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  • Current Version: 4.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: VitalSource Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bookshelf App

Use Bookshelf to download and access VitalSource textbooks on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Read your books online or offline and create notes and highlights to help you study. Bookshelf Features: • Download books to your iOS device for easy online or offline reading. • Simple, user-friendly navigation and a clean reading experience. • Search inside your book for a term or phrase. • Select text to create notes or highlights from your mobile device. • Tap to open figures, view captions, and pinch to zoom. • Use text-to-speech to listen to your textbooks read aloud. • Sync your bookmarks, current reading position, and all of your notes and highlights between your iOS device, desktop, and online Bookshelf apps. Requirements: • VitalSource Bookshelf account • Access to one or more VitalSource textbooks. • iOS 9+


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Bookshelf app reviews

  • Two Thumbs Up 4/5

    Liking the the digital textbook app. I normally prefer having a tangible book to make notations & highlight, however, this has surpassed my expectations. Wish highlighting came in more colors than just 2.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Marbrow4
    It’s awesome.
  • Not user friendly. 1/5

    By no nicknames available?,!
    Better used on an iPad or iPhone as an app then a computer or through the internet. Very poor search function!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By coding novice
    Makes the book reading experience awesome with features like audio!
  • Read aloud voice is awful 3/5

    By Neferabi
    The app gives you directions to “change the voice” that don’t actually change the voice. Why not just build downloadable voices into the app?

    By Tech31
    My books are gone and the app is definitely not working!
  • I want to love this 2/5

    By Galanski1265999836
    However, every. single. time. I close it I can count on it crashing multiple times when I try to reload it. It’s very frustrating to have to wait 5+ minutes for it to restart
  • Good app just need some tweaking 4/5

    By Glad-10!
    I am using this app for going back to school and listening to my books. It works really well I am very happy with it, but after this last update it does not save in your settings. For example, I turned up the speed of the reader but whenever I stop using the app and then go back into it it reset. The only other thing is while driving to work my screen is off and then when I get to work I turn the screen back on so that I can book market any can’t find what page it was reading on. Other than those two things it’s an awesome app!
  • Horrible eReader 1/5

    By jmshaver
    This is terrible! I would give 0 stars if I could! There is no way to highlight or take notes. It says there is but I spent 2 hours trying to get it to work and couldn’t figure it out. Trying to turn the page the screen just flips not doesn’t to go to the next page. Worst eReader I have seen! Don’t waste your time.
  • Hopeless app 1/5

    By snjses
    Won't open a book that I supposed to be linked by its publisher to this crummy app for viewing. Initially I got a message that the app needed to be updated but the update did not update enough, I guess.
  • Readability OK, Does not jump to correct link 3/5

    By Mensalina
    It’s ok.
  • Used to be great.... 2/5

    By Prof Angel
    Something happened, and now when I try to open it, it tells me I need to update the app. The app IS up to date according to the App Store. I’m en educator, and can’t access my textbooks. Great. Thanks a lot, VitalSource. Never had problems with CourseSmart. The solution was to delete the app, download it, sign back in, and download all my books again.... Time-consuming during exams!
  • I can’t create an account 1/5

    By trtlman
    When I try to create my account the form disappears
  • Wish it made better use of the Apple Pencil 3/5

    By Carl Spanoghe
    One can highlight with finger or pencil in this app but it is very clunky. You have to first long press a word, then take the pencil off a drag where you want the end of the highlight to be. Then lift the pencil and click on highlight as the desired action. I am sure apple has published some best practices on UX with the pencil, and I hope this app uses them soon as I have to use it for my textbooks at my college. I will update my review if something changes before i graduate.
  • Just the BEST! 1/5

    By RocketShoes83
    If you want to scroll through books at dial-up speeds or have constant crashes if you search for a term with too many search results (over 100 is too many), then you will love this app.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By @Sigil
    Not worth listing the issues that I am having.
  • Reading page by page 2/5

    By mhromalik
    It would be useful if the books would read page by pGe like a yip also book instead of having to scroll down AND swipe left to right
  • A 5/5

    It’s awesome
  • Bad reader 1/5

    By Elionay imbert
    This is probably the worst reader out there. Does not highlight correctly. Page scrolling is a nightmare. Stay away from this reader. The only reason I bought it is because the book I needed was not available for Kindle, terrible
  • Not the best app 1/5

    By BWatowa
    I can’t stand the fact that I keep losing my college books cause they expire and I can’t get them back. It’s not the best app I’ve used.
  • Can’t Read My Textbook 1/5

    By Teslaleigh
    This app was recommended by my College to read my textbook on. Every time I go to read it, it says my app needs to be updated in order to open the book. I go to the App Store and there is nothing indicating me to update the app. This app has officially become useless. I was looking forward to being able to study on the go, as I am a working mom.
  • Edit 3/5

    By PuttATC
    Wish this program made it easier to copy and paste into school work. Also, improving the ability to “write” on it as in underline and such would be grand.
  • Satisfied Student 5/5

    By AndrewSchiavello
    Thank you for the continuity in updated material. The app is improving in the right direction. I do have an issue in the search function for drug or lab diagnostics book. The inputted keyword does not navigate to the desired term directly. Investigation is this matter would speak highly to the improvements for such a fine accessible app.
  • Something happened... 4/5

    By N16H7C4T
    I like the way the notes got smaller, but good grief! Can it maybe be a window to the side instead of a one square inch box in the middle, please? Also, why can’t I personalize the highlighters anymore?
  • Just being picky..... 4/5

