Smart Blood Pressure- SmartBP

Smart Blood Pressure- SmartBP

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  • Current Version: 4.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Evolve Medical Systems, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smart Blood Pressure- SmartBP App

Smart Blood Pressure (or SmartBP) is a smarter way to manage your blood pressure measurements and track your progress. SmartBP is a blood pressure management app that allows you to record, track, analyze and share your Blood Pressure information using your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad devices (check compatibility requirements). In addition, SmartBP connects with Apple HealthKit and Microsoft HealthVault. With your health information at your fingertips, you can now take a more active role in your own health. Whether prehypertensive or hypertensive, SmartBP can help you track your progress and manage all your blood pressure measurements with an overall goal of improving your blood pressure. For information on how to use the app, visit our website * Video: * FAQ: Features- - Record systolic, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate and weight. Body mass index (BMI), pulse pressure (PP) and mean arterial pressure (MAP) is automatically calculated. Now you can enable/disable weight monitoring. - Quickly add notes (e.g. before dinner) and measurement information (e.g. sitting, left arm) using tags. - Store and access all your blood pressure measurements anywhere and anytime using Apple HealthKit and Microsoft HealthVault. HealthVault offers you a way to store health information from many sources in one location, so that it's always organized and available to you online. Avoid manual data entry and reduce errors by automatically uploading blood pressure measurements to HealthVault/HealthKit by auto-syncing with SmartBP. The following Blood Pressure Monitors can connect to HealthVault/HealthKit: * A&D: UA-767PC * Omron: HEM-790IT, 7300IT, HEM-670ITN, BP791IT, BP786, M10IT * Withings Blood Pressure Monitor * Homedics: BPA-260-CBL * iHealth: BP5, BP7 * QaridoArm - Share your blood pressure information with your doctor, healthcare provider or family using email, text message (SMS), Apple HealthKit and Microsoft HealthVault. Create blood pressure reports in PDF format with blood pressure data, charts and stats and share with your doctor or healthcare provider. - Analyze the progress you are making using intuitive graphs and statistics (including mean and variability for a period). Filter the data analyzed based on tags which can prove useful in analyzing how well you are doing and if any lifestyle modifications or medications have proven effective. - Backup all your blood pressure data by exporting your file to iTunes, Dropbox and Drive. If your blood pressure data is saved in a CSV file, you can import all your data to the application. - Protect your data with TouchID protection - Set reminders for managing your blood pressure - Intuitive color coded data to identify normal, prehypertensive, stage I and II hypertension. These limits can be modified. - US and international height and weight units supported. Disclaimer: 1) Smart Blood Pressure may only be used as a tool to record, share and keep track of blood pressure measurements. Smart Blood Pressure cannot measure blood pressure. 2) Smart Blood Pressure is NOT a substitute for a doctor or professional healthcare or advice. Any health related information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace the advice of healthcare professionals. 3) Smart Blood Pressure is meant to track your blood pressure records where each record is the systolic, diastolic, pulse, weight, date/time and notes/tags. Although weight can be modified for each record, it is not meant to track weight independently.


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Smart Blood Pressure- SmartBP app reviews

  • Garbage 1/5

    Crap doesn’t give any info until you buy.
  • Sofya 1/5

    By Abdalrahmanrabti
  • Seen much better 1/5

    By cgdryjvt25654,)$
    3 pop up ads and one upgrade request before I could even try the app
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Vonn A
    Does not show you where or how to take your blood pressure. Black screen with ad on top asking you to buy. App does not do blood pressure
  • Junk 1/5

    By Tinkerbell AK
    Could not get it started. No instruction on how to activate it.
  • Wonderful app but 1/5

    By Mojukwu
    Update: Reduced star rating from 3 stars to 1. Received two developer responses that clearly showed my concern wasn’t properly read. After the first response, I emailed back reiterating my concern. This time, it took over a month for me to get a response.. the same irrelevant response as before! Each time, asking me to re-rate to 5 stars... This is a wonderful app for tracking BP, it’s user-friendly and easy to understand. The only thing that I find missing is the ability to setup reminders, within the app. Please fix or and I will rerate to the 5 stars this app would otherwise deserve. Thanks.
  • 4/5 stars - almost perfect, but deserves a 5 5/5

    By Urbanlogic
    This app has been great to record and track my blood pressure and other vitals over time. The one flaw of this app is that it only allows for one profile! I have an elderly father for whom I track his blood pressure, and I would love to be able to do it all in one place. Thanks for your hard work.
  • No info on how to start 1/5

