BLK - Look. Match. Chat.

BLK - Look. Match. Chat.

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  • Current Version: 1.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Affinity Apps, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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BLK - Look. Match. Chat. App

BLK is the new app for Black single men and Black single women with a simple mission: To create an exclusive community where Black men and Black women can find meaningful connections with people who share similar likes and interests. Members can: • Become part of an exclusive community for single black men and black women • Send unlimited amount of likes to other members • Customize who and what they’re looking for • Receive a personalized group of profiles to look through every day • Chat with other members if they’ve liked you back BLK is easy and fun to use: • Simply scroll through a personalized list of profiles. • If you're interested, slide profile to right to give the person a ‘Yeah’, or click the 'Heart' icon. • If the feeling's mutual, then you're a match and can start chatting in our app right away. • Not interested? Slide profile to the left to give the person a ‘Nah’, or click the ‘X’ icon. BLK also has some easy and fun features designed to help you find a better match: • You can 'Boost' your profile to move to the top of everyone's search in your area, and • You can send 'Really Likes' to let someone know that you're 'really' into them--this fun feature triples your chances for a match. So what now? Join the community, spread the word, find a match, and have fun! And don't forget! Check us out every day! We're growing fast and there's someone new to match with every day!

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  • Needs a little work 2/5

    By Mimi982692
    Has great potential but a lot of technical issues. I have my preferences set to men, but I’m getting men, women, and profiles of men whom are seeking other men. It’s a little all over the place. There’s also a lot of spam profiles that get in the way. I wish there was a mileage setting because I’m seeing profiles over 100 miles away.
  • It Needs Some Major Improvements 2/5

    By blk_queen
    This App Has So Much Potienal But I Keep Getting Men 60+ miles Away From Me 😑. That Needs To Be Fixed.
  • App crashed 1/5

    By ::Chanta::
    The app crashed not allowing me to sign back through my Facebook account I tried to sign in with my phone number but it makes me create a completely different account. Not worth the time
  • My suggestions 5/5

    By Damarimom
    I like the app I have met a couple of great guys have them in on any date but some of the conversations but it would be nice to narrow down the distance of the people you’re talking to because it’s really unsettling knowing that some of the good ones are like 100 miles away for me and all the sucky ones live right near mean it be nice to narrow down how far someone is before I start a conversation
  • Ok App 4/5

    By AngDJo
    I like the app. There’s two things that need work..being able to go back to a previous person in case you accidentally swipe the wrong way and being able to put a maximum distance because I don’t not enjoy seeing fine men I would like to talk to who live over 25 miles away from me.
  • Waste of time... 1/5

    By Sherri1908
    You can only “connect” with a person you’ve “super liked”... you only get 1 free super like per day... There’s no way to connect with anyone else without purchasing more “super likes”. 👎🏾👎🏾
  • Don’t Waste your Data 1/5

    By $urgEon1997
    F*cking trash. This app is vastly under developed. You cannot look through pics and go back to scrolling(major problem). To the other apps of your kind to find ways to improve.
  • Boooo 3/5

    By beautiful goddess.
    This app is okay. There’s definitely a few black folks on here (also white)... my only problem with this app is that every so often you have to make a new profile which is absofuckinglutely ridiculous because you lose all the people you’ve matched with.. now I see why I keep seeing the same guys 3+ times. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!!
  • App Crashes 2/5

    By Brownislovely
    Great app and the people on there are more genuine than others. I gave it two stars because It no longer lets me use my Facebook login. It’s def not worth starting over if an “oops!” Message keeps popping up
  • Cool App 3/5

    By pookiepotts
    The app is cool and all but it keeps logging me out of my account for some reason. This glitch needs to be fixed.
  • Blk 5/5

    By dangthatscrazy
    There needs to be a filter on the Races that come on the app. It’s called Blk for a reason. It’s supposed to be exclusive to blacc people. It even says it in the description about the app. I’ve been seeing more white and Hispanic men on here
  • Great, But Distance feature? 2/5

    By AriaBless34
    I love the app because it’s so nice to have a place primarily for African American people to connect with one another. The only thing that frustrates me, is there’s no feature to select the distance from me and the majority are close to 100 miles away. Please change this
  • Best dating app ever‼️‼️ 5/5

    By funsyze 😘
    I usually don’t write reviews but this app is absolutely perfect!! I get to meet black men in my age range. I can actually real decent men with careers and education and personality!! I truly appreciate this app! One feature that can be fixed is when someone message should show show the notification when talking to multiple people and to be able to share the app with other people Other than that I absolutely love this app!! Thank you and keep up the good work
  • Can do better. 3/5

    By mrclimax
    It’s a good app. But it can do better by searching for people in different locations/ mileage from your location. Cause I’m only get people 45miles away from me but I did get only one person close to me an it was my ugly next door neighbor. Where are the people that’s 5,10,15,20 miles from me??? Why 45miles an up??.. it can also do better without fake profiles .have people take a pic with their username on a paper . That would be valid to indicate that people is real .
  • Good start— my suggestions 3/5

