Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6

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  • Current Version: 11.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Ninja Kiwi
  • Compatibility: Android
45,303 Ratings
$ 4.99

Bloons TD 6 App

Smash Hit Tower Defense Game The Bloons are back and better than ever! Get ready for a massive 3D tower defense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best strategy gaming available. Craft your perfect defense from a combination of awesome monkey towers, upgrades, Heroes, and activated abilities, then pop every last Bloon that comes your way!  BRILLIANT 3D BLOONS TD * Vibrant new monkey animations and upgrade skins * Intense visual effects  * 35 original maps, some with 3D objects that can block line of sight EPIC MONKEY TOWER UPGRADES * 19 powerful monkey towers, including 2 all new monkeys - Druid and Alchemist! * 3 upgrade paths - all monkey towers now have 3 amazing paths to choose between * Tier 5 upgrades - top upgrades so powerful only one monkey can have them HEROES! * Each game, place one of these unique and powerful monkeys with 20 signature upgrades * Two bloon-shredding activated abilities per Hero * Craft new gameplay strategies around each Hero's powers and synergies DEEP MONKEY KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM * Over 100 meta-upgrades that buff individual monkey towers or monkey groups * Adds late game power so you can win more maps and reach higher freeplay rounds MORE AWESOMENESS * Play anywhere - single player offline works even when your wifi doesn't! * New Bloons - tricky new bloon types like Purple, Fortified, and the relentless B.A.D. * New game modes added to each game difficulty, like Restricted Monkeys, Double Health MOABs, and the brutal CHIMPS rules * Widescreen support for iPhone X - fast access Powers menu available on iPhone X only! And there's heaps more! We packed as much content and polish into this game as possible, and we'll continue to add new features, content, and challenges in regular updates. We truly respect your time and support, and we hope Bloons TD 6 will be the best strategy game you've ever played. If it's not, please contact us at [email protected] and tell us what we can do better! Now those bloons aren't going to pop themselves... sharpen your darts and go play Bloons TD 6! ********** Best experienced on iPhone 8 or above, or on iPad 5th generation or above Ninja Kiwi Notes:  Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You will be prompted in-game to accept these terms in order to cloud save and protect your game progress: Bloons TD 6 contains in-game items can be purchased with real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings, or reach us at [email protected] for help. Your purchases fund our development updates and new games, and we sincerely appreciate every vote of confidence you give us with your purchases.  Ninja Kiwi Community: We love hearing from our players, so please get in touch with any feedback, positive or negative, at [email protected] If it's stuff you want the whole community to see and talk about, then join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: Streamers and Video Creators: Ninja Kiwi is actively promoting channel creators on YouTube and Twitch. If you are not already working with us, keep making videos and tell us about your channel at [email protected]

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    By advrgv
    THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER it’s tied with my other favs like Roblox and you tube it is so good download it now I promise you you will love it I started playing it at a apple store and I played that game for a hour ITS AMAZINGLY AWESOMELY FUN
  • haha so fun... 1/5

    By Coach Gruber
    it always pops up a message “you need a update” and it won’t update.
  • Fix your game!!!!! 3/5

    By LightBearerJ
    I love this game so much. I loved going into hard on every map trying to get the map mastery, or even going on easy and going to the highest round possible. But none of that is possible now... I have had so much anger lately with the major lag issue that makes it to where on rounds above 80, it lags out of the game every other round. And I truly love Co-op, but I can’t play it because every other game I lag out at the start, and even after that I usually never make to round 40 because of lag. I can also see I’m not the only one. In co-op I see so at least half of all players drop out before then too. I have seen people on Steam getting along with it. But not everyone wants to buy this game for a second time. If you are planning on buying this. Either get it on steam on some form of computer, or wait until Ninja Kiwi fixes this.
  • Idk I love it 5/5

    By Cheatingbob123q
    Idk I love it but just don’t quite like the upgrade path like in 5 you had 2 path but now 3 but you can only do 2 at once i don’t like that some towers need all path to be any good. But I love the bees graphics and all that.
  • Fun but they got rid of good monkeys!! 5/5

    By Big45Daddy
    Some of the monkeys from BTD5 they got rid of and they were the really good ones. Like the balloon chipper and the nail gun monkey. Also the upgrade paths for some monkeys have been changed where certain upgrades can’t be together on the same monkey. BEING BACK THE NAIL GUN/CONSTRUCTION MONKEY!!! Otherwise I’m just going back to BTD5!!! I’ve been playing BTD for 15 years since the very first game that was online at mini game websites.
  • It good 5/5

    By gwtdjfbdnd
    IS good it has good graphics
  • 5 Star 5/5

    By An important guy
    5 stars
  • Bloons Td 6 is the best game ever 5/5

    By BrookeTN
    Bloons is literally the only game I play! It has beautiful graphics, easy and hard challenging levels to beat, cool monkeys and even cooler upgrades !!! What can possibly be better than this game
  • Takes FOREVER FOR dollar$ 4/5