    By Natashia D
    Slow slow start and no tutorial
  • BEST Blood Pressure Tracking App Available! 5/5

    By phendyl
    The SmartBP app is a clear winner! It had to be developed by medical professionals because of its intuitive, straightforward design to log vitals. This app seamlessly syncs with Apple HeathKit and many brands of blood pressure monitors. The graphical tracking screens are prefect for trending, BUT the “Stats” screens really give you important information on your blood pressure recordings in a meaningful way. SmartBP has excellent sharing ability, and can export a colorful, detailed PDF report that you can bring to your doctor! The app also allows every entry to be custom tagged, which is extremely useful for tracking medication adjustments and results. Overall a 5-Star app with a ton of great features and definitely worth the price!
  • Do I have to buy this for each device? 1/5

    By mark185489
    In trying to tie my iPad into my account and it seems to want me to purchase the app again. If I’m wrong I’m sorry and will try and change the review. I cannot find any contact info.
  • Crapjmc 1/5

    By crapjmc21
    The in app purchases will never download
  • Will not work on my IPhone!!! 1/5

    By Bebkie
    I spent way to much time trying to get this app to work on my IPhoneX I finally gave up and the person trying to help me gave up. I like the app, but It’s useless to me because I can’t get it to work on my phone. I can’t believe I spent money on this thing. Very sad. I give up and will just use the OmronWellness app.
  • Mesemagasame 1/5

    By mesemagasame
    Not clear how I take test.
  • Great for tracking BP 5/5

    By PouchonT
    Great for tracking BP
  • Syncing 2/5

    By E V P 7
    App will not sync with I phone or monitoring device
  • Rev 5/5

    By rab1012001
  • Fácil 4/5

    By Libelula/2
    No lo entiendo
  • How do you even check your blood pressure? 1/5

    By the Roberts Casa
    Not user friendly
  • Syncing 1/5

    By HyattFrustration
    The instructions for automatic syncing with Omron Bluetooth are not clear
  • Lifetime 1/5

    By nunnykay
    How do you begin to use this thing. There is no inside information or instructions.
  • Crashes on iPhone X 3/5

    By Brian State of CA
    Awesome app but totally crashes on the iPhone X
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Oracle Keith
    Tried to create profile. The only date I could enter for my birthday is today. What a farce. Throw away.
  • Can’t even get started 5/5

    By JaniceLaF
    I installed this app and started looking around. Before I could even figure out how to add a value, my phone was blown up with ads and “rate this app”. I tried for a while then deleted the app. I came back after a few minutes and re-installed, thinking “surely it isn’t actually that bad”. It was. I still haven’t entered a single bit of data, but I’ve closed about a dozen ads (or more). I fully understand that developers need to sale ads to make money but there’s little purpose to an app that can’t be used (due to the ads).
  • Apple watch app 1/5

    By Dj_JD31
    This app seems ok but i wish there was a option to change kg into lbs on the watch app
  • Directions not available?! 1/5

    By mariaccregan
    How do you measure BP?
  • Smart BP 5/5

    By ManUtah801
    Very easy to use and quickly emails to doctor.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By arizonahusker
    App for keeping my husbands blood pressure
  • Does Not Sync To Apple Health As Advertised 1/5

    By k9keeper
    Using iOS 11.3.1 on an iPhone 8+. Despite numerous re-installs and carefully checking and re-checking all Apple Health permission settings this app DOES NOT synchronize to provide input into Apple Health’s ‘Blood Pressure’ health data. If this is a feature you want in your blood pressure logging app then move on to another.
  • Frustrated with profile 1/5

    By leroy3605
    I downloaded today the free version and tried inputting but it will not allow me to enter DOB info, instead it shows today’s date. I uninstalled and tried reinstalling but only allowed me to download from the cloud. Why?
  • Male 4/5

    By cler12
  • Crashed twice on me 1/5

    By Colliemama
    Every time it sends me over to sync blood pressure machines it crashes.
  • Ease of Use 4/5

    By Kik48477
    The program is straightforward and easy to use.
  • Doesn’t work on my iPad Pro 1/5

