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BlazeTV has the stories you want and the shows you won't see anywhere else. Watch Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder, Eric Bolling, Phil Robertson, and many more like you've never seen them before!

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  • Last Hope 5/5

    By DGSawtell
    BlazeTV. One of the last hopes in America to hear the news in context. Do your homework.
  • Why can’t conservatives do tech?! 1/5

    By DudeTunes
    First off, I’m a politically connected gay conservative techie. I want to find the smartest minds and easiest path to conservative content. Alas I’ve once again found an inept app that misses the mark. I downloaded the app only to click and click where to find info on subscription options. I can only find where to log in or reset my password. Seriously, at 52 I’m better at this than most of these new startups. You’re losing audience because you don’t do this well. If you want to reach the tech masses you need help. Call me. I truly want you to succeed.
  • Great app but.... 4/5

    By JcMc08
    I love the app and content that BlazeTV provides us. When you include a coupon code you really can’t beat the price for the content that’s included. Although, being a Apple user when I need to check emails, txts, etc while using a Bluetooth device the app quits playing when I use another app. Can you provide a continuous play option for when we’re streaming using a Bluetooth device to watch your content while still using your phone?
  • Great News!!!! 5/5

    By Hunter
    We need News Media warriors out there to give us the truth rather then what the Mainstream Media lies about. Also love your opinions and speaking for m the heart.
  • Real unbiased news 5/5

    By JeannieCollins
    This is all the people need to stay up to date on the real news!! Thank y’all so much for all your hard work on giving us the unbiased news. Real journalism 🙌
  • Great 5/5

    By AGT1201
    The shows are quite clever and full of interesting content!
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By PlumbNumb
    Fair, honest & sometimes funny
  • Frustrating App, shows take forever to drop 3/5

    By pman061199
    Love the content/hosts but the app itself is awful. It takes 24 hours or more for some shows to drop. By the time it’s available, it’s old news. They need to fix this if they want to grow, I can’t renew when my year is up. I usually end up listening to their FREE podcasts. Very irritating!!
  • App is the pits compared to old Blaze app. 2/5

    By Nickname 9669
    App needs severe work. Should have used the old Blaze app as foundation and canned the crtv app. 1) Still no news links from 2) Too bad you missed it and have to wait until the whole podcast is archived. Old app allows for back streaming from the beginning of the show if you get to the stream late. You only get 20 seconds of back streaming now. 3) No volume control in app. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for content ⭐️⭐️👎👎👎 for missing app features. Basically it doesn’t crash every two seconds. You get the same thing on the radio as far as features except you don’t have to tune a radio. Not a do it all app like before. Hey I get you want to keep the subscription cost low. Tell you what... I’ll pay more for a subscription, if you hire a app programmer, who can get this thing working with the features we had before. Hire someone to fix this please.🙄
  • What happened to The Blaze Radio app? 4/5

    By ArthurBonjour
    While this is good. I was shocked the other week to find out the Radio app was removed from the market place. I used that app while driving and doing work on my farm. This app is okay but It takes a lot of data and I need a great connection speed. And living in the Hills of WV the radio app was a better choice for me. Are you revamping it or is there no hope?
  • Annoying 3/5

    By AmbiguousCat
    I subscribed to watch premium content, but every time I minimize the app and reopen it later I am greeted with a message that I must subscribe in order to access premium content. I checked to make sure I was still logged in and I was. This forces me to fully close the app and restart it, which then resets the videos I was trying to resume watching. Extremely annoying. Since I’m still in my free trial window, this may be an issue worth cancelling over and switching to the Daily Wire.
  • Phil, Chad, and the news and why it matters is why I subscribed 5/5

    By Ron_PartyAnimal
    Those 3 are my favorite persons to hear from. I just value they’re opinions. It’s also awesome to hear Jesus being talked about on the news
  • Hands Down Best News Source Anywhere... 5/5

