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Bloomberg Businessweek+ App

Download the Bloomberg Businessweek app to access new, must-read content every day. Customized by region for our global readers in US, Europe, and Asia, the new app allows users to access Businessweek anytime, anywhere for insight and analysis on the global stories that matter most. ● Bloomberg Businessweek subscribers and Bloomberg terminal users can access all of the app's content for FREE, after linking their accounts. ● Non-subscribers can download the app for FREE and access a few articles each month. Features: ● Through our new "BW IQ" section, view must-read Businessweek content every day, with insights and analysis on the global stories that matter most ● Access all of your weekly issues, perfectly formatted for your mobile and tablet screens ● Download the digital edition before the print edition arrives ● Search across all of your issues ● Create your own personal archive of your favorite stories ● Each week's issue is available from 10PM on Thursday EST ● Subscribe and get unlimited access to Businessweek stories within the app AND on the website. How does a Bloomberg Businessweek app subscription work? ● To subscribe, choose either a monthly subscription for $5.99 /month or an annual subscription for $59.99/year ● Your subscription gives you unlimited access to all Businessweek content within the app and on the website (after linking your account) ● Payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase ● Your subscription will auto-renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the billing period ● You may turn off auto-renewal from your iTunes account settings on your iPad or iPhone ● Subscriptions cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period ● Terms of Use: ● Privacy Policy: About Bloomberg Businessweek: Bloomberg Businessweek helps global leaders stay ahead with unique insights and in-depth analysis on the people, companies, events, and trends shaping today's complex, global economy. Informed by exclusive markets data and business intelligence that only Bloomberg can provide, Businessweek offers readers compelling business stories from an award-winning network of over 2,700 journalists in news bureaus across 150+ countries. Subscribe to get more of what you need to stay ahead around areas such as business, finance, technology, economics, and power.

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Bloomberg Businessweek+ app reviews

  • business week 5/5

    By St. Augustine Rocks
    Just fantastic.
  • A Fine Magazine 5/5

    By Ali Mazhin
    The magazine is excellent. It is used a lot. The App is also useful. The magazine has double issues which are interesting. Thanks, Ali Mazhin
  • Great news coverage in depth 5/5

    By Jagdish Patel, MD
    Not afraid to write it
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By edc999
    Worst designed app ever. BW content is very good but it is unbelievable that this organization can put out such a poor quality app. Bookmarks get lost from use to use, app often crashes, and customer support for the app is non-existent
  • Login? 1/5

    By JJolt
    The login process is incoherent and doesn’t work
  • Available Offline Feature Doesn't Work 1/5

    By Collin's Reviews
    The app supposably lets you download magazines for "available Offline" reading, yet I've never been able to read offline since the re-face last year. I'll either get an error message or on airplane mode I'm unable to click on any articles. It's disappointing this issue still has not been addressed
  • Terrible 1/5

    By yst28
    Worst magazine app I’ve ever used. The sole purpose of download for offline reading is for offline reading. But every time I close the app, it logs off my account and the issues previously downloaded are gone. I was never able to actually read when there’s no internet service. Plus no font size adjustment, let alone night reading mode or other common reading app features.
  • Small print STILL NOT elderly-friendly 2/5

    By ThosParb
    Still awaiting ability to increase text size. Please address this. I have stopped using the app because the default print is too small for me to read and cannot be magnified like prior app versions and other competing news apps. I'm sticking with WSJ app and skipping BW app until fixed. STILL NOT elderly friendly at all. Shame. Shame.
  • Font size cannot be changed 1/5

    By Golden Jack
    Please allow your user to change the size of font.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By overpostmates
    Hides how to end subscription.
  • Boring. Bring back the magazine. 1/5

    By Brandon625
    App is too plain and boring. Bring back the magazine layout. Where are the interactive videos? Blah!!!
  • Download not working 1/5

    By Jj89w
    Trying to download. Not downloading
  • Very nice fonts for reading long articles 4/5

    By JohnDee1900
    Just installed. Loved the font selection and clean black on white screen. So much easy on the eyes!! Will update as I use it for
  • Can’t log into my account. 1/5

    By PandXia
    Keep telling me request timed out.
  • Can not subscribe 1/5

    By G-Rilla-III
    Won't work no matter what I do. I've entered my credit card information about 10 times now.
  • Can’t create account. API connection error! 1/5

