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Bluebird by American Express

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Bluebird by American Express App

HOW IT WORKS: • Quickly view your Available Balance without logging in to your account • View your transaction history • View information about your transactions by clicking on an individual transaction FEATURES: • Locate MoneyPass® ATMs • Set funds aside in your SetAsideSM Account • Send money to your Family Accounts and see their transaction history ADD MONEY: • Add checks with your mobile phone • Add money to your Account from your bank account or debit card • Find cash reload locations near you on the go MANAGE MONEY: • Access your Direct Deposit information • Pay Bills • Pre-authorize Bluebird checks TRUSTED BENEFITS: • Add offers to your Account and start saving on dining, shopping and more What is Bluebird® by American Express, brought to you by American Express and Walmart? Bluebird is a financial account with flexible features and convenient management tools to help you get more from your money. There are no monthly, annual or overdraft fees, and there is no minimum balance requirement. With a Bluebird Account, you can direct deposit your paycheck, government benefits and tax refund, pay bills and have access to 24/7 customer service. Visit us at for more information.

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Bluebird by American Express app reviews

  • Great one 5/5

    By Mrkraz8488
    Great app and great card to use. Very easy to use also. But app needs to update the finger print lock to the face recognition or have both since they're two different users.

    By Anonymous person 890
    If I could give zero stars I would. I’ve had to deal with fraudulent transactions, the system going down multiple times and not receiving my direct deposit or not being able to access my money. The customer service team will lie and act like they don’t know what’s going on or will never have answers. If you want to be stress free don’t get this card I’m pretty sure they will be out of business soon anyways, too many unhappy cardholders.
  • App is broken for XS Max 1/5

    By I Am Ric
    No way to alert the devs that the app is broken on the XS Max. Asks for me to answer my security question since I haven't logged in on this phone yet, which is fine, but the question is not shown, just the spot for my answer. So no way for me to use the app.
  • Can’t get any better 5/5

    By Titus O
    It’s simply the best card there is. Truly no fees. Works all the time. Excellent customer service. +++++
  • What’s the question 2/5

    By Tre' D.
    I only use Bluebird, and hence the app, occasionally. When I tried to log into the app recently I got past the login/password screen and then got to a screen where I was to put in the answer to my security question. Problem is that I was only presented with the box for the answer but THERE WAS NO QUESTION! Makes it really hard to move forward with this limitation in place. I therefore can’t say if the app is any good anymore since it is now rendered useless!
  • Best card 5/5

    By $kevo$
    Easy to load. Especially if you have direct deposit. Easy to use. Pay bills etc. only thing I wish max balance could be higher like $5000.
  • Bluebird makes life easier 5/5

    By xjdubbsxx
    This app helps me keep track and move funds when and were I need my money. It is user friendly and helps me everyday
  • Notification support? 3/5

    By RickyBam
    Just needs iPad support, notification feature to know when money comes in and out. Horrible customer service.
  • Disappointed and let down 1/5

    By Cshartiasn
    I downloaded bluebird app and made frequent cash withdrawals and made despots as well.After having cards a month or so,I now for the last 3 days cannot due any transaction on the moble app nor make any purchases on my card at all but can cash withdrawals and that’s it.
  • Waste of a purchase 1/5

    By regretfulcustomer
    This temporary card thing is complete bull spit, It’s stupid how I have to wait ten days to do anything that involves sending or receiving money on this card, honestly wish I never would have even wasted the five dollars on it.
  • Account 1/5

    By 44Sk8orDie
    This card works great but the online access is broken 98% of the time and there’s no other way to gain online access when it is broken and linking bank accounts and card that you have to this account is also broken as and loading cash to it is extremely difficult because it can’t receive eft’s when you load in store. When the card is exhausted of funds there is really no way to refill it when the online access system is broken. You can’t even withdraw your money from an atm if you need it. All direct deposits are declined or rejected when online access is unavailable. Any purchases are declined or stuck in pending while online access is unavailable.This company needs to fix this issue so the card can be used as intended. I recommend anyone that has this card to close it out if possible and don’t use this card until the issues are resolved.
  • Love the Card 5/5

    By Palenaka_70
    App is not working with update. Love the card and benefits. Love bluebird especially being a victim of id theft !!!!
  • Missing withdraw to bank 3/5

    By TheGo2SWATking
    The website has more features, biggest one that I use is the withdraw to bank feature that has been missing in the app for years. Shouldn’t be hard to add but I doubt I’ll ever see it, -1 star for not having the feature and -1 more for going years without it.
  • Current app version 1/5

    By snooks b
    I do not understand why my son can use Face ID to unlock his blue bird account but when I go to use mine the app crashes every time HELP!!!
  • Issue with TouchID... 2/5

