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  • Current Version: 14.3
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  • Developer: NAVIONICS S.R.L.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Boating Marine & Lakes App

Nautical charts for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and all your activities on the water. Get the same detailed marine and lake charts and advanced features as on the best GPS plotters. > TRY FOR FREE: Download and get a trial for all our charts and features. > SUBSCRIBE FOR 1 YEAR: Choose your favorite areas and subscribe. Tap Menu > Me > Subscription. Chart layers will reside on your device even after expiration. Plan routes for your next coastal cruising adventure, and improve your depth awareness to find the best fishing spots with our contour maps. You can sail with confidence knowing you have a variety of helpful features at your fingertips. THE SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDES: > CHART LAYERS FOR OFFLINE USE - NAUTICAL CHART: This accurate and thorough map of lakes and marine areas is continuously expanded with data from several highly qualified public and private sources. - SONARCHART™: This 1’ (0.5 m) HD bathymetry map with extraordinary bottom contour detail is enhanced by millions of sonar logs contributed by boaters such as you. - COMMUNITY EDITS and ACTIVECAPTAIN® COMMUNITY: Join a bigger crowd! Get more local information from the Navionics and the Garmin ActiveCaptain boating community. - U.S. GOVERNMENT CHARTS (NOAA): These charts are available with the following coverage areas: USA, U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Caribbean to Brazil, Pacific Islands, Asia and Africa. > DAILY CHART UPDATES: The most current charts with more than 2,000 updates made every day. > FEATURES - DOCK-TO-DOCK AUTOROUTING*: Creates a suggested route, from a real starting point to a real ending point, based on chart data and navigation aids. It provides advanced route planning with ETA, distance to arrival, heading to waypoint, fuel consumption and more. - ADVANCED MAP OPTIONS: Customize chart views to change overlay, highlight shallow areas, target multiple fishing ranges and more. - WEATHER AND TIDES: Access real-time weather data along with daily and hourly forecasts, and get wind, weather buoys, tides and currents overlaid on your map. - GPX IMPORT/EXPORT: Easily handle your tracks, routes and markers. Share, store and display them on different apps, plotters and other devices. - AIS: Connect the app to a compatible Wi-Fi AIS receiver to see nearby targets overlaid on the map, in real-time. No internet connection needed. - PLOTTER SYNC: Owners of compatible plotters can transfer routes and markers, update charts and more. - TIMELINE: Enjoy looking back at your trips in the track timeline. RENEW SUBSCRIPTION After 1 year, you can renew your subscription or keep using your maps with free features. FREE FEATURES - SONARCHART™ LIVE: Create your own 1’ (0.5 m) HD bathymetry maps that display in real time while navigating. Connect the Boating app wirelessly to a compatible sonar/plotter. You can also automatically share your sonar logs, which helps us improve charts. - Includes track, route, distance, markers, wind forecasts, map options, sync my data, share location and more. NOTES: - Use this app on iPhone® and iPad® devices. Sync charts and data: Go to Menu > Me > Subscription, and restore your purchases. - Updates are available with iOS 9.0 or higher. An iPad device with Wi-Fi® connectivity locates your approximate position if it is connected to Wi-Fi. An iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model operates similarly to an iPhone device with regard to GPS. *Autorouting is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation operations.

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Boating Marine & Lakes app reviews

  • Loved the old app (Boating HD) 3/5

    By SarasotaAgent
    Loved the old boating had app. New app, not so much. $21 a year and then you’re going to spam me with in app purchases? Old app works better at showing your saved spots. This app gives you the depth when you hover over a saved spot. It won’t give you spot name unless you wiggle over it a while or go to ? Screen. How useful is that when bouncing in a boat?
  • Ok. Room for improvement 1/5

    By KBilly
    Just got it. Nice so far. But please, PLEASE move the image/map copyright links farther off the center of the map. I’m getting really sick of the website opening every time I zoom in or out. There’s no reason they need to be where they are. Update: received response from the developer stating that they have to have those links for the terrain overlay because it’s not their map data. Well no I don’t think so, many other apps have that in a settings menu. But that doesn’t address the poor placement or almost invisible color. So it gets tapped every zoom attempt. Dropping to 1star based on ridiculous developer response.
  • No more detailed maps without subscription 1/5

    By Cobra326
    They took away the free use if us charts.
  • iPhone only subscriptions 1/5

