Bloom – Mystery Coloring

Bloom – Mystery Coloring

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  • Current Version: 2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: brainbow
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bloom – Mystery Coloring App

Relax as you easily uncover beautiful art with mystery coloring. Coloring has never been easier, more relaxing or inspiring. Follow the symbols to add color and turn a blank screen into something stunning then share the timelapse of your work to amaze your friends. Unlock new designs with our magical color capture experience. Access 100s of artworks and colors with no subscriptions! FEATURES: • Incredible Mystery Coloring library! Reveal beautiful hidden art! • Amaze your friends with your skill by sharing timelapses of the art you color. • Unlock premium designs with just your camera. • Incredible designs. Amazing tools. No subscriptions. • More than 600 designs to color with new books added every month. • Experience the world in full color by collecting colors outside. • Personalise your experience by coloring your avatar. • Our designs are unique and exclusive to Bloom. We never use stock because we believe art matters. • 100s of colors to choose from. • Tools to help you make each design uniquely yours. • Works offline! Links to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service can be found below • Privacy Policy: • Terms of Service :

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Bloom – Mystery Coloring app reviews

  • Technical difficulties 3/5

    By Marb21365
    Watching videos to earn drops does not work; loading circle spins repeatedly until I close the app, the videos never end up playing. The app also crashes somewhat frequently. Other than these issues, I love this app. Really wish I could watch the videos every day to color more!
  • Bloom Coloring App 4/5

    By theamandashoww
    Lots of fun, especially capturing your own colors in every day objects! The videos to earn drops don’t work for me, so I wish I could do more than one picture a day.
  • Want To Love It 4/5

    By Jolie108
    When I first did the reveal option I loved it! And getting drops was relatively easy. I enjoy the color challenge and like trying to find the colors. But I’ve done the tutorial twice and nevertheless it hasn’t registered and I never got the drops. Not to mention each time I attempt to watch a video, it just tries to load but to no avail. I do enjoy this app very much even to the extent of purchasing drops.
  • D 3/5

    By Allwon
    Crashes often and not up to date. I’d like more pages to reveal
  • Needs some fixing 3/5

    By 😋😋😋😋😋firerika
    I really like how you don’t need a subscription and can earn currency to get pictures. But while this game was fun, it started to mess up. It would take a while for the color to appear on the screen and the same would happen when trying to zoom in or out. Several times when I clicked on one picture, it would boot me out of the app and to my lock screen. Please look into this because I do enjoy the app’s idea.
  • Decent coloring app 3/5

    By Kabochakiti
    Bloom is a decent coloring app and fairly addictive. However, the video will not play and crashes the app and several of the prints have incomplete lines so what should two colors is one. It is limited and requires purchases. Also, will drain your battery super fast.
  • It’s hard to earn drops 3/5

    By emgrace4
    So I love this app. I’d give it 5 stars if a few things were different. I wish there were more of the “reveal” categories and that some of them were free - you have to buy them with “drops”. It is so hard to earn drops. You get a few daily if you match the colors. It says you can earn up to 50/day by watching ads but that doesn’t work on my phone (and I’ve seen other reviewers have had this issue too). It can take days of not actually playing in the app and just matching some colors for you to earn enough to actually play!
  • Crashes all the time 3/5

    By mamulak
    I love this game but they need to add more category pages and fix the way you can earn drops. Every time I try to watch a video, the app crashes.
  • Very cool idea, no fun if you don’t want to spend money 2/5

    By Aaanbbcccddd
    I loved this app at first... until I ran out of the free drops. There is no way to earn more drops besides the 15 a day you get for “capturing colors”. The app says you can watch ads to earn more drops, but those don’t ever work. Disappointing that the only way you can enjoy is by sinking dollars in over and over.
  • Frequent Crashes 1/5

    By Moooomina
    While I am coloring I almost finish all of the coloring spaces... THEN MY IPAD CRASHES! When I go back in to the game my coloring is lost. Maybe try adding auto save. When I say crash, my IPad mimics what happens when it dies. Not Cool.
  • No Customer Support 3/5

    By Anameg
    I love the coloring aspect of the mystery reveal. Not many apps have that. The option to capture droplets from the world around you is also a unique feature that solves most user issues of unlocking images with money. However, there are little bugs here and there that can be fixed if a user reports them. Unfortunately there is no way to contact the developer for issues. One that I have had is when I open a page I’ve finished but want to change the colors for one reason or another, I can do anything but zoom in on the picture. When I do, the app doesn’t just crash but brings me back to my lock screen. When I went to settings to look for help there were only information on droplets and refunds. This lack of in depth development is what has me giving this app 3 stars. If there was a prompt team working on bugs and adding new colors I would have given a much higher rating.
  • Crashing 2/5

    By Brando1254
    The app keeps crashing unpredictably. I spent 45 minutes coloring a photo and the app crashed on the final touches. Went I went back into the app my painting was gone but the template was still there. This app is fun but the crashing is too frustrating.
  • Fun, but crashes too much 2/5