    By Cubanpep
    I recently got a new phone (iPhone XR) and tried to set up the touch ID with it. Every time I try to login after saying that I want to set it up, it just shuts off the app. This is an issue. Please fix!
  • When I can login it’s great 3/5

    By DevereauxNJ
    I’ve had issues with being able to login- when the app works and I can get in it’s great, but, I’m rating today because it’s not a certainty that either with passcode or Touch ID it lets me in!!
  • Unexpected errors keep you from your money 2/5

    By Gigglefittrishy
    So tired of the “unexpected errors, please try again later”. I don’t want to try again later, I need access to my money NOW. Fix your app so I can use MY money!
  • Bluebird 3/5

    By N1ZOJ
    Cant seem to ever log in

    By Roni ; )
    WTH Bluebird?!? Whatever happened to if it’s not broke, don’t fix it?? The last two app updates have been HORRIBLE!!!! No one has hours to wait on the dang thing to respond! If we wanted to call customer service, we wouldn’t be using the app in the first place!!! There ARE other options! I don’t have time to wait and see if it’s going to eventually get fixed or not!
  • Terrible since update 2/5

    By emhale
    We’ve used this card for years and really haven’t had any issues until now. The app is laggy and doesn’t let me on if I’m on a phone call. First day I updated it locked me out. Got that fixed now it says there are technical difficulties and it shows my balance but no transactions. Please fix these issues and I’ll give 5 stars as I have previously.
  • Good Card but App Needs Update. 2/5

    By Wiredgijoe
    App needs to be updated to work with Face ID on the iPhone. It’s clunky and buggy. App needs an overhaul. I love the card though.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Oreon.Reign
    Best pre pay card out there and you can add a savings account as well. I love Bluebird
  • Account Hacked, then wouldn’t accept DD’s 1/5

    By SDD6453
    I only rated it a one because I had to..otherwise it would have been a negative one (-1). Bluebird is worthless, POOR Customer service. Can not talk to anyone who speaks fluent English. WARNING: Don't use Bluebird! My account was hacked and they have no explanation and do not even seem to care. Will not even research. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE!!!!
  • Company took away international 1/5

    By Dsk6789
    Card was good when it was international now it's savings it's own self becoming most worthless.
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Brandi's iphone6
    Bluebird used to be awesome and I got rewarded greatly with money back savings but since they have updated it’s impossible to use and I hate how it works now. Having to use Walmart pay and not being able to scan actual receipts is very dissatisfying. Wish they would go back to the old way. I’ve completely stopped using bluebird now! 😩
  • Technical Difficulties. All. The. Time. 1/5

    By Aus10W85
    The app is fine. When it works. About 50% of the time however, I try to process a transaction through the app and I get an error message due to “technical difficulties”, and cannot complete whatever function I’m trying to do (like add funds, transfer funds, log in, etc.) On my wife’s app, that % is 90+%. Come on WM & AMEX!!! Get your app development game together! Pitiful display.
  • Bluebird is Useless 2/5

    By .: LoveFire :.
    Developers, The app need asap fixes that are keep this app from working correctly. They are as follows: The Login page is oriented to high on the iPhone X screen leaving a gap at the bottom and cutting off the top information The FaceID not longer works There is no faced setting in settings, there should be to make it easy to fix when this issue occurs again When trying to use the “passwords” feature in iOS that appear above the keyboard, Bluebird give me a popup message “IF you remove you email you will disable FaceID” , I hit cancel and now it doesn’t work and I can’t get it back even after deleting the app and restating my phone and reinstalling it.
  • Best Card Ever 5/5

    By Necole1407
    Sadly not every company accepts AMEX as an auto bill pay option
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By yp987123
    This was working great for a few weeks but suddenly stopped working won’t let me transfer Walmart to Walmart anymore!
  • Real iPhone X Support 4/5

    By Jamie Reese
    This was one of the best banking apps that I’ve used, and then I got an iPhone X. It seems that the app was very roughly updated to support the new display, and the UI elements are all over the place, buttons act up, things don’t line up properly or are cut off as if the app is forced to do something it was not designed for. I find myself restarting the app often. The app is clunky at this moment in time. It needs updated for Face ID; Face ID still works as it runs the same API as Touch ID, it just needs updated in general for the new generation of iPhones. Request: Please add the “Withdraw” features to the app so I can transfer money to other bank accounts. Right now that function seems to be limited to the web based version only. It’s odd to have fragmented features like that. Cheers!
  • Rachal 3/5

    By Ms Rachal
    I have used the card and app for some time now but I think the app needs an update to fix problems. Because it’s doesn’t let me login in after a while and then I have to delete the app. But when it works it’s great.
  • Widget 1/5

