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Bose® Hear

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  • Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bose Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bose® Hear App

Companion app for Bose® Hearphones™; conversation-enhancing headphones that help you hear in louder environments and listen to music and phone calls streamed from your phone. To learn more about Hearphones™, please visit NOTE: This app is NOT compatible with other Bose Headphones such as QC30, QC35, SoundSport, and SoundLink. The Bose® Hear app controls innovative technologies in Hearphones™ that amplify softer sounds, let you turn down the distractions in noisy environments and focus on what you want to hear—like a conversation across the table. You can also use them as noise cancelling headphones for your music or calls or just for quiet.

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Bose® Hear app reviews

  • Exactly what I needed. 5/5

    By Cas951
    I have about 10% hearing loss primarily on my right ear. I can’t hear Hugh pitch noise too on both ears. I’m really ok with general conversation as long as there’s no noise around me. But when the atValley is on or in a car or in a restaurant I have difficulty hearing a conversation. I saw this Bose Hearphone and wanted to try it. It’s perfect. I can focus the Hearphone to hear directly in front of around me. Hearing volume is also adjustable. Love it.
  • Exceeding my expectations 5/5

    By Nhsteve95731
    No way I was going to spend 6,000.00 on hearing aids. What a gift these units are
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Tim Ferrell
    Used to be great, but as of iOS 13 it won’t let me configure my headphones anymore. The app won’t even connect anymore.
  • First two hrs 2/5

    By cuentacuadros
    So far not impressed due to difficulties in using. the corded controls are very difficult when you cannot see them. Right now I am having trouble getting the ap to work, maybe the cord controls override ? It worked before. Usually when I find difficulties with a device it does not get better, but we will see. I am in $550 with tax right now so want to give it my best shot.
  • Pretty good but App needs work 4/5

    By tjnf04
    I have tinnitus and am a hearing aid user. These headphones are better than the hearing aids by far. The App can be a little finicky at times. Sometimes, even though it’s been connected several times, it asks you to pair it. Then you have to delete it from your phone and start over. Then, randomly, you may have to do that again the next time you connect. Connecting to a new MacBook Pro was a real hassle. Took like 7 or 8 attempts after clearing Bluetooth device list in headset. I’m still learning but I wish there was a way to turn down world volume but turn up a targeted volume, like conversation or TV. Well worth the investment so far. TV mode is awesome
  • Great for home 5/5

    By gooddayforwalk
    These headphones are great for home use and at the park.
  • Not working well 2/5

    By Uncle Steve
    Sometimes works but then doesn’t work. Not sure why. But will keep trying different settings.
  • Better than my $3000 Phonak in-ear-canal hearing aids! 5/5

    By Ronnie McD
    I haven’t heard so well in years—and can adjust the settings on my Hearphones to different environments. My only complaint is that they take only ten hours’ charge. I’m actually considering buying a second set as a “relief” device for when the charge on the first pair dies out. I love that the Hearphones also allow me to take phone calls and listen to podcasts or music through the earpieces!
  • Not working as I would like 2/5

    By Brunolujo
    I got the app to boost the sound on my Bose AE2 Soundlink opened it and then it told me to connect my “earphones” I already had them on so then I disconnected disconnected them and then connected them again via the Bose connect app then I went back to this app and it still told me to connect them in conclusion it doesn’t work.
  • Life changing. 5/5

    By Leetop1
    The flexibility and clarity I experience -at a fraction of other hearing aids. And I can’t lose them And I get BOSE quality headphones for music. What could be better. I tell all my friends.
  • Good idea. Terrible implementation. 1/5

