Blink Health Lowest Rx Prices

Blink Health Lowest Rx Prices

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Blink Health Lowest Rx Prices App

Blink Health is the new way for all Americans to save on prescriptions. Simply pay in the app before you pick up at a nearby pharmacy to get the lowest prices on nearly all generic medications, guaranteed. We offer a Price Match Guarantee on nearly all generic drugs. Full details: Blink is free to use and is accepted at pharmacies serving every community across America, including major chains like Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Costco, Albertsons, Sam’s Club and many more. Most independent drug stores also accept Blink. Save even more when you use Blink Smart Deals, available at select pharmacies all around the country. Use Blink: • When the Blink Price is less than your copay • When you are uninsured or have a high-deductible health insurance plan • When you have Medicare and are in the Part D “Donut Hole” We’ve been featured on NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Dr. Oz, The New York Times, and many others, and have received awards for both our apps and our service. We are also recommended by doctors around the country, to help their patients save on medications. We’re certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and verified by the National Association Boards of Pharmacy®’s (NABP®) dot-pharmacy program: Blink is committed to lowering Rx prices for all Americans. The more people who join the Blink Health Nation, the better we can negotiate our overall prices. Our ability to negotiate lower prices comes from our patients, who save an average of $70 per prescription--and they say it best: “You know about things being too good to be true? Blink Health is that exception. It is too good and it is true.“ - Ray S, Texas “Blink certainly saved me this week! A $280.00 Rx, quickly became $19.90! Thank you Blink!” - Kaye W, South Carolina “I am a diabetic and without Blink there is no way I could afford all my meds. Now I can purchase what I need and still buy food for my family.” - Mary B, Texas “We use this for customers in our pharmacy who can't afford certain medications or are paying out of pocket. 99% of the time there is a significant savings!” - Eve P, Florida Blink is not prescription insurance. We provide the lowest prices on nearly all generic medications and in many instances, we’re even less expensive than insurance copays. There are no membership fees or monthly premiums, and it requires no coupons. From rosuvastatin to finasteride, losartan to omeprazole, sildenafil to venlafaxine, atorvastatin to duloxetine to gabapentin, or any of the other 15,000 medications available, Blink can reduce out of pocket costs on medicine. Just search for your Rx and pay a discount price for the medications you need, when you need them. Pay online to save, then pickup at a pharmacy near you. To pick up, show your virtual Blink card right in your app--and pay nothing at the register. As always, your doctor or medical professional will need to provide a prescription in order for you to fill at the pharmacy. VISIT US AT: SUPPORT: TERMS OF USE: Our Price Match Guarantee covers more than 95% of medications filled through Blink Health, excluding opioids (narcotics) which are not covered.


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Blink Health Lowest Rx Prices app reviews

  • This is awesome 5/5

    By Lilmissmary
    When my insurance’s discount for my prescription was 39.99. I found blink health and only had to pay 9.85. It was fast and easy took it right up to the pharmacy and walked out with my medicine. So glad I found blink health this morning !!!!
  • Convenience and affordable 5/5

    By ohio_texan
    So glad blink does the legwork of getting the big pharma discounts and passing them on to you. Sometimes I would have to go to three or four websites to get the right coupon for a certain medication strength and the cheapest deal. Now it’s one stop shop. So grateful for blink pharmacy. The best part is if your insurance is cheaper you can cancel your blink purchase easily, no questions asked.
  • Ashley Mong 5/5

    By Anonymous0134
    This is the best app ever! I don't have health insurance and I would not be able to afford my medication if it weren't for this company! Thanks Blink Health!
  • Amazing if you do not have insurance 5/5

    By Fan57952
  • Save $$$ 5/5

    By JV85701
    Great app!
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Candy5062
    This is a very easy app to use. You pay here for the prescriptions you want at their discounted prices and then pick up at pharmacy. That easy!
  • Great savings 5/5

    By Puzzler59
    I Save a lot of money using Blink. Your app is very user-friendly and I have had no problems getting my prescriptions. Will definitely continue to use Blink.
  • Simple beneficial 5/5

    I had a prescription from my physician. I have been taking it for years. My new insurance refused to refill. If I had to pay without insurance I would be charged $50.00. Blink enabled me to purchase for $6.98!
  • So helpful 5/5

