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Bloom - Coloring Book

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  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: brainbow
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bloom - Coloring Book App

Add color to your life, engage your creativity and relax by making beautiful art with Bloom. Get access to over 500 exclusive, unique designs, each one made by award-winning artists from around the world. Unlock new designs with our magical color capture experience. Access 100s of colors and use incredible tools to create the effects you want and make each design a unique piece of art. Bloom is brought to you by the team behind Peak – Brain Training, the App Store’s favourite Brain Training app, with more than 25 million downloads. Take some time out, get creative and relax with Bloom’s unique coloring experience. We’re with you throughout to reward and motivate you through your creative adventures. FEATURES: • Unlock premium designs with just your camera • Incredible designs. Amazing tools. No subscriptions • More than 600 designs to color with new books added every month • Experience the world in full color by collecting colors outside • Personalise your experience by coloring your avatar • Our designs are unique and exclusive to Bloom. We never use stock because we believe art matters. • 100s of colors to choose from • Tools to help you make each design uniquely yours • Works offline! Links to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service can be found below • Privacy Policy: • Terms of Service :


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Bloom - Coloring Book app reviews

  • No monthly subscription 5/5

    By E4531
    Thank you for providing a coloring option that doesn’t require a monthly subscription to open the good designs. The fees are reasonable, the pictures are gorgeous, and I love it!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Jules509
    I personally love this app because I can color without having to pay weekly. I just have to spend money to buy more drops. Which have to buy about every week.
  • Bad 1/5

    By hygvbjk
    Try to match the colors and the color you used before doesn’t come up. Try to put a color in a blank spot and it won’t let you - touch touch touch touch and nothing happens. This is a bad one. There are better ones out there - keep looking.
  • Good app if you like wasting time 1/5

    By Mustangof2013
    I had been working on a picture for about 30 minutes when the whole app just went to the main screen, no warning. Went back into the app only to find the picture I had been working on for the past half hour was gone. Of course, my money was still gone and the picture was saved, but all the color I had put into it was gone and reset back to white. I’ve noticed the app closing before, but I wasn’t doing anything but looking through the pictures so it wasn’t as bothersome. Never thought about it possibly happening while I was in the middle of a project. For future reference, whenever you start on something, always save it after a couple of minutes. That was my fault, but because production of the app was so carelessly put together I’m deleting it. Nice idea for a future bug free app though.
  • Ãwśōmę 4/5

    By māñåv
    Į rëãrłÿ łïkē ìt🤩
  • Android phone’s? 5/5

    By TgK721
    This is a really great and fun app, but most of my friends have android phones, but it would probably be more enjoyed if you made it for both iOS and Android
  • “Drop” issue 3/5

    By Chevy_454
    Every time I do the “capture” challenge, all the points I’ve earned disappear or the app crashes!!! 🤬 Otherwise I like this app! It’s my favorite coloring app! Fix this please!
  • Most Amazing Paint App 5/5

    By Mrs. Uni Holliday
    This is The Most Amazing paint app out there.And in case if anyone was wondering you can get more of the paint coin thingies.By clicking the plus icon then you can watch a videos for more of them or you can collect a gift they give you and etc.
  • Great Experience 5/5

    By GamingFun08
    This game is amazing. It has great graphics and doesn’t have any faults. It is free, and like they said they don’t even ask for any subscriptions. This game is great! Even if your not a colorer, you would love it!
  • Bloom 5/5

    By bloomy bloomer
    Bloom has been awesome so fun for after school
  • Bloom 5/5

    By Sigrun Arna Hannesdottir
    Bloom the game is very fun game👍🏼very good job👍🏼 From:Sigrun Arna(from Iceland)
  • The best ! 5/5

    By shineelover
    The reason why I think this app is the best well because this app gives you so much colors and so many coloring pages to do ❤️❤️
  • Download now!! Best app ever! 5/5

    By zoe zimm
    I’ve downloaded probably around 40 coloring apps and I promise I am not exaggerating in the slightest! This app is by far the most absolute best coloring app I’ve ever seen in my entire life! The designs are amazing and the colors are all free. One of the worst coloring apps I’ve seen was colorfy which made you pay for almost everything! It SUCKED! this app is so much better and you can do fun things to earn your money drops to get new drawing to color in! I will never delete this app and I’ll use it every day! Thank you for your service and please don’t change anything about the app!🎨🎨🌺🌺🔥🎨🎨🌺🔥🔥🎨❤️🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🔥🔥🎨❤️🇿🇦🔥🔥🔥
  • I can’t find your app on my kindle. Is it only for iPhones? 5/5

