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  • Current Version: 13.2
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  • Developer: NAVIONICS S.R.L.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Boating Marine & Lakes App

Nautical charts for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and all your activities on the water! Get the same detailed marine & lake charts and advanced features as on the best GPS plotters. > TRY FOR FREE: download «Boating Marine & Lakes» and get a 2-week trial of the subscription. > SUBSCRIBE FOR ONE YEAR: choose your favorite areas and get the subscription. Tap Menu > Me > Subscription. Chart layers will reside on your device even after expiration. Get the most out of your time on the water: plan routes for your next coastal cruising adventure, improve your depth awareness to find the best fishing spots with our contour maps, sail with confidence knowing you have a variety of helpful features at your fingertips! THE SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDES: > DOWNLOAD OF CHART LAYERS FOR OFFLINE USE - NAUTICAL CHART: The essential cartographic reference based on Hydrographic Office data, Notices to Mariners, new publications, our own surveys, and reports from users. Nautical Chart provides port plans, safety depth contours, marine services info, tides & currents, navigation aids and more. - SONARCHART™: The 1 ft/0.5m HD bathymetry map that reflects ever-changing conditions. Enhance it by sharing your sonar logs! - COMMUNITY EDITS and ACTIVECAPTAIN COMMUNITY: Join a bigger crowd! Get more local information from both the Navionics and the Garmin ActiveCaptain boaters’ community. > DAILY CHART UPDATES The most current nautical charts with more than 2,000 updates made every day! > FEATURES - DOCK-TO-DOCK AUTOROUTING: Quickly and automatically, create detailed routes, even through narrow waterways and channels! POIs are automatically shown nearby your destination. - NAVIGATION MODULE: Advanced route planning with ETA, distance to arrival, heading to waypoint, fuel consumption and more! - ADVANCED MAP OPTIONS: Customize chart views to change overlay, highlight shallow areas, target multiple fishing ranges, and more! - WEATHER & TIDES: Access real-time weather data, daily and hourly forecasts, and get wind, weather buoys, tides and currents overlaid on your map. Buoy data from NOAA can include wind speed, gust and direction as well as air pressure, water temperature, wave height and other relevant marine data. - PLOTTER SYNC: Owners of compatible Raymarine, Lowrance, Simrad and B&G plotters can transfer routes and markers, update charts, and more! - TIMELINE: View your track histories including pictures taken while tracking, POIs and panoramic images. RENEW After one year, you can renew your subscription. If you don’t, you can still use previously downloaded maps, along with several free features such as TRACK, ROUTE, DISTANCE, MARKERS, WIND FORECASTS, MAP OPTIONS, SYNC my DATA and GOVT CHART in US. CREATE YOUR OWN HD MAPS With SonarChart™ Live you can create personal 1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry maps that display in real time while navigating. Simply connect the Boating app wirelessly to a compatible sonar/plotter. You can also automatically share your sonar logs and help us to improve charts in your local area. NOTES: - To use this app on all your mobile devices! Sync charts and data: go to Menu > Me > Subscription, and restore your purchases. - Updates are available with iOS 9.0 or higher devices - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life - Check the compatibility of your device at

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  • Bad customer service. 1/5

    By ssfisng_
    My subscription won’t renew so I sent an email asking why it wouldn’t renew and they gave me a number that was in the ten thousands and said you case number is *****. And will be addressed in that order. I use this app frequently and I got the email two months ago and still no response.
  • Tech support-poor 1/5

    By three gs
    The new upgraded version of this app does not work properly. Automatic routing has bugs and tech-support is not willing to knowledge them.
  • Ok, it’s just okay 3/5

    By CaptCatSailor
    Third year of using the App, it’s great for at a glance planning. Maybe some weather and a little helpful on routing. Just updated to the latest because the location specific apps are being sun-setted. The charts are ok, sometimes better than others sometimes worse. Have anchored on land according to charts in the southern San Blas at times for example. The biggest problem that hasn’t been addressed in the last 3 years is the initial chart down load. You pay for a region or chart then are forced to down load in pieces or squares. That works fine on fast connections. As a world traveler, a download all button even if it downloaded the same pieces would save hours and hours pinching and “requesting download” of pieces of the region. After every piece you have to re-zoom and go find the boundaries of what has already been downloaded. Downloading the pacific charts is going to take a few days of perseverance at the local watering hole. Ugh. It’s fine to have the selective download, but ALSO include a “gimme what I paid for” (ALL) option as well. That will run without having to have the app open and babysat the entire time. For comparison I use C-Map, Garmin and all kinds of public charts in OpenCpn and my “eyes” as most electronic charts are off at one time or another. 15,000 miles from Atlantic, Caribbean, to southern Chile, Pacific is next.
  • Fraud alert 1/5