    By Fhggbg
    Sorry to give it this rating because it is a fairly robust app but since the developers don’t tell you, I felt I needed to. If you, like many, have both android and iOS devices you CANNOT share your subscriptions between them. Unlike every other app I have ever owned (kindle, Spotify, etc) they claim they can’t entitle the maps I am paying an annual subscription for across platforms. Lots of other apps manage this but Navionics claims they can’t. Probably just want to gouge you for 2x the annual fee.
  • Scammers 1/5

    By Dahlparty
    I paid $14.99 in Feb on iTunes for a one year subscription. I used it three times ice fishing and liked it. Now the app does not work and tells me to upgrade to Navionics+ for $21.99 year. This current app says I no longer have a subscription even though I paid for it on my credit card. I reached out to their bell desk and their auto-reply said that due to high volume they might not get back to me for days.
  • Warn when it will expire!! 3/5

    By JennR3
    I am a professional captain and use this app daily for route planning etc as a supplement to boat’s GPS and charts. Really great app, but it drives me crazy you don’t get a warning when your subscription for each chart will expire. I’ve had friends stuck in the middle of oceans with no charts because of it. Also a huge nuisance when sailing internationally and downloading charts on Wi-Fi. If it expires in the middle of a trip you’re out of luck. I now know you can log on to the website and see when things will expire, but not particularly helpful as I’d imagine the majority of users only use on phone/iPad as an app. Put up a ticker on the app a few weeks before expiration, or at least send an email as a heads up! A bit dangerous really for those who really solely on the app for navigation.
  • Good but developers unresponsive 1/5

    By T-Milo
    The app very good for use on a mobile device. However, I paid to renew my annual subscription and the application won’t restore my purchase and the developers have ignored my two emails to get it resolved. Poor customer service!
  • Still Trial...heading mode all is upside down 3/5

    By 20WJ
    When I go in heading view (and heading south in this example), all the legends and info on the chart is upside down. Is this as intended? I also fly an airplane, and all GPS's including a GNS 430 keep the info upright and legible regardless of North Up or Track Up. To developer's response: goodness, man, we are driving a boat through moving water...what would make you think all that data is LESS important just because we want where we are going in front of us? Especially depths. Yes, please change that. There wouldn’t be a single boater in a thousand who would disagree. The more I think of it, the more ridiculous this is. We all drive cars with GPSs in them...even the developers do...who ever HEARD of a GPS that would present legends to you upside down! Talk about missing the point of a GPS system. My god.

    By Mary-ster
    This version does not allow you to download NOAA charts without a subscription. I've been a casual user of Boating HD, once or twice a year and not enough to justify a subscription. I was fine with the basic feature set and the ability to keep the freely available NOAA (gov't) charts updated. I naively assumed Navionics would maintain this behavior when Boating HD prompted me to upgrade and offered to transfer my data to the new version. Now my tracks are stuck in an app with no charts. Fortunately Boating HD can still be downloaded and allowed me to get charts for offline use. Restricting proprietary charts makes sense and I support Navionics protecting and profiting from their IP. But not allowing access to charts provided free by NOAA is a step in the wrong direction for maintaining loyal customers. In the future when I purchase a vessel and need a full time tablet based chart plotter I will not buy Navionics and will probably switch to an Android tablet running OpenCPN.
  • No split screen support on iPad 3/5

    By supermarin_
    Navionics charts are great, and some routes like automatic routing are amazing. However, I’m planning to use it on an iPad alongside as some sensor or weather data. The app should support split screen like the other iPad apps.
  • No detailed lake info like road beds or creek channels? 3/5

    By bryan.jeffries
    Trying the 15-day demo and can't seem to find if the app supports details like road beds or creek channels. Other apps do, and surprised if Boating won't, but rather not risk buying a subscription to it if the app does not support.
  • Great with a few bugs 4/5

