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Board Kings

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  • Current Version: 2.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Jelly Button Games LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hello and welcome to Board Kings! Join your friends and family in the new and exciting free online multiplayer board game of our time! Meet your board! Choose your idol and throw the dice! Build the greatest city for your bunnies! Throw the dice and earn coins as you go! The dice will determine where you go! You decide what to do with your coins! If you’re lucky you’ll land on the bonus tiles and win awesome rewards and boosts! But remember, it’s not all about luck, it’s about strategy and skill. Build up your city! Use the coins to build and develop your city! Climb up the leaderboard by expanding your bunny population. The more you build, the more bunnies you will have! Build the most amazing thriving city of all time! The more you build, the bigger the board will become! Protect Your Board! To protect your city from strangers and other unwelcomed mischiefs you need to land on the police station! Upgrade the police station to deploy more police cars! Steal From Your Friends Win your friends’ coins by landing on the Steal tile! Didn’t find the richest city? No worries! You’ll win other people’s coins as well! Win Bonus Features! Land on the bonus tile and win special features for your board! Extra coins! Extra police cars! It’s always a win to have more than your friends! Visit your Friends’ Boards! Hop on the train and choose the friend you miss the most! You can also pay a visit to others who were at your board. While visiting your friends’ city you can throw the dice and: *** Own your friends’ buildings! *** *** Destroy others’ cities! *** *** Steal coins by breaking others’ piggy banks! *** Watch out for the police! Or you might get thrown in jail! To be freed you’ll need to throw a double or pay the fine! Become the Board King, now! It’s free-to-play, but you can also purchase additional items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Any Suggestions or new ideas? Experiencing any problems? We love our players! You can reach out to our support team from inside the game! Your board awaits!


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Board Kings app reviews

  • Let the family feuding begin 5/5

    By 1020mommy
    Have you waged war on those you call friends and family? Have they ever felt the vengeance of your board game kingdom of war, while you take all their precious treasures? Do you ever have your small minions a.k.a. children wage their own war from your account? This app it’s perfect for feeling or destroying those relationships closest to you
  • Great game for anyone 5/5

    By jillzy13
    This game is awesome so addictive
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By ❤️🐹Toodles🐭❤️
    I really like this game. It takes up time and I just think it’s really cool. My only complaint is when you invite your friends, it did it like 5 times and it won’t give me the rolls, it’s pretty frustrating. But it is still a really good game.
  • I ❤️ Bunnies 🐰 5/5

    By Kristamaym
    Downloaded for free diamonds 💎 but I totally got hooked !!! Its hard to put down!! Wish I had more rolls but maybe not cause then I'd never stop playing !!!
  • Good game 5/5

    By E.lov
    It's fun and takes up time when your bored
  • Soooo good 5/5

    By Gianna Polastry
    Addicting, so fun to play and extremely addicting
  • This is very frustrating. Please fix this. 2/5

    By Good game and really fun
    I started playing maybe four months ago and I had gotten far. Yesterday it started me over entirely. I lost all of my stuff. I closed out the app and restarted it, I restarted my iPad, I waited a day, nothing happened. Please fix this.
  • Love 5/5

    By katiekotten
    I love this game

    By Izzlepops
    I like this game a lot. Good concept and everything, very fun to play. But what takes it away is that if you don’t use Facebook with it or anything like that you can suddenly lose your progress. I would like to say I was pretty far into the game but one day I just opened it up and it restarted my board. I went to the help page and found the instructions for how to repair it and I tried everything and nothing worked. I’m on IOS so I signed in and out of Game Center twice and looked to see if it worked but it didn’t work. It’s happened to my friend, who also plays, twice. Please get this bug fixed, it will make this game so much more enjoyable.
  • Don’t bother, you’ll lose your progress! 1/5

    By Motherslittlehelper
    Everything was going great, but then suddenly I opened the app and it was like I had never played, I was back to the very beginning. Forget it, I’m not starting over! This shouldn’t have happened! This has happened 2 times now!!!!!!!!! I am done!!!!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By jacee g.
    I'm sooooo addicted to this game it's also super fun playing and competing with friends it's just overall an amazing an idea and an amazing game.Great job game creators
  • So fun 5/5

    By Oso_oso07
    I love this game it is soooooo fun. My cousin and I have so much fun playing this. Good job.
  • Great game, IPhone X support? 4/5

    By Hexagon force
    Love the game but it just needs an update to add in IPhone X support
  • Addicting when played with people you know 5/5

    By Kappaphi153
    Addicting game when played with people you know and talk to each day!
  • Lost my money 3/5

    By RedBerry16
    The game is pretty good but when I got a phone call so I had to leave the game for a quick minute and went I got back on all my money was lost. I went from 92,567 to 0. Not cool but everything else bout the game is pretty good
  • Deleted all of my progress 3/5

