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  • Current Version: 2.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: BookFunnel
  • Compatibility: Android
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BookFunnel App

MANAGE YOUR BOOKS Your BookFunnel library is at your fingertips! Search and sort through all of your BookFunnel books and send them right to your favorite reading app. Or, save time and space, and read right in our all new reader! HOW DOES IT WORK Most books you receive from a BookFunnel author are added to your library automatically. Or, you can enter the book’s download code into the app and add it manually. Tapping any book cover in the app will open it instantly You can also get instructions on downloading the book to a different device entirely. READ COMFORTABLY Read in our app or cloud reader and customize the settings for your comfort. Choose your ideal font type and text size, line spacing, and margins. Tap any book cover in your library to open it in our reader and get started. START LISTENING NOW Our brand-new audiobook player has the features you expect— bookmarks, download quality, and a beautiful, easy-to-navigate player. The BookFunnel app also gives you the ability to fine-tune the settings you really care about, including playback speed, custom skip-back and skip-forward buttons, and a sleep timer. READ WHERE YOU LIKE Sync your books across devices and never lose your place. When you’re reading a book in our app, BookFunnel will automatically mark your last page read and zing you back to it the next time you open the book, so switch freely between your phone and tablet and back again.

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BookFunnel app reviews

  • How do you report a bug?? 2/5

    By CyndiMarie75
    When I redeem a code and start an audiobook it works great but when I pause the book and start it back up is VERY echoey and remains that way throughout the book. The only way to listen to audiobooks without the narrators sounding like they are in the bathroom is to start as soon as you get the book and listen straight through which just isn’t reasonable! Would love this app if I could hear the books as they are recorded and not an echo!
  • Have to renter code every time I want to listen 3/5

    By Ponotoc2
    I listen in small segments and it’s frustrating to have to enter the code every time, sometimes I pause for a few seconds and return and I have to enter the code again!
  • Opinion 1/5

    By Garry Schroen009
    This is one of the worst apps I have ever seen. It does not support files, nor does it open books. Please do not download this app.
  • Works well; let’s me listen to non-audible books 4/5

    By Deruwyn
    I like it just fine, but I wanted to provide a minor bug report and I can’t figure out how else to communicate with the developer. After listening for a while the entire background gets overlayed with what looks like a small, fairly random pattern that is tiled over everything. When you interact with the controls then that section of the screen is updated and the pattern disappears there. If you leave the screen and come back it’s gone completely but it will come back after a while. It doesn’t stop you from listening to the book or anything and the visuals on a audio book app aren’t all that important but I thought you might want to know. I’ll happily up my rating to 5 stars if you fix it, as otherwise I’m pretty happy with the app. A personal preference, though certainly not a bug, would be that the book I’m listening to doesn’t pause when I’m browsing the library until I click on a different book to play. Anyway, thank you very much!
  • Has potential but not useful to readers 3/5

    By LC in MI
    The critical thing this app is missing is to allow readers to browse books from the authors using the app. As a reader I have no use for this app unless an author I know forces me to use this to download their book. That doesn’t help an author to grow their readership. Add this functionality and you would be a strong app
  • Useless! 1/5

    By Ms.Touchie
    Cant add pdf books from my ios files app!
  • Hard to use 2/5

    By Say Duck
    The fonts and font size cannot be changed. Makes it hard to read. It’s a pain to download the books. On top of that, there’s no way to see before downloading the size of the “book” or if it just a sample. If I don’t see a change for the better, I’m deleting this app.
  • Love the idea behind the app 4/5

    By Lucas kain
    Works great. I’m sure I’m time I’ll get used to it over the “other” app
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By mschelsear
    This app is good, but has the potential to be so much better.
  • Very enjoyable 5/5

    By phillippi57
    I enjoyed reading this book has a nice plot . And enjoy a sweet romance! Looking forward to reading more books by this author!
  • Was good now will download nothing 1/5

    By Use browser instead
    The first few times I used it was extremely complex to use, but now even tho I download a book cannot open in kindle or books. Now i just have to skip the free first books.

    By Carty Ellis
    This app shows good promise. I gave it two stars because it is still buggy on iPados 14.7.1.. it sometimes needs to be deleted, and also do a power off reset. My wife has been fighting it for over an hour. Software testing is almost harder than the coding. I await a very classy app.
  • Stonewall Jackson 5/5

    By tex005
    Great sub book, great research on locations and weapons plus sub language. Really enjoyed this book and 7 of 7 book. Will now read all of them in order. Like the idea of XO being a lady with ties to Commander. Glad you did not back away from descriptive language. Being retired Army CID commander telling it almost like it is makes for amusing reading. Keep up the great books. Tex
  • buggy but hang in there 3/5

    By Tavi544663467645
    I had major issues with the audio after closing the app for the first time. It appears the download got corrupted and i had to redownload. the app does not work as well as audible but seems to work well enough if you don'tmind some troubleshooting.
  • Where are my books?!! Where is the email you said you sent FIVE TIMES?’ 1/5

    By superninna
    This is a joke!! I just got this app in order to get a free book and some books I paid for. I was told FIVE times that they were sending an email with a password. I’ve been waiting almost an hour snd I still don't have it!! It says the code I was given was not found!! Don’t even mess with this app it’s a stupid joke!!
  • Easiest 5/5

