Bolt: Fast, Affordable Rides

Bolt: Fast, Affordable Rides

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  • Current Version: 65.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Bolt: Fast, Affordable Rides App

Bolt is a transportation app used for taking fast and affordable e-scooter rides. Skip the rush hour hassle and public transport headache, get there quickly, safely and conveniently on a Bolt Scooter! Our e-scooters are available to rent through the Bolt app. They’re super-easy (and fun!) to use. Why Bolt? • The app is free — you only pay when you ride! • Fast and affordable — get around town without paying a fortune • Safe — our in-app Safety Toolkit features a Beginner Mode, riding tutorial, safety tips and a guide to the local traffic rules • Environmentally friendly — Bolt Scooters help reduce pollution and traffic, making cities more livable for everyone To start riding a Bolt e-scooter: 1. Open the Bolt app and use your smartphone to locate the nearest Bolt Scooter on the map 2. Unlock the e-scooter by scanning the QR code or entering the ID through the app 3. Push-off and press the throttle to go! 3. Enjoy a fun, affordable ride to your destination 4. Once you arrive, park the scooter safely and end your ride inside the app When could you use a Bolt Scooter? • Riding to/from the bus stop, train station or other public transit stations on your work commute • Avoiding traffic jams on the way to/from work • As a fast, affordable way of seeing the city as a tourist • Anytime you want a fun, fast, convenient and sustainable ride across the city! Bolt is available in 40+ countries and 200+ cities around the world. Our mission is to bring fast, reliable and affordable transportation to millions of people around the world, while also helping thousands of drivers support their families. Bolt ride-hailing is coming soon! Questions? Get in touch via [email protected] or at Follow us on social media for updates, discounts and offers! Facebook — Instagram — Twitter —

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Bolt: Fast, Affordable Rides app reviews

  • No sms can’t get it to work 1/5

    By Noneface
    Been 48 hours trying to register and I’m not getting the sms. This is very frustrating. I cant believe we are in 2022 and still using sms as the only way to register something. Sms is unreliable and just cant be your only option. Add sign in with apple or google and tie that to a credit card, boom everyone happy
  • No code sent 1/5

    By polly~pocket
    I downloaded the app and was super excited to have an option other than the bus or train while traveling in Europe. The app was supposed to send me a code to my phone to verify but I never received the code. I tried again and again. It’s now been 3 days and still no code. (I’m getting other messages just fine.) Looks like I will be taking the bus or train.
  • nothing on uber 3/5

    By Princess dreeanna
    it’s okay it’s fast and cheap but the drivers are incomparable to uber drivers. they don’t talk and if they do they’re rude. and they never have chargers but most uber drivers do. because of the opposition of the drivers i feel super uncomfortable any time im in a bolt. most don’t even say hello. i don’t know if uber recommends to their drivers to be kind or why there’s such a difference but there is and when i can afford an uber i will choose it over a bolt every time because the drivers are nice and make me feel way more comfortable
  • Bolt 5/5

    By aksjdbdhd
    They are superb!🤍
  • Bolt is whacked 1/5

    By Poundsvibes
    Why is the drivers always asking for price that is above what is on the app! Like from 800 to 4000 why is that?? This is like Everytime and it dosent make sense atall.
  • The app not working 1/5

    By jawaherssh
    The app not working with me i tried many times even my family but not work unlike my family please contact me via what’s up for help my number is 966542233644
  • Good car 5/5

    By Boahmad almtare
    Thank you bolt
  • سيء 1/5

    By جحخة
    تطبيق سيء تدفع مقدماً قبل وصول السائق واذا أغيت الرحلة المبلغ اللي دفعته ماتقدر تستفيد منه في مشوار ثاني لازم تدفع من جديد
  • Gave up 1/5

    By MajorAV8er
    I had to give up on Bolt. For a company that relies on GPS and the internet. This is a terrible app. It tells the drives your location wrong all the time. If the location is even on their 50 year old map. After you place your order it asks where you are going again. You tell it and it says the destination is changed and you need to pay more. That and a couple of thieving drivers here and I’m done with Bolt.
  • No route planning for scooters/bikes to help avoid dead zone 1/5

    By -_- Sarah -_-
    App is mostly fine, though loads very poorly on slow connections, BUT it’s incredibly frustrating to not have route planning for scooters, especially when there are dead zones all over a city. I use Bolt as a tourist to get around cities I don’t know very well. I can’t see my destination on the Bolt map, and I can’t input it there, so I have to switch to Google Maps to navigate. But Google Maps doesn’t know where the Bolt dead zones are, so I often end up having to stop, flip back and forth between maps, drag the nonworking scooter back out of the dead zone, and try again. This typically happens at least once a trip, and I can see from how the Tallinn city is covered in dead zones that it’s going to happen multiple times today. You have route planning for cars. Why is it so hard to add for more environmental scooters/bikes?
  • Customer service - I lost my IPhone 1/5

    By LA- 1995
    I forgot my IPhone in the bolt ride and I have been trying to contact customer service for two days! There is no reply to my emails, no reply when I send my concern in chat! and the phone number on the website is incorrect!!!
  • No option to tip 3/5