    By Hawkeye956
    Stay away and do not waste your money. Do not get scammed. There are better nautical charting values available for the iPad. I spent a lot of money for both the USA/Canada and the Caribbean/South America apps. They were very, very expensive for apps but included lifetime chart updates. Now I find out that Navionics has completely destroyed my investment in these apps and forced me to go to a subscription service, with absolutely no consideration for my previous investment. This is extremely aggravating, and the very worst of business practices. All they are doing is gouging their customers for more money. This is not only unacceptable, but borders on fraud. The only reason they get one star, is you can’t select less.
  • I paid for your app 1/5

    By SXY BST
    Now you sent me an update that doesn’t work do I have to pay for The update your app keeps sending me to restore purchase and then won’t recognize my email
  • Scammed 1/5

    By SDMinnesota
    Sold as a one time fee which was pretty hefty. Now they want monthly revenue. You should have honored your original commitment. .
  • Charged for this unwanted app 1/5

    By fephill
    Not happy with the operation of this app tried to cancel and get refund no luck through apple.
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By Npape
    Discontinuing one expensive app only to charge for another is either genius or criminal. Probably both.
  • Not a one time pay app like they said. 2/5

    By Latzj20
    I have been using this app for about three years now. I bought it when it was offered at a one time buy. But for the past week, my maps and all the depth contours that were once included have no longer worked. My pins are still available but the lakes will no longer load when I zoom. The basic outline is there but only in straight lines. Very disappointing. I’ve emailed the support team. I’m hoping this is just a glitch and not something I have to pay again and again for like the app is asking me to do. If so I’m going a different route.
  • Simply wrong data 2/5

    By None00000000000000000
    Pending a more on site contact, I can say that the depth data shown on my home lake - Lake Ouachita - in Arkansas, is seriously in error. It shows the slip where I moor my houseboat to be in 25’ of water. In August the depth at the shallow end of the slip was knee deep and is never more than about 8’ when lake levels are highest. I will write more after the next time I am there and can take exact location depths. Disappointed.
  • Active Captain clutter 3/5

    By fed up with improvements
    Dec 2018 review: 1) Consider all the reviews complaining about the hidden subscription fees incorporated here by reference. It must be getting old having to copy and past the same tired explanation into every review. 2) I have loved the Navionics app for a few years. Now, the chart is cluttered with mostly meaningless, redundant or otherwise unnecessary Active Captain comment symbols. There needs to be a way to eliminate those entirely so the chart can be seen unobstructed by this clutter. 3) Recently, the app gets repeatedly hijacked and obscured by a prompt to download USA charts (I assume) that I no longer need, and centers the chart over “Coos Bay” on the coast of Oregon. This is a hazard when attempting to navigate and it is necessary to click on “Later” and reposition the chart back to the Caribbean. It does this repeatedly- like every time the app is accessed! I’ve already downloaded the charts for the area where I am navigating. If there were other charts needed for where I am, it would be obvious and I could do so by going into the settings. THIS IS DANGEROUS AND THIS OBSTRUCTING PROMPT NEEDS TO STOP!
  • Disaster of an Upgrade 1/5

    By Strenue1990
    What a cluster this has been - turns out my valid subscriptions have been lost somewhere in the ether, and they’re not accessible via the prior version either. Good thing I didn’t do this from the boat...I would have been SOL.
  • Downgrade 1/5

    By Effertz A.
    I liked the original app that I paid for and it had most of the lakes I fish. Now in the state of Minnesota I found one lake, lake Mille lacs! Looks like I have to pay $14.99 again for what I already paid for! Looks like I’m going to go back to using my handheld gps with lake master!
  • Good app 4/5

    By GD - the other one
    Quickly transferred my existing data and subscription to new app. Everything syncs nicely between my iPad iPhone and B&G Vulcan 7. Would like to be able to see VMG on the mobile app - not just the plotter some of us are sailors and are having too much fun to sit and fish!
  • Ok app, would be great with a single change 2/5