    By Lola Ravenhill
    Great coloring with fun designs, but impossible to earn drops by watching vids as they never load and then crash the app. Great way to force people to spend money on a free app by making that almost the only way to earn drops. 🙄
  • Needs a glitch update 2/5

    By lisap0123
    Enjoy filling in the designs. However the videos don’t load. I’m willing to watch them to earn drops, but it just spins and spins and spins, then I have to close and reopen the app to continue.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Robin Craig
    I really like this app and the coloring aspect of it however I’m frustrated that in order to get more coloring pages you have to have drops and one of the ways to earn drops is to watch videos of ads but it won’t load any of them - instead it locks up with a spinning wheel. Which basically means you have to purchase drops instead of earning them -not cool. The glitchy factor has dropped this down to three stars.
  • Promo videos won’t load 2/5

    By Allleee
    The app is fun and and a great way to color by shapes but to unlock a painting you have to use “drops”. One way to earn them is by watching promo videos , you can watch five promo videos a day for a total an additional 50 drops to help you unlock paintings quicker. Unfortunately watching the promo videos never ever works. It gets stuck on loading and I never had had the chance to earn the 50 extra drops to unlock paintings. It’s really annoying. Wish I could watch those videos so I can have enough drops to actually unlock paintings. This issue is ongoing , for both my sister and I. She also has the app and has the same exact problem. They really need to fix this issue.
  • buggy 1/5

    By Ponzu4u
    the “watch a video” to get ink hasn’t worked for over a month. the last two days the app has deleted all of the ink earned through challenges, so... one more strike and time to delete
  • Constantly crashing.. 2/5

    By JJ9393
    The design and layout of the app is wonderful. They supply of coloring pages is nice. The color ranges are amazing! My biggest issue is the app is constantly crashing. Once it crashes, I lose all the progress I had made with whichever picture I was coloring. It’s to the point where I’m ready to give up and uninstall the app. It is t worth the frustration.
  • Videos do not load 3/5

    By Did I say that?
    Videos to watch to earn daily droplets, do not load. Time lapse works fine. Please fix!
  • Better than the others 4/5

    By Old Fan22
    Bloom is a unique coloring app. I love that there is no “premium” subscription. You can unlock pages and brushes by collecting drops and spending them. However the number of coloring seems limited and there’s no search function. Overall one of the best coloring app I’ve had
  • Like the interface and concept, but crashes sometimes... 3/5

    By sapphex
    I was drawn in by the interface and the concept of having to look for colors in your environment. But I've been disappointed that it continues to crash when trying to load various designs. It really limits the things you can do with the app. I’m just waiting for an update cuz it has the potential to be great.
  • Very limited free play. 1/5

    By BJP820
    If you want to continue to play you will have to buy more coins. Supposedly you can earn more by watching a video, but when you click that it just spins and never goes anywhere.
  • Good pictures to color by number but needs some work 3/5

    By ShesAGem8610
    I like this app more than I thought I would. However trying to earn drops without paying for them is hard because the app freezes up when I try to watch ads and earn points. If this could be fixed, it would be much better. I also like the daily challenge of finding colors to match IRL but I’d love to be able to color more without spending all of my cash.
  • Glitch 4/5

    By PlanetEP
    This coloring app is absolutely great, but there is one problem. There is glitches sometimes when the app lags and it freezes FOREVER. And there is sometimes where you’re coloring something else and then the thing you’ve colored PREVIOUSLY TURNS BLACK AND THEN IT TURNS WHITE AGAIN, any then you have to color it all over again and it’s some never ending cycle.
  • Fun but keeps crashing 3/5

    By Ms Mollies Mom
    Fun coloring app but has bugs. Tapping on random coloring books crashes the program. Supposed to be able to earn ink drops by meeting a challenge, but the app doesn’t allow videos to be watched to earn drops. Spinning icon comes up and program does not respond. Could use tutorial reference of how to get around, how to earn drops, meet challenges, what the tools do that are offered. Got the starter package, but it didn’t say what was unlocked — coloring tools or templates. Seems very misleading.
  • Has great potential 3/5

    By nickname12246
    But videos never load making it impossible to earn drops get fixed and I will change rating to 5 stars
  • Updated review: Pretty perfect! 5/5

    By p34chy
    This app is unique. There’s not another one like it. I love the features such as using the world around us to draw in colors. There are just some bugs that need fixing! I’d love to earn droplets for free by watching the ad videos, but they just never ever load. My favorite part of the app is revealing the hidden pictures. I’d love to work on those forever, but there’s such a finite amount. Please make more! I hope this app is still being developed and updated because it’s pretty awesome. Just squash those bugs please! Update: the videos work now! I’m so pleased! Thank you, developers :)
  • Hi 5/5

    By Ally moster
    The kids are having a blast with the game you made
  • Some improvements needed 3/5

