Bobby Approved - Food Scanner

Bobby Approved - Food Scanner

By FlavCity Corp

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Bobby Approved is a free food scanner app that instantly shows if a food product is good for your health or not. Learn how to buy the best quality products from the grocery store with the Bobby Approved app. Just point your camera, scan the barcode, and find out if that box of pasta, loaf of bread, or box of cereal is made with best-in-class ingredients, or if you should put it back. The bad ingredients are highlighted in red, and by tapping on them you can learn why. Bobby has spend years researching ingredients in products and their potential health impact and has created a list of over 100 harmful ingredients, which is available to explore no the app. If you are one of the 12+ million people who follow Bobby @flavcity, you know he has an unwavering dedication to helping people put the best quality foods in their body. For years Bobby has been making videos at the most popular grocery stores in the country and now with this free app you can take the guesswork out of shopping. It’s like shopping alongside Bobby! Using the food scanner app is super easy: - Scan any food barcode to see if a product is Bobby approved or not, and why. The harmful ingredients are highlighted in red. - Tap on each ingredient to understand its health impact. - Search products, ingredients, or browse products by store. - If a product is not Bobby Approved, the app will give you healthy alternatives. Ingredients we flag: Bobby has flagged over 100 ingredients in our database as potentially harmful. All of these flagged ingredients are backed by scientific studies and include natural and artificial flavors, fake sugars, food dyes, chemical additives, inflammatory seed oils, preservatives and more. By identifying these additives in your food, you can shop for yourself and family with confidence. Our products and ingredients library are continuously updated with new products and data.