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Bookshelf App

Use Bookshelf to download and access VitalSource textbooks on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Read your books online or offline and create notes and highlights to help you study. Bookshelf Features: • Download books to your iOS device for easy online or offline reading. • Simple, user-friendly navigation and a clean reading experience. • Search inside your book for a term or phrase. • Select text to create notes or highlights from your mobile device. • Review flashcards to quiz yourself on key concepts. • Tap to open figures, view captions, and pinch to zoom. • Use text-to-speech to listen to your textbooks read aloud. • Sync your bookmarks, current reading position, and all of your notes and highlights between your iOS device, desktop, and online Bookshelf apps. Requirements: • VitalSource Bookshelf account • Access to one or more VitalSource textbooks. • iOS 10+

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Bookshelf app reviews

  • Useless app 1/5

    By Skottj925
    This app is so buggy I cannot even open my books on my IPad. I tried to send feedback and that is frozen too. Very frustrating to try and use.
  • Like 5/5

    By Like I t a lot
    Customer friendly and easily accessible.
  • Western civilization 1/5

    By Shayelainepimp
    The books took over an hour to download and I still don’t have it. I tried to write a review in app but it was glitching I really just want to be able to read my book in the go and I can’t.
  • Help 2/5

    By babygurl0991
    Every time I try to open my bookshelf it keeps closing down. I can’t open my books. Can you please fix this.
  • Blatantly being lied to about app issue 1/5

    By Brygiar
    I have had my ebook disappear twice in the last two weeks. The first time I was told my add/drop period on March 4 kicked my account out. Tonight, I was told again that my add/drop period of March 17 kicked off my account. Absolute blatant lies being told to students. I was assured by my school that the add/drop period (which was neither of these dates) would not affect students who met attendance standards. This is absolute bs that students are being treated this way because your service outsources and has script readers attempting tech support. Fix your account problems and stop lying to customers! Update: After leaving this review, tech support hacked my account, reset the password without giving me a way to change it, and deleted all my highlights and notes I made this semester. Really classy. Stay away from these a-holes.
  • High praises and a suggestion 5/5

    By nu1142
    To start I thoroughly enjoy this app for reading my textbooks for college. The menus are simple and effective, staying out of the way so I can get my reading done without hassle. I enjoy the bookmark system, though I am still figuring some features out—such as how to remove an old bookmark. If I was going to ask for one thing, it would be that some variation of a night-mode be added in the future. I don’t feel I’m alone in preferring a darker background with light text to read, especially in dark areas. Other than that, I see no problems. To date, I haven’t had a bug or a crash. Great app!
  • Excellent 4/5

    By Stellie10
    The reading app is excellent. Layout is made with an effort to mirror the actual book as much as possible. Appreciate the fact that there is more that one color highlight, although there could be more than just two colors. Second thing that could be better is the frame for viewing tables. I would appreciate being able to zoom in and out with a finger pinch. And lastly, the « narrator» needs to sound much more like an actual human reading. As for now it is like a robot reading sequences of sentences. Nonetheless, scrolling down the text is easy and there is no hopping from page to page; it is rather a continuous thread when it comes to any particular chapter. And by only sliding left or right you are already in the next chapter. This keeps different chapters closer, and saves time. If improvement is made to based on the preceding fallouts, I think this is can become the leader in reading apps (I have already tried both Inkling and kindle).
  • Worst reading experience 1/5

    By 末 那 识
    I guess CFA institute work with this app only to force candidates to buy the hardcopy textbooks
  • Painfully slow book downloading on iPad Pro 2015 1/5

    By MacBoi2018
    Please fix this! Also, problems with your feedback forms in the app. I was trying to avoid leaving a public negative comment, but the app is buggy & won’t allow submitting a comment.
  • Unusable right after update 1/5

    By ITfromMT
    After update it still says it can’t open my books until I update. Worthless behavior when one has homework and can’t afford to wait. Also, feedback that’s built in also doesn’t work for me to even provide feedback directly vs on a public forum.
  • Use another company 2/5

    By Avi8tor614
    Not very good can't turn the pages have to uninstall and reinstall
  • Great for reading 4/5

    By styyu7hjii8
    I love this app but I’m not if I can say I love it so much because the app won’t even tell me how to get a book so please fix the problem…however I still think this is a good app to read on.🙂🤨
  • Really handy 4/5

    By brianrgr
    The app is very handy and I like the fact that when citing the information is formatted on word. Makes it a bit easier when writing papers.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By zomvaldez
    Can’t open my book and went to give feedback and I couldn’t even submit that!!! A lot of issues with this app
  • Pain in the butt!!! 2/5

