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Bose Music

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  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Bose Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bose Music App

The Bose Music app lets you easily browse and control your favorite music from one or many Bose smart products. It works with Bose Home Speaker 500, Home Speaker 300, Portable Smart Speaker, Bose Smart Soundbar 900, Soundbar 700, Soundbar 500, and Smart Soundbar 300. They are part of a system of smart speakers, soundbars and headphones designed to work together for a better listening experience. The app also works with a wide variety of products for listening on-the-go, including the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, QuietComfort 45 Headphones, and QuietComfort Earbuds, our Sport Earbuds and Sport Open Earbuds, as well as the Bose Frames Tempo, Soprano, and Tenor audio sunglasses. SPEED TO MUSIC It’s faster than ever to browse and play the music you love from Spotify®, Pandora®, Amazon Music, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio™, TuneIn and more, all from within the Bose Music app. All your favorite music in one place. ONE-TOUCH ACCESS One touch and your home is filled with the music you love most. The Bose Music app makes it easy to set your favorite playlists or stations as presets. Then you can access them effortlessly on your app, the buttons on your speaker, or soundbar remote. TOTAL CONTROL Play the same music throughout your home or listen to different music in different areas—it’s up to you. The Bose Music app lets you control one or multiple Bose smart products from any room. GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HEADPHONES Personalize your environment with controllable noise cancellation on our Headphones 700, QuietComfort 45 Headphones, and QuietComfort Earbuds. With Modes on QuietComfort 45 Headphones and QuietComfort Earbuds, you decide how much of the world to let in. Choose Quiet Mode for full noise cancelling, or Aware Mode to hear your surroundings and your music at the same time. QuietComfort Earbuds now feature Aware Mode with ActiveSense™ technology, which brings the sounds around you down to a more comfortable level. The result is hearing everything you need to, but at a much more pleasant and balanced volume. ACCESS YOUR FAVORITE VOICE ASSISTANT On our Headphones 700, get quick and easy access to Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or your phone’s native assistant, like Siri. The availability and features of music and voice services may vary. A home Wi-Fi® network and Internet access are required. Bose, Bose Music, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bose Headphones, Bose Home Speaker, Bose Portable Home Speaker and Bose Soundbar are trademarks of Bose Corporation. Spotify is a registered trademark of Spotify AB. TuneIn is a registered trademark of TuneIn, Inc. Google is a trademark of Google LLC. Amazon, Amazon Music, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon, Inc. or its affiliates. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®. Pandora, the Pandora logo and the Pandora trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc. used with permission. iHeartRadio is a registered trademark of iHeartMedia, Inc. SiriusXM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. and its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy California Privacy Notice of Collection

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Bose Music app reviews

  • Great app! 5/5

    By MattDuffy
    I’m a straight-up Bose man. If I were a place, I’d be Bozeman Montana.
  • My Review 5/5

    By Cmitch904
    The clarity on the Bose are incredible so is the noise cancellation. However if you could adjust the base just a little bit Bam you got it!
  • Volume changes balance 1/5

    By Paulman1804
    As you drop volume the balance shifts to left ear. As you raise volume balance shifts to the right ear. The balance of the audio feed is only centered at mid volume. Please fix
  • Hangs Up During Setup 2/5

    By 49cent
    This app is informative when it isn’t hung up during setup or updating. You can’t clear the window and go home while it is working.
  • Qu nose 5/5

    By pet8pet8a
    I really enjoyed this app, thanks Bose
  • “We’re installing an update on Bose smart soundbar “ 2/5

    By Drs250
    Hmmm why, why.... installing update to my Bose when I have it off.... now I can’t adjust the sound, please fix this problem with the app I really like Bose and don’t want to go to the store and change it for “Sonos” soundbar. I am going to give you a 2 star Bc is insane you pay so much and can’t enjoy it. I will make another review with 5 stars if is fix.
  • Bose app 1/5

    By frankillnem
    I was enjoying this app to control my audio for my sound bar, ever since I’ve updated my device to iOS 15, I keep getting a message that an update for the sound bar is in process and will take a few minutes and I have not been able to access my Bose music app since then. I’ve done all the trouble shooting I can and still no resolution to this issue.
  • Why only portrait mode? 1/5

    By dascook
    This stupid app forces my iPad into portrait mode which is really annoying when I’m in landscape.
  • Bose Music app 1/5

