Blockchain Wallet: Buy Bitcoin

Blockchain Wallet: Buy Bitcoin

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  • Current Version: 4.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Blockchain
  • Compatibility: Android
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Blockchain Wallet: Buy Bitcoin App is the world’s most trusted platform for transacting in crypto, with over 71M wallets created and more than $620B in transactions. Whether it’s buying, selling, earning interest, checking payment status, or lending crypto, offers the most established and widely-used way to invest in cryptocurrency for tens of millions of customers in nearly 200 countries. The Wallet has two options: - A non-custodial version, which means that only YOU control access to your crypto and private keys. - Custodial Accounts that enable you to use all our features like buying and selling, swapping between crypto like bitcoin and ethereum, and transferring to interest accounts where you can earn up to 12%. The most popular way to buy, sell, and store crypto. The wallet gives you the benefits of trading and earning interest, without surrendering control of your money, unlike competitors. What’s more, by using the Wallet, you’re supporting the crypto ecosystem by ensuring the Wallet, and the Explorer remain free and openly available to everyone on the planet with internet access, like Coinbase,, and Binance. The Blockchain Wallet allows you access to everything you could hope for in a crypto wallet. Security, endless features, and a user experience superior to the competition. This functionality separates us from other inferior options and is why you should download the wallet from the App Store today! Cryptocurrencies available to buy, sell, hold, send, receive, and swap: Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Stellar (XLM) ALGO (Algorand) USDT(Tether) USD Paxos Standard (PAX) Polkadot (DOT) (YFI) Aave (AAVE) We add new and exciting assets like Chainlink, and DeFi tokens regularly. Features: *Use Simple Buy to purchase top crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum *Send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Algorand, Tether, and USD PAX, DOT, YFI, and AAVE instantly to anyone in the world *Earn up to 12% interest on BTC, ETH, USDT, PAX, XLM, and BCH annually. Note that different interest rates apply for each crypto. Find up-to-date interest rates on our site. * Request payments in cryptocurrencies with ease — anytime, anywhere. (includes QR Code support) * Simple, easy-to-understand Swap interface makes exchanging crypto fun and a frictionless experience. * Global Wallet supports 8 languages. Access to Markets * Seamlessly buy and sell bitcoin in 36 countries and swap one crypto for another with live, best-in-class exchange rates from the safety of your wallet. * Real-time prices and quotes and historical price charts * Track transactions and addresses with our state-of-the-art block explorer * All swaps settle on-chain, so they are more reliable and resistant to fraud than off-chain transactions Security * Only you have access to your private keys and your crypto. * Set 4-digit-pin or biometrically authenticate * Keep the bad guys out with advanced Two-Factor Authentication * Your own unique 12-word backup phrase. With this app, you can create a new Blockchain Wallet or pair your existing web wallet on your mobile device. Download today for free! If you have any questions, our best-in-class support team is waiting to assist you at or via Official Social Media Channels: Twitter: @Blockchain and @AskBlockchain Facebook: @Blockchain LinkedIn: /company/blockchain Instagram: @Blockchainofficial YouTube: Blockchain Telegram: VKontakte: /blockchainru Notes on interest: Interest accrues daily, is paid monthly, and represents an annualized rate. It's only available to users who have verified their identity with us and live outside Canada & Japan. The current minimum deposit is $100 worth of crypto. PAX and USDT are currently unavailable in the United Kingdom.

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Blockchain Wallet: Buy Bitcoin app reviews

  • I love this app. So smooth and easy to use. 5/5

    By mobythewhale
    Easily the best digital wallet out there! I was tired of having to purchase bitcoin through Coinbase and send to my electrum wallet. Here everything is in one place, and I hodl the keys!!
  • Wallet questions 5/5

    By Electronic Gumby
    I have a fess old wallet And they have btc in them And while I did make back ups How do I access the funds in the backups? Cause it won’t let me import them and I honest to god is been a long time and I’m going off of old passwords from 5 years so trying to access them without luck And I have a ton of btc in those wallet I’m tired I’m hungry and i I need clothes and the help Thanks
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By Alex Kealin
    Garbage app. Put in a request multiple times to sell crypto but they never go through when I’m in the profit now I’m down 40% of initial investment I would’ve had 60% in profits but loss money because I can’t sell my crypto when I need to.
  • v4.2.0 1/5

    By btcbat196
    Does not display my total balance!!!
  • Blockchain will bug out and you will miss invest opportunities 1/5

    By TexREZ
    For several weeks I’ve attempted to make several purchases of crypto through this app. However, every time I have to authorize the purchase through my banking app, blockchain will time out and close. When I reopen to complete the purchase, it just send me on this loop of verifying the purchase with the bank, then timing out. It’s incredibly frustrating, and I’ve missed good times to invest because of it. Just use CoinBase. That app doesn’t seem to have any issues, unlike this one.
  • Borrowing option 5/5