    By RACN1320
    I like the Navionics app but it has one serious shortcoming. When trying to navigate on a river it consistently errors out by saying “Too many points.” I’m not sure if this is a limitation put in to accommodate older phones with limited resources or if it’s to protect their infrastructure from generating long routes. Either way it’s a major hinderance for me when using their app.
  • Abandoning Old App and Users Who Paid 1/5

    By Adam P
    They make a great product, but they have ditched the prepaid model and forced their long time users to a subscription app, after we already paid for the use of the previous version. That’s trash, and they should be doing something for their legacy users.
  • Bait and switch pricing 1/5

    By Kentm411
    This is a scam, you pay and then they down grade the features making the app useless so you must upgrade and pay more. Nice try but I won’t be paying again. The developer should honor the 1 year subscription with all the features I payed for. The developer is dishonest!!!
  • I’m tired of rebuying a repacked app!!! Fraud! 1/5

    By future_106
    I’m tired of Navionics changing the name of their apps and forcing their customers to rebuy it every so often! I purchased this app when it first came to market and I’ve been a long-time customer. Let me keep my outdated maps. Someone should sue them for making the old app obsolete so that we can’t use it and we’d be force into their subscription service! We paid for that
  • Maps and settings not transferred. 2/5

    By Southern Storm
    Please explain why the advanced settings and features I purchased on apple account is not going to my iPad? I was just prompted to update and renew subscription?
  • But I already bought this! 1/5

    By Yung Fish $
    Purchased the app and loved it, now all map detail has been removed and I’m being asked to join “subscription” service which is significantly more than the initial purchase. On top of that, they will auto renew, so you are unaware of the continued fleecing Navionics is performing on their customers. I’ll be searching out alternatives. Way to screw up a good thing, Navionics!
  • Shady pricing tactics 1/5

    By J..a.s.
    I really enjoy the USA app. For $4.99/ year it is great value. I received a note within the app that said it would no longer be supported and to update to the new app (this one), at no additional cost. It is true that they will move you to the new app and you don’t pay anything, but when it is time to renew your subscription the price is now $14.99. I feel that this is a shady tactic on Navionics part. I don’t even see any difference in the two apps to justify a 200% increase in price. Your customers deserve better.
  • A must have.... 5/5

    By The Dr Fish
    If you are on the water anywhere this is a must have. Works with your phones internal gps, no signal needed...
  • Hey give us more money!!!!! 1/5

    By ando3232
    I have paid for this same app I think three different times. The first time I bought it was 50 dollars. Now I am being asked to pay again. I’m done.
  • Buyer beware 1/5

    By aTX427
    Navionics has a history of selling apps then discontinuing them forcing users to repurchase their next version. Now it's a "free" trial for a subscription. Navionics - you need to take care of those who took care of you. As early adopters, we provided funding and feedback in a community to make your product better. Now you are shafting us again. No grandfather for early adopters. Listen to this feedback.... You have the last dollar you will ever get from me.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Cpt. Chaz C.
    Reading some of the other reviews, looks like the poor ratings correlate to user error. This app is awesome. At $9.99 a year, it does everything an over priced lowrance or humminbird would do, except with this I get over the air updates and don’t have to mess with fumbling around with memory cards. I’ve always found it extremely easy to use, I love being able to download maps offline, and it’s eerily accurate. That said, with a 5 star rating, I have some quick constructive input to offer the devs: 1. Make it easier / quicker to drop a pin on the map. A quick button on the main map screen would be great 2. Would like to see the new “fishing ranges” feature go all the way down to 0’ instead of 4’ for the minimum 3. Wish there was a way to text a route to others who use the app, instead of e-mailing. Minor stuff, but would put it over the top! Great job to Navionics and everyone involved on this app.
  • iOS updates rendered old app useless without notification 1/5

    By bad errors
    I too am extremely disappointed in app support from Navionics!! The very least the company should have done, since they knew well in advance they were changing from a 32 bit app design to a 64 bit design, was to notify existing (who paid $9.99 for app) customers of the change coming!! Since that was not done, they also missed an opportunity to keep existing customers with a discounted “buy-in” of the new product. For these reasons I will never buy a mother Navionics product be it app or equipment for my 5 million yacht. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! Not gonna happen. Next they will replace current 64 bit app with a 124 bit app, be ready for it.
  • Subscription Bull 1/5