    How do I get more mystery designs?
  • Booo 1/5

    By MachoCrazyFiona
    I was almost done with a page and it deleted all of my work it is terrible come on fix it
  • App crashes 3/5

    By amly10101
    My app keeps crashing and every time it does I lose the points I’ve earned for that day. It’s very frustrating! I also just purchased some points and then when I got back on the app they were gone!
  • Truly brilliant! 5/5

    By Samxye
    This coloring app is easy to use with very intuitive functions. The designs are fun and plentiful. The color collecting and mystery coloring adds an element of gaming to it. I’d spend hours on this if I could. I’m especially impressed that they listened to customers and traded the subscription form to points. Makes it great for someone like me who can’t get on often but still loves what they have to offer
  • Coloring 5/5

    By Britt N P
    Love the app. So much fun! The word “organized” is spelled wrong when you first download the app.
  • Bug fixes need to be made 3/5

    By PrincessxLuna
    I LOVE this app. But unfortunately it keeps closing down. It randomly shuts down in the middle of whatever you’re doing. If you’re in the middle of colouring and it shuts down then all your progress is erased.
  • Awesome but... 5/5

    By mrs.monkeygirl
    Whenever I accidentally click on a small part I get rid of the color and it is annoying
  • 10 out of 10 5/5

    By MrCaptainFinch
  • Love it but.... 3/5

    By Dolphinsrule5
    When I color the mystery and the pictures I feel so relaxed and love it but I can only color like one picture a day with the “drops” that you get. Even if you watch the videos plus do the challenge and get the daily amount which is all you can get for free your only getting like 60 drops. Each picture is 25-100 so I can never really do anything.
  • Too expensive 2/5

    By Kazi Gold
    I really used to like this game until they added drops to access mystery designs. Earning drops takes forever and are never quite enough while the alternative is to pay a disproportionate amount of money just to color. They need to cool it on the making money thing
  • Its good I guess 4/5

    By 244432545
    It hurts your arm and I have done 2small drawings and there are so many tiny areas it’s just annoying take out the small areas please
  • Bloom 3/5

    By lcNmb
    It's an ok app, not the best by any means though... There are some really nice coloring pages offered but the majority available aren't that great, in my opinion. Also, you have to use your "ink drops" to "purchase" the coloring pages that you want to color. You can earn 15 drops per day by matching three color examples to real colors around you via your phone's camera. Then that's about it unless you want to sit & watch a bunch of adds all day to receive like maybe three additional drops per day?!
  • Fun....but Frustrating 2/5

    By joyianya
    I enjoy coloring. It’s frustrating to have the app close for no apparent reason. You can be in a groove then suddenly you’re bumped out & lose all the work you’ve done. The incomplete lines, minuscule coloring areas that are time consuming & difficult to fill are also frustrating. And lastly, I have down loaded this app on my iPhone & iPad. They aren’t synced to each other. So, although I paid for the upgrade on my iPad it doesn’t show that on my iPhone. I have to pay for items I already paid for? No way! So as much as I enjoy bloom...I cannot give it a 5 star because of the reasons stated.
  • I love this 5/5

    By ElectraHurley
    Most coloring apps always push for payment and blocked certain images, but this app has a fun way to earn droplets to unlock images. Its so much more stress relieving.
  • Cooking Craze Infomercials CRAZY 😜❣️ 5/5

    By CBearTree
    PLEASE Have the “Cooking Craze” Info’s Changed to Give Credit for Just Watching/Participating During the Allotted Time❣️NOT To Have to Serve 9 Customers Many Donuts & Sundae’s in the Allotted Time, Just to Lose & Not Get Credit, & Have to Play Until U Can Fill ALL of the Orders❣️I CAN’T DO IT❣️😳😜😬😢 I Have MS & am Old❣️😢 *However, I Do Like the Knew Layout & Have Always Enjoyed Searching for the Colors❣️The Point System is a Good Idea❣️👍🤗 Although, I was Under the Impression That When I Participated in The Trials, I Was Supposed to Get & Already Had the “Color-By-Number/Symbols (Mystery Pictures) for FREE & The App❣️I Lost a LOT of Pictures & Points of Which I Faithfully Acquired Even When I Wasn’t Getting Any Picture’s to Color, I Still Collected Colors on 2 Different Devices❣️😳😢 *Also, What R the Drops for, U Don’t Inform❣️Are There More Colors!?❣️🤔 What’s the Difference Between the Small & Large & How Do U Use Points to Collect!?❣️🤔 Also, Could U Make It So the Lines Connect & the Colors Don’t Bleed Please❣️This is My 1st Review & I Like Your Coloring App. Of Which I Give 5 Stars ⭐️ ❣️👍 Thank U & Keep Up the Good Work❣️ Yours Truly, CLN
  • Best of the free coloring apps! 5/5