    By Rainbowbirth
    1 dollar per pop?!?????!!!!!!?!! OMG it takes FOREVER to get money until you get far in the game when you a full auto rifle. But I still love this game. So what I did was make a challenge when you start with one million dollar$. And it was fun.
  • Great but one problem..... 2/5

    By wasteoftimeforsure
    Ok so I love the btd series I have ALL the games and there awesome!!!😎 BUT there’s still a BIG PROBLEM!!!🤯 guys JUST made an update to fix bugs but there’s STILL ONE. Whenever me or my brothers play on multiplayer(I’m sure this is a problem for many people to) Is when we are on multiplayer when you get half way through................ IT GLITCHES OUT! And closes the app😡 There’s absolutely no way I can get back on the multiplayer match.🤨 I love your games ninja kiwi But you didn’t fix this bug Please fix it,I’ve lost ALOT of stuff that I’ve earned like money crates free insta monkeys (Including a free super monkey😡) P.s. if you guys fix this bug I’m including my btd6 name below so you can send me my Stuff that I EARNED AND LOST!!!!😡😡 My name is Coolgamer26160 Also by the way if you (ninja kiwi) Think that it’s probably just my WiFi/internet It’s not I have really REALLY fast WiFi So don’t even go there! ALSO AGAIN this lag out thing I’m talking about isn’t just on multiplayer It also happens when I’m playing by myself even with or without WiFi! Please get this fixed and then send me my stuff back!!!😡 And after you make an update that actually fixes this I’ll take this review down and put up a 5 star review BECAUSE! I was originally going to make this a 5 star review but that bug pisses me off!
  • Worth the money but... 4/5

    By Mind blood 1513662
    My game has crashed a couple times before I could finish a level and that really sucked. But overall the game is great and I love being able to play with my friend in co-op. Definitely worth the $5.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Severn Urbaniak
    Check this out if you liked 5, graphical overhaul, many more upgrades, just in general a non-diss app successor to 5.
  • So addictive 4/5

    By king_ninga
    I play this game a lot. But can you bring back the engineer plz.
  • Used cash drop and farmer 4/5

    By zachtheguy345
    Looking good good after i used these 4 p co op Game crashes and kicks me out of game I lost everything in that game
  • Charged twice 1/5

    By Ullxx
    I bought the game a few days ago. I have been playing it no problem at all, today there was an update. I went to update it & it said my card was declined, so I re-entered my info & then got charged $4.99 again. Why did I get charged just for updating the game??
  • Very good game 5/5

    By Firestar513
    It’s a very good game I showed it to my friends and they bought it right away lol. What I like about it is I can play with my friends in coop mode and it’s so nice. And I love the hero Benjamin. I don’t care if Trojan virus loose you money because I normally can’t pop Moab’s on round 40 lol I can but the ceramics oof. That’s because I use the dart monkey juggernaut strat p.s not a good strat solo
  • God game 5/5

    By ggzhhsheh
    Bring back og towers and add new ones pls but this game is amazing
  • All out good game but kicks me out to much 4/5

    By ruiz110
    This game is really good but it just lags out to much and kicks me out for no reason.
  • Great Game Very Glitchy Environment 2/5

    By Chemist01
    The game itself is great. The actual mechanics and operation of the game are seriously underdeveloped. They just launched CO-OP mode which is great. The problem is it’s constantly hanging and kicking you out of matches. The fun part is if you actually spent money to buy boosts and use them, it becomes a total loss. I just got disconnected I’m round 3 after I dropped about $4 in boosts and power monkeys. There is no recovering the items and their tech support is just indifferent that their game eats money and doesn’t run.
  • Good game but it has a big problem 3/5

    By iwillalwayslovecats
    Ok this game is good, but there is a giant problem I am facing. If I try to go late game it crashes. A lot. Too much in fact.
  • Plz 5/5

    The new game is really great and i like the new 4 player but CAN YOU PLZ ADD IN THE MISSING TOWERS the dartling, engineer, and bloon chiper must make a return they were some of my favorite towers
  • Love the game 5/5

    By bitty-bee
    I love this game. I loved Bloons TD5 too. Online just got added and I’ve started to notice that when I do long games it crashes in most of my games so I never end up getting the medal. I’m sure you are already aware of that but one more review never hurts.
  • For some reason it is not loading in the game for me 4/5

    By brody saveg
    When I get in it gust stops on 1 and done not continue and stayes at 1 please fix I am a fane and also bring back the dartling gun
  • Love the game; more monkeys please 4/5

    By Finland midget
    Love the game; more monkeys please
  • Multiplayer! 5/5

    Now that we multiplayer we have so many opportunities on this already awesome game. Anyone who worked on this game and is reading this thank you for putting all of your efforts on this tower defense series and especially this game. And who knows what’s happening next I am always excited when there is a major update! P.S Totally worth the price😁
  • Well done. 4/5

    By Zigezig
    Some towers are buggy but I think you’ll fix it. Can’t remember exactly but overall a great game.
  • No new monkeys, EVER 1/5

    By Rexdude98
    Downloaded this game when it released still I have not seen a new monkey added to the game. One Star
  • Crash 1/5