    By Yanna1606
    I opened the app the second time today (I had first opened hours ago and everything was fine) to see that ALL of my progress has disappeared. The game, for some reason, deleted my boards, gems, coins, and characters. I’m now at the very beginning again I haven’t the slightest clue what to do now. This was months of game progress. So so disappointed it seems like I’m not the only one this happened to. Game developers, is there any way to fix this? Update: it’s been a couple days and the game is sorted out! My progress is exactly where it was before the update erased it. Although the situation was nottt pleasant, I’m glad the problem was fixed so quickly :))
  • Erased my progress! 1/5

    By Alberttoona
    Need I say more?
  • :( 1/5

    By ReheildangeR
    My girlfriend got me to download this so she can get more rolls, but now she's mad at me for stealing all her money.
  • Weird 4/5

    By nickthesrick
    This game was not fun. Got it to get gems for another game. There was no point. But it did help pass time.
  • I’m not happy with the update 1/5

    By I was not happy 😕😕😕
    After I updated the game it erased all my progress
  • Really unbelievable setting for this game 1/5

    By [Silkage]
    Update: after this review posted, when I login to the game again, all the game data is gone. How can I been steal twice in 20 second, and even I’m online? Is this the strategy keep player spending money on this game?
  • Update Erased Everything 1/5

    By Lil Karlea
    I have had this game for a while, and I updated the game today and it erased all my data and was making me start all over. So I deleted the game.
  • Upset. 2/5

    By Liz-a-bet
    I'm really sick of getting all of my money taken away when it doesn't give my friend the amount that was taken.
  • Great Multiplayer Game 4/5

    By Aidanthed
    This is a great game to play with friends. Only thing is, it takes FOREVER for you rolls to reload.
  • What???? 5/5

    By sutersmiles
    I absolutely loved this game I was even at level 9 and about to get a new board and I opens the app and it restarted me. Please fix this. It made me very disappointed. Otherwise this is one of my top 5 games. Just please acknowledge this bug.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Jack milie
  • Review 4/5

    By Mannyboricua
    Good app to kill time for a while.
  • great game but... 3/5

    By Yanuwaya
    i love this game. it’s really cute and fun and entertaining. i was playing this morning and i would just win something like the cash king or be traveling to another board and then it just crashes. it happened five times. i really love this game but the crashes are making me really upset, please fix this! otherwise it’s a great game:) EDIT: i was going through my updates in the appstore and saw that board kings had an update so i updates it thinking maybe it would fix the bug that had happened before(in the original review) the bug was fixed!! BUT i had to restart a new board. which sucked because i was on my third board. i was able to restore my progress by logging into facebook(thankfully^-^) but NOW I have a few more issues. the first: the friday the 13th competition. i was in the second to top tier. i haven’t gotten my prize and it’s 4/20/18. the competition ended a week ago. second, i was on the vending machine and was buying a few prizes i wanted. one of which was a bonus box, then all of a sudden the game crashes and when i go back into the app my prize is gone(and i can’t get it until i get on the plate again!!!!!!!). i’m kinda upset. please fix this thank you
  • Pretty gr8 5/5

    By Falloutfox87
    It’s pretty good, you should get it
  • Cute 5/5

    By tristan 73
    This is such a cute game i love it so much
  • Waste of time/ bunnies turn rabid. 1/5

    By Ksalers23
    I downloaded this game in hopes of retrieving free rewards in another game. I began using this app to waste time while waiting (Dr office, red lights, traffic etc). In one instance I had just bought a building with gold/gems and at the same time someone stole all of my gold. Okay, that's fine except my gems are still missing. I wasn't aware that gems were able to be stolen too, and they aren't, there was a glitch of sorts and my gems are still gone. Sent a support ticket.....still haven't heard back. That was like 4 or so days ago...maybe 🤷🏼‍♀️. Today I do an update and Poof! My game was not saved. I will have to start all over again. I do not use any of my social media to play games. It puts my private info out there. I don't want them having pictures of my kids and my friends readily available. Y'all see what that fb dude is going through. And some of those games people log into through fb has caused them nothing but grief. No thank you! So, with all that said. I just deleted the app and have no interest what so ever in continuing to waste my time with those rabid bunnies. I'll find another game that I can waste time with.
  • Love this game but.... 2/5

    By Em3262
    Now i cant upgrade my buildings. I have been playing for many months and now its been reset to the beginning. Was a great app please fix
  • Could use improvements 4/5

    By Kaijaaaaaa
    First off, I love the game. But it could use some improvements. 1. I don’t think that friends should be able to steal from each other. But they should be able to help each other. Build up, instead of tearing down 2. Can ya make it so we can sell our extra idols for a form of game currency? 3. More landmark space/an easier way to get landmark space
  • just fax no printer 5/5

