member and Louder With Crowder along with Levin TV makes BlazeTV the perfect place for conservatives and all Americans to find an alternative to the main stream news and entertainment. If you haven’t become a member, the you are losing out on smart entertainment, commentary, and news. This is what news and entertainment was meant to be! Sandy Lazarowicz Cleveland, Ohio
  • Audio sync issues 4/5

    By 4RunAmok
    Downloaded the AppleTV app because I joined MugClub and watching my first video I see a lag in video behind the audio. Please fix this
  • Apple is trying to hide this app 5/5

    By Klint2
    I typed in “blaze” in the App Store search bar and this app wasn’t included in the first 50 results. There were several other less popular apps with no reviews or the word blaze included in the title listed before this.
  • Background Streaming has yet to appear! 1/5

    By LameWalletChain
    Over a year ago the developers mentioned that the ability to stream in the background was coming in an update "next month". It's still not possible. Come on devs. Let's make this happen!
  • Worth every penny 5/5

    By Budhabelly123456789
    I first got blaze tv to get more content on Steven Crowder. I have always enjoyed his work. This app/ website has opened me up to a great source of other podcast and shows.
  • Why only 30 seconds of rewind? 3/5

    By LeighSinger
    I really really want to like this app. I cancelled Sling to switch to the Blaze app but I can only rewind live tv 30 seconds and there’s no pause option. For the cost of the subscription the ability to start a show from the beginning and pause as needed should be available.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By GSA!
    Voices that should be heard! Mark Levin, Wilkow, Jon Miller, Deneen Borelli, Graham Allen, Phil Robertson, and Glen Beck.
  • Favorites and push notifications. 5/5

    By Merlotmassacre
    Hello, I recently subbed to the blaze, Awesome content and enjoying listening and watching the content. But is there a way in a future update to add the ability to mark any channel as a favorite and get push notifications when new content is added? I sometimes get notifications from YouTube saying “so-so uploaded a new video watch here” but when I look at the blaze it was posted a day or so earlier. I would much rather use the blaze app but added content with notifications would be great. Thanks!
  • Love the app and content! 5/5

    By KaitieK
    Love this app! Let’s me watch all the Blaze TV shows I know and love. Good customer service as well, thanks Blaze TV and the LWC team!
  • Socialism A Warning From The Dead - MUST WATCH 5/5

    By Chica0165
    Glenn does a phenomenal job reminding us about how history can repeat itself. It’s a great wake-up call to America to fight for the freedom that we have and that so many men, women, and children have died for. God bless America!
  • Awesome content. Truth. Be informed! 5/5

    So much thought and research goes into the Blaze specials. No one knows the constitution like Mark Levin and he has a rapid grasp of the facts of the Mueller investigation. The Blaze offers a variety of shows and you will learn the truth about where Socialism leads to (death), science lessons such as what EXACTLY is a third trimester fetus (it is a FULLY FORMED HUMAN capable of feeling pain and worthy of legal constitutional rights). The shows are informative and entertaining as we live in challenging times. If you get your news from mainstream media, you aren’t even scratching the surface of getting the facts. Whatever your political persuasion, you should watch The Blaze. If you are liberal, I challenge you to watch it for at least 30 days. As Glenn Beck says, “Do your own homework.” You will find facts that back up the research. Challenge your beliefs. Go where the truth leads, whatever the result may be. The Blaze prides itself in “truth lives here”. I’d rather be uncomfortable with the truth than sitting cozy with the lies that will lead to the demise of our freedom. May the Blaze prosper and grow!
  • Programs done with integrity 5/5

    By Empty Pockets
    I’ve listened to many of these personalities for several years now. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve disagreed, but most importantly I feel like I’ve been informed and learned so much. I strongly suggest taking a few minutes and listening to any of these broadcasters you will enjoy your time and just may help save our country.
  • Great Content 5/5

    By Saddaysad
    I love the Blaze. I love Glenn, Pat, Stu, Jeffy, Mark, but I got the membership for Steven Crowder! Such a great show! The guy needs support, happy he is part of the Blaze.
  • Conservative Oasis 5/5

    By Scottcped
    I joined CRTV via Steven Crowder’s Mug Club. To be honest, when Blaze merged with CRTV I considered dropping my yearly subscription. I’m happy that I didn’t. Steven is my daily show, and I also love Phil Robertson, Steve Deace, Chad Prather, Lauren Chen, Allie Stuckey, Jon Miller, and Graham Allen. I’ll be renewing this year again, for sure! Keep up the great work!
  • Do want truth? Where do you find it? HERE 5/5

    By Rebelfan69
    HERE! This is where you will get truth. No agenda to brainwash you to a particular political side just truth & the ability to debate without hostility. Love it been watching since the Fox years.
  • These guys rock! 5/5

    By operation madman
    Never have any problems, amazing content- you won’t regret getting this app!
  • Love the network but app needs work. 3/5

    By Proud Conservative JF95
    Love the network. Mix of Levin, Beck, Bolling, Crowder etc. can’t be beat. That being said, there’s no way to add something to the wish list without actually starting to watch the video, and to delete something from the watchlist or “continue watching” menu, you need to swipe it and then since there’s no way to get back to the menu, you need to close and reopen the app. Also, if I may suggest, combine and radio, as well as with the blazetv app/site. Put the podcasts on the blazetv site/app too. Horowitz, Rabbi Lapin, Dr Jasser, etc. should be on the BlazeTV app, which would give them more publicity, and make it easier to find so more people can hear them. The Daily Wire does this, for example. The podcasts and videos are all in one place.
  • True news 5/5

    By patriots always win!
    Very satisfied with this media and have been getting information that’s not covered on the daily news. Definitely reliable and honest for a true conservative patriot. Keep up the phenomenal job!
  • Glenn Beck Radio and TV 5/5

    By zanner4787
    Absolutely excellent information if you want the unadulterated truth! He doesn’t tell you what you THINK is true...but only the truth backed up by research and history! Never give up Glenn!!
  • Not happy. 1/5

    By PrometheusUnleashed
    Signed up for Michelle Malkin and got Glenn Beck. Tried to get a refund since I signed up for the year but they refused. So I’m out 100 bucks.

BlazeTV: The Uncensored Truth app comments

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