    By Sweet T💋
    Okay coming from a black woman who is only interested in black men... this is the app I have been WAITING for! I have wanted an app like this for the longest. So for that I appreciate you so much, because I only find my men attractive so it’s good to see my Kings on here with me....... now as far as everything else is concerned. Please allow us to show our location, and for us to see theirs as well. Worst thing in the world is to be having a great conversation and then finding out they are in a completely different state. I will chalk that up to this being new. Also I think we should more characters to speak, some people have more to say than others. You should also provide a back/reverse feature just in case we swiped right or left on someone we didn’t want to. Other than it being very vague at times, and a lot of people haven’t discovered this beauty I think it will go over well. Can’t wait to see the improvements
  • It’s not exclusively blk anymore my only problem 5/5

    By Sensational suavehouse
    App is great but I’m starting to see more Hispanic and white women on this app even Asian I liked the idea where this app was exclusively for black ppl but now that it’s getting multi racial it’s kinda tainting the element of what this app was originally created for not that it’s much of a problem but every time we created something for “US” everyone else jumps aboard but I could’ve sworn everyone hates “blk”ppl so what’s they’re purpose for being on the app?it can’t be blk love in peace that’s my only grief which isn’t much of a problem because I get plenty of matches and this seems to be the most decent app so far o give it 5 stars a lot of beautiful sistas and I’m overwhelmed by the love o want this app to succeed just don’t want it to lose its “soul”like hip hop and other forms of our culture that’s been bombarded by everyone else by that this app can potentially became a black planet and you seen what happen with that I just don’t understand one minute we monsters but you wanna have sexual relations with a monster?i just know most intentions on this app isn’t sincere but if it stayed exclusive to us there’s better results and connections I just realize the power of black love doesn’t mean I’m racist but each is own maybe just my opinion great app by the way love it so far keep making updates and make this app the best in the likes of pof and tinder it can happen if we work together as a unit love is
  • Great App 5/5

    By AndyTheDasher
    Pretty much cut and dry right swipe yes, swipe left not interested. Finally a app that gives the woman the courage to message first. Instead of guys having to send 3000 messages to be notice by maybe 6. Cheers
  • Messaging never works 1/5

    By blackgirltaytay
    The messaging portion never works. I deleted my Facebook profile and used the phone number profile because it would always tell me there was a connectivity issue even if my connection is just fine. Now the same problem is happening with my new profile and I can’t see my messages again. I like the concept but the constant bugs are seriously annoying
  • Bugs & issues 1/5

    By app_probz
    I keep getting logged out I can’t send or see any likes or matches I can only see my mutuals but can’t contact any can the issues be resolved!!!!!!!
  • Deactivating 3/5

    By lilbunny101010
    Allow people to temporarily deactivate the account instead of deleting.
  • Crashes 3/5

    By esiobhan513
    Randomly crashes. And... it’s pretty much like the hood. The caliber of men on the site is very depressing (I know the site creators can’t control that)
  • Add A distance meter/calculator 3/5

    By AverageGuy101
    Hello, I love your app but would love if you added a simple tweak. That being a distance calculator, I keep getting matches with girls 50+ miles away and would love to see more local girls to me.
  • Very Eh 3/5

    By og luna
    The app was fine at first but sometimes i get notifications for messages and when i open them the conversation doesn’t show up. This has become rather difficult since I’m actually enjoying the conversations I’m having. Please fix this.
  • Where’s my profile 1/5

    By King Kemokai
    Been using this app for awhile and it is good when it works. But then there are times where I’m super frustrated!! It kicked me out and won’t let me get access again. It’s like I have 2 different accounts within the same app. Wasn’t my intention at all. Just randomly restarts me
  • From bad to worse 1/5

    By WaliBee
    Along with everything else wrong with this app add to the list....Can’t see new messages or matches
  • App is trash 1/5

    By Figure 18
    The app randomly crashes and I haven’t been able to check my messages for weeks. I tried to reach out to the customer support but they were no help and still haven’t resolved the issue. There is also no website to really go to to be able to get help or check your messages
  • Tbh 2/5

    By King bando
    Yo wasssup is ya boy.. this app this app this app ... This app is another wast of time just like Pof, just like tinder, and any other dating site out there 1. It doesn’t really give you a distance cut off so everyone I’ve seen is like 70-80 miles away from me and that’s not a problem cause I have a car but it’s still annoying cause I can’t meet anyone closer to me 2. If this is an app for “Black” singles why are there other races on here I want to meet and mingle with other black singles not white girls who just wanna piss daddy off and bring home a black guy I don’t like to give star ratings but overall I’d say this app deserves like a 2
  • Met my boyfriend 9 months ago on here 5/5

    By Kaylascottolbert
    This app is amazing. It’s easy to navigate and better yet, I found the black man of my dreams. As a black woman it’s hard to find substantive black men. My boyfriend and I are happy and healthy and want to spend the rest of our lives together. Thank you BLK!
  • Location 3/5

    By Sockdad214
    Had the app about a week LOVE IT. The only issue I have is that I can’t set a perimeter of miles that the women are in. All the beautiful women are 40 miles away lol
  • Keep Having to Create a New Profile 1/5

    By #IJS Fix It
    The app has great potential. However, it keeps crashing and every time try to log back in, I’m forced to create a new profile. That’s the frustrating part of the app. On the FAQ section of your website, it’s suggested that I delete the app and reinstall. Yet, when I do so, I’m forced yet again to create a new profile and all of my connections are lost. Please fix the bugs for this app.

