Blink Home Monitor

Blink Home Monitor

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  • Current Version: 6.23.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Immedia Semiconductor
  • Compatibility: Android
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Blink Home Monitor App

*Smart Home Security Made Simple* Blink’s affordable smart home security camera systems help you monitor your home directly from your smartphone. With multi-system support and simple setup, you can easily control multiple Blink cameras within one single app! The Blink Home Monitor app will alert you to what matters, day or night, no matter where you are. Just Blink and you’re home. *Be there from anywhere with Blink smart home security * The new wireless smart home security cameras from Blink and Amazon go where wires can’t. Outdoor and Indoor and run for up to two years on the included single set of AA lithium batteries* to help protect what matters most for less. *Blink Outdoor*: weathers the storm so you don’t have to. Outdoor runs for up to two years* on a single set of AA batteries to help you protect your home inside and out — rain or shine — with features like two-way audio, motion detection, and more. Outdoor works with Alexa. *Blink Indoor*: is a wireless, battery-powered security camera that you can place anywhere inside your home. Features like two-way audio and night vision help you stay connected to what’s happening no matter where you are — day or night. Indoor works with Alexa. *Blink Mini*: is mighty — but tiny — which means you can plug it in anywhere inside your home. Starting at $34.99 Mini is a great first step towards keeping your home more secure. Hear, see, and speak right from the Blink Home Monitor app on your phone and get alerts whenever motion is detected. *Works with Alexa* Connect Blink Outdoor, Indoor, or Mini to select Alexa-enabled devices for voice commands at home. You can use your voice to stream live video, play recorded clips, arm and disarm your camera, be alerted to motion, and more. Go hands-free with Alexa! *Enhance Your Smart Home Security* Use the Blink Home Monitor app to check in on what’s happening at home from anywhere at any time. The app connects your home to your phone in HD video so you can see and protect what matters most. With multi-system support, you can use Blink to watch your home, vacation home, or business all at the same time. By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( and Privacy Notice (

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Blink Home Monitor app reviews

  • Works well for the price paid 4/5

    By royroddey
    Works well. Could use a few enhancements- like being able to disarm the system for x minutes/hours instead of just being on/off
  • Fix the issue! 1/5

    By Your fan😍😘
    This app is so bad. It detects there’s movement but then when you go and click on the notification to see the movement it just stays on the loading screen doesn’t load at all so you can’t see what’s going on.
  • App history & updates 2/5

    By vnasser
    Initial: WTH happened to the snooze functionality? Also be a bit more informative when it comes to the history of updates; geez what a sham; it’s not like we didn’t pay good money for you junk hw. Update 3/16: put the settings back the way it was. It is stupid with all the sections now. Id want to have to guess! Also, temp alerts min/max at 40/90 are not very useful. Winter temps go way below and way above in most places. Fix this please.
  • It doesn’t record 2/5

    By djivfu
    I have 3 cameras not recording. They don’t sense the motion very upsetting
  • Blink Camera 2/5

    By jay92398
    I used to be happy with blink over the years. They seem to have gone downhill for quite a while. Seem more motivated by money instead of a good product. Sad
  • Live feed does not work 1/5

    By shayrains
    This doorbell and the app are GARBAGE. The live feed worked for one day and that was it. Ever since 8:34 last night, it does not take clips, pictures, and the live feed doesn’t work. And the AUDACITY to ask me to PAY for a membership when I can’t even use the stupid thing is unreal. Get your lives together.
  • Slow and not reliable 3/5

    By Onefromafar
    I recently did update, a mistake! The app is very slow! It takes forever to pull footage and some footage you can’t play. Also, the alerts are not coming in. It takes the next day for video clips to come in from previous day…. I recently had a lot of activity going on around home and the cameras never picked up any of the it, it was like the event never took place and I had no proof for the police…it’s crappy! Please fix!
  • Works wonderful except.. 3/5

    By Blue_eyed08
    I truly enjoy my Blink camera. I have the front door camera and 2 regular outside blink cameras and 1 outside floodlight camera and they work great. My major complaint is not being able to save the videos to my phone. There should be a way to save it to your device instead of it just being on the app.
  • Mini blink 2/5

    By h1r2
    Al principio funcionó bien,ya después ya no.

