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  • Current Version: 7.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: HI Technology Corp
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bluebird App App

WHAT IS BLUEBIRD? Bluebird is a financial account that offers you the flexibility and convenience to take control of your money. With no monthly fees and many other fee-free features, Bluebird helps make the day-to-day necessities easier to take care of so you can spend your time doing the things that matter most. Visit us at for more information. HOW THE BLUEBIRD APP WORKS • Easily manage your Bluebird Account on the go, wherever you are! • Log in to easily access your Available Balance and view the details of all your active and completed transactions MONEY IN • View your Direct Deposit information • Easily add money from checks using your mobile device • Request money from other Bluebird Accountholders MONEY OUT • Send money to other Bluebird Accountholders • Use your Bluebird card to make purchases online or in-store BRANDS YOU CAN TRUST • Our partners including Walmart, American Express and Visa bring the reliability you need and the value you deserve • We work hard to keep your information and money safe and secure • Our 24/7 Customer Service representatives are there for you, day or night

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Bluebird App app reviews

  • Can’t Log In 1/5

    By Radishify
    Every time I try to log in it gives me the same error message. No wonder this has 2.2 Star average
  • Now compatible with iOS 12 5/5

    By Greyworm2853
    remember I tried to download this app and it was just for iOS 13 and above but today I found out that they had changed it back to normal and I’m happy I can finally use it on my iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Love it 5/5

    By kitten0722
    I absolutely love this app
  • Smart 5/5

    By TonyLocks
    I have had a bluebird for about 3 years and it has been one of the best online style bank accounts ever. They are the most secure, and the service flexibility is amazing. They have gone above and beyond to address my needs even during a pandemic. I really like having an amex in my arsenal of payment methods. ✌️
  • Help 3/5

    By TheRealElSlico
    Still getting the “oops something went wrong” message when I open the app. Before this started the app was bool tho, nice and simple.
  • Improved 4/5

    By AYCColitis
    Finally 6+ months later after they “upgraded” the app is it back to previous functionality. Now able to transfer funds to sub accounts without going through their website. Version 7.1 appears to be stable and workable!
  • ALERT!!! 2/5

    By RGD LRD
    What is going on, I can’t send out money with the Bluebirs2walmart pick. It keeps saying “TECHNICAL ISSUES” for over 5 hours now. What is the problem please.?
  • Awful 1/5

    By dru?
    Ever since they relaunched this app, it HAS NOT WORKED. I can’t access my account from the app EVER. You have to go online, log on without it remembering your username to get your balance. And, you can only do this from ONE device, or it will get frozen or think you’re trying to hack yourself from a previously recognized other device and shut down! This has happened so many times, no matter what advice I get from them, I don’t try anymore. I call for my balance when I’m out- and this is also difficult depending on when you call and who you get. I’ve been refused my info and insulted for not knowing it myself, when ease of access to account balance was a major factor in choosing the card to begin with. Any time I ask when are they going to fix the problems they say say they are working on it. It’s been well over a year, and it is NOT BETTER. AWFUL!
  • Junk app 1/5

    By nicmart
    I can’t even type in the two trial deposits to verify my checking account because the deposits are in cents and the app only allows dollars to be entered.
  • Haven trouble with spp 1/5

    By rennebetty
    Just having trouble logn on to the app. They need to update
  • Poor service 1/5

    By sunshine kitten
    When trying to get into my account, keeps giving me an error message. Says having technical difficulties. This has been going on since they started this upgrade. Worked great before the upgrade. Now it has been nothing but trouble.
  • If it ain’t broke 1/5

    By Towens71
    I HATE the new app. The old one was just fine. Now you have to log into the website to do just about everything and can’t preview your balance without logging in. And no matter how many times I set my notifications settings, they DO NOT WORK. I wish they’d just bring the old one back. It’s making me want to close my account and I’ve had it for many many years even though I don’t need it anymore. But it worked when I needed it and I’ve been happy until this stupid new app.
  • Problem with their system 1/5

    By blind jerry
    I was trying to link a debit card to my account only to get a message saying that the expiration date was invalid. Now I know that wasn’t true. You call the company and they want to give you the run around. I think that they are in denial. Need to do better Businesswise.
  • Broken company. 1/5

    By Redbonebelle
    After using this app for quite sometime the updates and website keep getting worse to me. I I haven’t been able to get on the app since the last update and I dare not try to log on to the website. It’s the constant spinning from the log in button for me. I have not been able to log in for 2 months so at this point I’m fed up. It’s suppose to be convenient to be able to log in from the app, but it’s not.
  • Terrible Customer Service and App 1/5

    By Mel22321
    Going to move to Visa prepaid, this use to be a decent service, but the App fails often and I can’t transfer money in. I have called customer service, they are worthless to help. They didn’t even attempt to try to resolve it. They just give the excuse that it is a “server issue and to try again later”.
  • I’m Soo upset 2/5

