Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools

Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools

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  • Current Version: 3.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bloomz Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools App

One app for all your parent communication. Bloomz is the FREE award-winning app that saves teachers lots of time in all parent communications, while creating a supportive classroom community. “Make your life easier by consolidating all of your communications and coordination with parents.” – WeAreTeachers “If you’re looking for ways to build relationships with and between families, check out Bloomz!” – The Cornerstone for Teachers “There’s one app that does it all, it’s called Bloomz.” – Vicki Davis (CoolCatTeacher) Bloomz makes it easy for teachers to securely share photos, classroom updates and reach parents instantly through messaging, as well as to coordinate events (like PT Conferences) and sign up for volunteers. Bloomz now supports Student Timelines, a simple & beautiful way to capture and share student-driven portfolios. Students can publish their work by quickly scanning a QR code and annotating their work. Teachers can approve and instantly share with parents on Student's Timelines. With Bloomz teachers can: - Post class updates and share pictures, and see who’s viewing them - Manage events and calendar, with built-in reminders - Schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences in seconds - Sign up volunteers in a few easy steps - Message one or more parents, without sharing their cell phone number - Send alerts notifications for urgent matters, to both phone and email in one click. - Invite parents via email or class code for privacy - Capture & share student-driven portfolios with parents securely via Student Timelines - Reinforce students’ positive behavior, sharing notes and awards with parents With Bloomz parents can: - Sign up FREE and be notified via SMS/TEXT messaging - Choose between push and email notifications, as well as their frequency - Read posts in their preferred language with one-click translations (80 languages available) - Communicate with other parents for play dates, carpooling and more Awards: - New Education Product of 2016 – EdTech Digest - 2015 Awards of Excellence – Tech & Learning - The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval - Top 20 Most Promising K12 Technology – CIO Review - People’s Choice Award – Stevie Awards - Best of Show @ ISTE 2016 – Tech & Learning - Best Website for Teaching and Learning 2016 – American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Subscription: Bloomz is always free for teachers, parents and schools. Bloomz may experiment with different premium experiences, while continue to offer both educators and parents a free platform to connect, coordinate and communicate. The Bloomz Convenience Pack is an easy and quick way to download and share media posted on Bloomz, in full resolution, and without restrictions.* For only $1.67 a month (billed annually at $19.99), parents get photo and video downloads at full resolution on both mobile and desktop, with multiple media selection (including full albums) and unlimited access, even after class is archived. Note: Teachers can always upload unlimited number of photos and/or videos to share with parents at no cost. * Your subscription is effective for 1 calendar year starting with your purchase. Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of purchase and automatically renews at the then current price, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings, and you can cancel any time by emailing [email protected] You can ask for a refund within the first 15 days as long as no content has been downloaded after payment. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply. Privacy Policy: Terms: Follow us on:

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Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools app reviews

  • Delayed 2/5

    By Stinavetta
    Messages are delayed and sometimes it appears as if a message did not go through.
  • UX > Features 2/5

    By heyglenn
    Please fix bugs and layout issues on new model devices and prioritize this over your feature backlog. UX debt is real!
  • Everything on BLOOMZ 5/5

    By E._.G
    Bloomz is where it’s at. Everything you would need to communicate with parents and students ALL IN ONE! I don’t have to switch around anymore with different apps just to communicate with parents and students. Everything I need is right here and is so much easier to do. It is very user friendly as well. I would definitely recommend this to ALL TEACHERS out there who are seeking an app where everything is organized and kept in one place. Signups, portfolios, points tracker, alerts, messaging...etc. It truly made my life so much easier. Thank you Bloomz!😍
  • SLOW 3/5

    By byh1234
    Forced to use because used by my child’s school. App is OK to use, but is excruciatingly slow.
  • Its okay.... 3/5

    By TeacherPB
    Too many issues with the app working slowly. Crashing frequently. I still have to use outside resources for signups. Or super impressed.
  • I want to love this app, BUT... 3/5

    By Hauged
    I want to love this app for so many’s free, it allows my parents access to me without having to give them my person info, and it has the potential to be so great! BUT it’s tooooo glitchy! I get so frustrated trying to send parents photos, setting up volunteer times, sometimes jist sending messages. Fix the bugs and I’d even be willing to pay a small annual fee for its usage!
  • Last update messed it up 2/5

    By GearheadMom
    As a teacher and parent, I have had nothing but good things to say about this app, but after this last update I cannot use it on my phone. I am getting notifications, but cannot post anything new nor reply to anyone. I post everything from my laptop, but still can’t see anything new from my phone. I can only see posts on my classroom page and my son’s teacher’s page from before the update. It’s been saying on the computer version for about three days that they are having connectivity issues - why so long to fix it?!
  • The worst 1/5

    By DoodleAlliance
    This app is the worst. It’s hard to navigate and I’ve been using it for 2 years now. Notifications and messages are hard to see. Parents get one on here and chat, blowing up my notifications for unimportant things but the worst was when a child got on here and downloaded every single picture from their parents camera roll. Hours and hours of alerts that couldn’t be silenced. I realize that that’s not the norm but when one person in your kid’s class decides to abuse the app, the rest of us suffer.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By FJW11
    The app is very glitchy and not user friendly. It stops working many times throughout the day. It’s a good idea - they need to work out the kinks.
  • Any that school app! 2/5

