Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad

Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad

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  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: MY COM
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad App

“Welcome aboard, kiddo! Name’s Jeff, I’m the captain of this ship. We’ve got a nasty situation on our hands — all these skittering aliens swarming us, ya know. So suit up and let’s get ourselves some gun fun!” Captain Jeff If nasty alien bugs invade your lovely home planet, the only way to resist is to grab a gun! When all else fails, call on Bombastic Brothers, a semi-legal team of soldiers and agents! Join the Arcade Revolution where oldschool platformer gameplay meets the future. Choose your hero, pick a weapon, obtain and upgrade your spaceship and fight epic bosses! Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad is inspired by classic platformer hits loved by fans of hardcore games, but it’s totally accessible to players new to the genre as well! What you’ll get: - Classical Run’n’gun gameplay - Featuring base-building and battler mechanics - Oldschool but not obsolete bosses - Humorous story and charismatic heroes - A huge spaceship (free of charge!) - Worldwide PVP Arena - Bombastic weapons and fancy equipment - Fantastic eye catching art style - Your chance to save the Earth! Check out the game and share your opinion with the devs! Join us on Facebook: Discord Channel: Terms of Use -

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Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad app reviews

  • This game 5/5

    By Maryluxcardona
    It is a good game and I would recommend it! It has good action with a good storyline!
  • Red weapons meaningless 1/5

    By CBC&ABG
    After the latest update... all of the red weapons like Red sting become useless.. their power lvl dropped by half of their original power. Worked so hard to get it in the event and spending a lot of gems ... now they are being replaced by green weapon ( uncommon) please fix it!
  • Pushing “watch video” is now broken with no indication it is working or failing. 1/5

    By Spudlips
    After minor update, pushing “watch video” is now broken with no indication it is working or failing. In-game minor Bundle Update hangs after scrolling to 100%. Tried repeated restarts and downloads. My internet connection is fine. After latest update I get a Server Connection Failed error AFTER it loads and connects to Game Center. It is NOT my connection.

    By r2ro_85
    This game is fun, but can we get controller support? That would totally make this game a must have on an iPad or iPhone
  • Good but not best 2/5

    By Sinner>re
    After playing for while some point it’s hard to upgrade the hero.,they should make it more easy,,and daily missions is same as one years,,that need update too
  • Update 3/5

    By naif2227
    Is there any update coming with new challenges and levels, or i should just delete the app? Its been more than two months with new levels
  • JUST STOP 4/5

    By king deeba
    stop making changes to everything, the game was perfect the way it was before the last update. if i killed the last guy first I in the world does the other player win if they die before they kill me? im about tired of yall
  • ... 5/5

    By mattbestgamer
    GET THIS GAME it’s really cool and it brings back memories from metal slug so you should really get it.
  • Fun, “BUT....” 2/5

    By GeezMojo
    Fun game, BUT if you read the reviews most have a ‘but’ in the title. With special events you always come close, BUT for a free game, you always come close to the prize enticing you to pay. Levels become monotonous, and end up feeling like a chore. Good game at first, but for the long haul isn’t worth it. If you’re constantly on the go, may be worth it, but no where near the ‘Contra’ feel of old days that it wishes to be. Lowered my star level because at higher levels it only feels good if you ptw.
  • AWESOME🔥🔥🔥 5/5

    By Frezzy13
    Keep making games like this is awesome love this game🔥❤️🔥❤️
  • Set changes 4/5

    By Kb252
    I really enjoy the game. A good feature I think would be nice to have different gear sets so we could set a build between the PvE and pvp versions. Some weapons are better in each situation. The ability to set the different load outs would be helpful.
  • Crashes at the most inconvenient times 1/5

    By Bckincade
    It’s a repetitive platformer but it’s gameplay is interesting with the different characters and weapons you can unlock. It’s stops there though. The higher the level the more you have to invest game currency otherwise you can’t play next levels without constantly upgrading your gear and characters. Biggest let down in this game is it will crash when you earn chests in the bunker or shards,gems & chests from the main quest. It ONLY crashes when the level is done and then the rewards are conveniently lost. They also made a recent update to make it harder for you create weapons and gear. If you play don’t spend real $$$ because it will give you a head start but the grinding in the game will catch up to you later as the levels get harder and the gear gets more expensive.
  • Not Happy 1/5

    By tonythecop
    I really enjoyed playing this game... So much in fact, I purchased not one, but two packs of “gems” & I received neither... I contacted support three or more times, even provided my Apple receipt and all I have received so far is a form letter... This has been over a day since my purchase(s)... I just felt the need to share my personal experience with people who read reviews... 😖
  • Used to love this game.... 2/5