    By thinkfast
    There could not have been a usability study on these headphones. Use is awkward and clumsy. Downright dumb at times. For example power button is located on inside of collar. Instructions say put the collar on insert ear buds then press power button until pairing led turns blue — but you can’t see it because it’s located on the inside of collar. To top it off the speaker for right ear doesn’t work. I’ll be returning it tomorrow.
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By forqman
    I had high hopes for the Bose Hearphones and if everything worked as put forth in manual then it would have been a very successful interface for hearing impaired folks. However the pair I bought were very inconsistent in staying paired and the range of ear bud sizes very limiting making my experience with the Bose Hearphones unsatisfying.
  • Love love love but having trouble 5/5

    By Kiki Morgan
    I absolutely love my hearbuds but I’m having issues with the app. It keeps wanting me to re-pair the device. Every once and a while it will connect. I have cleared the list and removed the device from my phone and paired it again. But still having the same issue. Help
  • Nice app, but not wonderful 4/5

    By Mr.WaterDrop
    It can work well on Bose headphones, but cannot work on QC series... Wish this app can be able to support QC series, because QC users really need this app to make their headphones sounds better
  • Better than my hearing aid 5/5

    By wwreynolds47
    The Bose Hearphones are by far the best hearing device that I have ever used. The range and sound pattern, particularly in public areas, is so much easier to manipulate than my very expensive hearing aids. What’s more, they are also the best sounding music earbuds that I have ever used. Have you ever tried listening to streaming music from an iPhone using hearing aid software? Don’t, the quality is horrible. The only advantage that most expensive hearing aids have over the Hearphones is their size. Hearphones look just like QuietControl 30s in your ears, but so what?? All my friends already know I have a hearing problem, so who am I kidding? Why spend 1,000’s of dollars to wear “invisible” hearing aids, which sound horrible when you try to play music or take a phone call, and aren’t really fooling anybody anyway?
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By VfLindsey
    I have needed digital hearing aids for over 30 years due to damage from gunfire, and at $4000 an ear I could never afford them. Wearing these things to me is like giving a blind man sight again. I sat out on my back porch and for time in over thirty years I could hear the birds singing. I’m in awe of my new world!
  • Quit working 1/5

    By 08ronh
    The app no longer works as shown. It is now virtually impossible to use!!!
  • Repairs 2/5

    By rustus#1
    I have two pairs, one in need of repair. E-Mail me where to send for repair.
  • Like it but 4/5

    By Cast_143
    Good app but need to change the design and the color styles.
  • The app keeps disconnecting from the headphones 1/5

    By wkrueger
    Every time I open the app it wants me to connect to the HearPhones. What that entails is having to forget the phones, press and hold the button on the HearPhone to initiate a connection then select the device in the selection list. No other connection process works. Essentially this app has made a $500 pair of headphone worthless.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By A-Tohamy
    App always slow to detect hearphones when there’s literally nothing else it can connect to. Why don’t you just give access to the controls while connecting in the background and applying changes once connection is established?! Same goes with the widget. Hearphones always have a faint static sound even when world volume is muted. Sound quality is mediocre at best since the hearphones always fall back to the SBC standard. There’s no way to disable the mic during calls to force the computer/phone to use its own mic instead and let the hearphones deliver the sound.
  • Life changing 5/5

    By MelodyKappler
    I feel like I have control over my hearing now. Before I felt so out of control. Now I can determine who and what I want to hear. It is so liberating.
  • Bose Hearphones - Like binoculars for the eyes 5/5

    By MarkMarkstr
    The ability to focus on what I want to hear and diminish distracting background noises and voices - phenomenal!
  • Bose Hearphones 5/5

    By Sirhc44
    I have had them for just over a week and love them. Using the medium ear pads they are so comfortable I forget they are in my ears. Sound quality is great, and has really improve my ability to hear conversations that I normally would not even know were happing around me. I can keep the TV at a really low level and still hear everything fine, I have even turned off close captioning and finally have a full view of my programs now. Recommend not going above a 50 volume wise as at that point any sudden loud sounds are very loud.
  • Great product, but 1/5