    By pcgs51
    Downloaded this app on my iPad Pro and found it won’t let me use it in landscape mode, which is a problem since I have a keyboard for my tablet. But can’t use it in portrait orientation. Next I tried to edit my profile. Found there is no way to edit my new empty profile. If I’m doing something wrong then I would say this app is not user friendly because adding my name should be super simple. I’ll try again with my iPhone 6 and see if I have better luck. But I would prefer to have this app on all my mobile devices.
  • Sync is not working 3/5

    By Marketingal
    I like this app, but I recently upgraded to sync between my iPad and iPhone. Both devices are set to same Wi-Fi network and both have Bluetooth turned on. Neither device receives data from the other.
  • Keeps dying and losing all my data 1/5

    By MP AMD
    I entered few readings, enabled sync with Apple health kit. But after few hours app started hanging immediately at launch. I restarted phone with no luck. I uninstalled app, kept all reading in health kit. Then I reinstalled the app and try to sync with a hope of getting all my readings back... but instead of getting it back I ended up losing all my data, even from apple health app... Ended up wasting $5.99 and losing all my data...
  • Great application 5/5

    By 2izziebelle
    I appreciate this application helps me keep my numbers and history in view.
  • Weight doesn’t calculate BMI 1/5

    By galfromiowa
    The weight seems to work only with kg not pounds.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mary18B
    Allows me to view a history
  • Great tagging feature!! 4/5

    By Valasel
    It's amazing to me how few BP apps include the ability to track factors that might be contributing to BP problems! The flexibility of the tagging features in this app allows you to tag & track - then graph- whatever you want: stress levels, salty diet, major public events (I noticed my BP spike for days after Las Vegas shooting), specific medications or supplements, caffeine intake, etc. It has helped me learn that for me, salt seems almost irrelevant and stress is about 80% of the problem. I'm now tracking Toprol closely as I think I might be having an uncommon but not unheard of paradoxical reaction, with more Toprol raising my BP. DEVELOPER SUGGESTIONS: ... TAGGING: It would be really helpful if tags could be ordered; if not, it would be helpful if list were at least alphabetized. Also would like to be able to ditch some of the tags provided by app......DEFAULTS: Being able to set defaults for measurement site and measurement location would speed input nicely!......BONUS: The ability to have multiple profiles would be nice. Some of us have non-smartphone-using elderly parents to track! Thanks for a great app!!
  • Just what I need 5/5

    By Starbrdtack
    This app is simple to use and does exactly what it says it does
  • ???? 1/5

    By Hikerguy808
    Where are the instructions?
  • An excellent option 5/5

    By einsteinboricua
    After I started having panic attacks my blood pressure would shoot up. The only problem was that I’d have no way of recording the numbers for a doctor to look at. I’ve learned my lesson and record the readings on this app. I also love the Export function so I can email a full history of all the readings I’ve made. Would definitely recommend to folks needing to record your BP readings. The interface is simple for use.
  • My thoughts, 5/5

    By bob10505
    I actually enjoy recording my BP, and I send it periodically to my provider. App includes some details.
  • Ads take over app in the middle of adding data 1/5

    By Dan0844
    I give this app one star and know I’m going to delete it. It let an ad take over the add while I was putting in my data. It gave it very unprofessional feeling.
  • Complicatd 1/5

    By NetRN48
    Don’t like it.
  • Upgrade 5/5

    By Nanmann1
    I love the app but my big disappointment came when I upgraded to “ ad free”. I had a terrible time. It never went through. Then I contacted SmartBP support. They were amazing. Walked me through how to get help. Turned out to be an Apple problem. Now I am totally enjoying my “ ad free” experience!! Thanks!!!!
  • Not what I wanted 1/5

    By LyzyBorden
    It estimate you BP based on your profile, is not an actual reading
  • En Dios Confío 5/5

    By *El lobo de la Montaña.***
    Me parece bien para que así uno pueda estar en buenas manos y buenas condiciones,salud amor paz y bendiciones para todos Gracias GB 3/14/2018....
  • Annoying 1/5

    By GiGi1203
    Most ridiculously annoying app ever. Spent almost an hour trying to get it set up so I can add my previous daily history. Not only would it never allowing me to add any data, it literally popped an ad every 30 seconds, then an ask to upgrade for $5.99 30 seconds after the ad. Never again.
  • Terrible, stupid app 1/5

    This app throws up video ads right before you take your readings. Wakes your partner, and literally spikes your blood pressure. How about banner-only adds? Or video AFTER saving? It does not remember defaults either. Anyone who gives this a high score has not tried alternatives.

Smart Blood Pressure- SmartBP app comments


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