BookBuddy: My Library Manager

BookBuddy: My Library Manager

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  • Current Version: 9.4.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kimico, Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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BookBuddy: My Library Manager App

BookBuddy is a powerful book management app that gives you access to your entire book catalog, anywhere. Using BookBuddy is fun and easy, allowing you to quickly find any book in your library, share your favorite books, and keep track of borrowed and lent books. FREE VERSION - BookBuddy has all the features of BookBuddy Pro with a 50 book limit. - BookBuddy can be upgraded via In-App Purchase for unlimited book storage. KEY FEATURES • Adding Your Books Add your books using the following options: - Scan barcode - Enter ISBN - Search online by keyword - Add manually - Import from CSV file • Organizing Your Books Place your books where they belong: - My Books — books you own - Wish List — books you wish to own - Borrowed — books you borrowed from others - Previously Owned — books you no longer own • Syncing Your Library Sync your library across multiple devices using iCloud or Dropbox sync. • Sharing Your Library Share your library online via the BookBuddy Companion website and invite anyone to view it (requires a monthly subscription). MORE TO LOVE • Universal app — pay once and use BookBuddy on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Silicon Mac. • Personalize — use categories and tags, mark favorites, add personal notes, and much more. • Appearance — choose either list or grid view to best match your needs. • Loans — instantly track books that are currently loaned out. • Multiple selection — apply batch operations using multiple selection. • Reading Status — filter your books by their reading status. • Quick find — instantly find books by entering search keywords or scanning their barcodes. • Export — quickly export your library into CSV, PDF, or HTML formats. • Print — easily print selected books to AirPrint-enabled printers. • Backup — create backups to any cloud service. • Activity History — view the full history of your reading and loaning activities. • Duplicates — quickly detect duplicates and easily remove them. • Privacy — your library is saved locally and privately on your device. • And so much more! CLASSROOM LIBRARY MANAGER (for teachers) • Manage — use BookBuddy to manage your classroom library and track student checkouts. • Checkout History — easily track checkout history and view statistics. • Contacts — save your student names in BookBuddy Contacts rather than in your personal Contacts app. • Reading Level Fields — use various fields to track the reading level of your books. • Online Sharing — allow students to self-checkout books via the BookBuddy Companion website (requires a monthly subscription). FEEDBACK We love staying in touch with our users and we look forward to hearing from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: [email protected] or visit: Follow us on Facebook: * Privacy policy: * Terms and Conditions:

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BookBuddy: My Library Manager app reviews

  • Passable at Best 2/5

    By Zenman!
    Cons to this app are that it won’t have a lot of the books in the Amazon catalog, so they must be entered manually. The most annoying thing about this app is that it crashes about half the time when you’re manually entering or updating a book’s information. This has been a constant issue regardless of which app version I’ve used or what device I’m using. They’ve never been able to fix this this major issue, no matter what app update they devise 😞. Now, with Version 9.3.10, the book series are no longer sorted low to high by volume number but sorted alphabetically by title as the default sorting order and users have no options to change this frustratingly inconvenient and chaotic sorting method. The sync system is never up to date. I’ve added books each day since 2/12/23 and now 13 days later, the synced device has not updated or added any books since 2/13/23 despite backing up main device and syncing the other device each day. They always say delete the synced app, reinstall, then download from the backup, but it never works and can take days to fully sync even with fiber optic internet. Why do they keep making this app worse instead of better?????
  • All is Lost 1/5

    By Metroman212
    Unfortunately, after getting a new phone, I found out I cannot transfer the almost 400 books I have added to include comments and hundreds of other details. Something to keep in mind when purchasing this app.
  • Book keeper 5/5

    By Chloe Pamda
    Loving having a organized way to keep track of all my books. Pen and paper was not enough and trying to keep everything organized on my notes app wasn’t it. I love the simplicity of just scanning the code and onto the next. Also being able to track which books have been read or not is amazing!
  • I love the ease of tracking my books 5/5