    By Kevin DaSilva
    The BEST place to get your news in a way that actually leaves you better off then when you started watching (a thing that’d be impossible without the Blaze today). The amount of knowledge & heart felt debates/stories... You’ll learn more than you would from taking a college course (when colleges actually taught things worthwhile). All facts are heavily researched, perspectives given with a full context and compared to other times in history we’ve faced similar issues... And of course also because it’s coming from Mark Levin or Glenn Beck (and anyone they’d hire you know is a star as well)... Truly only two men I think of as modern day Founding Fathers. Always here to teach, as well as inform. AGENDA & INSANITY-FREENEWS YOU SIMPLY WONT GET FROM “MAINSTREAM MEDIA” WHICH UNFORTUNATELY EVEN INCLUDES FOX NEWS AS WELL NOWADAYS!
  • Love it! Netflix of traditional/conservative news & opinion 5/5

    By no nickmame Ian
    If you’re an independent, libertarian, or conservative American who is tired of CNN, MSM, and even FNC you are going to love this app. It runs like Netflix where you can choose your phone favorite podcast, live streaming show, etc... There is a $10 a month fee but it’s well worth it. There are even great comedians on here like Chad Prather! And they got the Rick and Bubba live cam stream!
  • Worst app design ever! 😂 1/5

    By Roqueluis5
    Click a show and it asks you to sign in, but you can’t create an account. 😂 Get it together BlazeTV, you’re making us look bad. 🤣
  • Great Conservative Content 5/5

    By I'm All Fired Up
    This app is really amazing I love that I can watch my subscriptions everywhere and use chrome cast to further my watching experience. Keep up the good work everyone envolved with BlazeTV!
  • The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment 5/5

    By Israel Putnam
    We have been enjoying Glenn Beck Radio/TV for years, but now with the merger we love it even more! There have been some technical difficulties with the merger, but customer service is excellent.
  • Great 5/5

    By MidwestRocks
    App works really great the only feature I’m REALLY missing is playback speed.
  • Great channel but please improve app 3/5

    By Vagina lov'ah
    I love BlazeTV but every time I try to watch louder with crowder I have to go to shows and I have to scroll halfway down the page to get to it. If you guys could please make a favorites method that way I can set it up so louder with crowder is on my home page? I’ll give it 5 stars once that has been done
  • Worth it, if only for Louder With Crowder 5/5

    By JDW Sr
    Great app, easy to use and navigate! Great content!

    By Donaldduckeh
    Bring back Gavin. That’s all.
  • How do we renew the subscription? 5/5

    By Xxkimmie
    Love being reconnected to the Blaze again, and it’s even better because I can see Mark Levin too! Yay!! The only thing I’m puzzled about is that in the past, I could renew my subscription through iTunes. I have no idea when my subscription runs out this time and I don’t see it on my subscription list in iTunes. Please! Say we can still renew through iTunes!
  • Radio and news 4/5

    By Lost earn
    Love the Blaze CRTV merger and all of the TV and video content on the app but no streaming audio or news articles is disappointing, I wish I had kept my old Blaze app so I could still listen to the radio shows while working
  • Glenn Beck 5/5

    I really look forward to your radio show and your TV show. I cannot wait until 5 o’clock every day. I find it entertaining but at the same time very interesting. Keep up the good work, God Bless you and our amazing nation known as America!
  • Audio mode PLEASE 3/5

    By lynnr57
    Love the content. But PLEASE PLEASE add an option to LIVE STREAM AUDIO. I need my device for other things and the way the app is currently configured without a live audio only option renders the app somewhat useless for me. Once there is an audio option this app easily gets 5 stars. Thank you in advance 😊.
  • Steven Crowder Makes it worth it 5/5

    By Buafshziqnaysbsh
    I’ve been a mug club member for 3 years now and Steven Crowder has always been worth my time to listen to, plus there are a ton of other great speakers on this app. Highly recommend!
  • Love the new update 5/5

    By Bigevil79
    Love the updates but the Apple TV update that rebranded the crtv app to BlazeTV took away the archive section that was on the crtv app before the rebranding please add that section back to Apple TV app other than that I love the new update also when will the Old Blaze archive be added to the new app
  • Sacked Gavin 1/5