    By Theorogelio
    What chrisw said is exactly right! Besides that, navigation (flipping pages) used to be better before. If you enlarge the text, you cannot flip to the next page or go back to the previous one. You have to zoom out completely in order to be able to advance a page or go back a page. Also, the text font used to be big enough to read without having to change to landscape mode or zooming into the text in portrait. I suppose the developers switched from the ePub format to the PDF format for some reason. The former format is readable in portrait mode (most desirable), whereas the latter format is not. What a pain in the butt this is!!! Please do something about this! Unless of course the textbook is originally in PDF format.
  • Don’t use app is horrible! 1/5

    By Klswish
    I was using it for school. App kicks me out and tells me I must update the app before I can access my book. Umm their is no update, it already updated several days ago. Huge problem. I try to give feedback within the app and guess what, it won’t let you submit. Horrible that I have to rely on this for school.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    Took the time to download and set up, and my library is empty. Just going to use my laptop
  • Buggy highlighter 1/5

    By Dishum12)
    I just updated the app and now it won't let me highlight on my iPad. After the update I can no longer swipe to the next chapter. I sent feedback to the creators but no response
  • Swiping doesn't work for PDF? 1/5

    By AmericaIsNotPassive
    Upon opening book, instructions are shown to swipe to next page. It doesn't work! I have no way to navigate other than the slider at the bottom of the screen, which is NOT good way to get to the next page! Please resolve the issue and I will update my review.
  • Can’t write 4/5

    By jp0905
    Mostly is quite good, convenient, accessible even offline. It seems like can’t write on it on the iPad.
  • Unstable, almost as bad as the mobile site. 1/5

    By Jeivar
    The app is unstable, highlights and notes aren’t available. When modifying the text size, format goes off. Bookmarks don’t work. It’s very challenging to study from an ePub. Disappointed!!!
  • I can’t open any of the books or submit a bug report 1/5

    By harryhermionerw
    As the title says, none of the books says, I can’t open any of the books, and when I tried to send in a bug report, I couldn’t do that either. I’m trying to use this for school and read while I’m at work and it’s obviously useless.
  • It's easier to just use the website 1/5

    By Alltopafi
    Navigation is lacking and load times are awful.
  • Can't turn the pages 1/5

    By vkceron
    Help! After the latest update I can't turn the pages. I have a textbook for school on here and need to take a test. It was working fine until the update...
  • Read On the Go! 5/5

    By LPettis
    I am not sure where all the other complaints are coming from but I have really enjoyed this app. This app is very convenient for people like me who are working and going to school at the same time. Having my books accessible to me is very helpful for a busy life. I am able to read and study anytime and anywhere. Of course I have had issues with the app, however, all of my issues were resolved by contacting app support. Thanks to Dana B. from VitalSource chat support, I was able to get access to my books and continue on with my day.
  • Won't let me flip pages 1/5

    By DYJ0579
    I'm really frustrated with how it's not letting me flip pages. What's the point of this app if I can't even use it to read? Not to mention prior to not being able to flip pages, when you could flip pages, it would take around 5 seconds to load, where my kindle app was instantaneous with no lag between pages.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By shirlyt1970
    I love having all my books in one place and not having to physically lug around heavy books. I also enjoy accessing books both offline and online.
  • Crashes a lot! 1/5

    By D. Louis.
    I am taking college classes and I need my books available at all time. I thought this would be a good way to do it. Every time I am o reading the program closes on me and I have to reopen to continue reading. This program is looking a bit dated and it offers very little as features. Searches, also crash, if your are looking from the search tap sometimes it just lingers there without any warnings. It is a dated application... ☹️
  • Works great 4/5

    By The MaineLandSkater
    I love having digital books. I prefer it over hard copies especially for college. Now I can get my books at a fraction of the cost and on my iPad. Scrolling is a little jumpy and the layout could be better but at the end of the day it works.
  • Poor support empathy 2/5

    By Ken-fix-it-man
    I installed this app on my iPhone 7 Plus iOS 12.3.1. I have a problem that I cannot see the bottom of the screen. I can pull it up, but then it pops back down under the page slider and cannot be seen. Is anyone else having this problem? The customer support person Tyler N, insists it’s my phone, asked me to reinstall the app, that did not work. Next, insists that I factory refresh my iPhone. Additionally, they claim they cannot replicate the symptom claiming it is due iOS 12’s continuous scroll feature and that is something they cannot help me with. And yet, they created this app, listed with Apple App Store, and marked iPhone and iPad compatible.
  • Voice text 5/5

