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  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Blaze Pizza
  • Compatibility: Android
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Blaze Pizza App

A new way to Blaze is here. Fire up the Blaze Pizza® app to get your Blaze Pizza fix even faster and earn your way to free pizzas and other Blaze Benefits. Just scan your app every time you visit to earn a flame. Complete a 10-pack of flames to get a free pizza. Can’t get much simpler than that. Want to go even faster? Place your order via the app to skip the line and earn your flame automatically. Features: • Earn flames for each visit and score a free pizza with every ten flames that you earn • Find your nearest Blaze Pizza and order your pizza straight from the app • See your online order history and quickly re-order your favorites • Use our Nutrition Calculator to help build your pizza *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. App benefits and “Pay with phone” option are only available in non-airport US locations.


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Blaze Pizza app reviews

  • DOSENT WORK!! 1/5

    By Trinipoplovsalem
    I was about to check out and the app didn't work.. I felt so embarrassed
  • Lame rewards program 1/5

    By 6girlsdad
    It’s the lamest rewards program I have ever seen! It doesn’t matter how many pizzas you pay for or how large your order is you only get credit for one “flame” per visit. It’s ridiculous!
  • 0 stars for the app & customer service 1/5

    By Kellllsss
    Don’t even bother downloading this app. It doesn’t work for what it’s stated. Also, don’t bother emailing customer service about this app because they are completely unhelpful. I never write reviews about apps but this app is terrible. Blaze is a yummy place and a good restaurant overall but their customer service on the tech side is trash. This app is also trash. I would literally give 0 stars if I could. Also, Alice and Jed from the customer support team should be fired.
  • Free pizza if you download the app? NOPE 1/5

    By aksmsksl
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Dude Rachet
    Every time I try to order, I get to check out then the app crashes...EVERYTIME!
  • Pizza 1/5

    By Allaznreject
    Love the Pizza, hate the app. It just hangs and spoils.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By secretsecret
    I’ve been using this app each time I go to Blaze and it never seems to capture my “flames”. I’ve gone a handful of times and it says I only have one. I also linked my credit card so can pay with the app but that doesn’t work either.
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By Joey Pagan
    Haven't been able to use the app at all because it keeps crashing as soon as I open it.
  • Reward system is foolish 1/5

    By King007abcd
    Whoever came up with the reward system did a terrible job. You get one flame per visit, which means someone can buy one pizza for one flame, and another can buy 10 and only get one flame as well. For that reason I patronize other pizzerias more than blaze. And the app is problematic and not very user friendly. It crashes a lot. If not fixed soon, I will delete and not bother going to blaze anymore.
  • Won’t let me add the pizzas 1/5

    I used to be able to use this app without issue, but for the last couple of months it won’t successfully other pieces to my cart.
  • Flames Disappear 1/5

    By Goldenglov4
    Might be the most unrewarding reward system. We’ve spent $100s with a family of 15 and all the sudden when I have 10 orders (which took forever at 5 to 10 pies x 6 to 7 orders )
  • Fix the app! 1/5

    By love140
    I am try to order before my lunch break and the stupid app never works! I end up waiting 20 minutes in line and my break is 30. Fix the effing app! 😡
  • Good for points and rewards 4/5

    By rumpleskilskin
    I just use this to earn points (flames) and redeem them for rewards. App works great for that.
  • The app is C#%$!!!! 1/5

    By Jamming all stars
    Does not work. Fix it.
  • Bad service. Staff does not know how to use the app 1/5

    By Dung Ta
    So I went to blaze on Clinton Ave, Chicago, asked how I apply my coupon on the app. A staff told me I had to pay online. I did and then applied the coupon but it didn’t work. So I double checked with the manager and she asked who told me to pay on the app!? I pointed to the lady and they said they can’t do anything about it? Customer service is horrible and if your staff does not know how to use the app why do you even have it? Annoying
  • Can’t order (freezes up) 1/5

