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  • Current Version: 15.0
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Boating Marine & Lakes App

Nautical charts for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and all your activities on the water. Get the same detailed marine and lake charts and advanced features as on the best GPS plotters. > TRY FOR FREE: Download and get a trial for all our charts and features for a limited time. > SUBSCRIBE: Start your 1 YEAR subscription to: - Download chart layers for offline use (permanent). - Access daily updates, chart overlay and advanced features (renewable). Use the same subscription on smartphones and tablets. Simply log in with the same account in all your Boating apps. THE SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDES: > CHART LAYERS FOR OFFLINE USE - NAUTICAL CHART: This accurate and thorough map of lakes and marine areas is continuously updated. - SONARCHART™: This 1’ (0.5 m) HD bathymetry map with extraordinary bottom contour detail is enhanced by millions of sonar logs contributed by boaters such as you. - COMMUNITY EDITS and ACTIVECAPTAIN® COMMUNITY: Join a bigger crowd! Get more local information from the Navionics and the Garmin ActiveCaptain boating community. - U.S. GOVERNMENT CHARTS (NOAA): These charts are available with the following coverage areas: USA, U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Caribbean to Brazil, Pacific Islands, Asia and Africa. > DAILY CHART UPDATES: The most current charts with more than 2,000 updates made every day. > FEATURES - CHART OVERLAY NAVIONICS SATELLITE OVERLAY WITH SONARCHART SHADING: a unique perspective of underwater topography at a glance. TERRAIN: shows roads and useful points of interest on land. SATELLITE: satellite images provided by a third party. - DOCK-TO-DOCK AUTOROUTING*: Creates a suggested route, from a real starting point to a real ending point, based on chart data and navigation aids. It provides advanced route planning with ETA, distance to arrival, heading to waypoint, fuel consumption and more. - ADVANCED MAP OPTIONS: Customize chart views to change chart-overlay combination, highlight shallow areas, target multiple fishing ranges and more. - WEATHER AND TIDES: Access real-time weather data along with daily and hourly forecasts, and get wind, weather buoys, tides and currents overlaid on your map. - GPX IMPORT/EXPORT: Easily handle your tracks, routes and markers. Share, store and display them on different apps, plotters and other devices. - AIS: Connect the app to a compatible Wi-Fi AIS receiver to see nearby targets overlaid on the map, in real-time. No internet connection needed. - PLOTTER SYNC: Owners of compatible plotters can transfer routes and markers, update charts and more. - TIMELINE: Enjoy looking back at your trips in the track timeline. RENEW SUBSCRIPTION After 1 year, you can renew your subscription or keep using your maps with free features. FREE FEATURES - SONARCHART™ LIVE: Create your own 1’ (0.5 m) HD bathymetry maps that display in real time while navigating. Connect the Boating app wirelessly to a compatible sonar/plotter. You can also automatically share your sonar logs, which helps us improve charts. - Includes track, route, distance, markers, wind forecasts, map options, sync my data, share location and more. NOTES: - Updates are available with iOS 9.0 or higher. An iPad device with Wi-Fi® connectivity locates your approximate position if it is connected to Wi-Fi. An iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model operates similarly to an iPhone device with regard to GPS. *Autorouting is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation operations.

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  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Zmelda
    I bought the maps 6 months ago and now when I open the app it doesn’t recognize me and acts like I need to buy them again. After searching the developers website I could not find a place to contact for help with the account. Very frustrating. It’s a great product when it works.
  • I can’t read the DEPTH 2/5