    By HehdusjsnbJna
    Like my ex I despise it!
  • Manipulating game 1/5

    By mRpErFeCt1411
    This game doesn’t help the mobile gaming industry. If you’re not careful this game can and will manipulate you into spending a lot of money. Since I played a couple of mobile games I’m aware of the egregious sales tactics that developers implement into these games. It’s clearly designed for micro transactions and you will realize that within the first hour of gameplay. It’s almost like the devs don’t want you to play it with all the timers along with the lack luster progression system. After your first play through you will realize how bad this is. You will quickly come a stop in which you can not progress unless you either pay or wait for timers. When you do finally progress you will then be greeted with another roadblock in which the devs will once again give the option of pay or wait. It’s like this until you reach endgame. Once you reach endgame the devs will add new maps and levels and repeat the process mentioned above. Save your time and money, the developers don’t deserve it.
  • Fun game, needs some work 4/5

    By Logan525
    This game is addicting! Having said that, it could use some tweaks. For example, when your character is already leveled up, then their shards should not be available in booster packs etc. it needs to be updated so you can get shards of other characters that need leveled up, or have the option to choose what character to get shards for. Also make it easier to unlock new characters other than events. I have shards for a new character but she’s not unlocked and can’t get anymore cause they were only offered for ONE event.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jdub311
    Very fun to play.
  • Fun, but needs improvements 3/5

    By MadDoc84
    The game is a nice way to spend downtime at work. Don’t like PvP section at all: there’s no way to have control and getting defeated by significantly inferior opponents doesn’t make sense at all. Switching from cubes to bolts in weapons/equipment upgrading system minimized options and expanded time frame for accumulation - all geared towards out of pocket expenses. Prices for some stuff are ridiculous. I understand the need for funds for a further development, but I’d rather buy groceries for my family instead of spending that much on something that I’ll probably delete once I loose the interest.
  • Súper divertido 5/5

    Lo máximo buenos gráficos 😎😎😎
  • Game is great and so is the support team 5/5

    By cirquediverboy
    Yesterday I wrote a review not in frustration but just in that I couldn’t play a game that was recommended to me, that I was excited to play not even three hours later the game was back up and running and a response from the support team apologizing that there was a unforeseen event that occurred. These are the type of apps that I like, the ones who are about the game player! So thank you and well done!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ssajshj
    This game is really fun and entertaining. My step brother introduced it to me and I’m so glad he did. When I get home from school I get on and play a bit. Also it has well thought out characters and plots and is just a really great game overall. It would be really much better if there was a way to do a local game mode or something. Me and my step brother would really much like that as I’m sure many other people would as well. Thanks so much for making this amazing game! Keep up the good work!
  • Game won’t work 5/5

    By NYR144
    I would of givin this game 5 stars but until I’m able to play it again without having a download new update when the app is updated then this is just a app that takes up space on your phone. Once it’s fixed I will give it the proper star rate. Update. They fixed the problem and as to my word here are the 5 stars this game deserves
  • Sick of updates 5/5

    By elparsa
    It’s a good game, but I am really tired of updates. It’s too much 😞
  • Issues 2/5

    By Ath Ath
    Several unsuccessful attempts to download new version. You hit download it takes you back to App Store only option is to hit open it takes you back to the game to the screen that request you to download game. Yes a cluster “F”! Other than that great game.
  • Can’t play game 1/5

    By bobjones83
    I can’t play the game because it says to download new version but I just downloaded the game and it says it was updated 5 days ago. So no stars for you since I can’t play
  • Trouble with update 1/5

    By Jkingin08
    Is anyone else having trouble with the new update? Mine doesn’t seem to want to download and I don’t want to delete the app and lose all my progress
  • Every time I try to play it says it needs to update. 1/5

    By Koijdx
    Why is it every time I try to play it says it needs to update? I have updated it. I can’t play
  • Update problems 3/5

    By fratface 🤙🏽
    Love the game but each time their updates come out there are problems
  • Money grab 3/5

    By @/&:$;$;$/&
    The game is fun and easy to upgrade characters for about a week. Then it becomes nearly impossible if you don’t spend money. Also it says I need to download the latest version, but it won’t let me. Way to go developers! Don’t waist your time and effort.
  • Can’t play due to update 2/5

    By dmcmeicm
    My game is up to date but continues saying download new version won’t let me play any more on any Apple device
  • Great game 5/5

    By Hadipelus
    I want to say it’s just great you just play that’s all .
  • Game crash all the time.... 1/5

    By LuckyBigDaddy
    What happen???? After Spending some dollars on this and then I can’t play it anymore? I keep trying to download it but still it keep log in failed in me because of the client are out dated! Do some work on this [email protected]*
  • Great Game! 5/5

    By egdvhy
    I really like the movements, the characters, and the idea of the chest because it would make sense to have a elite chest in one week, but the reason I am writing this review is because I can’t Get the new Version. But still, it is Great Game and I would recommend it my my friends
  • Hay algo mal 1/5