    By Zkharrier
    Love this app! You get access to a wide variety of colors! And the pictures are fun to color!
  • Droplets 2/5

    By Dman r
    I love the app, However I don’t know how to use the droplets because when I want a color, it says I completed it. I don’t know how to use it and there are no instructions. The whole I got this app was because of the droplets, and there are no instructions on it. It is very disappointing. For this reason it makes this app just a regular coloring app, it deserves 1.5 stars just for making it average.
  • Love but drains battery 4/5

    By Bluelac
    Love the app. My favorite part is finding colors in the real world. More of that please? I took off a star because this really drains my iPhone battery. I have to be plugged in to use it or else I see my battery drop every minute.
  • Best free coloring app out there 5/5

    By madisontrish
    I was in search of a cool, free app for digital coloring. Almost all are subscription. I thought pigment was so cool in the AT&T store on the iPad, only to find out it’s about $3.99 a week. I can own adobe illustrator monthly for less than that in which I could make my own things, color them, save them and export them. Plus their extra fine print wasn’t cool for details that are not up front in ‘Free trials.’ I stumbled upon this in a list of coloring apps and I’m glad I did. You can earn drops ( points) for watching videos, they are quick, and do a color search scavenger hunt ( which I find fun and have done with my 5 year old) also to earn points. Both of these earn you enough daily to pick new coloring pages. If you don’t have the patience you can buy drops from in app purchases. I only did this to complete my pain tool box ( brushes). The mystery color was a fun touch as well-you paint by shape selections and you uncover an image ( mine was a zebra). Pretty relaxing and fun. I highly recommend this app. Ditch the idea of a subscription-free, with the option to buy is the way to go.
  • Great game! 4/5

    By Mia_Elyse
    It’s a great game, but I can’t get into the app anymore without it crashing. It will load and then crash. Can’t do anything. I’ve tried deleting it and reinstalling it, but nothing is working
  • App malfunction 2/5

    By Lęmºn
    After using it just a couple times, the app closes on its own. Wont even allow me to open it again. Ive tried to open it multiple times and it just blanks out!! sounded like a cool idea but whats the point if the app wont function correctly?!
  • Everything is based on money 1/5

    By MarYoung
    Everything is based on these paint drop and u only start off with 100 and u don’t get anymore but there so only a sort amount of things u can do but everything u have to pay with paint drops I don’t recommend this app I recommend colorfy or any other apps besides this one.
  • Crooks 1/5

    By All-Killer-No-Filler
    After my free trail expired, they kept billing me without my authorization, I have made several attempts to delete, unsubscribe, but they still BILL ME. Wish I never came across this app AT ALL!
  • Great App! Small issue. 4/5

    By LalalalaLinh!
    I really like the app! Sometimes I like to use it right before I head to sleep or in-between my classes. My favorite part of coloring is the end result!! One issue with the color by numbers (or shapes?) is when I’m almost finished coloring the image. It automatically finishes my image even when I’m not done coloring. I’d like this fixed so that I can finish coloring in peace. Besides that — I love it!
  • BAD TRANSITION/customerservice 1/5

    By ~marooka~
    I typically write good reviews and would have before as a subscriber liking the app for the most part; however they CHARGE MULTIPLE TIMES in one month for one months charge and CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES NOTHING! Also this transition of them canceling subscribers is great only after they did it... they continued to charge me without benefits to the site AND HAVE NOT REFUNDED ME! In addition I’ve PAID FOR OPTIONS AND TOOLS ALREADY AS A SUBSCRIBER AND AM NOW BLOCKED FROM USE because of the tradition they WANT ME TO PAY AGAIN FOR USE OF THESE TOOLS!! Or get drops by PAYING or long term collection over time (fair, I think not) either way it’s PAY PAY PAY WITH THEM AND NO REFUND EVEN AFTER THEY STOP SUBSCRIPTIONS! So yeah if I could give them less than one star I would! I’ve never been so unsatisfied or unfairly treated with an app, it’s developers or Whomever has decided to RIP OFF HE PEOPLE WHO LIKED THE IDEA OF IT, wow WHAT A SCAM!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By emoji5292🤪
    I just think it is so cool that you need to earn the drops instead of having a V.I.P account that’s so much better than any other coloring app! It is so fun to choose any picture you want to color without paying I love that you don’t have to pay! 🐳💩🦄 P.S love all the apps by this developer!
  • Wish I could turn off noise so I can listen to music while using app 3/5