    By Dori1438
    Because of a life changing accident I now am disabled and have to take several medications. Insurance doesn't cover a lot of the meds. I thank Blink for helping folks like me. VERY limited income and a lot of medical expenses.
  • It's real! 5/5

    By Irisgipsy
    You really do save a lot of money by paying through this app. I've more than 50% on most of my prescriptions. The only downside is that you have to wait about an hour before the cupón is accepted at the pharmacy.
  • Review 5/5

    By misselaineious261
    Blink saved us so much when my husband was out of work and we had no insurance! Thank you so much.
  • Savings over my insurance in many cases! 5/5

    By Talyho722
    Worth looking into to compare Blink vs Insurance pricing!
  • Significant savings 5/5

    By Tcrow6
    Love this app! Much cheaper through Blink than my insurance! And it’s so fast to use!
  • Happy customer 5/5

    By Nana CC
    I tell many people about blink app very satisfied customer here
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kellifrueh
    This saved my daughter $300 last month. She doesn’t have insurance. So thankful
  • Great Savings 5/5

    By Hannahsgrammy
    Saved me over $700. on just 1 prescriptions..
  • Awesome 5/5

    By duwtpag
    Saves me money
  • Save $$$ 5/5

    By Knflynn04
    I am so grateful for Blink. My husband changed jobs and we lost our prescription coverage. Without coverage the cost of our medications was sky high. With blink we save HUNDREDS every month! We have been blessed by finding this prescription program. Thanks Blink!!!!
  • MikeE 5/5

    By mikeech
    Incredible savings on many meds.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By rogermona
    Excellent prices even lower then copay and Walmart
  • Satisfied Customer 4/5

    By H. Collins
    Saved money on most prescriptions. Diabetes medication free program has been a help with ever increasing cost of prescriptions. Although seizures medications can still be rather expensive and wish they could be reduced to the consumer. The process for reordering is fast and easy! As a nurse I have recommended this company to others for their prescriptions needs.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Sclox
    My husband went on Medicare this past year. One of his needed arthritis medications was not covered under Medicare or his supplement plan. It cost $350.00 average for three months. He has terrible pain and stiffness without the medicine. We saved $600 on two prescriptions! Blink saved us more than money... it gave quality of life to my husband! I couldn’t recommend it enough! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  • Best prices Hands Down 5/5

    By nr422
    This company has by far surpassed any of the prescription discount programs out there, with a fantastic referral program, which helps pay for additional prescriptions. The prices are are great I have recommended it to many patients at my office who where paying a lot for there meds, they are all very satisfied. Our pharmacy was unaware of this program and could not believe the discounts that were offered through this app. So now a large big box pharmacy has also been recommended it too they're customers and thanked us so many times because they now have a super discount option to offer to they're patients. thank you #blinkhealth you have really helped our family while we were waiting for new insurance to kick in.
  • Kim 5/5

    By Struggling single mom of 1
    Love this program
  • So happy that I switched to Blink 5/5

    By suzka
    I knew that nationwide prescription support is the way to lower prices and Blink has done it! My prescriptions are actually cheaper with Blink than my very good tech insurance. I’m paying under $20/month. I can order 90days worth! I keep trying to recommend others to take the leap. They don’t work with Walgreens or CVS, but in Seattle I use Bartells and in Texas I use Kroger Pharmacy. No problem! Don’t forget to call in your prescription to the pharmacy before you pick up so it will be ready. I do wish the app did that for you.
  • Love Love Love 5/5

    By Lillygirl1456
    I would not be able to afford all of the medications that I take without blink! It truly is a lifesaver!
  • Blink is Legit 5/5

    By Anxon0
    Lost my job JAN2016 and found this treasure while looking for ways to save money. It took Walgreens a few runs to become accustomed since Blink cuts out the insurance company overhead step. Now, some of the Pharmacy Techs are even recommending Blink!
  • Tremendous Savings!!! 5/5

    By Sluv876
    If you dont have insurance then this the app for you!!
  • Life Saving 5/5

    By LVVVZx
    The medication I needed was over $3k. A pharmacist suggested I use this app. I paid $30 with his referral code!!
  • Excellent Program 5/5

