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  • Current Version: 2.70.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Blue Letter Bible App

Powerful Bible study tools linked to every verse in an easy-to-use, personalized Bible reader! Dig deep into God’s Word with over 30 Bible versions, audio Bibles, text and audio commentaries, Hebrew / Greek lexicon, concordances, dictionaries, advanced word searches, and more. Customize your reading experience with rich color themes, fonts, auto scrolling, and parallel version views. Personalize your study with highlighting, underlining, and note taking options – all with Cloud back up.   Join our 7.5 million+ annual website users and 1 million+ app users who choose to dig deeper into God’s Word with Blue Letter Bible!  POWERFUL FREE BIBLE STUDY TOOLS  • Study the Hebrew & Greek with our original language lexicon  • Perform advanced word study searches using the many available dictionaries and encyclopedias  • Use the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge for an in-depth study • Read from the many available text commentaries  • Listen to the Bible and audio commentaries  CUSTOMIZED BIBLE READER  • Christian Standard Bible (CSB) comes free & installed as part of the core Bibles! • Choose from over 30 Bible translations available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, Russian, French, Hebrew, and Greek  • Choose from various color themes, adjustable fonts and sizes with an automatic option • Read different Bible versions side-by-side  • Read the Bible with the variable speed auto-scroll feature    PERSONALIZED BIBLE STUDY  • Share verse passages to iMessage, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more  • Bookmark your favorite chapters with visual indicators in the app and organize them in custom folders  • Highlight and underline your favorite verses in customizable colors  • Backup, restore, and share your preferences locally from iCloud • Launch the “New Resource” menu from the BLB icon  A NOTE ABOUT OLDER IPHONE / IPAD DEVICES  As of release of 2.65 and later we recommend upgrading to iOS 7 or later, if possible, to continue to receive BLB app updates. As of 2.65 we will no longer be providing updates for older devices not compatible with iOS 7.0 or later. If you are running the BLB app on an Apple device that is using iOS 6.1 or older and are experiencing restriction issues with BLB online content, it is due to the replacement of the older SHA-1 certificates on our servers. Please visit "" for more information. QUESTIONS?  Questions or issues with the BLB app after updating? We’re here to serve! First, visit our FAQs by clicking on the link to our support site to see if your question can be answered there. If not, please leave your feedback on the support page and a member of our staff will get back to you  as soon as possible. For those leaving iTunes Customer Reviews, please know that we have no way of contacting you unless you leave your feedback on the support page. Please review and rate the Blue Letter Bible app! Ratings and feedback will help us to improve the Blue Letter Bible app.


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Blue Letter Bible app reviews

  • Mary 5/5

    By Marysarah8
    I so love and use this site. If I cannot find what I am looking for by others methods, I turn to BLB. Fabulous resource.
  • Great 5/5

    By anonyoh17
    A very helpful app
  • This is amazing!!! 5/5

    By Steve.Thor
    I am not only impressed with how great this application works, but even more impressed that it is free! So much content and it is a gift. That is awesome!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By barbflastet
    It’s perfect and helps so much when I’m stressed and not in a private setting it’s so easy to get my phone and get the boost and peace I need right then and there! Many thanks for providing this app
  • best bible app period 5/5

    By dizzy john
    i have used many and this one has the absolute best resources
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By A Gideon
    This is quickly becoming my favorite and go to app for my Bible study. I open it daily now either from my phone or my pc
  • So many features 5/5

    By Annoyedzxv
    Love this bible app so easy to use and so many features & references at your fingertips and audio very nice!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Kenneth Toves
    This mobile bible app provides in depth information from pastors and leaders on all of the books throughout the Bible. Great app to acquire knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.
  • Great 5/5

    By taruswife6776
    I love BLB it’s easy to use and I keep it on all of my devices. Cheryl
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Artistic274G
    App crashes & the Bible disappeared.
  • C.Wells 5/5

    By Sherlygurl
    I just got this app a couple of days ago. I’m still learning how to use it, but so far it’s “Da Truth”! I’m looking forward to long study times with this Bible.🙂
  • Best app by far! 5/5

    By Eight Arrows
    Our family was first told about this app by some born-again Amish folks from Tennessee. It is my go to for the WORDsearch and comparing versions. Thank You Thank You Thank You!
  • Best study bible. All in one 5/5

    By myantin
    Every time I get into it I discover more ways to use it.
  • SKEPTIC to FAN to ?? 5/5