    By Joemammadude
    What a disappointment, spent a lot of money and time with this app, loved it and the content. Now that you sacked Gavin you are just as bad as YouTube and Twitter. Shame.
  • YouTube brought me here... 4/5

    By sanberger
    I stumbled on this Steven Crowder guy last fall and shared his videos with my teenage sons. We cut the cable cord awhile ago and stream A Lot of content. I had never desired to pay for additional subscription services, as I already paid monthly for Kindle unlimited, Amazon Prime and Netflix. However, as we watched more and more variety of subscription upload shows I decided to try out a Louder With Crowder subscription late December 2018 which fell right after CRTV and The Blaze apparently merged. I look forward to learning my way around the show menu and the return of Crowder will be like the Super-Bowl in my home! Many thanks to the customer service rep. Laura who helped me install the apps over the phone on my home TV sets! Looking forward to using my subscription to its fullest!
  • Audio only mode 4/5

    By Terry204612
    Please please please add audio only switch option so I can listen and multitask on my phone and listen while driving. Love the content. App works great otherwise.
  • Canceling my subscription! 2/5

    By Bluehotstarz
    I have recently learned that the “Blaze” is associated with “never-Trumper” Glen Beck—the guy who mocked our president by smashing his face in a bowl of Cheetos. I don’t appreciate their advertising Gavin McCinis and Michel Maulkin as part of their line up, then firing them. Now, the only people worth paying to watch are Louder with Crowder and Mark Levin. Hardly worth the subscription price. I can watch both of them for free elsewhere. Too bad. CRTV should have left it as it was—independent broadcasting not beholden to advertisers. Dropping Gavin and Michelle right after the published hit peace Labeling them “white supremacist” proves otherwise. Shame.
  • To Glenn Beck 5/5

    By Grmcracker
    We are so proud that he and his team have joined up with CRTV. I also love Steve Deace snd his team, Mark Levin and others. Congratulations and may God continue to bless these gentlemen and give them wisdom in how they present their shows. Bonnie Dunagin GA
  • Issues with app but great content 4/5

    By LizLyon
    EXCELLENT CONTENT! I have complaints about the app itself though. The old app, when it was just The Blaze, you could “rewind” three hours during the live broadcast whereas with the new app you can only do thirty seconds. Where I live Glenn’s radio program comes on at 6:00 AM on the app so I could always rewind to the beginning of the program when I woke up at 7:00 AM. I can’t do that now, I have to wait until the program is put in the actual show page which isn’t until 4 or 5:00 in the afternoon or even the next day. The full show was always available to watch on the show page within the app after about an hour or two of the show ending but now I have to wait until the next sometimes which I don’t like at all. Bring back the three hour “rewind” during the live broadcast! And bring back the quick upload of shows after they air!
  • Excellent content, not so great app 3/5

    By Gethys
    The content is excellent and worth the subscription. The app layout isn’t too bad but the fact that I can’t play without the app up front makes it frustrating. Want to browse the internet and check mail while listening? Nope! Want to drive with your phone dark while listening? Nope! Also has trouble resuming where you left off and occasionally switches shows while watching another (although this may be due to leaving the screen on with my phone aimed down while in the car because the app has to be on and front and center to play). Fix the app and I’ll fix my rating to 5 starts. Still worth a subscription though.
  • A sad, terrible loss for CRTV. 1/5

    By Gwogwogwogwog
    This merger/unannounced change has been terrible. I was subscribed, but once the changes started, I waited it out before paying again, and now that I see you’ve fired Gavin, Crowder has slowed down, Glenn Beck is now a part of it, and other things I may have not noticed, I cannot subscribe any longer. What a shame. It was good while it lasted. I thought very highly of Levin until I found out he’s working with Glenn Beck. Yikes. I even bought his fathers children books, I hope I don’t end up regretting that.
  • I love The Blaze & CRtv merge! 5/5