    By Alexzulupan
    I am mad
  • Useless on flights 1/5

    By therealmjfox
    I have this app specifically to read on flights. However after the latest update, even though I had multiple issues downloaded for offline reading, it would not load unless I was connected to the internet, making it useless on my flight.
  • Content not loading 1/5

    By Patrick-in-Chicago
    Same as other reviewer ag92 . I pay but get NOTHING because the content isn’t loading. I have the same problem with Esquire magazine’s app created by the same developer (Maz)
  • Useless when offline 3/5

    By Truser11
    Ability to reach downloaded content when offline would be highly useful.
  • Terrible experience 2/5

    By Lee Nackman
    The new MAZ-based app is a huge step in the wrong direction. Navigation is clumsy, the layout is unattractive and boring, and using the sharing menu with Notes and other apps gives you a link to the app in the App Store, not to the article you’re reading. I would go back to the previous app in a heartbeat if you make it available.
  • Mike Bloomberg will fire the BW digital team 1/5

    By JordanR62
    And the editor of the magazine if he ever checks this app. What a joke. So unfriendly from a UX point. Shameful really.
  • App worked well before, now.... 1/5

    By jwaldeck
    The design was interesting and the app UI was outstanding, now the app seems generic and I can't read anything offline anymore... Even after the issue is downloaded. The lost or articles remains gray (disabled) and nothing is clickable... Please fix this, this is making me rethink my subscription...
  • Big step back vs. the previous app 2/5

    By IdSTsaa
    Navigation is terrible. Old app was very useful. Why change?
  • Vintage app 1/5

    By Krevenaugh
    Stuck in the past. First update since they decided to partner with MAZ for no frills old school tech. Can’t believe there is still no way to choose font size. Really Bloomberg? One size fits all is your choice. Maybe read a few of your own articles on the trend of personalization.
  • Old app was far better 1/5

    By Jab9187
    This one is glitchy, dull, and leaves large amounts of unused space on your iPad screen. The old one worked beautifully on your iPad and was well-formatted and colorful almost like a real magazine on your screen. They should kill this version immediately and go back to the old one.
  • TERRIBLE experience 1/5

    By Oloap12345
    I stopped reading business week after this app was released. Bring back the old one please.
  • No single issue 1/5

    By Dejoky
    There's no way to buy a single issue. The monthly subscription option renews at the end of each month unless you turn it off, so you basically are buying an on going subscription and Bloomberg gets a few extra bucks if you don't cancel on time. Shady ethics
  • Not happy with new design and features 1/5

    By warrenrock2312
    No ability to increase the text size. Would like the magazine to open where I left off. Takes to long to start. Suggestion: make the app more usable.
  • Way behind other magazines 1/5

    By brucesimian
    Very simplistic and not very modern compared to,other leading magazine apps. Can't email article to someone else without them having the app. That's makes no sense for marketing purposes.
  • Lost subscription 1/5

    By Roko
    Today my subscription vanished from the app. I'm still receiving physical issues in the mail, so I tried to activate my account number in the app only to be told that I'm already logged in. What? Then why is it saying I need to subscribe when my sub doesn't expire until August 2018?
  • Bad redesign 1/5

    By JSB traveler
    I used to be a loyal reader of the magazine in the apps previous version. Now the app takes forever to load, is buggy and doesn't reflect the articles of the magazine. Unless they significantly overhaul the app I won't be renewing my subscription.
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By jwong22
    Articles are difficult to read and you user experience is worse.
  • Buggy to the point of unusable 1/5

    By sadartaud
    On my iPad, the download button is missing for the latest issue. So far, I've also needed to re-install the app for each new issue on account of log-in problems. I wish they'd bring back the previous app design, which was easier to navigate and much less buggy.
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By Csc228921
    Clean layout and good push notification cadence. Feels easy to ingest
  • Absolute crap update 1/5

    By Hokkdawg
    Major major step backwards from the great previous app. Phone version is good, but the iPad version is completely ruined, all articles are mostly white space on the screen. Do yourself a favor and just download a PDF copy of the print edition.
  • Horrible UX - bad design 1/5

    By masterbluestar
    The entire UX design team should be fired after this release of a new redesign! Simply pathetic.
  • Hate the new layout 1/5

    By Tweedy1
    Please bring back the old layout. The new layout is difficult navigate and many smaller news articles you would see and read on various pages seem to no longer be available, only the major headlines. Notify us all when there are changes to make this more readable.
  • Bring back the old version PLEASE!!!! 1/5

