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BlazeTV: Pro-America

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BlazeTV: Pro-America App

BlazeTV is the best source for the most thought-provoking personalities and conservative ideas free from censorship by the coastal elites. BlazeTV breaks free from leftist censors and empowers content creators to be who they are, without filters. BlazeTV has the content you want, on-demand, when you want it. Download BlazeTV to watch the best in pro-America, pro-free speech content from conservative personalities you know and love. There are no PC advertisers controlling the content, no digital mobs calling the shots, and no big tech censors muzzling the message. Free speech is under attack. Get the uncensored TRUTH. The BlazeTV app plugs you in to on-demand video from the best talent in conservative media. Tune in to Live TV to stream live broadcasts from your favorite BlazeTV hosts. Watch Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder, Eric Bolling, Phil Robertson, and many more whenever you want, however you want. Don’t miss these exclusive BlazeTV shows: - Louder with Crowder: Late night is finally funny again. BlazeTV is the only place to watch Steven Crowder uncensored and on demand. Every Crowder video banned by YouTube is available just for BlazeTV subscribers. Hold on to your butt (or laugh it off)! - LevinTV: America’s nightly town hall meeting with the Great One, Mark Levin. Levin’s program leaps from radio to TV with in-depth episodes exploring the U.S. Constitution, explaining the meaning of liberty, and fighting progressive tyranny. - GlennTV: The truth lives here. As a staunch defender of the Constitution, individual liberties, and free markets, Glenn Beck breaks out the chalkboard to expose anti-American progressives and fight for conservative solutions every day. - America with Eric Bolling: Be bold, be brash, be America. Eric Bolling is back with the show they wouldn’t put on cable TV. Join Eric for exclusive interviews with movers and shakers in Washington, D.C., inside looks at Congress and the Trump White House, and good, old-fashioned American pride. - In the Woods with Phil: Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is back. Progressive TV executives wouldn’t let him speak his mind, so now he's coming straight to you from the woods with 70 years of unfiltered wisdom and uncensored biblical common sense. - The Steve Deace Show: Fear God, tell the truth, and make money. Steve Deace is here to deliver principled conservatism with a snarky twist served up daily. There’s just one rule: No B.S. - The White House Brief with Jon Miller: Jon Miller is BlazeTV’s man inside President Donald Trump’s White House. Miller’s trademark no-holds-barred style of covering not only the president but the White House press corps has turned him into an internet sensation. - Humor Me with Chad Prather: Nobody has a way with words quite like “The Political Cowboy” Chad Prather. Ride along and experience the comedy, craziness, and common sense in Chad's life firsthand — on the road, at home, and on the stage. Get ready, America — you’re in for quite a ride. To access all premium content you can subscribe to BlazeTV on a monthly or annual basis with an auto-renewing subscription right inside the app. *Pricing can vary be region and will be confirmed before purchase in the app. In app subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of their cycle. All payments will be paid through your iTunes Account and may be managed under Account Settings after the initial payment. Subscription payments will automatically renew unless deactivated at least 24-hours before the end of the current cycle. Your account will be charged for renewal at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current cycle. Any unused portion of your free trial will be forfeited upon payment. Cancellations are incurred by disabling auto-renewal. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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BlazeTV: Pro-America app reviews

  • I love the content... can’t stand the app 2/5

    By Rcacuna27
    I end up resorting to the website because this app isn’t fluid or user friendly. When you click to watch a video, it forces you into landscape mode with no option to orient into portrait mode. Scrubbing through videos is difficult to do without swiping through apps because of the playback time location. PIP would be great, being able to minimize videos would be great without needing to exit the video, and portrait mode would be great.
  • Great Content, App Missing Basic Features 2/5

    By LSU Theta Chi
    Background play, keep watching/resume where left off, and offline play/downloads are just some of the most basic features missing from this trash bin of an app that — when it works — still manages to deliver some of the best streaming content out there. Fix the app; 5 stars. For another year, I guess, I’m only hanging around this app for Crowder.
  • Great Content/Update App 3/5

    By Heown
    The content is fantastic. The app struggles to update real-time and requires that I close the app completely and then reopen it.
  • Love Glenn, hate this app 2/5

    By Brownie gal
    I’ve been relying on the app with earbuds since spouse is working at home. It constantly crashes and I don’t love that I can’t do anything else with my phone while it’s on. I love Glenn, Pat, Stu, et al, but please improve the app!
  • Good content, but app always fatal crashes my entire phone 2/5

    By LedGuardian
    I can watch videos for about 30 seconds. Sometimes longer, but this app is struggling on iOS 13.5