    By Murrydog62
    I have had mine for about six weeks and they are great! Better than any hearing aid I have ever had. I give the hear phones a 10, however the app needs work. The hear phones connect but the app stops working randomly and only rebooting it will make it restart. This happens several times a day. I have reported this to Bose and they have not provided a solution. This happens both on iPhones and Android Hopefully this bug will be repaired soon!
  • What a difference 5/5

    By land baron
    These things are amazing!!!! I can turn off the close caption on the tv and finally can stop saying “WHAT?”
  • Nice to hear again! 4/5

    By Sbic56
    I’ve had my Bose hearphones for about a month and really am quite satisfied. So many instances where I feel like I’m part of life again, like sitting in the back seat and being involved in conversations, enjoying TV at a normal volume and being able to hear when taking a call to list a few. I like how I can adjust the settings to my personal needs depending on my environment. My only issue was when I went from an iPhone 7 to the 10 Xr and the new phone would not recognize the app. Customer support helped me to perform a system update and once I deleted the app and reinstalled, I was back up and running. (Hold time was inordinately long, but the support was great.) My plan is to use the hearphones at least until 2020 when hearing aid sales will be deregulated. At that time I am betting (hoping) Bose will have a traditional hearing aid developed at a fraction of the $5000 cost of the best ones today!
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By heckj516
    For me, Hearphones are great! I have almost no hearing in my left ear and reduced hearing in my right. I drive people crazy asking them to repeat themselves. I have to play the TV too loud for everyone. In restaurants and other public settings, I can't hear most conversations. With Hearphones all these issues go away. Using the iPhone Hearphones app, I can tune the Hearphones to the environment I am in. A surprise feature for me was the ability of the Hearphones to function as high quality headphones for my iPhone. When I get a call on my iPhone and I am wearing my Hearphones, the call rings in the Hearphones. When I play music on my iPhone the music plays through the Hearphones.
  • Updatee for iPhone XS Max 5/5

    By vogel.vic
    You need to update the app to fit the new iPhone XS max phone. It does not integrate seamlessly as it did with previous versions of the iPhone. The app is outstanding it works extremely well to improve my hearing and I can’t enjoy the music. Unfortunately it is frustrating to try to pair the app to the new iPhone XS Max iphone. would highly recommend this application and this headset for anyone who has minor hearing loss. I have no trouble with wearing it in public especially if I explain upfront that it helps my hearing. I’ve had no negative reaction to me wearing the headset in public.
  • Better Than Expected!!!! 5/5

    By chopper55
    Wow, I tried then at the Bose store. They were very incredible. But now that I tried then in real life, better than at the store. Anybody that has trouble hearing your friends or family, these are Worth every penny. Sure they are not than normal headphones but worth every penny.
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By Zszzxxxx
    Mine will no longer connect with the app. It will play music and work with phone but one cannot use the app to adjust settings.
  • Bit quite right but getting there. 3/5

    By Iwannabelikeu
    The headphones do a good job of making sounds more clear but they also make other sounds louder such as, friction noises ( rubbing), water running, tea spoon making contact with with coffee cup. Things you don’t normally notice.
  • My Bose earphones. 5/5

    By Criminal watchers
    Best sounding buds I’ve ever heard by far, in terms of true musical fidelity. The only thing more I could ask for would be for the buds to retract. Bose has done it again great superior product!
  • Bose Hear Phones 5/5

    By Bed n Bones
    Ok- saw the special on CBS Sunday Morning and knew I needed this for our 85 year old mom who sets the sound bar on the TV to stun. It is amazing. I wore it for the first night to get use to the controls so I could set it up for her because I knew she would deny she needed it. What I found out, I wanted one. I listened to music and found that I could hear EVERY LYRIC. Amazing. So I took it w me to the Keith Urban concert and was elated w my great sound and poor seats. Believe me, the Staples Center is not know for the sound quality. It is no Hollywood Bowl. So my mom is using them and the family is no longer hostage to the TV but I may have to get my own!!!
  • Amazing after just 1 hour 5/5