    By tamilgroth
    In addition to the ease of scanning books and creating a database of my current library of print books I’m able to track which books I lend to others, and also track what location books are shelved in. I’m very happy with this app.
  • a bit hard to navigate 3/5

    By Leen HP
    maybe it’s because i’m new to the app, but i’m finding it very hard to categorize books and look through them in any way that isn’t just alphabetical listing. the app isn’t properly sorting books by publisher, it won’t allow me to add genres, and it’s very tedious to edit entries. not impressed.
  • Loving it! 5/5

    By Monroe
    This is amazing! Can’t wait to get home and scan my entire library!
  • buddy book app 1/5

    By mightymegam
    this app is bad i cant even read a book on it
  • Great app! Absolutely perfect 5/5

    By Black Orchid2
    I love this app so much. It really helps me keep my library organized. When I’m out and about and see a good deal on a book I want in my library, I can check my app to make sure I don’t already own that book. I also love the feature that helps me keep track of who I loaned books to and when. I have lost so many books in the past because I can’t remember who I loaned them out to and they were never returned. There is one thing that would change my rating from a four star rating to a five star rating. I don’t like how titles that begin with the word ‘The’ are alphabetized under the letter T. For example, I wish the book titled The Henna Artist was alphabetized under the letter H for ‘Henna’ instead of the letter T for ‘The’. Other than that minor detail, this is a really great app and I highly recommend it. Update— thank you for the response! This was perfect!!
  • The reason I rate it a four 4/5

    By four stars⭐️
    It doesn’t teach you how to read the books.
  • Great Library Builder 4/5

    By factsmatter8765
    This app is fantastic for allowing customization of my personal library! I do wish that I could select multiple Categories per book instead of only allowing one.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By MaxiiMonster
    My daughter runs our library at our house and she loves using this app to keep track k of our piles of books. One of the things I love about it though is that when someone is borrowing a book you can say who is borrowing it. So if I ever lose a book I know which kid to blame😂
  • It is excellent for keeping up with my reading plan as well as recording my reading history. 5/5

    By 드라군임
    I am a book hoarder. That means that I just buy books and wait for a long time before I commence to read. Sometimes I forgot what I bought and I was overwhelmed by the stacked books and frustrated with my sluggish reading. But this app Bookbuddy solved this problem. I can manage my reading schedule well with this app and set the aim of reading easily. It also satisfy my vanity of intelligence positively.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Hmskoolmom
    I’ve been waiting for an app like this for so long!!
  • Using Book Buddy 5/5

    By AnneMarie Wag
    The app was (is) extremely easy to use! My library is finally organized and all books are accounted for!
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By Danior's iTouch
    My husband was using this app and I tried to use this also. There is no easy way for us to share the library without me scanning every book he already has scanned. There is no “account” to access to share the information between the two of us. We have also been charged for a subscription but have no more functionality. Have tried to share via iCloud and it is not working. Very frustrating to have to totally reinvent the wheel per say.
  • Book Collectors!!!! 5/5

    By Uncle T.O.M
    If you collect books and have trouble keeping track, keeping thrifting duplicates, or just like to know the exact number you own, this is the perfect app for you!! I love this app with all my heat
  • Very good, wish the online search feature had advanced search options on ap 4/5

    By kmkirkwood
    I quite like the app. I wish it was easier, when searching online for older books, to search by title AND publishing year. Those results are often faulty and I have to enter the book by hand. Otherwise I am very pleased.
  • Almost..but not quite 3/5

    By MGring
    I have been using Delicious Library 3 for several years but it is no longer supported. Thus, I need a new app to manage my books, lendiing of books, and listing of the 500 books and countless other music, games, etc. I need something--now! This is a great app for the phone and iPad but it does not have a desktop version to sync with it. It has the barcode reader (needed), a way to view yur books by images or lists (needed), a way to edit the information either manually or through a sync process (needed) but it is only available for an iPhone or iPad (wonderful) but not the Mac desktop (oops! Needed but not available!).
  • Great 5/5

