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  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Blaze Pizza
  • Compatibility: Android
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Blaze Pizza App

Rethink the way you pizza with the new Blaze Pizza app. We’ve revamped our app to make earning free pizzas and other Blaze rewards even easier and more flexible. Scan your app each time you visit and you’ll earn one flame for every dollar spent. You decide when to cash in your flames for rewards like free pizzas and desserts. Can’t get much simpler than that. Want to go even faster? Order ahead on the app to skip the line and earn your flames in the fast lane. Features: • Receive a free drink just for signing up • Earn one flame for every dollar spent • Find your nearest Blaze Pizza and order ahead on the app • See your online order history and quickly re-order your favorites • Load up a gift card in the app to pay with your phone at the restaurant *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. App functionality not available at campus, stadium and airport locations. Gift card features only available in US locations.

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Blaze Pizza app reviews

  • App 1/5

    By Kerolos Zaki
    My app is never able to launch and I have constantly update it and don’t know what to do
  • Not worth it at all 1/5

    By Iamtoocoolforyoloswag
    App doesn’t work, discounts and awards don’t appear, glitches all the time
  • Invite friends doesn’t work 1/5

    By Tellbeen
    Just get an error message anytime I try to invite one of my friends to join. Sad!
  • BS App 1/5

    By IceCubeCat101
    Downloaded for Pi day. Tried to open it and it says "App could not be launched." iOS 11.4, iPhone 7 Plus. Waste of time and data.
  • Blaze pizza. 5/5

    By oklahoma nan
    Love this place. Amazing service. Quick in and out. One of my favorite places to order pizza
  • Does not work with iPhone X models 1/5

    By SpareKeyboard81
    Completely incompatible with newer iPhones. The menu at the bottom of the screen is inaccessible, making it impossible to create an account or navigate the app properly.
  • Pi Day deal useless 1/5

    By digitalfive
    App doesn’t work. You have to order a Pi Day pizza via the app to get the pizza for $3.14. App will not function properly.
  • Pizza, good. App, no good. 3/5

    By SammieL94
    While I love Blaze pizza, I am disappointed that customers are not allowed to use gift cards through the app. Most of Blaze Pizza’s promotions require you to order online or in-app, but you’re not allowed to use a gift card unless you’re in store. The company already made money off of the gift card, so they’re not losing anything by allowing customers to redeem gift cards online. I’m incredibly disappointed.
  • Pi Day 1/5

    By Paul1662829285
    In line on pi day watching everyone struggle with this app. I claimed the reward and the line is long enough (probably because of everyone trying to get that app to work) that the 15 minute code is going to expire before I get to the register.
  • Completely broken and doesnt work 1/5

    By Badashbostick
    I tried creating an account but all this app does is give errors, my wife had this app already and she cant even log in. The reset password link gives her similar errors on a completely different model of phone.
  • Error. Error Error 1/5

    By NH332003
    Received a nice email offer but needed to sign up for the app. Tried to sign up , following the instructions to the letter , and it wouldn’t go through.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Racerlamp
    The app literally does not work. At all.
  • Very buggy on iPhone X and above 2/5

    By subface
    The buttons at the top are too close to the status bar so takes several taps to cancel etc. and the bottom buttons go behind the bar you drag up to get to the Home screen. Hard to use an app when the main navigation doesn’t work. Please fix!
  • New signups broken 1/5

    By hepisbeth
    Try and signup and it returns an error if you skip the referral code entry.
  • Unusable app 1/5

    By arubey
    I downloaded the app and it kept giving me an error code when I tried to log in, I tried to register for a new account, which also didnt work. Useless app.
  • Clean app, one suggestion 4/5

    By Mill City Rep
    When redeeming rewards, it would be nice to see a confirmation window. I had just learned of The Pi Day special. The Blaze twitter said to download the app before 3/14 to receive the award. I downloaded today ( 3/14 ). I went to the rewards and it was listed there. Not being familiar with the app, I tapped the redeem button to see if I was eligible. Well I was, and now I’ve wasted the reward.
  • Can’t open the app 1/5

    By Luke From State Farm
    I can’t open the app, it crashes as soon as I open it on iPhone X.
  • Pizza is pretty good 5/5

