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Block Drop®

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  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Freecloud Design, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Block Drop® App

Block Drop® is an addicting strategy/puzzle game that sharpens your mind and features 3D graphics and dynamically generated music. Sink all the blocks and finish on the checkered flag to complete each level. Try not to land in the water! Become lost in the serene atmosphere as you experience 999 levels that will challenge your mind and survival levels that will test your reflexes. Block Drop® features 6 different game worlds: ▸ Classic: The original Block Drop ▸ Transportation: New blocks that move and teleport you ▸ Destruction: New blocks that can destroy other blocks ▸ Split Personality: Control multiple men on each level ▸ Optical Illusion: Blocks float in the air creating optical illusions ▸ Madness: All of the new block types in one world! FEATURES: ▸ 6 different worlds with 999 levels each ▸ Show solution feature ▸ Universal app -- works on both iPhone and iPad ▸ Dynamically generated levels ▸ Computer generated music that adjusts to your gameplay ▸ Fast-paced survival levels ▸ In-game tutorial ▸ Hours and hours of gameplay! Each level of Block Drop® is dynamically created (and so is the music) so no two games will ever be the same. PRIVACY DISCLOSURE: Block Drop®: - Does not contain ads. - Does not contain in-app purchases. - Does not contain integration with social networks. - Does not use analytics / data collection tools. - Does include links to apps by Dan Russell-Pinson in the iTunes. For more information on our privacy policy please visit:

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Block Drop® app reviews

  • Fun game but... 4/5

    By Pandora15
    Fun little game. I would have given it 5 stars but for the obnoxious music that has to be turned off EVERY time you play. I should be able to permanently shut off the music but alas that is not an option on this app.
  • Really fun! 5/5

    By Anyoneouthere
    I like the transportation and optical illusion levels!
  • Superb! 5/5

    By CCCee
    This is an absolutely wonderful game! It's creative and unique, and the graphics are amazing!! I just love it! Thank you for the update!
  • It's ok... 3/5

    By Boo LaRue
    This game could be MUCH better if the controls were consistent! I have more problems trying to jump an extended distance, all because the game doesn't always "read" my finger on the "distance jump" button.

    By wondrgirl07
    I'M TOTALLY IN LOOOOOOOOOOVE WITH THIS AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 999 levels for $1!?!?!?!?!? BEST $$$ IVE SPENT IN A LOOOOOOONG TIME!!!!!!! I spent 2 ENTIRE DAYS playing this!!!!!!!!!! Even if you make it thru ALL 999 LEVELS, there's TONS & TONS of REPLAY AWSOMENESS!!!!!!! Worth much more than $1 without a doubt!!!!!!!!!! The most stunning, exquisite graphics EVER!!!!!!!!!! TO THE DEV- THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR SUCH AN INCREDIBLE, FUN, CHALLENGING GAME!!!!!!!!!! All I can say is I WANT MOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great Puzzle Game BUT... 4/5

    By LoobyLibby
    It would be even better if you would integrate OpenFeint!
  • Soooo worth $0.99 5/5

    By Zephyr H
    This is such a relaxing time killer, a very pleasant puzzle game that keeps you thinking more and more, and because it's different every time and goes up to 999 levels, it'll never get old. Definately worthy of 5 stars.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By ThoughtsBecomeThings
    Incredible! Like another reviewer stated, the music, the game play, the all comes together to make a truly amazing game. It should be top 10....really. I just happened across it by on accident by using the "Genius" feature because I'm so bored with all the other apps. It's sad, because I probably never would have found this, otherwise. Anyway, give yourself a gift and enjoy this game. I've tried 100's and this one is a class act.
  • Addicting puzzle game 5/5

    By RagerX
    This is an addicting puzzle game with nice graphics. You have to land on the checkered block as your last move after clearing all of the other blocks. The puzzles get harder as you progress and it has that "just one more level" feel to it. It has a lot of replayability with the dynamically generated levels.
  • Great Puzzle game 5/5

