Blendy! - Juicy Simulation

Blendy! - Juicy Simulation

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  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
38,770 Ratings
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Blendy! - Juicy Simulation App

So good you can practically taste it! Relax and blend your stresses away in the number one blending simulation game! Take customer orders and blend away to keep them coming back! Add the right amount of each ingredient with the correct timing to make the perfect juices, smoothies, or cocktails. Unlock more fruits and vegetables and ice the more you play! Watch your stress just melt away! Ah that’s refreshing! Can you keep the customers happy? GAME FEATURES 1. Simple but addicting mechanics Add the right amount of each ingredient to make the perfect juices. Than tap to blend! Can you keep the customers happy? 2. Beautiful Graphics This is one of the best looking blending simulation games there is. ​Watch in amazement as you blend the ingredients into vibrant juices. 3. New ingredients constantly getting added New fruits and vegetables are continuously getting added for you to blend away. 4. Amazing physics Watch as objects fall and bounces out if it overflows. Feel the satisfaction as you watch the items blend into new colorful juices. Whether you want a smoothie, a cocktail, or just a fruit and vegetable juice - Blendy! has what you want. Once you start playing, you will not be able to put it down! Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;

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Blendy! - Juicy Simulation app reviews

  • Amazing! Except...... 5/5

    By chicagogirl2211
    I love this game. its SOOOOOOOO addicting! Its like the only game i play other than roblox. i have nothing else to say, except for the fact that there's WAY too many ads. more ads time than me playing time. 😉 well, it's true. that's the only thing you guys need to improve. its also what the other folks are talking about. i'm not trying to copy, (Sorry) but it's true. but, if your looking for a really good game that's addicting, you should pick this game. I LOVE IT
  • 🙃 5/5

    By alex siegle
    I love this game but there are too many adds, it drives me crazy! And it’s always the same two adds too. And how come after a certain amount of straws, cups, and blenders, I got It wouldn’t give me the option to get more of them and that was really confusing. But other than that it’s great💕
  • Lol 5/5

    I played this game and lol one of my bananas was having a stroke
  • Please update 5/5

    By Jlw0621
    Please update and add new orders!
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Future18weeelR
    If I bypass something that wants me to watch an ad and I decline DONT MAKE ME WATCH AN AD ‼️The game is fun but there’s literally always a 30 sec ad !!
  • It’s good but one thing...l 4/5

    By fat ppl...
    The game is great but the adds! Oh my god the adds! So annoying.
  • The adds 1/5

    By jane ram
    If you accidentally click except on one of the adds it will start billing you 10 a month without any more permission they also pop up every 1 or 2 minutes
  • ads 3/5

    By skaterboi52
    there are way to many ads in this game its almost unplayable
  • Okay but needs some work 1/5

    By jjjbnnvb vbv bvb
    Hi, you should not download this app and you have to pay for it to it ask for your credit card information and it is a scam.
  • Some things to say. 5/5

    By randomviewer300
    I love the game! I finished all the recipes just highly annoyed with inability of getting blenders and cups. I watched ads to get them then that button vanished! And I recommend that after you finish revealing recipes you make them open a shop and have customers put random orders. And you can buy furniture too! That’s all I have to say.
  • Blendy 5/5

    By fashin diva
    Amazing game .cool .fun .strategy Very good kid/adult game
  • OK 4/5

    By BS'er
    This app is great except there are way too many adds. Everything else is great. I just downloaded this app and I can already tell there are way too many adds. So this is app is ok. Also if you don’t have patients to wait for adds every time you get done blending don’t get this app!
  • Fun,but a new update suggestion. 4/5

    By Anna Reports
    At the end of the game, there should be a custom mode where you can create and blend new types of juices. Great game though.Keep up the good work!
  • So fun 5/5

    By gabby westfield
    My six year old daughter wanted to grow up and be a McDonald’s worker. I was fine with that...30 years ago she asked if she could download this app I said ok... then the next day She was laughing and playing and just having fun she loved it so much then thirty years later and boom now she works at McDonald
  • No upgrades? 2/5

    By Anooooooooobodyknows
    I was having plenty of fun with this game, but at a certain level I couldn’t upgrade my blenders, cups or straws. I kept going to see if it was a level thing, maybe I had to reach a certain level to buy more upgrades with hearts? But I’m well into the hundreds with 300+ hearts with no way to get new things. I’m assuming it’s a glitch.