    By hdgagajwnensgsjene
    There is lots to like but this app needs some serious improvements. Your account doesn’t seamlessly transfer from one device to the other. I color on my iPhone and iPad. My coins add up or subtract no problem but my art work doesn’t carry over and I have to go and find my purchases in the app again, so as of right now it’s important to remember where you got a piece to work on. Next the color by shape instead of number is ok but the shapes don’t appear in all the spaces leaving you to guess what will go in that spot. There are too many of these small spots that leaves you unable to auto complete or just complete your work which is less than relaxing and more aggravating which is the opposite of why I want to use the app. The tools are great and I’m hoping for more in the future. I absolutely love building my color palette by capturing real colors with my camera, but those also don’t transfer over to my iPad and vise versa. All in all I like the app and that the costs are low but since there is a cost the above really should be improved on.
  • Crashes make many features impossible to use 2/5

    By bananamoose450
    I just downloaded this app a couple days ago and I have to agree with a lot of reviewers. The ad videos completely fail to load making free “drops” impossible to get. The blank coloring book pages crash the app before even loading in. Since every new pattern needs drops to color I’m pretty much at a stand still unless things get fixed. I have a tight budget right now so I don’t have the spare money to spend on a free app to get more pages to color. I’m going to wait it out to see if any updates arise in the near future, but otherwise I’ll probably delete this app. The app itself seems unique in its design and style, so if things improve I’ll be happy to leave a better review later. For now however, it’s pretty much unusable as is.
  • Bloom 4/5

    By dellajo55
    I love doing the reveals. But when are you going to give us some new ones?!? I’ve redone all of them to the point that it’s just no fun anymore!
  • Love it but 3/5

    By Spazpilot
    So you know how you can watch a video for 10 points? Well it’s hard to do that when the video never loads. I’d like to add that my internet is fine so it’s not an issue with the internet or my phone.
  • Videos can not watch 2/5

    By T-M. 7
    The spinner displays , no video is shown
  • Bloom 4/5

    By Jenny from LV
    Great app. Many coloring pictures and lots of other things to do! Keeps me entertained in the bored places and helps me relax. I suggest this app for anxiety relief.
  • Could be better 2/5

    By Gabby Godfroid
    It would be better if I could use the options to get the free drops. The videos have never worked, I’m sure your ads holders are thrilled that they’re not getting viewed.
  • Relaxing 5/5

    By anaaaagon
    This app is better than the average coloring apps. The mystery coloring is very relaxing and fun. I enjoy this app a lot. The only downside to this app is the fact that it crashes when you try to watch a video to earn drops or do other minor things. Other than that, no problems.
  • Don’t waste your time-crashes constantly 1/5

    By amybrianna01
    App crashes constantly- I waited for it to get fixed and it hasn’t. When it crashes it doesn’t save any of your work. Supposed to be calming but is actually very frustrating. I’m deleting
  • Bloom 5/5

    By Iovegoon
    Bloom is a app that I like because I can express how I feel. Another thing is that you can get your mind off of your work.
  • Frustrating!!! 3/5

    I am starting to think that the extra challenge pieces - watch videos, tutorial, etc- are purposely not functional because the creators of the app want you to buy add-ons! The only challenge that functions correctly is the color capture one, which you can only do once a day. After you’ve done your first few introductory designs it takes a few days to get back to 50 points, which is the minimum point value to open a design. The app can be a great way to de-stress at the end of the day but you trade it with frustration when parts of the app don’t work properly.
  • There is barely any colors 2/5

    By brooklynn078
    There is not very many colors and only one skin color you have to buy everything if you want to watch an ad to earn drops (coins) the ad doesn’t work also there isn’t that many coloring pages other than that it’s pretty okay
  • Earning extra points doesn’t work. 1/5

    By T to the F
    Don’t waste your time.
  • The “watch a video for 10 drops” never works 1/5

    By Gracy_lu
    It’s definitely addictive, but you can’t get enough drops to use it consistently because their “earn drops” system never works. If you want to always pay for drops this is your app.
  • Bloom 5/5

    By Dnalso
    Loved mystery designs , but nothing new has come out since I started.gonna hold out a little longer before I delete the app.
  • Is good 4/5

    By SpadeSwitch
    It’s good
  • Videos won’t play 3/5

    By Rwyllier
    Supposedly if you watch a video you get points. But instead, if you hit a button to watch a video you get a never ending circle. The only way out is to close the app. 😢😡
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Par wood
    I love this app. I just can’t seem to watch any videos they don’t come on and then I have to turn off my phone to get out of the app.
  • App is Great but Crashes A Lot 3/5

    By Mrs jelly
    I love this app, but I can’t access any of the videos or the app crashes. I can’t complete the tutorial because the videos won’t run. I love what I can access, but hopefully these bugs will be fixed soon.
  • Love this app-but... 3/5

    By bsgfr
    On IOS XS, my cellphone gets really hot when using the app. Please fix and update this app.
  • Like it, but... 2/5

    By waterwaterwaterrrrr!
    I’m still having issues with not being able to watch the 5 short videos to earn more drops. So I can’t get enough drops each day to get to draw a picture. I’ve seen other reviews where this problem is mentioned and there isn’t a fix yet. It’s very frustrating to not have the drops to even color one picture a day because of this.

Bloom – Mystery Coloring app comments

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