Bloomingdale's: Designer Style

Bloomingdale's: Designer Style

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 7.18.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bloomingdale's Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Bloomingdale's: Designer Style App

Tap into your personal style with the Bloomingdale’s app, packed with features that make it easier than ever to shop on-the-go: • Get exclusive app-only offers and products • Track your most-coveted items—and get instant alerts if they go on sale • Filter your finds to see what’s available today at your local store • Access in-store guides and convenient shopping tools • Stay in the know with personalized updates on sales, trends and events • Discover new arrivals from top and emerging labels • Earn Loyallist points and rewards while you shop • Manage your registry, Wish Lists, credit card account& more! Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Bloomingdale's: Designer Style app reviews

  • App freezes constantly 1/5

    By Aasimali
    App is constantly freezing when I try to select a size, so therefore I am unable to spend money with your company
  • App really needs bugs fixed 2/5

    By SarahConstable
    Love Bloomingdales but the app always glitches. My current issues is cant pick a size. App just freezes so wont let you save or purchase anything. Have force quit it multiple times but doesn't fix anything. You're better off going in person and just hoping they have what you want in stock.
  • Awful shipping experience 1/5

    By TheReviewer259
    The app itself is good but I’ve had the worst experience receiving my online orders from here. Had 2 pairs of pants sent in the wrong size and a shirt missing from one order, and another was stuck in “processing” for 2 weeks only for them to run out of stock on my items and cancel the order. Really don’t recommend ordering anything online from bloomingdale’s unfortunately
  • Ilene Berkowitz 5/5

    By Elaine lovTo
    I have been a bloomies shopper for many many years as well. Ilene Berkowitz has been dressing me for the last 5 or 6 years now. I dont know what I would do without her. She goes ABOVE AND BEYOUND!!!! GIVE THAT LADY A RAISE!!!
  • Defaults some items to pick up 1/5

    By Lisamoseley
    Whenever I’ve bought a few items at once, it always sneaks one item into “pick up at store” mode while keeping the rest as delivery. Trying to undo this is nearly impossible, and requires a gauntlet of emails back and forth. The problem never gets corrected; it just gets cancelled after two weeks.
  • Bloomingdale app 1/5

    By KN0108
    This app is so horrible, you can search everything. However, when u click choose size, it hang and u can’t click buy anything. 🥺😞
  • Completely disappointing 1/5

    By Nunua1987
    I’ve been a Bloomingdales customer/loyalist for decades. This app has major flaws that continue to go ignored by the developers. 1. Size - the app “freezes” the ability to modify sizes in drop down menus. You have to use the website to build your shopping cart, then come back to the app to complete the purchase if you want to take advantage of app exclusive specials 2. Payments - you cannot pay a current/statement balances if you have a scheduled payment. You get a weird error message stating you must maintain a balance of at least .01. Adjusting the payment doesn’t resolve. Again, go the website. Very frustrating and discouraging shopping experience.
  • Refund 1/5

    By Kytony987
    I do not know why, when my order is canceled (11/17/22) , they refund my immediate on my credit card. Everything is fine. But yesterday (11/22/22) I check my credit, I saw a payment from Blooming ( same cost with my last order which is canceled). I try to call customer service but they are told me waiting. It a big payment up to 819.90$. I hope you guys solve this problem quickly.
  • Impossible to choose the size of any item. 1/5

    By Foxwstcher
    Any time trying to select a size the whole app is freezing. I can only use web version to shop. Please fix.
  • App stall 4/5

    By savedchic
    For quite som time the app “stalls” when I have the option to choose a size. Pop up comes to scroll (iPhone) and then I always get stuck on the app and have to shut it down. I just use it to search and wind up shopping online.
  • Iloveyou 5/5

    By wrdddaae
  • Overall good, glitchy as of late 3/5

    By CJ89822
    Product detail views rarely load the way they should
  • Good not great 4/5

    By RealDealforReal
    Missing shoprunner for shipping Needs push notifications when items in wishlist go on sale
  • App constantly freezes 1/5

    By SnapperP
    Through 4-5 updates the app still freezes when you try to select a size. Try to go to app support for Bloomingdales on the App Store and server is down, for weeks! Can’t imagine the sales they lose over these frustrations!
  • App crashes 1/5

    By mlorain79
    Something is wrong. This app used to be great... It now crashes all the time, it is impossible to buy on the App as it freezes every time I open a new item and try to add it to my cart.
  • Worst Website 1/5

    By zoelucy
    Never takes coupons. It often does not load. It only presents vertically…very small . Love the store , but not the site.
  • The size selection button freezes my app 1/5

    By haanaz
    The size selection button freezes my app despite numerous resets and complaints. I can only purchase through a browser.
  • Ok. But 3/5

    By KH1914thisgoodnews
    I love the app the only problem is I can never purchase shoes or clothing on it cuz it doesn’t tallow me to select any sizes can’t get ahold of developer
  • App Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By RoxyN808
    Tried to buy mini Melissa shoes for my daughter, but it wouldn’t even let me Done after selecting the size that I wanted.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Maven12/18
    Can’t change size I complain all the time
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Dor on NJ
    The font size & color needs to to be increased & darker. It is currently too difficult to read such a small faded font.
  • Checkout Bag doesn’t work 2/5

    By salstein
    The “my Bag” option is not working on the app. You need to go online via a computer to make a purchase. It has been like that for weeks now.
  • Cant checkout 1/5

    By FalconsATW
    Cant click on Proceed to Checkout , it just doesn't click. Most important button and yall cant get it right?
  • Selecting a Size Freezes the App 1/5