    By Herk Nav
    To be honest I don’t know if it is a crappy app or defective earbuds but I have never been this disappoint with a Bose product before. When I can get eat buds to connect the app provides fewer capabilities than the older Bose Connect. Connecting to multiple devices at once is impossible. Switching between two devices is a crap shoot at best. Hopefully enhanced capabilities are coming soon or at least the connection issues can be resolved.
  • Jgbwicked 5/5

    By Jgbwicked
    Love the earbuds. Love Bose. As always.
  • Bose is Best 5/5

    By Digemsnacks
    Ben a fan since forever
  • 4 YR Old Scream Proof 5/5

    By MSG Ryan (Ret)
    Ditch the cheap knock offs. Spend the money and treat yourself to luxury on your ears. I can say they will last the advertised 6 hour run time and you won’t know there in. Tune the world out and you music in! Work from home dad, Huntsville AL
  • Every time there is an update…why? 3/5

    By er1ckr519
    Folks, I’m a devoted Bose customer. The issue that I’m having with this app is that every time you do an update I have to reset my system so that it’s recognized by my devices.
  • The quality of the sound is impressive 5/5

    By Simply Alfa
  • Quality of passion 5/5

    By bl shark
    This is really good quality
  • My app freezes 1/5

    By 3V3L
    I open my app and play some Pandora or iHeart on my SoundTouch 700 and the app freezes I’ve tried everything but it happens every time I use it 😒
  • Bose over beats 5/5

    By winnig double
    Very great sound quality. Friends always ask where I’m at due to the quietness of the noise cancellation when on the phone that’s a plus for me especially when I’m in a semi truck
  • Comodidad y productividad 5/5

    By e ñayo
  • Best Product 5/5

    By vendellarossa
    Just wanted to add couple words from person who got his MD700 and app This is so far the best experience I had in audio quality! Ease of use of app makes it perfect
  • Happy with the sound bar. 5/5

    By editlikeapro
    Very easy to set up,you don’t miss a word and it has a pretty good bass.
  • Group function does not work properly 1/5

    By Tomas.E
    The group function is crap! The last addef unit gets quiet after each song and the only way to get the sound back is to disconnect and connect again.
  • Sound bar 300 5/5

    By absolutly the best
    I absolutely love it
  • Battery issue 2/5

    By ganquan shi
    After I updated the new firmware, after fully charged, battery only has 7 hour. I don’t if it really remains 7 hours or just showing wrong. Please fix it ASAP.
  • Doesn’t work with QC35 II 1/5

    By Kelotrbrbr
    At the Bose website it says that you can use the Bose music app to Equalize the sound from the headphones. This is not true. There appears to be no way to do this.
  • Not a Reliable App 2/5

    By Carlosatq86
    I have been TRYING to use this app for about one year now and, even when it does look neat and easy to use, it doesn’t work consistently as it should… I have to register the speaker over and over again because it loses connection… I tried it all and I tired of it all ;-(
  • Doesn't support qc35??? 1/5

    By SirAndrey
    Seriously?? See only 700 and 45, which is not event released. Bose, I'm not going to install an app/device. This is stupid.
  • Needs iPad landscape support 3/5

    By Maulana Kurniawansyah
    As titled above
  • How do I disable Siri controls? 1/5

    By ab4291
    It shouldn’t be this difficult for me to tell the headphones not to interact with Siri. I simply don’t want that functionality on the headphones. How can I disable touch to activate Siri?
  • Very clear user interface 5/5

    By supertape
    Happy to find the app was clear and concise
  • Great App 5/5

    By jkmets
    Helps you get the most from your speaker
  • Overall great 4/5

    By menehune23
    Missing one feature: you should be able to change the number of favorites for ANC headphones. I don’t want to cycle through 3 settings on my earbuds, only 2 for instance. Also, I think this is more firmware for the QC ANC Earbuds but the auto play-pause needs to respect manual play/pauses, like AirPods do. Currently if you pause manually before taking out the earbuds, your sound will still always play when you put them back in. Sort of annoying.
  • I can’t have access to the Equalizer adjustment settings 2/5

    By Charleseeey
    I just bought a new pair of Bose NC 700 headphones but I’m not satisfied with sound audio out put. Please I have been trying to see where to access the eq settings but the eq settings is not showing in the homepage so I’m not able to adjust the eq settings. Please it’s there a way I can get the help to get the eq so I can adjust the equalizer settings to get the good sound output? Charles
  • Add me to equalizer 4/5