    By Cra1986
    Every other review on this app for the past year has complained about the lack of background play. How could you not add this critical function in your app. 90% of the people who are watching the shows on their phone are driving, working, or doing other activities. Every time I want to do something on my phone it stops the episode and most of the time loses my place. So that also means I can’t use GPS and use this app at the same time. I also have to have my phone open draining the battery. This is absolutely a deal breaker. It’s 2020 guys, there’s no reason not to have it. You should feel embarrassed. So why don’t you spend some of your subscription money to make your app an easily accessible experience. I will not be subscribing until this is fixed. PLEASE ADD BACKGROUND PLAY ASAP
  • Honest News and thought provoking opinions. 5/5

    By Matty762
    You don’t have to agree with them on everything or anything. If you haven’t watched, they have free content on YouTube. At least check it out if you honestly believe your opinions are fact based hey are more than worth the time!
  • Great content mediocre app 3/5

    By Tdubs2012
    Love all the content hate the fact that I can’t stream in the background also may just be my cats but for some reason The audio does not play through the Bluetooth or usb in either of my cars. Might just be my issue but would like to hear if anyone else has this problem
  • Love it (one very minor problem) 5/5

    By Than Dunn
    Ever since the update to the new interface the resume function no longer works. I usually will put on either the previous night’s LwC episode or Good Morning Mug Club on on my way to work. I usually don’t finish the episode in this time but now I either have to start over when I pick up or search through the video until I find where I was. Other than that I love this app. Quality content.
  • Great app 4/5

    By EvDog2
    Please add background streaming
  • Needs background listening 3/5

    By Leo in San Diego
    Was the reason I canceled my service last year. Figured you guys would’ve fixed it by now.
  • The best conservative information period! 5/5

    By Freddy T67
    The only way this could be better is if Jordan Peterson had a show here! Glen beck has the best content. His commentary is spot on. Steven Crowder is so funny. Yet if you listen to what he says it’s way more than funny. He is up to date on everything. He knows all of the lefts lies and exposes them daily with humor. Mark Levin, what can you say about “The Great One”? He was able to tell the truth about Obamagate and Mike Flynn years ago! The man knows what he’s talking about. Having read Dave Rubins book and watching his content regularly makes me have all the respect in the world for this man. He talks nothing but common sense. Candace Owens has more intestinal fortitude than should be allowed by law! The things she has put up with from the left are amazing! She is definitely someone I look up to. When she talks she lays it out so plainly for all to see. Get this app!
  • Enjoy the content, but videos stop after about a minute. 3/5

    By Mozzez
    Subscribed to the Blaze for a year recently, now I can’t watch anything longer than about a minute. The video stops and I have to continuously hit the play button. It defeats the point of having the subscription when I have to just listen through iHeartRadio. Using iPhone 11 Pro.
  • Content Great but App Terrible 1/5

    By No Sound 32
    This rating and review is solely for the App not The Blaze content. I rarely have time to sit down and stare at a single app for the duration of the show. I also drive around a lot in and out of LTE service areas. So the way the app works now I can barely use it. This App Needs.... Background Play Downloadable Episodes Keep Watching Feature As soon as this App can do what YT Red and Netflix can do I’ll happily change my review.
  • Awesome content! 5/5

    By Charlie F0xtr0t
    Would really love to have background streaming. This is a multitasking world and I need to look stuff up while you guys are talking.
  • Background Audio Please! 1/5

    By Willeddy96
    My subscription to the blaze every year is basically useless without background audio. I won’t be renewing my yearly subscription unless you guys add this feature. I would really appreciate it. Will change my review after you update it.
  • Please add AirPlay for iPhone users to cast 4/5

    By GunMetalDragon
    Great content, as always! My ONLY complaint is that I can’t cast it using AirPlay like I did when I had an Android phone. Please fix this so I don’t have to keep an old Android phone around just to watch Crowder, although honestly, it’s still worth it.
  • Love the content, but the app needs some improvements! 3/5

    By SethFeldp
    I LOVE the content that the Blaze offers (Louder with Crowder is my favorite), but I really hate that none of the content plays in the background or when Put my phone to sleep! I would give this app 5 stars if this issue was fixed, but as it stands, this is a glaring issue!
  • Good content but app needs some work. 3/5

    By Cooper9762
    An audio only button would be nice so I can listen to my favorite shows while driving etc.
  • Great content! 5/5

    By Jamie Maloney
    Although the company has only been around for a short time the shows they provide are great to watch or listen to while your lounging or working on something. I’ve called BlazeTv before with a question and had a very friendly chat with one of their employees, they explained to me how BlazeTv has given these content providers a platform to express their Conservative political freedom on their shows, which most of the current shows are political themed, and also, shows such as Phil Robertson’s which are a lot more Christian themed series. I hope that this company continues grow and gain more content creators to their station. Especially in the era we’re in where where secular Leftist are trying to silence Conservatives and Christians, I’m glad we have a company like BlazeTV to listen to.
  • Can’t stream to tv 3/5