    By user1667737737673
    I love this app
  • 非常好用 Very nice 5/5

    By chssheng
  • Purchase problems 4/5

    By Alex nicole p
    I just got this app and it seems great but every time I open it up it say Purchase followed by Purchases not allowed.Idk why it keeps making me by something but other then that it is good
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Kerchara
    Not only is this app great for me to organize my own books (books I got for research, fun, etc and what I’ve moved on from) but it also helps me keep track of books I’ve bought for my nieces. I like that I can have multiple copies of the same book - different editions, different illustrations, or just a book so well loved I need multiple copies for when the first one gets retired.
  • BookBuddy 1/5

    By daharney
    I enjoy this application,I wish I could catalog my entire library. Keeping an Excel spreadsheet might be the good ol way to maintain my library.
  • Great design! 5/5

    By Royce1629
    Well designed for readers that need a repository of "aspirational" as well as "owned/borrowed" books.
  • So far this app is worth every penny. 5/5

    By Dobermanmom82
    Once I started using this last night to catalog all of my books I became obsessed. Once I reached 50 titles it said I would need to pay for the premium version. Normally I would be very put off by this but I felt it was worth every penny.
  • Don’t bother! 1/5

    By gigimac50
    I thought this would be great to use to keep track of my books and coloring books, but after downloading 50 books of the over 500 books that I have it pops up with asking payment to go pro. So fifty books are the limit for free. What a scam.
  • Liked at first 2/5

    By Jazmine47
    I really liked this app for about 15 minutes and then I realized you only can do 50 books before you hit a paywall. Otherwise was a great app and will work good for someone with a small library.
  • Outstanding! 5/5

    By 4_joy
    Best app ever. I use it for books and die cuts. Helps me keep track and not obtain duplicates.
  • So easy for adding my collection of cookbooks 5/5

    By deborakaai
    I tried a recipe app first and love it for the ease of keeping recipes. I got this app for listing my cookbooks and it’s so easy to use. My next addition will be my gardening and adult coloring books. Mahalo for your hard work
  • The best 5/5

    By fiddkehead
    Where else can you keep track of all you’ve read and how you felt about it. I love book buddy.
  • Love it, one small suggestion 5/5

    By JoesephF
    This is a great app. However, I think it would be useful to be able to move multiple books between groups (genres, authors, years, etc) at once, since it can be quite tedious to move books one by one.
  • GREAT APP!! 5/5

    By nickysl westfeather
    Good app I recommend this one cause you can write loaned or not loaned it works good for library’s and you can back up the books I love it.
  • Fantastic App!! 4/5

    By big yeet is a mood
    This app really can do anything. It’s such a wonderful database that you can back up to iCloud or Dropbox. Only complaint is the free version only allows 50 books - which isn’t close to enough for me! Past that it’s a one time $5 purchase, and everyone’s gotta make money somehow!! Will recommend to friends.
  • The Best Library App 5/5

    By baird85
    I have used one particular app for organizing my books for a long time but noticed the information I inputted regarding the book would change if someone else added the book and edited to their preferences. So, I went on the hunt for a new book managing app. I have only been using BookBuddy for about a month but throughly impressed. What I like most is where I can change a book to previously owned. There are SO MANY great features in this app that I haven’t found in other apps. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
  • My Favorite App! 5/5

    By RosinSlayer
    I paid for this app years ago because I was sick and tired of going to the bookstore and not remembering which books I have and which books I don’t have. This app has saved me so much time, money, and stress over the years that I have use this app. BookBuddy is absolutely perfect for keeping track of all of your books. I highly recommend this app to anyone who likes collecting books!
  • Amazing Resource! 4/5