    By spursrule
    This is one of those so simple that its very fun. The puzzles are challenging and graphically very appealing. Very fun app for the logic/puzzle game players.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Santo310
    A really fun and addictive game! The goal is to move the diamond through blocks and get to the goal to end the level. It has a never ending amount of levels and combined with it's calming songs and pictures, it is a perfect puzzle games to chill out and relax! Hopefully we will see updates in the near future to make it even greater, but right now we will surely be entertained a looooong while with this wonderful game !
  • Well done 4/5

    By Joe Mercer
    Puzzle games that make me think often make me frustrated and want to break something. This game makes me think, is challenging, and helps me relax at the end of a long day. Wonderful combination, great game! Tetris, eat your heart out.
  • Awesome... 5/5

    By Snooptalian
    This game is top notch through and through. Looks very simple but can get very challenging, but not so much that you quit playing. Most games on the App store give you only a specific number of levels to play, and once you beat them all there isn't much else to do. This game however, is like a fresh new game everytime you play because each level is totally different everytime you play, almost like getting new levels all the time via DLC... Makes the replayability on this game limitless. This one should be in everyone iPod, it's that good...
  • Best Game I have played on iPhone. 5/5

    By Just Chig
    You will get hooked like I did! Much to my wife's chagrin I have been playing all night and I currently have the high score. I dare you to knock me off the leader board!
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By David Newcastle
    Cool idea in a nicely presented package. The procedural music is particularly great.
  • Block drop - great game. 5/5

    By Estee P.
    I used to play this on the web, then after getting my iPod Touch and found it on iTunes I skipped the free version and went right for the full. The graphics are great, as is the music. Its very enjoyable, even the hard ones.
  • neat game! 5/5

    By Ballouix
    This is a nifty little strategy game. Definitely a good time killer in the airport.
  • Drains your battery! 5/5

    By Imtiredtonight123
    But 999 levels for .99 cents it's a must buy! It gets very hard after a while but it's soooo worth it! Buy it.

    By Profet Boy 225
    The graphics and sounds are wonderful and very calming and pleasing a great puzzle game that doesn't make you feel like your head is going to explode. Thanks for making it a dollar this app I sure can say should be worth more so get it while it's 99 cent. A very great game get it get it
  • Good game, one odd thing 4/5

    By dancelikeithurts
    This game is as beautiful, smooth, etc. as you've heard and I endorse it but the app has one odd quirk and I can't decide if it's a good thing or not. It doesn't seem to let you replay a level or, better yet, let someone else try the same level you did. Let's say you just completed level 12 and want a friend to try it. When they open level 12 it's completely different! It's about the same difficulty but a completely different setup. On the one hand this is good because if you've completed say, 25 levels, you can go back to any of the previous levels and it will be new. But it's also a problem partly for the 2-person scene I just mentioned but also because if you have problems with a level and close the app expecting to come back to it, that level number has a new setup. On the whole I'd give that little quirk a negative vote but it only takes the smallest amount away from my assessment. Very good game and well done otherwise.
  • Crazyness! 5/5

    By Markymellow
    The Gears in my brain started up and now I can't stop playing. I need to go to Block Drop rehab.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Anniesu
    Simple Quiet Beautiful Game!!!!!! Please have more of these type of games. The puzzles are very very nice brain exercises to do.
  • 5/5

    By 2applepie100
    Very addictive and difficult awesome
  • Beautiful! 5/5

    By TheFriendlyMisanthrope
    Beautiful graphics, great concept! The best thing about this game is that it holds your interest but is relaxing at the same time. Worth the buy!
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By lisateric
    Relaxing sound effects and music, beautiful look. No matter how many times I've had to repeat a level (and believe me, I've repeated a lot), it's never the same. I will be playing for a very long time.
  • AWESOME! 5/5

    By Dilligaf76
    What a fantastic game! At first I thought it was going to be easy but I was wrong. This game really forces you to plan out many moves before you act. Cant wait for the next version?!
  • With every penny and more! 5/5