    By JMcAPhilly
    Every time I try to select a size, the app freezes and I must force quit the app. Absolutely impossible to make a purchase via the app.
  • Zero for the app and no privacy (stolen card) 1/5

    By MM Saray
    This app keeps freezing up and crashing even when fully updated. When you scroll all the way down or brings hour glass it doesn’t move or crash. Bloomingdale’s app has zero security and all cc info compromised and stolen. Don’t even give them your debit card. I always delete and log out. You should really look into how wonderfully designed Nordstrom app is.
  • Why, if it says no exclusions can’t you use the 25%? 1/5

    By Deltagirl12345
    I can’t use the q5% discount. It doesn’t show any exclusions but you’re denying me the use of 25%. I want to know why?
  • New ad interferes with browsing 2/5

    By dogtoddy
    There is an extremely annoying ad that makes the app virtually unusable on my phone.
  • Can’t choose size 1/5

    By Fishyballz
    Please fix
  • Wishlist - bugs 3/5

    By sheesha06
    Hi …. I have been facing issues in adding items to my wishlist for months now. I figured out a work around by adding them to the basket and then moving to the wishlist. But even that doesn’t work now. Would be great if someone looked into this.
  • Does Not work 1/5

    By Teddy78766
    Waste of time. Doesn’t work.
  • Not user friendly app 1/5

    By Madeinua
    This is is very glitchy and not user friendly. Every transaction on it is terrible. I wish a store like Bloomingdale’s’s can hire an IT person to fix their app.
  • Technical difficulties all the time 1/5

    By AlexPark217
    I really enjoy in-store shopping at Bloomingdales’s though, this app has been having technical difficulties all the time.
  • Worst sevice app 1/5

    By louis kami
    Sent a wrong item and no apologies
  • App not opening 2/5

    By Steph1066
    I got an email my order is being shipped and now the app won’t let me log in . Gave me a number to call since my password isn’t wrong and I got a voice machine telling me to only reset my password . App keeps crashing and i asked to speak to someone and ended up being silent for 5-6 seconds then the call ended from the voice automatic machine . Hope the online site works fine with my account.
  • App update needed 1/5

    By Jay107254
    This app is constantly crashing and the wishlist I had is not connecting for me to make updates when I used the app. I get a weird tech error message when I try to make changes. The page doesn’t work for me to contact the developer.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By idaydr
    I can’t seem to scroll through my wish list; it gets stuck. Makes me not want to buy anything.
  • Sizes?? 1/5

    By goldengirl68
    The app won’t let me choose sizes?!!
  • maybe make it stay open 1/5

    By Eva Gyna
    This app was very useful until it suddenly vanishes and all you did was check your order status. And then you delete and reload—-Same thing…. Maybe itll b good if they figured out how to make it stay open while someone is using it?
  • Needs so many fixes 1/5

    By nousernamezleft
    The wish list needs to be fixed. The filters need to be fixed. Seems to be getting worse not better.
  • App is Messed Up! 2/5

    By Bateman561
    What just happened to this app? Now when I go to mens clothing (jeans and denim) The filter option is completely gone and the only option is sort??? How can your developers or whatever 3rd party company you use, not see this huge a screw up? I’ve restarted the app dozens of times and still have same problem.
  • . 2/5

    By Sari Luna
    Customer service page is blank. I had to go on the website for assistance. Also does not price match designer websites when they go on sale. Very disappointing! I guess I will return my bag once it arrives.
  • Horrible user experience if you return stuff 1/5

    By RetLove
    Good luck trying to return anything via the app. They make it exceedingly difficult if not impossible. I urge the programmers to improve the user experience pronto.
  • Like the app 3/5

    By Rich Ant
    The “DONE” button when choosing a size doesn’t seem to do anything.
  • Out of luck on Apps only sales :’( 2/5

    By SJ Blade
    The app is great to browse but if they are running an apps only sale I am out of luck!! Once I find something and go to get the size it opens to view and scroll on the sizes only but won’t let me choose; then I have to arrow out cause it gets stuck. I have troubleshooted numerous times and still same issue. I have updated, erased, reloaded … IOS issue?
  • App Not Working 1/5

    By Loveacat
    I select a category under Shop and nothing comes up. Completely blank. I tried a few different categories and had the same empty result each time. I did not apply any filters beyond selecting a category.
  • Checkout issues: Store Mode 1/5

    By thebossbabe
    Hi, hoping you can please fix the checkout issues I have been experiencing. I am unable to check out on both the Bloomingdale’s app and the Bloomingdale’s website under my loyalist account. I created a second loyalist account in order to resolve the issue. This worked once and then the issue proceeded. When I cannot check out, I leave Bloomingdale’s and go onto another website to order an item. The only other option is to call customer service to place as an order. Unfortunately it takes a long time because they enter in all our information one by one. Hoping you can take a look at the issue and I look forward to better experience with Bloomingdale’s!
  • Too small 2/5

    By fhgfj*ii(if
    I hate using the app, because it is so tiny. I use an iPad, and this app takes up onl a fraction of the screen. Why?
  • App is useless when in store 1/5

    By Montgomerycnj
    The one reason I would use this app in store is to price check an item to see if it has any sales, but for all of the 10 items I tried throughout the store there was always an error message or it said see an associate for price check. Really!? What’s the point of a price check app. Also the price check scanners throughout the store were all not working either. From Walmart I would expect this, from Bloomingdale’s I would not! This app is useless in my opinion.
  • Bug Issues 1/5

    By Adriana080997
    The app does not work for me. It shows a message saying, “Sorry! This category is currently unavailable.” This happens when I open the app and every time I try to click on a link from google. I can’t buy anything from Bloomingdale’s on my phone because the app doesn’t work.