    By Legend CMR
    I think it will much more easier if your team add the borrower option to the app. Blockchain has changed my life Bravo #Team
  • Great app 3/5

    By saiint26
    Awesome ✊🏾
  • I can login into my wallet for two days now it keep saying something went wrong 2/5

    By durablekkk
    I can login into my wallet for tee days now it keep saying something went wrong
  • Blockchain 5/5

    By chidonjay
    I’m happy enjoying blockchain
  • Blockchain is the best fast and good 5/5

    By ifyfinest
    Blockchain is the best fast and good
  • Garbage 1/5

    By jc92992
    Literally the new features are so complicated I don’t even know how to send money now this is ridiculous
  • Complicated 1/5

    By Hiroller 54
    Too difficult to maneuver
  • Blockchain Forever 5/5

    By EllchairmaNo
    The best Bitcoin app I’ve ever seen, very fast and reliable,God bless you guys for such a wonderful app
  • Mr 5/5

    Blockchain is number 1
  • Scam! 1/5

    By mamanams
    I wrote a review a month or so ago about having my account frozen due to their bogus verification process. I have over $100 in this app and they still haven’t lifted a finger. Do yourself a favor and use venmo for your crypto needs
  • I don’t write reviews but this app is horrible 1/5

    By understandmebetter
    The first day I want to trade and my money is stuck “pending” so I can’t have something I paid for and I wasted money putting into you guys crappy app.. if I could say 0 stars I will. Back then blockchain used to be great but not anymore. I’m ashamed to even go through this… I bet you guys have hundreds of thousands of peoples money that you use and try to “give” back.
  • App beta 5/5

    By beta 222
    For some reason I got logged out of the app
  • Missing money 1/5

    By amorris1k
    I definitely feel robbed by this app. I’m missing 2500 BCH and haven’t received any response from support. I’m still waiting to receive my money and the withdrawal was confirmed on the sender’s side. My “wallet” , blockchain emailed me asking for numerous evasive personal details after receiving my transaction details on the blockchain only to not respond or update my balance. Horrible. I do not recommend this wallet, for anything.
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Dadtnt
    I did a very small investment of $500 with this company as a test because of the mixed reviews i was reading. Well the bad reviews that this company receives are more than justified. I tried to withdraw my money and encountered some major issues, I put in multiple customer service tickets about the fact that i cannot withdraw my money - i only received 1 response back to 4 of my emails to blockchain. To date they have not responded nor can i get my money back. Since they are an overseas company I am filing a complaint with the DOJ in hopes to getting blockchain banned from doing business in The United States. Be warned they will gladly take your money but good luck on getting it back. By far one of the worst companies I have ever done business with. Ticket number #2380388 - i have sent 4 emails back to your co called customer support! Why arent you replying back to your own customer service tickets? Its been over 14 days now and still not allowing me to withdraw my funds! And to date no one from your company has even sent back 1 email since i sent 3 additional emails showing you what my screen says. New update - still no response from blockchain 5/11/21 and i still am being denied access to my money - i am completely fed up and i have just sent an email to the DOJ asking to be assigned to an agent. New Update 5/21/21 - I waited for a rep approx 8 days ago on there online chat board and at that time they said that i am not able to withdraw my money due to technical difficulties/IT problem and they have someone working on it - well its now 9 days later since the online chat and over 45 days from the first day I tried to withdraw my money and still no access to my money i am getting the same message error when i try to withdraw my money and NO ONE from blockchain is communicating with me at all now. Its VERY clear they are out to take your money - ITS A SCAM - I finally got a hold of someone at the DOJ so the wheel is finally starting to turn. Ticket number #2380388 UPDATE 5/29/21 - still cant withdraw my money I received a response from my last update on 5/21/21 saying that they will contact the IT team assigned to my issue and that they would get back in touch asap and yet that was just another lie! No one has got back in touch with me nor can I withdraw my money. If you deposit money with this company you WILL NEVER GET IT BACK. Ticket Number #2380388 UPDATE - 6/8/2021 ticket number #2380388 - still no access to my money and no one from blockchain is trying to get this taken care of - seriously 2 months and you call it a IT problem! If you were a legitimate company you would have cut a check by now - if you were a legitimate company you would have called and updated your customer or consistently email your customer giving updates letting your customer know that your working on the issue - Blockchain is a joke, scam! Update 6/14/21 - finally received my money but i still will not change my rating of 1 star as it took over 2 months of postings and sending emails before i received my money - very poor communication, this company needs help and they need help now! Case closed here and I will not be using Blockchain now or in the future!
  • Real bad experience 1/5

    By febajacob
    I was unable to withdraw money to my bank account from my wallet, did many transfers from wallet to exchange and backwards and from one crypto to another and to dollar but still couldn’t withdraw anyway . I almost loose 340$ just because of all these and unable to get money , at last thanks to Coinbase which is simple and easiest where I transferred my remaining Bitcoin , I had real bad experience from blockchain and even after multiple calls and chat , I didn’t get help when I needed
  • Bad service 1/5