    By Puzzzzz
    I've used it now for since September of this year and I was a skeptic but it has been amazing!
  • Under a fixed income 5/5

    By Kathy Bianchi
    My pharmacist Helen Recommanded the Blink App to me since my insurance company wouldn't pay for my medication and I'm on a fixed income. She know how expensive this medication is and i needed this medicine and I couldn't afford to pay out of pocket. With this app it helped me so much. Thank you Helen and Blink you made it possible for me to keep my medication that I need to take.
  • A Lifesaver 5/5

    By Mrs.bchatman
    I have Chronic Migraines & I’m on a lot of meds. My insurance will only pay for 6 a month so I have to pay out of pocket for the rest. I often had to borrow money to pay for the extra until I found blink & 99% of my meds are so much cheaper. All I have to do is pay for my meds & my hubby will go & pick them up & let the techs know I payed w/blink & they run it thru & we don’t have any copay which is great. Blink has been a lifesaver & has saved me tons of $$$$. Thank You So Very Much!!!
  • Excellent Service 5/5

    By StellieDC
    I used it frequently at CVS until they stopped working with Blink. I have just found an independent pharmacy nearby and look forward to using Blink again. Blink saves me lots of money.
  • Great savings 5/5

    By kriemann
    This app has saved me so much money! I appreciate Blink & the ease to use it!
  • Great service—but pharmacies keep cutting ties 2/5

    By Lyght
    I’ve had to change pharmacies twice now because major pharmacy chains keep terminating their contracts with Blink. It’s a great way to save money, don’t get me wrong, but the service itself is dodgy when they can’t maintain their relationships with pharmacy chains. First CVS, now Rite Aid...
  • Phentermine 37.5mg X 30 day supply for $2 5/5

    By Carlajr
    I used this to get my script and with the $10 coupon I got it for less than $2! I’ve referred all of my family and friends.
  • $$$ 5/5

    By Nacho32246
    Awesome!! Saved me $125 over 3 months!
  • SAVED money! 5/5

    By Jaxypooh34
    I saved $35 thank god for this app!
  • Definitely Great Option for Discounted RXs 5/5

    By sbhappy2b
    Blink Health amazing app that saved me TIME & DEFINITELY money (as I am in between full benefits insurance plan with RXs included). It is user friendly, medications were paid for and I just walked in and picked up at pharmacy right away! Awesome! And prices are actually as low or lower than what I paid when I had full RX plan! At the pharmacy I even shared link with another gentleman there in similar situation I was so happy with Blink Health...I never have done that! Definitely recommend to everyone!
  • CEO of a entertainment company 5/5

    By Blaque houce ent
    Best ever
  • Saving money 5/5

    By FibroidQueen
    Saved me a tremendous amount of money.
  • Stanpatt 5/5

    By stanpatt
    Best ever- saves me about 70%. Retired Nurse
  • It really works 5/5

    By Amyabcdplzhdhenc
    Saved me hundreds
  • Best solution to Prescription costs 5/5

    By Agentmoulder
    I heard about BlinkHealth on TV when it first came available to use. No co payments, no premiums. Low cost. Not ALL drugs are covered, sadly,and now limited pharmacies participate. I diligently researched until I found a pharmacy near me. So far so good! We are happy!
  • Most Valuable App Created 5/5

    By MotownJohnny
    Once you educate the pharmacists, you’re saving significant money. Walgreens no longer accepts Blink, so I no longer shop at Walgreens. It’s that simple.
  • No insurance no problem 5/5

    By ccrow1961
    Best prices for generic meds. Lower than Good RX
  • Saving me money. 5/5

    By Mel1970Scott
    I love this app because workers comp refuses to pay for my meds and this helps so much!!
  • Big savings! 5/5

    By Rogerbert
    Don't have Medicare part D, use generic drugs but many prices are out of touch, with blank I save many many many dollars thank you.
  • Great discounts!! 5/5

    By GaryTsu
    The approved pharmacy accepts Blink payment with no hassles. The Metformin promotion shows that Blink is more than a buyers club, it is really like prescription insurance that doesn’t cost you anything!
  • It really works!! 5/5

    By romanceman
    This is a great app and we are saving lots of money!

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