    By nickname10295
    The only bad thing in this app is that you can’t stream to a tv unless you have a roku because the app for a smart TVs doesn’t exist. Also can’t use your phone to stream either. I have been watching way less because of this please address this.
  • Fix the app!!! 2/5

    By Iamnate85
    Crazy to spend all this money and get such a horrid app. Doesn’t remember where you left off. Can’t listen with screen off. Can’t watch in portrait mode. Can’t download episodes for airplane mode play. This should be no-brainer easy fixes. ONLY reason I gave and extra star is because of Steven Crowder content. Fix the dang app!!!
  • Better off with using the web site 1/5

    By OldeTechGuy
    This app is like a .5 pre-release. At least with the web site you can minimize the screen and still use the browser to actually browse the web. (ipad)
  • Great app! 5/5

    By emerybaessler
    Love the app. One major suggestion: Give an option to listen while in a different app or with your phone off.
  • Candace Owens 5/5

    By BornFree72
    With the addition of the Candace Owens Show. This now provides even more firepower to the conservative voice. Candace is a top notch intelligent conservative woman. She puts everyone on notice. Great job BlazeTv bringing her talents onboard. May this platform continue to grow for the good of our country and freedom.
  • Audio versions!!! 1/5

    By Vagina lov'ah
    Hey I’ve asked once for you guys to bring back audio versions of the shows you guys have and you still haven’t created a way for us to use just the audio. I want to be able to drive and listen to this not keep my phone screen on and playing a video. Please reach out to me with an answer because I’m actually really upset you guys told me you were doing it but its been 6 months or something stupid like that I have no need to keep my subscription if you aren’t going to tell me the truth about the app. 1 star till you get back to me.
  • Native Controls Please! 1/5

    By 4RunAmok
    AppleTV app: Go back to the old native controls! You’ve removed the 10 second instant replay! Also couldn’t care less about comments, they are the bane of videos on YouTube, please done bring that here Update: The app is getting worse with each release!!! Forward 10s and reverse 10s AS WELL AS REWIND AND FORWARD have been removed, comments are added even though interacting on AppleTV is impossible, which makes it all the more pointless. Also can longer jog through the video to rewind or fast forward! Suggesting to Crowder to find a new platform!
  • Great content, ok app 4/5

    By Kilo0294
    Please add the ability to listen in the background also the ability to use livestream chat. It would make the app great.
  • This Recent Update Ruined The App 1/5

    By Isaac the Mechanic
    I’m so sorry, and it breaks my heart to say it, but this most recent update ruined the functionality of the app for me. Why in the world did you take out vertical video viewing, fast forward 15 seconds, and the ability to play the video in the background while off the app? The app doesn’t even remember where you last stopped in the video anymore and will restart it if you click off. I have lost my desire to watch content because I have to have it full screen, rotated, and can’t multitask. Changes were made that did not have to be made and it’s going to result in me watching less content. Makes me sad. Please bring these 3 features back. Update: It’s been a couple months since the update took place and I went from launching the app daily to getting on every couple weeks. I love the content, but viewing clips on YouTube is just much easier. I haven’t watched consistent since this update. Really upsets me.
  • Can’t listening in background 4/5

    By boondog1991
    Love this app huge support in Glenn Beck. But since y’all did the last update I can’t listing in the background like if I lock my phone or go to another app it just stops
  • I have paid my fee and get get any content. Please contact me. 1/5

    By jmh451
    I have just paid another $99.00 fee and I can’t get any shows or content. I am very upset. I am a loyal listener. Please help me.
  • Excellent Customer Service 5/5

    By Soloboy102
    I’ve been a viewer of Louder with Crowder for years now, I like their other content but LWC is my favorite. I just got off the phone with a customer service rep named Laura and I don’t think I could have had a more positive experience. She was kind, helpful, and was able to get everything I needed taken care of. I highly recommend!!!
  • The price is too high 1/5

    By h they reutgdf
    Love glen but $10 a month I can get Netflix cheaper
  • Blaze TV - Delivers honest opinions supported by Facts 5/5

    By A's Dawg
    I joined Blaze TV the night of Glenn’s Hydra special and quickly fell in love with the Blaze and the different host. As a loyal listener I have found my groove! I hate to say I have a favorite because everyone across the spectrum is rock solid on the program, but Steve Deace and his team deliver the goods for me every day. I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh from 11:00-2:00, now I listen to Steve Deace. Keep up the good work Blaze TV, you all are golden!
  • This app is the worst! 1/5