    By byronthegreat
    July 2019 Edit (and warning!): The new import/export features are great. We like creating a route and airdropping it to our different iOS devices while at sea. The new “delete charts” feature has also been long awaited, but the first time we tried it on one of our iPhones, it seemed to get stuck deleting. The next time we opened the app it hung when opening and never opened again. We had to delete the app and reinstall (and we were lucky enough to discover the issue while in port in order to re-download it). I would recommend not updating the app to 14.1 (or at least not deleting charts) if you rely on this app until a future update with some better error checking/bug fixing comes our way. Thank you for the continued development in our favorite charting app! ————————————————— Original review March 2019 Wonderful app! You can’t beat the price and accuracy of the charts. We plan to use this app to circumnavigate over the next two years. East coast of USA, Bahamas, and Panama have all been wonderful and accurate so far. I am able to install the app on backup cellular data iPads in lifeproof cases. We use this app as our chart plotter. One of the bugs we have noticed seems to relate to low internet speed. If the app is launched when the device has *barely* one bar of cellular or WiFi internet connection, the app will hang. Force quitting and relaunching the app does not help, but turning off cell data for the app or disconnecting from WiFi does allow the app to launch. Please build in some error checking for low/unusable internet (example: when sailing out of harbor). Another feature we would like to have would be to delete downloaded maps (we would like to delete the US maps to free up space) -without having to delete and reinstall the app. Overall great app and a 5 star app if the bugs are fixed! Thank you!
  • New import features are great 5/5

    By SH pilot
    Program now allows for import of gpx files which allows you to share tracks with other boaters. The routes are automatically sync’ed between iPad and iPhone. Thank you developers for adding this feature!
  • Better than ok!!!!!! 5/5

    By joel 5735$
    This app is better than ok!!! I’ve had this app for about 7+ years and I am a commercial fisherman (shrimper) and I ran a 47’ steel shrimp boat till 6/2017 then a 68’ wooden shrimp boat till 3/2018 and now I’m running one that’s 65’ and when our equipment loses satellites I always tap my navionics app. I have my hangs marked or I can pull up a track line from that area and follow it or make it a route and keep working while everyone else moves to safer areas. Not me I’ve bet $150,000 boat on it more than once to get me through bad areas and the app has made me some really good money too. But guys we need a big Gee selection of markers and the ability to change track colors and be able to put an old track on the chart and be drawing a track over it at the same time to keep better track of where I’ve been in whatever area I’m in that I have saved tracks for. I really wanna see how the t-pod or t-box would do on that big boat but we just can’t afford to spend that much money on something that may not work for me but it could probably change my career who knows. Thanks for the app I wish it was compatible with my Garmin GPSmap 741-xs so I could sync them. Oh well maybe in the future
  • Never worked...ever 1/5

    By gary jan
    After almost a year of calling customer support trying to get this app to work, I finally spoke to a customer service rep who said something no one had ever said; “ you have to have cellular data of your iPad for this to work.... not Wifi.” This has been a total waste of time and money.
  • Leaves much to be desired in options 3/5

    By Capt_Obvious_
    Needs ability to change the color of the tracks as they are hard to see in yellow and also load ALL tracks on the map instead of one at a time. It’s important to see where you have been for safety purposes and for stats
  • Does not sync with Garmin plotter 2/5

    By Cypremort2
    Even though Navionics is now owned by garmin there is no way to sync waypoints, routes, etc with a garmin device.
  • Poor support 1/5

    By Unhappy!!!--!!??
    Since the app migrated to Garmin I have not been able to log on to the app. Navionics and Garmin have been of no help solving this problem
  • Import export 5/5

    By wderya
    Hi how to import export waypoint
  • New update 4/5

    By Canyonbat
    The icon change for markers is not good. They are huge and cover up too much of the map. I know you can turn them off but I like to be able to see them.
  • Paid the fee, successfully used app for a month, now locked out of account 1/5

    By liddins
    Very frustrating to pay for an app and then be locked out after 4-6 weeks, with no response on problem from the folks at Navionics. Horrible response time, poor customer service. Case # 00501089
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Peter10128
    I purchased a prior version of this app and it’s been discontinued. These folks basically stole my money.
  • Went to garbage after the last update 1/5

    By Citylimits.......
    My subscription was lost
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Fooled like everyone else
    Bought the old app last year and they want more money this year.
  • Plotter sync doesn’t work 1/5

    By james 123454321
    Didn’t work. But does now
  • Navionics ignores loyal users 1/5