    By Hawk GT
    What is the one thing you need from a chart but can’t get from just sitting in your boat ? WATER DEPTH. So, I bought the $15 subscription and kept this as a digital plan B when out on the water. When I tried to use it on the water (not an ideal reading environment ) I had to stop the boat and zoom in and out so the water depth was shown in a font bigger than 1cm. When zooming, the iPhone will digitally zoom and increase the depth markings to a readable size. Then the app redraws the map at a higher magnification and dutifully represents depth in the smallest font possible. I could not see depth on a iPhone plus. Why can’t this be set as a user option???? By the way, the finger pinch is generally interpreted as a “move to a location 100 miles from here...”. This app is too mature to suffer from basic user interface problems like this. Can’t the developer just clone a fishfinder/gps user interface? Garmin has one, and Garmin owns Navionics. Why sell an app that sports a half-baked user interface? But if you are sitting in a dark room with reading glasses, have plenty of patience, and perfect the pinch maneuver, you can scope out some new waterways with this app. Better yet, use the web browser interface for free and on a HUGE monitor you will be able to see depths. And you will avoid pinch vs move user interface confusion.
  • Navigation wizard. 5/5

    By Maverick414
    I didn’t want to pay an arm & a leg for a navigation app, but Navionics Boating turned out to be very reasonable. The auto course routing alone is well worth the price. It maps out your route point to point taking into account depth and markers using your boats specs as a guide. I’ll never fish again without it !
  • High data usage 2/5

    By CCIE-Student
    I have had this app for years and it has gotten progressively worse over time. Especially with this last set of changes. Now it seems like it needs to download 300-500mb worth of maps every time it tries to calculate a route, even when it downloaded the data for the previous attempt at the route. Recommendation - Don’t buy this unless you have unlimited data on your plan and have no need to use it for creating routes.
  • Ok, but there are better free open source apps available. 1/5

    By Popawdo
    Renewal costs are absurd...
  • Misleading. Buy Lakemaster instead 1/5

    By jajsjJakhabahsh
    Purchased Navionics chip and installed on my computer. Downloaded to my phone. This app does not allow you to use your log in on the app. Paid a lot of money for the chip, should be able to use the app. DO NOT BUY.
  • Not so good 1/5

    By fthisappx10
    I bought the the app so I could see the water depth of the Susquehanna river in PA. It should be one of the most well known rivers in the state. This app showed the entire river as 0-1 foot deep. I asked for help and was told that my settings were off when I’ve never changed them. Double checked that and still 0-1. This app paints a picture of having more information but really you’re better off using maps provided online.
  • Change of yerms 1/5

    By psommarva
    I bought this app a couple years ago as an occasional sailor. I also bought the Europe maps. I think I paid €30 for the app and about the same for the maps. Now I cannot use the app any longer without buying a subscription. That’s a change of contract. The concept if “buying” an app is not the same as buying a physical map. Apparently. The UI if this app is counterintuitive. It takes a while to understand and it’s easy to fall in the same mistakes. Saving a route, retrieving it and running it are easily mistaken. On a night navigation I had this app run alongside google maps to make sure it was doing the right thing. The only reason this map has any users is there are no other decent apps with moving map and some like Garmin that are even more expensive and locked to hardware. Overall a decent experience for a few bucks. No way I will ever pay a subscription to update the position of buoys or the depth of the sea.
  • Do research 1/5

    By Clan Crusher17
    Fished the same lake since I was a kid so I know the depths by heart, navionics is wrong! I looked at several other lakes I fish and compared navionics with DNR maps and again, wrong! Also, some lakes are marked well with cribs, launches ect. Others, nothing. Spend the money on a gps/sonor unit.
  • Requires Garmon Subscription 1/5

    By Mbihc
    Edit - new update still require a Garmon Subscription. App keeps getting worse. I don’t care how many times you explain it and try to spin it as a benefit - I’m not getting a Garmin account.
  • AIS: Nothing but frustration 3/5

    By kplrev27
    No main menu item to add a device as a NMEA data source even with an active subscription and internet connection. Same problem seen on three different devices runnimg latest updates. two iphones and an android tablet. What is the problem?
  • No cell service? No map for you. 1/5

    By risogere
    I used the predecessor app for years and was very pleased with it. Now that Garmin took over, it requires you to create an account and log in before you can use even your saved maps. Not cool. I tried to open the app while out of cell range (like many places where the app needs to work — ON THE WATER!), and since I could not create an account, I couldn’t do anything, including important things like simply view my location on the previously saved maps. Total fail. Do not count on this app when it matters.
  • Overall great app 3/5