    Thank you for providing this “Validation Guide” at the tap of a smart phone screen. “People have lived before us” is a quote from a business mentor of mine. I’m 59 he is in his 40s. I don’t know his personal faith or beliefs, however his quote is designed to protect business professionals from having to endure the pain of mistakes that have already been learned from colleagues in the past. The result is OPPORTUNITY for all of us that follow, AND a mindset to learn from our own mistakes and share the results for others to benefit from-even more-opportunities that may result. I have read the Bible all my life and have not understood one sentence of this massive book. An “Armageddon” of negative personal and professional events rained down in 2017. Why? In 2017, in my little world, the EXACT same behaviors and action items of those with I’ll-Intent and those with Pure-Intent are represented on multiple occasions, through passages in this massive book we call the Bible. “People have lived before us” try reading this book and look for passages that clearly represent what tragedy you personally have been through, AND what opportunity OR lack of opportunity has occurred since. The “Why” is clearly answered “7 ways to Sunday” in this page turner of a book AND easily referenced via this App you have created. “Newton’s Law”: What is put in motion, stays in motion unless acted upon by a singular outside force. He also theorized that NO singular opposing force exists. Advice from a 59 year old who has just started down a road of unlimited opportunity: Try PUTTING IN MOTION a mindset of Pure Intent, and then watch for the tangible support that comes out of nowhere, opening doors of opportunity and “living in the moment” happiness. Want even more “proof”? Read this book for real life examples going back to the origin of “Those that are Thee” AND the answer to “Why”. (“Those that are Thee” I actually understand what that means now after reading John 17 in the KJV. It’s like when Robert Dinero says “This is This” in Goodfellas or a few other movies he’s in, when the script calls for an ad-lib....LOL....I honestly can’t explain why, I just know. “It is what it is”) My conclusion as of this writing: We can’t possibly fathom the “Why”, we just know it exists through the real life examples in this book AND our own life example. Thank you to the developers of this App. You are paying it forward with Pure Intent and providing a great tool for others WHO CHOSE to do the same. Very best regards, A (a non-bible thumping/ non-church going) BIG Fan
  • Love this App 5/5

    By TheresaAK
    This bible is really a blessing for those of us that need a breakdown of the Word immediately.
  • For the visually impaired. 5/5

    By Blind Jockey
    I find it works well with the assistive technology to navigate around. It's simple to use and it's the best one that I have found so far. Love it!
  • Frustrated 2/5

    By 1Tim7
    I have had 2 phones since January and the app will not pull up verses when I search for them causing me to have to delete the app and the re-download. Very frustrating
  • Blue letter Bible Awesome 5/5

    By addicted to the gospel
    This is the easiest and best App I have used yet and won’t change . Greek , Hebrew, translation and Strong’s concordance Dictionary and you can here the word in Greek or Hebrew so you know exactly how to say the word has more study tools this just the one’s I use .
  • Review 5/5

    By Motor M
    I’ve only just started using the app but I like all that’s been built into it.
  • LOVE THIS APP! 5/5

    By rmgabriel77
    I used the website for years, but recently “rediscovered” the iOS app because I was frustrated with other app’s that it was so much work to simply copy a verse with the accompanying Bible location. This one is so easy to designate a verse for copying, & then copy it with the Bible location at the head, along with the proper Copyright acknowledgement for the fine Bible version (NKJV), for example. This is probably the single most important feature for me, as I copy the verses into topics in Evernote, which I then plan to use for “mini-sermons” on Youtube. Thank you, BLB, for making it so much easier to get the Word of God out where it will surely bear its good fruit!!
  • GREAT APP! 5/5

    By Stavros in SD
    I especially LOVE the Interlinear tool, VERY handy. I wish you would/could offer the Orthodox Study Bible translation of the LXX, Thomas A. Nelson, publisher. Thanks for this GREAT tool...
  • Problems on Blue Letter Bible App 2/5

    By Jay Melvin
    I like using Blue Letter Bible, but I find that when I use it on the IPhone app it often won’t let me choose a new passage when I have finished the one I am on.
  • Works very well, lots of resources 5/5

    By Fullylugged
    Easy to read display set up. Many versions and commentaries available. Easy and fast search function.
  • Latest Update 2/5

    By The G0lden 0ne
    It seems with the last up date the NASB is no longer available. The NASB is one of the most accurate bibles to the original text available. Not sure why it would be removed from the BLB application? It's a shame.
  • Wonderful Resource 5/5

    By Light of the Village
    Blue Letter Bible is a fantastic resource. Very easy to navigate and study with.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By PLB5500
    Love it. I recommend it to people at my church. Love being able to quickly look up verses an the comparisons.
  • BLB shines in several areas 5/5