    By Nedalion88
    The fact that I have to sit here and swipe left to individually delete each clip from my module vids library is a Real Pain. Why can I mass delete from my small, indoor, wired Blink cam--but not my outdoor, wireless ones? C'mon..
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Candy7lady
    Not getting any of my notifications videos anymore, your thieves.
  • Really. What the he** 1/5

    By 4201616
    How am I supposed to know if someone’s in my yard if the dang app won’t even work or pull up the live cam. My house would probably get robbed before I can even see the cameras. Get your app fixed cause this is ridiculous. Seriously. I’m getting a different camera system, you guys are awful.
  • I would be dead 1/5

    By KellyDawnJordan
    If I counted on this for security, I would be dead. I do get to see some fun birds and squirrels sometimes though. As for Blink and their PAID service, WORTHLESS, find any other provider…
  • Horrible since update 2/5

    By SD0409
    Everything was working as it should before the latest update and now I can’t watch any of my cameras live. My front door camera doesn’t work and I it doesn’t pick up motion half the time. Please fix this !!!
  • Product managed to make you purchase subscriptions 2/5

    By ModlrApp
    This product seems to be designed to make it as inconvenient as possible to use local storage instead of purchasing a monthly subscription. While it is easy to set up local storage with a thumb drive, managing the clips is slow and painful. For instance, you have to delete every clip one by one – and you can have bunches of clips per day depending on your settings. There are also glitches like playing the video from the last clip you viewed even though you are trying to play a different clip.
  • Very slow 2/5

    By ciano5918
    It takes the app forever to connect to the device or vise versa. Lately it would be lucky to connect at all. At first I would just deal with it. It it seems to have gotten much worse lately.
  • Lacking. 2/5

    By Chiquita9123
    It’s very very basic. I also have ring which is far superior in the app and notification area. Please make it so I can snooze notifications from the notification. And a snapshot would be very helpful. It takes forever for the app to load the live feed if it loads. Yes it’s fully connected to wifi. The sound quality is horrible but the picture is decent.
  • SUPER Slow 2/5

    By cjemomma
    We got the system hoping that it would be a lot better than the last system we had. But it seems like the app and cameras load super slow and you have to wait almost a whole 60 seconds for the camera to load a live feed. Not sure why it takes so long, but this definitely needs improved or we will be taking this system back and getting a different one.
  • Trash app and cameras 1/5

    By Leyva6
    The app is slow, and it lags when “going live” even with gigabit internet speeds.
  • Never seen such poor app 1/5

    By Anand87
    At least thrice while watching live feed and talking to person at my doorstep- this app has crashed so badly that my iPhone crashed completely and took over 5 minutes to recover. Never seen anything like this in 15 years with iPhone. I couldn’t close app, sleep button didn’t do anything, I couldn’t turn off or on. My screen stayed blank for 3-5 minutes.
  • Affordable but wont do its job! 2/5

    By Onyx1718
    I have the blink doorbell camera. For a while it was working fine, never really had to look unless someone rang my doorbell. The whole purpose of this doorbell camera was so I could see who was at my door without answering and being able to communicate with anyone ringing my doorbell. We’ll literally almost every single time i tap to see my live video feed when someone rings my doorbell, it gives me an error message saying the system is busy? Whats the point of having the camera if i have to go open the door anyway to see who is there? It's a safety issue for me.
  • Release Notes 4/5

    By JobHunter932
    New update every couple of weeks. How about real release notes ?
  • Worst Thing Ever 1/5

    By veeturira
    It is bad and blink just doesn’t respond and and the worst quality
  • Basura 1/5

    By B.Velilla
    La aplicación se cierra cuando vas a ver el video en vivo, cuando logras ver la cámara se laguea la imagen y se cierra, los videos gravados más antiguos en la memoria usb no se ven. En fin no funciona bien el sistema es una basura.
  • It doesn’t work without the cloud service. 1/5

    By Iwantout
    After the free cloud trial ended the cameras have never worked the same. I have spent countless hours working on the system and talk with tech support multiple times. I have deleted the system. Reboot and set my wifi router back to factory settings. I’ve used multiple thumb drives. The system keeps disconnecting from the sync module. The module doesn’t respond and often shows that no thumb drive is installed. I reboot and it works for a day or so and then it stops recording and showing errors. If reconfigured my network settings, added a wifi extender etc. I have trouble shooted the crap out of this system to no avail. ALL of these problems began when the free trial ended. The system just doesn’t function as advertised without the cloud service.
  • Snooze doesn’t work anymore 3/5

    By iPad 3 apple
    Snooze function doesn’t work anymore.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By AYancey38
    I just received mine Friday and put it up yesterday and so far it works great. The cameras and doorbell and app are excellent. I love my blink cameras and doorbell camera. I get notifications every time there is movement. I love it. While out running errands today I got a notification on my phone about my doorbell. I just love it. I feel like I got my money’s worth. Great product and app.
  • Worst Camera . waste of time, waste money, family or businesses will be at risk. 1/5