    By Indy historybuff
    I’ve been a member of The Blaze for years & couldn’t afford CRtv. When Glenn & Mark started broadcasting during Glenn’s radio show I was happy & now thrilled about the merge. United We Stand! We will all be stronger together. For all you CRtv guys that haven’t had a lot of experience listening to Glenn, I say be patient & listen to his heart, from which he primarily speaks. I’m a little dyslexic & sometimes when I see Glenn transpose his words ~ boy do feel at home! If it wasn’t for The Glenn Beck, I wouldn’t have learned about The Nazarene Fund & Our rescue of trafficked children. I knew of David Barton, my favorite historian, from Joyce Meyer Ministries but very well. Now, because of The Vault etc., I can almost quote him David Barton. I wished I could go to the museum they have from time to time. For you all who don’t know Mark, don’t worry when he gets that’s serious look, he’s not mad, hah. Mark is a rock-solid conservative. So if you love this country & TRUE conservatism, you’ll love this merge. I so happy now I can delete some of my old shows from my DVR.
  • John S. 5/5

    By John S in Atl
    Just a quick note to the folks at BlazeTV ! Great job !! I’m am so very happy with the transition from CRTV ! I was a fan of Mr Glen and Co. back when he was with SiriusXM on 125. I have continued to listen to the channel in his absence and was pleased to find out that he is now with the great group from CRTV! I don’t really mind the how and why - doesn’t matter ! I can get him and all of my other Patriots in one location... Happy, Happy, Happy! Keep up the great work !
  • Missing Gavin McInnes 3/5

    By Ms Claus
    I was used to starting my day with Gavin. I loved both of his shows and I miss him terribly. I am a 70 year old female who found Gavin to be a patriotic American with a great sense of humor. I am thinking of canceling my subscription now that he is not on.
  • Enjoy the new facelift 4/5

    By Rudo84
    I am really enjoying the new face lift since the merger and the app runs smooth. My only complaint is that there is not enough content in the ‘recently added’ section, only 6 of the latest. This causes me to go to my favorite shows individually to see if they have added anything new which is tedious. Is there anyway to add a tab for recently added shows for the ‘day of...’? This would be a great feature and would make it easier to find a list of shows for each day. Keep up the great work.
  • Bring back Gavin 1/5

    By DanTheMan0427
    Only subscribed for crowder and Gavin and now that Gavin is gone I probably won’t renew. Beck is gonna kill crtv
  • No Gavin 1/5

    By Fawtnowka
    No sub
  • Only live on the app?? 4/5

    By boondog1991
    Why can’t I watch live crtv on my smart tv
  • News articles? 2/5

    By Gulf Garden
    Where are the news articles? I loved reading them on the Blaze when I couldn’t stream a show.
  • Love the content but... 3/5

    By DreamBug7465
    I love the new layout and expanded content but the new app is missing any radio link. Would like to see a radio link come back
  • No Gavin, No Good 1/5

    By Altitudes2099
    Went downhill fast once they walked Gavin. Nobody interesting on the platform. Just a bunch of normie conservatives now. Might as well be the Republican wing of the NPC culture. Waste of time and money.
  • Why did you let Gavin go? 1/5

    By Seamus Amongus
    Y’all wrong for this.
  • So happy with new Blaze TV 5/5

    By melbo4954
    Have always loved The Blaze and Glenn Beck, but also fans of all the people on CRTV! I was thrilled when they merged so I could afford both platforms. Looking forward to who they add in the future. I love the diversity of thought, and that I can listen to so many thoughtful conservatives. Something for everyone, and each supporting the Conservative cause. Keep up the great work! Don’t listen to the negativity, we need to pull together. It’s tough enough out there. Stand Fast!
  • I loved crtv but f the blaze 1/5

    By PanEverfree
    I loved crtv it was my most used app in the house but because glen beck can’t keep his neocon hands off good work I unsubscribed. F glen beck. We love you Gavin and crowder.
  • slightly better 4/5

    By dieflying
    I love that the app now remembers where I am in a show and picks up where I left off... but for the love, can you please make it so I can still listen outside of the app and not have it go back to where I was when I left the app? The old Blaze app had this ability and I hate that this one does not.

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