    By Cobblers23
    I’m hearing things that I never realized had a sound associated with them - putting on clothes, my dog drinking water from his bowl, the electric kettle boiling! I’m enjoying this wonderful new world of hearing, thank you Bose!
  • Hearphones 5/5

    By KaiT209
    These are fantastic I lost a hearing aid and picked these up until they get here and fitted. The amplified voice and the controls that allow you to hear in your comfort zone is better than my aids. I paid over 5thousand for my aids I am considered to have moderate hearing loss. These are just what I needed. There are some design challenges but nothing compared to not being able to hear clearly and crisply. I’d recommend these to all. If they come out with an improved version I’ll be the first to grab a set. K. C. San Diego Ca.
  • Bob’s Hearphones 5/5

    By Nec1972
    I’m a long standing Bose consumer. Starting with my first Bose Wave Radio in 1994 to my latest product, Bose Hearphones. I’m have a very significant hearing impairment. The Hearphones have changed my life. They work better than hearing aids I previously used, costing thousands. I’m delighted and happy I can hear in all situations. A very happy consumer. Bob S.
  • app with hearphones takes time to calibrate 5/5

    By Shrew of Amherst
    Patience pays off. I’m into my second week and the first days were a challenge. It’s worth it! Tech support helped, as did being willing to do some extended trial and error work. I wanted to be in control. And I’m getting there. Bose IS an enabler! And that’s a good thing. If you want out of the box. It probably doesn’t exist, since everyone’s needs and expectations are different. Working with the quite flexible and responsive interface I’m hearing better than I have in some time. And better than I could reasonably expect from this relatively economical solution. Trust Bose? Now, I do. Thank’s Bose!
  • Bose iPhone 5/5

    By dance4U
    Better by far than Any hearing aids I ever had!!!
  • Noise Canceling 2/5

    By Kaikulit
    So tell me where the Noise Cancellation control is.
  • Not good 2/5

    By sre any nicknames available
    TOOO much audio from person wearing it!!
  • Bose Headphones 🎧 5/5

    By pilo estrada
    Awesome a must get for people love and appreciate nature’s sound and music your totally in control of your surroundings 😎
  • Oh to hear 5/5

    By liyihubjbkl
    I have tried several hearing aids ; never found any hearing and understanding as these bose hearphones. fantastic!
  • I can’t believe what I’m hearing 5/5

    By becca2fine
    Or so but I can’t believe the difference and hearing things like my foot walking on the floor and everything I’m un believable out how to use him but it seems pretty simple I’ve mainly bought them for my dad is very hard of hearing so the proof will be in the pudding when I put them on his head and see what he can hear
  • Works great but tough for elderly 4/5

    By Kingstongem
    The hearphones have really helped my 95 year old father hear much better. His hearing loss is really isolating so I was happy when he started wearing them. Unfortunately the black-on-black on switch and charger cover make it really hard for my father to turn it on or charge it himself. I painted a little nail polish on the two spots just to make them clearer.
  • Great option for everyone! 4/5

    By jj2043pats
    I love my Hearphones! Rechargeable, affordable and much easier to use than little in-the-ear aids! At 25% the cost of the smaller aids, you can’t beat them!
  • Better than hearing aid 4/5

    By Axyr
    I am just getting used to the controls but it seems better and more flexible than my hearing aid. Putting the hearing aid in is also a challenge.
  • It works with its device, but!! 3/5

    By Amegr
    This app works great with the Bose conversation enhancing hearphones, but ... once you turn off the iPhone, it looses the connection, and you must go in a process in finding the device, although the device is already connected and working!??
  • I can hear again 5/5

    By nash tenn girl
    Thank you for giving me my hearing back. I’m able to hear things I haven’t heard clear for over a year. Great sounding!! Love them.

Bose® Hear app comments

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