    By Dann227
    I always liked their pizza so I thought an app where I can earn rewards would be even better. Turns out it helps. And for everyone downloading this app for pi day here’s my code ;) DANNYAGUIR5741
  • The Best 5/5

    By Gar Gar Rue Rue
    The Best Pizza Ever !!! Put whatever you want on it .... it’s amazing !!! The crust is perfect & The ingredients you pick are vast & fresh with lots of options !! All at a great price. I Love their Pizza !!!! They are truly Delicious & My Favorite Pizza’s !!!
  • Best Pizza | Worst App 1/5

    By iammarcelj
    I love the pizza and the people at the Winter Park, FL location. It’s my favorite spot to go eat honestly, but this app is a joke. Ever since they switched the app, it has been faulty at best. It doesn’t let me log in which means I’m no longer getting any rewards for as much as I frequent there. So to be clear, IM RATING THE APP & NOT THE SERVICE OR FOOD. The food and service gets 5 STARS from me.
  • App crashes when I try to log in 1/5

    By Famtom_vst
    App crashes when I try to log in
  • Take 2”choice” of side is non-existent 1/5

    By keepssayingthenameistaken
    The take 2 is pretty much the only thing I ever get there, it’s the perfect balance of fat girl/skinny girl cravings. Thought the app would be great so I can avoid the crazy line that’s always to the door, but for the “choice” of side it only shows dough knots, doesn’t even give the option for the salad which is what I always get. Serious flaw in the app.
  • Poorly Designed, Missing Features 1/5

    By Wutevzzzzz
    This app was clearly not tested on the iPhone X, XR, XS, or XS Max. The cancel button is virtually unclickable anywhere in the UI, and the “Add to Order” button doesn’t take into account the home slider at the bottom. Also, the app is missing basic pizza options, like specifying the amount of sauce, or the side that individual toppings should appear on. Building a half-and-half pizza in this app is impossible.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By heidjbdjqkbdufjfbfudjnC
    I do not understand all the bad reviews. This is amazing app. All the bad reviews are just mad because this pizza is better than your favorite pizza.
  • Problems with opening the app 2/5

    By animaltony
    Love the pizza but what’s the point of a reward system only available on the app when the app rarely loads/opens. Haven’t been able to get rewards on my last 4 orders.
  • Problems with opening the app 2/5

    By animaltony
    Love the pizza but what’s the point of a reward system only available on the app when the app rarely loads/opens. Haven’t been able to get rewards on my last 4 orders.
  • Great Rewards & CS - 1 Improvement 4/5

    By MrWufz
    I haven't had any issues with the app itself, apart from missing out on some free pizza rewards due to no notifications for expiring rewards. I emailed support and they took care of me, even though they didn't have to! Great customer service! My suggestion is to add notifications for expiring rewards. Make it optional, perhaps with an integration for Reminders and/or Calendar. Lyft does notifications for promotional credits, so it's not unheard of. So even if I miss the Blaze notification, I'd see that. My calendar pops up on my car's 13" screen every time I get in with my iPhone calendar, so that would be ideal. The only issue I have is that kalamata olives aren't an option when ordering in app, even though they are in the restaurant. Add/fix these and it would be a 5* app for me.
  • Terrible app ✖️✖️✖️ 1/5

    By ✖️☑️
    Fix the app or else you will loose customers.
  • Won’t take my card 1/5

    By Zoey674532
    I’ve tried a couple times with a couple different good cards and the app will just not take my card. On my bank statement it shows the money for the order being taken out then put back in over and over. I love the pizza, please fix this!!
  • Add support for larger devices! 2/5

    By SunShineRecorder
    This app really needs to support larger iPhones. It’s really difficult to get buttons to work when the buttons are located where they shouldn’t on the X, XR, and XS / XS Max.
  • Great Pizza - bad app 2/5

    By 957_brad
    I was able to live with the occasional crash and even losing my points to earn a free pizza. (Fine. I’ll just pay) - But when you updated the app, you took away the ‘notes’ section. Sorry, but your gluten free crust is almost always undercooked unless I can request ‘crispy crust please’ - Without the option to add instructions to an order, I just have to do it in person, or order elsewhere. Great food, app needs improvement.
  • Laggy 1/5