    By WH95
    I think it’s beyond unethical to sell someone an app then kill it to sell them a subscription. Won’t be purchasing a subscription no need to reply. Shame on Apple for allowing this.
  • Was great 2/5

    By Ajak29
    I loved it when I first got it but just like every other good app they let you use it then they want you to pay.
  • Don’t buy 1/5

    By Holly1.3.3
    I purchased this app end of June for 54.99. Tried to use it today and app said my free trial was over needed to buy it again. Just spent an hour getting a refund from Apple. I like the app but not worth 54.99 every time you try and use it
  • Awesome app. 5/5

    By we3lsc
    This does everything. We love this app. I hope future updates only improve it. As some updates make the app worthless. But as for now we love it.
  • Was ok now worthless with out subscriptions 2/5

    By cajunhemi
    Paid for this years ago, worked ok for a back up gps and pre planning trips when access to boat electronics were not available. But now the map options are gone and it’s asking me to buy annual subscriptions, when I purchased I didn’t NEED subscriptions only if I wanted to enhance my experience. So can I get a refund or credit for what I purchased that no longer works? It was not a free trial it was paid for. Will be looking into other apps...
  • You don’t get what you pay for, you get much much more. 5/5

    By danthefiaherman
    First let me start off by addressing all of the negative reviews about the bad pricing. The app is free and comes with a 2 week trial of Navionics+. Once that runs out, for my area, it costs $9.99 to renew the subscription, that does not auto-renew, for a whole year. Compare that to having to buy a GPS, and loading it with lake/waterways charts and maps, this app is a steal. You’ll be spending hundreds for even the cheapest GPS setups. Yes it’d be nice if this app was free, but you have to remember, it’s someone’s business. Bills gotta get paid, living’s gotta be made. Now onto my experience with the app so far. The app is amazing. I do a lot of kayak angling and don’t have a fish finder on board. I am pleasantly surprised that even my remote area is supported with such detail. This app shows the depths, creek & road beds, underwater obstructions like flooded timber, and much more. All of which are necessary for finding where the fish are. You are also able to download maps for use offline. A great feature, for me especially due to many areas around here not having cell phone coverage. I find myself using this app off the water more than I do while on it due to the fact that I like studying the water before fishing it. Even if I get a fish finder, this app will be launched right beside it because, it has features that you can’t get without a $400+ unit. Great app, hope it continues to grow and help anglers and boating enthusiasts get around.
  • Don’t waist your time 1/5

    By notmynickname005
    Paid for and say 350 days to renew yet when I open the app it says my free trial is over and that I need to purchase. I would not waste my money again.
  • Confused... 2/5

    By Haarmannator
    What did I buy? Totally confused. I thought I bought a one-time payment product. Now I need to buy more. I missed some sort of discount window. Seems to be a lot of confusion in the comments so I’m not the only one. Overall it’s a decent product but the communication is weak and confusing and forced-pay upgrades are really lame. Not what I expected. Maybe hire a marketing person...
  • Very accurate readings 4/5

    By DigitalPhoenix10
    I used this app to navigate through Lake Of The Woods, Ontario. I found that everything was quite accurate, including the depth. Only things I don’t like about it is that the UI is a not really user friendly and it really drains the battery.
  • Navionics Lakes North App 1/5

    By Regular customer
    I understand that the support for this app was rendered unusable due to IOS updates and that there are no plans to update or replace. When Navionics decided to market via the Apple Store for IOS products I would have thought the need for updates would have been recognized. So I purchased the App which was fantastic and perfectly suited for my area. When it stopped working I was very disappointed but understood the need for IOS updates and patiently waited. After more than a year I sent and inquiry to Navionics about the status for this App. I was informed that there will be no update to allow this App to work but that other Apps were available, “for purchase”. In reviewing these options I found them not suitable for my Region. I know Navionics has a variety of marine navigation hardware on the market that, for a price, can service my needs nicely. The rub is that I can no longer trust them. I purchased software they offered, then they decided to discontinue support with the option of “purchasing” other Apps. How can I trust them not to terminate support for any of the hardware/software they are marketing after I “purchase” these items. I know Navionics to be a competent provider of Marine Navigation system but can no longer trust their after market support.
  • Kind of confused 1/5

    By Chcreel
    I have a navionics subscription on my computer that i use for my depth finder and in order to use the same thing on my iPhone it’s saying that i have to pay for another subscription? Do i really have to pay twice?
  • Buyer Beware 1/5