    By MeekTasha
    Just got the bad news that bluebird will stop using checks! That feature was the only reason why I kept this account. I can write checks and it’s automatically removed from my balance. The ease of not having to balance a check book will forever be gone in Nov. I guess there no reason to keep this service after Nov because there is no local atm’s in my area.....:( Did I meant no more checks, please bring it back!
  • It worked great! Now partly crippled. 2/5

    By GeorgeBlank45
    I’ve been been using BB for years. Worked fine. Now you “improved” it. For the last several weeks (or months?) I can not transfer to one of my 3 sub accounts from my phone. Desktop works. Tried Firefox & Safari. Identical results. When I try to select this one subaccount, I can’t. The account shows up on the page below the others. Can not select it. Called customer service. She tried to get me to tech support. Said it would take very long and then apparently hung up.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By !E!E
    It won’t let me log in
  • Baby Steps, I Guess 2/5

    By AndrewMoss
    They had a functional app and totally wrecked it. They have at least added back in apps transfers, so i added a star back. It is still very clunky and only works in one direction, so transferring between sub-accounts takes 2 different screens. Also, if you pick the wrong account, the whole app freezes.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By quiltedgardener
    Why would anyone launch an app that is NOT COMPLETE! Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Seriously switching to a different online bank system because I have gotten so many late fees from a crap app.
  • Add money at Walmart 3/5

    By feelW8less09
    The app seems to be back to normal I think but when I add money at Walmart it says pending and stays that way for 5 days. And I'm not sure if that means I can't use that money or not because my current balance and available balance so 2 different things.
  • Bad app at best 2/5

    By Exec app guy
    Bluebird had a good app then decided to make everything difficult and force you use the website.

    By illinois to iowa transfer
    Purchased the card to have the ability to pay bill’s online. I’ve been denied 4 times to setup an acccount enabling me to pay online and have been denied 4 times. Customer service is EXTREMELY unhelpful and won’t help me figure out why I’m being denied?? All my information is correct. DO NOT PURCHASE BLUEBIRD. If I could gve no stars I would. I now have a card with 500$ on it and I can’t pay any of my bills with it. All I can do is swipe
  • Identity verification is beyond awful 2/5

    By MTUD2
    I would give 5, however, I have yet to be able to mobile deposit because I am always told they can’t verify my IDentity??? I’ve tried EVERYTHING! The whole reason I chose this card and ap were for mobile deposit because my regular bank doesn’t offer it.
  • Something NASTY happened… 2/5

    By Jwmaster420
    My blübird card was my favorite for a loong time, then the same kinda things that happened to PayPal happened here- their customer svc actually sounded like they cared & empathy existed. Yesterday, I wanted to change the linked debit card but it doesn’t give you the option. So I called support & the Indian sounding guy proceeded to YELL At ME telling me that I wasn’t doing what he was demanding. Never have I ever wanted to have someone in front of me vs. the other end of the phone line… The cards still free (I think) & it’s free to load @ Walmart, but they’ve taken a DIVE & I recommend doing homework before getting this card. Shameful, really really.
  • Trash!!!! 1/5

    This app used to work before the update, now when you try to move money or anything you get a stupid oops message which until this day has not been fixed.
  • Update 👎🏻 no bueno change it back 2/5

    By AlyBigRed
    Since the new update you can’t see what hits your account and when. If there is somewhere y’all moved it to I can’t find it so please move it back!
  • Still broken 1/5

    By Ava4525
    After months (a year?) of a 100% broken app, they release a new one that is 100% broken in a new way. Zero access, so zero capabilities, zero info. Only the website works (which the old broken app at least linked to in its failure mode). What an embarrassment to AmEx.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By h3lp3r1
    Well things are back to normal with the new upgrade. I’ve been using this app. For over 3 yrs. have never had any problems, transfers to family members, send to Walmart, add funds to card from debit/and transfers back to your debit. Photo deposits. Gives you bank account for auto deposits, or tax refunds. It’s great! Thanks! There was a glitch about 8 months ago with transferring funds around, but it just hooked you up to another online screen. Nothing a push of the button didn’t cure. All functions remained functional. Really don’t see what all the bit**ing was about! Thanks again 🙂🙂👍 Only problem I’m having now is posting this review! 😂😂😂
  • Why a new update? 1/5

    By neshacherie3
    I used to love bluebird. Why the new update though? You can’t deposit money using your app you have to go to your website. It’s not convenient anymore and they will lose a customer if they don’t put the option back it’s been months now
  • Not happy! 2/5

    By NC flee
    I’m not able to open the app and I’m not able to sign in online. Very disappointed! I’ve used bluebird for yrs. and never had this problem before.
  • App finally back to normal 5/5

    By Procraz
    Well it took 6 months but it’s finally back to its full functionality. No longer have to open in safari to perform the basic tasks. Better late than never!
  • New update 2/5

    By wardgood
    This update stinks! I’ve been a loyal customer for many years and now every time I try to open something on the app it says we had a failure to load this page try again. Fix this. Also a $7500 weekly add limit is crazy need to work on that too
  • Bluebird 1/5