    By Cpina9
    Bookmarks are good but I’d like to be able to place a real time down to the word marker so I can continue exactly where I left off. I find myself re-reading portions with bookmarks.
  • FONT SIZE 3/5

    By M.S. Griffin
  • Dreadfully slow on iPad 2/5

    By PeepsJizzle
    Highlighting text is an ordeal. Doesn't crash the app but app takes a good 20-30 seconds to respond to my touch. Makes taking notes a time consuming process.
  • night reading mode. 4/5

    By thetank1978
    Would be nice to have a night reading mode. Also, it would be cool to be able to link this with other accounts like Amazon and Barnes & Noble to have all your books in one place. Also would be nice to side load books from Calibre, or similar on iPad.
  • Crashes too much 3/5

    By Medic68
    I’m in nursing school for my BSN and I have to do a lot of reading. Majority of my books are on Elsevier or PrepU which they use bookshelf for the ebook. I listen to the audio since majority is difficult for me. The lady is monotone and can easily put you to sleep. On my Mac it’s a guy voice which is also monotone. The problem with the iPhone app are the fact that listening to the audio, when I highlight, it freezes and takes a long time to refresh. Highlights on the app is one color which makes it difficult to separate topics. Other times the app doesn’t even load my book and crashes. The main issue is the crashing because it interferes greatly with my reading or listening.
  • Could improve 3/5

    By Alex D Great
    The zooming feature can be better. The size of the font cannot be adjusted so sometimes is hard to read. Other than that it is pretty good.
  • Good app for iPad 4/5

    By Rodtfo
    Overall pretty good on the iPad.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By LenCB
    I love books online and this one has audio option! Great feature!
  • Very glitchy 2/5

    By Coryqc
    Very glitchy.... It is a good idea and they have good prices, but the app is super jumpy and while reach it will randomly switch pages, the book will on let me zoom in, I'd say maybe in the future once they fixed all this, but for now go with Kindle or someone else bigger
  • Needs more 4/5

    By Jondburns16
    It needs a meme section
  • Basic app 3/5

    By Procrasting
    Besides the fact that you'll get locked out of it, its fine. But the books aren't hyper linked and copy and pasting questions out of the book is painful to do
  • Latest update 1/5

    By DangerNoodle1235
    Super slow and glitchy since the last update. Freezes every time I want to highlight something. Sometimes it gets stuck loading a book forever. And don’t even try the search feature or you will get stuck on the loading scree. I have to completely shut it down every 10 minutes of use which is unacceptable.
  • Primitive 1/5

    By Bj555
    The use of highlighting and note taking is very primitive, as if they don’t want you to be able to do it; like the idea was an afterthought and was thrown in at the last minute. It’s not intuitive, is buggy, and after about 2 hours of trying to highlight and add notes, you are exhausted. I have an apple pen, and this app makes no use of that technology, but really, your finger isn’t much better either. I feel like they used basic technology from 15 years ago and your using a mouse instead of a precise touch screen (iPad Pro). I’m forced to use it because that is the only place I can get my textbook. I’m on page 200, and I’m ready to give up and pack around the 3” thick book with me. Developers: if you want to know how it should be to take notes, highlight, and mark up, take a look at GoodNotes4. They have it figured out. Hopefully you can figure this out, otherwise, I’ll got back to carrying giant textbooks around again. At least I can resell them...
  • App broken after last update 1/5

    By MarcusBBB
    App broken after latest update, cannot read any book.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sayyaparaju
    Great app
  • Very lacking 2/5

    By Dougsyl
    Needs to have adjustable text sizes. Having to zoom then move the screen around is annoying and distracting. Does not work with iOS voices as advertised so unable to change from the horrible robotic voice to something like Siri voice.
  • Search 3/5

    By iPad Q
    The app is generally pretty good but when you search for more than one word phrases, it doesn’t find anything you’re looking for.
  • Freezing 3/5

    By fcknSteven
    This app freezes a lot it needs an update for it did not do this before this update.
  • Search function bugs 2/5

    By Future RVN
    The search function has become more and more buggy with the most recent updates. Selecting a search result in individual books no longer takes you automatically to the instance of the search term that was selected. Please fix.
  • You listened! Thank you! 5/5

    By KickingBadge67
    Thank you for bringing back the define option! Keep up the good work! Great app
  • Still very unreliable and terrible app 1/5

    By Dracunculus
    I think I've spent more time writing reviews for this terrible app than the company spent trying to make this crApp work (or not work in this case). I've been using this app for over 5 years and there are incremental improvements but overall it is irritating to use. Hyperlinks often take you to the wrong place particularly in iOS. This is a travesty: people spend hundreds of dollars on texts that one can't even access reliably because of a terrible app!
  • I hate it 1/5

    By AdiGocan
    It’s super glitchy
  • Ease of use 5/5

    By googiern
    I like that this App is easy to use and search 😃
  • Overall really good app 4/5

    By ReddTheMaverick
    Really good app, very useful for studying just about anywhere. Although, when using it on an android mobile device, it doesn’t work well all of the time. Works really good on all my apple products though.
  • School 5/5

    By Puddle cups
    I like having all my books for college all on my iPad. It is so convenient.
  • Text clarity 3/5

    By Dstickney84
    When reading the book on my iPad the text is clear. When I read it on my computer it looks like someone scanned the page and the text is blurry.

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