    By my laura bell
    The app is good but like I said with me to equalizer
  • Love it 5/5

    By AY19222130
    Best sistem ever!!!
  • App or earbuds don’t remember settings 3/5

    By Waldo9030
    There are several settings I have selected that it won’t remember, like “When only one earbud is in, remove noise cancellation.” Very frustrating for a product that’s been out this long.
  • QuietComfort Earbuds 3/5

    By ChrisE1G
    Two requests for the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.. The volume control you can enable in this app makes way too huge jumps when swiping up/down on the earbuds. Most other earbuds/headphones makes increments of 1, whereas the QC earbuds do 10-15. Please add an option to make the volume control more granular. Would be great if the Bluetooth behaved like every other Bluetooth headphones out there in terms of connecting to different devices. Let’s say I watch a video podcast on Spotify on the phone, and then cast it over to a Google hub, every other headphone/earbud I have would also switch over to the Google hub (if the earbud/headphone already had been paired with the hub in the past). Another thing is being able to select the earbuds in the Bluetooth list on already paired devices, can’t do that with these buds that easily. 3 stars reflects the experience I have with this app and the QC Earbuds, the app itself seems straightforward enough.
  • Bose Portable Home-speaker no battery widget 1/5

    By Jeff Thapar
    Bose Portable Home-speakers has no battery percentage in the widget. It’s inconvenient to open the app every time to check battery without offing the music.
  • privacy? requires registering account to control my $300 earbuds!!!!!????? 1/5

    By Boll Weevill
    gfy not cool.
  • Doesn’t work with mesh routers 2/5

    By Sumantra.Gupta
    The app doesn’t recognize the speakers if the mobile device and the speaker are connected to the same node. I reached to the Bose forum and they suggested to move the speaker closer to the main router. This is not an acceptable solution for me. Apple airplay properly recognizes the speaker- it this app which doesn’t. Instead of upgrading the app they are suggesting something which will restrict users.
  • Nice Sound 5/5

    By Nuchie28
    I was looking for it to be a little louder than what it is. But clear quality sound comes through my head phones.
  • Landscape Mode!!! 1/5

    By Stevem1015
    I will immediately change this review to 5 stars if and when landscape mode is implemented for us iPad users.
  • This app to control your Earphones 4/5

    By FRM023
    What i liked in this app is the way i can control my EP, and the noise cancelation What i didnt like is i think it has a good features but the app limited it
  • Not good 1/5

    By MLK_NYC
    Had this for 2 days. Doesn’t detect wifi even tho it’s showing on app. Doesn’t EASILY let you set to your library - they just want to sell other options. Really a bad app for a company that usually provides great products. Have to return speakers since I can’t get them to work without the app and the speakers sound good.
  • Connecting 1/5

    By Zach5669
    The app is trash. Constantly have to disconnect and reconnect the WiFi for it to even register my device is connected in the app. The WiFi is constantly on so that is not the issue, the issue is not showing my device is connected in the app to change settings and update.
  • Great app with small flaws 4/5

    By kartv90
    Hi overall I do have a wonderful experience with the app. However the current version of app on my iPhone 8+ doesn’t seem to initialize quickly. It takes more than a minute to display sources once you click on source button. Overall it is a slow. Request you to fix it
  • Locks up my iPhone 6s constantly 1/5

    By CldWtrDiver
    And I mean fully LOCKS UP”! Can’t even power off the normal way, I have to use the “2 button” reset method. Fully updated app, fully updated phone. I understand it’s an older phone, but come on! Completely locked up? Uninstalled!
  • Software improvements 3/5

    By goochie123
    2 crucial needs to remain competitive: 1) Allow two device to be connected. Important for business and pleasure connectivity. 2) To enable personal sound fine tuning: base, treble, mid range or a customized equalizer
  • Best product ever 5/5

    By Jcdv2
    I love my EarPods.
  • Completely Redundant App 1/5

    By Voltammetry
    This app is completely redundant by acting like a middle person between the bose product and the music/podcast app. A bluetooth speaker should be able to connect directly to your iphone without needing an app just like older Bose products used to do, and using any other music or podcast app is better than this one. Instead, Bose forces us to use an unnecessary app that makes something so simple like connecting a bluetooth speaker to an iphone so cumbersome by introducing extra steps. This app also regularly freezes while trying to change connections between devices making the process take even longer.