    By Heidihojones
    I love the blaze and the content on this app, however, it’s the worst version yet. Let’s start with the fact that while watching the live shows, it stutters and repeats, then cuts out at times. Also, I used to be able to pause the live show and come back to where I left off, not on this updated version. On the other version, I could watch previously recorded programs and fast forward (there was a 10 or 15 second button that would push forward) and it would hold my place taking me right back to where I left off for a later date. There is no “continue watching” area on this one. Just a very bad update!
  • Can I have the old app back 3/5

    By worldsapart7
    Love the content!!! But why oh why would you take away functionality. Resume still doesn’t work. And we used to be able to open another app while this played in the background. Or I could “close” my fun, and it would still play audio. Or...I could check a text or an email and it would still play. WHY?????
  • Double Billed app is lame 3/5

    By tammysue990
    Was double charged for 1 month, April 2020 and site doesn’t have a place to go straight to support. Finding shows by date is impossible I know that site was recently updated, but really lacking for ease of use. I Love the shows when I can find them, if I don’t get to frustrate and give up looking for them.
  • Recent update makes it pur 5/5

    By DKHens
    The redesign has been great. The app is better organized and the added features are pretty impressive. A streaming issue I have been experiencing has finally been resolved! Now I have no issues and can simply enjoy the content.
  • Last update has caused major issues on AppleTV and IOS 1/5

    By Ceotri
    AppleTV every time I attempt to watch the app, it says ‘bundled subscription required’ and I can’t watch anything. I’ve been a subscriber for 2+ years and it’s only w the last big update that caused issues. I also have an issue on my iPhone, it will continue to play videos when I don’t have a video up, I try to select a program and it crashes. I have daily freeze ups on live content; it’s gotten to the point that I can’t watch my morning Pat Grey because I get so annoyed w the constant delays. I am considering cancelling my Subscription...what’s the point of paying if I can’t enjoy the content.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Worst $ ever spent
    I have a paid subscription through iTunes and the app recognized it for a couple of weeks but now all I get is “subscription needed” when I select a show. Wasting my money not being able to use something I’ve paid for. 😐
  • Love it! 5/5

    By GinaZ73
    I had originally come here for Slightly Offensive but got to see so much more amazing content from people I knew and others I wasn’t familiar with.
  • Great content but the app needs work. 4/5

    By DaringEric
    The content is great and but i really would like to have the content sync across multiple devices. Also background audio on iOS devices would really improve the experience as I’m not always watching. I’ve noticed that I can’t use the audio controls on iOS to control the show.
  • Great content! App is frustrating. 2/5

    By Aorycangel
    I’m a long time BlazeTV subscriber and I was excited to see a new app. Usually means a better experience. So far I have been pretty disappointed. It’s glitchy while watching on iPad, the next video shows up as a shadow below the scrubber bar and two scrubber bars appear one on top of the other. On AppleTV, it forgets my subscription info every time I close the app so I’m forced to log into my account on a computer, force it to forget my device, then sign back in and connect the device. Again, love BlazeTV and all they do, just hoping for a more streamlined and fluid experience. Oh, and please bring back a “continue watching” section on the main page please!!
  • Great content bad app 2/5

    By Content over App
    Great content but constant app updates that seem to make it shiner but less functional.
  • Love the content, not the app 2/5

    By brassmusicman
    The app is worse since the upgrade, particularly with casting. Interrupted streaming on certain recordings from Jon Miller, Wilkow, and more. It’s predictable when they show screenshots from articles or twitter. Missing dates and length of shows until you start them. There’s more, but hopefully you guys can get this app figured out. It’s almost enough for me to not use the app, but then I’d miss the content!
  • New update doesn’t recognize subscribers 1/5

    By BOOMknowledge
    Signed into the service and the app still doesn’t recognize you as a paid user. Restart AppleTV, remove and reinstall app- nothing works from user side to fix. Tells you to purchase a bundle subscription. Wouldn’t be an issue if this BS wasn’t an ongoing issue every other update. Great content, when you can watch it!!! Please fix as Blaze email support is less than helpful.
  • New update doesn’t recognize subscription! 1/5

    By Gadgetguy5150
    AppleTv App-Restore purchases option doesn’t work, deleting and reinstalling app only works once.
  • One feature missing 4/5

    By RKONeil
    I watch on my phone every morning. I would love to still be able to listen while my phone is locked.
  • Does not recognize my login credentials 1/5

    By Yada+Yada
    App does not recognize the subscription credentials from my browser purchase making it unuseable.

BlazeTV: Pro-America app comments

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