    By rwhperry
    I never buy expensive apps but for a nav backup I invested in this app a few years back. Well navionics decided to not support the app I bought and released a new version that required a new payment. Beware they can and may do it again with this app. They should step up and provide the new app as an update to the the previous version or refund the money people spent on it.
  • Took my money 1/5

    By Lakemartineventpics
    Bought the app and all the bells and whistles.. used it last year and loved it.. tried to log on today and won’t recognize my email and insist I set up a new guess I’m just out the money I already paid..
  • Accuracy 2/5

    By Mghgfshjk
    Not very accurate. Can be at least 30 feet off. Maybe gets you to the general area.
  • Can you manually enter coordinates in for fishing waypoints? 4/5

    I’m currently using the free two week trial and like the app a lot but I need to be able to manually enter coordinates in so I can put fishing hot spots in. Is that possible or is there another solution out there?
  • Confused 2/5

    By Fun Elsa
    So I had bought this app about 3yrs ago and I thought it was a one time fee of $10 so my question is why do I have to pay again to get my break maps and depth charts it won’t let me zoom in to see the depth lines anymore like it used to?
  • Really, every time have to agree..?? 2/5

    By Dhon bulhaa
    Every time I have to agree terms and conditions while opening the app. This is really annoying. Pls fix it
  • Money Pit 1/5

    By Big Red 12
    I purchased Navionics South several years ago. It doesn't even exist anymore. No updates. My iPhone actually tells me it won't function. Then they come out with Navionics Lakes and Maps and want more money. Not me. Full me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.
  • Update 5/5

    By rocknangler
    Please update to fit the larger iPhone X screen. Love the app, but the small screen size is annoying.
  • Licensing/privacy policy 1/5

    By Naftikos
    One paid for old versions but was not intruded on or tracked. The new versions have unacceptable licensing/privacy policies. I deleted the app.
  • Spent $$$ - stopped updating & changed program names 1/5

    By MaireSF
    I purchased the Western US version years ago before I had an iPad. At the time, it was among the more expensive apps. It looked cool and I was excited to try it out boating. I was disappointed after discovering that the iPHONE SCREEN WAY TOO SMALL for practical use of the app. Additionally, the app also crawled when changing location and zooming in and out. *Those considering the iPhone version should keep this in mind.* I thought the program had great potential and assumed that updates would not be an issue for the price I paid, so I figured I would use it down the road when I had an iPad. (Some time passed where I also had intervening health issues that prevented me from boating.) After the recent iOS 11 update, I was dismayed to discover the pricey app no longer worked. It appeared in the list of apps showing it needed an update but there was NO LINK in the App store. After digging some more, I noticed that Navionics had cleverly changed the app names and introduced a new pricing structure. Apparently, they changed the program years ago. Strange. I don’t recall receiving any notices that a change was being considered at the time of purchase, nor at the time the products were renamed, nor before the loss of functionality. It also seems kinda fishy that they didn’t keep the old name up in the App store with an explanation after the functionality was cut off or offer pre-existing users a special deal. It appears they changed the graphics so the iPhone version looks terrible on the iPad and you have no choice but to pay alot more for the iPhone version. Given it is just depth lines, markers and such, I don’t see why they couldn’t design a scale the app like so many other developers have done. The bottom line is I got burned for foolishly trusting them and I caution others to think twice before shelling out money to a developer that has ditched previous users. Never know when they are going to take advantage of an iOS update to change the app design to force you to buy another full priced version.
  • Works well, but there’s a catch 2/5

    By Ffmedic39
    I like the app itself, however, when I bought a new phone it wants to charge me, again for full use for what I’ve paid for already. Not happy.
  • Night vision? 3/5

    By Studio B
    I tried using your app on the MR340 kayak race in August. I actually emailed your sales dept. in July with questions but never got a response. It was handy to be able to find the current and pace and landmarks/obstructions. The challenging parts were: it was super hard to see the course in the glare of daylight because the line was so small and there was no way to adjust it, at night there’s no night mode to change the colors and save your night vision, when trying to set waypoints on the fly it picked up way to many on shore locations that weren’t even in the same area when I was looking for the next boat ramp checkpoint. The only auto-route I got to work was for the very last leg of the race. There’s an an Android app that does has all of these features and more but I only had an iPhone available. Check out mr340propaddler on the google play App Store.

Boating Marine & Lakes app comments

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