    By jegion
    Me dice que está la actualización disponible pero cuando quiero actualizar solo me da la opción de abrir el juego solo espero que no me pase como la primera vez que me reinicio el juego ya teniéndolos a nivel 25 en este momento los tengo a nivel 45 si pasa lo mismo será un desastre en el juego no quiero volver a iniciar por que no creo que demore un día para una actualización si la mayoría de los grandes juegos lo hacen rapido
  • Cannot play since today’s update. 3/5

    By spazzman76
    Cannot load the game. It says it cannot load & I need to download the newest update, it even redirects me to the App Store...but there is no update available!!!
  • Update 2/5

    By Rinoqon
    I like the game but you get to a point that you have no choice but to spend money to upgrade your fighters to move on. I’ve put quite a bit of money into it just to move on a small amount. It looks like I’m at the end point of where I’m going to progress because I refuse to spend any more. And now it’s telling me to update the game but when I try there is no update. I feel like I was seriously ripped off.
  • I want open the game 4/5

    By dr fiesal
    Plz send the new update
  • Awesome game....but.... 4/5

    By Droppachoppa474
    This game is great. It’s tough to get bored of cause there’s so much going on in the game. PvP is great. The way the characters/heros are set up with the damage and all is flawless. There’s some crazy precise math going on when it comes to the health damage etc. of all the characters in the game. The group of people that came up with this game are very talented. Even the way the characters level up is perfect from level1 to 75. It does get hard to lvl up when you get to around lvl 30. But once you get to around lvl 50 it gets easier to level up. I guess they made it that way cause by that level you’d have more characters to level up. The new update they made with the stones/perks about 6 weeks ago is cool. But The scrap medal to make guns update is a bust for me. I put a lot of work to make a ton of purple blocks to make gold guns which are the best ones. I was able to make 10. But with the new update I can only make 2. If I knew this update was coming I would of made 10 gold guns and then disassemble then so I could have a ton of scrap medal. I’m totally convinced that some of the PVP players are not actually real people they’re fake created by the people who made the game. The stones haven’t been around that long and some pvp players have the immortality perk for 2-3 of their characters which is incredible hard to get. You need 5 of the same stones to activate that perk and the majority I’ve gotten is 2 in one character. And I’ve bought the majority of the stones they offer. (vip member.) another thing I don’t like is when the app tells you there’s an update, you go to the AppStore and they haven’t uploaded it, and it won’t let you play. Sometimes this has taken more then 24 hours. But besides all that this is a great game. I’m gonna keep playing until they come out with the next update that will let you level up to 80 or 85 and I’m calling it quits after that. It’s to much scrap medal to make gold guns.
  • Forgiven 5/5

    By Doherty Sean
    Didn’t know y’all needed to update the game.
  • downloaded the new update but the game won’t Open I can’t play the game i didn’t no what gong 5/5

    By SurgeXX1
    downloaded the new update but the game won’t Open I can’t play the game i didn’t no what gong on can see
  • Great game! 5/5

    This game is the best one I’ve played! And not just I have it I have it downloaded on my kids iPads and they love the game as much as I do! Every time they get their iPads they go on this game! Even my husband loves it! This game reminds me of the old days *says in old voice* Back in my day we played 2d shooter games like this one* But this one is a more modern one so basically it’s brought from the dead! And I just love the style of the game, and if someone’s reading this download it!
  • Little hard 4/5

    By biczzteYFuuzarigszdyu
    I mean it is good but it can get really hard and hard games are fun but I think it could go down a bit for the younger people
  • some game i found 😐. 5/5

    By oyorbsjajnansusdd
    i’ve never played this game so 👌🏻
  • Co-op 4/5

    By Red Harlow2004
    I wanted to purchase the Founders pack, but the lack of co-op play in the missions is a serious issue for me personally because the pvp is lackluster. I want to play with friends, etc; in the main missions; it’s called “Bombastic brothers” I expected co op haha. The game is fun overall.
  • Controller support 4/5

    By JerryBezel
    This game is great but it would be better with proper controller support.
  • The best 5/5

    By JeffyD76
    Played this for a couple of months now. It’s by far the best mobile game I’ve played, and the longest that I’ve stuck with a mobile game. It’s on it’s way to be a old school loot shooter vibe on mobile.The developers are great with new content and the art direction is awesome. Have recommended countless times! Also a shoutout to the discord coordinator Siri. She’s very interactive and answers all questions for the game.-kingc54
  • Crap crap crap 1/5

    By hollow dragon
    Worst game ever do not download waist of time need to fire developer for ever
  • Best gamer 5/5

    By tyrgv
    This is the best game I ever played science Fortnite
  • Auto aim :( 3/5

    By Chucksince1988
    Another great game ruined by the freaking need to make the game skilless to please the casual gamers who want stick around . It’s a great game but aim assist caused me to delete immediately. What’s the point of playing a game that aims for you . It’s like 4% skill 96% auto aim, not aim assist but flat out auto aim .

Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad app comments

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