    By John2291205
    Have used Navionics for years and appreciate the development work on updates. Within the past year they updated, removed an App and added a replacement. Supposedly the balance of existing subscriptions were transferred, but they were not. I paid again. The June update locked me out of my subscription and no longer recognizes my log in or subscription. As the owner of tens of thousands of dollars of parent company Garmin equipment I’m disappointed to say the least. Developer: Please contact me and restore my log in and subscription. Thank you
  • Please fix bug - Cannot obtain wind forecast 2/5

    By 348SStb
    Upon attempting to obtain a wind forecast, which I’ve been doing for many years, the app says “Connection Failed - please check your connection and try again.” Please fix and advise.
  • App is a ripoff 1/5

    By BeltonAg
    I’ve bought this App twice and now you’ve moved to a yearly subscription... you can keep it!!!
  • Route/Track Header toggle 2/5

    By Meh, it's okay.
    ***update to developer response. *********** Yeah, that is the problem. ONLY the track info is available in the header. The previous versions had a TOGGLE between track info on ROUTE info. The route info in the header had such info as time and mileage to the next route point. Without that, you have to do a lot of work to get that info. It was nice to have it quickly available. ********************************************** I used boating USA app to sail from New Orleans to Guatemala. It was a truly valuable app. Although I had other navigation systems to rely on as back up, I never used them. I will likely use this app again, next season, to continue down to Panama. The updates make the functionality different, and I'm sure I will learn it. If I can make one request, it would be to put back the Header Toggle between Route and Track info. Having that info available so quickly was very handy. That Header held a wealth of useful info, that just isn't there in the update. Bring that back, and you'll have a great product again.
  • Beware when you renew subscription 1/5

    By renaissancefellow
    The Navionics app continues to be misleading when you try to renew your subscription. I renewed my subscription to US and Canada, but the app continued to display “Subscription Expired” and a button to “USA Charts”, no matter how many times I restarted and re-synched the app. Eventually, out of desperation, I clicked the “USA Charts” button, so I got subscribed to USA as well (which are already included in US and Canada). I really feel that the UI misled me. I emailed Navionics, explaining what happened and asking for a refund on the second purchase, but no reply. Navionics charts are good, but I am so tired with Navionics behavior, their in-app purchases are just misleading, they do not follow Apple’s guidelines, and have been this way for a long time. I did report them to Apple, if you have similar problems do the same.
  • Navionics shady business practice 1/5

    By Kasper Harris
    I’ve been a long term user of Navionics:US and Canada which they are “discontinuing”. They recommend for all users to download their “new” Navionics Boating and Lakes app for “no additional cost”. Navionics business practice is crooked. I paid $7.99 for an annual subscription for Navionics+ under the US and Canada app but now am forced to pay $21.99 for Navionics+ in the boating and Lakes app. Shame on you greedy Navionics!
  • Expired subscriptions render app unusable 1/5

    By maryandred
    The app works great until one of your map subscriptions expires. The app then reminds you constantly, including every time you go back to it after minimizing it, and makes you “accept terms” for use of the “free” features just so you can then use it with the subscription you paid for. I have multiple maps downloaded from multiple trips but only one subscription active at any time. Worst design ever. Come on Navionics — you should be better than this!
  • Not good 1/5

    By Egritz63
    I used iNavX for years and loved it. I guess it has been purchased and is no longer available. So they direct you this chart plotter and it is terrible compared to the old iNaxX. In so many ways. E.G. Creating a route is very difficult and almost useless. I don’t understand why or how this occurred but I want my old chart plotting app back. What a waste.
  • GPS only works on land 1/5

    By omgnamestaken
    I used to love navionics but with the new version that they moved to the gps doesn’t seem to work on my iPad. It will only show my location on land, or place me on the nearest land if I’m in the water. This doesn’t make the app useful at all. Glad I kept the previous version on my phone, at least for however long it will keep working. I bought the iPad specifically to use navionics and its a real letdown that its not working. I can’t recommend until they fix this.
  • Horrific Support 1/5

    By Mcgeebs
    I had a simple question about a problem with the App and have been waiting for over one week for a response. I have reached out multiple times and they either don't care or don't have a clue. Either way is all bad. Don't buy!!
  • Enjoy App 5/5

    By Bet63
    Working good now
  • Forcing me to pay again 1/5

    By a dude that sails
    Does anyone know of any other good boat navigation apps? Perhaps someone post ideas after me since I’m sure there are others such as myself and my friends that are looking for alternatives. I purchased the US and Canada version for a flat rate a couple years back and now I’m being asked to pay an annual subscription to have the same features. There must be something better out there.
  • What’s going on? 1/5