    By BOSS® Joy
    BLINK HOMIE MONITORS CAMERA With 7 sensitivity level the camera not detected anything and we get robes many times because that 5 was no any motion detector only worked when level 9 but annoying as we explained a lot false. Worst Camera . waste of time, waste money, family or businesses will be at risk. Outdoor Blink Camera Isn’t an Outdoor Camera I Can’t sleep at all day or night I get lots of false motion alarms from the inactive zone. Giving me nightmares additionally no motion detect for human or animals just alarm from camera or any sound like rain or windy weather and shadow from cloud changes or sun lights and tree grass but when human motions in area or animals it doesn’t recording any thing send clips to Blink support but they fools. which mean reason we have security camera to catching thief Human or Animal motions only with date and time stamp. not just camera catch shadow and day light only with noisy sound the record sound so bad high static. I Grant Blink Support Account Access' it has been enabled. For blink support to see all clips and not have human or animal just shadow change but they response with no help or fix the issue causing nightmares please focus on to fix the false Notification cause from inactive zone in night time cars sound on street far away and day time shadows and trees windy weather raining cause that problem and blink app have problems to deal with that in night or day camera software failure the one cause have nightmares from a lots false alarm from inactive zone and camera. Repeating again may be blink understanding I get lots of false motion alarms from the inactive zone and sound or noise street faraway and camera itself. I’m only need notifications from the active zone. Those false alarms don’t make me sleep. Want Only For active zone motion detection for Humans Or Animals move inside active zone motion detection. Don’t buy this worst camera is waste time and money be sure your family and businesses will be at risk. Special at Nights and day time lots of false motion detector for disable motion zone annoying notify for useless notification grand technical support access to fix but nothing happened waste time and money be sure you and your family and businesses will be at risk. For active zone nothing motion detection for active motion dictation zone else shadow and change light but no motion detect for Humans and Animals which causing lose of catch burglars and put you in dangerous do not buying this junk With same price can you buy best home monitored with 8 cameras and good quality can record good picture and car License plates number and real notifications for active motion detection zone safe your life Additional to that USB port for local storage clips need special formate using pc's only blink makes useless not helpful and not show you new clips so blink forced you to subscribe cloud to pay more and you have to be so close to camera to motion detect only maximum range 2 feet. Also no date and times stamp on the video Clips and everyone know the police will not believe you and just close reports for nothing happen they won’t work or help scared from criminals Also using only WiFi 2.4 GHz Not Dual Band Which Make connections so slow. Blink outdoor System Firmware not update to recent versions for camera or Sync Model. Finally Blink is after your money to rip you off if u just buy it returned before regrade later. Blink will take all option you see in free trial off when finish trial and all you get like me nightmares and useless cameras just pices of junk.
  • Slow response time 2/5

    By Samantha.Mc-J
    There is an extremely slow response time for app to open after notification of movement, by the time the app opens it’s too late to see anything happening. This needs to be improved…. I’m very disappointed the Blink software/program can’t be better than what it is 👎🏼👎🏼
  • Garbage buy if you want to miss packages 1/5

    By Conceited9
    I’ve missed packages because this is so slow and buggy
  • Trash 1/5

    By Mvlatto
  • Slow and glitchy 2/5

    By StellaC4
    The cameras are useful, but the app is unreliable. The cameras can’t be reviewed live 60% of the time because it sits there and loads forever. And when it does finally load whatever you were trying to see has ended. For being owned by the largest company in the United States, this is subpar app.
  • It doesn’t work well 1/5

    By F.T.E. Bubba Army
    Recent updates have made an already poor system even worse. I can walk all around my house.and only one of four will pick up motion. If the front camera picked up my motion then the others don’t. If the side camera picks up motion and I walk to front that front camera doesn’t work. Time to try another brand.
  • Would not recommend 1/5

    By Boxjellyfish 0908
    App is slow to connect with Live view, sometimes I’d doesn’t connect at all. My internet and WiFi work fine. Motion notifications are delayed as well.
  • Camera Workings Seriously Flawed 1/5

    By Fcr15
    Ever since I purchased this camera it has always just worked off of (and completely drains) only one of the batteries leaving the second battery at full capacity. I have grown tired of constantly changing the battery every four to five months. Unfortunately, I won’t be investing in Amazon’s security cameras in the future unless the problem is resolved. I just learned it is not compatible with 5G.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Joeschmosefff
    This app and cameras have failed me many times, especially when I needed them the most. The cameras lag, the app lags, no matter how good the connections…sometimes doesn’t record clips, even when paying for the subscription service.
  • It worked and now it doesn’t 1/5