    By Minnesota wonder
    And that purchased pictures would automatically show up in the me tab.
  • Mystery Puzzle Buggy on iPad 2/5

    By JueJuey
    Now that I have an iPad I was looking forward to using this app on the larger surface only to have it repeatedly crash the minute I apply a color to a mystery picture. Buzz kill for sure!
  • Good app, please fix the sound hijack 4/5

    By Sean Garland
    I like to use this app while listening to music. Occasionally this app will hijack my streaming radio app and kill the sound. Please allow us to listen to music uninterrupted while using your app. Thanks!
  • Subscription 2/5

    By Jackie_Hamer
    I paid for a subscription for this application and I do not feel that midway through my subscription this application should be changed. I really enjoyed using this application. But now I’m not getting my monies worth as I either have to do the scavenger hunt to get droplets or pay MORE money for droplets. Use droplets to get different tools i already is accesss to. I think the app should of stayed the Same for those with a subscription or we should we refunded. Not a happy bloom user.
  • Parfect 🍎🍊🧀🥒🥣🍇 5/5

    By :PxD:)•,•
    It’s perfect! The mysteries are fun, I enjoy them. Coloring is fun too. And color hunting? I love doing that. Suggestions: 1. Moar pls! First of all, I only have two more mysteries to go and I got this yesterday, so, yeah. Lots of the coloring images are unappealing to me, and there isn’t many free ones. (Also yes, I could buy premium but I don't really want to) Can we please find more than 2 colors per day? This would totally help me exercise, because I would walk around to find colors more. 2. Variety I would like a book, that maybe had to do with, city landscapes. 🏙🌃🌆🌇🌉. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, more books that have one subject, because with like the baby animal books, it’s like cats or something. Not that I don’t like cats. But maybe I feel like coloring owls that day. Also yes, please add an owl book. 3. Challenges Maybe, like, there was a picture and you are given a certain set of colors to color it with and you vote on it and the one who wins can earn like tickets or diamonds or something and if you don’t have premium you can buy pictures for diamonds. Also with that like maybe ads for diamonds. Also the challenges would have to be hard templates, like a desert with no yellow. Or a garden with no green. 4. Diamonds/tickets/other type of in-game currency This would be nice, like you can buy diamonds to buy books or something, you could get diamonds from challenges or watching ads, maybe even the color hunt. EDIT: Ok the new update made things PARFECT!!!!!!!!!! But I has one issue; YOU GOT RID OF THE FREE ONES???????????????????????????????????????????????? Lol it’s ok but I’m still kinda mad
  • Good, but could be great if... 4/5

    By My compliments
    I wish the app allowed you to capture more colors than the challenge for the day. That’s half the appeal of the app for me is finding my own colors, and I want more of that. Also some more variety in the types of pictures available to color would be nice, most of what’s available is really simplistic and cartoonish. Overall a great app idea though. Keep up the good work!
  • 💝 3/5

    By Lizzy💚💚💚
    Love the challenges but the pictures to color don’t seem that fun to me😕it would be a five if the pictures were better
  • Bloom is the Best! 4/5

    By star~reviewer
    This is one of the only reviews I’ve ever written for an app. Bloom is amazing, with beautiful pictures. I recommend adding a “To Color” feature where you can mark pictures you like to color later. Then this Droplets thing. I may or may not have praised the Lord for this. I’m so tired of subscription apps that won’t give me the best features unless I pay. And it’s almost as bad to get apps with in-game currency that’s rare and impossible to get. Bloom is amazing! You can get a solid few Droplets a day from collecting your colors, and they give you plenty to start with as well. I can now save up Droplets for my favorite pages and tools. Thank you SO much, please add a To Color section, and continue to make this app BLOOM! HAHAHA LOL
  • Bloom is fun again! Thanks 5/5

    By Lynnalive
    I have high hopes with the new changes. Fun today and relaxing.
  • Color me Happy 5/5

    By No88djrfan
    I love this App!!! Very relaxing!
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By AmazingShiny_Sylveon
    It’s good but we need to color our photos too!We also need Gradient colors ad a color wheel to choose. (If we don’t have those) and another one for gradient.You guys should also allow us to put it on the app.Gallery should be the name for users to add their colored photos there for others to like/dislike and to comment :)

Bloom - Coloring Book app comments


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