    By Ugh.kpop
    The only game that matters
  • Rip off!! 1/5

    By Mcross111
    Been playing this game for almost 3 months and spent a lot of money on gems, landmarks, etc. Suddenly the game reset and I lost EVERYTHING....sent numerous emails but received no response!
  • perfect 5/5

    By steampunkpercy
    the game is totally flawless and fun, especially when you play with friends you know personally cause all you want to do is ruin each other. I do give a warning that you should use your facebook account to sign in to avoid having your progress be erased, which is what happened to me since I didn’t use my facebook account. however, after contacting the developers, not only did they restore my progress but they compensated for this error with a free gift, so this game and its developers are perfect.
  • Amazing game but 3/5

    By usernamenicknamewhatever
    It’s starting to crash. I can play this game forever, I’ve spent quite a bit on gems and rolls as well which I ain’t ashamed of lol. But now every time I go to the train it crashes and kicks me out. Now it’s crashing and boots me but when I reopen it goes back to the train and crashes again. It’s now unplayable for me unfortunately.
  • No coins? 3/5

    By Araxiel13
    What happen with the coins in the store? My wife can buy them but I can’t?
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By mickeyschl
    i’m salty because i went on one day and my board was gone. i had to start completely over. I had dedicated 2 months to that game and was around lvl 16. i had gotten so many of my friends to play it. i would give this game 0 stars if i could.
  • Umm 4/5

    By kmopanda
    Can someone help me?! Game was working fine til today & it landed on train now I can’t click anything after or it’ll kick me out...
  • Love it but 2/5

    By ElsaAnna1234
    I like the game but I recently went on and then the next time I went on it reset my progress and I have to start all over
  • Rlly😑 1/5

    By devadrv
    I would’ve gave this a five star if it hadn’t have started me FROM THE VERY BEGINNING out of no where I still plan on playing the game but not that frequently. It took literally everything I had and started me over
  • Really great game but 5/5

    By Missbeans28
    I really like this game and you can get different characters, you can get prizes, but it reset me. I got super mad. I didn’t delete the app. I just got super upset and that is why I am writing is it possible to get my old board back?

    By Bigvjhnk
    Earlier this week they mentioned syncing my game with Game Center to save game progress. I did as requested and updated the game this week to participate in the latest event, only to find myself back at the beginning. I don’t know what to do now!
  • Finally 5/5

    By High5-to-the-Face
    I usually spend hours trying to find a good, addicting game, and this one has both those features and it's unique
  • Progress Lost 1/5

    By Me17366389357919747
    I was enjoying the game for a while and was about halfway through the 3rd board. Then I opened the app a few nights ago, and all my progress was deleted. There was no way to get it back. Apparently this is a problem that happens frequently when the game updates, and if you don’t use Game Center or Facebook, you’re screwed. I attempted to contact support, but I have yet to hear anything. I’m not putting the effort in again for my process to be deleted a second time.
  • Awesome but disappointed 3/5

    By purplebbygurl
    I’ve had this game for months now. It was irritating at times cause of how many people that stole and destroyed stuff. But over all I loved it, I play it twice a day. And I got pretty far. I was almost on level 30 it took so long and I went on it today and it started me all over. I am very irritated about it cause I’ve spent so much time on this game for it to start me over it’s ridiculous, so I’m done with this game. Not happy at all...
  • Fun game until 3/5

    By Katdawg789
    This is a fun game, but Then I went to make a purchase for 4.99 and it charged my card $21!
  • Can’t access my game: Fixed! Thank you, devs! 5/5

    By heartlikeaglass
    Edit: We (husband & I - his discovery) were able to reconnect to our original games today (just a couple days after the issue occurred). We were also given a bunch of free rolls for our trouble. Weren’t contacted at all about it, but at least the developer showed they care even about us hardcore free-players. I love this game. I really like the fun and colorful boards and figures, and the silly little bunny residents. I enjoy the “time-waster” aspect of just playing a bit here and there, and I don’t mind that I have little control over how much cash I get per play (I don’t spend real $ on apps...I just don’t), and I don’t even really mind people stealing my cash just when I was about to use it for an upgrade. It’s just a game after all, and I’ll probably do the same back at some point. But since the April 14th app update, I can’t get to my game. When I start the app, it just prompts me to create a new character. I tried logging out and back in to the Game Center. Twice. I’ve restarted my phone. And I know I’m not alone because the same thing happened to my husband’s game. Please fix this! We don’t want to start over!!
  • Beware of the updates! 1/5

    By Triciaturtle
    When I updated the app, it erased EVERYTHING that I did.

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