    By houssaqm
    I cant even send my money to another adress , been days like this
  • Wow 5/5

    By Rob ll Hall K
    You Guys Are The Best....Belgium Authority Facilitating
  • Great 5/5

    By sheyman13
    Best app ever
  • Unable to withdraw from my trading wallet 1/5

    By idontlikeallthis
    Please I don’t like all this that have been going through lately ,have updated my app and done every necessary things needed to be done ,I bought coins through my blockchain with bank ,so have been trying to send the coins from the trading account to the private wallet ,and whenever I want to do so it doesn’t show any amount for me to put it’s showing me a zero balance please what’s going on I don’t like all of this have been trying since four days ago and I regret using the app I can’t lie to you
  • Sending BTC 1/5

    By Slybtc
    I have sent BTC since yesterday and still confirming 1 since yesterday, this is crazy I need that BTC sent😞
  • Please hear me out!!!!! 5/5

    Problems I’m currently having I’m crying I really need your help service attention. Lost my 2kusd without no one logging in my wallet also have a 2k pending transaction for over days.
  • Lock You Out 1/5

    By rhgnb10
    I have thousands of dollars in a wallet on this app. Every time I try to log in it locks me out for 8hrs. When you try to purchase Bitcoin or any other crypto it always gives you an “oops something went wrong”. Makes me wonder what’s going on here.
  • Good 5/5

    By mario herdz
    The best wallet
  • Poor services 1/5

    By Tin606
    Blockchain is total crap, you can’t add bank or cards. This is such a poor platform
  • Terrible 1/5

    By garbageappdontuse
    Do not use blockchain to trade or anything this app is terrible
  • Btc 5/5

    By adu efe
    Best btc wallet
  • No proper support 1/5

    By Hotboy1kjd
    I’ve raised a few tickets to have one issue resolved and to date I haven’t had a response that’s not automated. I’m simply trying to receive my funds $180 that’s in my wallet address that is in my forgotten wallet and the 12 phrase given for my new wallet is the same as my old so I can’t restore my forgotten. All I’ve been asking for is to speak to a human and have this sorted, going on 3 months with the same issue. Awful support and my reason for not using this wallet. (#2394601) A new month am still no proper support from this app/company. Why can’t I just get my funds!!!! 😡😡😡🤬🤬
  • Contraseña 1/5

    By asdfgyuiod
    Se me olvidó la contraseña y no me deja recuperarla y dice soporte que no pueden hacer nada , y así se pierde la plata que tenía en la billetera . Esto no puede ser posible.
  • App is no good 1/5

    By Miscovy53
    I It’s been almost 2 weeks and I am unable to move
  • Reliable 5/5

    By Daratan boomy
  • Very bad 1/5

    By oluwatobiking
    Sometimes really annoying to open Keeps saying error try again
  • Nice 5/5

    By investorbeejex
    Easy to use
  • Do not use this app 1/5

    By zxch1463
  • Blockchain 5/5

    By Dr Lawrence James
    It’s one of the best and safest wallet...
  • Check on my account 3/5

    By Lovekid3100
    I got registered with block chain for a long time now and before they could accept my Passport on the processing of the account that took up to two weeks and finally it was accepted and my ID Verification was successful now I have login into my accout and I can't see where is shows my limit on how much coin I can put in and send out so this is what I'm facing there on this app and you won't expect me to start trading when my limit is not showing so you better resolve that or I have to look for other trading app
  • Best app ever use in my life 5/5

    By abert thomas
    Best app for crypto currency’s to use
  • About opening app 5/5

    By llalaas
    Hey what is happening I have been trying to open my app it’s takes a long time never opens what is happening I am scared now please do sometimes because I never had any problems with the app till I updated blockchain to the latest version please make the app a better way to use than this it’s taken a long time and my app is not opening up what is wrong
  • Buggy App doesn’t open 97% 1/5

    By KoolAidOG
    After I put my 4 digit pin in it just stay going in circles then it says decrypt error, then sometimes it works 1x at the day I can actually go inside the app. This is very scary it’s like I can’t get to my own money.
  • I am unable to login my blockchain wallet for the past 24 hours 5/5

    By uzodinma roy
    I am unable to login my blockchain wallet for the past 24 hours it’s keeps showing me error diecrypting wallet
  • Lagging issues 1/5

    By 176ty
    Anytime I open the app it keeps lagging could you help fix it
  • My blockchain is not logging 5/5

    By Johnbryan183
    My blockchain is not working ... it shows error in connection
  • Delay to login 1/5

    By shagimello
    Why have I been trying to login my account and it keep loading with going into my account for Over an hour now....
  • ❤️💯 5/5

    By agboola jr
    Awesome Easy to use
  • Login issues 2/5

    By ayo destiny
    What’s going on with your login issues always showing errors