    By Rick.trombone
    I appreciate the ease of BLB linking to the original language words. Also in the way it presents parallel translation aligning the verses. I use it in Central America for displaying English and Spanish together. The drawback for me is that I cannot download the Spanish RVR60 so I must be on-line to use it.
  • Connecting with God 5/5

    By Anhel34
    Detail over detail to show a simple and depth explanation of the Word.
  • Blue Letter search 3/5

    By Storm facer
    Love the app and the commentaries, the only thing I'm waiting for is an update that helps you with spelling some of the books. It would be nice when you type the first couple of letters it would pop up the book you are looking for and if you misspell a book title it would correct it instead of taking you to Genesis 1. I guess I need a bible app for dummies!
  • Accessing your spiritual gifts 5/5

    By Benzo0502
    If you really want to gain understanding, exercise knowledge and obtain wisdom while walking in God’s purpose for you...This the Bible App for you!
  • Util 5/5

    By Arcadis75
    Estaba necesitando algo asi
  • Great App 5/5

    By gchurchley
    I have been using web based and android BLB for years. I’ve just recently started using the iOS version. In my opinion there is no better (free) app/web resource for performing word studies and getting in touch with the original languages. The only critique I have in the iOS version is the propensity for the app to flip back a chapter when you try to select a verse in order to access the interlinear. I don’t know if I’m exceptionally bad at selecting the verse number, but I sometimes have to do it 4 or 5 times. Other than that, I couldn’t be more happy with BLB!
  • Best Bible App 5/5

    By Theewhiteraven
    Must have for any serious study on mobile! Nearly endless supply of reference material and studies!
  • 5 star 5/5

    By israel778
    This app is my most important and most used app thank you guys
  • Blue Bible 5/5

    By mr Lamarr
    I love it the Blue Bible
  • Best I have used 5/5

    By Ahope4u2
    This is a fine resource and valuable for teaching oneself the word of God.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By 😮M G
    It helps me study all of my very hard awana verses.
  • My devices’s 😜 go-to 5/5

    By B_Rock's
    I have many downloaded and types of Bibles but this one is my main go-to in study of, to receive instructions, whatever I need. This app is in the category of the best thing next to The printed Word and etc.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Megachiroptera
    Although I have purchased Apps, I always come back to BLB. I specially like the linear translation.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Rodney279
    Great App
  • Great resourse 5/5

    By Jonboatjosh
    Very useful app for having a better understanding of scripture!
  • What a Resource 5/5

    By letstrade200
    I have invested over six thousand dollars in a popular bible study software that seems to make me upgrade every other year costing more and more. Blue Letter Bible is an invaluable resource at a fraction of the cost.
  • All In One 5/5

    By Pianocajon
    This app is great. Everything you need is on your phone. It is great to use all the features during a study, sermon, or after to learn along with what the preacher is saying.
  • Excellent Resource 5/5

    By I, Y, A, V, M, 'L'
    Clear detail. Useful design👍
  • Great App 5/5

    By Lindaj2505
    I really appreciate having such a good bible app. on my phone. It let's me have two versions side by side which I really like. The search feature is amazing. I can search for a verse, a particular word, or all references to a particular person. It will also pronounce words for me which is especially helpful in the Old Testament. It's ad free. Great resource. The one thing I would like to see added is the ability to highlight a particular word or phrase in a verse instead of having to highlight the entire verse, but that's a minor detail. I highly recommend BLB. It's free which I really appreciate, but since I use it so much I'm going to make a contribution to BLB today.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Teddy Rags
    Love this bible! Superb resource for study and inspiration. Simple to use for those of us who aren’t particularly savvy tech wise.
  • Digging into the Word 5/5

    By Bible Bee family
    Our family loves this app! We use it all the time to look up Hebrew or Greek words, cross references, to read commentaries or listen to sermons to help us understand the Word.
  • Great resource 5/5

    By TheeHuffmans
    BLB is the best reference site I have found for God’s word. The vast knowledge of its contributors is mind boggling. It has help me grow tremendously in my faith and daily walk. If your not using it regularly, I recommend you start today !!! Thanks to all the folks behind the scenes for creating and maintaining such a wonderful resource. God bless you and thank you.
  • Easy and efficient!!! 5/5

    By risenredeemer
    A blessing for God’s people! Great bible study tool!
  • I praise the Lord for Blue Letter Bible 5/5

    By anti race track
    I spent thousands of dollars on building a library of Biblical study materials that blue letter Bible has for the most part of my fingertip. Thank you so much!

Blue Letter Bible app comments


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