    By Jaklin26
    I have used 3 or 4 different school apps over the course of 4 years and as a parent I feel this one is Not very good. The interface is layered and not user friend which makes it hard to figure out how to navigate through the app. I would not recommend this app..
  • Not friendly for more family members 2/5

    By plojkiqnwkrvr9991
    It’s ok. The “news” feed is really busy. For example, do I really need to see every time some kids parent (ehem KAREN!) in my kids class changes their profile picture? No, no one needs to see that. I don’t need to see every little change that the “other parents” are making to their profile. Stop being terrible Facebook and be original. The app is also glitches and freezes in some screens. You have have to force close the app to get it working again. Also, I find it challenging to see what is newly posted and what is old. That could be on me. But my REAL ISSUE I have with the app is for a family you can have yourself, a spouse, and your children. End of story. That is so ridiculous. When is the last you’ve seen a traditional 1940 nuclear family? We have step parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, step children, cousins, foster parents, etc. Why can’t they get be apart of the family? At the very least there should be room for both parents and step parents. These are my thoughts. Thank you. That is all.
  • Not yet ready for Prime Time 2/5

    By Confused Trader
    I can only speak to the iPhone version. It freezes for unacceptable duration on certain screens and some actions lead to the app doing crazy things like partially transitioning to a useless page, etc... This is alpha quality at best. It needs to go back into the oven for some additional cooking.
  • Photo sharing and captions 1/5

    By l-bop
    It’s really disappointing that teachers cannot download a photo that has been posted or write a caption for a photo without paying for an upgrade. I understand the need to monetize an app, but it would be nice if teachers could have that feature for free. I feel very limited in this app. My school wants all teachers using the same app for consistency. That’s the only reason I use it. I’d rather use the app I used previously. It was much more kind to teachers.
  • Absolute junk. 1/5

    By Garbageprogram
    Hot steaming pile of garbage. I am so sick of the world trying to cram social media down out throats.
  • I have to reboot the app. 2/5

    By Gianti
    The app is so SLOW!!!!! but it’s the only way to communicate with the teacher.
  • Slow 2/5

    By Genesis Ortiz
    Very glitchy and slow when selecting menus. Requires me to close and end the app in order to get it running again.
  • Please wait... 1/5

    By Njovanelly33
    That’s all I get. “Please wait”... Can’t download pictures without paying.
  • Love the idea... it I could sign in 1/5

    By kindadisapointes
    I love the idea of making communication with teachers and parents easier, however if I can’t log in with the code given, it really defeats the purpose. Please fix
  • Great app 5/5

    By gr8
    This app is wonderful for parent communication. I look forward to using the portfolio piece of it. I would love if they added a translator piece for text messaging. Overall I’m loving it!!!
  • Customer service 1/5

    By AYKU04
    All of the teachers in my school lost access to our classrooms this weekend. “Customer service” is not giving clear answers or fixing the problems quickly.
  • Pay for photos 1/5

    By mrjsong
    The app is a two star app but the fact they don’t let you download the photos, your child’s teacher sends, from your phone without paying gives it zero stars which I guess averages to one star.
  • Not the best. 3/5

    By dilf18
    I constantly get a notification and when I click on the app, there aren’t any new messages. Recently (8/30/19) A parent from my previous year was attached to every private message I sent out to parents. In addition to that, customer service is hard to reach and there is no voice to voice contact. Lastly, for now, I was getting notifications from other teachers about joining there class and I never made the request. Something weird is going on and I have yet to get it fixed.
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By MAdramma
    The notifications are keep popping up even with out a new post. I’m not impressed to use this over remind or class dojo. Just another app to have all my kids in different classroom apps 🙄
  • Staying in touch from afar 5/5

    By ProfeBobb
    I love being able to keep up on my grandson’s progress in school, and being able to do so without the fifty mile trip to another city.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Rals mom
    This app is great on my desktop but it SO VERY GLITCHY from my phone. It will show a notification, I’ll look at it and then scroll down and the notification number will pop up again (and again and again). I’ll try to post something or send a message through the app on my phone and won’t post or send (works fine from the desktop). So irritating.
  • Cannot cancel app 2/5

    By cannot cancel app
    Cannot cancel app on phone; have to use desktop. The purpose of an app is to use a phone.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By worst horrible app ever
    It won’t let me sign in I put my email and it didn’t let me go in it’s horrible like my daughter’s school
  • Glitchy! 1/5

    By Unhappy193847
    The app keeps forgetting that I’m me. I never have my class available. It’s got great ideas, but they don’t work.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By reindrawp
    Please add an easy attendance option where the kids can scan in using a qr code or a number code assigned to them. That would free up a lot of my time, especially with very large groups.
  • Good app 4/5

    By ooooooooooooooooooooooomg
    Overall a decent app but it’s extremely SLOW!!!!
  • Super slow. Rage inducing slow 2/5