    By Chadirino
    What a disappointment. I tried ordering pizza (for delivery) and it freezes every time. The app’s main purpose is to help customers order pizza... I don’t see why there is any excuse for this... come on Blaze.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By DVCFan81993
    You can’t view your placed order. The restaurant claims they haven’t received your app placed order. The app directs you to pick up your placed order at the wrong time. What a sham. A toddler could probably create a better app.
  • Very glitchy 1/5

    By Marshallabby83
    I can’t even log in anymore to get my stars. Not cool
  • Crashes 1/5

    Terrible resolution. Constantly crashes (can’t even sign in before it crashes).
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By A person that reviews things
    I can’t sign back into the app it just keeps on crashing
  • App is a mess currently 1/5

    By E.J. V
    I love the food but I have been having a bunch of trouble with the app crashing when I go to the rewards or the redemption. I lost out on $2 off because the app wouldn’t stay on long enough for the code to show. I’ll update it once it is fixed, but this is a slight step back.
  • App crashes constantly, have to re-login 1/5

    By Andriyen
    I like to go to Blaze to earn points through the app but it’s almost impossible to do so with all the glitches. What’s the point of trying to order through the app if it logs you out every time and crashes when you try to log back in? I’d rather just go to Starbucks which has a more reliable app that actually records your rewards.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Jessicaja
    I JUST downloaded the app and have tried opening it several times. Each time it crashes. Waste of time.
  • Spinning wheel of death 1/5

    By larralozo
    About a good 99% of the time I try to order from the app I have to just call the order in or go to the restaurant and order because when I click on add order, I get the spinning wheel of death. I literally started the order from the time I left work, drove a half a mile to the restaurant, and it was still spinning. My goal was to be able to pick up my daughters' pizza by the time I got there. Well that did not happen. I had to order inside. Then at the restaurant or on the phone when I order either way, I get told that my points are only for app purchases. I can only add points through the app. I love your food, my daughter has a severe tomato allergy and here I can make her a pizza with sauce that does not have tomato, but if you're going to make a point system and app please make them all coincide and work appropriately. Thank you. Ps. I did uninstall and reinstall.
  • Glitches 2/5

    By Caappaddict
    Love the nutritional info. Ability to order from app. But it has glitches maybe because I was using at a new store. Still with all The nationwide locations it shouldn’t be so glitchy. Rewards ( flames) never showed) up. Of course we didn’t get a paper receipt so no proof of order because we ordered In Store. 🙄 Lesson learned make sure to get a paper receipt.
  • Can’t order on the app 1/5

    By tiffwang95
    I can’t order on the app. Every time I try, when I finally get to the add to cart button, it gets stuck on the adding to cart (with the loading sign) screen. So I can never order in advance or I have to use the website.
  • App Crashed all the time 2/5

    By Sk6956
    Love Blaze. I work next door to it. But one of the downsides is the app always glitches, bugs out, and crashes. Sometimes I can place my order, other times I can’t. And idr the last time I saw a update for this app. I have lost 2 rewards so far. One was a 2pc Garlic Knot and the other was a Free Pizza. I tried redeeming them and at the time of purchase it bugged out, crashed the cart, and the reward was gone. Tired of working toward free stuff when I can’t even get the chance to redeem them. Waist of time. Hope this gets fixed one day.
  • Trouble placing orders 2/5

    By User7384629
    Most of the time I attempt to make an order using the app, it gets stuck on a loading screen, usually when I’m adding an item. I generally end up either canceling my order or waiting in line. Once, I thought my order didn’t go through so I didn’t show up, and later found out it did. Otherwise, I really like how the app is laid out; it’s easy to see all my options, record exactly what I want, and the prices are all clearly marked too.
  • Crashing every time I get to the payment screen 1/5

    By The_Greg
    Makes me sad
  • Useless 1/5

    By therealjenjen
    For months, maybe even over a year, I have not been able to add any item to my order. I can customize an order, but when I tap to add to order, the wheel spins and spins and spins.
  • Do not order online! 1/5