    By Emoore1588
    Love the app but the one feature I was really excited about (Auto Routing) does not work it just shoots a straight line route as the crow flies across land. This is on a major waterway (St. Johns River, Fl).
  • Scam 1/5

    By nlaguilar
    I had a subscription and bought the old version and used it about three months then this new version came in announcing that the old no longer supported and eventually will not able to use and the option is to use this new version. it only allow me until few weks the it says trial period is over need to subscribe. I will not trust this developer they will come up with new version after taking you money.
  • Site is difficult 1/5

    By to y 1111
    After subscribing I have not been able to get a chart, the trial was easy , paid version doesn’t work
  • What’s going on??? 1/5

    By ndbdbdhsjns
    Can’t even open the app anymore, been trying to open it and it sends me to a home screen every time and shuts the app down
  • all of the best app 5/5

    By ရဲဇာဏီ
    all of the best app,
  • Was perfect not any more 1/5

    By Meemme
    This was my perfect nav app until they changed it and created the must login I don’t need you to store my boating life on you cloud I want to use this app with out you guys tracking me Get the no login option back or give me my money back !!!! No a good business decision to change the rule during the paid time !!! You email to me is BS get me access to the app without login !!!
  • Kind of rely on this app... 4/5

    By DigNSun
    Wow. I hope this gets fixed soon since I just updated my subscription, but now the app won’t run for more than about 25 seconds without shutting down! Please fix! Maybe it’s an IOS 13.3.1 compatibility issue? Edit. After a day or two they fixed the problem. Thanks for the fast response! I’d give it 5 stars If I didn’t get the “Too many points” error when calculating routes so often and as some have said, gets a little sluggish with high volume AIS traffic. Still, this the best app in this category! I use it as the primary over my Garmin GPS, but having both is great.
  • Crashing?? 4/5

    By ahdhajdjs
    App has been great for a long time. All of a sudden as of today every time I open the app it loads the charts and 3 seconds later auto closes. Keeps crashing. I have updated, I have restarted my phone and it keeps doing it...
  • Payment 3/5

    By curdog42
    Already paid for this app once two years ago and don’t plan on buying again.......great app just doesn’t make since to pay twice for the same thing!
  • World of subscriptions stinks 1/5

    By jdoumecq
    Most of App make the move to the subscription model... That stinks

    By Crusted_waffles
    10/10 for sure this is so useful it’s is perfect for ice Fishing. BIG Shout our to the creators of this app 😃
  • Please increase the waypoint limit! 3/5

    By DieselDrax
    The app would be so much better if it could autoroute more than just 10-15 miles down, say, the Tennessee River through the gorge. Unfortunately, autoroute fails after about 10 miles with the error “too many points” and then just has a straight line to the destination. What good is autoroute if someone has to re-autoroute every 10 miles on a river?
  • Warning, forced subscription. Cloud and big data ahead. 1/5

    By Puget Boater
    With the last update, Garmin is now forcing users to create an account before allowing access to the app. Even if you have a current subscription purchased under the old model. They are claiming the community asked for it and it was done solely to share subscriptions and stored data across devices. However if this was truly the case, they could have easily made use of an account optional. One has to wonder what exactly they are up to with user data. Garmin folks: this practice violates trust with the user community and will result in loss of market share when the next option comes around. Please consider supporting all your user types, not just adjusting policies to what the business guys say provides the best return on investment.
  • Navionics - Boating marine & lakes 5/5

    By Ahmed Mueed
    To be honest, this is the best boating/chart/gps app you can find in the app store! As a person who has experienced difficult conditions in waters at bad weather, this very app was the key point for me to get out of danger zones. The app has great tracking ability and following. Creating a route is simple as you tap to record your movements and then the app remembers. Head for home? Well this app has got you guided through. I highly recommend this app.
  • Scummy business practices 1/5