    By cmlamontagne
    My device & network are fine. This app, however, is not.
  • So disappointing 1/5

    By kristy84511
    Hate the changes! I’ve used Bloomz for the last 2 years and have loved it. It does have its minor bugs, but I’ve enjoyed sharing pictures and the sign up sheets. However, they have changed things and you can’t send pictures unless you pay $7.99 per month! I’m not paying another subscription fee monthly. I might have paid $7.99 for the entire year, but no way am I adding another monthly fee. I’ve already got my class parents signed up so I’m embarrassed to have to say, never mind, I’ll be using Remind this year! Wish I would have known about the changes before I had my parents download the app!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sunshine Campbell
    Love, Love, Love it
  • Premium subscription now required to download a photo of my kid?? 1/5

    By nick946252859
    The app maker recently pushed through a required update which prevents one from downloading photos unless you have a premium/paid subscription. Not a welcome change...please roll it back!!
  • Why do we have to pay for pictures now 2/5

    By Meeeeejasndjfnndndif
    I loved using Bloomz last year for my class. This year after getting all my parents to sign up I find out you have to pay to post pictures. I am SO disappointed. As a teacher, I cannot afford to upgrade.
  • My favorite parent communication app 3/5

    By ms_brown14
    I used Bloomz last year and loved it! It translated messages for my parents, it differentiated between a message and an alert, and it allowed me to schedule conferences/ask for volunteers. The calendar feature is probably my favorite part of Bloomz because it made communicating and scheduling so much easier when everything is done on one app. Unfortunately, you only get 125 media uploads, which I didn’t realize until I went to start my new class. There’s no way to archive the class and I’m not willing to delete the entire class yet. I teach special Ed and will still work closely with those students! I’m not willing to pay $100 when other apps are free, so I’ll be switching to Class Dojo 😔
  • All in One 5/5

    By Joshua Weldon
    Just started using this app but I’m so excited. It has all the features in one place so it will save me time!
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By AR249
    I’ve used Bloomz for over a year. I cannot tell you how many times I have to delete and re-install this app. And when my students go to add a post to their parents we have to do the same thing on ALL their iPads. This happens many times. If my school is gonna pay so much money when there are other free options out there, the bugs should be fixed.
  • Not bad app but 3/5

    By Kaliopa11
    It is a total mess when you have to use it fir more than one student. I have missed important messages from teachers or send ones to the wrong teacher. I’m not sure that I’ll use it for the next school year.
  • Love it 5/5

    By APrevs
    As a school social network at a private school, I really like how the app has helped create a shared sense of community for our classroom. Love that we can group chat with our teacher and both parents. And post to the class group. (I can only compare it to a public school experience where we used Classdojo, which didn’t allow comments, or group chats, and felt always like we were on the outside looking through a tiny window.).
  • Never received verification email 1/5

    By Pair o' mittens
    I am a first time user of this app. Very disappointed. I cannot get past the verification/notification screen. I have not received an email to confirm my account. Checked junk mail waited several hours ...nothing. Please fix this.
  • Seems great but won’t use yet 3/5

    By jskfncignrmg
    This app really seems great. I love the calendar feature because class dojo doesn’t have that. That’s the biggest selling point for me. But everything else doesn’t seem like an improvement on dojo. The app itself isn’t great looking. I know the kids don’t use it directly, but it should be inviting looking at least. Every time you give a kid a point it goes back to the home screen. That drives me crazy. This app will 100% replace class dojo for me if they fix a couple things.
  • Stooped working 1/5

    By So so or good or ok
    I try to contact the support but is asking me to upload a picture. The app doesn’t even let me upload the picture. So there is no way for them to know what’s not working because the message won’t send without a PICTURE
  • Still buggy 1/5

    By Readertx
    So many obvious bugs (still) - notifications don’t appear, messages show incorrectly that they have/haven’t been read, and the quality is not improving over time. I really wish there was a better alternative that our schools used, or that things would actually get fixed here.
  • Sticking with remind 2/5

    By Claudia-A
    I considered switching and tested the app out. Thank goodness I did! I would have been so embarrassed to have students’ parents charged $20 to download photos. Also as a teacher I have to pay to translate?! Remind does that for free. I also found glitches on both the app and desktop website. No thank you!!
  • Parent 4/5

    By Javier617
    When would Bloomz support video uploads.
  • Best school App ever 5/5

    By crystalcoop
    This app is amazing! I’m kept in the loop with everything that’s going on at my daughter school. This means with teachers, other parents and events that are coming up. I’m able to contact the teachers directly and get it instant response. Also able to view photos of new events that I was on able to attend as I’m at working mother. I really don’t understand why every school doesn’t have this app. Five stars❤️❤️❤️
  • Bloomz rocks 5/5

    By cjfnll
    This is my 2nd year using Bloomz and let's just say it's amazing. I feel more involved with my son's school. I get to ask my son how his day was and I'll tell him I saw a picture of you doing that today and he'll get all excited and say you did, let me see! It's awesome all around! Bloomz Rocks!
  • Love this app. 5/5

    By Moderate
    Really enjoy the convenience it provides.

Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools app comments

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