    By Dilwaalaa
    This is an outstanding puzzle, extrememly addictive leaving you craving for more!
  • The asking price 4 such an awesome 5/5

    By sashicon
    game is just plain ridiculous.(update) dev/devs need to adjust the leaderboard functionality, only the highest level should be loaded, not every single score a person has, you need to be able to upload scores over edge/3g, and you should be able to upload your highest level without having to play the game from the last level played just to load your highest level. Thanks. There is no other game in the store, moreless many games ever made with 999 levs. And not rehased levs or a bunch of cheesy mini games, but true to life individual uniqe levs. This game is like something they would play in Star Trek, it's so futuristic, imagine a one man fully renderd 3D chess field suspended above an ever changing luminesent sea, and atmospheric backround. The controls are perfect, the music is perfect, the graphics are perfect, everything is perfect. You can play your own music or the in game music. No other gaming application in the store takes full advantage of the idevice screen as this game does from edge to edge so beautifully, the graphics in this game are basicly photo realistic. With the 999 original levels, the randomly generated ones along with music everytime you choose a level, and the automatic random levs everytime you fail a survival challenge, the game is truly infinite. You have a number of options like show the solution, so no matter how impossible you think a level is, the dev created a feature that shows you it can be done at the sacrifice of having the level randomly generated after, so you can't cheat, making this the first truely frustratingly "fun" game ever. tho I do agree it would be nice to actually be able to rotate the block field for the hidden blocks, there is a mini map in the top right corner that shows you the hidden blocks as well so it's not like there is a crack in this games perfection, what would be duper, is if you could render the mini map in 3d and be able to rotate that, if you could double tap on the mini map and it would basicly pause and overlay the main game, then one could rotate that to find the best/next move, and then double tap it again to go back to the main gameplay, not only would it enhance ppls strategy in moves, but it doesn't take any of the challenge away since you can't rotate in real time, you have to remember what the path was and tranfer it over? But my main point is to charge only 99cents for a game this full of replay value alone-all the other stuff is sad, tho this was simply an enhanced port of a web version, and probly wasn't as much work envolved as making it from the ground up, but still I don't see how ppl could ever think that the device will get big name psp titles when it's obvious that the store is sythisising a price point of 2 bucks before anyone even takes a look at it, less the EA, etc titles. And even if this game starts to get traction a two bucks, it's like you selling your idevice to a friend for 20 bucks just because it's your friend/ in the app store, I love my friends but why just not give it to them for free, I mean a dollar for a 10$ game that would be 20$+ on the psp or DS and any home console. This is easily as good ,and has far more value than any 10$ game in the store, the asking price is so sad, it's ridiculous.
  • Simple to learn, longer to master! 5/5

    By haaske
    Simple straight forward game for when your brain needs a tuning. Learn how to play in 2 minutes. Will takes weeks to finish. Worth the measly $$$ investment.
  • Very addicting! 5/5

    By palex481
    It's got simple rules, either jump once or jump twice as you move across the blocks to the checkered one, but it's really addicting. It really makes you think about what your next several moves will be in order not to be left floating without any moves. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games. Very good way to pass the time when waiting around for something. And it has 999 levels! Awesome game.
  • Super Fantastic! 5/5

    By Sam007:)
    I love this game! It is so addictive, and is superior to all other block games I have played. If you love puzzles, this game is definitely for you!!
  • A little bit of Tai Chi for your brain 5/5

    By Cryogen
    I really am enjoying the new Block Drop app. Not only is it a unique and challenging puzzle game - much different than the typical tetris style game - but it also provides you with a lush atmospheric soundtrack and relaxing game play that, for me personally, is a great place to go to releave stress after a busy day at work. Great job. Looking forward to your next software release.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Marc~
    Very fun game! Lots of challenging levels to play.
  • Excellent game!! 5/5

    By BacchusTiger
    Very addictive. Love the serene graphics. The levels change each time you play which means you never get the same game twice. Highly recommended.

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