    By Angelique.K
    Very disappointed customer service in just last year and has changed tremendously . I’ve been with blue bird American Express for several years and loved their service and my card and how everything worked orderly and precise!🤔 Now I don’t understand why every time I use my card they put a hold on my transactions and I have to call them or check my email to release my funds and that’s insane and very embarrassing when you’re at the register buying things with your own money and can’t purchase anything until you get okay for your own money that it’s you making the transaction!!!! Really!!!??? Or placing a money limit on your card without you being aware of it??!!! When did they start these practices especially with long-standing members??? Very disappointed and trying to reach customer service is a joke ... It’s not what it use to be... Sadly...!!!😒 We need serious changes!!!!😤
  • The finally fixed it! 5/5

    By App_Monkey_240
    New app finally allows to add money from the app instead of the web!! Yay,
  • New app is terrible 3/5

    By blue over bluebird
    Why would you totally change the format of your app and make us update to it with out it actually working? I have been using Bluebird for over 10 years and loved it. I know some people just can’t stand any type of change but I’m not one of them. Today I was asked to update again to continue using the app. Once I uploaded and opened it - it asked to verify phone number. Ok, but if there is no number change it will not let you submit to verify! When you X out, it asks if you really want to leave that page and then requests verification all over again! Also, there is no longer a way to actually talk to someone if there are fraud issues. It has to be in writing. Poor customer service now.
  • Old App 2/5

    By lorenagonz15
    I used to love the Bluebird App. This new version is horrible. 😕 The old app was a whole lot better, and much easier to read and use. This new version looks so simple but it’s obnoxious. I miss the old app.
  • Was good 2/5

    By Have to pay too much
    I’ve had this card for @ 8 years and never had any problems a with it. It always worked like advertised UNTIL this new update or whatever happened. I’ve put in money several times and automatically it deducts money from my account for things I haven’t spent money on. If something doesn’t change I will be ending my account.
  • Zero Stars 1/5

    By hollz321
    Love bluebird Amex , but this app is literal trash !!! No point in downloading when they’re constantly “fixing the bugs/ updating “ and it never gets better !! Deleting this waste of space ! I use the actual website with no issues ever . But the app is a consistent let down ☹️🤬
  • Please bring back functions from previous app 1/5

    By 19JB80
    Improvements are good & usually necessary but the “updated” app is NOT an update! Updates should include improved previous functions. I shouldn’t have to login to the website to make transfers. I shouldn’t have to login in to the website to see what I have in my set aside account. I’m sick of the “Coming soon! This part of the app isn’t available yet but you can still do it online...” This has been going on for months! If it wasn’t ready why launch it?! Really considering find another service....
  • Sadness 1/5

    By mtn girl 1
    This is a brilliant card without fees. The app has been immediate for my child when funds are needed. But they updated the app without half the functionality? WHY?!? The stress of having to goto the website with no warning because the app has updated to have 25% of the functionality causes me so much stress.....and transfers from the main account are no longer intuitive. Ugh. Please just tell us first what I’m losing so I don’t then lose something i was so dependent on....please revert or hurry! No one needs the balance...we need the ability to use the transfers too!!
  • Help 5/5

    By Britt_73
    My app is not let me login and keep my password error and it locked of my account about 3 time and wish someone work fix it
  • Mobile app crashes 2/5

    By Porsha_14
    Needs a new update immediately!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Quop765
    Many many months have gone by and you still cannot add money from your debit card in an easy step. Very frustrating to say the least. I guess I’ll wait again, but it will be the last time. I like the old app much better. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked.
  • Nothing. Has. Changed 2/5

    By Mauly D
    Like several people have mentioned in prior posts. This app used to be fantastic. But with some update along the way it’s gone two steps forward l and thirty seven steps back. More than half the options to select merely give you a prompt telling you the feature isn’t quite yet available and then proceeds to send you to the safari version of its website. Seemingly none of the things broken now with the app were nowhere to be found on its previous versions. Week after week of using the app I’m still met with the “Coming Soon!” Prompt which it feels more appropriate if it just said “Nope!” As that’s basically what it’s telling me. Why have a feature on your app when it doesn’t work... disappointment all around.
  • Ruined 2/5

    By Deluxeeddie
    This app used to be perfect and it’s been ruined considering closing account and unfortunately going to a regular bank account smh
  • Still no updates???? Months have passed... 1/5

    By Sunshine-212199
    When is this App ever going to be updated?? Update the app or many of us will be withdrawing our funds closing our BlueBird accounts!!
  • Rude customer service 1/5

    By chrysaa007
    I use to love this card until the reps gave me WRONG information about direct deposits and was very RUDE when I called to clarify why my deposit was being rejected! Not to mention the update issues! I’ll be looking for a different card‼️
  • Not happy 1/5

    By yobreggit
    I’m not happy I can’t get in to see my account needs updating it won’t let me!!!!!!