    By J4M1SON 2ooI
    Literally crashes every 10 minutes...not very fun when I have to keep relaunching the game
  • A game for every age. 5/5

    By hauntid
    I’m not going to give my age but let’s just say I’m “ older” and I love playing this game even after beating all the levels on all the different difficulty settings I still look forward to beating each daily challenge. Thanks ninjakiwi!
  • Great some bugs though 5/5

    By LousyYeti98
    I love this game I have been playing it since it was on Nintendo DS and I find the game to be a fun challenge I do have problems with just monkey money all it is honestly worth using is the heroes and even then the heroes are pretty expensive which is worth grinding but you get so little monkey money even on hard difficulty I’m rank 70 and I play at least one game a day and I’ve realized a bad co-op bug every time I join a lobby either a person can’t seem to connect constantly or the app crashes as soon as the game in all great app highly recommend but just the bugs and occasionally lack of things to do Also could you bring back the original music? The new music is so repetitive and annoying after hundreds of games I realize I can’t turn the music off but I think bringing back the original music would be super nostalgic and fun to have back...
  • Awesome game but fix timing out bug.😃 5/5

    By me1235097
    So I really love this game and can’t stop playing, the co,op mode is the best thing ever. Most of the time when I’m playing co,op on hard I time out around round 70, but when I’m playing free play on easy or medium I get past round one hundred,but that doesn’t exactly matter to my comment. So,all I really really want is to fix the time outs on mobile please.😭😭😭. Other wise my best game on my mobile device.
  • Why? 5/5

    By CrematedDreamss
    Okay so I’m finally happy they brought coop to the game but there is a serious problem going on right now in coop. Every time I get to around round 60 with a team the game just starts literally deleting half our towers on the map without even giving us the money either. This is incredibly infuriating but I hope it gets fixed ASAP!
  • Excellent but has some bugs 4/5

    By Ducknation022
    I was skeptical when I first bought this thinking it would be like the last ones but it totally blew my mind. The graphics are great, new monkeys are excellent, heroes are an awesome thing. Also the new modes like half money and alternate bloon rounds make it a real challenge. Co-op is so much fun now but sadly it crashes. I wish we had things like buy spikes with in game cash and monkey knowledge easier to get. Also the banana farm nerf is bad. Overall excellent game definitely worth the money.

    By imabagofblackcarrots69
  • Fun 5/5

    By TheLostFilth
  • Maybe a company collaboration? 5/5

    By amarica over lord
    I was thinking that if you could collaborate with another company maybe Nintendo or Sega make it an event that happens every five months pls I super ultra want it!!!!
  • Kinda mad 4/5

    By evsplosion321
    This game is definitely worth buying. My only problem with it is the co-op mode. It is a great addition and is handled well, except for one thing. This has happened a few times where im playing on hard difficulty, and have made it to round 70 +. Then the game either freezes, crashes, or said someone disconnected and it returns me to the main lobby, not even letting me pick up where i left off to earn my rewards.
  • Tease 1/5

    By Kobe1480
    Why make the engineer the face of the support icon but then not have it actually in the game?! Fix this put him in the game figure out a middle path !!!
  • This game is freaking epic 5/5

    By Skully0
  • Help co op is still broken 5/5

    By Busy mom with 4
    The game is good but it keeps crashing when we want to do co op. Maybe add a code for a people to rejoin that’s shown in settings. We we on round 78 impoppible and we both laged out. So plz fix or add the ability to rejoin.
  • Love it but a few suggestions 4/5

    By Xyg yuerg
    The Gatling money was annoying at times but it was amazing and I would love to see it again also the balloon chipper also more monkeys that you can control the aim of would awesome and earn a 5 star also please add more money knowledge for these new characters because I think it was a great addition to the franchise and I would enjoy if you added more powers if I find these additions I will write another review saying thanks appreciate you guys and all you do for humanity with your games
  • Co-op is messed up 3/5

    By flatfranco
    Servers get really laggy I never had a problem but with the recent update I’ve been experiencing lag outs of the game and really laggy play sessions and I have good internet.
  • Bit that engaging 1/5

    By Saihite
  • Great game! 5/5

    By doodlebob80
    I’ve been playing since the first game and this one is amazing but I love to see the engineer dartling and maybe even cobra added into this game btw keep up the good work devs
  • Great Game! 5/5

    By 🐌🦀🐔🐔🐔
  • Add on the 5/5

    By Arkquinox
    Machine gun plzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Best TD app. No question. 5/5

    By slats_
    Have been playing the Bloons flash game series ever since i was in elementary school. Through the many additions of the game that their have been, i can most definitely say that THIS is the definitive Bloons experience. Highly recommended to fans of the Towe Defense genre or people who are looking for something that isn’t your typical iphone game.
  • Patch!!! 2/5

    By Bobthebuilder14
    Fix the co op mode, keeps saying not compatible. Been playing two days with my brother and now it says this!
  • Coop is awesome but... 4/5

    By 69cameltoe
    Coop is great just gotta fix the quilting out on each other when we load in to the map would be 5 stars if that didn’t happen

Bloons TD 6 app comments

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