    By TucsonAl
    This was the dominant ride service in a city I was visiting. I used it multiple times, but the app gave me no option to tip, which was the custom. Nobody I asked understood why and there was no way to contact bolt about the problem. It was a pain to try to keep tip money in my pocket. So, three stars.
  • Good driver 5/5

    By Khartel 22
    I enjoyed his ride
  • Отвратительно 😡 1/5

    By Vitaliy468-459
    Вызвал такси, таксист уехал совсем в другую сторону. После отмены заказа списались 3$, не смотря на произошедшую ситуацию. Удалил приложение из за низкой клиентской защиты 👎🏻
  • Horrible company, horrible customer service 1/5

    By AlexZeee545
    I attempted to use the app, requested a car. The car arrived, but it was too small to fit our group. Out of respect for the driver I gave him a $10 tip and said we couldn’t fit and would need a van. The driver left. I was still charged for the ride. When I contacted bolt customer support they claim I took the ride and won’t refund my money. Why would I lie when they gave gps data? Stick with Uber. Stay away from this garbage.
  • Good 5/5

    By MiYAKi Palmer
    It’s affordable and reliable.
  • They don’t care about customer 1/5

    By hemmodalton
    Bolt drivers are the most horrible sets I’ve seen and with their bad behaviors, they should be kicked out of the platform but bolt doesn’t care. In as much as they are getting their money.
  • FANTASTIC 😊💚 5/5

    By Clemzryn💚
    Bolt has really helped me in most of my journeying around. Though and I must say there are the best 🙂🙂
  • Terrible app does not work 1/5

    By RyanS6153
    App repeatedly says not available in this country when it clearly is. Have a Thai phone number and have had my account closed for “suspicious activity” when I was only using it to get taxi rides in Bangkok.
  • The worst driver (مقرن)تيويتا بيضاء 1/5

    By Yara alaabsi
    The app told me that مقرنhas arrived so i texted him and he said i only accept cash but i already paid online!!and i called him bc there's no one outside i waited him for 5min and then i got a message from the app that he canceled it so i called him why did you cancel it there's fee!!!and he said no one showed up to me outside and he hang up the phone that was so rude!!! Is it bc i paid it online so he doesn't care or what your app is not only cheap so is your driver (مقرن) i hope you take me seriously Bolt team🙏🏼
  • Dangerous 1/5

    By heltemes
    Bolt lets some truly unhinged people drive for them. People who drive very dangerously and are extremely aggressive towards their passengers, to the point of it being physical. Don’t believe me? Look it up. If you say something that makes the driver mad (which is almost always something incredibly innocuous and would not bother 99% of the rest of the global population), they feel entitled to verbally berate you, harass you, threaten you, FOLLOW YOU AS YOU ARE TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM THEM, and scream disgusting racial slurs at you. I also had a driver read ultra-nationalistic propaganda on his phone as he was driving. But what can be worse than that, you may ask? Well, there is a simple answer to that question. And the answer is how miserable the “customer support” is. When I really needed their help with a deranged, vulgar, violent driver, they sent me a miserable canned form letter in reply and closed the ticket. I had to keep reopening it for HOURS in order to get them to actually reply. They did not take this situation seriously at all. So this deranged driver is still out there, picking people up, and truly making them miserable at best. At worst, he is going to say or do something to the wrong person and things are going to get nasty. Because of that, I want no part of it, so I am discontinuing my use of Bolt immediately. My family and I have the right to feel safe and in the presence of someone who can behave like a civilized human being. And you do as well. So I recommend you skip Bolt and use any other service. Just read the stories of what angry Bolt drivers have done to their passengers recently and I think you’ll agree.
  • Kenya 1/5

    By Aden002
    Bolt is the worst Uber company, everyone likes it because of it being cheap I thought that too. I was late somewhere and wanted to order a Uber, when I ordered it, I called the guy and ask how far away he was and then he asked for how much the price was, and I told him what it said. And then he asked me to double the price and I mean why would they do that if they made the price, and this happened every time we tried to order a Uber. WORST COMPANY
  • Useless in Bangkok 2/5

    By hfffyuhgf
    Works in other places but it’s useless in Bangkok. Had 5 drivers cancel trying to get a ride from United Center.
  • Never has available taxis 1/5

    By Josiah Sprague
    Almost every time I need a taxi, the app says no taxis available, even in the center of town. Are they all on strike?
  • Mr eden 5/5

    By Hines5000
    I love her driving and communication good customer relationship I got from her
  • Dna Isabel 5/5

    By Helio_Sousa
    Muito obrigado. Não tenho palavras para descrever a tão boa pessoa que você é. Em poucos minutos pude ver a pureza no teu coração. Many Thanks. ❤️
  • Usually a great ride. 5/5