    By PerfectK187
    Please add a widget for the notification center.
  • Best Early On Decision I Made 5/5

    By KnowledgeSPower
    After trashing my credit from years of poor decisions, I got my life back on track but couldn’t find a bank that would trust me. So, I got a bluebird card for 5 dollars and have never regretted it! Early deposits on payday, checks for free if I need them, free atms and mobile deposits and fraud protection (which I’ve had to use). It’s been 4 years now and I have a “real” bank and multiple credit cards now but I still use Bluebird because I trust that there will be no surprise charges and know if something happens they will help!
  • Account hacked 1/5

    By rsteimer
    About 6’weeks ago my account was hacked and 180 was taken. I reported it and got an email that it was justified and if I wanted documents I had to write the office in Utah requesting them. I did but never heard back. We changed my password, security question and passcode. Today I was hacked again only for almost 900. It’s my social security. I call and the tell me 10 days. And they didn’t know why I was told to write for documents. Basically since someone logged I. They deemed it a good transaction. So i guess if someone hacks you they get your money
  • Too long for funds! 3/5

    By bopeet toney
    It takes toooo way to longggg to release your funds on your card once you visit a hotel And they have a hold for incidentals Amex takes to long (8DAYS) instead of the Normal Three(3) days 😑😑😑
  • Still no update to iOS12 1/5

    By TakeOff DaKidd
    Why hasn’t there been an update to iOS12
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Mrs&MrCooper
    I had bluebird for about a year now. I’m having problems with negative balance? How could I keep getting negative balance if there’s no overdraft?????? And when canceling an order why do I have to wait so long to get my money back????? 7 to 8 days is too long when you could just call to verify that the order has been cancel. Only reason for canceling is because it was taking to long to ship and wouldn’t be here on time.... Other than that it’s a very good card to me. Never had a problem with rude customer service or anything yet
  • She ii 4/5

    It’s cute and all but update the look and feel of the app. Modify your iPhone X support instead of scaling things and for the love of God please get ApplePay support. Smaller online banks do this.
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By T Merrell
    The customer service for the bluebird product is not to the level of normal American express service.
  • So so 3/5

    By Truuth be told
    This card is ok to have if you want to get paid early! Other than that they have absolutely NO loyalty to the consumer! This company is all for self! I made a return Thursday, the merchant CONFIRMED the return and their policy it to HOLD My hard EARNED funds for seven additional DAYS!!! I am done with this card! I recommend using the bank or Walmart debit card!!!! This card company are jerks and not accepted at MANY STORES HINT Hint😉
  • I love this Card's Apo 5/5

    By Zaturn5924
    The service is imppecable.
  • Won’t load app 5/5

    By shannon rene Dennis
    I need to work for me

    By loveleens3
    this app need notifications ASAP
  • Do Not Buy This Card or Download This App! 1/5

    By ciarayy
    There’s no real customer service. Don’t use the mobile check deposit feature, they charge you a fee for doing in within a few minutes when it actually takes over 24 HOURS. Oh and don’t use this card if you like to shop online. There’ll be no one to talk to about your concerns with returns and disputing payments.
  • HORRIBLE customer service 2/5

    By Wayjen
    These guys could care less about helping any of us. They charged my account four times, not including my own request to fund/charge. Then all they say is that they don’t see the charges and I’d need to call my bank to dispute them. Ridiculous.
  • Little improvement 3/5

    By Hughluv69
    App I do like love quick access to balances. But why no Face ID for this app like everybody else. Can the feature be added to login with Face ID
  • Deep sigh 1/5

    By Ladyinfulleffect
    Touch ID or whatever the fingerprint pass code mechanism is called for iPhone has not been working for the past week or so. I am having hardest time remembering passwords so it is such an inconvenience that Touch ID/fingerprint passcode is not assessable. Fix this like yesterday please.
  • No RESPECT for LOYAL customers 1/5

    By Christopher M. Wagner
    My advice is to not get this card, as the holder of this card for over five years I can tell you with first-hand experience they do not respect loyal customers they do not value loyal customers they will hold your money for no apparent reason and offer no reason why they did it. I am going through this as we speak I had a merchant refund my purchase I waited the merchants period of time and then for no reason Bluebird decides to hold the money from my card for one week as well when I called customer service to ask him why this was they offered me nine different reasons that it could be but no specific reason that it actually was I give this card zero stars. Mind you this is coming from a five-year user of the American Express Bluebird Card #AMERICANEXPRESSBLUBIRDCARD
  • Can’t add funds from my bank... 3/5

    By Open-mynded
    App stopped working for deposits. I’ll change my bad review ore once it starts working again! Aside from that, love the app.

Bluebird by American Express app comments

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