    By Mac19Mac19
    The new format is simply horrendous in comparison to the previous app. The previous design was one of the best digital news magazines available. It was a pleasure to read and navigate. The design aesthetic and content was stellar. What could have persuaded anyone to migrate to this platform as an improvement is beyond my understanding? It clearly didn't go through any A/B testing...PLEASE bring back the old and more modern app design asap!!!!
  • Subscription won't activate 1/5

    By Michael Hinojosa
    I used the old version of the app for 3 years without a ton of problems. After the upgrade I can't even access the weekly issues of the magazine. I try to log in as a subscriber but it keeps on throwing error messages at me. I've called to troubleshoot but they don't even know how to fix it. Essentially useless
  • New version terrible 1/5

    By lb7500
    The new version is much more difficult to read and practically no longer distinguishing vertical and lamscape mode decently. Terrible new design, older one was much much better, bunch of stupid people
  • all kinds of bad 1/5

    By this did not happen!
    wow. cant believe this made it through approvals. the app is glitchy, cant down load full articals, its hard to get around bad that i dont even bother w it...wanna cancel subscription but assuming an update will resolve, but fuming about paying the crap product right now
  • Bad App, Bad, Bad, Bad! 1/5

    By LivingWithInterest
    This is the worst experience I've had with a Bloomberg app. The orange colored app worked perfectly but this black colored app is crap. I couldn't get the label data correct: the account number as highlighted and entered failed. The account number and date didn't work- my date and the illustration date are different and it failed. The email and zip code combination required several additional log in steps as did the mailing address with zip code combination. Requiring me to login with Twitter or Facebook is crap. I'm a subscriber and shouldn't need all these layers to read my magazine. I'm deleting the application. comfy
  • Trash 1/5

    By Ggquinn67675
    The new Businessweek app is trash. Issues I noticed the first time I used the new version: The subscription login data doesn't carryover to new version There are about 5 layers of data needed to even login. As a paper subscriber it was very difficult to provide the various credentials required to even get access to the issues. Many articles in the issues I previously downloaded to be available offline simply aren't visible without wifi. On iPad in landscape mode the text still presents itself as if it were in portrait mode. It is extremely difficult to navigate the new layout and figure out what articles are located where. Advice: your old version was great. I know the supply for developers is thin, so either go back to the old version or hire some competent developers instead of bums off the street.
  • New Design is Horrible 1/5

    By HoneyBadgerBanker
    Doesn't feel like a structured magazine anymore, rather a collection of articles from the web. No flow, and the older layout was visually more appealing. Please go back
  • Great Magazine - Crappy App 3/5

    By Rudy Serna
    Businessweek as a magazine is great, objective and well written. The app is the contrary, badly coded and very unstable. The new app is even worse than the old one. Although it says that an issue has been downloaded, it's false. Most of the articles are partially downloaded. So, if you go offline, you won't be able to read them. It doesn't help to cancel the subscription because they won't give you back the money.
  • New version is a poor design 2/5

    By Gourmatt
    I wish they hadn't updated to the new design. It is more difficult to manage downloaded issues (where is the thumbnail view? ). Article layout is clunky... when reaching the end of the article it's not clear that you're at the end until the whole article bounces. Sometimes pages don't load. And a few times I've just gotten black pages and the app crashes. The past design was fine. Why change what works?
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By TomPG3
    When this app was revised it became a piece of junk. I had been using the old app for years. I would download on Friday and read the issue on Sunday when I flew out for work. Now I find half the time it hadn't downloaded properly; usually discovered too late on the plane. I can't believe how BBW went from a great, easy to use app to a worthless piece of junk!
  • Messed with Perfection. Now POS. 1/5

    By Markus4Star
    Updated BW app won't validate my account saying it's expired despite expiry is in 2 years. Why publish before testing BW? Will miss content while traveling.
  • Worst Update Ever! 1/5

    By EclipseGP1233
    I freed up space to download the latest issue and I'm getting not enough space despite having o we 200MBs of space, also no support for the newest version of this app. The app is broken Fix it Bloomberg. Update: won't recognize my subscription despite the fact I'm signed in and a CURRENT SUBSCRIBER!
  • Update is Terrible 1/5

    By TrickyHeat
    The new UX and approach is terrible. Dump your vendor Maz asap

Bloomberg Businessweek+ app comments

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