    By lumyet
  • Terrible 1/5

    By UnkindElephant
    Impossible to mark gluten free pizza crust as being for allergy reasons.
  • crashes immediately when trying to open 1/5

    By itunesrating101010
    doesn't work at all.
  • Will not install 1/5

    By AnnoyedCO
    Can not open it on my iPhone 7 Plus
  • Can’t even pay with gift cards 2/5

    By Steeeeeeeeeeeezy
    This app is pretty broken. You cannot pay for your mobile or online order with any gift cards you add on the app or to your online account. What’s the point of selling gift cards for your store if you can’t buy a meal with them???!
  • Could be better! 3/5

    By Sugden5
    Bring back the special instruction section! Without it I won’t order ... even though I love the pizza and the service!
  • This doesn’t work- Disappointed 1/5

    By unitlover
    I love Blaze! This app however is sad. Today I went to claim my free dessert and the app wouldn’t open just a black screen. Even the manager apologized to me but said better luck next time and didn’t offer to Comp it given the app issues. He even looked on his own phone and saw the app wasn’t working 🤦🏻‍♀️ (I bought $65 in pizza and count get the dessert??) Please fix the app to match your pizza 🍕
  • Went Black and Never Came Back 2/5

    By Abbyam
    After trying to scan my receipt to earn flames, the app went black. I had to delete then download the app again. Also, my password never seems to be correct unless I reset it.
  • Fake rewards 1/5

    By Abiy2000
    I tried to redeem my reward at one of blaze locations after I get to the place didn’t work. It’s fake never fall this type of offers from them.
  • Glitchy App 1/5

    By Darleneac3
    This app worked the first few months, but now it won’t open, the screen just turns black. I have all these rewards that I can’t use :(
  • New version keeps crashing 1/5

    By Gen. Bulgogi
    Can’t get the new version to load even after a hard restart. Not much use for it, eh?
  • Worst timing 1/5

    By Lululola21345678910
    I had enough “flames” to get a free drink but OF COURSE right when I get there the app doesn’t work and is totally black when I open it. Annoying. Fix the app! It’s 2019!
  • To the developers 3/5

    By FlashGW
    Guys there has been two iOS updates the latest is this week. That I think is causing your app to black out or not function. Note the logo splash will come up then go away. This occurred with me just yesterday 2/7/19 when I was in one of your Brea locations. I now cannot scan my receipt to get more “flames”. I hope you guys figure it out soon.
  • Rewards... finally 4/5

    By DapiBlue
    About time you guys integrated rewards into the payment system. Prior to this version, you couldn’t redeem your rewards through the app order... it’s kind of sad how long it took you guys to set it up. Now you guys can focus on your horrible reviews for the Cypress Creek location in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Awful User Experience 1/5

    By Gabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbz
    Users are repeatedly treated with little care or concern. Updates roll in that suddenly drop features without adding more. Functionality gets worse and worse with updates. During one update, it deleted all account info (like favorite locations, previous orders, shortcut orders, and rewards points). The last straw that convinced me to review was the latest update inexplicably dropping the “Special Instructions” field where I could indicate particular preferences for my online orders. This has rendered the app basically useless for me because my order will never be correct unless I order it in person so I can give additional instruction. Blaze: your pizza tastes great but you’re really testing your costumers with this inane app experience. The convenience of the app was the main reason I was buying from Blaze
  • App is quick, easy to use. Some scaling issues for XS Max 5/5

    By AspenSlaysAll
    App works fine. Just some weird spacing and scaling issues for me on the xs max. Particularly on the top near the notch and on the bottom by the home bar. Otherwise its snappy and well organized. Not sure whats with the negative reviews
  • App changed 1/5

    By Radit7
    It use to take 10 seconds to order 6 pizzas. One order prefers light cheese. The new app changes prevent this choice. With the app update there are two choices. Only no cheese or regular. A real pain. What happened to putting in a special note? I was ordering 24 pizzas a month. We found another pizza place who can accommodate busy parents.
  • Doesn't let me redeem my rewards 1/5

    By Rachey<33
    I finally got a free pizza and it didn't let me redeem my reward. I tried EVERYTHING???

Blaze Pizza app comments

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