    By Hooman :3
    I love you this game buuuuut one problem you need to watch a video to clam any gift which is annoying so I don’t claim anything because I hate watching adds
  • I would give it a five but 4/5

    By Mariaheath
    Okay so first of all way too many adds after one customer another add after 1 min another add guys DONT DOWNLOAD IM WARNING YOU ⚠
  • Good game 5/5

    By aimalllllll🌮🌯🥨
    It’s kinda for like younger kids for sure but also releases a lot of stress
  • Very fun,but to much adds!! 4/5

    By Memoryemory
    This game is fun and enjoyable... there’s one thing I don’t like about it.... there is way to many ADDS!! I see a two adds every smoothie I make. There should also be more realistic food not like candy and burgers and stuff like that!! Overall the game is fun but just with to many adds!!
  • Great ... too many ads 5/5

    By Llewron
    Wonderful past time game but the ads make you want to uninstall
  • Good 5/5

    By lucille425
    Cool game am I right
  • Great game but.... 3/5

    By DYFP4831
    It’s a really great game except for the fact that there are WAYYY to many ads. It’s soo annoying. I mean right after you serve the customer, there is a ad, and if you want to unlock something you have to watch an ad! I think they should tone down the ads
  • Good concept, WAY to MANY ADVERTISEMENTS 1/5

    By jerrzzyy
    seems interesting but it’s tutorial. Advertisement. Round 1. Advertisement. New ingredients. Advertisement. Round 2. Advertisement. New ingredients. Advertisement. I get devs need money but let’s be realistic here 🤦🏻‍♂️. I don’t have the patience for all that. Good concept from the 2 seconds I was able to play smfh.
  • Fhfsihrngmvnvhdkf ufhfjhfmv udhnfyfd 1/5

    By ggmanerguy
  • Wow 3/5

    By Mackenzie Preston
    There is so much people on the adds that cant even do it it’s kinda funny! :/
  • Om 3/5

    By Lit fam Sister Gene
    Eva am and A jam
  • WHY! 3/5

    By Jace.m
    Before I tell you my opinion on this game you need to fix this! There are sooooo many ads every time I finish an Oder IT JUST GIVES ME A AD! And it’s sooooo annoying! Other than that the game is pretty fun but you just need to fix this now! Thank you
  • Love the concept. 1/5

    I love the game, but I hate you can’t save your progress. I accidentally deleted the app now I have to start over.
  • It 5/5

    By unicorn123+78
    It is a amazing game but to many ads
  • I like it but.... 4/5

    Don’t get me wrong this game is awesome it’s so satisfying but it is literally impossible to get 3🌠s. And there are ads every minute . So this review is important to see because I don’t want you to wast your time. And if you’re just in it to be satisfied than download it 100 % !! But if you’re competitive like me and you get anxiety when you don’t get 100 % than don’t download it thanks for reading my review !!🤣
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Rein Darkwood
    I love the game, but every time I finish making a drink there is an ad. The game would be so much more enjoyable if there wasn’t so many ads. I literally see so many ads, I thought about deleting the app. Please fix this.
  • Best game 5/5

    By gk kfucdjfjv
    This is the best game y’all ever made
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By noneyabz1
    Too many ads for to much of a simple game. It’s not worth paying to get rid of. But if they want ppl playing it I’d minimize the amount
  • It’s Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Catie_bug
    This game is so entertaining and fun to play!! I love how there’s no adds the only time you have to watch an add is when you want to unlock something but that is totally fine! This game is perfect for road trips, lazy days, or even just sitting on the couch!! You should really get this game!!! I’m not lying when I say this... you won’t regret it!!!
  • Ads 3/5

    By Jonnhie
    This is a fun game but there are so many ads i cant enjoy it
  • Fun but... 2/5

    By jhersh9219
    The amount of ads within the first couple minutes of playing was beyond ridiculous. I could barely enjoy just blending anything without being bombarded with it between drinks.
  • Binder 4/5

    By danille. floria
    It’s.Great to bland and. I love them
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By Bluecat2298
    It’s ok because the game is fun but to much adds and a bit to hard.bit it’s a good game.
  • Too Many Ads 2/5

    By LayLay185
    Fun game, but I’m deleting because too many ads. Can we get through at least a few levels without seeing an ad? And why do I need to watch an ad to get a gift? Lol kind of backwards
  • ads. 5/5

    too much ads.
  • Woo Sah 5/5

    By Hot Delivery Girl
    I find this game calming...
  • I love it 5/5

    By logan eriksen
    I love ur game make more game
  • Nice but........ 3/5

    By spoooooookkkkkyyyyy
  • Good 5/5

    By BGNB1D21DO894WU7
    I like it! Please make blenders cheaper
  • Too many ads and no more ingredients? 2/5

    By MantherHoyle!
    So first off what’s super annoying is about 20-40 levels ago, my “percentage” bar to get new ingredients disappear and now I don’t get any new ingredients. Also there are so many ads. Like a ridiculous amount after every single thing you do. You don’t get the prizes after every couple of levels, you have to watch an add to get them and also, all of my surprises are always straws. I have to buy the blenders and cups. Crazy.
  • AN AMAZING GAME but… 5/5

    By gdjgifkrjbdksgoi
    This game is an amazing game and it is very addictive. It had fun and cool features! I think there is way to many adds and it needs some sort of stages or a goal. But again this app is amazing and I would play it all day if I had a choice and definitely a 5 star game.
  • New Items 1/5

    By mlj8096
    This game is really fun but I can’t unlock any more blenders, cups, or straws. Please fix this
  • To many ads! 2/5

    By LilKim8569
    It’s a good game but there is just way to many ads. Every time u hit continue?? I mean come on.
  • ADS ADS ADS 1/5

    By buwygcib
    Why Why Why. The amount of ads make this game unbeatable

Blendy! - Juicy Simulation app comments

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