    I would really enjoy if the voice that reads the book out loud was less choppy and more flawless
  • Maternity nursing 1/5

    By SiSi Mclean
    The book is downloaded onto the Bookshelf on the iPad and when I tap it it does not open
  • It doesn’t work !! 1/5

    By 20191991
    This app is horrible. It shows my ebooks but when you click on the book it won’t open up nothing happens!! I couldn’t even submit feedback in the app, poorly programmed !
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By ViPa1887
    I use this app for question/answer style board prep books. It’s nice that there is an interactive version of the book available through VitalSource, but I’ve got to say that it is very finicky. One wrong tap here and all of a sudden it launches you into the next chapter. You have to then go back, click through all the questions you already did to get back to your original spot. It really makes it a frustrating experience. The desktop version is slightly better, but still not great. Could be a 5-star app with a few fixes.
  • Table formatting 3/5

    By Epeidon
    This is a simple enough ebook program. I’m currently reading through a financial business book and there are no indent formats in any of the tables on the iPad app. I like the bookmark option. I just think this is very difficult to use with regard to books with certain graphics.
  • not worth the time 1/5

    By feeling like I saw this coming
    -Hard to swipe to the next page -Can’t change the voice reading to you, even after changing phone setting -In-app controls (like selecting text to highlight) are incredibly difficult Not worth using until the bugs are fixed
  • Can’t open book or report the bug 1/5

    By Apraxia314
    I cannot open the book I redeemed a code for OR report that the big exists within the app. Beyond unhelpful.
  • Doesn’t Sync and doesn’t actually want feedback 1/5

    By Mac Daddy Brad
    The books aren’t syncing across devices. I have to manually find my new location when I move from one device to the other. When I tried to submit this bug and give feedback using the app on iPhone or iPad, that didn’t work either because there is a section that reads “This comment related to (choose at least one):” that doesn’t offer any choices.
  • Great change to the home screen 4/5

    By prodoctor7821
    I love how the books are now in cover flow. I can see what books I am looking at now. Great job. Great way to use the whole screen.
  • Beyond terrible! 1/5

    By Taelor23
    It’s been weeks that I’ve tried to download my books. So far I’ve only made it maybe a quarter of the way and then it either stops or restarts. Was looking forward to having access to my books on my phone instead of just my laptop. Oh well.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By virtualshift
    It’s an OK app and it works, like many others are saying it’s missing many features. But to be honest with you like I’m trying to use it this morning to study for my class tonight and just in the last half hour so it’s priced at least four times on me. It seems to happen every time I had to switch to another app or if I pulled out on the menu bar to see a notification, which is completely unrealistic for mobile app. If they can fix the app it wouldn’t be that bad, but it deafly needs a lot of work and feels more like it’s in beta right now
  • Behind the times! 1/5

    By urbanAvocado
    The only benefit that I find still using this app is portability. Unbelievable that in 2019 I cannot use my Apple Pencil or any stylus to highlight and take notes with in the app. The text to speech feature is absolutely archaic! The narrator skips mid-sentence to a graphic or call out and then proceeds to another paragraph all together. It skips text all over the place and the voice sounds like a robot. Developers get with the current time and fix these features!
  • Reliable 5/5

    By Rcbell00
    It is an easy app to use, always works and is easy to search and tab for future use.
  • Spend the money 5/5

    By JVrka
    As an instructor bookshelf is invaluable as a student it lightens the load
  • Never works 1/5

    By Gracefriendhome
    This app never works. It always freezes and drives me nuz. Please fix it thx
  • Bad 1/5

    By dcruz011
    Some texts in the book comes out blurry, hard to contact customer service, really regret getting my text book through this app.
  • Sink 3/5

    By The best church in the world
    Why doesn’t the application sink from one device to another? Why do I always have to start over from one device to another ( laptop app on MacBook, and app on iPad). If I don’t remember where I left off, I’ve got no clue. Please work with “handoff” to solve this issue.
  • Wonderful, Except for App Reading Aloud 4/5

    By Cycle geek
    This app is very useful for reading a book offline. But the one feature which is useless is the read aloud function. It’s so inaccurate that it’s really impossible to figure out what is being said. It’s expensive to have a good, clear, accurate reader Ina ny language. Cengage should spend the money to make this app feature work.
  • Highlighting 1/5

    By emdaught
    Why is it impossible to highlight in this application? I wish I had a better option...😡🤬

Bookshelf app comments

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