    By kirkx5m
    Thumbnails failing to update, tried reinstalling app tried everything and it just stopped working, very annoyed, someone at blink please just fix this immediately
  • Forced 2update 1/5

    By elevatethegame
    This app forces you to update by taking away certain features and slowing down you monitoring forcing you to restart your video viewing. This is not a good look
  • Poor coverage & customer service 1/5

    By JessLowe87
    Since the most recent update, we have lost connection. After troubleshooting, I reached out to customer service, but received an email regurgitating information, rather than an actual representative.
  • Scam 1/5

    By camogamer38637194
    Return you camera immediately unless you want to pay a SUBSCRIPTION FEE to use your camera. This is just obnoxious.
  • Cannot see my local storage clips 1/5

    By yopiutj
    I could previously see the local storage clips on blink app but not anymore after this update. So unreliable
  • Junk 1/5

    By Brownry59
    This thing is worthless. I’ve had to reset up dozens of times. So frustrating I’ve given up. Don’t bother.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By jnthn22
    Motion detection fails from time to time, leaving gaps without recording. And does not allow to share access with household members.
  • Works when it wants to 1/5

    By Graphixx Girl
    I left a review on Amazon about this sketchy product. This is literally one of the worst purchases you can make on Amazon, in regards to your safety. The bad reviews are not fake & if you still want to order it & you think your camera will somehow be better than all of the other customers bad cameras, then good luck wasting your money. Several hrs can go by w/o any footage being captured. A lot of times you have to go into live view to see if there’s any activity. Today I had a couple of Amazon packages be delivered to my door, after I called them & updated the delivery instructions for them not to bc my creepy neighbor was looking thru my last packages in front of my door (on camera) & this creepy person now has my name bc of the packages left at the door. and packages were delivered AGAIN to my door today & there’s no footage today from 6AM-6PM until I went into live view. So I have no way of seeing anything that happened today in front of my door. I also live in a high risk area which is why I got the camera. After going into live view, the camera somehow starts back sending notifications for motion detected; it’s like the camera is sleeping like a computer & doesn’t work while it’s sleeping until you wake it by going into live view. This is not an electrical or Wi-Fi issue. This happens regularly. I can’t wait to find another brand. I know the price looks tempting to buy but you will get what you pay for. This camera needs to be discontinued & save your money until you can afford a better brand.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By uhhhhhjxhxhxhxhxhxhdhxhx
    App is complete junk. Cameras work well but the app is pure garbage. I have to shut off my Wi-Fi to use it when I get home because it somehow fights between Wi-Fi and 5G so it will not work until I shut off my Wi-Fi. My other apps do not do this. It also tells me my cameras are off when I know they’re on so I have no way to turn them off and end up wasting battery life for no reason. Unacceptable. This is a fixable issue
  • Getting worse 1/5

    By aks1987$
    I bought the blink camera literally close to a year ago and it has been messing up for a few weeks now. Not detecting motion at the door and getting late detection. It was working good and all of a sudden I’m having all these issues and you would think they would make sure these cameras were up to date especially paying for a month subscription. I also feel if it’s too cold or too hot it doesn’t function properly either. I live in AZ and it this year it was hitting 50 and below and it wouldn’t record at all. Bought during spring/summer last year and it had issues but nothing serious how it is now. I think I’ll take my chances with ring doorbell and pay a little more.
  • You get what you pay for 1/5

    By Unsatisfied Blink Owner
    I had someone show up at my front door and tried to use the talk feature and it kept saying live view in progress and I couldn’t speak to the person. Half the time they stop working for no reason and there’s like a 5 second delay from when the camera detects motion and you get an alert. Amazon should be ashamed of this product.
  • Slow 1/5

    By ChuckLa_KTFN
    Slow. Either the sensitivity is to high or to low. There is literally no in between. Lost the ability to log in multiple times that comes with random error messages. Didn’t pick up 4 different deliveries where the trucks must pass clearly through 2 cameras line of sight. They like to blame my connection. Sorry no, I have 1 gig fiber optic. Its your junk devices. The app is just as useless. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THESE AS YOU CAN.
  • Solid user interface 4/5

    By Randal Oxford
    Overall I’m happy with the way the app performs. There are a few settings that make me have to switch or look up the best options, but I can say it’s eventually easier to understand. I hope in a future update I can view my cameras without having to continuously click continue to keep viewing the feed. I sometimes find myself in a situation where I want to keep an eye out but don’t want to have to clock the continue button every 15 seconds. Love it otherwise it’s very helpful.