    By andjrifbesk
    Charge through the nose for an app that’s just OK. Every year. I’m done
  • Disappointed 1/5

    This app started out great. After a few months the app showed I needed to update my maps. Unfortunately I allowed the app to update my maps. Now a great feature that showed certain shaded areas is no longer available. Customer service to resolve this issue started out ok, now they just ignore my emails. Trying to contact them by phone is nearly impossible unless you have a lot of time to wait to get connected with a rep. This is not a cheap app, and I can’t believe they made the maps worse with an update! Very disappointed!!!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Monepit
    I can’t imagine a rating of less than 5. I’ve used this app for years and it’s great. For 14.99 a year and a $500 iPad. $250 if you buy a used one, it’s as good as any $2000 chart plotter out there. I’ve navigated all over the us with it and it has never failed me. I transported a 56 sea ray from mobile bay to Ky. lake with a new Garmin and used the iPad more that the chart plotter. The auto routine is great. Good job guys.
  • Frustrating app 2/5

    By htown1226
    This is one of the most frustrating unintuitive apps I have ever used. The directions on the side do not match what you see on the screen, that is extremely frustrating. Especially when the app does not work like you would think it would. If you are creating a route you should be able to"save" the route. That is not how it works you're supposed to press route again, completely unintuitive. The other way to save her route is to actually press start, but I don't want to start the route this is a row I'm creating for the future. But this is the only way to save the route. Even though the app says I have two routes I only have one. Extremely frustrating will not be renewing my subscription
  • Deleted the app 1/5

    By Riv4800
    I paid for this several years ago and renewed it every year since then. When I first signed up, you just downloaded the app and boated. They changed it so that now you have to create an account with Garmin and log in with them to actually use it....even though you paid for it. It’s none of Garmin’s business where I boat. So, I deleted their app and will just have to boat without it.
  • Very slow 2/5

    By ch54snyder
    This app is a great backup to my Raymarine chart plotter running similar software. The bad news for iPad and iPhone users is a continual slowdown in startup speed and the time it takes to check for updates - in excess of 80 secs over high-speed WiFi. (>100mbs) Cellular would only be worse.
  • Forces you to create a Garmin account 1/5

    By dfelliott
    Instead of using Apple-provided and privacy-protecting subscription and syncing technologies this app now forces you to give your information to the developer. That’s a shame because this is otherwise a good app. I refuse to log in to Garmin. I will find an alternative and will be contacting the App Store for a subscription refund.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Shdwblz
    I have been boating since the early 70s as a kid, commercial fished George’s Bank and all areas in the Northeast us. Sport fished eastern seaboard along with racing offshore powerboats all the way from Great lakes to the Caribbean including Cuba. Did the great circle with a 88 Pershing that cruised at 45 knots. I have used every version of chart plotter, GPS and charting software available. This little app on a IPhone is as accurate, dependable and as powerful as any chart plotter out there. For the cost, it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By mich1256
    Whatever they can do to get you to pay for the app again. I used the app for two years, got a new phone downloaded the app, all of a sudden they never herd of me. Tech support is useless.
  • Log in fail 1/5

    By SD Captains
    After the last update requiring mandatory log-in, I can not open anymore the app. Navionics has been progressively getting worse since Garmin purchased them a while ago. Once good application, now- mandatory log-in for offshore application?! Sugar coated explanation “so you don’t loose your purchased charts”. BS. I was using Navionics for years without logging in and without loosing anything. Save your money, find app not requiring mandatory log in.
  • Required Account? 1/5

    By jbriskin
    Next, give up home address? Maybe ASN? SSN? Shoe size? Can I share my house keys with you too? Forcing me to give them something I was not giving up voluntarily, is theft. Theft of personal information is not ok. Next steps: Delete.
  • My go to Nav App but clunky 3/5