    By Cyndi Lynn Haltom
    Probably the easiest app ever, download app, input code and bam there’s the book, thank you!
  • The incredible disappearing app 2/5

    By BooCat
    I was really enjoying this little app. I bought a whole series of books (the first was free and the rest were ridiculously inexpensive so I bought the whole series. I was totally hooked, and I tried to open the app this morning, and it was totally blank. Nothing was there. I tried to redownload the App. Didn’t work. I could have downloaded these books to several apps, including my Applebooks, Nook, etc. Why did I select this disappearing app? Beware!
  • Great customer support 5/5

    By LBL1022
    I've been using this app for books for several years without any problems. Had some trouble with my first audio book and I reached out for support. Jamie responded quickly and fixed the bug and now it is working perfectly.
  • Works great, battery devourer! 2/5

    By Luminin
    The app functions as well as Audible, less some features and not quite as polished, but it is extremely inefficient when it comes to battery. I listened for 4 hours 8 mins to a book that was downloaded, 11 minutes of that was with the app up on the screen, the remaining 4 hours 3 minutes the app was in the background (maybe 15 mins while I did other things on my phone) or my phone was locked (vast majority). In that time BookFunnel used 44% of my phone’s (iPhone 12 Pro Max) battery!! It wasn’t streaming the book, it only used 7MBs data total. That’s the only issue I have with the app. I work 10 hour shifts and don’t have access to a charger, which makes this nearly unusable.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By the ailurophile
    Worked once and then never again.
  • Lousy, lousy 1/5

    By emjac
    I got charged before I even joined. Didn’t even want to join. Just seeking information. I better get a refund.
  • Support team is great! 4/5

    By Sprsteve02
    The app has had its share of some bugs and issues in its initial rollout. But they're constantly pushing through updates. And when you email them about a bug, they respond very quickly and usually have an update rolling out within the next day or so. So it’s not as polished as Audible yet but I think the future is quite bright.
  • Cuts off functions 3/5

    By Appguy554543793
    Whenever the app is open, it cuts off a lot of audio related functions on the phone.(Siri, ping, notifications…)
  • I give up 1/5

    By i give up 2000
    This app is useless. Can’t make it work.
  • Lousy App!!!! Zero Stars if I Could! 1/5

    By Bookworm Jay
    They keep saying that they sent me an “instant password”. Checked my inbox, my spam folder, me promotions folder, my deleted folder, never received any kind of “instant password”. Not worth the space on my mobile devices!
  • The Emerald Horizon 5/5

    By erkypay
    Excellent! Wonderful storytelling abilities. Loved reading this book.Disappointed when it ended . I would love to hear more of their story.
  • Most difficult app ever. 1/5

    By 1555rty
    Incredibly difficult app. I got the ones I paid for. Had to use Apple. Guess my two free ones are in your app some where. You say you sent a password. I never got it. You say I marked you as spam or junk some time so you can’t email me, but you keep emailing me but not with the password I need. I can’t get into my library without it. You won’t be getting anymore of my business. I don’t think your programmers know what they’re doing. After many emails to your Jamie, I still don’t have my books. The last email offered the same convoluted solution as before. No thanks. Keep my money and your damned books!
  • Cost 5/5

    By pattypigtails
    Can not find how much this app cost
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Julie92377
    I tried and tried to get the book to download. The directions told me to click the share button, then send to Kindle. After several attempts I was forced to give up. It just doesn’t work. 😡
  • Naomi Rawlings Set of Bookd 1/5

    By 1Gasman1
    Can’t get to the book set plus the FREE book all by Naomi Rawlings - VERY FRUSTRATING AND I paid money for the set. Please get in touch with me to direct me to her novels!!! VERY POOR RATING AT THIS TIME.
  • Can’t Sign In 1/5

    By Popeye3083
    I downloaded the app but every time I try to sign in it gives me an error message. I can sign in online but not the app. Deleted.
  • Can not load my collection of books. Want to cancel and get a refund! 3/5

    By 1936unita
    Tired of trying to download books!
  • Fails to send to Kindle 1/5

    By Toolsmith
    Obtained a “free” book that sounded interesting, but has to be accessed through this app. The app claimed that it would send the book to my Kindle, but after authenticating with Amazon the book never appeared. I’m treating this app like a malicious app and I’ve changed my Amazon password (I already had MFA enabled). In my opinion, this app is complete trash and any author who publishes through it should reconsider their choice.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mskoldplay
    This app is so easy to use. I inserted the code and my book downloaded seamlessly.
  • Finally! An App that works! 5/5

    By Shabeanie
    Thank you! Thank you! Finally an app that is simple to use and sends my book straight to my Kindle app! ❤️
  • Might be nice if you could actually read a book 1/5

    By Svon89
    No matter which way you try to read the book, either by download or cloud, you get a download book. Deleting after this review.
  • Worst book app ever 1/5

    By dani777dani
    This app is the worst book app ever. Can’t get anything to work. The help info is worthless. Can’t find books with their own code. Doesn’t tell you that you have to enter a code they’ve emailed you to confirm signing up which is only good for an hour so it’s expired before you ever see it and there’s no options to get another one sent. DON’T waste your time and frustration on this app. If I could have given a negative five rating I would have!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By drcdiva
    This app is simple and easy to use. There are no complicated buttons or instructions. Just download the book and start reading. I really like the different fonts you can use. Some fonts are a lot harder to read and this app gives you lots of options.

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