    By Sgt504mp
    App has been unusable since last Thursday. Just received an email ref my tech support case that app had been restored and sonar chart infor was useable again. Deleted and reloaded app hit update makes and approx 415 mb of updates was available. Hit the button, screen blanked for a second and nothing happened. Knew something was wrong. Tried update feature again and nothing. Base map still corrupted, no sonar chart contours. 3 years of local data lost. Don’t know why my sonar chart data has to reside on their server. I download charts for offline use. Totally disappointed. If not fixed in 48 hours dumping this app and going to Garmin. Have over a hundred friends in my fishing association. Many of them use this app.
  • No data transfer to new phone. No reply from company 1/5

    By V19951995
    Used this app for years. Last phone change the maps did not transfer. Now I have to repurchase them at 5 times the original price! I contacted customer service and received no reply. That’s two very significant shortcomings.
  • Keep taking our money 1/5

    By Jimmyfreeze
    Funny how the “discontinued app“ still has the ability to take our subscription money, but no features work.
  • No more US Govt NOAA chart viewing!!! 1/5

    By 24K2
    Taking away the ability to view/use the Govt NOAA charts is the last straw example of this company’s greed. Many of us use those charts for planning but only buy your subscription Charts for areas we will actually sail in. In my case I buy the Caribbean chart subscription, but still want to look at several US locations so I use the Govt NOAA charts for that. It also looks like your Caribbean Charts subscription has increased from about $8 to $28 per year. That also seems greedy and price gouging, at the very least for us customers who have been loyal and supported Navionics for years. If you don’t decide to give us those Govt NOAA map viewing and reasonable subscription fees back, then its time for many of us to find a new Chart app !!
  • Decent 5/5

    By cb11754
    This app is pretty good. The merging of all the apps that the developer is doing might be confusing to past users, but has not effected the quality of the app itself.
  • Paid twice??? 2/5

    By zigga
    The app made me subscribe again. It said my free trail was up, but I never even used the free trial, I bought it immediately and now it’s telling me I have to subscribe again.
  • Current subscription not recognized 1/5

    By fozz625
    Signed in with my current subscription. App confirmed I was signed in but would not function after trail period. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice with no joy. I’m not paying again. I still have 139 days on current subscription.
  • Had to buy twice, still won’t work! 1/5

    By Kalcypher rocks
    This Navionics product may be amazing, but since the developers switched to Boating and Marina, the charts will not stay loaded on my IPad. I have been asked by the APP to purchase a subscription three times now, all within the last six months. I have paid all three times but the APP continues to ask for a subscription and deletes the downloaded information in the process! We are almost full time cruisers and need reliable charting software. This product does not work right. Developers should be more clear on payments. Is the subscription monthly?
  • Very annoyed 1/5

    By nomadfish123
    Used this app for a while as my primary back up to my lowrance. I was on the water when I noticed that my map was no longer available, and I would not have access to my local map. The frustrating part is that I was out on the water when this happened, and downloading the map was not an option given my cellular data restrictions. The 9.99 or whatever it is, is not the issue. My issue is that i had no idea about this change. I’m very annoyed with how navionics pigeon holed me. Not cool. If you’re goal was to force people to buy the map, rather than allow a free region download...THEN CHARGE UP FRONT.
  • Developer RIP OFF 1/5

    By mr-slice
    I paid for the previous app in full. Now I have a 15 day TRIAL and will have to pay again. Developer GREED. It doesn’t pay to piss off your customers and double dip. Hey developer, Now this is where you paste your canned response as you did with all the other 1 star reviews.
  • Ripped off! 1/5

    By OperamanBanjo
    I’ve had this app for a few years and had made a “one-time purchase” of $14.99 only to find out today opening the app that was blank that I had to download an update. After the update I was then told that I had to renew my annual subscription! So much for this app. There is no way you’re worth it. I’ll stick to my Lowrance.
  • It’s great, please add this one feature.. 4/5

    By Brandon!!??
    I am very glad that Active Captain was added and it is also nice to have community edits as a combination. One thing I really do miss is that I cannot edit ActiveCaptain without going to a clunky buggy website. Please add in app activecaptain editing! (Not a browser)

Boating Marine & Lakes app comments

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