    By Livin with animals
    I’ll go again
  • Tipping policy needs updating 4/5

    By aylvx
    BOLT is a good option for me and I am pleased with its service, however I dislike how it allows for a tip to be given within only a 15-minute window, after which it becomes impossible/disallowed to do so. There are many obvious reasons, which don’t need to be enumerated here, why the customer may not have time to rate and tip the driver immediately after getting out of the car, but who would like to be able to do so sometime afterwards, or even the next day, or the next time we open the app. Adding a tip at ANY time should be allowed so that your hard-working drivers can receive their well-deserved gratuities. Please fix your app to allow for this.
  • رأي 5/5

    By Shjvfxds
    استمروا على هذا النهج في ظل المنافسة القوية لتبنوا استدامة وشكرا
  • Good 5/5

    By ertheru
    Better and cheaper than most other moving apps, very good drivers and good system
  • Pire application de transport 1/5

    By natasha049587
    Les chauffeurs sont justes des voleurs, il m’ont voler l’ensemble de mes cartes de crédit. Le service après vente est incapable de nous aider. En plus de cela dans 75% des cas il est impossible de trouver un chauffeur pour se déplacer. Je ne recommande pas du tout
  • Feedback 5/5

    By jazzybeat
    Great service and the app is very easy to use.
  • Price changes to high price even without traffic after end of trip. 1/5

    By kuukua pam
    Bolt Ghana, prices shoot up every time I pick bolt. The initial price on request shoots up when I get to my destination. I will uninstall when this problem is not fixed.Fix it please!.
  • It’s not opening on my iPhone 1/5

    By LiL Ice💫🔌
    I don’t know what’s wrong with the app but it does not open on my iPhone
  • Make it easier to find parking locations!!! 2/5

    By kumbalottta
    Using Bolt scooters in Malaga, but it’s almost impossible to find the parking stations where you can end a ride. The app has “P” icons all over the place but when you get to them they are just car or motorcycle parking spots and you can’t end your ride. You either have to zoom in super close up on each “P” to see if there is a boundary around it (doesn’t show up when zoomed out), or you have to search for other available scooters. Seems like a huge fail.
  • I like bolt because 5/5

    By deo_sknks
    Very fast… but a little expensive
  • Excelente servicio 5/5

    By anroniosanchezs
    El app es muy amigable y los choferes muy amables y los carros en perfecto estado
  • Albert 1/5

    By ASS_albert
    Horrible. The drivers place dumb that they can’t find you. I need my refund now
  • Was traveling through Europe and was fun 5/5

    By Joey Montroy
    Great cheap way to ride around and see the city.
  • Do not use the scooters 1/5

    By btuwobhb
    Tried to use the scooter to get around the city a little quicker. Had to pay starting rates for broken scooters before finding a working one, and when I went to park had to drive over a kilometer from my destination just to park and stop the accumulating charges. The walk back from parking just made it take longer than walking originally.
  • الدمام 1/5

    By اسوووووو
    مره خذتم مني ٧٠ ريال فيزا على رحلة للجسر وقمت بالدفع ايضا للسائق وتقومون بسحب الفلوس من البطاقه ومره بعد خذتك حق مشوارين لمشوار واحد وكل مره اشتكي ولا في فايدة والان قبل ساعه كان علي رحلة متاخره مادفعتها ٣٠ ريال وطلبت بولت وحسابي ١١ واخترت اني ادفعها بالرحله القادمه نقدا وععطيت السائق ٤٠ ريال والان ادخل القاكم كاتبين لازال عليك مبلغ ٣٠؟؟؟؟ لمتى اللعب هذا يابولت والنصب ولا تردون على شكاوي ولا ترجعون حقنا ؟؟؟ حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل وهذي الشكاوي والفلوس المسحوبه كل شي مسجل عندي
  • Foolish app 1/5

    By Akanni riliwan akorede
    An Uber driver just negotiated price and with me the price was 1300 he asked me to pay 3500 because I was in need of getting home safely I have his plate num if the app organization wants it rubbish APP664HM
  • Anoudfaissal6666 5/5

    By anoudfaissal6666
    The best app
  • Someone used my email address for signup… 1/5

    By Scout!
    … and there’s no way for me to fix it. Clicking “contact support” just sends me to the App Store. Downloading the app requires me to enter my phone number, which won’t help with the email problem. I keep getting emails that are someone else’s ride receipts.
  • Support is not available 1/5

    By IrkunaB
    Many times asked support to change my phone number in app. No answers … during months…
  • Trashy app that crashes everyday 1/5

    By jermal4
    I love the affordability of the rides but the platform is trash. It literally crashes and changes the prices of rides everyday. Someone should get a better business started and bolt will be done!
  • A must have in Bangkok 5/5

    By noahot4me
    After getting ripped off from a tuktuk driver I downloaded Bolt . There is a wide array of vehicles you can book from motorcycles to suv and vans with everything in between . Bolt has made my vacation much more enjoyable with my time here . This is the must have app if you are traveling and they provide service . The prices are so cheap that I feel like I am ripping off the driver . I always tip even if it’s not necessary. It’s a great app
  • Great service 5/5

    By 623859501
    Had smooth and comfortable ride
  • Complaint 1/5

    By Smizzy Lion
    I booked a ride and it was 900 only for me to get there and it was 1800 why such a thing