    By p0sh18
    Still trying to figure out WHY it’s giving me people 300 miles away?! Like, I know for sure there are people in MN but it’s not showing anyone near me and there’s no place to update your location to make sure your searching people close to you. You honestly can’t change much of anything. I’m not liking this app at all... it’d be nice to get some help on this!!!
  • Pictures? 2/5

    By Diversity Queen
    Absolutely no photos are showing up on any of the profiles. Not even my own.
  • More profile questions 3/5

    By COCO-Slim
    It’s nice to see the images, but I’m 5’11 I need to be able to view the other persons height. Needs more added to the profile like if they have pets or kids. Don’t mind pet, but not trying to be with a guy with kids bcuz I don’t have any.
  • Bbw 2/5

    By Kaybeeee1234567
    It’s ALOT of big girls on there. Just be warned.
  • Location is a problem 1/5

    By camzz90
    I don’t understand why I’m only seeing people 400 to 450 miles away..most of these reviews are all saying the same thing about the location issue. Are the developers listening? Is it that hard to fix?
  • The location doesn’t matter 2/5

    By Philly1290
    I keep seeing profiles for people who as 80-90 miles away from me. I live in a large city so there’s no reason I shouldn’t see anyone in my area. If the app is gonna force you to have your location services on then they should work
  • Swipe update 3/5

    By DeanaSha
    The update is very irritating...the update on the swipe..I’ve swiped yeah to so many people BY ACCIDENT because now u can swipe diagonal which isn’t helpful at all...the other way was better
  • A few fixes will make it SO MUCH BETTER 2/5

    By B the Accountant
    I agree with the guy saying it randomly crashes. It just started on me yesterday. Also, the people are sooo FAR! Seemingly good looking people with good bios, but far! Also, there should (or is it?) be a way of matching quicker, it gives off the impression, to me, that the farther these people are away from me the less likely they’ll see my profile. Another thing, it should be a way to directly message someone without waiting to be matched, even if they say no. Make a way to go back to a profile when we’ve accidentally swiped wrong, without having to pay for every feature, which I don’t mind sometimes, but I’m just saying
  • Wow 3/5

    By Fed High
    I see a lot of people asking for distance filter and you ahead and made another tinder with “boost” and whatever tf. All apps had to just go the same route
  • Mistakes 3/5

    By mommena
    Bring to the people back around. Sometimes I swipe left when I meant to swipe right. But I never see them again. Or maybe I may have changed my mind.
  • Location 1/5

    By name1968
    The app would be great if you could narrow the search location. I don’t want to see people who are 350 miles away
  • Matching with people 150 miles away... 1/5

    By Ns8659
    Not sure why it only shows people who are 125+ miles away from.... it’d be nice if I could meet someone that’s at least 20 miles away. Fix it please.
  • Update some more! 3/5

    By BreannaR98
    I like the app, it’s really interesting and I adore the fact that it’s just black people *BUT* I wish there’s a function where you can change your prefer location. Like, I keep getting matches that is not in my area AT ALL and it gets annoying because I am in no mood to drive to anyone. If they’re not in the same area as me then there’s just no point. Please make that an update!
  • Was ok until today 2/5

    By Niki✌
    The app signed me out and when i proceeded to log back in with Facebook it would not work. When i try to log in with phone number it directs me to make a whole new profile. So now the connections i made are now gone.
  • Okay.. 4/5

    By Buujee
    App is cool and all but I’m tired of continuously getting people I already pressed X on
  • App crashing& can’t sign in to view messages 1/5

    By TeezyStacks
    Hello I’m a new user. The app keeps signing me out and crashing on me every time. I have to delete the app and reinstall in hopes that it would get better but my sign in my Facebook option is not working which is how I created my account also my number gets the code but once I enter it I kept getting several errors messages I did 5 codes already to login. Nothing is working and I’m very frustrated with this app I have messages I can’t even view or reply back to them.
  • Pretty dope concept. 3/5

    By Nyquetinp94
    I just wish you could change the location barrier and be able to send pictures through the messages.
  • Distance 3/5

    By KelsB81
    Nice app!!! However it doesn’t allow you to choose a range of where to meet people. So most of the people I’ve talked to are well over 100 miles away from my location. It’s also kind of weird how people have to set up two profiles due to being logged out
  • Options 3/5

    By NecroGade
    I would love to be able to message people not just those home I match with that everyone is going to go down the list and click yes and no. Nor do I believe everyone knows that you can only message people you match with I’ve seen some profile say “message me to get to know me” not possible until you match with them.

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