    By BMB.125
    I never imagined I’d use this app until I got it. It’s really amazing, and it keeps getting better each update. My one recommendation would be to allow it to find international books as well. I’ve scanned a couple books from Brazil that didn’t show up. Other than that, I love it!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Pro advisor
    Very well organized and easy to use!
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By acukate
    This is the best app ever. Ease of use, fast, pleasant interface, a small learning curve, and friendly & very helpful customer service. I have an office, clinic, home, scanned books, Kobo & kindle, and the location field alone makes this app worth it. Within a day of testing the free version of BookBuddy I was ready to upgrade to Pro.(Nothing’s free and I purchase apps I use.) Entering data is really easy. The barcode scan works great, populating all default fields quickly. Typing in an ISBN for look-up and manual entry of book details are options, too. It’s easy to switch out the downloaded book picture with a pic that you prefer. If you want to move a book from one category to another, this is easily done without going into editing mode. There are enough fields to keep track of most data without cluttering the app. I love this app’s simplicity. I wish there were a Mac version. BookBuddy’s organization helps me keep track of where books are when I need them and whether I own a particular book so I don’t purchase duplicates or later editions of the same book. I’ve only input a fraction of my library so far, a little over 200 books, and there is no problem with delayed response or crashing. I expect this will be true once I have most of my collection catalogued. One tip - if you have multiple books from one location, choose that location before inputting book data. Otherwise the books will be unclassified and you’ll need to assign each a location individually. Unless there is a batch feature I missed.
  • Just what I was looking for! 5/5

    By bsk7703
    Exactly what I was wanting to keep track of the books I have.
  • Love this book library app 5/5

    By denpaq
    I started using this app in 2018. I upgraded to pro shortly after and have collected over 1000 of my books in it. When I started it didn’t work with my iPad, but now I find that it does and have easily moved my library to my iPad. I recommend this to anyone with a collection of books.
  • It charged my card more than once. 2/5

    By P4nda13
    I downloaded this app so I can have my full library at my fingertips. So I don’t buy the same book again. Problem is that I paid for a subscription or something it didn’t explain very well. But now I can’t find a way to cancel it. Because it not only said I paid a yearly subscription it charged me a monthly subscription after I already paid for the yearly.
  • Book Buddy 5/5

    By ReadingRoxie
    Living this App!
  • Great App 4/5

    By Evan Pete
    Really great app, like it a lot. Wish the autofill for series was better, and there are a lot of misgenre autofills, but aside from that this is a great tool to keep track of what I'm reading.
  • Great Experience 5/5

    By Lepeche
    Amended review (original follows): I am now at least 5 years in. I had my second contact with support this week. It was related to categorization of books following CSV import. I received an accurate response to my email within 24 hours. This app just works. It is responsive in handling what I think is large personal collection. >>>>>>>>> I have used another app for years (from my iPhone 3 days) but its user interface has become difficult to use. Not long ago, I moved and unpacked my books expeditiously for emptying boxes but its not easy to find things. I decided to add location information to each book. I started using my legacy app and found the UI to be too cumbersome. So, I created a CSV export that was easily imported into Book Buddy. I have gone through a few iterations (as I tag each book case). So far, I have had one question that was excellently handled by support. The responsiveness of support compensated for lack of real documentation. The PDF export produces a beautiful catalog.
  • Organized and easy locate 5/5

    By psugame
    You always know if you already have a book in your library. So easy to search and scan in new books. I love it!
  • Outstanding book collection application 4/5

    By 57CD
    I have easily added the books I love in my library and can access this information as needed. This app guides the process of entering your books by scanning or by typing in the notes that are of your choosing. You can add and change the listing in many ways. Get this application to check out all the great features. Add your own book cover photos and special notes. However, one thing I’d like to see is an enlarged text for folks that have vision difficulties. If that text sizing could be easier to read for folks it would make a tremendous difference in adjusting my eyesight from squinting to reading. Thank you 😊 for such a wonderful application.
  • Good, but could be great 4/5

    By hine.zumi
    There are a lot of things this app does right, like sorting alphabetically and letting you scan multiple barcodes at once. One thing I wish it had was the ability to multi select books so I don’t have to individually mark down the ones I’ve read and the ones I haven’t.
  • Amazing tool 5/5

    By Doulos72
    This is the best app for cataloging and organizing one’s books!
  • Great way to track books 5/5

    By skimar123
    Great way to track my books. Handy to have when in a book store.