    By CapnCoconut
    We use this app whenever sailing anywhere - Dow load maps beforehand but without wifi they’re big. My biggest problem with this app is that the UX is super clunky. I never know where things are and it doesn’t follow modern conventions. Which are pretty standard across most other navigation apps. Then there’s the huge gaping lack of night mode. Which makes this app unusable when boating at night. For that we use openCPN broadcast from a raspberryPi and CMap’s Enbark. Can you pleeeese add nighttime mode.
  • Saved my life 5/5

    By Smelly mole
    I had the free app and went out ice fishing on lake Ontario and it was blowing a steady 30. I knew a storm was coming but the fish were biting and i had walked over 3 miles to the spot so i ended up staying way to long. By the time i was packed up there was 3 inches of snow and a total whiteout. i had very little cell service like most places on the lake and started walking the direction i knew was land. After 20-30 minutes i checked google maps to see if it had me almost at shore and it said i had actually over shot the point i went from and was on the east side of it. It was only maybe 1/3 mile away but well after what felt like closer to a mile i checked google maps again to see where i was and it said i was over a mile from land. I then remembered navionics and when i used it it showed me about half a mile from what google maps said. I decided to trust this and follow the arrow all the way back for about a mile and see what google maps says. After almost a mile following the navionics i started to see dock lights and was relieved. I checked google maps twice walking back and both times it had me over half a mile from my real location. I was out there walking for to two to two half hours between taking breaks and checking for service and i was getting exhausted. This app really did save me that night got to single digits and was gusting to 40 plus. Ill probably buy it every year until they stop updating the maps.
  • Subscription renewal 5/5

    By J-tear
    I love the app. however the renewal is a real pain. I fact I can’t even find what I need to renew! Being in an area of limited WiFi it is stressing me out a little.
  • Depth 5/5

    By Rick Gmz
    Everything works fine , I been using it for almost 3 years every day that i use my boat , the only thing is the depth is hard to see it ,
  • Nice app, but inadequate route planning. 3/5

    By There's your sign!
    App works well, but the 200 waypoint limit is not sufficient. Particularly for the ICW, where I had to split a day trip into 3 or even 4 individual segments. Otherwise, the app is great.
  • The new update lost detail!! 3/5

    By 7531478963278
    I used to use this app all the time while I was at home finding spots to try and I have tons of spots marked on my maps with small fingers on breaks for walleyes and stuff but know all those fingers went away and they just look like a solid straight featureless break. I was wondering if you could give me some insight about this?
  • Subscribe problem 1/5

    By scmnif
    I renewed my subscription but it keeps asking me to buy again or use the free features any... help?
  • Do not use unless you want your data held hostage! 1/5

    By Two-Wheel
    Unless you pay for premium features you cannot export or save your data.
  • Wanted: split screen and low speed heading 5/5

    By Johnsterman
    First of all, I really like this app. I have my iPad mini in a mount on my little Boston Whaler. I wish that this had split screen capability. I run Mercury Vessel view. This lets me get all sorts of engine parameters via a bluetooth module on my engine. I can use slide over, but I wish this app had split screen capability. I showed myself going down a canal sideways at 4kts. It would be great to use the gps track as opposed to the compass heading at a much lower speed. I’ll throw the request out there, but I have the feeling that this is not something the developers have control of.
  • Advertising? 1/5

    By Sam & Sydney
    I paid for this app including updates and you added advertising? Not cool.
  • Pop up ads w paid subscription! 1/5

    By Dyna2
    Warning - while putting in a route etc you will get POP UP ads - I just got one for their “partner” sailology at the bottom of the screen. I will let my membership expire - paid apps should not pop up ads
  • Daily Download stopped working 3/5

    By BillBarr
    I am running 14.6 on iPhone with IOS 13.2 The daily download keeps saying “Your maps are up to date” and no longer updating. I have reloaded the iPhone operating system. I have deleted then reinstalled Boating plus reloaded my offline maps. I really need this to work. I have been using Navionics products for many years and am very disappointed. I contacted support and got the usual “you must be a stupid consumer” set of same old FAQ answers

Boating Marine & Lakes app comments

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