    By Fupaqueen
    Every time, and I mean every time I order online I will stand there while the whole entire line which is usually long not only completely orders but gets their pizza. Most times when I arrive which is usually 15 minutes after ordering I know to go to the register and ask if they have even started my pizza, the response usually is that “were really sorry about that we are going to make that right now for you”. If the pizza wasn’t so good I would have stopped going here. FIX YOUR ONLINE ORDERING! Thank you :)
  • Up in flames 2/5

    By sam078965378
    This app literally never works every time I go to scan it at the register I never receive any flames whether I buy one pizza or 40 doesn’t matter.
  • Can’t even add order to cart with new update 1/5

    By biwy
    Can’t even add order to cart with new update. This prevents me from ordering at all!!!!
  • Rewards never show up 3/5

    By alkg78
    I have never had any rewards show up in app. I have made multiple purchases and had the app scanned each time and nothing. Not worth the effort
  • Penalized for ordering more 1/5

    By Seggers156
    My family and I go to blaze regularly and buy several pizzas each time—the reward system is ridiculous!!!!!!!!! Reflects a greedy company that penalized families and higher spenders. If you buy one pizza you get one flame. If you buy 10 pizzas you get ONE FLAME. Even if you break the order into multiple purchases and refresh and scan it will still only give you ONE FLAME. A competing build your own pizza is coming to our area and they will get our business.
  • Doesn’t even work!!! 1/5

    By maluna00
    As many times I scan this app I never get my rewards and they never record. I’ve scanned this several times a the register and still nothing what a rip off!!!!
  • Great pizza, terrible app 1/5

    By Yurd
    Got my order ready and entered in my CC. The button to confirm my order was “greyed” out. Nothing I did would enable it. Blaze Pizza..... YOU are losing out on revenue because of simple app issues. Resolve them quickly or you will lose the younger generations.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By heatheri
    I always scan for rewards and it doesn’t add them. This app is a joke. I’m mad and deleting it.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By MetaChimp
    Trying to place an order and it hangs and just spins at "adding to cart". Needs to be fixed.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Tess1986stetseder
    Flames never appear, can’t pay with app, preorder doesn’t work (confirm and pay option stays greyed out).
  • Fail whale. Avoid 1/5

    By BARoberts
    Downloaded the app. Put in all the order. Went to overly complex sign in screen. Then the Submit button fails to turn open. No way around this or to order as a guest. Scam app just to get your email.
  • Can’t update cc expiration date 1/5

    I tried to order using the app. Needed to put the n cc to not. No issue there, except, I couldn’t change the expiration date
  • Gave a virus to my friend? 5/5

    By crcm3327
    My friend got this app, and every time we opened it, it’d take her to a porn website. She deleted the app, but now every time she opens her phone it goes to that website.
  • Never get your flames 1/5

    By jediLIPP
    This is by far the most disappointing loyalty program I have ever joined. I have been to different locations and scanned the QR code but no flames ever come through. I have mentioned it to store personnel and they just shrug their shoulders. I even sent an email through the app to the corporate office and no response. Don’t waste your time because apparently customer loyalty isn’t high on blazes list of importance.
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By DiggityDog42
    The app doesn’t respond and constantly crashes
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Pinterestlover78669748277
    I have tried using this app multiple times to order and it NEVER works.
  • My flames disappeared! 1/5

    By A.B. Normal
    I was at 9 flames and my app reset for no reason! I usually buy about four pizzas at a time for my large family and only earn one flame per visit. Ok whatever. But then I finally got close to earning a free pizza and the stupid app reset back to zero! Are you kidding me?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Secoweco
    Terrible interface. The forgot password feature doesn’t allow you to recover password if you cannot answer the question
  • Trash 1/5

    By mrbutternice
    How do you make an app designed to have pizzas ready but you can’t get them ordered?
  • App constantly crashes 1/5

    By R_jean
    This app CONSTANTLY crashes during ordering process!!!!! Why bother having the app if you’re not going to take the ratings seriously and work to improve it???!!!!

Blaze Pizza app comments


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